Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1855 Page 3
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IOw Virginia Cwrwpwide*ee. Alkundhii, (Va.) Feb. 3, 1854. vjtteh of Mr. fPue at Alexandria -In Length and OtnittuMt?ffit A tuition* During Thre H?mrt?The Protutant Clergy of (he North? Anew iYeMtiifuM Again ? Pojt Pin* IX. a>\d "Jack the Chant Killtr." Although I presume yon tad a reporter on the utand to-night to note dowr. t be remarkable speech of Mr. Wise ?which, accord! eg to my old flattened ! silver time piece, occupied three hoara and seven- ! teen minaccs in iti delivery, aid would fill so n? i twelve or fifteen cedarans of your paper? I think it probable that yonr readers, who are burner m?n, 1 and couequsntly hive not an entire da/ to thiow i away on one stum?h?1, would liki to aoe a brief account of what be k ! J, Intersperse! with a f?* things which he cm cd to say, or foi <ot to re nj< mber. I ilall, therefore, fclv? yon a running sketch, ?preraiM- n *hat 1 thli l< t. miatock hlsaudieuoe.and vi ill c itU ue to mlatai ta. character of hla felio y cliizcis. if h* attempt to drlva, instead of lead or perfcUhilft th in toguppcrth it la his lofty nspira tlor.s. Jt is 4i. o'd b . jix'ji , &eu t ue as it is eld , th tt while a be, ?an lead a b'?-se to the brook , foity men oat.'; toroa l?im to drini when he g?ts t litre, unless I'D is tMraty. His fl Hi hour was consumed in pronouncing a prep* ed ieotnre upon what Old Virgl&la was, as shecrue from the bands of her Cieator? rich in noil, mines, (cine tals, ai.<l water power; hut mih-ra ble and nocr in the habits and custom of her 'if n' rant and lazy inhabitants WhtfJ the landholders "skinned the tenants and the te nant* akinned the land, and ali became wretched j and contemptible together, leaving naught hut ! sears and putiifying no: en u;j~>n tho faoe of their i good old mother.'' "Where, instead of fitted eattla ; upon a thousand hills, for disia .t markets, as oculd be found in other Slates '.ess fivoied by 1'rovidinoe, you could b?hold the starving farmer and hU ia?? truants chasing stump tailed steers for dally food." All this and other trying evil*, be attributed to nuegcvercment and mismanagement at homo? that Virginia had heretofore given up all her great or. a to the natioaal government, and had kept none for home consumption. Hir foxm r Governors ware mere dolts in his estimation, aud her legis'a-.ora lit lie better than her thriftleaa farmer j aul poor mv ohanics. Tnat while the beautiful BlueK.dge ami the lofty AMfgbany mountains daily aud uightly "milked the clouds, 'i no one <v*a found in thatr vl- ? sinity wee enough so o?tcii tie tallk aud use it pro perly. He then with bumolo manner aid beaded I Lnee, delicately insinuated in hate verba, that ho was ready to mrow away all ambition for national service atd give up his great abilities , and long experience to his native State. Tbat he old not deaire '.he office of chiof qpgis tiate of the Old Dominion f r his oira sake, b;i>, Or the people's good. That if elected ha would mike railroads, buud up fact tries, opjn minis, improve their farms, stimulate c ommeroa and d > several otu er thing* too tedious to montiaa. (Applause.) 1 Whatever other criticism Mr. Wise may navo pro voked, no just man can c ->arge him with u?iug ioo : murh a.'t soap upon his hearers ? boar mac1' soever { he may rub over bis own h< ad and shoulders. In deed, i? common pa-lance, he seemed disposed to . ?nakepole everybody and everything in or out of his way. Mr. Wise devoted his second hour to a sive-e | phlllippic an * scathing criticism upon tho Northern Protestant clergy? and hammered u >ori the head ot one Freeman C'l irk, I think he cal!cd him, and ridiculed his method of p aylng and singing psalms anil hymns before resdt.g Ma u*xt from Jere miah. Some one near me bi?H,id at this time, aod wben vsk'rt why be did it, rcplitd that ha nought Mr. Wise deserved it, lor tans ? ornlnc all his ftl low-citizecs *ho did not ha]:pcu to be Infid-tU or pajiiaU-. In thiawnneotiof o?j iwitil G. neral Ja?k- ' son, Jehu Tyier arid Fianklia Pierco a) the three gitnt ilgh'o oi d mooracy, eepeolally fir their it'-man flrm'css in vetong all vil^ river ard harbor Mils. H j forrot to re nembar that ho had once violently op|>osed"011 HMcory," and claimed to be elco'.ed hp aker of the w >i* Congiecsfor ths out?t*ndi g viitue; that lie i?i s .oin he sooid n> t t<ite olli- t undor Tyler, although it hbculj be " hung wild i ubi s,'' and yet h? I uftar wards blp<ll7 lO'rut. ted twi goat Uoit'Ml States Mm i?'er to B tsith tfce fuiiry on fit of i,?,0Ol) a>:d ? nj ou&f mlary ; ac emitted to mention tbat ' Old 11*' ko-j " had ?ii<ned a river aud hirbo; bill on the SI i f Al'?reh, 1S37, appr >ptiiting oeer thrie millions o. dollars tor omm nolng saoh national improve ok. .t*, the very da; 0 'ore he left tha Wbtta JUf nee firevtr, while tis fa/orites, Tylet, Polk and Pierce, Lad VCttod blils to fiuUh t ji; works w'jirh their llluinoiis pride e?<or hai hfgun. I aupp ue lie thouit'ot tbat all hi ? hMflre^n we?l recoUeetei tneee ?mail faefs, aud therefore they did uot require no tire. He pr??* atfd General P.erce to his sUveholdicg and t nee ss th? great friend aid vind1 otor or their tights, wholly t r.-- th) lma;t.-ria' fart that ha had turned Br nson out of oili s In New Ycik. wno supported General Cast, t :e de mocratic noulaee for 1 .ea'dcat, in 1H48, and put In his piur \ a Van Bjran bamabm r, ?rh o coalesced With the abolitionists at B lflslo and Uti a, w iere ore of the chief Breakers (a Perfecttoaiit minister of the (Scape),) aaul tbat "he hinsd to k? the day when tbers would be a hl^h wall baill round all tha slave riU'.t-s, anl aLl thoaa of the N'irth who sym ii it* iHfd witn tbeslave power would be driven in, and then lire aad bnmrtone arU'ered over the orotvd.'' Would i ct "our kuflVrings have been iatolerab'e (Vau Burets). His third hour a d peveri'.?>n minutes we"9 de voted to tbat myotertonf, uhlquitons ord/rr com monly ealled " Knoiv No'h otrs." And as I eV, listening to violent dacnn .iation and ahuse of his o?n conutryiren, for hard he irtedneas, and e iargiac the Pretestuit chiirchts witii bigotry, iguoran sand ^caticlsm, %ni!e he atteaptcd to drxtv forth a hi^h or a tear tor the poor txpitilated felon, or the old < Pope of Home, bacauae ne was surrounded with French soldiers, in order to prevent hiui from cutting the tbioits of tis Ubsrtj. lovisg Protest ?nt snVij^-jts, I wasforc.hlv temi'Jried o,-an a icient nursery tale, told to me >u esi'yyeuta, sn lwhi h I still rem?mb5r. It was caPed "Jack ibeGtant,'' and rnn-?thu-: A certain ir'Rhty kiu?, tn ol:l"n times, was w >fu!T<> b> act bvpo.doroai oie c>U giwits, who devoured his beids sod Seeks; sn !, w .?>n these faihd them, would nuitifa?', dine an I sup ul>op oi? nalortunv.e miijsets wLo ml^ht happen to fall iato their hud*. H? bl. as:d wlthoae only daughter, the hei ew to bis tb'??nc. and promi??d her in rtarriai?o to -inv ore whe would rid him wf his cannibal cnlrhbiri. Many ambitlrns kings and princes .'oat their live* aiid thn nes in vain emleavo"* ti ex^rminate ths Guts. At length a boll f aimer's son presented nvelf and of! red to do 'he work. Hi hal seen the beautiful prince t*. and 'oved her with ali hit h ait. A kinrt-bevted fairy ma In hia a p*eseat o' a magic rap, which, when be put it on, renlercd bim ir visible. Wii.h tLis a;.d his faith fa I dagger be entered ujwn the fearful cjmb it. He would, ever and anon, show himself to his Cycloplan bot , wti*o they struck at him fiercely and furionsly. he hid hiinaelt bfneath au? fairy cap aad laughel them to scorn, while. a? son as they b)cun?i weary with thfair trut'.less cITirta t> d;?troy hiin. ha wo i! 1 moant upon their sleeping b>lies and put on- thalr e^es. ADd thus and by these meajs, nnai?led, ue destroyed them all, and marrlad tie king's lovely daughter. Ho, to nlgot, when Ur. Wise, the modern ?lemocrntlc oneejed giant, was striking at Know Nithings, 1 oould see tbem Uuigliing ail atoned him, ftom under thoir I r vis Me cap*, know log that their time wuu'd sjoa come, wben, with their well tiled swerds of Lm'.j, they could pieics b s j cir, diced eje and darken it Iwr. A DK*ocn.tT Or MIS. Pwoage of the LI?|i?or Law. [O>rre?pooi}rnci uf I hi" Iv-troit Tlm-?. j I.anumi, J?u. 30, lHi.".. la thejVnaie, to day, afti-r ?onc'tnu of a "?arm 1* twt?, tbar Iih1? .I'loplcl tb* Li itior kilt |?r* a* i>. i ww4 the Hon v, sad if approved by th? Govoun>r to morrow, ai i think it will be, unl?r the ninety Jay . ou ?Watlaial fiiTiiuD. it will ' # - >??< the U? of r.e Un nn the in si day of May iii it. in* hil harm; t'*? r i-J ( th# tlii i <t t in*, and the i|ee*t."D 'i-injf ii|>on ? u f!n%l p i< ? jig-. Me%#ri. Mrgr4, Jerotue, (Jre-aey. Arm**, Fopkii^, t! I f -tin. ?nii f 06K?r, at?e."*i'y explain*! tli'ir l??tl<'i?, .in 1 K*r" *k* ln> >u? th*) pruinptel th? rwte* ther were ?boot to lire. The "^na'tir from the tte?o*d <i.?trict Mr, (Who, 'ij-tie-hya, poeeaeM* th ronflilrne* o< hi? petrs In tb* HMte, rei^-tlBir li m for hia ah l !; ?? a WmlaUtwr ant h ? r o irtear ?i a mm ) jure tl?e r> ??-nn that Imte'led liiitt In rote aga.utt the hill, la Mi< otatlmeOU. I doubt not h<- ?xprt?<-i4 hi* hone-t coaiM l.u|(, and wont : lure gladly nt?l for ? U* leu arbitrary iin'ltjtaanl-al il It w?re eonititotioiial. Ti i bill n< a li'pti *. by a *ot<- < t twenty fire to ore. Hkow is Bcmi-O^-1'nh? ? ?n?i noil* thin u.rl(? would it be abeuld w e n t.-mjit U> tell >iur di t ?awl rtadein how mnch -no * tin earth li toTtr* l viih in Uia totality, for rtharlly atom mowing long ? n<nih 'or 'he Ink to dry on o tr ptper, and tke nter t*I< wbeu >t itoei aot ?now hare been for the lent w?ek deroti") U i!riftli?*. Oa the a*'r?ge. if the annw ha ! rem* >ned where It fell, It might bo thn-e or four feet is tnii knew ?>ut It baa not loo* ao. aad tber* are within ?iir it? hi Ite of aay altitude, from tkat of a now to that of' a ? ra.te'e head, aad upward*. Half <ur bouiea fcaeethetr lower wtadowa obetr ,eied, aad doorway* re onlra abwe II' ns afreah r.ieh loorniaf , before ther affo-d anTtb or like ' omfortaMe nit or eotiaaae. It it eboaM eter atw. .torming, tbare w.U he tbe moat luperb elaigh ,JTW, |,?pe. from tbe la Vat iadiratime, tkat we ?bail a'< n hare, at ieaat a Uj * trvMwitk the weather ? Mm* i o Wert/ if i #**? ? I Tht Know ud AWMIH? lem. Niw Tone, Feb. 3, 1855. Mb. Brawn*: ? I received the enclosed letter from a gaatiean la Virginia on the lit last., and at once forwarded the | accompanying reply, which yon are at liberty to ! publish. Permit me to any, after a osraful j>enw*l of your able editorial 1b this morning 'a Hbbai.d on the rab* ject of Mr. Seward's re-election, that if the effort! of the American party fail to defeat him it will not be thrcugh any aeiieua defection in their ranks, but tl rough tbe treachery of individual*. For instate*, in Iccking ever the uamea of those present at t!ie recent legislative caucus 1 tind that ol Mr. Stuyvraaat, of this city, a me Tiber of the Order o! United A meri cair, v uo re eived the support of tie Aiutmciu pa'ty, among whom he could nut Hare pilled fifty votes bad it been known ue would nupport Mr. 8>w" ait for tbe Semite. Much as auch a remit is to be depreetted in its effect u^on the part,? in othor r^tites, the election of Mr. Reward wil at least bated: us iu New York, by enabling us to purge our r*uk* or trait irs an t t-'lokstcrc, who join an organisation with the pre n? Aiiittd d< sigu of betraying It, and a mime iu obligation rt itb aa art tire ptntft to beak it in ?pi lit ir ret in th? letter I couli almoet cosaent to Mr. 8eward'a election if it wou^d lid us of such mo a a? Litt'f-joho, S.uyvcsant and other imtU sat llite*, sending them to the congenial a'inoai?b<:e of taa I'tica fcud S viae as; cabal. Youth, reepeotfully, J. W. BltYCB. Mltw Yoaa, Feb. I, ls.'O. J. Tliimuu Esq., Chariot t?ri lie, Va ? llMtSn ? 1 hare just received your favor of the ",OtU ultimo stating that "the effort is noir being ma ? by Mr. Wise, in 'au bin harangues before the people, to en ate the iinprc-slon that the Know Nothing Order i? no 01 li?r than an ant, aUvery party in disguise," and aiking mv view* on the subject. I hasten to reply, although I tht reby deprive myself of tho opportunity to discuss this unwarranted aspersion of a great and purely patriotic movement a" f all* an tho occasion item m ix. } om an intimate an I early association with tln> Aaie rlt'au party, I can safsly pronounce the charge of aboli tionism against that organizations the North, to be utter ly and enthcly false. I do not know what may hare been s iid by the He*. Mr. Clarke, of Boston, <u tbe sermon al luded 'to, tor do I know whether he la recognised as a member iu good standing of any Amrican orgatii ration; but i am well awaro that political abolition ists? especially those pulpit politicians who. unmind ful of Christ a rebuke to those who asl.ed, "Mister, is it lawful that we give tribute uuto Cu s?r, or no>" degrade their holy calling by mingling with p vrty strife ? have attached themselves in some instances to tbe American party, aa they have to tha democra tic cr whig parties, to serve their own uuhullosed purposes. That our organisation itself, however, is pure both In'principle and practice, from any su ;li heresy to tlin constitution and the Union, I proudly and defiant lv aim it. The men who hare adopted the Far well A 1 dretti of (ieorge Washington us their political text boon, can never be traitors to their country, or to any portion of it. 1 need sea i ceiy call your attention to the facts that thu mo t prominent abolition newspapers in this State, such as the AUkiu-i ,/ournaf and the New York Tribune, are arrayed in deadly hostility to tbe ao called older of Kne n Nothings, and that tho impossibility of using '.hat order to promote the political views of their Magnus Apollo, Wm. II Seward, has given rise to a spurious nrgauUa tion. which, though myardnd among us a* a '-small po tato" affair, created for a time among our friends abroa I serious appieh melons of a split in New York If Mr. Se<*ard Is beaten in the Senatorial contest next week, his defeat will be owing to the efforts of tha Order and I venture the prediction that if any member of the New York legislature, who has l?en hiti erto affiliatad with the American movemcut, votes for William II -*eward, he will hereafter, and forever, be spurned and repudi ated by the organisation. In conclusion, I have no words to express my detestation of the political trickery which attempts to prejudice (i irreat and patriotic cause for base and selfish purposes; and I beseech my brethren of the South to discredit the false and slanderous report, and to spurn the demagogues who originate or give currency to it. Your American brother1* of the North offer you their han<ls in fratercal regard for the c >inuion welfare of our whole country. Itey demand of you no saeriil:**, and they wish to Infringe none of your rights. They desire to bury in oblivion the slavery question, with the me mory of all tbe heart-burnings it has oera^ione 1? to have it where the constitution leaves it, and Uiey pro mise kacredly to regard tbe rights of the States. "They do as'%, however, your eariieit co operation In their labors and sacrifices topresene our dearly bought In stituUons frtw foreign siiirren ion and doin-xtie trea chery, that our lnkid n/ms uity bind indlstolubly oi.r sacred Union. You !ir?- at liberty to make su'li us>- as seem prtper to you ol' this hurried ep's'le I an, with re sjs"l. ? ry tri ly yours, JOHN* W. UllWE. Our w il?in {islilre CorrrapoiiiKure. Concord, N. H., Feb. 3, 1m,", j. The Ccmimtc F.Uction ? A Herald Oommiirimtr II 'avtid Thi Senatorial EUtiion and the A'tiott1 Xolltingr, ^ r. fc. Our Stale election takui place on the 1.1 h of Ma:ch, and the prospect is that wu tlitli hire an exciting time. La?t year, tho administration fc oei we:e but: ly able to ?ave th ?; State from goicg body at d ??ml ever to the whlgs, which was a severe blow t? tht administration, a? Xew Iltmpshire is th ^ de mccratic atar t at never sets, and.the nnteiifld rcckrn upen aliotit Ave thousand majority ovarii on the popnlir vote. At tbe Heuald predicted before the eievi >n last j ear tbe Pierce party tould rot mister strength enongh n the i.egis'atnre to sen 1 their men to tae United States Becate, and the election was thrown over till tbh year, when the seats ma<h vacant by the death of Me'rcs. Appleton and Sorris will be filled. Ttcre k also a (i^veroor aud a whole s jt of State cfflcera to be e'ected. lhines nro changed store last year. Then, the Croc id clique could calculate tic exact strengt i n' the < proei-jan against tbe-m. They loit some of their bt&t towns, it Is true, but by pntting \x) th? noet po, ular mu t in tbe State a', its head, they He cured tfcfir Stale ticket, and saved themselves from a Waterloo defeat. Hut the tcr. ib!e Know No things have invaded the State and spread thQir Uk'ges from Va'hu* to s'ratford. They <\\s? taken fo man y vote: s from the dum^-atic p?rtyth?t no calcolaiki.* can Im mtdc at to the !ssu} of the cm VMS. One of jonr special i oires;?ot!dents cotihl Had a Rieat iltal of ariUKing mattsr in the world of po tics le;c just cow. After Orgrets gets u^, we are ptcmistd seme speaker^: but a- Cm, lalbum (.ml Oiteral Line fc?ve declined t> go into the bieacli for the I'rcsi.cut.we are at a lo?i t> ktcw what C io< ni or lKm<?tbeuefi will ei)igh*?n u*. Tie (ltK4i.ii should have a man on tbe ground, at that ?a tie ooly ?ay to get at tt'> trut*). Mauv oeo pit UUik that Met aU will be flavertor. ail J jhn P. Hale ai d tdrnoin Haike Senators. Taat woul 1 be funny ! As ?he 1 1 mj aign developed, th^e wll bs any <|rantity of tun. <! taM t k A ftiAKiio IUix is Ch ic too.-- The feaiira' it Metropolian Hall on Mim lay e?< hid,-, prurel lo b? 1 pleasant attar. The condition of t bf- ??r on icwtit of the kd'ih Interfered aa.'.ly wit It oil lectin* lb* company. and wveial* .1 * breakirg.inwu, It ? a* found Imj i ?i'>le to pr?}DN?l1i"rt In tlnn" to kiiDit nil to th', tor wlmm tl?k?*.a lit I I* en taken. A aufhelcntly Urge iinm'*r ko*mr, * ?I ml lilt '.o n n i?r it n iru y *u 1 ri^r "*\1 1 1|?* party. Fu'l beard* <114 not prtdon. n te. 1 #0 iah'?* kit? *pm . ? Itli tapper lengtliwi** "f the II Ul, ami *t 10 o clo k about t?<> hundrtJ r*uil ??men and l.i lie- -?t down t<i an ein ll?nt irpaat alter which aedtimen' 1 w-re o( and ?r,t eche* mad* by Thoma* .-'blrley, Wrn K M-Ma? ter, K. C. Town ? n>! anil other*. I> t.em were tea 1 from pe:itl' icn ?' a iltaUnce, who l>a 1 )<een luvlle 1 but wrr usable to attend. The liable* ware then r?uiove?t an 1 th" hall o|r;f <M wl'ha i.rinrf U.?rH Festival yuadiille entirely n- w. ami arrau(t<'! expre^a'.y for tar oocaaion 111* c'anrimj wa? <onliuued until tb? mornin* houra ready to uaher in th- lay, and the company 'IK feraed, veil pleaaed with t lw fjrat laatltal e?e? eelrbraU-l in honor of the beanl. Ilie drat reg'ilar t<?a*t wan ?? follow* ? Man ? Fall frown, full liearlel, oat ure ? * rett mailer wot!. : too noM? to be barf far* 1, too per art to be botche 1 by lb* hvi>Klio< of barberliiu 9fo*"lie? were Ir?''e by va'iou* ,{?ntUta*ii aulogiali n! betrdi 4111I d?nuo> .atuiy of ikanitii Omjwtl Am* * Kirk? Oathi 'JOih uit. the dwi Hit:* houee of Mk ? jali Ortttn In *all*biry, V C . *?? totally con timed by #r?. Mr Uri.llo by ? Iiik 1.1 t?n ud *elf .lenlal had as ,iilr. 1 only enough to fnrnlah a com ' nrlnfle ihtller fa: him elf and family; In * few mlnntea he 1* driren froaa that *bid?*r by the m-r cileea !la?>? ., an. I thrown bou-elea* an I peanlfeaa on lb" enH ? harltle* 1 1 lh* work). Ihi aeeae presented 00 the nKrrilnf of tb? Urn, ?t tl<? temporary aho>le .?f Mi Uriff n. waa utl oitnt to melt a haart of aJinw! Sn' the r ley hi* ?on, bla fa?? an l has I* buinnt amt ilrrt'tfully, an l fc>* rli(ht arm broken In juinplnf frotn the ?ecoml atory of the bnibllnir ( lone bjr the *''la of totiM Hnma*l ??rillin lay a yoong man ntoiwt <ire??ii lte<!? ne al o KOat awfully burnt, an l near by, on a pallet, w.i a *tret?h?l a bounl f.H, ajeil about nn year*, Mary Mtakar, *ntferiBg the moat UW* ? litirallf ro<aat*?l alUe. an.t her leg broken aiior ? the ankle. I 'ath earne to the relitf of ttl* la*t auTer?r In about bonr*. Tlie little tlrl an l yoting man w?ro al'eplo* in the o |.|i?r at ?ry of the ^onaa, an l in atleni|i'lii( to ?*cape ilown atair* were fore<M back by tba fiame*, and at l"BJth Ibrew tb>m<*lT*a bet- Inn from ? window. A N?W Yurckr Shot ire Macom, <U. In the mtdat ef an eteltamrnt ocaaiooeit hy an alara of Nr* in Macon. Oa., on tke ^?th ult. ~b **rion* affray oewjrrel between Wm. A, Mwtl<l?r<l. of thla city, and IV ter llo**, a bricklayer, rat^btly from New York Whilat ataa-lin ( wilb a namber o? p?jile, who were looklac at th* ?r< tit m tka waat bank of tbe rieer. at the eorwer of kou 1 h ? uil M'barf atrewta, aome wtiaua lerattml n* aeeaaa to '.in. artaen between tb-M, although they war* at ranger* to ea<h oth?r. wb?n (ioa. waa -h .t by l>ni|ilar<l with a re roirar Tba facta of the reaeontra are rary ilifferwatlr ataled by dUlareal Iarilrblaala who were |i*??oat wVa it ocenrr?"l, and aaw th* wlxtl* or pail of it lioa*' wowail la a *avy aarloaa one and ti.oufb atiU aliee, but aHfbt Wpe* are eatertai*w4 ?f hi a rweaeery 811 Mar I |u?fi|?J.- Heeilwa^ Jan ?1 ?? ? * ow WwUn C? mpofMUM*. Boston, Feb. ;i, 18M. ind Mtm t? get in Motion ?? 1854? Birlki, Dt4thi ? r< ochituatt Cruftacen?Divitiim | Portrait* of the *. jct Crojt ? Election of Gen. of CemtbrHgt?Tkt - lht V^,..BirgrafkiceU Hrilocn? Cheirneter *) i?Hu Opinion*? F.n Sktiek of the Senator Ufa. \ fr_ /ft mcvalr ami ergetic Action rf Goo. t'nfs. -r.'hipe, Q-r. Jjpointmrnti?I he Kttr Profit*. tbatthe The report of the Crtj Registrar **. sx,be'iur number of births in Boeten in 18.04 was M 0f ;i a more tbsa iD 1853. There were 36 ImtfMK twin birt1 a; in 18.i3 there were 51. The itretag* crease cf birth* for six yeare pa#t ia 124. The ?lum ber of ieaths was 4 441. They were divide! a* fo! Iowa:? Malta, 2.2i?4; fumaiea, 2,147. The nvwrsg* ?ge cf the malci m lew than that of lemale* by acme two yea's. The Incr'.aan over the prtcrdinjf jcar wan 167. The following aro wins of tie statistic": ? Dlld of consnmp.ion, 7.r>2: cholera, 201; hfattile dintae*, 204; ir.iUinaisUon of the 1ud<h, 200; dy.f.itery, lit*; drjj>p;B, 2IS4; convals oan, IOC; cr_up,145; (.nmllpox, US; teeti.lng, 181; iniias nua, 106; meaMes, 136; old ag<', b4; t/j haa, ty pboid vrd scar'etftveia. li>7; brain complaint*, 105; bowel ccmplftlnla, 100; citteaae of tha h?irt, Wl; cholera infant- m, 82; hooping couRh, o6; pucr,>er*l diseases, G8; mlsy, 43; apoplexy, 30; plourlay, 41; mrolul#,27; tbrujh, 38; accident*, 08. Th t df-uths from extern U cau-es, wliick arj irjcl'ided in the above ?jtg rugate, weie 1*0. Anionic tho docfcu3Bd weio 7s black*. ODnHiimptii-n cauwvl m>M than oreaixih ot the death*, or the young cMldrm who di(d,iathi r in ire than two third* wer* of foreign paten'sgo. I?es?i tb*n o-ethird of th1) dead were burled within t'e limit-i of It .stoa. The number of marrlagea ricardei wa* 3,128 being 473 over the year preceding. Of th* ne, *J0 wtrcbiack ciuplca, and 2 pieba'.d tait In, two biack men wore married to whlU women. Of males, 2 717 were first marriage*, 308 a^ojiul nur iisgrvt, 27 " bird inariiagea, and one was a fourth raar ilage. Of leraalea. 2,81'.t were flat raarrlagw, 2*1 eecoud do., and i? third <o. There wore 20 m*le* mauled under 20 years, and 13 over 00 ye*rs? first and second ciildL >cd operation*. All the wumwi mairied, except 04. were IN years old or upwarlj. One wa-' but 1 6 jew<, 03 wire 17,5 2* were bftweeu IK and 20 j earn, and 13 were upward* ot 0J year*. , The proporli n of fo.-clgn to nitlve m?rrUgn? ia a< 3 to 2, and of Irish niarrliges to other* ot a foreign character, almoet 2 to I. S me of the hide us little dovili thai are spoiling the Cochitnate water have been pliatotype.l by Mr. Whipple. They are bloody looking custom a; but, alter all, not any worse than other* that tb j micro scpe Ttvealsto an in tho beat of water, whe w the m<'4thoulble demona are represented, in Alma's and Ukcrmanns, a'mst as bad a* those in the Crimea. The e ciustscca re emble lobster*, ar.d but f.>r their oily nataie would probably d> no great harm. I' tbe-y are not exoellad trom the ?ftat?r, tie millions that have br-en exptndoJ in petting it here will all be mink, which won'd bo to make the little raa al* as greit mischief makers as were those woims and rata that opened the dykes ol Hollaed to the tei. only not operating on si grind Mr. Ames' picture of the death a eue nf Webster Ik much ac'n.iff d. Ibey arc trjing to have a new town ina1? out of the Fret waul of Csmbtluge, eom?? of the "fltat men'' cf tiie pla e being togs?ed in tha nur^m- at - Mr. I'alfrey, Jthn Htnahnw, F^ten Hiwe, UiberV Carter, and olheu. Tho people of M M?i3liu?etts a'e mighty for d of mnfciug njw U>wnv The tee that ia "gatherea" this winder is e.f a very m^eiior qntlity, and will cjmpar.' wkh anr toat bas been made in the i>e?t of fonn-.r vear*. lne old i?t iceman does not renu mber a betbr atlcle. A* to the quanti'.v, i(. w to>eir;.v yet to sT<*tk p jsi"T9 iv ch that point. I have heard of im-tsnc i in waici tic sudien change* of w a'.her have opsraod vfiy uL?aror*bly to tf e gatherers. Tie election of Cmenl Wtlaon tj theida?,,;or Hemtor, on Widi e d*> lant, was :?> muc'i c.ves.oi Ui .t I Uiiuk ?he only surprise ex >re?*ed wai a ? the aniallnraeof his mniotlty. M s-, penple b^llivwl tha' he wou'd have r.ut Its* t> an twenty tivi v .le.*, ?nd the piev tllng cjHn'oa p rlap-, was one of t ro 'vtrtra" li.n-c.' bticio few wttigs. wt><?*e view* wtie jaundiced by the.r Yemmooi fScl'.twa, iield to th- laat to the- inJlsf iiiat hi c-mld \< t ?? eiosei: Uid iven tut mberol t'ieS'nu'i, who w isprt p,ir"d t'? vote J<-r hint <?n a soc nd trill, ex. ?res*'/l th ? o(iu:on iliit he wc u'd not rt tv.i m >re tiia-i flfu-ea \tiiicr the fir't. O Wlton tun, If anem* to I nvt I ad pretty ace ;rate inlorraathn toihe au n itrol bis sttpDorteia in t^e .^^ra'e, f >r fee to! ' >* bult an hourbe'o e toe e!ecti ?n, in an -wrt to his inquiries, that he tibould not, a*?inflin<c that Ite W /B to t* e!e. ltd, r-.ce-ivo mot? thati t#?oiy two vote 9( and ptrhapsbut c?enty on?. If a one* ntlos tay be worked ve*y uard for tSo offioa. Per ba;:s lie d)'?. Mo?l men would have dure tneaatoe High office i" not obta'neil without ein?n?. Bi I sm eertuin thai neither be no.* atty other wukn cottl.l have worked harder far it thun hi* foea ?Jik ed to pievett his getting tt. That they did no', wotk m ?aiu ia shown b) the cloeenea* of the vote. Ho esnguite were ftmt :e* e>f tbern ? f ancoesa that, knowing that time would be necexsaty to efl'Nt their purpeae, and that no ha man po/rer wjutd uutnak? Ueoera' Wllooo, the House candidate- for he novcr would have withdrawn from tie contest? trey determined upe n getting tlie electi m postponed until aftn the riilng :>f Gongre a, In the hope and expectation or being enable a, ulanutriy, to thr>w tlie whole wit ter the nex'. p lilical campaign. Hot the wiajr wen ol the pa'ty, de?,riog that few irritating q-ie* tknsas po**ib'e might be lotrodiced into that can paign, Mispo?ei cf tfce tcatier ?t or<-e. Thev arte I p. ud< Ltly. btronj a* the Ameaican tarty ia, itwould tare b en reatalTto piece* had the^eaatorshlpb^en thrown into th?? arena, to l?e ^Uuggled for by pdi'4 cal btaeta of prcv. ('?en.Wilaon owes hia election to the Senator* froui tbetinaJl ceuntlea. of the twen'.y-twn eSenat <rs rep nsentug tho lenr grea' ?ountie* o' Hulfdk, Mil d!<sex, Worce tcr, and K^ex. but eight voted for liijj.arid fwUtUcn ahTtlt t h'm . and of the el*ht,bu* two, Mr.Maine. of Boflu'k, and Mr. A 1 of Middle ?ex, are 'rm the two greoteit oonntie#. Mr Mtiiie lives in Chelsea, and Lis five colb?gue<, who are all JW s'or, men, voted for Mr. Wright. Nine ol <;-n. W eon's vf?ten wero cast b? Sen nor* representing v ' i!v <.ftin pa'.t tha sroalleet conutir* In tie 8tV>*, s: . fcur were from trie mcjtim o?un'!e?. He frs.l three Wone^Ur votes, tarrs from K? ex, t?o Iron* l!?iD*t.ib!e, three from Bristol, ouo fiom Suffolk, ore frr ni M'ddlcsex, ore fro? Frank In, two front Plymouth, two from Hitnfi dm one licm Nantucket and Dukes, oce from He i K'bire, and ore 'rom Norfo.k He hwi a', hast tne vote from nvcty Heratorlal di trlct in the Hute. exiept H.impshlrtr. b-th members (nmi which vjtci ??sin>t blm. Kv<?ry .^cnator w*a preaent anl vote*! 8<> mnrh baa l*en aa!d abvnt Oen. Wilson, of late , sr. d as he U like ly to make a figure as a national pollW' ian for ac m ? jews to come, perhaps you read* t* may not otjec- to a vcy brlei kftcb of In* enner. He U a native of Ka tningV.n. N. H., and was bom on Ue lOih of February, Is 12 ll?o'i gin wa, humble, and he was very poor, receiving n" edncstlon except what he wiiksd emt for hlraa if, until he had arHwd at man's estate. He ctne tJ Ma^schuaetts a!* ut twetty year* since, on<l MUled st Xttili k, a Ik'iiifehing town tn Mildlesex cmnty. where be mf i into the ahce buaines*. ashebvi lea<ned tie tia^e of % shoemaker In New Him? snlrc. Taking an a tive part oi the wh*<( side in politics, be w *s elected a member o' the Vfaasach i utts Uowee of Uepre-en?aUfts, in IMtl, and several t.nea represented NUick In that b sly. He wa* four time* --hoseo ote of tbeir Senators by tin jsople of Mkillesex wjnnty, and two yoars he wa- P.eaiibnt of the senate. In I he faded ot an electirn to Congress by le?* than one bntiircd votes. Ha was chosen a dal'gst* to tbe Cocst'tutionsl Convention in K">3. by tb?t ,wni of Natlrk and llerltn. and cHo<e to cervefer Natlck; acd dnnng Mr. (Unk's trmp> my ab'vr.ce from the convention, on tt not of ill te? s. be pT?fcid?'d over thf' de'.ibjra'J of t!ia'. bidy rf wbi b be wi* eue of tre miet efo'tive meml?ere lie ?an e year be wae rua for 1 rovers or bv tl?e free #o) era, and pt'd ab'.y wouiJ have b*en e.e! ed bu for tbe oe'eut of tbe ''c silliioii" t>y an- t'ie' cov!t t'on, the latter bting e,,rop<eed of tbe th liii>h < at Hon s, toe nun deiooc-ats, I'.e-ilerr Pierce, Oea. Cn*t>teg. acd that portion of the frees eoi'ets wboal*a>s follow Mr. C.F. A Jam* an?' Mr. Palfiey. lis gr> at est exploit wa< tbe form kU<>o o' tLe "ceali ion.' bit for blm that crguii/: ition would Lev. r have been known to h<-t/.ry. fi ? l h rboMn to leave poi.t cs ai /ne a . t.iat Use, ih? waig pkity w<?u!d txen tn power to this dsy. acd iovte i. ;b!e. Tbe next rm st fcraldabie man ia tie wo?k waaOen. Cubing, who nsed t? write articles in favor of a union between the democrats and free scl'era, tt the Bo*t?m />? ily Ttn?>, whll^ Prw?id*nt Ilnce atd 8e retsry Msrcy thea gave it their cor dial aaprcval la eonvtraation. In l?i*,4 O v. WiWm jolted tbe Amen aa party, and wa* saUeq jeutiv nenioa'Ad acaqgtdar* for (iovamor b/ tbe an ,rt lived "repubiiean" ? party. He wiindrew fr>m tie eenvasa on th" notarieatim of (iovero or Oaidxor, acd waa a very aMe *ip porter of that disKiDguUhed gwcitieaan. ina A m? r can party, after due delihera'ii n, have ele- let biaa a member of the United ftUtes henate. aid ns la Ibe first porsm sewt to that body b; the oew party. 1 have already ap.kea of the aiw irait) of raillag Ma alacetoai aa abclitioa triumph, ant I may here add that the mew who heee sewa hteeW.v a with t * meet race are our artakercttoa, twrwr* - lucbmmeeC F. -Ad .m?, John G. Palfrey, end their : " t?ii" ? oiea vbo at e all the Urn* bavtiag aooat the wlckedaeea of > tarn?, bat who ballm that tha State ha* been dwgnced beoeuee tha Legtalatura hM placed a mechanic ia lta Senatorial delegation. Not even the wlige thtmatlTt* ate eo earegcd at tbU tlngular cccoi rente ee oar " tan* culatte .? ia whlti k d gk ve>." Tbcy ere row eeekiajr tu revive ths lite toll petty, witUut beting the Gem r el in it. I t t( j>e tbf \ ")I tuccrtd, to tbv we fbell be ?b># to eee ibe beers deuce when ilatt Mog to only tie gaataeleat of 1ur??*. Net only will tbe pert of Hamlet l>o lett out ct tbe i>l iy, but the:e will h j neltner orcleetre mperruro. ra> <ee uorsndlMce. Home ol the.whiff ptpen a1* endeavoring toereatj e p <Judi e arfaJ'.ixt (Irueral Wdaoa, Sn the inlnda of foutnnn ox m'? ni of tbo American part/, by quoting wcidf ueed by bun on Thui. sj?j (.wning, at lh< | "i mi. at 'liu, | ilv, iii which he RDiike of hw 4.. 'Mi<d iiofl.u ty totUvery. I did not hear his ? Hiii thiiefcre I csMioi at :<wit for tlia aciu i }<e<^, ? roport; but tbiji I t t;ow, tbut jtu> be'tfru *? 1 ''ad * lonve">?tloa vri h bleeecwn -v *he e'ftvrr,- rjnentloi), and be toU m ^'that'hnba'h '? doolrlne, nod ISA' '.1, . ???*?! Jtoverataoxrt bad no ri^U be ltvtd trat the v T Motions of anv State wn?. St* ** 5? w da, w. r, ^3S5l vS tfnwbtM ln the nutioi ai council*, 1*. ?,'l? , ? ' ' ? coul.wd: but that he u?..i ,rf to '2 cottroecce a ctueudo aguinn; the South, \n * ~5j that no one r.ere wl o ih acquainted with h.'n' 4 lJ tin view, ran 'or a momiV bclftre. I ami't^ f* ctly willing to bare my ttat <n'\il judged ntdc.lj' by the event. The lir vetior b*j very promptly reutored B F. llut!?4, E"<i , frotu tto cdkme'.cv of the 6th rcf?tint nt of infantry,!* touse of his rbiueal to obortbc or der# reccntlj iesaul lcr the diebandnnut of foci^u coBHianlte. 1 aw tot ec>:upet<-at t<> * >caW o! ? ha !< pftiity of thin Bet; but it mtii-t l>e adiul'.t? d tin'. v?o bate a u mmander m chiet who U not to br tj ill -d nub; tuud 1 an. quite content, co'ttidt ilnu the lfrt*I udviee at bio reivlre, to talio tht> legality of iiia oosouct for g tat. ted, until tbe contrary bs shown. 1 do not ttnk we have ere r had h chief in*gia- | irate more aixictm than Governor (larducr it to do jualico to all roc p. He is mot punctual in th? j diacbarge ol h'a cut : 4 and will be more popula r ' Dtxt fall than he wis w!,ea he litat led the Annri 1 can boats agtinut the whig*. All who have uj. to tinnaact biiaint^ with bitn at tin Mate II nw ) ?re much p'eaaed with hi* Huavity and firm II M. I i the at ? BuoitotiM btt'le he uiaiutained the moat rigid imj'B'tbMtK? a fact which the Senator el*ct waimiy ackcovledKe>>. Borne iii ire removali have l?*en made. llr. i Tilth, Begl.'ter cf I'lohat- for Hamp<len county, j bap fflrm place to Mr. Winchester, law (tartaer of Mr. Blcrrie, n.enit<er of C DRrtw elect from the Tc r.lh dhitict. Mr. Tufc liaa be^o removed frcm the WpMernhlj of Hi iknbire, ard hia place K'vcn tj a Mr. Wat ei ie an. Some of the Senatcrv are fp jk it oi tor ( fftco; but thice cr four m .ntha inunl ela[we b? fote they "ball be at liberty to rise, patriotically, to higher atd mire lucrative aUtiomi. The l.'rv. Sir. Iluutit'^tnn ia apek^n of for the now ? Heart" Profosotah^p at Haivaril OolleRe, founded by Miaa I'ltimmer, oi Salem. Petition* lor th t re I u ova! cf Jucgp 1. 1 sing continue to lie senc in to I ?be Legiaiatnie. A majority vo'e woild be audi lent; but low the i!ov?inir would a'.t no one loori He ke?}is b'a own view* to bia own aelf, on Rreat auljccta, bke a wiee man. Ai.'iom v. Fitai Apkkav BEiwrtM Two KMjiMtnm at At ? Hast. ? At a tali- liour laat evoinug a |.artf of ut<*a ?-?1 iij.cB tho roiiti?l Rallr<in<1, m'-t at tli? porttr 1 ot>p of Jiiirn MeCouvUlra on Railroad trentif, where 1hf? pat took fi?cly of ?troti|( <ltink. Whit* llmre, two of tlifni .hrrniluh HIVy anil .'am?? Itonfur. In a ronrt'T aatloa alltuU-d to a pieriou* (iiiarrvl, wln aKogiie toM h'm to lit it all ''rop XI ey iub?e'|iiently alt dranl. ava'ii but wlio (Kiarad tli <? ronti'iit* ut hi.- Klaim. or a portion of it, ilo*n ilic Imrk of Hn(fn? Tliln lln<ui* dan! not rltttit, wlim tiiny elincbetl on' .m"lli?r, Ttuf w< rf rrpNiatcd imnn dlatfly br their frirwl* They aaon alUr li lt ulieti a <?llinion tool, placd, anil lliay I oth fell upon ilie ntreet. Tlie liy?lamlrri (oti'i fi'rel, and the eoiubatai.t* were aeparateil. lUley Waa plnceil ii|?oii a atorp, and ?oou after tali nln b < a re?i 'en<e In aan at-eit, by McC'oti villi' and two other persona. It ? <va t.ot a. ri rtaine.l that I'.iley batl been atatibfd until Ui< i-'otl.ea were tall n off of tiini. ahrn it ??- foun I that he Led rirt .retl two f?ta'. wound* iu t:.a bowela. 'IhN f iet Waa imuifiliaUly givta t" the poller men, wheu i.flitera finttk ar.1 Itoaeh ?tarl"l in puraeit of IU?,, ie. ?n.lfoun'l h ro at a lioune tn Mma lwav, above ImnSer ?Ueet. Both wtrt ep, a|c4oi the lintral Ha ir. *1 in ei ,'ih i ? ,ill4>ni Jim-rial, AVI> FINANCIAL AND COMMTRCIAL, If O V K. Y !H A H K B 'f . Mn Mm , Feb. i i. P, M. Tatie waa quite a buoyant ai.'* k miiikt t at th? tli!a, bot the fanclw wm' not i> i actiteaffct the r!cr.e af 'a?t w<>ek At the tlrat Ik aid t< day fn<lian:i '.'a adriiuM-d r |>e' rent : K'ie Iktda, 1875, |; lllinota Cen'ral Bin la, ff.V. Cea ll4it da, i ; N. V. Central 7'a, ( ; t'an'.oti Co., J; Ni ii'af ua. j; CuruUr.ui J Co . j ; Hiidaon lUilro.ul, j: If. V. Cent 1 a) Railroad, 4 ; K ie Kallroad, J: (>a l?ra and Clihago, i ; CleveUu.d and Toledo, 14. A ltrpe tnm.nt of railroad l*>n?achanneJ band* UxUy at. tte inprovt w nt in price#; ?N<> a greater vatiecy tl an usual of Slate tto^.-ka at b(tt r rate*. Alter tbe adjonrcmeit of the 1/aad, the following aalr -i of b itida and *t> ka wtie tuade at auctioo, by A. H. Nirolaj: ? 119,0110 lliapbia Citr bonda ?'? ,.lnt al.lel hi? , 10, too Miafowi State B'a .. uo. \ ? i4Hi < leirlan I and I'itt^bura RR. Ine do 5i'% 10 i itO I t*M laud, I'alnetTilla aud Arhta hula bon<!a toflunbury an t fcro tadrcad do (MO ll'iilaon Hirer Rlt. . .Id iii irtgaff* J., 74 (.in >orlh Iu4. Rlt Oorhin QVanr h do so . 2oo kha l'iotl >n -" and Ptonlnfton Rl! '-6 ' , Tl lirt! litiile vd<1 VI ami Kit . 1: t. ]i 0 ntioOfttral Kit Iti New Jeraey l!H 110 -tl ( li mm Hani J1|i, l"o !'u rait 1 ?' ?*d C'iti*?n?' llaok of 1 . I ai TO Uir-naleb I ira Inanrmm a I'o. I ll '.60 Allt|baoy ' tail W.nin^Co I j ,?tl A ? 'I far '> OCO aer?? of land, altuated in Morran eooiity, lince.>ee 1'J'ifi A' tkc ftounl lm d tbe mukit waa mvo irregu lar .?nd nntet'.led. Th? fan;Ua geouaily were le.vv; talboad bctd* and State atcnritiea wer? a ?hiit Utttr. Kile 1>' r.d?, 1175, fent up 1 4 per e-n'- V It ail .1 ?i'e, J: Indiana 5'a, || N. Y . Cen'ra' Kile U&'lroad U I vff" 4 ptr ettt; it'-ading Haiti oaJ, j; Ibe Biookljn acd Jamsiia Pailroad ( otn *ny have Jtc axil a d<vldecd of t p?r ornt tbe Irving lt?n:ttc? CcirpaDy , 8 per cent. Tbe tranaaitona at tbe A**i?uit Trtarartr'a < ffice t? tlay, acre aa foil >?< R.n ited %' i . " ?a faj nit-ntt . l?#a?>;iT 7 Wl Paid for Aa.ay oflke ?,4Sj K llalanre I,9I1,9M tT 1 bt ie haa not lieen urn h a tivity in foreign ex cl'ange for he pa ket of Weiineadaf from thia port, antl we bear oi no abipinent of vpacie. Hilia on ixnd<jn tuie at h a Vi p -r <ent premiom. oittema r?u?. Un I'aria .'if. lot a 5f. 12'%. The watianta entered attboTiea?ury li?j^rtai?ni, Va^hinjton, on t a I at acd id ii>at., w? rt Ki r ib- ridi i..pti"B of it'l l 1 IS - h for pay >n Treuai ry o?bt* A.t(| H hit 'be Caatoma . . . .tfl . M For mtttiar mio 1 ha 1 r* ? ? fiaaa 'n<i?ai 4,421 M tmered in'o the Treasury from laa ? ... 4,(4 0! I '.r the War Kpartnent . . . Mi l '?T M 1". r the N'a*y l?eraitin< nl MM) i'i lor ' pay ibk n tu? Naty I epartmeai . T y^i I ' I V. ? Interior I?partm?at ?J .|? I . Ti e redemptiona at tb ; I'nitod 3' ate* debt, at Ws biBgtoB, lor the week end'"? on Hatordny, ?#'e:? l/*n Of lMt( If do. I*4?'., I?,'?I|W: 4o. 1-47,1" MO; de. Ifl4?, 11,'MH. Total, III (Hft. 'I ' c alilpmet t of 1 i?l fn-m thi tu aherlnnd dla tri"t anioonUd to 4 76* ? ?? ima f r the. week en?Uag Sa'tirdajr. Jacnary 27, 1-/4. Thtlieorpa'i Ctiall Ccii aril Iron Com /any forwarded 1,'Wl; the ( im t?i *idC<?l and inn < ? mpany ab'proJ 1,10^.04 tor ?, aad tt' i'omtrfrlitl and IVno?ylvani? Hal' :oa/, W K toar. *n e t *al r?eeipte rf the Hodam Itirtr ItaUroai Ci'm(eay. for 1 lie year endlcg B?i>i o, H.t4, c.m pared w;th throe f r tbe pterioua ttute vaara, pre ??rt tte inuvd ataU men: ? III i*? Rl aa kma'i: last. im. iw.i. t? 1 Total rer ? tpta ? oa.TI2 ai/rt-T i77 II 7* V-4 #1.74. . '-a I'aotat'r <M . -le.WTT 704,013 ?. I 1 ? 1,200 fja I r?i#bt d' Z> el ns,?e| *10 IM 4- l 14 Tbe ie e.pti for tbe '|nar*or ea'hoif tlooeaibee t >, I M>4, ware to 1 1, it I .#7; aaaetimc l?'?.i, ???i ? Tbe rrcii^te for Jannary, KV?, were ? JO" >11 II; aaae mon'h, IH.V4, M. Tbe -ut'tema Ccnrt o( Maaaa :kawUa baa f%au i an ia)oit< tion on tboftaiea aa4 l/rwfll Hatlroad. an ) is tovor of the Roetoa and Lowell Kail/ood agaioat ibe "aew roole ranaioc car* or carryiag >aaaw get a, directly or indirectly, from Lowell to R wUn, an d ever err j*. Thto tajueoUoo will efte t ia /'y **k> all boaioew bctvaaa the two efttee' wr the Ha>ea ead Lovefi aod Beatan a?d Vatoe poada. The order of the Cout, we uadet'Aatf 9, f '.-a h-to p?rttcuUui of great length coocenlrg the act* of U?e "m* route," and fall/ aufttainipg the charter of theold road. lie fourth lepott cf tb? Kuiigiaut ln?iu*t lal Savirju Bank (ire* aoiue very integrating informa tion relative to the opctatiwu of iSa'. ia?titu 4jd dutirg tie jear 1864:? KVM.HAM iNDPMriUAI. SilUCW" H*?* 1. al aorouut ob !P"'j l*bt rr|mrt Ri Hie amount nrtirifd in 1PM, fif n * 4TI i > Add amoutt luttfiBut rf< o .rU>>? Ivan*, . i T?Ul .?l,4" ! 'H lhilutt amount jimd to t?. t -I ill p<?Hor? }'?> ?- ? ?" < IV hut amount p?id.f< r<(p(liKl 'VO - i ? * ? - *'.'>?\4il > ' ..'...II 9H4)t401 W , "ho of tic ian.ituh.u ud .'B l-al wuctiM of:-? I lien In -rc'Jreu b? m-rUa,-** on jm icumWrf l raa ? I 'te in tlia citlr* of New Vdi ? unit Ibou.l/n. aurtli I i'< i.bla tUe amount. MiS.Ult #rt I New York City Honda IJ.'i.J'O (10 l'i>ilit-.t?i U?y <U. i?ti,Oo<) 0? 1 T TV) fit* in CO, Oil!) 1*1 Ob.o Iftat. do 10 uoy on uri btkti> i!o iii.oHi ii Xante ?r,- <>, 'Ku l>0 V. < '-late do I'l 000 UO loan* pR*ab;? < a dtaiaiil, *4cun J '?} :?< '?( ? of atock* ?n l txn'ln 11 It.' Heal i-Ma c. liaukluK Hi u*e M Camnktrii flrwt, rained ut 15 OoO ?>?? Ca*!4 Uttlii't iltinifirtnri-r'' iiauk .... JJ.0I6 07 i? ?*'ii ? ' a id ultiTi hi acrnivl to .1 <?'!?' T ' l/'?t aot rrneittJ 17,714 Ml Total ('Ml* ? 75,7117 70 Amount reclreil tr>'iii J^ptean'.' ' Is: ?, to Ilect mod 31, ISM, I rnai ',!!>. 1 1 d.poM tan >.y?:i.M0 oj Aluount paid frmn Septrr?l>"i <V lk 'I, i" ??cainbei I '4, to ldf4l*R dr poaltiir* . 1, 'K/IIH 07 ? >3,iU7 VJ To'al , Inteicit credited di'p??ltor? ta .Inutiary 1, lbbb _1__.11 T..U1 utnount dui- : /s?I V|,o?itr < ?s4:,4'>? rt . -wl.i. h **????? ?boat ?'-s M to rnrk srciur.t 1 |j(, trtiMci hare reci ived ftoin ?li<* 1-t of Jauuarr tu tl.? :$1 ,t cf rvmuber, lH^'l , f ii taw Mil four tundred ii nd M-reotv one de j?u?tt?r? , Ul0 of ?W l.i. | ,lud ami Unity ibrre Uuuaaud three In. .??!??} ?'?*> Ifilir dollar* a?-d tlilrtren ?eul 1 huldred und OftT l*o thou n..t ??.. 'I lim i- 1 at- 1 lltlvlire ilcllar and lifty ih v?o t?0>, bw be-u drawu nut bv riuV ! tliouaatid one Uun lud und t * ?i?t ? ?e??u di'pciftor*. Of tbla nnmbn 2,157 Iii?t* '? < tbai/ a CO I. lit H, II, e lar(,'Wrt amouut of driiosit-t vtw ri*ei?<d in the ir riith of J?su?rjr, and t^e l?r<??t amonnt pkld la aii\ f ne m iuUi w?? ia July. Thi?U jiMt oonirary to thf ioipif*Mon. It u the that iu (uvicgH l*i kn ?1tiw ? ut ni'>ra lari(?.jf ia tl.e a.atir th?a la the fiimutT; but *uch Is not tie cae. Ti e dmci'.pUi.n ol ppronn depoaiUiiR in tlio Kmi (iiaLtlcdn *rl?lS*vliiff?B*r k w f - Mlnoi*, ie; widows, 103; widow#' i, r>7; ?iagV m?n, ?w?; clnRle w?wcn. ai,'?; mauled woa*u, 'if'.; mirrisd ttcii.533; hnabatid aad wile, Wl; tru?tae? (4?po*IU iu truat for clilldien, Xo ), 147 ?total, U.l*1?. 1'lie calivlty of deju-j-ltom i? a? fuliow-: N ttitM cf tLc I'nlfed Sifctai, 133; Konland, hO; Ir aland. 1 ;a.'i; Heottand, 3!'; Wule?, :i; Gel runny, 171; 1 nice, Ms H-'y. 1; Hwllawlaud. ?; Norway, 1; I'n inaik, 1; HurRitry l;Cnnad?.'> Total, '2, Mi. The airexul ?t*Utneut exhlblvn the value of iner cbnud ?e exj>"rled frcm thii paxt <1 irinn tbe w??"k eudlng and Includes HaturJay. the 3d of February. dUtiDgoiabUg tl* e*'?ut ot ai.ljur.enM to nnti c untiy: - V. Mm .. . riHKlvi . oi Ni * V..?? " "? H-i , aiisO ? !'<l fU?ic ?' 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Trie dtflvinra ? ?1/ ut thrte tin.?*? aa pjreat aa tbe ?bi|>is,-nt? of ?pw:i?! fi cm thin p<rt during the inuiit '-iine la Kil.abiw Irg a bs In ice lu-gely In our fa?cr. The annual report cf ibe 8cutl? Carollija Itillroad Ctmpaoy gi??< the anmxfd exftiblt of ew, nr- and 4*[.enditnr?a? during the j>aat year, eadlnt: l?Mem ber 31, MM Km fn I'miiMii ini'iu- f?? tba j?-?r I rum , fir/,'. i?, ? tl n'1,901 11 \ ii ? n?i-? ?.* ni?n?*?m?n' . otdiiwr- "dn ...... ,?a'? "|?al to Ii 1 1 l'"? r -rnl ? *.*** " Of) IHri. at oil 1l?r f'?c^ u n avi4 d??iwr < ?" iihKi cirir* |t?r A? ??/ . i j MM* ????, ??**>*" ? 1#nn Tn irinua) ? ? * '? ' cl ? * v: eirh, to y.i .-Wnlrli ? to tb- rr?4!t ??' nrp!". '.i.cibi V '?*???' ol l"S I* l'"> r ib?- l>?l?n' ? rarr * , in> ? \ " i. .it j i at* I 1 ?? < .'???' I"' "" ? "Msb ii.i" *i ! '? 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Wit'** wbo fiatiei by ty .Ii. i I ..?/? ??'* ?" 1 '.Iv i ? i* iUU IH?4 tb? tt Of |p# Jr'iJ '? ?ft I# <?l'i ? *' , 4m ?>.< Mw??t "f ai'.>??"' p?t/i4 ... fcr.iad at ? ??*? ????. It ??* "*7 v^l . ? ., -a : a*- I ? btU?!? t? ?b iW that tha '?)#*??? ' "w** ii" tat l a4 aa 'iM <?t app*r???. *'"ft *? ? w .? kaa , H.aa. ta.t.#?alka* tk?n ^naill; la?e?? I,, Mar -a ha Vol*' ?* r . . ikal Ik . -a . alii '? ??w<lwa?-t MW?ta-t/. aal ta,^ ?. fa 'V ..U .ii ?v?.#>7 "f ?? l.tJ-Va n tb* ' '1 "* K?-a.a ?Wra tU p?raU%?? LT-r^at wwd ?f, pra.t^a ?> ?M? " IV atlM ta4 <,a''S*it e*bi%?t. tto iwnr drfly to* dHtaa <* Ut taidtof d??ai??r.o* Ike W?ba K Uim rttf . for lb* Aat*r4af ??Wr. art I. N?w Xork MiahatUa. . . . Merchant!'.... Mwheetee' ... I n Atrmca f'liaali Ot f Nortfc Rlrar. . T'?i1<-?n , h ? < 1 1? 1 1 C'linni. nl Mirth 't?' K*.. Natioeal I; titcl rr%' .... Mm. K **"r %.?. (? Urn avl:|,u, LMttrrr f?i ward. Am Kif , Mt.h k lU- A ? Ton- mm. , . . 0MMM NWW \ flR| ( ITT Itiiia w ssz, arfi ""?*? 4,3&7,hH9 l.siZtlH a.TS'l.MI 1,741. WH) . .Jl.HM.M* WTO, MM ..2.M3.04W 4;.0.M* .3,194, *9* NI.M ..1, 900, 872 '.Of. 144 1 t* "J 1 1 2 IU.3H . 1.201, >70 1 19, out 1, 404, 434 300 2*4 .1.282.222 t ?) ,'i| 9.410,713 MM 087 I 4: 146,72 1 ..1,1*7 924 149..I2 fn",aw o.t,i6i .. 6t<8,M2 83,037 . .1,733,127 2U7 1?m, . 1 *: r- 1 '.'2,724 .3, 712.440 434,781 ,i "H 0J0 I I lo,2I? i . I ii ?.'?.'.'-i, 112, Hit .?,47(-,fH2 1," . ?44 2 2 1M.VU 364, Hi ?<*?,437 177, nta 849,778 1W.407 ? '..M 131,071 74,1MB 1 7 2, 4'" I 130,387 2th, (, 71 180,393 i:j'. 144 lil.Nlll (m,n?6 17.1 8W? 137.7H:. i r,?w? 4-1 ,(H8 240,97 r. 172,1 't 2,270 2'' . DmnM 3.1*4,844 ???,n?,7M 4.7fco 944 s.mtji M^.oat 44tf 3.(110,344 1.170 lu? *'??>?? 7 IH IU.4 1,167. 4* I.344JM 1 7*3,719 707,Ij64 42(1,491 .143,834 1,271,231 619,(12 2,473,7*1 f .03') iiM 7<,7,il* e,lKU,37U (?17.628 IW?n*cw*y ... Ocean U ' I'm ? ? It, imblic j3,*U>aa? l'?ef !e* Nth >?' f l lii.novur ...... l?>lnn U*tlo|M I t'ltlri 31' UH'>" ft*' ?..??? lft?t Market St. :-\i* k 1 ??th*i f'orn Fielanfli < (lutlmnttl .... ( i>n>*i'Oiiwt'* 111. (>t ieotal. . AtUutie I. !m il ? i'> ? H 1 I >l"> \ V Kjfh?l>ir<? 111. 1> Total 4,191. 1*1 , T40.2/J a,r.*,<u? 408,44? J >J,7 ?? .1,8 ;. im ,) ,v ' I ?'?? . 446, tii w - ' I ! t,M7 ill d". . 41 1 .7 . - 1 .071' 1 >7 MC I 764 :js 1 . 2 Ut.094 l.llO.SlH I <*4,033 I ..,1. II 42' I "*0 0S7 M a 404 340 174, .OH in,<.;:4 14 ) 446 07 i 7 r-i ,i' 1 4 6|,M4 I ???.;< <1 106, Tin '',464 (I, 7#,i ?? if*, til 6A4M 11'. wflj C. Oil ?. ii I ... i id .,y :.4fl 72. W4 :jn, us s 2" .'?"S It 702 1>KI 1W :s,ht;i h4,9&a 11 1 .. I ?f<>7< o; o;4 A7.6M ? 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