Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1860, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1860 Page 9
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ACTICH FOB CRIM. COB t'Mu.l Ki?ui CI ? t nit ( vatt. l> :ur? tioa. Judge Sht;siMa. TU1HD I /AY. Hot. 21? Orr-iTle n Brown VI CHal M r*asti ??.? Tt ta ca*e waa ri matt, lb ? morning. dj l?? ?ur PiltnuD (colored mu, who (if brought np Be af-ai 'iin'rii) , etitnlned for ptat'tiff, dipnwl-l tl ? >1 *1 133 8!o? ner et cot iu the ,'bl of 1 3j>S, m Uie t <u m, o ! , Mr* Luutra Hi'chie, cjmaeneed lo live tb re in 1H4T, 1 re , ?teaitmr a lady living ihere by the nam- of Mi** Valpejr; f Bbe canto lb. ft Ui Ulo fall of 186&; 1 It'll liM bou, it tual ?nil ahe m'gbl bare tn*n ihn" wi? u l ie? ? before I left Bbe ooeuptel ite third tV ry frout ru m, ib!? houiit ?i? co tbo cornur ct A tally strut ajid Hleeckar; I ahautd Clge ?be *a/> Ml ro ? gDliyti au '* 'y yoai* ol a$f?* a b'toi'M !>?' - w <- of *rk c 1 'i ? >?' * neral J. ?!? i 1 medium height; I kauw U?e g< u.n-uian ny rgbt vo.'. ad ber (?iuj'?" hire j*?iuumi out if lij. i i<?u u i.. Mlltiru wn.'in be ra* <l8? ? ?'r f) b" ''?mo to*.. oue-/i * ?? about |hb or ?l?r-u o c) .n. 1 di I goue ni #.rk i ,i re. 1 ?.oe<l i no d<??r . s.-n We "? ' waa run*; be uxiairvu lor M ? Valpry, n- a.-w I raw if Mm Vapey w*? li^rf , *iiJ I : >M biin u.< ???. 1 *no*?u bim up ?wim > If ; lue tbiru Ht<uf , 1 abo ?i' l Li i ti ibe rjmn , nn in? < ku'iki-.l ?t l)?' . o r, 1 men *eul Uowu ?Wirr?; ilo u jI 1 knu-v u. ?? be remaUM-d tnere .b?i t-VWii 1 lul h CD ' n one evti/iK ?galti, but utd l l rbuw blm up ?talr^ 11 w~* iu luo ?r?LU.|, about uiGd or I u o'ot-v* ij? u.?,e*?ua(f, *u?*u u>' eame mo i econd tim<* he our? loirn sla r? IE <h > tnortiinf ?i?? it ?ert? i o'ol?ek v 1 weui ? ?t?-l iiiv b?ii -loor; 1 r*Tl?i ? IrHorJIrom Mi?s V'al prv oi <v io f. i al tlrt-et a tree .J to Mr l'?Tirt?on ; I Iclt it ?'ih ? <? 'liifmaii ?l tae aoor of ? batery, but <1'i out know ?i.?i (it1 dooe vilb it; 1 oaf.Ml ai aniwer hick 'It r?? Uii i ? tn?* Valpet 1 na*> tt ? |il:ii? lately vbi re I ileliv-n-U tbul nolo auu h%?o b?*u tbore ?ince I wool ibnrt a >i * wn-W? ?*<>; do uoi know tbe tjuuiiw-r, bit nor. Id f > tbem; I km w bi-n Ui oo iho iiti maa 1 ?a* Bt Rlr. ?> l e had w hmkere ?l ruUnJ hm faoo wheal M turn ibere, lo uiy kui ?!<. .<? 1 did itol car -y auy otb. i iiotD m him. Crow ? xmu i i d ny Mr. Ulintoe? He bvl whnW"r? o*rr tin fart' ; I mum ib?>> were ligit, Mr l<iii? >ui? %ak <1 m? ^oevlti n? ?Ml Mr Mu*<h, oo one ?>.' Mr Kill tt waa n"l M Mm Ifehlr'n wbilr I wan there ^vBai waa a ooarctij( bou? ' y Ko? H.'1'.Ubio boar l ? :. iuee,? r, \ for wbat I know it waa reaprriabia, out I iioifinel ? Cnt IDIDV oiber ihlBK* (l.n i'iier) (rfr. K Ivn w*? re fo^ui hU>1 to ri*e m lh"au leooe). Tbc will, n tai l be eonld not raj wntllicr bu ever uw g> nil em ii Mere or i: I. The Ju lno then eall.'d the Ma. ?ual Ui taka tbo wltoeM ft) to ca?UrJy for t wobeyler ibe sinin.not of ibo Court. Mr Hniilb en uired ibM Ifce witneas did not lnieud any 4tarr?r?'< l to ?<? Uonri Tti wltMw* he ?M tn eotiM yert?r'l?y when the Jiry were t. ist curg xlt and lboU|hl be would not ne wait ed anti: to i?y !>!'? In. ?? ni'fjred him tn gtaM by for th" pMr*nt. Wil.iaB' Hrad<l? * (eolore.1) ? i.ireO atoo?ncrof fbomp ?on and HI <erker HrrrU in ISAj, at Ur* Kitchls'f; re BialuiV ihi re t'xiiit ti* < r aeeen week* I ha J no particu lar emplo) me k; coy wife wa? litre, arid i uaed to ro to Barkt l ?>i'l utUed amner for Mr* Kil-bie. I kne^ a liidy MBru Va)r>ey wbortopped there; ?bt> left a little b?f rs I di'i I ben< ti- the piirjK?eil pHng to B *ton 1 ji.dgod t-er ?n he abi ut nineteen or taecty year* of 04 . she hai dark eyca, dark hair and dark 0 n punon g lk> yon know or aLy gentleman who ca'ied there to are ber 7 A. 1 did aee a gentleman oomo ?oe?< to ?"i) Mier VaJpey, wh-o I anewrel the bcit : I naw h'm there before : he aaked tt M'aa \ alp<>y waa In; ] a* id abe waa; I did net f<< op ?kalra. 1 oiu ?ot fo up to eee whtcb way he went; I 1x0 ?At keow ti w 'raj be remained ib?re, I did not b<hs h!ra go not I raw b'm tiere aJier th?l and before that, but Hi at waa tbc only time 1 let b'm in; ?aw him en another orearinii r.itng out of an evoiitnjt. a.?w hltn tnere three ttBip* mv> blm f<> out twloe i) w 11 you atatr If the fe?ilein?' we -m yon ?*w potnir toa-e Mira 1 aipi'y la la ?oart r k Yea,?tr; (me wit i i her trte 'tlflod tbe dp. Irrdant ) I e.ent on-e wilt a ui te from M'?? Valpey t) SCV frcr.t rireet; I f 'UPrt thai waH not Ihe place, and I wer' to tbe nppraile Mde, wb' ru 1 mw mis *eotleroan Bie iifftr. taut) in an r.liine, arc *ave nfn the lett< r; be ked at It, and f*n- mi> arm. or to lako hack; ihia H Ike aeiikan e (fnt'eman ; me i 'Uer be fare tr.e waa f-ir Mir* v " , e) . I ni't 1 u* any nlher lemaa rir it Visa Taipt y nut thl* one Crew fkaminod by Mr. ritnton? I did not at. wiji attend the door; I bnvn aeen Mr Elliott at that hou?e. ?J. WTio did be go to vl?!t Uteri* (Objirtod to, but obj-vion wUhtrawn ) A. I eaiaot ray how otten I raw Mr Klllott; I ran My pnai ttre'y ! raw him three time', be aaked for M.aa Cclb<'rt ! do cot knr.w wV. thi r " e war married or rot; lie went hi her roo'o I tt> v"r ?aw bun rtrit M.m Va'pey ? Mtae Val|iey '? roon- ? a? r'gbt lieatde Misa Culbert'B; l eanii 1 iuj wtiCihcr Mr fcl .otl bi-i-iiei1 tm>' > or not, I have been to Mmr Val[?y'a room; tfi- re Ik a door lead ing trorn Min Valpey 'a room to M ?a '.iiiivri'r UrvVI* H Broau, reca fed hy Mr S-niih? y ffti't *u Ifce art time you had lrt"roou'?? with jonr wif-? Ubjecl.'J lo oa aen<ral g: ?n.d?. a <1 narttcmarly an the orly being who could contradict b m la hm wi e. and the law forblda that Fberbonl i be a wune*? The qwrtmn bad been alrra ty aubataLtially aiKcreu the w.ueas wae ' Iben withdrawn Mr dmttli aall that Mr DavHaoo could deny ths pa- I lorn I ? > of tbi? I.' he wt*bed to o< r *orn. Mr Gerard ? ijh,j??,bnl thia l? a enlia of thirty ?U I fcUore (liurbler ) | Mr. Km'. Hi Uien Mid U>* cars fcr the plaintlfT ?u tkwd Mr Gerard? 1 believe, your H">nor, this court cannot gran'. noofuiw Oourt? No, *lr Hip emwe mill go to tb? Jiry. Mr tferard? If the ty?uri could grant a uooauit we Mr taloly ahouid more tor It. Mr. C.ltloe , In oprnlpg for the de'enee, nM fiat II wu the Dd?l eilraordttary eato be bad ?rcr wlineaeM, and ha ?unrt that lh? , iry mnM bare felt, from the open leg *>r ?he pr?*erutl.,o, ibat It wa* a rate tbal ihould neetr bar* (wo brought into a court or juil'ce. He al ladtv' to the connection of Mr. KlPott with tbia proeecu Maa, at <1 tbe far! Uat be w** to l>e relmbnrvrd for the ?aery he bait adranoed. Oorrrrl bid hop~l tbal tbe mUemaa woeld bare oalled tola philanthropic kaigbt errant of female virtue to tbe aland to daay, If be could, the tottiroooy of Mr*. Hale*, wbo ataled that ha (Kl toll) had kept Mra. Brown , fee bad Moped ibat he would bare bean pet oa the eland, baeanee ha (Mr Cilaton) had la bla pnaaraaloo lettera from h m to Mn Hr-wr, not me?ely of attrition, hat of paaainra'4 tor* be a'ao hoped be would bare been oalled fur another real c He (Mr. Ulatoa) waa alao In poaanailon of a 4orume*t from a oo irt in Maan -.liaaatu. which prorei tbal Willttfi Ultott waa dtmroed '>r a bgh offence against MM wife (Oouneet named the canae, wmch la unlit f-.r Clllcattti ) Tne deiroce would ahiw ibat oompialoie l alarer* heeo made by tbe wife a*'ala?l tbe r alnlifT. ?M that her affecli'Ui* were alienated from bio ?sortly after their marriage Oocnsel teer re'erred to the eon dnri of Mr* Brown tn !?a\ ug her butbant and pa*e<ng a* an unlearned lady, ant the fart of arr belrg actually ec(r**e 1 to be married In Mtwklya. on the *upp? l oa that ?b- wa* mnft'e. Oeouie ehaeyed 'he ?*a.?n wilh helrg fc.r htaelc rn?n ettor ?ton, ard thnt reveral mn iarv m? le??er? to loite'jcl wer- r?ul I > ib? defendant, ??air of wi ? .!> tb-y bcli-rod Mail oorie f'rir, Kli'otl; bj| tse 1* Modai' ? pre'irred c ?m'i<g Melon a Juiy of l?*lre mn 'aibe* than runtnn ne*nly to pay b * k ma i in etiabie other to keeo ih ? w >oian wairf p?a Hr I'.mum cmoiided oy e.iitg the to; low Ir* |)oe* ? forever ilartM by tie ml yV*d howl, IK b ark ri s" w ? < tbal Mi < la ^vk je** prow': A wv 'J br d, wb ch a ran* e a? they prey, B> fc ii b lanim i*a*l that .T"?? ibeir'wa/: Af*d o> y '??*(. lb* lirta# or tbe ?.?, Ho iv r.-y p-d? ?> ,?? h -.-f ? ? niu't ne fe-1. Will V v '. Ii T If-.* dr! ?, dtp My r??i ? cf ht ?!l ?? lr In ? I 'T. WJ ,nrof.f?nm IMlt*: Id I ? <? ?? ' ia? ? - i t*ayi? Jt Htfrkti .n l < n I *ii i?p' (d to by Uie j ?n,8 |? (raw b;> a-tio?*o >?' 1 ?eftrat' h- ^ 'ti an t I a ?n I ?<! ? ..*? c ir rer hit L all ?*' '^1 I liens ; I lnjn"?l ol ine jdalui'l tbo run i and ;>r< *a.iy or lodiieemetiia :oe th; atpiwin, baaui; d to o r U ?t r..- had hero married l?r asJ*l a *?ar, i*?i h * wife aad Inat irr au m lor U.mi tb<t te hat ? adeat re u< ?u|< <ort hor tnal ahal-ad done nolbiPf to h?"j o rnr h -ard. thai *v." *i? (dined to be ft?, Wilt nli'i ? f lr.t.i mp?n?; lb*t *V.' r ;u if t ? *ihtet> tie Ml ' r it aflhr>t, an) that ah* had oxaaiuoaii/ aha-'i l heraoi' f >r a nigbt or n. vc ? a tita* without 4i?i keo? 'tr where the * an rod > thought it bolb-r l .r thein ?" ?? ??*te. he br i (M h ? w '> ?? ? *lr ti I o<foe. and I on?irer?<si wits be': 1 ' m ?de Vr? 'n Mla? d lor the r< i ir*r-n t e reeelt c.f th? P^;,rrr?a ti!?r M that I drt? p a m(t Or%,'t of tb* hiticle* of **pa ratio: a lur e j '? .*4c at i tbey e4rb r'tn^I it, ard ?t? ro< fh ?a't re??'ae-. 'a ? / | o (?-nnt MraTt | ntMM 1 ; tht* i* In My ba*dwriti: g, mh I rioag ? l*elia?the' pti 'at fr' ni wtlth th? ?a*?M ma *h<cb Mr aid kri |i ,wr tigtel: I read It new lo ihev> Mhrrfi'i; , le or<*er tbal tbe- * MnM be to du^raie it l* ?y rt t illeot ? ibat tte pi* ot'T "iwr*1 ?* to a?kc the ?rii<-'e rtr "if 1 bare bo ree- '? #e< ' of t - - rlrg * J Itrlr rl'ooi fr-<iB th" wl'* 1^11 Wl"??* tb-a naj IV rvrg'i drut. (It mill be rec.. ? a < teat Use i aio'u: pi ? ? (Bed by b.o. ?! atd wtle waa l w up a *>'irr< ' I 1 ? art- -ireoi riaitl'ot were 1* thr ?TjI hgalf n> a?r. i g It: at Ihf llfWd nw *-|?la*Q lli-ii't Trirrei a' r?e, ?acti to bar* tb? *kc l eneJl uf tin ir pi r larriBf* tto tbe Cm . i. ? rte l-rtroK -it* d' (reee | |n ih -swore |W> < roj ?? \r It ; !-*v w'tfi Ibo dr?iv tb Mr Line,? | ??ked Brown, It toe <v>or*e of lb* ' fnl Itier^ ?? II he tauw o< any !? male p<r*-? w<l? ! WhnM hi* wile a**c?-i?|ed of ? n< m ft" <li?e >(iro?rl be I Ww? i tTr*!i Of M ii * i*f m th?f* Ti r?# #%k1 f>l totf H t ???"?<#? ttm<* ?fi #?f | Ti*#** ?*"*/ ai.'i 1 a-. ei I r t adner ,n<o hi* Vf *>"??! | ?fe* Wfnt ?aay. be n I boI enow woere, asj u.e ItoitM ' ib*t I ? V' ibe bn! gooe my with owe of a ba*4 of I'kwi .an H ?' ?; th* deed ol ar.xnMli'Q wwe i. alert In Han I, la*-" y'?'rvT waa enf*,-*! la an e*-ls * h? ie- | ?>?? r m t.Vr* ouoi I or tw ice ?ft r me ? r**%' ?>* VJ. *! any t -a* > ISiH?e ; e%| la the *opwr ><?4M P'tca eiieM Ur r*. grvt u i*rUi from k? am a v* ti?i | f r their n<aiiuer k ward" ? of**' ??n ?y? . * ni? ?- I III i?? ca ts and co l? ied ibtrj w%? in nt tb* y mrt* a> fund nal*rrd aed d* -leea* i . ev ^ ,, p?- hiytMi w Un tx uf' B? uiaii ??a .liv.aa w( a ,. ;, a ? or reg'et. Qr m eiani^ed ? 'onhe to him not m *wi- n >w tiaae* ater Ma?* tepata.iitl: we IM l I f'W ?.?* ? ?? : *?bJ?Ct <>? r?|irrt; Mre. BroWO W?e 'f?W ? fhiein I twrny ye*r? of *(r 1} The* jtK .**e ? at thi1 a?.e J Wee a m'-.iw A i do not rr*U?e*.t UkU to* q?icetw*w?e j ?Med i?'?i I did *?t ihiak it aa*'? aay did h mi I W1' e a '-w??w cot' *rt if ynu w an to bar* rr optnloa c* tbe law I Wi ' gir* It. bda I l'*e* j# It | le *o| oer.vrary Q W tl Payn-MJ ? Jd | r;tf A No m ???*. bulk la' w ?'?<)? i'* - ?' J J did r 4 low lliai fcer fateer wa* li? i. . | Cj'i? rr the oon*?r*?l>oa t>elw?;i m? a.. 1 Hr wa naio ' '?**; l? waa 0<>l *-<'?lld?mi?l; In 11 ? 4 ? on . | no m? . I WW ? e*r*t m tee i at ih?ifty t ah ?? It. I oa-ne r hi e ai ? i ? ? * . * uat' Uiat era* a'l |bj b ? ? * ' ?? V ;til >* ?'Imw *ald it "a? a 4* t? k'la- w aay t*al v UM-ngbt It prnp?r to g?i e*er l*?e r ? ru- i. ? ? ? Wife, wl? ap(>"*n-t In l? I r >g' I I ? I o - ? ? ?i ??" fte|. ebi'b ? ? 1 1 af?i<? h?r ?' .e 'i' art* i ?- >t ? at It would bard'" eistm *>r da ipm<* aoir?? part ?* who might barhor her or aid her In an* ?ay Jolt T Payne (partner of Ut i noembe? of , Ur Hi tor ?>ar, Hi-,-, ml tbst toe p' f ""all.*! oa b'"0 )or Ut |?rp -I* ol dpi *i>'f brti-'-rfV > ' W|??r?tl?Ki. *I(MI %> k >-<1 i,irr wust ?*? Mi" onus '? he **"' "0%* " w ! rai t ?r *n m an- t aMtHft ?h? was S?me j < ire* OBt at tights I ?- a ?!? m?i I ?U? n?>? w ?Qlfl : i cient reason and kuici bl? l" brn.f his wifs; he t"i ao, I sr.d 1 ?ar (urt-rlfKl W> ?e- * "'Hire So y m ug desirous 0' sersrating lu?jr were I?ri? u> CKiol and uo.Uwud she ; undt rstood tbe lb'5/ peH.etly ; I was e<i?a;itd toother j bnHners. anl I m? t-artner. itolouel Hil!?r, toe I lut wlwieae to naUe the draft; uno ? r ?1 1 ii ft t > nay rw?i|'?) Hot iBe dtp' -ate r, ? ?ere ?i*>i*t by Hr two ao t n it wile, c.iUTi-rfi -1 w >ti tirowti subseiineutly ; I noa'-tmt ^ luarbed ?l the restaurant where be Was ei raged, tut I tbins It was tbirr I drst aaw bitn a'ler m? Hi-par*t|?n ; h" raid the? br-t not met slnaa, lh? 1 Ti ght b?v? ?up poreil tfcat they wonld nom* togethi ruiii but he mid that It wis ?u .;r. changeable, li-il thing; wlitim a vc?r I bad three onovervatwn* with Inni; at one tim* h - atrl MKrt?l lli" uacbaoged determination of lbs pant*-* ; be expr- wl t' *1 ta? bad n> doubt tnal t tv-ra had byen ci Banality oi ice part of Ms wile that lultoen-'e* bad b<-<t ?> rols<M oa tie r by * man and a woman, *a?* name* I do not rem, n.b. r Cn*? examined as to the number of cftoveraatlnes h? ) bad with the plaintiff and the ureeite nature if hi* com plaints iftiwl l- H w fe, but tbp tesMmoi v did n* rary Ir'.m felf. (1 ! r ect i am'riauin IIm plan t II t- >10 bim th*? the complicity of a n;ati and bis wife brought about tbe aileuatu o ot atleotloM ol hi( wife, and tnat it bad g B? farther, abd ibat the man had tone uitng* *hi^h to dvoe'f Ibi in)iTef*i. n i n hi* (inaintu! ?) mind that bis wife bad bteu criminal , t ba??) bene Hl?-(f?ptiel aewal tim<*, and reiuaid to <?me be' ooallv o'loaentod to or>; rbe w?s a ?err fine, eea'iti'ul I'kiIciok wnma'i; my tmpretcion ia rbe was aooal tweLty two; I neror a&w hor exempt in mv oflire Iauu; '/liicdii <er'?, blarlum'tb, d?pn*?'l that he re?*l?? at Wilt Far ma, In Wt-ettibrtUer dooty, to th'p Stale; ia Ibe >e?r IKoe 1 knew una Isabella sn'cuo 1 at No SO York street, B'ooklyo, at ?<r*. W ?U i's; ?h? canii mere betw i eu tbe hoiutays; I omril d ln-r.) at tb" tir>e He rlity boarded <ni-re; wn ro >tn" i to leibcr; ibo was wirre about six w?e?i; ?h'j went oy ihe n*n:e o Miss Serieant; I us r?r ob< -rr- d ao>thn< 'd i her concur, t rxorpl u log oat si nlcuts (ObjpJled to) i Mr Clinton ???! ?)e pr u> i>"> re tn*i she ww in the hab't o! goirg oet at n'ghts , and st?v lr>g "Ol law xti j thofe Blyhis on wblcb MeCbriity (to whom sbe w??m i to thi m?rrlM) was ansoni Wiit'op* ojDllt'iH'iJ ? I ooierved tb&t nl^bls Whnn M n | Christy was not ibe-e ane generally ma lo It a (>rn:lic?i ot going out some nights a'ter U-a, aivl would oome 1 In about Un o'clock, and sometimes Old n it I rtturo till sfter 1 went to end; I do not I rooollwt ber g<> : g ont or oomlng hom-i with anvbodv , I I rum inner nee ?et Li^bt 00 wblcb 1 law her Id F*itltoo 1 street, Brooklyn; ll *aK id Kultm street; I balled be,-, ' and asked v t'.ri'fhe had been; sbe said ?bc bad beei f> fee a tr,* nd In danns stri>ei, aroi kltn, an l that she wsn go ng b"ftiu- nj) c-riosity was a little sxcltel aud I went to airret, ?bere she said she ha1 caMed, aid in quired for ber (Obli-cted to as to wbat he beard there ) I remained at the not:ie In Sands street naif at, h mi - whi-s I returned to 80 York street sbe bad en onm ? , It was a wet nlgbt ? wbat is knows as a "rtnilub mm! 1 sbe bu- gnus out wet apatber; I bare koiwo ber l? sn out on mstiis not fit for auy lady to be out. Cross examined by Mr ttaillb ? Hbe Itft in tbit fore j?art Of February to io to Ho?ton; It was the foropa-tof tb * month I was subpojnaed to attend as a wln'T"; I r>ad out IntiiDuted to any haman being what I knew . I pres-. me they snmmeiiod me because I was a boarder, y. WUosubpienaed yoo* A Homo one tor Ibe defence; 1 belli sr bis name Is 4:rtih (l.augbter ) Mr. Tri ms Sm',th ? Never uiib t; It's ?(<id nam#. Crofs-txam lnatmn oontloued as to MoChristy's at>?>nee and th< n ^.'bis oo which Its la lv went out. nut o-itniug parlicmar ellclled. Old not ? now that Hbe was sei-ku i employment; I know It was pretty lale when S3- remrne<l bertt fp 1 generally t > t" bed at Irom ten to b?lf tiaat t-n o'cleot I dtd not 1 een ai y a-atcb on her; oau't veil tne secon i night she went out; she roomed with ibe laid ladv. tbe landlady t.dd nidio; I otoclU' ed she wmtont, because I did cot see b?r about tbe house; woulf not l sweur bow iorg rb? ? a* out on tbe e?i: >u1 ocoaston; sn? J went out ro otter, thai I cannot te I tbe t mea she wer.t I out; Mr. Mi t'hriii v was tbsre, ob an arera**, abirat four | Blgbtsaweck; I cannot swear that she went out every ! Slgnt Of otur three Alter coi eutlatl>n ol counsel for the defence, Kr, Herant ! *mi<l tbey bail come b> the conclusion Ibat lb")' wotiid Mil ro tenner e?ldeuce; tbat evidently here toere wm ? bar to tbo Htm, and Bop,>ose<i It would ?? uot t ) cu'imlt tb- polutK of ia? now, ll bung lam lu the flay, snl be would art au adjournment until m >ru Ire, viL.cii Uc supposed would be a saving of at least two da) a < irvlllo H B'"wp, recalled by Mr ?raith. sa?l that he did not wy to t'r. I'ayce toat bo believed that h s wife Lad bc-ii iod away by auy p-srson criminal:?, out mat ne ruled tbat the alienation was broi|ai about by her br<iuertn law, Mr. Malloty , and h:? wlte Tbe t< ?tlmouy wai here sloeei and the case adjournel to Thursday morning at t*n o'clock Tbe receawt colored witneea, Pelentan, wa? nailed and admonished, and then discharged from custody. Tbo court room was densely crowded during tb; day, as It has becii throughout the trial, by mal-j B(*?.??wr?. Tbey were no doubt attracted by tbo curiosity tbat such cases generally excite, and a desire to see the la ly, tbe caurj of the actlou, whj bas been described by mo wit nesaee as a woman of mostfeitraordlnary beauty: but to the latter lnstanoe they were dnomod to be d.sappolctod, and tbe reporters were deprived of the opportunity of displaying their descriptive powers of limning? on pa per? the fascinations of this "(rail fair woman." Supposed Fugitive Slars-'ilii AliollUoa tata at Kaalt. bpt urn cocn-cnumu. Before Hon. Judgs Mullen. Not. H.? In pursuanoe of a writ of habeas corpus served on the United States Marshal to produoe the body of John Thomas, a colored person, or by whatever other name he la held In custody, Marshal Kyudera and bis ttrst depnty, Mr. Joseph Thompson, appeared with a return to the writ, which was handed to the Judge. Tfce colored man was brought into ooort in tbe custody of Deputy Clack rer Tbe return nets forth that tbe party Is held by virtue of a commitment, signed by ,'udge Betu. as a witnera against Gordon Hem, whi <s charged with murder oa the tusu scaa oa t> ard tbe baric The eourt ?n>l pa??area were ihronged. Captain Rj-nd era aaii to tl,. ?? "\ou abolitionists had oetter try and lako him away from me.'' Co u narl lor the applicant said to the (tart that Judge Ingrabaa ha i lasuod a writ of habeas eorpu* yeatcrlay attrriiocn to w?? Ma.abal, to briog up tbe bud? of John Tb mad M e are re%dy to | roceed if the Maralial la here Utl'l Kjudrra ? the Marrt.a. la b ?re Hie Judge having riaa tbe return, eased the cocnsol if b- bad con it ( It waa IJ>?> handed te the eo<:r-,el. who, having rwa-1 It. sail '.bat tbo return purporia to refrr to a e?l?ret man ' MMi J .bn Tbouas; *>ut Uttt Is aot tin Juba ;bom*< | ?e are to. kisg tor. lit therefore submitted thai tbe re I lora was last. tHoiem The t'arn ai seij, th a Is the only man I have ?n charge j tin, '1 John Ttonuis. tbe fact Is, tho ab*>m:<?ni?tj I thoojIM Uns n mi w >? ( bargwi w t rau-der, and ta j I tbtut'bt toft tioi vil, but tow tbai Ifeaf fled be ten wit I rt*f >uraiii?t a white >uau ll.' ir Pbilaiiitiru|</ net m I Tbe Judge eai.l bat the Marabal ouaiu amead tne re li rc i.y a jUieg ttat ih'i w>.? uit only man o( that uaxe it nts chargt. r. r *'-iatt? It H a ip'tako. MartbaJ hj > -n r?? tl ts a ouataae n- the aida of scp po'?'?t pTiilarihri py. Ib?> r- lotti -*> an ro- 1, the ?H dt?cbarf?d. tho (?lend r-?n prltrW ?. hi* ^ .artere, w<i" n m m 1*" 1 ?) 1 ?1 ;?r en-ai, ana t* m a w 1 The cr ? t #-|mra?- 1'. at d 1 : t . . iv-lrie ijok>.d aj tlMtu^b laay he4 Bade a f rr r ? I V rlaKc t'omrt cf Kl u i m? I <>rt . rait p?Lia:a? o. ran >oiiiru waud mcnou? ?1U*K ?K& *11* IL J.I RH A H ul'? rtut k ?'?. ? tha < *1*11. . ' bumtivm or Ar.--iorA*r nr\ ?cruiiimM?n, *rc. Hi. *-?r|of J-' iiirti aj?t Uil erpr'rf, Wai F Prr j lli l!;. chair. ?? ?> ? ?.|?njr ?? p I'-v.Lrr* oft:.} ioarth ?ar1 ifrl 'n a prtlt'.o V> the Biaril a?*!ig tr.fin, on the ( r '< < f,aa jr , U*> f"7 tb*m fvr tt-lr ?< t v '?u-.r.j tlit tiu i tie) U-?bt .?? lb rrUo. ?, ?b..- ??? * i?*riuo r>f l" ? ir > ?. t ) ? Ite ?** nlvrrai 1.1 U? Cunuatlteo j wi it act' 1 dalariaa A eottmurtcat'on frcm * nnmber nf French and G?? r n?i' riwtup-- -o<t T ft compV >? t that, Ui *>i la4 l>? u fiCv rm by tn? B >?r. t from Im flatc ttiic )?tr, fur It-' purju-o nt Pti?(>.;?L Qf lib. a i? la Uic pu' ..o ul j, aid a!tt. ?..<# i.j?i c.i .**.i4 | ik' Mt ? ji'.f tas tx***! brq-wau j b? S'H r?c r 1,1/ r- nusit purport, oo ln< ? liartriM tin ? yrt trl ll? J c .uimu.iicat v>? ?*r>-. ??o4 Ifce <Ji ??ra of Ui? muotr i |? *iur<? ??r* ap l< u ' 1 t<> It, u .iD >>nr?a would b? i?? ? tujioeu:-.i?ljr i.. im lib'. a :d <;u ??:ua Kv.crrcd k> U>.i; laitKe ca ii . k. ?>??' eel t:.t !WaM ib*t *Bjr ?t # Wh to, FfNUC . *llt;, b? . f> , .tf.tMlJ .br i.~ . ? ?*J N-Xtlj' U ?*??* Yoll lj<rc?4?? Cu<i01 ?? t ? ?U'?i ? r tut b? ')U?ril to u.f !?????? of , } ?: .st <o or ? rrilfl'HM *'?<rtjr ic lt>? Clt/, MUutlMcd ? lof , 01 #?Sucfclli.* ; ouof. r ^ lt0 h?l? ?*!'/, I ? v iiu r?tm to it. i-c njn*?r it m roionvj w La. | I UKtOt C t.iBL two. IDe ru of Awi'iai City fuprrletoa lMitc Bow esrA u, , *1.4 Wil.:Mn J u.<?. Jr. . ul ritiuMI W. B? loB ?*t? u ??U?o??./ it r+rlet to tbn?? ? ri|-x'. cf u. ??? ?!*: Dicaiitk'? af.iv'.ou 1 oa Ibt i 34tB of uc tuber- ?? tmiultr tie wtnjt rabj.tcli* la- | ?U'.cti j u; i "f Ui? ofuutf oeajoia, utl r*r>ort l. .. t k. by or tU/ u>> m.-.h ui???*fy Vn t :t r? tar Mi 4 K.vmto ???>aoin* Ot.U thwroafb ln?irr^ tun r j i p"tvi*wc Ij m tbli Hmnl or koooott >>; ejft t . n.inlt.r.." is Uri.r ol plMlof U?r Ovcntof ' Jnjj- i t CUf of Hjc iu?ia of TrtM^M of W'1 ? ? r?c<c.M(?4tag ??a''ry ?tn ?uaia?oi? t by >*??? rt(u'a*i!ts( tto moow^nieol f Mid reJonto "? ? ???? ,i? mu i irtom. lora ny Cor?ji.Mi?>r t r,u I Ut t?. Ml o( IU? coataltte* tlM ??? ttry l't?tby,i*a MMi>ftu<*- <? i ptortr* ifx> O '. u1 ?.??, crr-i'14, ? ? <?!? la too boo '? or tb<> ??/U -> A'ua iia.' i . u, b<ain.:tirp im Krct:^ !*. 1U' luivt n?r ri" tu OK rgatina, Wlicfi ? ir.r.r* Or*ti, ? ih*n rdliyitu", ?*t?:.umr uroj^bojl t?.. boor* II ?? u ?il, i, . uf, b ,?er.-r, b? b?r |L>#nup rrrt 'm n' r? I - ifcf C'.annittxf i>o I y L**? ?? i at?l)?. r ?j1 cu ?iH?rtMl oor r?irr<il r>? k k/M 0- 'OMIftra. N ) o?..r Cku. t il Uii Bc<trd a 'J ri oi. Tho Ht?*wi?r Kmlirmnt Harm. "i i. I .* N 1 .1 M 1M1 Ttr f*> si?rr Km / "?8t *?? .? I it i < ??'# i? i j* on inr >; Muurl ' ***, '? ruin ?? ' . u ?.*' im k < !?>?? *low?, ua:> tar, J V*J '? o. ib* Mp' ??* TBS CASE OF WILLIAM MULL1QAI. I Tha Jurj Kit it a V?rdlrt of Oallty. t,Ul?T I)* 0* kU Ahl) TtjiMlh ttt. tWiiTc Hua lu'tf ? would Nov 31 - Tbi? cue, wt. Th bu aa>*ed ?o rr'-h runHe I ' j mi ot among Ute "au'-y and the public generally, was CObl bit-.. 10 J?j LObtrary 10 general ,ripeCtaliO0, M' mure will... -? * were call' <1 (or i >j defense, ana vfis Hum a>u g up "b both iiaib v>ua proceeded aim Mr Ktcbaro Butleed, one of the ooiuueiii lor tbe ftruoo f r, remaumcd the lumtnlug up ou the (trio of ib? dei-juo? , a.ter iou.e important pn u,niiiary, bo pio ; ctedea Id el nam the ca?e u the ;iry, ID woKsb I bo i\*.raid lUtil II was not properly the people of ; tte 6UW wbo ?tr? carrying oa tuo prosecution, j out mat it wa? Jobn Morrianey who bad ijjo tne ?tilo thing, trow pvis-'iiai dia'.ilto to the prisoner ilu the.. gtaboud ovtr tbe cbaractor o( air. Mulligan, and | attributed tbe untuvorab'o impression I'aat . ,e ^ : > ic ea . tained t.Aaros him an eutiroly owing to t?J put?lio pr< ??, and atveteiy oourni ; ten upon Weir report* He lb- 1 txi iaib' t th? tnmuiau i.t, ai.u ute petiaity sitaoed to ti e i . iim , and maintained ih<?i ttio p r* iu charged n.i-i t i v auv luted o: t.l.ut ting > r out uafgl. ^ lUo Pl? u't or lie j.rni.D tbat no aim prove I. tig n u.t < p <?", and iLe ltli.ultuo of pei u *1 injury ui ?t a ot pro e? U ibeu p'O < idel 10 bp. ?a !U.i 'Li.if 1 :la ji-ur?,i)id ??.? . ?UtHt. Ol their AO I W ?? iha I 111-;. 6 " CeLCe, tint tbeio MiolI u?' in pji-aalii'tiv o.i , il < bem tit ?' a doubt rti. uU .i all lima* be g' oa to it e accused. do GtinlelldoO mat ibo mviIci o- n Ail Ilk hi Jli.1 ttu n? iiUuli'i'i) (J^-u tao ??ldeu.?) o *6' "? U.. '.tod KIOJ, aLd that I 1.1. * jfMt) n?-'0 t? III HiO'li)b>i til' of Itul.t lu t IU. oiAe No Muli if -U jo?* o i hi* t .'?? ol Morriawy, iiaotuiet, |rg,? h i m uy, ?a d r. lOitk i" retrl. ve o.? ..*? , ua be aoi? ?o, V. riw :y liu. .hi- o koi -rial ou Iiolw a d .lorinu a.l i). L? .a?l V^> laM> l?olt?tlU^ V UUirtta: OO tu U.a UOJh I'll *' 'S la e< ibu Oilier ol copU u UilWa eaa to b.a i ibe ra U< p<o Oct o to it i Mr *try a bouaot aud |( Uuli.ka > ??? c I | u ? i!i?tui oauce or brtach o! t: o pea.;"} t.i tir. . Ji ba< k Oil" r ji'Oi.. i' a to ibo b ? a.d 0. ?? .g Ma I ? lu a p*i haiv : .jite oi p?aoe i low cs;? to arr.^t b in 0 u >ion ui. > a?u Ouver a* ?'?o tout a i :rW .? m pojuUd at Ouvtr, 1U1J to n.aku UittK'ra *?'U| b'ltt w y itat?l tU'it tiie pt ?oi toil a belt jia'ker, wbllo to. rt .a a ibdabt e 1 Uclco tbat It ??a uo ? oh Uuig. U>vi> ewair. luat ?aa iu ll.o Louee, aud ?aa- 1:. whole in i *, o-.t aid u'.t ft a. y j'.jio tailed O'Ncil air > t?ote taiu-- tliug >.a,u?iu I'.ikB ewore mat Olivor, ?b.u bo nani4 bavH, ?.??. very luuib ixelteu, uud fu. uior itaki that Ua?iS Uild ti nt t .at Oi.ver ?a? <n.i a wild, ai.d (Lore olllcors abould Oe (en tuorn, nt to arm VI .ii. :Mi, 'iut to taa.0 care u' t> <r He u j iru <a Ui>t .li bliu oaLuot bo lulorrto, b.t ar.. t oo piovtd us id the Itdicionut Th'To la fu tvnou&' t'??t On t it'ol lu q eeiiou a >a loidod, aud tte mliotni ut tbat It ?i a b?ro wn i. evi"uuco Vi proio tnat ?n attaint t> * p *"i', and Uio Chargn if ni..u!4 Uavu bo n tnadc, > uk it to Uo lor oUjir?ci.iin au olil.e' ut dia cb. geol bi(uut). In i bora clOKd, and the Dlltrict Atbtuey, NViaot J it .Uibury, thin ruu.iac'1 up f ir the priwocu tivA Uj cotton ill d u at tho uuj tl j of tuo ia* u.un. t?, au<t '.h. ca*e ? a? oO'S of l.ieui fba Ua eou.d eoi Be u,/bi id If tt? . t' cert were uot prove ;tud id tbiir uut), mil bia dui} * ut to juu.'u a.i auo 1. vOrtered aiib Item Jc ho Morr!??.y am m.t tie l. a 1 of tbia pioetuutMib, but H ^ ub be, the cb ou upr<> uiauve <? lit |?ople. anocaoit forward to >?k tbeu. to ivjnleh the ite taw. A iawlean, reelti rai tl^ss -j'H* atu'i..k ut, but bo hopod Ibat the law wxl>l a' *a>? navu tbo power to aiebl.eviih tl.em ai ? ovrtio?tr Wictu Mr Lad nothing te> do aitb the pat obara."?n of 4u.' n*o, out tl.u jtiiy tnuat try cu me m.rita d tUo p ^ u. cuv ku ltgmi wma oao of ttioo' p^raocia to va.mue li.o iiltrn nbo^epoaer 1 >y cbully in trie pi?,oi or buile U.?t ttiey Tuero #a? >>a our q_-.?i .j ? .liJ tiio 1'imi.e _i in. .*r u tempt to anvot tbi . t?l >if tv, La' e t A a U.i hrtm who aaw tl) pint >1 pouit< ? at <>!? . >rtl Cer lit' tb. b pit.' titljd to ebo? it line biljUt duu'repan eitf I), lilt irCci.o ol t 'Uio ti Ibo alU.i?r.? f Iji.o.i that the l Btinc of ti mm ptauit ai auottar nm m bt?r an cum ui gut, enlbout -hi n;lual J'trb irg-j of . 6-j { MapaifMMt M U.~ a* llr b?lL| MM, It Wa<| i it L?0>'? t?ii i'; prove v>bul ht pistol ?ai loaued wib. Ho ibe gbt liiai officer Oli 'er li?" doue uj m >r* tut bit O.i/ on tb>- n'g' t of d.o 20 b, au.j ? ? ia clef!/ |i >t :d l!i* I IMver *?* uut liifT n; at ij ai . I u t:u.e Oi tc oil) oo.yed tbe onivm of big eupts nor iii arreting Mul 'gau Fir wb&t c >r.ei)iut?e me .rderly cubiiuut It tutor lig into a matT* tvruso ' ? ill? a loaned piatol tu bib lw.u. b?. cuiug i> r.a aiioee { Miti prnlauuy , it Lot? itii i at- law bo detttd U a k?il ! lnu.g l ? ate, at a ? ibe .aw to dra* a line ire.ween g?ui I tin l! bomee ami the bou? of i!.o cmzei t No All meet L*>e tbi iiroteotiou of it A ui b' lh ?;de* b?u rHM<t tfceir arg 'n.eoie, Ju'tge lioald rote a. t ai uca |iroceeJ?d to rna go U? Jirj , u a clear aud u.? t erpncii nurcr. llu a*. ? ? In brut r to ?t picaCh ibo c?it proi>i.rly, it will bo c?. ctfai) to throw out Mine thug* Ural tare beeu Stvteo, Hi. law -a, t? it l' a jmuou cum> t into jour aauan, arm ti or uibi me ., j ou bate a rigUt t?> i tp 1 una, aui If you call IL ai officer, te It ? uu uoi.ig bit- duty to ivs.?t )<u 1. l. i'<"? uu u.O '< abat ia? o, a-acwr uf tLj t'Hiau la. (Cvtrytauigc <ui- a Dolor you uere at hi >'0 iaela M>rrrt?y ordered Mm l??ii to loave Ui? bcurp, before hu got an oillcer, aid that a out' gate bin. lull poaur to ejcl ibe !??? rty Wo at ht Mated to ibe jury wua to b'j c h ?M ..d u> la*, ana if br aia e a mialakt , tbat ? aa oo affair of llitjira, tb*r? was a buber tri'iunai u>at wiuiu eel mat r.*at its ./ obly bad to do with the la* aa la.j doau bettra them, rti. ilrtl part *2* ?e to au.i.gan rioia'.Ltcg lu tbe b?ua*, a iid be bad rt,t'Tred to lb at in a mauler tuat *uu.d aui fi x>. In regard to ibe Ictttmuuf of the i tneaaei, yott mult ? that youraalTMj o?ery one M allowed to ti* Illy, and tb?!r tealimouy la ?atipoaed to tie true, but with the jury, ? tbe faot of glrtng ?et?bt to it. Vuu are to try and reoooeUe all tbe*, but tf Ulat ta lni pwM ?le you rouat decide nblch to tbru* uut It la ft r tbe proercultoa to proro that Ibe plttoi era* loaJed; and li it tbat a party *bo ia?ar? tnat bo law a ct rlau. tbibg U fntitted to more belief tban creral arbo did but,aitboiighprt?ei.t. Tbe offence la aoutotblcg taort uf rboutltg. Wbat prevent* a pera?b doing tL? act art bare bo. b log to do aritb. It la only noatb< r be i-lrud el to icmaitt tbe act, no matter abat migbt barn pra venuil blm ; and tbtf la a maiw r to be ileciuod by >oa; and on you rum tbe rtepoaa'.b aty. Alt. r tbe Judge bad coic:udod hia charge tbe Jury retlr ed, and alter b>tng abwnt ab< ut three q jartrra of an iioar, rtturoed ? ,lb a iiraict of guilty Tbe ^rii un aoauaet not being prvetnt at ibe nnun.jgot ibe Tiruict, ea.b Juror atatod that tbat aaa oia ibdltidual tordiot, ao aa to prevent any muiiMdera aii)u.g Tbe prlaober did not appear to be at ail a?.- -ted by the conrae affatra bad taken. Sentence aaa dcfeirjd uut.l Sator Jay, t<> pire time to bta oouuacl w act In auy mau nor they migut pitaae emmson. Uefai t Hon Judge U->uJd. John t Will amr kjaao .d guiUy to macaltugbtar 1c tb ?? IrM . -grie lor Killing bit aife. Hi* cjuutel, Hr Aab mead, fe.pad i tat u.e uoart would be morcnut t.. bin. aa It aa* netUio laat the man ?aa not In aa light n> nd. at.d ?aa lal < ring unutr the ue.uat<Mi thai aoiuo i>ic ?*? going to ui. rdur nun, uu aaa m.i CMUviwua oi v^at ne aid Wiillama, in ana*er to the ntuai q.tiiij ?bt *?? ti'noe tbiu d not i? paaied apou bun, ta l tbat i. nla lux. <r lUiim lock U to bta beart, aa iae Guu oi mercMia Cjo.d, be muid p. tv aim Hu bad aiaaya .ut. daut > oi rub' J hi ?lru, i^.d would rc? ut * lit '.udg.at1 ??.; b.*.t>Lataaa ofl .vd ti ber. la fair ir.??, there uai iticr rana td a ?f mi; ce or batrul lit Obj, . not account for the deeu be ba* o (emitted lb?- Juu^e rtiinarktd tbat Ibe lae Betd mee a^roaatablt Ut iu iv-ix^uejoia of their o*u wr tig am If a uiad eat nut oi hie icltd b) Ma o?b abU, It ??? min-use ' tiiai; tiuai itta prlaouer we* in a k<? 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Aboat half peat two o'eldck ye?t?rd?y afternoon, M the British steamahlp Peril*, for Uvsrpooi, *u i easing ike Battery, the ewe In contact with the :a* Je:u<t* 11 Al mvr% hartc* a wul boat In low, sin I tog lb' ?teeailu? la a few mlnutee Her ere w mere reeened by the Persia* txnt ud trminf erred to the (learner Blrtbeck. srhiih landed lb )i* a1 Jersey City, vhiiter she towed the canal boat, 'lhe Persia iu. t&lned to damage, and proceeded to tea. BtaAMHir Vail, senoe at Portland, reporta:? On hun.'ay ai C Ak. nil ?engirt, fell ku With ilmwr SVWxdUm, fi. m hew Tcrk for Ci ? ll?HiforU .'isa-Hed. -?< lug aprung t rr ?'*an. uiwed L-r luto liuzzard'a bay, ao thai abb couU roach New Bedford under canvas Biuo Ancoui. Hull, from Newport for Wllratngvm. NO. In goln cover Alain Mar I7th Inst *u?ini-k bj a>-|oall Whlih -te eaptiud, and now lie* ><i. her i-cam ?nu, crew ail aavta inun was sent to endeavor toj^rbt bar and bring her Into WUmlu*tOu. Hmc Pn ur LsuHsxre, at Bath from Bal'tmnre had eevero galtaon th- i uu??, aid waiobliged to tAr^sfpertof dec* iuan ovei board Pom Or.o K Put vx>rr, B^gart. from Hoeun fp? Wilmington. H*'. lu autbg cxi him Kai' Ulblieiwas wrwk be a aquall, and had ?rr iLk.un.aa; carried nu yiki betow tl.? u-eeile treta che ai 'rrwardi anchored, wheu (he chalu parted and the anchor was lost. AMMUt.CB, Nnv 10-- Hit? Arn MeriKt (of PU -on, NS), T ? ter. irem Hot.iu for fleton, la beatli* tip Cbrdabocto Bay for Strata "t ''arm ms the etenlnr of 6'.h Ifctt st-nc*. no * ledge of n?ii l>tn* o3 >.t-jnl three i|i;ajter?uj a mile at the entrance of Una bailor, anc sunk. U?orge llall second mate of bvk ? Wrl/rbt. Jr, at Wllmtng f n Nu, !rom llotv.n fell from aloft 01 ibe iG'.h lott aud waa kilt-it (lu ?ha a t aU.e of New lorh, aaed Uyeara. ilia re main* acre uke > to Wilmlnitun. 'I he >h:p Man', ot Orlnaaa la now on the Holaon Coanty Dry , dock, Jeraay City, for lua^erUoo. I.ii'.M.itK At l.^ifaat. ltth I nit. from th*i yard of Mr L K ; F>.ntr, nit* M?ll,k?>;l, Iifi t>>u. ovtata by ilcuoen BtLley ?r.d otSnH Icieuded for the West lull* traJe, and to te oxa , ma; c<r* hy t John tiaaaell. #t l)?r.- i.rnott* I Rib Inal, a bark of ahoat 400 ton* called the { ObM, o ?ied to that tow a. At fciaei rjiiwri, ISib I net, by rapt Wa MHnketl, a line brig I of al "Ut 170 t?uii, it t yet nam<'-l, oaned by U>e buuiier auC to , be <?. ui naLdrd bv hia ?un, Wm S Mttcheil At > :,f i rt '.stb list, from t'eyardof Ab'.jah I.eighUm. a . ?cbr i ?f *li> to; ,* called ibe Joh ' H French 8b I* hnluot oak, llrcbai.d ha. irrtac ' nlshed In good ityie, oapert . > John a , Prt ^wn KttptaMH W Preiinh ? 'a. ta M Miuall and M B Crosby, I af be con macded by <Jaut G s Crueby. Ai r".t>, 15th tnat, by Wm Roai-ra a superior bnllt >>ark ef ! ab< .> y<> t. i ? c\l ed the 8 W i'lte, owued prlucli>ally uy J , BnifLnh. of W*ldnb?m, and to be oommtinded by 0 pt itrwU Bui i i h, of the wme town. *t B?l*H?iire. 16?b list from the yard of Jobr J Abraham* A ' Ahbrrait, the xhlp > Irglnia Lmre. uf nMI t. na bu'tben. nbe Is I luu-i del for tL? Hichmocd and Liverpool I ne cf pa.-ket siu;?, I akd is the p'. ineur one of the line, which will o>jot:ai<.f tour lan e iblpa, two cf which will he b' Ut bv the fl tii In Kubia rad sr.d the remi. i.u g one In Bultlmore. the la naaci alter the li. M white child born In Virginia. The fn'towtric lAble gives a summary of the veisels tn the ! harbc.r* id New York, Hoelon, ??lum'.re, I'baritwtoQ, Mavm rah Mobile New Orleans and Ualveeton. al lateel acoounls fruas each of those ports ~ mw tor*. Meamahlpa. IS Brigs *4 bklps ...138 Sohoocera. US Barks ?7 Total 117 aoero5. Ht'-amshlpa * Bilge % rhips IS Sohoocers..... M turk* U Total 119 UUII?M. Hieunahlps. S Brti^ IS ?nil s lt< behoonera. K Baits 18 lotal. 71 CBA11 ISTOH. feai. sbepa. S hrr* ....II NbVs 17 Bch ^nen. 17 Bacss II ? Total || atVtMHAB. PteuLKhtpe 2 Hr'jfS. .................... u Hl r> )( bchooaer* 14 Ba-'s 11 Total 11 ?OBILB. blel.mahlps.... ............. ? H ? Wi ?* 21 bchooners. I liaj-is l| *<*?1 57 gvw oauuirs. W?-a.T ships.... ID Hrlgm )1 Mfciia 10H behoooera. ! II ham ,i2 ? 177 eiLvnro*. Bte?msh!;? f Bries S Mips 2 Schooners. 7 Marts 8 Total 2} Whslemta. Hee pert arrival*. i .J ?i New il*<i ford ICih Inst barks Active, Bake. Paelfle Ocean, U v Uarver ioi Weatpoiti, hnerman. ind<a i (>oean Hid fri m fall River 20th, bark tMnj f rankur, lirown. At. an lie t>cer.n. a rr ai <an Franetsoo 4th Inst, ship Cmgreni, f-tranburg, KB, bebouk bea, no report of oil SpoktK. *e. Fb'p *?jt Hammond, Iran NOrtaaua far Liverpool, Nor 3, 1*: % VI i.? Ik <1. hark 1/avtd imckela, from ''ienfuflr* for Boaton, Nov 19, off IUxM n.a:,.i Suhr juunHU. K Ljiuq, I da J I from Boaton for Jacmel, Nov S, lal J7, km 67*0 Forclfn Porta. prune, Tina, Oct IS? Id yurt bark Hondnraa, Kauw. from N\ irrk *ri Mtb (or do In Nor; brl* Kale, Sioena, rr..m New U- h-hla Havana f?av da>a c itAkLomrowa, PBI, Mot ?? Cld aehr Helena, Roberta, MVort. raoatna. Kn. Oct W-Kn Am t??*1 In port. Iliuciiio, Oct M? In port bark Clara Hoaa dulll, QrnK1?. fn m H *1 hnmaa arr da* prav. t'oRt hi am, about Oct 10? Air brl* Nanlaeket, Dauber, Boakm woeimtino. about Rot 1? In port bark Cfeeeblra, Fire, for ? M) car*; brl* Mary Cobb, CeaweU, freak Pemarara, for liemi. too Hoatfa c deya Kali < at. TI, Mot ft? la pert ahlpStardf the Union, Dar ken, for MTark 8 day* Kt.-cHji MB, Nnvlft? Ur ehipe Cirnatlc. nercreaz. aad Friar "tar. Pearmo, Bi*'*. A Urn Vannard, CbvjrMer, Pert lard; br'jr Ntarll?kt UvAfcart. New York, eahra Males Hi-yeon, Prior, end Veteran, Chapman, do, 17th. thlpe Almeda, Ma inr, Kennrbuak; Robert Treat. itftbMne. a ad Ma rj "^wor, Math**, Portland. bark Katharine. Crocker, do Cld lath, chip t barlea Ooouer, bbort, Peaarth Boade; IOUl, brl# Laura, UMftborae, Work. 'f'tK Hmrnnir Pilpthi, At Poatlako? TsjackAraie J 1 OMX)M<n,KT, Nov ft, noon? Arr liotn NTirk, iir Newton etcoiharee PaUaoe. Bonk, at M*urtttie A it fmea Nnefcw, Plana. <J*mba, and Pent*! W abater. Br der, at Utbrallar; ? c Hrjaei, Jane*, at l'mnaui1t Aaierlcan Porta* APAl.ACWfTOOl, A, Npt It? In port ehlf Clifton. MrDannH, from M York, arr 1Mb, di*?. bark tk?l 1-edjArd. button. from Ciw etadt. do: hri* Marta a Uoalea (Hrrmi. Hlcfa far drem?n la* fbn Ralph I rat, K.i? irj. from Mark, arr ma. die#; Ma li !??*??>. bt-a-d. do arr il'a do: Hobt ra uer, Wmuh. omc. AI.KnANPRIa Not Ifr? Arr brill K llVilvtn, Vontcitn *r? Wladeor, B C h.ok. Ooraba MaVia; ecbr J?e H (legume, Bllia, B- wn Aid ackre Ocean W era, PrW*. boetmi; J H Allen, a he. fiovl4?i.r* J '? Porter, V eta anrwlcb; Ana Kllta, Jocr*. and J"ho PoririAe. tAraei* Mora ?(<Kl> >M. Not X) -Arr etaaemer 8 K spenldlnf B j wee, Bel ilpwrarta Norfo.k; batki< Oeiib** Htamtt. MeKen^or, Na><v ('lleaLA. Iacra Knee, Kuaa, V .jl'- brl# Abbott Taarreoc.-, I Pnilrr H*ntgrlrmn, PC a-bm M L l?Atli flmaU. Kavannah Tia t/etarvtlte; Lao; a t'ri-at. Hwectlwid Hurfo'k, r aAbt. Ma. bea . <* ? .??'.Th-r Cr??iiv, an.'. Iktiamauel, Pari*. Alri?n dra. K Atwund, ennei*: ( W Pyer. I Krce. and K K Free m-r sbuA, lautler, IH-Oi CI, liitin. I>?ltiiaurr; Mart P/1-* Bi rr*-d, Praacjalo* Fv eila ITt^ka, Ki*lel >r, Hilar. J I! Hatter. J *1>un. A i Re?tfa T ?kr, .1 1) P-Abfr-c*. M?~- rt: W I H Bo?a Harrie. Bhlt Weaver; J N Itakar, ll?o-^ra/ti; R L Tav. f'he herd, Cnoettatton f-'tront, ' fcrrentlie. I? hum; tleo , B i?ei 1. i ?? ? ?i..i > A Ureloer, . fallaoeiphia, l ljirr* :??<? Matt Ann. Caoptaca; Fioreo, Ua'l, i a Mb I>a ti?. i rxS*. < h?ee. B H h?ah, awoo. And J alia, Itojre, K'r* h?tbp< rt J rha? ?'kAw P->rtB?ru U 0>wl, fmUa, H >uu ' u; ' b?? Mat* aad J *T. Fau khn.4lto-k. fof I r?*k a?" 3 | i l>-i#e I'M barke Ft. . raloae, Wainn ?m>rn?, uui *<ies. ! I A'Jd herkiaa urin, Boyt, ro't aa I'rmae; IVuiar. I , ! ???> .)? k-'?. \uw to loa.l U r PAmtrlM, ^aolaf*. jl?'e??a ! .r?- eUire Fai.R) H>ee*. nOtbmus. J F r*ruand |> r - M< ? !'b Aroir'.r'rg, I ar.l JEeifOi, ii ru:k*.o V Mattua, NC: uixxwi'H Flake w w P i ..j, |< >aj* it* I ???.r. a hirk-r?-n rbilnlflpp ?, KH xraud ?, All? ?> J??<? I i lo?k. Wd, * tan W ?o # S w. iikiii ? lanibN b?-?? Hnvnrtotc, i t>?.. k ? h'if Mi.'m a-. J fp*a <?. wij' nru. ' B *1.1 lV.iUfc, Not t$? Arr ??? watr B p- f.iru. Hali?M. Boa i t>. via a r nJA Pr li* b^k V,..-, V,*. t tj-.lut , acbra J h>. |h-*d .m. Paareor IVmui n 1, N K.He, a w P"" ? < s -'T * te>loe. IbaeMtt, ?ai| Kir-r t..'ow, Ul ' *aa t P ( *f:y T.ti Lark, i^tin-rnaa, trpm UT*n at ITM *-blf*a ' <>>a e <??' na>, tt*:?<n, a n Vtmtral ( Krt n. > . ?> i-tu i ijtar > .. eihre i al'le }'? &re, Klrb <r, . .a, It .?t indxie. R >i W ?? | ( t. P' <"k*a Carrrtl. Pratt t>>be! Jare, R* ima* , kLi >C?|. J Hail k ubeli, b ?urk. a.u bii# Jaaae Mv.uoa, Tra??i?, Aeploaall IH'H Wo* l?-Arr bii? Phit j> I^rrahw Pa'v. PtMie?t ei br da L ti' waQL HMbl r.i | '.m.L. i a. ii'i Vr.. >,4 ?i?. ^ ?* \'< i.aNIiIMI, f.ov SU ? ftKl M'kr ktaelar > L.Ai'.r I t * '1 it','*, M t 1? ? r'.t kl-*t'"sh!? llaePA-Saiaetta, Far I r( f rcr. (id ?.<? Kt'J-r M ?' d\ K !r\rv n Jt?r>> -.a I, i ? t>wt" .rwaM, b *U'irt r., I at. A.leriri # am- ?U * Vork ,t? ? Ac a. ???? ?. i?i u <+* i aa?a. M-.?na Nit ?hlp I 1 Lalt, *. !???.-, a igrk U".? ,r Me.-i' re. Mt'rieaae, J . ta t I'll r .'?uo h?a.', f,i t >tn k. "I.'i j a ilniiiit, ; f ? ?' 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V a* RrtiT, amk M iraai H ? ot ? ?e ebt. -tar of th* f jtn. iia*na?. froai Indian da All** a. i I r r. in to. , rn* l.rn ?il, Jnba a ainan, < rakem In .n <.at ti: Hkkjei. ttoa d i<Mta<iabi*. Pre Jo e*tib in ii aV'.'k, a.'kr laaac T i. -j. 'la ???, 'rrxn Mit*Mn I* . .I ? Id 'h.t? e?*r . <??.%? ar.l B walanl Am lb i' ?r, i* a . ? i m, M?, .? balnni btu? Kn n I'rtuat-arl <M?ai, p.?. r. naaaai a lliata creaa ' aiiaaeirbla jl?l * I, , ir I barke b liar ar lilt , M? ?e, M?1 i va-d :i a.,* A r?l ? do.e..,ia. fib naaeiei; 'ere* It ? -t -! 1 a v tag end I nl haaa. lite afcipa 1 ? it a. *, m ii h ?? dii% at. ! rbwt a.**>- ??? ati' ft, ?. * It ? 1 irk-a Id i ''a la T -? r?**a. 4?r. la1',- ia> ,r f aierae, ? < .'?a-e rtada i aa-1 k-nttra ? ael ? I r* Nal- ? ? * birft'-arr t^kra tvr*tal Fnatitaa. "njritkA ** ? . 4 * 4 i'?T, -<m* aea r? , i i-ar I'.i'U ? ? a* in. i| ?' t aiit a -va f I it a.,d I ' - - it K ? ?* ?'? a. ?" t "? h? f > a AfcW ttillUlll, Nut t ? ait atkr Ar ..oea. 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Emellon Molju, Bo-'Ulln. Phil ?i*slpbl?; r*ro II e r-b *d?i Prnb Anr.boj; Pr*ikilu, omul), and Aliwrt C ut 'D, UUkbetkpor'. PorMt, Kmory. *sd M L Hor"? Buck >Tork WlLMINur )N, DC, Hot 18? Arr Mhn L B Oowp?rtbw?ltf, R<ik?-r?, CbirirMloo, ti?o It 1 r<xcott IVik%ti. Uim-m, l?ia, b?rt K Wtutbt J>. Utliot do, atkr* Adele, ?? t.ll*m*, do; J A bl*o lev JkCkaiiD. N i'..rk Cld 17U> dr bri* Uor&'.d, Pouikner, Bttrofe Wrr.t k?n? OTei M'.la Bw 18tk, soki de* Bird, Hmltt, for Mork. OTTCATlUWMi WAUfD-rmtALa*. ABlil'PKK CKPKK ? Ad AMKKIOAM WIDOW I. A 1)7, wtihunl rrramhrmnne rlx* irr* * sitnutiflo la * featleraui'a UaillT. to >np*rlDUmd tbs bouarhntd dntl?*; ** to MMblllt; ?nj ci iirkaM-r will roftir In tnr ruiul.te* wltk wtxisi *bs Ml 11t. ?d Milk. Iu', aire *'. SAO W m: Sim, betwftf* 9ik ?nAHKh ?t. ABtWlfTABl,* AMKBtOAW WO*AI? TR mRTROUD o? nbUluln* * *ltr ktl'in u ?*'.m?ir?3 or child'* nurae In mm? rr?u"n*bi* f?mll< Ofto bo *et-n Uf tlms dnrln* lk? w?*k?l20Uritnd*t., WUllABi*otirf. AUTL ATKiM WA?r?D? BI A KBU'Bt'T A dlJt WO. trikit. *? Brat r teUutid ni; ran do fine Frenia flutfDF'; Bo <>>\jf>rtio? to *>*,tt with cbatnh?rw -k It re<i 1 ilred ; b*? Uvea II tkr b-at fmr.l'le* UoriJ rlty rt fere .ice 0*11 *t U7 K*k 12tb at , third floor, front room. * (-ln'ATlOB WAWIKIV-BY A PKOTESTABT WO 1 n>bt In a finite Ian ily. a* ?>ok aud to aiaul to tb? waak. It;* Mil Ir. i id<; na? ilvrd o\ert<ro \rar? In her la*, plaoe. i ac l>? well it commended. Call at SO We*; 13th *C, tu the rrtr. ARnCATIOK WANTKn-RY A OOJ(PErh!*T P?R ?on a* lauodren, or ch^m^raiak! and flnt walker and lroo?i. Kitiirirrun U rt<iulrcd. Call at 487 Ith ar., b? taetn Mth and tfcb it*. A POTATION W*NTII>-tY A RTKADT PB0T1S. tar, i woictn, to -*o kiub?r, or up italra work la a to od plain e-. k *n1 baker and a r?*t aower; wonld llketotako rare o' rn o d ladj a rt km -if man; h?* fo po ?pan / and la r*r?rfuMn her hal> ta. Utaid r*>renM. Cam be eeen at her last plat*. b8 rrlnrr at. Hrot>klja AHITl'ttlON WaMIIV- BY A WO*AK OP HtBAD? *'i(t Indue'rlin* hahlt*. ?* la ndrf*a;|? a ir?trate **aher nd irt tier tsevt cut rrftrence. Call at H3 KUzabatk at, aaarBiurton . APITUaTIOK WaNTKD-B< a Youko woman or Rtesdy atnl lBdu*tiii<a< kal <t* a *1 nation lo eook. wub ard 1'oq f -r a >m*l prlin'n latti'l;; or would do up Main) work; la wll 'ir to make u*n*lf r' f.?rallT uarfol Itratcily r?frret.ce. Call at Ma 1 Union court, UnlvertHy plaoe, near ARRHPBTTAM.I YOUWQ WO* Alt W*NTH A BITOA uuouiur e and plain mw; uiilmutiit lallortu*; or would do fr'trral bo . new ark In a nmall futlljr. Call M 121 Hairlaou el , litookljn. A 8 TUATIO* WAKTBD -FY A RBKPRfTARIJi BIBL, aanurae. ens take charge of a b*i>y from (la In far. 07 , or aa rbanbennaid ml eeamatiWM uall at Mo. I Baa* >1? a. coruar of aarkelt at., booth .troiklyn. A ^ES"EGTAB1 K GIRL WANTS A BITU ATION I* A pr*?ale fam'tf u plain cook. w?th?r I P, or to io Two d?)? at 936 Waal MXh at floe bona* bom Sib ?T. fetieral hnre^work. Oaa {Iva good city re'erauM. Call far ARITOATIOR WARTRD-BT A YOUR0 WOK A If. TO do ebamham orfe and waitlne la aarleala faaaUy. or would m? and late care uf rhi.d eo ilu (ojd ett* rafaraaaa 0*11 al 78 Watt l&th at., la tba rear balldlnB. aacowd floor. Areppbi-tablr to cro aimu wmhb a bitua. lion In a email trlveia family. <e a Aral rate waabar and Irooer. and plaia ana*; can ?lr? lha beat of <-fty rafaraaaa. ? an be aaen for iwo daja at ITS Watt ti tb aL, between IU and Mb ava. AKBPI'TimK O KH MAN LAT>T OP PRB-OaRRS. ?In* appearance and food ca4<?ctii?a. wiab?a a aBoaoon aa bonaekeerer In a ataUl faml!j; ecnaka bnt Ituke Bnnltah. Can be ar al MS (!b a? . between rwtb aad SIM a*a. aana4 Morj. ii*bt band aide, I net S to 3 P. II , aad Iron to 9 P. H. AMTCdTIO* WANTtD-BT A UH^BnTABLV jimrr woman, aa nnrae aad -k? berwerk aid fin* wanbiajr IVat oi" refer? o?e. fan be eaec for two daja at 143 Weal Z7th at, bet we at 7th and Mb Am, Brat flror. ALADT, PROM PA RIP. WANTS A SITUATION TO Uwioh mnav an <f ^renob Isognane. no ob>?*4<? tore Boolhor toliMuit. would prefer tba f it/. Aililraaa C. a., b- > 1?6 Herald j#ca for tne week. AurtpinraBi.* pROTMTur* p*!"?of wmriw a . (Ma*" ' as aean*? MM or ^bambenral 1 and ? aaaMt ?r ? t U't. iir ? u a co out bjr the day fee a?w or do r??rr?l h'.ii>??oik Iti prir? + fmwlliea Call for two days at 119 Uuart at. Brocfc'jii tip ?tatre A if v Krt>T wm*> a htcjatior as rook in a i i 'rale fa* tlr; nefaratanda all kind* of evik lr? hr?ad ?rd fiwury haa ao objeetl. >o to aaelat wttb the waab |i ? baa *wxl city r*feret,? e t?a be eaea fur two da/i m efi C-? av. A SITUATION WAKTK1) HT A RtSI'l TABU WO man, In a ?ib*'I r,**te f-.m, r ; l? a " ?la eoik' ar < a c -vt a??h?r aad l?wr; rai. naake the beataf b'ewd' h?H c tr re'er-rre. <Xli for tw ? d*>? at 90 Weal IJilM.. he twrea Tib ai.J StA ara, Sral floor, fraal rnnaa. AatrcATfo> want bp - b r a rak'botahui , to d< > '?*?*, w anl ir<*lr* or *ener. I tvw wo.-k.' v. rftWtiM? Call at In 2 Raprijca at-. BiO(AUjn, lor l? o .'.va. All ?>!?*( r>nij TOPN ? '?IRI. WABW A BIT UKU'.ti Ml r?ir? or to di ??r,eral b )o??worc f* a ?Tal'. , I? a *!??? ?I?': ard n.mer, b at uf cUj rwf'irnor. ? ?? > o i'leka at , between Paetfia and Atalt/, r-??d tl <*, fit. .1 > a> AviPi< B *Ht? PCr*.?< !* W70 OAK ? ? t irH ard ilirnin w^tra a alt .u1 m a? rinwi for r. joi'iig It, last, taod refrrwna* Afd'eM ?i iti tb ar , Srvt Boor. ? inPttAKJ wo*?iii wahw a ^irnA^io* /L m t rrj r'"1 o- -k. aal ? Willie* to aake he-??lf nae'irf ?r teftr^ dot i r . ? r?n re<t<MtbM : .>?r!l-f h mae. fiojd ciyr i alt at M ( h?r .t-n at , rear Hoaamt. Ainmo W( MIX WlfP * HI ft," at IO* AH ooop itlela r k aB' ? trtl eM warh?r and Ironer. aad wwfc* di bn?>r?>iira h a Maail . r"ale Kis<li bn tv e r>?r mtr trirrt'^xr. n? .IID* and hi.? -0 <>? j r.l u to f i a ?bo-t i.ld tansr I.-. a ixf. i ?B le ec. a far two da; ? at tbj Houtoo i '.. Mar Hatlfia. ___ AMTltjTIft WtPTBO? m i 301 WA>n AI*P ? n or?(mMCo ??-???! Bmo?-ir?-rk ISI?*n lp1'UI Ihh ' t I. ir -ri pn I mi br hu. al HI Writ at , 1 ttwooa Tui at a Sik a?a., la lie r? <r f AHTCaIIOK WARTID-BT a r;RA* rx,?PSOKR Bar. eo> k. >? a ( rrmto iaa i.t>c)>ra^c<!a ber bartoeai Well, t a.l n ilJ Pearli' t r? ' n SVRTAR* VIM K* * PITTATT"!* TO IW^ ?? h?>; ., w ii * aA# la a r -?i a??b r *i>d t?>iier. of m. lit a ?ile, . ?.t I 'al kmd te rb.Wiee. ne'er* to ber laal rtnv- )-t. ? bat> ae-- Mn te ee- r IMI Rret ttib m APUCtTKN W*-1al?-<tT a T"Ua?i M?itB*l* e*ri l ? ntuni In a ba'ery. r * par Jeular* 1 1 j.ra al Ikliat \ a uo PP?j ITAST,* 0RTIA> UIILWABT^ A frTPA obao .barwart ?ri ' w? fn* Uoud r*r ret?> r ?? . t. i 'al, I . r i.aa aaj at 1U < ITJktflar (t> ? ii cnA*!*B?Atn -waitt rt nT a Mvi ttiM V jooi<? . a ? t , .Uoti aa 'A >,?-r,?aU aa ' to *artat In Ae eare nf rV dran. ? od wlwnw ( -phj bar pkmbI eat ftrytr. C"*n al 1*7 itMiiaew ?<?, alfti ?a rend r ?ie - a wiaaar a- d tmaee. ao objreujp V - rrareoaa, i <u fur AUTI VT M WA1MT>-B\ * . K<??:raB ruIRI^ ?a t""d rial i a! 'V. Am IM > .MtfhkW A~ R B??'.!?IT ritRf, *'?!' < ffTjtTTO* ts rfR*P rlate lamditaa: beat el r raf* retoe. mil at .Junta in, A htlatiob waatbo- h\ % ptiwt oi uTir. ? ,d- ?? tbe ,al tea io all it< i-nrmbaat wawMcoaaMaitt-arwaM ar< d - . t. tl r m >;.na a~? a. la. lit ?rd eiTfe ise -.w n' c'r rafereoaa alvaa. Call at 91 heal Rtb e* net aeee let aad S4 a*e A :: Bb.n?( TA..IB Y'.rif ? w. dart WeVTH A bITI.' A tu.i, taaaaaiber law *u? edlafi n My ruta to waablHff. I o r I < da) a *t Tii . t. at **T ?'*.* WT'WBi A UTOaTIOW "V a?- al ??'* evkhg- t*lnr oekls Iletrr >-?!f?,a Heelefl r.? r"' m ia<|i Ira al ISS fife oorttr ol 1a i 4 . lAird Duor Ull ail N T ?iri? ? :iY A P Itil *?TA?? lorBO Wiaaa aar*aatetraea. la a piirBI feajttl aW wiaal * e??f r ea ?*? 1 ft i-v, t ?n a'a i^^.r ad?? D a h la .? a IU abaud>er n vk. Call el 1SI Brua-! waj.

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