Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1855 Page 6
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K1NBW1B IflBY liT ? ? nOM FIFTH PAQI. ITUATtUN W ANTED- BY A RESPECT ABiA YOUNG D **rl, do the eksrabsrwork or waiting in a private ?rally or boarding boat*, or would go to take care of rhildrvn and do plain sewing; no objection to go la the country. lipase call at No- &7 Madison street. SITUATION WANTED ? BY A STEADY HCSI'EOTABl f girl, 'a city or country to do jjeueral housework; is a good plain rook and an excellent wa?I?er anil ironer; mmkr* go ni biead u?d?rstanda mi'k and butter; not afraid to work, ami wilting to take moderate wages. Apply it M Athstie street. Brooklyn, for two day 4. i 8ITOA1JONS WANTED ? BY TWO EXl'KtilENC'Kli J'rotentant girls (oue English aud tbe other Sootch) ; >n<> perfectly uiidorsiaiids cooking all kind* of meat*, amp .ou pit and pastry, >n l Is a roost excolleat washer mil i'onei . the other uk i liambi-rmii l and aenastrei.* ir child's 3i rse: also under-iands waiting on table. Ap tly at 10 Tillary street, Brooklyn, for two 'lay*. Iiwo kiwectabli: girls want mtuatioxs? Ooo 3h good oook w -her und irtwr, or to do general housework; .a a l'rotestaut. The o lu-r to do ibsmhwwark or take care of children. flood city r?fur et c? givoa. Can be seen for twj day*, ?t hi Concord at reel Brooklyn. I- iWO RESPECTABLE Vitl NU WOMEN WA.iT SIl'tT ?lions. one aa chambermaid orMamatreaa; the o'. her aa laun-ireeK Good c tj rei'orouccs. Apply it 7* West Twenty fourth street, t?'tween Sixth and seventh ave nues, <eco ad floor, bac. room. 10 PCHOOIS. ? A PARISIAN UENTLKMAN. 11 AVlMt; .Hat returned from a Southern ollege, where he h?s bt'en employe 1 for two ye.irj as teacher of his native language, la desirous of fot ming a similar eagage-iient la N f* Vork or vicinity, Address I, E. G., Herald olDee. 10 BOOKKEEPERS ? WAN TED, FOR A SHORT TIME, ? person quici ami correct at figure* an i coiupe ttot to assist "n taking an account of slick aod tbe openm^ nf a new set of i-ooka, for a retail ??tore, l*et on* ?t Mtfc. ut out of employment need only apply , at *be jewelry store, 127 Atlas tie street, Brooklyn TO fRON MERCHANTS.? WANTED, A SITUATION at clerk, by a young mitu who was employed for seven year* in the :ron bu.'nos-. He .<4p?ak? perfectly EagUsa, French and German. Thn best city references givtn Ilease address F. W., Herald ofllce TO DRUGGISTS.? A GERMAN DRUG CLERK, WHO aeeslis English ?ery well, wishes a situatioa. I'leav) idjreda A. R.. Herald ofli ??. r DISTILLERS AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS ? Wanted, a situation. by a person who understands tbe manufacture of lx>o<lun co ratal Kin, Old Tom whis key, cordials, itc. Apply at f>2 West Twenty fifth itreet, corner of Sixth avenue, top floor. UNF. PHANCAlfiB SORTANT D UNE MAISON AME ricaine, <i.-Hir-- jne situation pour prendre soin iles ttn'ant* ot roudre; elle p*ut aussl donner den leyous et fournir de bopne rocommandat oo. S'adressor die/. Mr. Ney, Ub% West Broadway. Wf ANTKI > ? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION ? f as plain cook; is a good washer and ironer; is c? pable of doing general housework. Has good city refe rence frem hor last plae* I'lease call at No. tS Prlaco street, second floor, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, ns chambermaid orto do general tionfewofl , lit a small private family; has no objection to 40 ia the couatry. Good city reference. Apply at 107 Tlilrteennth street, between Third and Fourth are sum, ui the rear, far two days, if not engaged. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RK-PBCTABI.E yonng woman, as good cook, washer and ironer, or to do general housework, in a small family; has no objection to go n short distance in the country. Best of city reference. Can be teen for two days at 7*2 Watts at. "*J|r ANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO SISTERS (ENG Ft liflh) together or separate: one to do chamber wjrk and plain sewing, the other to tako care of chil dren aod do light lioufawork: no objection to the coun try. Call at 1UB Thlrly-flftb street, Third avenue, upper tl.?or. ?FaNTF&-BY a KE^i'BOTABli- ' PROTECTANT Tf girl, a situation to do chamberwork and waitipg or to take cire of children aud do general housework. Can bo seen for two days at 104 Mulberry street. TTTANTIIV? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vV K<rl, as cnambtroiuid and ton-sist 111 washing and Iron n(> ; would lie willing to do any kind of liousoft ork. Iui|ulr? at No !' Watt's street. WrAN'itD? AS NUBfiK AN L) SBAMSTRB83, A YOUNG winnsn capable of tuking rare of a yoiing infant. *> ' wbe is also n neat s??er None but Proto^tmU M?d apply. Inquire at north e.vst corner of Fifth ave if* ana Hittetectn street. 011 Wedne-lay February 7th. *vmU A M to 1 P. M. U, ANTED? BY A R1?I'ECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A vf #.'tuaticn to do chamberwork sa l plain sewing . lei ? city reftren ?? . ''u be seen for two days at 87 'lt>onips;>n street. 1 mi AN'U D? A js.TI A l'loN IN S'lMi: MKMI'EITAULK TT ' imdy. bj- a resjii-ctalilH young woman, M seam *trt<s uoacrstand.H cuttiug and litting drcsoc; lias good c.ty fcrccce. Please call at !UKf Slxtli avfnue, between Twinty ?eci O''. .ind Twenty third streets. r?itti?see.i for t-. j d jyh ??*> AM'HV? SITl'ATIONS BY "TWO Hl?i'E I'Alil.E Ff Ccrmau gfrls, one as chambermaid and the other as coot , good city raleresce. ?Jaa b? soon for two 'lays at ft'l Wcht slieet, up s'air*. front room. II,' A M T Ifl> ? 1! Y A STEADY, ACTIVE YOUNG Wn tj man a situation as lai.n<!ress and chambermaid U an excellent plata uewer. Tbu best of city r? Terence given Ajip'y at 113 Seventh avenue, near Kighteeuth atreat, third floor, b&tk room, for two days, if not en gaged. |?f ANTED? A ^ItAnOK, BY A RESPECTABLE FF Protestant g-rl, tc cook, wash and iron, or to do chaoiherwrrk In a private fara'ly. l'lea?e c ?tl for two days at 71! Prospect strae'., Brooklyn. ?.-ANTI D? l.V A HI > STABLE YOi.Nt. WOMAN, A FY Situation at. cook; ?l:e perfectly understands cook iog ? B 11 It* branch*" 'tool city relerence givcu . Cau be -efo for tri dnvs at No. ISO Iwelftli street, corner of UniverMty place. 1* r AN I'KIV-BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO GIRL, A 11 i<i!uat(onas cbamberinai 1 and waiter, or to take care id rbilijreo Ihs teat of city reference from her last p'aca Wsges n / so much an object as a good liontc (lease call at N? 17d E:tst Seventeenth street, second door, between I'irrt ami Second ? venue.*, for two days. ^ VTKD? BY TWO TkjT'ECIABLE AMI RICAN giils, aituations in a private family; on* as llrst rate cook an ' Irnlter, the iher as chambermaid; would usv* Tio objection to go a short Ji?tan<se in tbe country, would prefer aviog n the ??ir.i family. Can be seen for two ilay* at 170 5>st Twenty-fourth street. \lTAtm 'Jt-UY AS A MERIdAN Y0UNU i.aDY, A f f a'tuatiou an bookl eeper or aale- woman. < '*n gi?e lb' * way references Is w ill< nic to nial'.e ?neoga?eiu*ut for the sprinp tr.i 'e nr to go to my part of the United KiiIm Adur<e? for thrpe daya Saleswoman Herald ?I log, \KT AN TH>? A SITUATION, BY A ltfX'Ki 1 mu.k ff yonng R rl us chambermaid, ami who would l>e willirg to aaaiat in washing and iionlng. No objection Mi go to *he country. Mog* satisfactory referents can Ik> ;i?eo. I'leaie calf for t-iree daya a' 1?)> K*?t Twenty <il(th street, Iftwwn Third and I<exlngton arenuea. w [TANTKI?? A PITTA I U .' .V, HV A YOCNU WOMAN. ?f a* fi:*t rate lnundres* will bare no objection to aa?-?*t in cLauibcrwork and make herao't generally uae f u I ? ?n produce the best of oity referenre. I'lease call at 1 1-"< Weat Twelfth street, fr'coiid rtoor. fan be aeen for two day a, if not fudged. WANT Eft? BY AN INlK.iiMKsT <11 KU A dl TL'A t.on as aeamstrea* or cbainl>erre:iid, in a respcota ble family. Wood reference g'fen. I'lMiS apply, or ad dreae No 4 I'ac'. or'* cottage,, Forman -'.reet, Brooklyn "\?T A NTF-D ? A SITUATION, BY A RKftPBCrABLK J-c?tch woman as, Irooer and conk, (tool eity reference given. Pl?me call for two day* at 30H Mo i i ?treet. WANTi n? BY A PitOI>STANr YOCNO WOMAN, A ai'tifttton as drat rate "o>k ; uu?l.rsta>ida m?uta, aoope. jelliea, baking and i astry, in alt it* bran<-hee. 'I lie beat city refererce can be given, Understand* Kngliah aai iTf nch dle'.es. None bnt flr*t rate families need apply. Addrea- 1:11 !?eTentb avenue, between Ninete- uth and Twtnt eth atreet*. To be a -?n for two day*. *"U|r ANTH>? HITI" AT1< >N8, BY TWO RE^PBCTABIiE ft women, one a* cook and to a ??(*'. <n the washing *(.<3 iioning, the Other a a chambermaid and waiter, is a Protectant, baa no obje^tien to go to the country, the br>t of city reference given If r jalnsl. Can be aeen at M-f> Seventh a\tnue. ?0C"nJ tioor. bacV room, for two da/a. ANTED? BY A f?MART, AfTIVR AMERICAN girl, a situation a* cook, rb%mberm?l I. or to do boitf-ework. in a jiritate family. ha? no objection- t > go t? Oali'orn a. I'fee ,e call at 195 Chambers atreet tli r<5 li. or, front room \1 ANTED ? BY A JKOTHTANT WW WOMAN. v? ? ?llun*inn as nurse and >?*mstrea?, or to hel[. w th cbamberwork. Can be aeen at 24 Commerce atreet mgrAirriD-BY a RfflfBCfABLR woman, a ?rrr v Y atlnn aa fi ret rate c v>V . baa no objection to M?ia* in a (m rlion of tbe wa?*. ng and ironing, in a respectable private fan ly; under* tan "* her basinea* In all the v.iri oua tranche*; tan show th'.> beat of city reference. Alio waatrd, a attuation aa 'cliamberm tld an! waltor, or chamirf-rwtald and to do tine waahing and ironing has 1 ?he beat of city reference. 1 loth are daafron* of getting la the aaine bonce, If phalli!* Can be seen at ift West Thirteenth afreet, between the Klfth and ?l*th aranues ? -MTANTn^-A PITl'AUOf, BY A KKSI'ECTAUI.K J J youag woman, a* cbam\M?rma!d and waiter, or to I do notieework in a amall family. Has no objection to ri?y ar country The b**t of refarence can be glran. I Please fall at 77 Went Nin?teeath atreet. between 3i*tU Mil heeeatk areuuea. Can be lean for thrwi day* if not ?abated. 1I/antm?-a siri'ATioN as norsKEnii* iit W a i.o'al by an e*peri?nee<l person who |? willing f, letote tfm* for tliO iateresl ?>? th" bonse. Ttie I, -,1 ?r a f reft jep^e glren. AUrnn H .u*e'.t?p?r, He fat I vHBc#, w WANTS. _ \ET A S TKt) ? BY AN KXI'KIUENCKD DRESSMAKER, A Tf f*w families work, or would go oat by th? day. Please addreee m Bate, or apply at 60 Spring rtmt ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RMPKCTABLH PRO twtant Scotch ?on)iB ax a perfect cook, who un derstands her business perft ctlw. Good city refereace. Can b? seeu for two (lay* at 17 WMt Seventeenth street, between Fifth and Sixtn avenue*. WANTED? A SITUATION, AS CHILDREN'S NURSE, or a* chambermaid, by a person who ha? aerved in both rapacities, aud i* well rec moiendttd. She 1* w illinc to take low wa^es, and can be seen at No. 1*2 Rait Sixteenth street. *1(7 ANTED? A WEI. I, EDUCATED YOUNG LADY, OF W lfi to 2D yearn of age, ?s housekeeper aid com I anion in a respectable small family. The young lady must be of the Thotuas Paine .tchool, highly respecta We, and a very gocd pianoforte player. The-e qualiac? tionn are positively required, or a grown up family of taoor three persona, answering the above q.-ali!i:a ti Lb will be tak?n to hoard The house U elegau'.ly fur uished, aad with all the nvw improvements. RWereuces exchanged. Address Mortimer H., Broadway Puet.Offloe. **f ANTED? 1 SITUATION, U Y A YOUNG GERMAN ?/? man, to drive aud take caie at horse#. II t.s good it feienco, aud speaks t;ooi. fcagiislt. i'ieas* call at 13 Crahani street, Brooklj o, second tioor, MTANTE1)? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLY W Protestant girl, as seamstress; has no objection to assist iu housework. tan be seen tor three days, at o'i 'iriuity place, third Hour, lr nt room. fjf ANTED? BY A TIDY RKSfKCrABLE WOMAN, VV gentltnx n's washing, which will be done in ' lit) bei t nunmr. nt 50 cents a do/ ?n. Also family wniiing done by the month, ou reasonable terms. The but city reference trivt n. I'lease call for one woek, on Mr* Hi f?n, lit Last Twenty-second street, in tii:- rear. WANTF.I)? BY A RESPECTABLE AM FRIO AN OIRL, a situation as nurse and seamstress: can cut and fit ladies' aud children's dresses, and all tU> bra ache i of family sewing. Address E. S., Broadway Post Olflce, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to do general hoisework: she is a g'>>i plain < cook and good baker, alfo a good washer anil lr<>wtr. [ The beet of city reference from her last place I'leaio ; call at 173 Eighth aveutie. between First aul. Second i avenues. Can be seen for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, I to do the cooking, washing, and ironing, of a small family; no objection to housework. The best of J city reference given Can be seen at 105 We?t Nineteenth street, in the bailment, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. WANTED? A LAUNDRESS). TO DO 'I HE WASHING ol one family, to engig- by the month. Apply at 537 Broadway. WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as lady's maid and stam.itress. Ha* good city reference. Can be seen for twe days, at 042 Second avenue, between Thirty-third and Thirty fonrth streets. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RBSl'ECT A BLE joung woman, as chambermaid and wuiter, eltber in a joardiug house or private family. Good city refer ence. Can be seen for two iays at 121 Thirty sixth street, near Third avenue, upj er floor, backroom. WANTUt? A YOUNG WOMAN, WHO HAS THK best of city reference, is desirous of taking a small washing and ironing to her own home. Please call at No. 218 East Twenty-third street, room No. U, third Hoor. WANTED? A SETTLED WOMAN, THAT IS* A FIRST rat* washer and ironer and a gcod seamstress, and in willing to make herself generally useful : none but neat persons need apply *t 78 Greene street for two days on) y. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tion a< cook or chambermaid; in a good washer and iront-T. Best reference from her last employer. Cau be Men {or two days at Jfr. Mack's, 101 Wejt Nineteenth J street. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as seamstress and chambermaid; can cut and fit ladies' and children'* drtssos; is a good shirt Satisfactory reference given. Wages not so much an object i.s a comfortable home. Can be seeu for two ii.iyH either by call ng at, or fending a note to, 415 Ninth Av<nue, between Thirty-fifth aad Thirty-sixth sts., | in the store' ?Mr ANT ED? A SITIAT10N, 3Y A Y0CN6 GIRL. TO 1 It ioi W. wat-h and iron, iu a privato family ; has no cbjictiou to do hou-ework. Good city reference., can bo produced. Pleat- " call at 27 Mioritf street, third Hoot, front room, for two days. MT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO W tectant German woman, as ccok or house.oepir Rest of city riferrnce can be given. Apply at the ofltce 27 Greenwich street. Wf ANTED? A PLAIN COOK AND 1IR-T RITE waiter and litmer? willing to m.ike herself <eoii raliy nre'ul. Apply at C2 arrea street, Ave doors from Heniy sheet, Brooklyn. MT ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE PRO W te>-tnnt yourg woman, in s prlvute family, its t-earratreaa; ih'e understands family lowing; would as Mst in cbaniberwork : cau do line washing, .11 the nicest manner. Undoubted city refemnca given. Please call at 200 coiuer of Bank street and Wavnly place. Can be set n for t>-o days. \EJ A NTED ? KY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, VV a i-itnation to mind children aul do nliin sewlu^ or weald assist in light chaniberwork. Call at 2f)f> West Twenty-fourth street , in the basement. Can be seen for two day*. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTEST AN r young woman, a situation as chambermaid and sssii-t in the washing and Ironing, Inquirn at ls'J WeHt Thirteenth street. Can be seen for two days if not en I gaged. Go id city references. WANTED-A HI11ATI0N. BY A ritUTESTANT young woman, who understands her business, an 1 ]ilain cook. 11a* the best of city reference* and lias no 1 objection to do general housework i a a small family. ' Can be men for t?o days. 1'leiwe call at 1U Went Si* ' t< enth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, VI/ ANTED? A S1TVATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, W as cook or laundress in a private family. Has no i objection to go in the country. Can be ?#en lor two days j at ??"? Madipon ftreet. " : ' I \jt[ ANTED ? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Vf toting woman; Is a good cook and most beautiful waster and ironer. Han the best of city reference. Mease call at 91 Sixteenth street,, liitwoon Sixth ami , Seventh avenues, in the rear, first floor. Cjn b? *e? for two days. ' "iirrANTiat? a sitt atio.v, by a RB-'PiWi'Ani.B V* wopan; is a good eook. and to assi-t in washing anil ironing, can do the bakinx of a small privata fami ly. Good city reference. Please call at IN West Thirteenth at r set, bttween Seventh and Eighth aveuues. Can t>e -feu for t?o days. \%J AN! ED ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOCNO WOMAN J} a situation to cook, w a eh and Iron In a sui.ill private family; is a good baker; no objection to the coui tiy. Good reference if require!. IT-ase call at M Eleventh >tieet. between First and Second avenues, fonrth tlotr, front room. Can be seen for two days. WANTED? A M IDD1.E AfiED PROTESTANT WO msn who is an experienced nursy and uood senrostrefs. None but such an can give -aiUfactory re lerence for the above need apply. Call at -S2 'Vest Twenty third stioc t. ?7ANTTI>-A S1T1 ATJON, 0\" A JiyA'fiCIABUC IJ y'diBg wqbiAD toi!*, washer ami Ironer, and f Tiia et -lands taking; good city reforence. Can be seen for t? o days at No. .'JO West Thirteenth street, bet w<*'n 1'ilth and Sixth avenues thirl floor, fr?at room. HJ A\TFl>? A GIRL, 10 DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK, at ;tft I'ominick street. None but Protestants need apply. Wages $? p< r mcntb. , "117 ANT til? BY A RKSrECTAULK PROTESTANT Tjf young woman, a d'uation as c lamberniaid and wa"er or plain sewer. Has the bo t of city reference. Can be Mfn for two riajs at 213 Mott street, Hrst floor, between Prince ami Spring streets. [TAN I ED ? RY A 1'P.OTEsTANT WoM?v ? PER . inaoent situation as ***.' .i,n . , >.i? . ? ? ?tre?* M a ^,od dreSsuU . ' , ? ? "VWff; t* eapible i.f eutt og and ?akimi cfcildren s I'rtliM The l?.st ?f city ref.fencs ?Tn * W ler. I cbitdl ?. ivivnae* ciu ?e given. Apply at h< r present employer a, 407 I'ourth sites t. b*t?< en Sc -ond and Third avenues, for tb? re mainder of this week. TWfASThT)? A OTLATMN BY A PROFESSED CO' ,?K ; F? understands all kinds of .ooking, p.i'try a>id jellies and rre.ira*. n'?o game. No objection, in a sin.tll family, to do part of the plain wtahlug an I iron ag References given a* to character, ea|>ab.lity and honesty. Caa b? wen at 17Sil,narem <tre?t near Uieecker. ANTED? ftY \ VERY RR-tPFXjrABLEPROTE 'TAN f >> gin, In a go I privat* fam ly a sl'.u?ti'>n as con? . Is an etfelbnt wa?t<er and ironer. (las unexceptlnn city re'erence- Can be noen fi,r two <!a?s, at lij Weal Twil'th street. WANTED- A SITI ATION, RY A RE-PEOTABtE WO IT man, as aeamstre?a or dtessmaker, csn out au t (It ladles' dr?ss.<?; has bo objection logo to the country. ?ii od city ref'reoce given t*?i be seen for two ibiys, ?t 4*>9 Gre/nwlcb street. Wanted? \ nn ation by a respectable ji ong woman, to do c.haniberwork an I ta^te e?r? | of ehildreo. Gool city reference given 1'1-s-e apply at 170 Knnt Twenty flfth str?. t, second floor, front room 1 Can be wen for two day*, if not engaged. W'anted-by a rmpbctable woman, a snv. ' a i ion a a coos ; -he understates her basluee* per fectly. Is sober. hone*t and obliging has Uved with some ! of tbe most ivapectable families in tb? city, and can t* ; highly recommended from her la*t plaoe. Apply in tbe | bakery, if West Thirteenth street, between Kifth and Slstb avenues Can l>e seen for two dnys. *17 ANTED ? HY A RWPECTABLE ' PROTECTANT ! W girl, IB ? genteel ntfvate family, a situation a ? ' ?eamsttoss, or to i!o ehsmferwork atWI .ewin^or chant ] lierwoik, washing and ironlrg. lias no obj?cti'>nk to wsittng. If ses^i've 1 C-r< se -s 'n foftwV l*y?at ItM West f ? 1!T*t ?t-e?t. rjrrr nurse wanted.? inquire in seventeenth If (treat, fourth houae etat of Broadway, oppoaite Union Park. W ET NURSE WANTED? APPLY AT 114 FIFTH aww. WET NURSE 8ITUATIOy WANrED? BY A SOOICH weman. witli a health; brent of milk. Good oil/ reference given. Apply at 333 Ninth street. Can be seen for two days. WANTKlu- SITUATIONS, BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN ; ore as cflok in a firat class boarding bourn-; the other an lauadreas: understand! French fluting. Both can be se?n for two days, if not engaged, at 40 West Thirteenth atreet, in the rear. They can give the best of City refermcei> both am regard it charact er and capability they wish to be engaged together. |Tr ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, Tl a nituation as seamstress, or to do cbamberwork and sew. lias good city reference*. Please call ut 123 Twelfth stu-et, between Fifth ami Sixth avenues. lITANTfD? A SITUATION, IIY A RESPECTABLE V? Prote .tant widow woman, as first rate cook *nd eieellcnt waster ami Ironer. lias the best of city refer ence from her last place. Has no objection to the city or country. Is willing to take tt?e entire charge of u houce or dairy. t'sn be seen for two days at 294 East Fourteenth ctreet. VrANTMl-A NEAT TIDY YOUNG WOMAN TO TAKE Vf cure of uu iufant and oo plain sewing' ?ne com pete if to Jo both may apply at No. JJHi Sut* street, ItooUja. IITANI ED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Vf young woman, as nurse and seamstress, or cham bermaid and waiter, pood city reference given. Please call, for two days, at No. 34 Gold street, Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A STEADY SQBER WOMAN, IN A pi ivate family, a situation as cook, understands pa- try, and all kinds of cooking; is an excellent washer ii 1 ironer; the best of city ri Terences. Apply at No. 70 Third avcuue. WMJ ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A NEAT YOUNG Vj girl 1C ye?s of age, as cliildreuN' nurse and plain Fewer: a nice little chambermaid, willing to wash and iion lor the nursery, or do light housework in a small family or with a lady who boards: has excellent reference. Call, or send a oote to No. 323 First avenue, tl rat floor, back room, for two djys. WANTED? A RESrECTABIJC MIDDLE AGED W0 nmn, as nurse* The best of city references re quired. In<iulie at No. 20 Abingdon place, from 12 to 2 IET A NTKD-rBY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, f V a situation as first rate cook; has no objection to assist in washing and ironing The best of city refer ences. 1'lf ase call at No. u35 Sixth avenue. Can be seen for two days, if not engaged. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation an chambcrutid or waiter. Can be seen at her residence, 65 Cannon stieet, for three days first floor, fr< nt room. Good city reference if required) WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as child's nurse and chain 'jerm.iid: can take charge of a baby from its birth. The best ol' city reference from her last place. Please call at 361 Sixth avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A NEAT YOUNG girl of excellent reference, as seamstress and dress maker; can cut and fit ladles' and children's dreiees; would take charge of a baby; she understands the care of growing children, and Is a girl of excellent judgment in the sewing room or nursery, lias no objection to a lady who boards. Call at or address 323 First avenue, first floor, back room. WANTED? BY' A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ENGLISH woman, a situation as chambermaid, or to do gt-neral housework in a email family; ii a good washer and ironer; no objection to go a short distanse in the country. Good reference given. Call at 154 taonard street, fourth floor, back room, for two days. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG LADY, wlio is a first rate dressmaker and most excellent at cutting and fitting, work by the day, week or month. Please call at 262 First avenue, between Fllteenth and Sixteenth afreets. w WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH GIRL, A sit nation to do general lousewor'i; Is a good pla'n cool., wa?her and ironer and baker. Can be ieon at her last place, 184 Hamersley street. Would like to go as waiter or chambermaid. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, j with a fresh breast of m lk, a situation m wet | nurse. Good city reference. Would go to the country or j travel. Is a Protestant, l'leuse call at 222 West | Twenty-fifth atreet, ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A HEALTHY YOUNG woman, with a fresh biea't of milk, uw wet nurse; has lately text her baby ran be pocn for two Cays at 'JO Chiytie ?treet, rear basement. TTT ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Vf Kogltlh girl, to do general bonsework. chamb*>r wort tookiDg, washing and IroniBg. G??d city refer once. Call ut 2S4 Went Twenty sevi-nth street, bclweon N'nth and Tenth avenues. Vi; ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RE^I'ECTA IJLK Vf Scotch young woman, to do the general Housework of a -mall family ; Is a go <1 cook and excellent waahor and ironer; the best ol city reference given as to charac ter anil capability, il required. Can be **en At 267 Se vi nth avenue, between Twenty -sixth and Twenty -seventh street*, for two tioys. ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, w w a"1 cook and laundress, or to do general housawork in n private family. Best of c ty reference from her last {ilaee, wh?ro she ban lived three years. Can be seen at fil Laurens street, corner of Houiton, for two days, WANTED? SEVEN YOUNG MEN, TO CANVASS for something new. To those wishing to travel East, W?st and South, an opportunity la now offered that is seldom presented. Agents now out aro making from 95 to 917 per day. For particulars apply to B. Corcoran, 31 avenue C., from 1> to 12 A. M and 2 to 5 P. M. WANTED? A SITUATION AS ASSISTANT BOOK keeper, in some counting or commission bouse In this city, by a young man who desires to perfect hiinxelf In that art. Salary not so much an object as position Address S. Pe La Ware, Herald ollice. ANTHI I- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO testnnt young man, as farmer or gardener; under stands the care of liorecs and cows; is willing to goto the country. Good city reference if required. Ploaso address Box l"i8, Herald ollice. 11/ ANTED? AT OOLUM HI A* it ARKET, 14" COLU MBL\ YY street. South Brooklyn, a single m m, as butcher, one that uniu-tstaAds Ids builness an J of steady habits None others need aps ly, (immediately,) to John Ellard. Wf ANTED? A DRY 0<K)DS * ALTAIAN,' A fiERMAN WW prefe>rr d, on? who speaks and uuderstands the Inglisli language. Must Come well recommended. Ap ply ut 07 Union street, South Brooklyn. ANTED ? A MAN~ \\ UO "~UNf?ElWIANDS THE care of hoi>e*. to drive in a stage route ft -ihort distance from the city. Apply, with re'crences, to (.forge W Jthls. 41 and 43 Warren street. I \rr an 'iT;d^bv~a MtAT^cAL farmer, a hitua Tf ti' n to work h farm on shares, or would auper | intend a 'arm on hire; is an American, a roi-ident of, 1 and bom in, l'utuam county. N>-w York; has a wife an-l ' on** chi d: is a thorough practical farmer in all its tranches. Can cou.n and the verv beft of references. I Please address W. 0. l"?rin?r, Rod Mi'ls l'o*t Hftke, Car I mellow n, Putnam county. New York. IF ANTED? A YOUNG MAN WJJK) vTTJfTTvn | T> unoerstands iKtokllWj.ln^, to instruct I tlrce young ir,enintha same. Address l70'see Kalkener, owe ?1 AlJftjkCWl fH'ii H 1'vUvi:, W Duane a'reet. rear! (post paid.) stating r*?Meoce, terms and refer nee. "IT r ANTED ? A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS THE rABl W net making business and is a pool workman; also, a young man who has had one or more years ex perience in harness making snd is a good stitcher. In quite at Thomas Ketebam a, No. 4 AtUntie street, Brooklyn, this day (Tue-day;, at 1<J o'clock A. M TlfANl ED? A ?r?Y . FROM rWF.I ,V I. "l7? lot RTEKN \V tears old. Must bring good rcfcrencc. Apply to D Hacuelard & Son, SO Nassau street. ANlir? A BOY TO READ AND W !tn K IN Vn w office. Apply at 122 Chamber* street, between rj and 12 o'clock to day and to-morrow, I "iflOTELi." T ? ? w nROAf>w.vY, Wis UK SMITH-ON. ** ? h;o, ?< w,lh ,he M.. x of Houston #tr*et. on .n| tvro blo-k? trot* lit an Hotel .oil Niblo . . ' J.- 1 ? '4tl1 hI'Ovc tin* fct. Nlctolaa Hotel. I? neariy , offer* to traveler* superior accommodation * ,n henrtof Bn.adany. in immodiate jnxt?jK)?iti >n " ?_ ,,lhcr flrat <?!**? ho?*e? and places of nmnscmrnt, at \ ? h * rate?. The tou*e ba? all tliccontenien^eniOTOjjiia, im hiding ?t*am l.?>a<r* an I will l?< cnnilncted on the fat i pean p*?n of lodplig roomi. *1 iftr c<*nt*tn$3 a day, according to location, kr,. an! meat* furui"i?rd m ordered, at pncce ?r?rte?l to ?o t twth th? economical and extiara^an* ; toe jrueiH ordetin;; nv'aU at pl?-i?nr*, ' and pajinc for only what la u^d. F>m'liM and p*T t'c*. a?,well a* liullililullf, will And tr?t S'niUb*onian n U calculated to ?ult them, and can male their bill* lew ly at leaat one th rd thsn at other first olam ht.t :l ? conducted on tue old *y?tem. F r repeatability, 1 on!ir, n'alnesa, ci miorl aiid economy, tfce -m th'onian Khali make iti mark on the time* and b" worth? tha patronage of tie peopla. BtDNKV Kom'W. Y"" (>Sk nmiT ?otxi, new mulwK' ' itrkko, ? I.udifat* Hill. Landon. ? Tli? al nu hou"? I* can traliy aituatcd, ha* an etcelleM tofl.e ruou, ten or tw*l>e pritate -dtt'n* rmni, between fmty and lift* li?f tat. airy bedr<om?, a Rood vrookinit room, warm, cola, ?ud *liowei b?th?. nlwaya ready. A nlfilit porter la at- j tmdance. A fiat I ?h*ri* for ?erranU Hie Naw York fl- raid I* filed. THOMAS Ql AKTKHMAINK ,al*o propri etor af the Crown and f^ptor, and Ship Tavern* ?.re?o wieh.) ten '? r* bi* grateful thank* to h.t Amrriaa fr ends frr the farora bi harnn long eajorel at their banda, and aolioila their continued patrvnaga and jecoas B'cndatloa RKBT At'RAJVTS. Downing i ? ktkwed tkrrapiv ? i_i hwk nm dar received a .tt perl or lot of Unn Hav K*?TV?ra pin. will known to fnothern epicure*. which I *>B ?e r?e np. *ed aend to any part of the etty. Atao , u, oC auperlor oyster*. TH0**8 UOWMNQ, No. 3 BhU rtrvwt VDAIOIU. Arnn AAA -honey to' loan on ou IpUvVtVl/Ui monds, watchen , jewelry, ?? glr?, pianofortes, merchandise and jtersonal property generally. Notes, stocks, bill* of exchange, Ac., nego tiated. Business confidential and ezeeuUtf promptly at 78 Nassau street, flrit floor, back office FLORENCE It CO , Broker*. ii r/\ A A A TO Ij0A* on i>lvmoni?, watch PlOvtUl/U ei, jewelry. Ate, or bong htfor oaah. Sood city stocks, nates, bond* and mortgage*, bills of ex} shaage, tut., negotiated. Business confidential, and promptly executed. at 102 Naaean street, room No. '?. THOMPSON k CO., broker* and eo mini mien merel.ant*. 4U1 AA AAA WANTED FOR INVESTMENT? JL yUevl/U under land guarantee*) that prin cipal win be safe ; and with same seeuriiy that fifteen per cent will be made for fire yearn. The amount need not all be from one party. Those wishing pi.rt interest, m Ay address 146 Metropolitan Post Othc?, Bible ?tou*e, New York. (ft/?A AAA TO LOAN ON DIAMOND^ ?O v/* watihes, jewelry, &r , or bought for cash Note*, stocks, bomln ami mortgage* nego tiated; real estate bought, sold and exchanged. All basinets strictly confidential. CHEKtEMAN, URA13TK0 & To., Brokers, i;5 J;hn street, corner of Nassau. (giffQ AAA TO 1.0 AN AT SEVEN' PER CENT NP0Os\/lJ' ' on bond and uicxtyage on improv ed nal tblat' in thii city or i;rookl?n, in sums to suit applicants; also, $:<". 000 to invest in the purchase of mortgages Apply to J. K. COOK. Jr., No. 4 New street, near Wall. $25 0Q0? MONET TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, $6,000 w INSTRUCTION. ki Juuiuvv watches, jewelry, plate, sugar. >, lUtrchsnuii-e, guns, pistols, Ac., or bought for oaih. IturineHi confidential and rafe. Apply al l?-7 Grand street, comorof Bowery, second flow. N. B. WOOU5Y. AAA ?MONET TO LOAN, ON DIA muuds, watches, jewelry, p!*t*, i?y goois si zars, or metchaudirs of every description; business confidential; 212 Broadway, and 15M Fulton ?trest, room 11, third story. STEEL, St CO. SPECIAL CAPITAL WANTED IN A _ _ manufacturing business, well estab lished, 'and Ttry profitable. Good and satisfactory se dulity given. and a profit of at least thirty per cent gna. ran teed on the amount invested. Communications from agents not noticed. Address Business, Herald ofliee. (Th r A/l A WANTED, ON* BOND AND MORT flpOe VM i V Rage on find class improved roal estate, , worth five time* the amount, in the lower part of the city. Apply to ROOME \ BUNNELL, 37o Broadway. SROKEN BANK BII.L3 BOUGHT? THE HIGHEST price will be paid in gold, for all kinds of broken k money ; ferolge fold andailver, and uncurrent funds bought at th'- usual rates: drafts on England, Ireland and Scotland, lor sale by JAMES M. TAYLOR. 109 Chat ham square, corner of Jamea street. C(ASH, IN ANY AMOl'NT, FOR DIAMONDS, WATCHES, i rich jewtlry. plate, and valuable personal property Surchasen, at 00 Fulton street, second floor, front room, /lice hours. 9 A M. to 4 1'. M. R. WOOD. eOOll FIRST MORTGAGES ? FOR $3,000 Oil $4,000, due within the year, secured on first class im proved property In this city, will be bought by ROSiVEI.l. G. PIBJU'K, l'ine street, cornir of Broaiwav, under Metropolitan Bank. {HVTNG SAVINGS INSTITUTION, 90 WARREN STREET, one door from Greenwich.? Open daily from 10 A. to 1 P. M., and 4 to 7 P. M. Interest at the rate of 6 per eent allowed on all sums from $1 to $000. The funds of this institution are securely invested in bonds and ! mortgages in the eity of New York, worth double the amount loaned, and in bonds In this city. CALEB a WOODHULL, President. S? 8^ V-iffDXRBn.T I . Borrow, Secretary. Liberal cash advances made on househoij) | furniture, pianofoites, wstches, jewelry, nautical I instruments, firearms, ho., left to be sold at auction, I or the same bought out fur cash and highest price paid ; at the auctiou store, iiO Catherine street, corner of Henry, j MoC AFFRAY ?St WALTERS J Money to loan? at the empire loan and i agency office, ?21 Iticsdway, on real estate, din | monds, pianofortes, wines and spirits, or any other pro ptrty. Business prompt and confidential. ITHER8 A 1'EIEKSON, BANKERS, STOCK AND * t exchange brokers 41 and 43 South l'hlrd street. I Philadelphia. ? Stock and Corporation loans bought ana 1 ? aid on commission; promissory notes and drafts, nego tiated collections made upon ail accessible points in the country; drafts on other cities, in sums to suit pur chaser*. <H1 A ~A *EW GENTLEMEN WILL BE FI LLY IN JJllV, ?tnu't?d in ft 'light, substantial incooi oeou- ! pat on, that can (a^ily be iusde to pay i- and upwardi a 1 day, by applj ing lmnu diatelj.iat No. BCatlierine st.,cor | ner of Division, room No. 1 tlilrd floor. Full instruction : and the oppsratut furnished for only *10. flhpr ? IMjOK KEEl'I NO, W1UTINO AND AMTHMEHO. i 5tlt)e Mr. lioltiear, f 0'J Broadway, will receive puiiiin j this Usy and eveuin/ at f j for \ pra'itio*! double entry course: $10 for writing and boo'.. -keeping. Coins pre pared to rocure a seat at tho reduced terms. Hours to | anit pupils. j fr ? TF.HMS REDl'CED ONE-H.M F? OI.IVKR B. ?Oe (.OLIc-MirlFS acad?my ol penmanship and 1 bookkeeping, Sr.' Ilroailway, roi ner uf Franklin traet. Lsd:?-s' writing class at 1("^ o'clock, A. M., d iily, er- I cept Saturdays. GentU mm's eiss.'es at 9 A. M., and il, 5, 7 and 8 o'clock, 1'. M., daily, excepting Saturdays. Terms reduced to for ten. or $10 for twenty- fire les soi, s, including xtationery. Private instruction ? $15 for ten, or $'J5 for tventy lesions. EncU pupil is eutitlod to ' a reps rate parlor. ISooUkeeping terms reduced this week from $"?'> to $1J 60 per quarter of Ihrw mo'iths. Books and stationery $1 ,">9. Arithmetic in pr.ip >-tion. Terms payable in ac vance. (lhC) AMI $2 f.i? FOR WRITING, Ft IX COl'K-K, ?ai from twelve to twenty lessons. including station ery, bookkeeping, commercial, arithmetic, nt re ; duced tirms this week, at I'AINK'.S Acairmie*, No. 'JBi I Grand atrcot, atd No. 160 Fulton street, Brooklyn. K'x [ perienced teacher* In each department. Separate room* , lor lailies. without extra clinrge. A YOUNG LADY, WEIX VERSED IN FRENCH AND German literature, baring aeveral hours In the af ternoon ai.d evening diaengaged, would be happy to de TOte them to the instruction of pnpiU.whose attention | may he takf n up by buainesa durng the day. Address Zenobia, Schubcrths music store, &<J9 Broadway . A PARISIAN GENTLEMAN, HAVING JL'8T he turned from a southern college. wi.ere he has bwen lling a two yearn' crgagciu-ut, wlihei to give private Icmoo- in hi* mitivo language. Terms per month ? "very day $1': evriy other da \ ?'"? . For further particulars apply at J. Korinann's, ,67 Hroauivay, corner of Eighth afreet. AFKINC1I Vtil NO GKNTIJBMAN, OF A GOOD EW cation, having a few hours to 'pare, would be to give IffFODh in I rcnch to yount per-on^. or would do copying fir laviyi r? or mercantile nouaea. Call at No. TO Crosby itml) trun ii)? to S P. M. AT GOLWilliD'H, St 2 BROADWAY, YOUNG MEN* are perffcetod in writing ami bookkeeping. and after a thorough e sourse of private instruct o.i in that extab llsknent, may conlldintly assume a position in auy c< unting hoi: e witLoat the slightest i??r of not per forming the duties assigned to them. ?QOOKKKKPINQ, ARITHMETIC, WRITING, *?., ! ? m twtfit upoQ favorable terms, br W. j. RPN ' VlT 1 g, MBH^oadwaf. Eaeh student is separately ' ami carefully instruct*;*, And tUSb'cl to readily apply in 1 practice the knowledge imparted to Uim. Open from '?> . A. M. to ? I' M. Indication.? a gknti ? man and iits? wife coil '_j jH-tent teachers oi English, (incliu ing the higher branches.) music. Frer.cli and German, wi-di to make an ' cniagettrnt in the country, where their joint services | will f*cuie them a living." Any family, familiea or school . (if the hitter could introduce it few pupil* i deairiug ex 1 perienced tear.). eta, wl.o wtll produce teitimonisla of ability. Acc , will |>l< are address Fehi a ary. box ilOO Herald ottice. fjWWIltR, DIXON k CO. GIVE IJE-^Nft IN WRITING X a.-ithmetlc and bookkeeping, day an<l avnine, at So, ?40 Itmdway, ( Appl?toa'? Building,) where geatto "nek Itt quaiiiM >or the counting-house, la a* iijm ' litioua and superior manner. I renpKtU LANGUAGE -MONS1EI R AND MADAUF. ^ f>li bos jiKifossOU Of the French language, hive ' leinoved fr> m Tfll Proa.' to No. 1 Clio ton pla^e, 1 i^lith atnet, (list private house. Miming and atl'tr -'on ela->wi? lot )auie?, evening clasawi for gentlemen. ! Private lesion. In FteucU, Latin and Greek Pi' BOS, No. 1 CI la ton pta<*. fj*Fos5~wi5iS5? iVr ?ji "Xi.iir v tTi k m -? ?? j.v?a? ; X for the of the counting hous?, by ;i thorough t 1 ructical coui -? of bof kkeeplng and arithmetic, w II tin 1 <t to th**ir latereat to c all at the flnantab- American in ?ute, No 1HR \\esl Twrnty th'rd str^'t Teri.u " -ate. The inslAute U open d.\y and ??ening. """ t*)M BGK8_ AND in-IITi II0\> FUEVCM lh langiiages. ? A pro'easor fri>m Uie J. and i and Madrid, wishes tu devote his time aiadi nii? s of i * b?th Unguages; $5 for everv fifteen to the tuition o. h? ad'ireji M A A Unrald private IrtscBS, lv fKOWlAJj. Hath > oufat josut j-tkept. ?m | AICI Mi iN lAJ.Omf K, 0. ^ 'rVwint^bv n itriiwi'aliV ailinnce wOl'i.Bd it' u Mr "iadyor filling or ad?' i e< <ng i.o?t |?idy Mrs . (or|,r,. cjened a matrimonial reglater, where., "We of a-i n nth man may aeenr* le themselves a par. nl| Ifl| * .tbout reatoiing to the unplea'ant alteraai. v w ?> rtieing to *ipr?ss the>r wishes. I'.irtiea may a< ^ ns me, rvdil*' ac, baaiaess, re'er<?nce. e'rciiinstance. <|i Uit<*, Ac . whieti will be e?> banged. Kverytn-. * ? i ? ? letters or interview atrietly confl>lential. miTK^I)VVKTR?ER'BflN<. |iK?1K<m (? t U'.rVTng 1. oa a matrimonial eoiveapondcece with the view i f rhaaging hia coadition in life, takes tbU aa the beat ii, < an* of makirg tlie acquaintance of aar young lady * ho feels similar by n.rp?>?<i. He is pi>e?e?*ed ofsumcient ?i sans to enable two to live in comfort, if not in af fluent* tegtthar, and hia proapecta In bua'neaa are of a In oat piomieing character. He iatitea the c.rreepon i . trt of each vouag ladies as may fret favorably dlt I ittrd towards him. repeating th*m to state tb?ir age. . ua'incationa, menial, a iral snd literary. Ad 'r-s? T. V- 8 , BwiM MAAA ?FOB SALE? .4 SPLENDID BILLIARD ? UUU? ulooi, on of the finest in the citjr, containing eight tables, tod room for four more, If ne cessary. There U a long Imu of the ptemlsM, and In every way it U very desirable. Apply at 212 Broadway, room No. 10. S1MERS k PURDY. 5AAA TONS RAILROAD IRON FOR SALE.? ?UUU Wanted to sell at a great bargain, about S.OOO tons of railroad iron, deliverable at any point on the Ohio liver. Apply to M. 8. SHELDON, 85 Nauau street. <2? A AAA ? OOODS WANTED IN KXCHANOE ?4*e v/vr V7? for the fine Urge brick dwelling iluHb, corner of Wocdhull and Hicks stree <, ilroo'ilya. Apply to John H. Wood, Newton, Sussex county, N, J. mj-| f? AA-fOR 8AIE? STOVE AND TIN WARK jJJJ. ,OUv ettabllshnient, located io a great thor oughfare. Tlie business is well established, and in now netting i roiu 12,000 to CJ.OUO per annum. This ii an excellent cbancu. Apply at 212Hioa<!way, room No. 1U. SIMEitS & ruROY. SI. 000 , business, vitu all the stock, fTxtnre.i, torlSjMc. The bu iuess is well established. A rale of $8,CH0to $7,000 per annum wi 1 be guarantied. Apply Immediately at 212 Broadway, room n"o. Ii'. blMERS k P0RDY. QiQAA ?FOR SALE, A GOOD, CERTAIN AND iDOU v. protltablo business, unequa:led in the city, bml wli eh will pay u large profit; no capital is required, and is capable of i>. lug greatly extended by uu active person. Address, with real name, J met merit, Herald office. A FARM FOB 8AIJE? CON8ISTI S'G OF TWENTY", four acre* of excellent tillable land, witli a three story dwelling containing sixteen room', situated in I'm town of Flatbush, about lour miles from tlio City Hall, Brooklyn. Price reasonable. A portion of tbe money can re. mala. Apply to CROWELL b BALDWIN, 41 Fulton street, Brooklyn. a SPLENDID FARM OF SIXTV ACRES, IN CHE j\ town of Castleton,ptaten,lhUnd, for sale; also '.>ven tv five acies adjoining. Also tine cottages. Sere' i line farms (or Mile or exchange. Houses and lots in a I ,? irts of tho city. Houses wanted to purchase o ?nt. HON EN R A CO., 2o8 Broadway. A LITHOGRAPHIC ESTABLISHMENT, EITH.'R IN part or whole. Anj one wishing to coraui'uice In, or to enlarge business, will find tbis a rare cliance, as will be fliow n to any who are reliable. Address Litho grapher, ;-'37 Hudson street (New World.) A RARF. CHANGE. ? COFFEE AND CAKE SALOON for sale, with other fixings competent to make it an oyster saloon, 11 desirable, in one of the best locations in the city. Witl'be sold very cheap. Also, a light busi ness express wagon, not quite finished. Apply in the bukt ry 1(6 West Thirteenth street, A GREAT CHANCE TO INVEST MONEY. ? TO SELL for cash, the florist establishment of .1. II. Lenoir, deceased, situated on Broadway, New York city, be tween Forty-fourth and F'orty littli streets, and posses sion given immediately, or on the 1st of May next. The variety of flowers and plants in all those hothouies and on the ground are too well known to the public to re quire further descriptions. For prices and particulars, apply to H. MIGE0N, administrator, 64 Yarick street, Ironi 1 to 2 o'clock P. M. Bone burning and boiling establishment for sale, or to let ? situated within a few mites of the city, on tho North river, under the Palisades, and out of the reach of any annoyance. Apply te ? MR. WOOD, 410 Bread way. COUNTRY PEAT FOR SALE? ON THE BANK Ofr THE Hudson, on this 1*1 ind, of easy access by railroad. The house is conveniently arranged aid tie grounds beautifully laid out. For terms, Ac., apply to WM. E. LEWIS, 89 Cedar street, corner of Broadway. CHOICE LOTS FOR SALE? ON MURRAY HILL, AT veiy low prices; two lots on Thirty seventh street, between Fifth and Madisen avenues; two lo's on Thirty eighth (?tretts, between Fifth :ind Sixth avenues. Ap ply tc R. G. PIERCE, Pine etref t, corner of Broadway. Drug store for sale? \ rare chance? a nicely fitted up Jrug store, doing a good prescrip tion busint ss, continually inarching. Cheap rent and u i expired least. Tbe proprietor liuvlng other business is obliged to dispose of this, and will sell very low. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, U0i Broadway. For sale? a decided bargain.? a havosome three story and basemeut house, with counter cellar, In an excellent neigbbothood inTli'rty-tlnit street, bmwecn Klghth ani Ninth avenues. Also, a first class house in Thirtieth street, very cheap, and ou easy terms. J. F WILLIAMS S SON, !W6 Eighth avenue, ani fram 2 to <1 o'clock at 116 Chambers strcot 37101! SALE? THOSE 1HRI ?: BROWN STONE FRONT " houses, delightfully situated In Twenty lecond street, on property lately known as Moore's Hill, be tween tlie Ninth and Tenth avenues. Termseaav. J. F. WILLIAMS K BON. 36?1 Eighth avenue, aud daily from 2 to H o'clock at 110 Chambers street. ]7K)R SALE ? A MONTGOMKItr BOILER, Win) EVERY . tbing complete' will lie warranted in tint rate or der, .ird i* between eiiiht and ten hone power. Will be ?old cheap it applied lor scon. Inquire of P A; 'i' CAStlDY, 100 Plymouth street, Brooklyn. f-OJ! SALE- VALUABLE PROPERTY IN THE TWEN lieth ward. Tbe h< use and lot corner of Seventh avti.ieaiid Thirty lourth street ? wide street ? now oc cupied as a family grocery; built in the best manne.', witfc nimble mantels, pas, and Croton water complete. Trims easy. Apply on tbe premise*, of SAMUEL SPARKS, Jr. 1i>OR SAIF-ON BROADWAY, A FIRST CLASS RBS " taurant in connection with a hotel kept on the Eu ro^eiui plan, to be had with or without tbe hotel. Has In <n in success fnl operation tor the last four years. Satisfactory reasons gi\en for selling. Inquire at 097 Broadway. I|K)R SAI B ? A SFlKNDiD GRAIN OR DAISY F'ARM, io Orange ceunty, situated one-fourth a mile from the manufacturing village of Walden. It contains 110 acies of land, two good apple orchards of choice grafted fruit and all other kinds of fruit, large cottage house and all tbe necessary outhouses, barns, &c For further par ticulars enquire of E. PRATT, til Fulton street, up stairs. IjNOR SALE- A BREAD AND CAKE ESTABLISHMENT ' end ice cream ssloon, besutifully fitted up, and in the uiord desirable location in Brooklyn, doing a good cash business, with a lease for four years. Call at No. 51 Myrtle avenue Brooklyn. For sale? a neat three story bric k dwkl ling hous". in Brooklyn, for saio, or exchange for horse*. Price $"2. 700 ? $1,260 can remain on lcng mort Vine Apply at 70 South First street, Brooklyn, late \\ iiliemsborg. P)R SAI.r.- THK NEAT TWO Sit. !Y URICK HOI'SE, No. 170 Henry -treet complete with molern im proveme-nt". pas, Croton water, ran/ ? batli, Ac., Ac , in fiist tate order. The house can l>?- .-en lrom 2 to P.M. F( R SAIJ5? AN ESTABUfflKD BCSKW OK IS ytars standing, in a staple article, now loteg a sue c^-sful buslne-s, and may l>? greatly e\tend*l by an en prising man; located in Rroaas ay, in this city. Small portion lu cssli ami balance in I m pro red real esU'e. or psy:ng atocks. Adtlreas O 1' Q , Herald oflice. I' OR SALE- A BATHINti SA I.DON, NO. 214 TENTH avenue, coiner of Twentv-iourth street, twelve bath rcoms. ii\ of Ibem complete, and flnislievl in the beft style? -howi r, cold, and hct baths; the other s i only want the tubs. Tnis is a good opculng for a bar be r and bs i ?lrcsser. The prsent proprietor w-iiesto -fli out, t n :ici ount of not being acquainted i t h the hiHnes". 1 l.eic it a gr^at want of a bather iu this lo ca lity. Apply to I>. Wi-Fi HOY, on the |iremises ],-OR SALE? A VINFGAR FACTORY WITH FIXI'CRE-< . and rhsvlngs. all in go<<d worktDg order. Itent veiT low. Same will be sold cheap, and la lojatevl in Fsg !e budding, corner of Delancy and Chrystie >tr?ets. Apply to HOOD k HAYWARD. h Deiane.y street' rOR SAID? THE WHOIE OR PART OF THE FURNI tuie of s bearding house in good order: will be pold v?ry teatonal'ie, ss the proprietor Is oblige! to leave the city on other busine?*. Sold io 1 its to -luit pur chaser*. Apply for two dsysatthe bouse 42 Ptv.slon stieet, flr?t door frcm Chrystie. B' OR SALE.- A 1JGH1 MANUFACTlRINGiUS NEil ettahli'fced stven jesrs, having a go<,d run of eu? torn and pnyitg well, will lie sold at the cost of to?<N and Gxtures. A pi 1 1 at fa lulton stre-et, up -tslr<. 1' 70K S=AX K ? TIIK MAXt'RK OK KORTY llOfWEf AND i ; up*ur<ia for on* jeer. Kor fur tlier particulars, ! inquire at Jill Uroonu ?tr?et t>it?i*?n the hour* of 'Z and 4 on WeOwday, 7th li?t. FOlt i?Al K ? 1HF. HOC?*, ASM I.KASK OK UK known af N'o. 'JTtt Wadiiion Htrn-t. The lot ii ; t*fDt? thi*e fret ?c>en liiclie* Itj ow hundred. nnl is a ' lease nrou the Rutgrr* eataie, at a ground rent of ll'Ji imrly till lkS", an?l a rmowal of 'wntr one jear?. can irnw!n on uortkajr if di-.?lrc<i. Appl* to I iiMlR MORGAN, Pine stnet, No. Metropolitan flan* tinkling. j |.-|||: .-\'.K^A THI'.f.K ^fOHV .Wli R IPKUKNT J? Itoti-e, in Fourteenth ?tre?t, near Irvlop j.lau-, cotitainlrg modern improT'lio nN. :ind in go" ! order p>n> j fiasion i?t on<e, Apply to flOMKR MORi;aN, Pine I sheet. >'o, J HMiopolttan L'ai/- Imildiog. ; T/OR SAU-AS OIJ> KSTAiJJ '>HED I!Ol'8E; HA4* J; been dofor a lar*e \'o. 121 OeJar ntreet, known a* the and Anelior Ijo'd. Vor farther in j formal ii n iu'.u reof Mr. V utir.Nn l.'!ll;lintf I street. 17*011 HA I f ? THE TIIISKE Mpih'. \ V!? HA-KHOrr rtry conrenient brick boute is; tfast fifteenth j atitct, near i-tuvetisnt sauare; ?l. ? be 70, lot lul. j Tunis ea?y. I n ? | u i r>- of lidHWBJ. I'lKBCE. Cine | ftreet, owner of Hroadwa.v, nnder M*ti >| '.'Jtao Heuk. | I^OI *AJ*~W VK1J. KM.wvnra>rp ^i.Cakk A and uln'nf ?aloon, unl?r tu?? AtM-rica* Ulhie ???*, oorm A.t-r p'tre and lliird a?er,*; mast be ? ? " til* owner mn?t leave the bn*iae-?. solo Jnqmiff at the aaloon, betwrcu n A. M. Ilent?. ' *? "T" Ot? AVKMK BR'Kfei.Y.V ? A T?OH KA1 K 1" ak * M% ??? ?? r handsome u '? ? be coraer of <?at?s a ,Q 'V. ??.>*. oaprorrHKnti, anl no \,j 46 feet, foulatm ^ ^>ntk ,?*5? the Mtoatinn ia ?c?t d<Ml> Hd?aw, J.V A; 4' ' ?ItH* 'AO fee i Apply to MV Jaou^ey Mart, 41 Wall aireet. roa ?ali. ( ; ? . T7H>R SALE- ONE HOISE AND !/JT ON MORTON F street. *6,260: do. Perry, $|,?0?: do. Want Nun {Tenth street, $6,500; do. Wont Twenty seventn it root. $4,000; do. WeatTwentj ninth street, $6,2(0; do. We?t Washington place, $0,000. A J. BASSET, No. A An tor piace. T7I0R HAL*? OR EXCHANGE :OR DWWJJNt; HOUSE J; below Thirty- fitth street, two lota on north aido a I Forty-fourth street. Iittwctn Fifth anil .Sixth avtuuea. Inquire of MICHAEL TOGGERTY, 125 Water street. OR BALK C1IKA1' ? A BOO1! AND HHOK STORB, with stock ami fixture, in a goo! !<>catlnn, doing a good ca*h buninf'H. Wilt ho 'old low as the owner haa other bu*ii:e?s to attend to. Apply at 255 8c reath F OR SALE IN' BROOKLYN- -A MODIvRN BUILT tbrce story brick houie, situated on the corner of llnuson place and Hamn-len street, will be ioUI it a great bargain if applied for within a few day*, a? the owner must leave th's month for the Went. The furniture will also be sold, if desired, and jioisesniori given immediately. Tbe house in furnished in tne best maimer, three par lct'n tleip, niarW? ui&n'.els, & c Almost th# entire amount of tbe pur.-haee money cxa remain ou bead mortgage. Apply on the prernhnn. I 'OR SALS OK 10 LET-FIT*: FIRIT CI.A83 FOUR story bruan atone lou na. witli English basement, vi? Four ou S'utli slif of Si '-onti eutli a'.ieet, nmr J'uvber'ord plate, nu? one opposite sluyv?aant square. Hiee houses cociu.a ^11 the luoilerii improvement!!. In quire at 13^ Eos'. Sereatecnt ? ..(net, from 8 to !? A. \1 . , or from 6 to 7>, P. M., acd at 212 Pfcirl ?Ue ,t, froui 1'/ to 4 K M. 1,011 SALE OH TO IJF.T? THREE FOCR STORY HOUSES on Twenty- fourth simt. between 1 cxington ?nd Fcurt'i avcni es. Apply to Oil AS. A frMlfH I^OR SAL)' OB TO LEASE? AT A itARGAIN, THE " four stri v brown stone house Hi- Madiaon avenue; aire, 26*70. Apply to R08VS K1 L 0. PIERCE, i'ioe street, ccrrer Rroudwsy, under Metropolitan 7;?uk. HOUSE MIR PALE? A 811 KNJD1I) F?UR STORT marble front hom", "ltuat^d in F.rat place, Brook lyn. between Court ami Smith BtreeU, fourth house 'roaa Smith. The lot is lol! feet (l'cp, nnd the house finished In tfcc most costly and magniQcent raanuer, with all tlie modern imnroveinent*, he. Tetiusi-asy. Tor terms apply to CHAULES HIXXBBDneH, 230 Water street. ? ^ LTVEBY ST ABIE FOK SALE.? THE STOCK, Fix tures and good will, together with a Iea^e of lire veara, with the privilege r.f purchase of the stable No. 60 West Fifteenth atreet, now (loinir cne of ihe beit bnsl iiessec in the city. Also, several private carriages for hhIc cheap. Apply on the jiromiaei. PROPERTY IN NEW YORK TO EXCHANGE FOR PRO perty in Bergen. West Ilolokon, or Harlem ? A first claps tour story house and lot to exchange 'or ? sirall farm about threa mil* ? from the ferry. Apply at *7tkFonrth slrett. STEAMBOATS FOR HA IE. ? THE 8T ASIKRS ISI.AND Belle and Cricket, belonging to the Connecticut and Long Island Steamboat Couipuuy, are ottered for Hale. I V r terms, ,Ve., inquire ol E. V. 1'ARMiJ.S.K, ^sex, Cons. qtO BUTCHERS AND OTHERS.? FOR SALE, THE X stock and fixtures of a urge marLct in the city of Hiooklj n; also, tie lease of the utiove building for aale, with or without the buaineaa. Inquire of P. C. VAN VOOBHIS, Myrtle avenue, of Adelplii street. "T TALC ABLE TIMBERED AND FARMING LiliDS, f near Janes river, Virginia, for saie. ? TU# sub scribir odois [i.r sa.e, in quau:iti?a to suit purchasers, Ji.fiOO acres of land, aear tidewater, in Surrey county, \a.. heavily timbered, prinsipally with pine, but con tuning conaidcrable ou .. poplar, cypress, ^r , and an almost ImkWltUt qua.ntitv of pine and oak wood. There is, probably, wo tract of land in mariot embrac ing no large an area, ai.d aiiording so many advantages for the wood, charcoal aud lumber trade, as the above. Th* undersigned having just built, on tioir own private account, an excellent plank road, aix miles In length, intersecting the tract and connecting it thereby with tidewater. The Norfolk and Petersbuig Railroad pa*a?s within 2X inilos; another railroad, built on private ac count, passes within ilM miles" to Jamea river. The village of Cobin Point, with telegraph and post ofHce, hotels and stoiea, is but three m les dia'ant by planU road. In addition to the above, tbo subscribers offer for sale three excellent farm, nearly ever> acre well marled, building improvement* extensive, and generally In good rtpuir. Address by letter, or in person, PACE, PITT 1 AN & I'KRKiNS, Petersburg, Va. IIOL'SBR, ROOMS. AC., WASIKD 1AAA PAWN TICKETS WAN'I LI>, b OR WHICH ? vU V fair prices v ill bo paid; those on watches ar.d jewelry prtfirrnl. Apply to JOHN* PfKES A (X)., %'it (Jrnnd ntr?et, fire t floor, back loom, from 9 o'clock A. M. to 4 1'. M. AOENTLMAN AN1) WIFE WA St TO HIRE A PART of touso in Biooklyaoi lloboUen, the second Ui^* oi a two-story hout-e pri ferri-d. Aodtess, stating full particulars, rent and location, ,tamc? I*. Herald office. COPPER BOILER. ? WANTED, A SMOXulIAND OOP per boiler, capacity not less thitu 180 gallon* in quire of J. J. Johnson, U5 Ferry f tre?-t. '? vD SOLUTION.? THE PARTNERSHIP n f UETOFOSR I " existing iinder ttse stvle of John M I'ellly A Co., is this day dissolved by mutual eonient The businees will to conducted In fnttir* by Miles O'Reilly, who al'?nu is to collect a'l dfbts due the tirm, immediate pin mi nt of whLh is rcqur .ted. JOHN" M. ItEILLY. MILES O'REILLY HOL'SE WANTED.? WAITED IMMEDIATELY, A . two story and I'riM'ment hou?e, with gas anl baths, w? s t of Rioadway to Wooster strei-t, and b?tw??n Vrank im and Fourth street. Reut not to excei 1 It ju, for a ptrmancnt tenant, Addrem T. 0., Herald <. HOtTSB< WANTED.? A FEW FIRS1 ASH SECOND class houstg wanted imme'Hstelr, by ROSS 4 ER VINO, real estate agents, 48 Eighth avenue. House wanied? wanted, in Brooklyn, a n?at hon.?e, suitable for a unall re?jiect^bl? family, within fifteen minutes' walk of tho Brooklyn City HaU. P.ent must be moderate. Address, stating particulars, box 2 ? 32 New York 1'ont Otl.ce. OH ICES WANTMi ? ONE OU TWO ROOMS, IN f'LATr Mr?et or neighborhood. Address Men antlle, Ilorald office. I> <H?M8 WANTED, 1<Y A IADY OF QUIET AND SE 1 t luded Labit-. within Ave (or less) ininuteawalk ot Canal street and ilroadway l two unfurnished rooms in a hou>e containing a small family with similar feel ings would bepiefcrrcd. l'.ent from ?I0 to $'6 \*t month, puni'tually paid in advance. Audress Silence, Broadway Post Oftice VI' A\'IT3>? BY* A SM ALL * Fa M 1 1 . Y, " PARI OI^ V V house, for fifteen months from the Brat of Peb luary Pent must be ui< dtrat?, am* the location below Font ih street: the eaet side o' i he city preferred. Ad. dresaK. N., Herald ottic. giAiRBMnr a wr bnall vcvity, hmMv children on tt.e 1st of May next, part of a modern hon?e, aboT*- HlxteeLlh street; kitchen, one parlor iu first story, aud tlireenr four r< outs in second or third story. A family wishing t i as:i'?e such an arrangement with a responsible tenant, will please aildresa Do, box I7'i Herald I'tlirx, location ni'.utiim d, and where an inter view can be had. References esenanged. ahmbuIa* liofsiVoN west side of hty pre ff find Pi ice from 15. wo to $? 000; $1,000 will be paid down, tod $S00 In t'.iree niontln time; n-miiuder on bond and mort gate. .V'ldre-s it F., box 100 Herald tffice, far i ne aiek, statioir full [lartlculars. Tl.'AMKD? A BOOK, BETWEEN TFMTII AND TIHR f| ty filth utrcets. -uitatile for a charitatde lastita tion, bsvintt at least eight htrtte rooms, beside* attic and kitchen, well v? ntiia'nt ano thoroughly provided wlih water and gas. Rent moOe rut ?. 1'iop'iaa's can be aent, I nstpsid, to Tlie Nnrnery, 110 St. Mars'* place. W- ANTED TO rt'K'HASK IP TOWN, IN NEW Yorl, a gmxl brewn stone front house? say 20 to 22 feet front, three stcries . to cost about $7, LOO ?r $S,t)t)0; pavalle, say half casli and tialaaee in go^l builder's hardware. 4ddi-ei s Bra?lner, Post Office. lW>a?-fHI?E* UNFURNISHED ROO?gT, BY ~A gentleman, Lis wife, child aid nurse, in s private fsinily, west aide of tho city. A private table preferred Addrrfa box 3,810 Post OHlce anTed io rent, wmi I'kivTuiiior Buvim. a small genteel bona*, wilb rmnVrn itnproveme?la, 'n a pleasant nei]lib)rl.oo-l, between 1 ouithand Seventh avenues below Twenty fifth street. Address baa 1 ost < #ce. anted to H1R*? PART OVASMAII HOPSE, furnMi d or unfurnished, n New York or w _ <ent cities. Addrene, stating loenWiju. terms, kc Herald olllce. VRAViri I.KM' 0UU>B. VH JVRFE* RA1I.ROAI).? KOR MOLADTXmA ? ml tbe .coutb and Wwt, tU .Imm y ( it; mail ??. txpra** S'tw York at 8 aa<1 10 A. U , and 4 aad ?> I'. M. Vare, %- "6 ia 4, and 92 in S *nj 10 A *, and ( F. M. ; ?'ccnd oUt*, |? 21 in 10. ami IJ M., at t'J, ?topping at all war atatiou*. 1 brou/ti Lek?U sold for flnrintarti ?n?i th? Wr.t, *ri<i for U*lti<nor?, Wanhinctoa, Norfolk, kr . aa<l tiirosjh t??ir<p ;b?cV?nl to Wanniaa too In 1 and l(i A. M in' 0 P II RKMOVAL. 5Sotri? mmovaiT-vito cahrao i ,/k hair Jl? cutting ihavidf and .alt.yn, ta??* pl-ii> Mara in :uforu>ii>K ntlcu??oin<ri and patron* that b? fc rduorcd (rum til* old itaori, No. I W 111 am atrc*t, | to I ha inor? aciouit mIomi a*, the l!*io'/0?r Hotel, vhtri I ke will b* in<>?t liaj w 'o h'a i?ld frlfn<!< an! eutto J nifrt. V1TO CAHU40, mpirituai.ism. t< pirh r aumi? mMWD .voi.i ii>. bv jiwu* rn ? O MOM* ?od IT. DLXTtt, with tla? .te.l plat* ?? I Sir'SSJ. >t?V??kj4 "??vi PCt*??, Mali ! tu Tl J lounO. 10,000 eopi*? of tli? Work hav* M?o pwb^ ' liihrd, and marl/ all aoU) cr orJ?r?1. Anag|?Mtiti 1 bar* Urn nu><t by which ?!??? i>uWi*har? will be eaaKad to -upply lb* further d?mnn>1 l'ricw, $1 25, po?ta<* tk'rt* cant* A literal diiconnt allowai to tiM trad*. I l>iit)l!?li?d at th? oBr? M th? i?p ritual TtlagrapH aad ?? at ifil Chela, I'OO Broad war. by I PAMTRIDOK A Bttir'AN. H! ""piRIll A1.I*M-MRB. 00 AX, COPyiNO A\B RAPPtXU and wiitiM wrdiom, wiil rw*'r?vi*ikaradaUr.at7?> I Proadway, ia Hop* Cliapal buil.imf. limit*, 10 to 12 A.M.. to b, and T to # P. M , WHnaaday and flatard*? ?itna(i iic?|>t?4 N U. a'.l?a'?d at lhat I tc*Vvno?, ap'.lr a? ab?r%.

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