Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1855 Page 3
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rr__, _ _ _ Reporter Mr Om Herald In the Hmui fHlcm uf lltu feitMwy-B Mlnw ?t city. [From the Omtb* City Nebraskian, Jan. 34.] THE RIQHT BEGINNING. The resolutions introduced into our Territorial Legis lature, by Hou. J. B. Robertson, of Bart county. endors ing tbe priuci|>lss of the Nebraska and Kansas law, ami repudiating all attempts to reinstate the Missouri Com promise, paused the House of RapreaeutatlTaa thia morn i iaf, by a vote of twenty -two to four. They will proba bly go to the Council to-morrow, where they are sure to pasa by au equally decisive vote. Nebraska i* right; rely oa tbat. OFFICERS OF THE H0C3I. yThe (Sem c.: t he House of Representatives were elected on the I7th of January, by the following vote; ? Mtr. Votes. Clerk. VoUt. iconb 18 J. W. 1'addock 18 B. RoberUoo 7 M. W. Klden T Mlk 1 Blank 1 Ant. Clerk. Volet* Sffn'tat Arnu. Votei. [<?. 8. Eajer 19 Isaac L. Oibbs 19 *M. W. Kiden 7 Blank 7 H&rOKTKK FOB TBI HEBALD. Oa the 22d ult. Mr. liobertson, of Burt county, offered tbe following resolution, which waa adopted: ? Resolved, That J. W. l'aUison be admitted within the bar of this bouse, as a reporter for the New York Hk ka i. it, and thit a place be assigned him by the Speaker for that purpose. SNACTtNO OLAITSH. Mr. Riciiakhhon, of Dodge county, introduced ths fo. lowing resolution, which waa adopted:? Kesolved by the Council and House ot Representative* at tbe Territory of Nebraska, That the style of the laws which shall be passed by the said Council and House sIBIl commence in tbe following manner:? Be It enacted by the Council and House of Represen |tativesof Nebraska." TBK INHERENT RIOHT OF SELF GOVERNMENT. On the KA of January, Mr. Rookim, of Douglas eoun ty, gave notice in the Council of his Intention to bring forward the following joint resolution: ? Resolved by the Council, the House concurring therein, ?That the inherent right of self government, on the part I the people, should l>e granted with scrupulous care, and ?that we would deprecate any attempt on the part of Con gress to dietal>< what should be the internal policy of this Territory as being an infringement of theconstitu [tioual rights of the people. LOCATION OF THE CAPITAL. bThe location of the capital is ths all-absorbing que.i >n, and there the conflicting interests will centre. On e 23d January the Couuett passed a bill locating it at attsmoath, south of tbe Platte. Petitions and reaoiu lions of importance te the Territory are ready for pre sentation by hundreds. ?' LTCECB ASSOCIATION. Mr. Clancy, in the House, has given notice that he |*ould on some subsequent day introduce a bill entitled i ?? Act to charter tne Omaha Lyceum association." RECEPTION OF GOVERNOR IZARD. The following card ire find in the Nebratkian: ? In your paper of the 16th, the undersigned were sur prised to see our names as members of a committee to iloome Governor Izard. While it is well known that, md the first, we favored his appointment and are highly ?rieaaed at his elevation to the place vacated by the late Bovernor Burt, aad are willing to unite in a public recep ?ion to hia Excellency, we here take this method of dis ^laimiog any end al 1 connection with the meeting at hlch we were placed on the committee, and at which solutions were adopted viUifying the conventions at Ne askaOlty aud Helleview, in which we took part and the Pigs of which we most heartiy endorsed, know charges contained in the resolution pa.ised at bf trve. O. W. H0LU3TER. ?w, Jan. Wd, 1865. J. S. MORTON. MAUI OF BELLEVIEW CHANGED. It is reported with a good deal ot braggadocio, by some 'ould-be Belieview wags, that the name of Oaana has sen chanced to Henn Town. Why don't they take equal ains to tell tbe fact about their own town? The name r it has been daly changed to CookviUe ? it is unjust to [r. Ccok to be to mealy mouthed about the matter. The ame is in honor of the whig colleague of Mr. Henn? Mr. Book, of Iowa. ?lOTICB TO S*mjHS OM PUBLIC LANDS IN NE BRASKA. Under the directions of the land o nice department, no se is hereby given, to all whom it may concern, that m existing line* of the grant of lands to the " Board of foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church." as recent SMstabUahed by order of said Board, In tne Territory, ately ceded to the United States, by th? Omaha Indians, e to be respected and regarded aa the true lines of such L.ant. until Mich ltnds shall be surveyed In connection Irith the adjacent Government lauds. JOHN CALHOUN, Surveyor General. TRAVELLING FACILITIES We aen ft announced that a four-borae coach will tear* dudcU Blu Hi far Omaha city every Tuesday, Thursday 1 Sunday, at.! o'clock, P. M., and return the name day. langer* wishing a pleasant and apeedy conveyance om one city to the other, can be accommodated. Also, Mft a line omtu busses will run from (Council Blutfa, owa, lo tli* Omaha ferry, regularly twice every day, nd oftenor when deaired, regardless of weather. And besides, there ia a ateamboat running between the ' ovr pUc?>. for the accommodation of those who pre ? to travel by water. The Ueoeral Marion runa regularly between Council ~ affa and Omuba city. There n<*d be no fear of detea on as the boat is in conataat readiness for stock, teams, ? foot paraeojers, with steam up and ready crews. Coma nia rants, this is the great central ferry. Hurra for |ebrask& ^ NAMti op orvtemm op tub tbrhitorv. lark W Hero Governor. Iiomas K Cuoiiag... . .... Secretary. enner Kergi -on Chief Justice. Award R FUnieo Associate Justice. Im*< Bramey " " upeneuie Petibrook Attorney General. ftAMKI Of MHHKM OK THI LKUI8LATUB1. Covncilmm. sepb I.. Sharp Richardson county. chard Brown Forney " 1> Bennett Fierce ?' lenry Bradford " " ' H. Cewles " " ayetta Nuckolls Cass " D. Richardson Douglas " , D Jon'-' " , G.#>?odweli 11 " . K. Rogers " I. H Clark Dodge ? , C. Mitchell Washiagton " R. Kolso-a Burt " RspretenUtftra. avid M Jobooo.. Richardson county. rhn A. uglatou " '? M. Wood Korney " A Fieoey " " H. locket Pierce " Fm. R- Hail " " M. Oowlen.. " " Italia*' " " H. Madiioi ?' " K era p ton Cais " I>. N. Thorn, too " " M. Latham " I. J. Hau?com Douglas " jo. N. Byera. " " , J. Poppletou " " B. Whitted '< '? J Deviation " " m. Clancy. " " > Da via ?? '? D. Goyer " " R. Doyle Dodge " eW. nicbardaoa " " , A r noli Washington " , J. Suiito " ?' B. Robertson Burt " . C. Purple " OrrtOKH* OP JUSTICE IN iaob oocntt. Richard ion County. |>ri*t<an Bobet Judge of Probate. Purket Justice of the Peace. ItbettT Archer Sheriff. ell' J. Sharp Clark. t Turner Constable. Pomry County. |ber1 J Beaadict J udge of Probate. bn Fit /J* raid Justice of the Peace. a mas U Kd wards Sheriff. W Lake Clerk. en H. Sloan Constable. fi#rc? County. i W. Brown Judge of Probate. r Herat Justice of the Peace. I'ouaboo Sheriff. Mcleoaaa Clerk. anby I eramoa (xaalabl*. Cm County. ?? Towner Judge of t'robste irt Todd Justice of the Peace. JThoro (i ?io Shei iff. . Davis Clerk tie Keptmger Constable. Ifongit County. nn Gilnour Judge of Probste. i lialltf Justice of the Peace. [? Petereea Sheriff. alUsi lyeau Ooaatable. Wat A i Hi/ton County bnb'D ( i? Judge of Probate. r H .w Juitire of the Psaee. J.Allen Sheriff. , W Seville Clerk. | B. Bryant Constable Hurt Couuty. Otaeef Ju'tg* of Probate. lO lis ... Shenll. [P. SMC Clerk Do*#* County. Irtet aa MHf J ustice of the Peace. in.... Constable. bbert' cntm.i K:KK.--Tbe I'otUvUle (P?nn.) rJ"? l* ?? the fo!> <wmg B'-r-iunl of an apparently un rracbab e fl a >n rf.lver < reek rolli-ries, In that state oar ye?r< what is now railed the old breaker at as act ? Bratty ? mne, caught Are from an eiplo Th' #?' VM communceled to "ie 'dirt heaps jined, where it has le'sn secretly burning ever sines nsde it? app"?raace again about 6ve weeks ago, in I imae'liate riririty of the new breaker. The m ne i^npp- l as well as every other mine in the n*igb b?>d. The coal mountain In Pennsylvania, which j beea on lire since 1*37. will probably sooa be ei tin Ishad. as the Are is approaching a point which ran be i?rge 1 I I water A raa?s of - oal tias been consumed r-eig'its ?>f a mile long sitty feet wide, so l three re s fee^ 'ieep. equal to l.?0 000 tone ef coal '' Thi Ohio Rirni?^-Th? Wheeling fnltfligenrrr , of ts-lav. A:>out tbe most forlora presp*ct of the >4s ttje. 111..) r.ver at the nrse?nt time. Here it is fro/en |%a* t'<'it " a Jrum bead, and aeme eight or tea Line" are v^lgeii ia at tbe wharf as securely aa was (jfhn I ranslna ice boead sod ill fated v*s-<eJ Ttisy Vedec 'lAily the appearaace of "pervaaeat Otturas' ?hst??a Oar (kran* Con ufuaitonco. dATAXi, Jan. 81, M*6. Municipal Decreet and Popular Ob)?*\ont? Humbled lone of the Citiuns?The Captain General at a Orand Mulatto Ball? Number of American CHitem in Pri ton ? Cam of M. M. Frhx and Kttrampe > ? Slav* License Ezlemion? Official Promotion under the Mnglitk Go vernment. The dilTerent period* ia the moath tlua the sererml steamships leave this city for New York are apparently arraugod without the slightest'regard to the interest or conveBicace of any aiagle individual but tbe owners of the steamships themselves. Thus. between the 13th and the 23d of each mouth we seldom hare any direct communication by steam with your city; and again, be tween tbe 28tU of one inontb and the 8th of the succeed ing oue, a timilar cauM of complaint exists; consequently I am again compelled to write you to-day by the round about route of New Orleana. Tbe project of tbe Captain General reapectlag the new city ordinances, bat found at leaat one person with Kufttcieut boldaeas to dissent to certain portion* of tbem but, a. as. far poor humanity, ia terms to meeL and bum ble as to fully prove how crushed muat be the spirit that could consent to bend itself so lowly to any mere uian! A series of letters, subscribed " One Interested," bare appeared iu tbe Garcia, suggesting certain alterations in the project of the Captain Genera I ; but in order to show you the submissive tone in which thee* suggestion* are made, I translate tbe introductory observation* of the first letter: ? TO Till EDITOR OF TBI OACETA. Mr Dkar Sir? la your paper of the I7tli uni lsth ' instant, I hare seen the municipal project which hi* Ex i celleocy the Captalu General remit* to tbe Political Covet sor of tbl* city, so that he may expreas the communication with which it ii headed. On the lytb ioetant, there ia an invitation in your pa per to the public that they may make their obaerva- ' tions, no aa to lind out the beat way of carrying out the ! project at the time these ordioancea will be dednitively proposed. I tike to contribute to thia laudable object with uiy little knowledge, by taking the liberty of ad dreaaing to you a few letter* on the aubject. providing you conaent to publlah them, under the ezpreaa terma that thin correspondence will not compel me to give any more explanationa of my views and thought*, only aucti aa 1 voluntarily communicate; and by theae insane I separate myself entirely from all kinds of diacuasion which might be proposed to me from aay peiaon or per sons who might attempt to join ia a controversy on the paiticulara of the project; because I only propose to give uiy opiniona to that corporation (municipality) to waom it alone belooga to underatand those alTaira, and also at the proper time tbe aupenor government of tbe island, who may make a correct use of It, if I have the good fortuue of indicating anything worthy of attention. I wish yen at the same time to underatand that if in my letters there ia anything that doea not read properly, | that I authorize you to ncratch it out, and to erase ! whatever you may find objectionable, because my only intention is tbe desire of contributing in the most suit able manner to protection In a work so important to the city of Havana, among whose Inhabitants I consider my ?nlf tbe moat interested one; and under the above ex pressed rule* 1 will commence giving my opiniona. Thia la aucceeded by the moat puerile objection* that were ever penned by man, and of whieh the following may be taken as a fair aample. One of the new municipal ordinances requires that the inha bitants of tbia city a kali canae the fronts of their houaea to be ewept and aprinkled with water every morning. To thia "One Interacted" aoggeat* a* an amendment that the words "road In" ahould be inaerted before "front," lest the people should literally fulfil the ordinance by sweeping, Ac., the bouse Itaelf; but enough of thia. The grand mulatto ball, which I wrote you ia a pre vious letter was in preparation, eame off oo Monday evening last. His Excellency the Captain-General, i un deratand preaided, and the other chief dignitaries of the ' island were also present. Ia not thia very delightful? A deposit of arma waa discovered a few days sines in a house of a suburb of thia city, called "Garrugnu*." I The Chief of Police, accompanied by four of hie men, 1 broke into the house and seized the arms, which coosat ed of a quantity of rifles. The owner of the hotiae being sent for, declared It had been rented by a pereon who gave his name aa Miguel Tacoo? the name, aa you are aware, of a former Captain <leaer*l of this ialaml Tbe tenant ol tbe huuae was, I learn a oo- .panioo of the late Montea de Oca, who waa garr t*4 at oae of theout C-ts soon after the second lau uag of the unfortunate per. lhere are no less than eight cltisens of the United State* in prison iure, two of whom, named Chaiuaoey and Winn, have been confined going on twelve mootba, under a charge of having been engaged in the e ave trade ; ) whilst Auguatiue Monloro and Colin, whom everybody know* are entirely innocent of having had anything to do with tlie assassination of Caatenado, atiU continue in tbe royal jail, without knowing when the period of their imprisonment will expire ; then, again, there are Captain McCulloch and Jantes Campbell, the captain ami mate of the echooner J. W. White, and >elix and Eslrainpe*. wbo, aa you are already infurm ed, are confines ia the Moro castle. I would solicit per mitaion to inquire if this keeping citizen* of the United States for months imprisoned without their having lieen convicted of any ollenoe. or, indeed, without tleir hav ing had a trial, ia in accordance with the treaty between the I'nlted States and Spain. I presume It must be, (al though I have certainly read somewhere to the contrary ) for our acting Cooaul here appear* to take all this as a matter of course, and continues un most Intimate terma with the Captain (?enqral ? having, aa I learn so recently a* Tliurs ia) last, accompanied by Mr. Gales .Seat on of Washington dined with <k>n Concha. However, the day of reckoning for all this is, I have reason to believe, near at hand? much nearer than certain parties are apt to j imagine. It is well, though, to keep such facta aa the foregoing constantly before the people, so that if nothing ran induce our government to move in the mutter, tbey may be caLled to account for it when the proper peric.1 arrive* By the Oacefa of the 30th Jan.. Inst., I leirn that at the solicitation of the Political Governor, President of Moat Excellent AyuuUmieuto ol this city, his Excellency the Captain. <;?n-ral ha* been pleased to extend the ps nod or>gtnally granted lor the obtaining license! for ?laves until the end of the month of February, and also, that as many proprietors are not aware whether the poaaea.ion of tbe slave licenses ia to lie given to the a laves tbemaelve. or whether the master* are to retain the licenses in then owu keeping, his Excellency ia pleased to order that tbe master* may give manuscript license* to their slave*, which shall be in full force m tbe jurisdiction in which they are issued, because the license* issued by tbe gov rnrneot may he preserved by tbe masters in a clean condition, which they would not be were they entrusted to the Keeping of the "slaves 1 baok Goii ! I dwell aow in a land where crime ia oer tain ol its ,iuat punishment, aud where tb* criminal is rertain of being arrested by the "strong arm" of jus tlce. Tbia latter fact Is proved by a perusal of any im pression of tbe tioceta la the number belor* me. dated January ,'JOtb. there are no leea than nine edicts, calling upon aa many individual* t-> deliver tbemaelvei up to the authorities, and defeod themselves againat the various accusation* made againit them? their olfencea appearing chiefly to be of a very heinous character? whilst mors than oue of tlii-m is charged with breaking jail, in addit oo to tbelr other offence*. You will be pleased to hear, a* will alao the numerous other friends of tb* gentleman ia the Uaited .States, that Mr. W. Sidney Smith, late secretary to the British Consul General in thia city, ha* been promoted te be British Vice Consul at Trinidai de Cuba. Few men have K roved themselves more worthy of promotion, and few ave endeared themaelre* more to the hearts of Amerl oans than baa Mr. Smith. P. Hat as a, Feb. 1?4 'i A. M. i The fieitvrt of Armi?Acti-ityof the Captain (Jeneral ? . Report nf ?n Hrprdtrt-m from the United StMtej?Re j crviting and the J Unit Rift. It having blown a gale of wind yesterday, the Cabaw- ; be ha* been detained antil thia morning. Her mail* | close at 6 o'clock, and I am thu* early at my writing table, in order te aond you the intelligence I have ub- , tained since I wrote you yesterday. But tweoty-*evon (some any twenty five) rides were ?eited, although foar hundred were concealed not far off. 1 be Captain General has, however, been put on the qui rive by this circumstance, and ha* by aome means as certained that an expedition was so >n to leave tbe United States for this Island. He Immediately tent for twoor three gentlemen? amongst them the acting United I (stale* Consul? who, however, of course, knew nothing of tbe matter. What a pity the*e creole* cannot keep tbelr own secret* ' We shall bear of arrest*, '?!, ' . within tbe next forty eightfliour*. I be new battalion of Caradores are armed with Mini* rifles, in tbe use of which, according to the Diariodela Marina of yesterday, they have already attained gieat skill. General Monrtno. I learn, I* engaged in the country in *nlitting alt the free negroes lie can induce to enrol tbemaelvee amonget tbe "brave delenders of Cuba 1 Adit*. POUGHK KEPSIE Hsv***. Feb. 1, 1H5J. Rerejition ttj Mrt. Or! aria Is Vert by General Con r ha? I Cordiality Madame rvmcAa ? Reflect i<mt on 'A* ' Kren) ? The Hri'itk Official ( 'hmngei I give you note* by tbi* steamer, that I may not be too far removed from tbe industry and capacity of your corp* of reporter* that embrace tb* globe and it* iatelli geuci ? and agam 1 have to thank you that I enjoy the fruitaof their multlpl ed labor* In your columns, hav ing received a fit* |?ckage from tbe last steamer dales, I and the "extra" Issued just a moment before departure of tbe steamer Cahawba from your port, was alao <1* livered to me through tbe kindnessof the capta n. Mrs. Oct* via Walton la Vert was received last even ing at the palace, attended by Iloet. Le Vert and the acting Cooaul of the L a ted Mate*. Wm. H. ItoberUna. Mia, Ortavia lar Vert was *ecompantedsby her mother. I General and Mra. Concha gave the parly a most cordial reception, showing that tbey know how to apprec at* and welcome republican worth, intellect, and charm* that have made themselves place in the estimation of royalty itaelf. Tbe manner of the thing wa? without ostentation or parade? the social gathering of bar- j mooieua , being* filling e jual relative positions? and the charm* of the Walton found cherieliing in the mind of lady Coach*, ant It waa reciprocated as u not ia the gilt e' aaoy or bev *ei u da. The eae* er rraenev? the ante* dignity which i* never Ii*??rVd? t he gmee that Mends action ia barmoav wttk the eon I that 'peak*, and the htodly natn-e V at ? ng?e* a?< i* 1 rtnlj fauna mnd| the intellect!*! Bonri of creation. I do not bo tic* thU event as en iJle imj day occur rence. It U of importance ? of neitl, of political tin. Ktaaoe? sromeo tnougn she b?, and one of the love t of my country. She la the grandchild of 4 noble* men ime whoee mm afllrmethe first Instrument of the independence of the United St* tee ? end ehe evidently hoi re the high- toned continent* of her gnendaire. Krom the influence or euch women nbrqad, iba character of their country In advanced, and respect brought to the intelligence of their countrywomen, who influence and mould the sentiment* of generation* that are to aus taia and protect the inatituiionof freedom. f riendahips are contracted that throw their soothing influence into council* of etate, and eoften the feeliogs of aatagoniitie power*, in the camp or honor or the Said or deeperate strife, for the principle* of eternal truth. While bieaa inga gild the life path of Octavia Walton ? at home or abroad? pralae rail* lrom the lip* of the itrknger to ward* the land of ber birth . She excitee no envy, and charm* away detraction? so may God bleu* her and her*. Wm. Sidney Smith, baring been appointed Vice Rrltiih Contul at Trinidad, will leave for that city in a few day*. What 1* our lot* will bo other*' fain. No one has better deterred? and he goe* to the discharge of Important dutie*, at a point where hi* aerrice* will be of impor tance to hi* country and to humanity. I). New York and Blew Haven Railroad Com pany?Holders of Spurtoue Stock. The New York and New Ilaren Railroad Company have commenced an action iu the Supreme Court againat al holder* of the over iaaued or apurioul stock. In the summons and complaint, the name of every peraon hold iog a share of what the company call spnriou* atock, ap pear?, and ere made partie* to the auit a* defendant*. The company **ta forth in it* bill of complaint the fol lowing allegation : ? That the following ia a statement or the name* or the several peraon* who claim to bold the aaid nine thouaand three huodred eud eighty three ahare* repre*ented br the said illegal and fraudulent certificate* a* above men tionrd, received directly from the aaid firm of R. 4 0. L Schuyler, with the number of ahare* claimed by each, but the plaintiff* are ignorant of the particular circum stance* upon which they received the certificates repre senting them, and pray that the at me may be fully aet forth by the respective bolder* thereof, with the time, place, peraon from whom, and the conaideratlon thereof, and all the detail* thereof, respectively :? Sharn. Share*. Emily A. How land .... 100 Carpenter fc Vermilye. :iJ0 Mary A. BUtchford.. . 350 Ja* U. King * Sen*.. . :w Corneliu* Vauderbilt..2.210 Duncan, Sherman k Co .100 B. F. Vail, m trust ... . '200 J. A. Steven*. Pre*, or J. A. Underwood k Son 7o0 the B'k or Commerce 370 E.W. Clark, Dodge k Co 316 Charlea Chrlatma* 260 Fisher, Denny k Co. . . 220 Dennietoun, Wood k Co rtOO A. J. Cotheal 60 Schnchardt k (iebhard 316 Alexander Kyle, Jun. . 215 Ketohum, Roger* k Be J. Dixon Roman 400 ment :W4 James Im k Go 100 Jaoob Little k Co 446 Blatcbfurd k Rainaford 478 H R. Laroy 4*) K. W. Edmonds. Caab'r W. H. Neilson 60 Mechanic*' B'k, N.T. 360 D. H Nevin* 60 Ezra Chanpell H5 J. Warren Roger* 3 John H Dykera ISO ? De Coppet k Co 140 Total 8,380 That the following ia a atatemeat of the name* of the several peraona who claim to hold or have some interest in the share* represented by the aaid illegal and fraudu lant certiflcatea Issued aad re issued by the aaid Robert Schuyler, and ia the aaid raise and Hiatal transfer*, with the number of ahare* held by eecb. Including also those mentioned in the fifteenth paragraph of thia complaint; but the particular circumstance* under which they re ceived the Mm* aro unknown to the plaintiffs, and they pray that they may be fully set forth by the psrson* re spectively holding the aame, with the time, place, per son from whom, and the conaideration upon which, they were received respectively, viz.:? Carpenter & Yertnilye. 320 Jacob little & Co 446 K. K. Co lib k Co 29 Ward & Co 5 A. M. Ferris k Brother 25 Iteuben Paraon* 24 Corning A Co AO D. H. Nerina 60 E. W. Clark, Dodga k Co 365 Winalow, Lanier k Co.. 37 T. Ketcliam A Co 126 Waxier k KowalaWi . . .. 16 KollinM Brother* 100 J. Warren Roger* 3 Fiihcr, Denny k Co.. . . 220> Genin k l?ckwood . . . . 10 Char lea Cbrlatmaa 866 T. P. Ricbarda 11 i'rime It Oo 2ft 0 <>eo. Dowd M. 8. Gilbert 3f> G . (Mawold Wm. H. Neilaon 71 DeCoppet&Co 140 H T. Morgan k Co ... . 6 uunc%n, Sherman k C > 800 Cauimana k Co 10 Wm. 8. Iloyt... 7 Ketohua, Roger* k Be meat 365 J. A. Underwood k don i!H X. Sllllma a t RStronf" 4 C. G. Pettihone 10 W. H. Fuller 4 Henry A Burr 6 Delia Stewart 6 J. H. Hoyt 10 C. A. IUII 10 N. C. IUII 0. N. R Woloott 10 6 BUtcbford k Raineford 478- Wm. Young - 6 .lame* B. Cunningham. 20 Owen Phil bin 1 R Schell k Co " ..290 C. Nigorr k Co 6 H. W. Low ? J*?. G. King k Son*.. . 30 H. ToUnd k Hon 10 Brown. Brother* k Co. 25 D Putanni Benjamin.. A Walter F Brimli 10 H.T. Morgan 16 T. H. Faite. Wm h. Laiglit..... 1 A; I). W. (eland.. A. J Learenwofth. A. J Mclivauu... 4i) N. W Merrill 26 Jaine* Koaerelt 23 Jonathan Sturgra 60 C. Van X??t 10 C. Vauderliilt 2210 Aiifuatm 11. Ward.... to W f. Wetmore 400 C. Wright 15 C. Tyler 12 F. Miller 26 D. Judaou, Jr 10 N. It. Daniel 40 11.11. Letoy 40 A A. Mott 30 Hchuchardt k Gebbard 34a J. llrltr lie 26 L. L ."quire 67 Oti* Dyer 70 fggltatoiiA lUttell.... AO George Dick in ion SO A. J. Cotheal 60 T. Addition 10 R. Craighead 5 Ann Marg't Qiarkaoa.. 10 Aun Maria Clarkaon.. . 7 Aun Aug. V. Clark eon. 10 Kmile \ . Clarkaon.... 10 Maria M. Clarkaoa.... 10 J. O M. Park 10 (J. I'li.e 4 C. W. Raulett 7 Sumuer Bull 5o (i Mt Bride. Jr .* Co.. 14 H. F. Thrall 20 I. Dixon Roman,, .... . 400 Jamea k Co 340 8 Hilliuan 20 C. Buckiughim 50 E Cbappell 46 H. Coghill 50 I. W. Mn i tli 25 I. Morgan 2.5 Amoa R. Kno 100 A. H P. Mwaide 10 I. H. Dyker* 150 A. I. Dennie 20 A. H. Pomeroy 50 I.. M. I inn ley 30 0. W. Jnnea kO W. G. Ixithrop 15 1. Q. Jonae 36 G.W.Taylo r 30 D. Colton, Jr 2") llearr Legei 100 W. 8. Tettoute ft W. H. Mr Vickar 15 Geo. Lontt 20 Httir|ae ( leaiman *Co 50 Ham ptoo Hock and Ma rine Inn. Co 30 Clara I'. Alaop 10 Rueh Taller 10 _ L Cburtb 10 Oeo. Croua. 26 M. A. Leaeeaworth . , .. 4 Thome* Johneon 6 Alex. Craw 5 8 R. Wynkoop 10 C. F. Ueermore, trua'e 6 W. 11. Care* 17 I. R. Brandon, In truat 20 K. Henkell 26 F.N. Bennett * W. H. Warren . 35 Smith k Crane M F. A. Hoeland 1M Le Graud Sterling 7 M A. BUtchford 350 I. D. Whitney, Jan.... 10 P. I !0 D. V. B. Baldwin 6 Arabella Hl**ell 1* G. Hempetead ? P. Turner '' Ward, Caiuplwll k Co . 117 Alexander Kyle, Jun.. 515 T. W. Tliorne, Jun.... 50 C- B. An der ton 102 D. l/tror 40 H. W Vail <0 W. Henry 10 II f. Tail, in tiu?t.... 200 A. Dalrlmple 30 F. W. Edmund*. Caab'r Mechanic*' B'k, N Y. 350 John Htebliin* -0 R. Chandler s II. Durkee 23 H. Sterena 40 1 Maey ? F. T Carnngton 50 A. Crane 100 M. Y Beach 10 T. Mallet, Jun G. A. Pbelpe 6? Wm H. King ? Springtteld Fire k Ma rine Ineurance Co. .. 40 A B. * S Dane 14 Geo. A. Talbot 10 John Gallup, 3d 5 J R. Partridge ? S. G. Rea 2 W (irifflthe 10 8. B. He* ford 5 H. D. Burkett 10 StWlaS. Fergueon 10 J. M. Mackle 10 J. 8. Browne 10 K W B1U?. 10 E. Vernon 20 H Brlgga 3 G.M.Hepburn 1' B CUpp ?? J. S. (fey 10 D. ComatocU 10 W. Totiillaaon 2 S. Boweo, Jun 1 S. W. Pecktmrd 10 8. Walker 1 Foi k Ht. John 1 A. ti. lord k Co 10 Thoe. Briatoll ? N. C. Kly 10 W. I.yoo 20 A. C. Mar*ball 6 E. C. William 30 Siamnel Uelley 10 I. Pattoraon. '0 D. H. Koahach 36 Cbaa M. Owen 10 I. Hurlbert H l orenui Hall 10 J. Thompson 2 R. K. Arkenburg...... 3 Thoe. Aahley 10 G. C. Ayerigg 10 I. M. Knot 10 I C. Sand ford S3 H. M Yonder Muhll... 20 0. J. Wlleot . . . . ; 16 E. V. Shot well 6 A. B Dan* 10 Caroline Hiean 6 I. H Wbitaon 6 1. D Perkina 10 K Blancfcard... 20 C. M Matber 10 A. 8. J rarer 10 H. Bailey 10 F Terry 10 N. W. 1'ayoter I Roger* A Wyel lot..... 10 Wm. Mygatt 10 Wm KalMfg Jr 1* F.dgar 8mltb. 6 G. W. Me* 4 6 I eab I yon 6 Klira Nottb ? 10 I. I.. Smith 10 J Wlnablp..., 6 I Kip. Jr 2 8. A'bbuiner 20 C. K. Deaaj 20 That many of th? per>on* nam?<i ? the two laa* para granlia w?r? at the '.oiea th?y r*?peetl?ely r*e?ire<1 the aaiT falae and fraudulent eertilratw* and th? aaid faU? ami illegal tranafer* gfauloe ?tockhnlilwr* of tlx aaul roaipeDi, an! entitled to enjoy ami et?ret*e ail ?he>r righta and priTiUgea at lurk and to etamlee "lie traaa fer ana atoek book* of the ?aid eompany. That In. m *h? twenty aio'hday of June until the aaid third of July. 1*54 the ?a?d Ifcihart Schuyler wa? U tained from'tae oAce. and bin<ter?l from traaanrtlng any bualnea* a* aneh tranafer ageat hy iKaeaa an 1 that during hi* anid abe*nee William R. Worthen a director and vioe Preaident of Uie aai I eonpaay, without aar authwrity from the aaid company or from the hoard of directore. cr aay one antbor to roa'er th? aante. and wll boat aay nght to act aa eneh. aa*ume4 a act aa tranafer agent la the place nf the *ald Robert <h i?le'. and that thua acting aa eurh that period, he re i? nail rettiflcal**. purport iag.t? he wrtlleitw af stock ta the eaWt ewmpeny . at the re- ueat and la h*haU af ear ?? ,a pereoaa who te?ir?4 h>n eo ta 4a, awd who i mi mel %n ova atock which they conkl Uaaefer, wit i hie owe aaaae aa tiaaHw agent ia ?W fwrm of the rwHtritae bwi'eta hefaen eat o?t. ta I ha aaaouat af I aar tkwaaaad fm baa4e?i| and facte ?? aharw* ia all which a* 4 'wrti?. eatee ware al' haa>4 apo* eosae e< the (aiee or f raa 1 aiewt Geo. D. I'aaaio 6 L. P. Ingrabam 4 Henry llart 10 J. M. Meaainger 12 Geo. Brigg* 'JO A. J. Aiken 170 J A. Ateeena, Praald t Bank af < ommerne . . 370 Dennlatoun, WoodACo 1,455 M. McCoehy 20 U L 8. laft ? B Hircb *) A. C. Kmgaland 40 J.Buah 15 C Hall 1.H D Bacon 56 EWblUbouee. 50 G. * 8. Brown 26 Kcbard Borel 13 I). A Wood 60 W 8. Meboi* 140 I. Deane 4 H r. Peaee 12 Wilwn Booth 1 I. T. Bennett 17 D. Coney 10 I G. < aanno 3 H l? Miller. 10 8aait?el H<Kiper 54 A F k K Jonee ...... 10 Geo. Pli'pp* 7 C. A Kea.i 10 W. l?nniatoun 4> cortiflealea *o iaauod or ro-iaaaad b y the *m-1 Robert Hchuytor. or upon tb* *to;k ao faUaly ani fradui*olly r* prMMM thereby, 01 by tb* aaid taU? end freuduUo' trtaihr), nod claimed to baloag to bla or to UU ?e.d firm, or to nooM pereon orfperx>ui to whsm they bad pro feeaod or attemped to tranafor tb* eaae, m) not u;<on iajr genuine atock of tb* *aid compear, or upon auy i certificate* or trawler* repreaeetiog tbe lawful aleak, thereof; that tb* aaid William h. Wortban, whoa b* *o n luuN tbe eald oert'tlcatea, *>? whplly ignorant of tbe illegal aod frauduleut ?<? U ot the aaid Itojert Schuy ler in laauing tb* firat certificate* and tnnaing and per mitting *ueb illegal tranafera, aod ?uppoee<l tb* certifi cate* *o rtt-uwned by bim to b* baaed upon tbe rial nlock of tbe >aid company, but koew be wa * acting without authority: and that tbe plaint tfl? are adrtaed and b*!i*v* that tb* a.-t- of tbe aaid William t Worthan, in aigntng the aaid certificate*. and all tb* acta connected theie witb, were wholly unauthorized and void; that they are not binding upon the *aid company for any purpose, and I creat* bo legal obligation againat them, ani that the ! raid certificate* and transfer* abouM b* net a*ide and de livered up to ba cancelled. Tbat the aaid laat maatiou ed certificate' hava never been adopted by the aaid company, and that the following ia a true atatement of I the aaid certificate*, of their iiumbar*, and th* amount* I for which they were reapectivcly Uaued, and of the per ! *00* to whom the/ wer* uaued, Tin. ? ' LIST OP CERTirtCATU S1MNBU BY If. I. VOKTIIIN I 48 TtUN.H'KH AOKNT. | No. of Certificate. Skaret. 16 '>0 ao 12 KM) 100 no 4 10 370 66ft ?260 346 70 70 30 &0O 400 37? ?200 12 86 300 100 126 60 a 10 20 6 William 11. Mevickar 4,887 Sturge*, clear uiau A- Co 4,t)84 Ueorge l/ovett 4,880 E. C. William* 4, HIM Jacob l.lttle A Co 4,801 Jacob I .it tie A Co 4,802 Jacob Littto 4 t>> 4, 803 l.uciu* P. Ingrabam 4,H\?b Heary Hart 4,804 John A. Steven*, t'rnxidant 4,807 Char lex Chriatma* 4.808 Cbariea Chriatma* 4,800 Ketcbum, Roger* A HhiuhiiI . . . . . 4,000 Albert I. Akin 4,002 Albert I. Akin 4,001 Albert I. Akin 4.031 Deoniatoun, Wood A Co 4.005 Dennintoun, Wood A Co 4,904 I)enni?toun, Wood A Co 4,007 Dennintoun, Wood A Co 4,ltlW Hampden Htoak and Mutual Inn Co.. 4,000 John M. Maaainier 4,010 (ieorge Rrigg* 4,011 Duncan, Sherman It Co 4 013 Scbuchardt A Oebhanl 4,016 Schucbardt A Gebhard 4,014 Schurbardt A Gebhard 4,017 C. W. Kaulet 4,02') C. Van Neat 4,022 Henry Steven* 4,027 l.ydia 1.. S Ta(t 4,028 Share* 4,444 That the plaintiil* are ignorant of the particular eir cumataacea iindur which the *aid certificate* were re ceived and iiaued, and pray (hat the aame may b* fully net forth by the per*on* to receiving the *ainc. with the tine, place, peraon from whom they were mo received, ?n>l the ceo*. iteration aud all the detail* thereof. That John H Dykers, one of the balder* of the sail illegal and fraudulent certi testes, dated June '20, 1H.V4, for one hundred and fifty share*, hat brought an action, in tbe nature of and a* a suit at law, agalo*t the plain tilla, in the Superior Court of the city of New York, claiming to recover damage* to the amount of tliirteeu thouaana dollar*, becauae, ax he allege*, the plaintiff* refuaed to permit him to transfer the same on the hooka of tbeoompany a? eenuine atock; that aa auawer ha* been InterpMed to tne aald action, netting up the invalid ity of tbe *aid certificate* for the reaaonx above me u tioned, and tbe name I* now at laaue and ready for trial. That Corasliu* Veuderbilt, another holder ol *uch illegal, atolen, fraudulent certificates, *o made and liaued by tbe said Robert Sebuyler, to the amount of two thou rand three hundred and twenty aharea, issued to him by the aaid Robert Schuyler for hi* owe uae or that of hf* dim, baa alio commenced another action. 1b tha na ture of a ault at law, agaiuat the plaintiff* in the aame court, claiming to recover againat them the aum of two hundred aad Hurt v two thouaand dollara, with intereet. becauae, aa be allege*, tbe plaintiff* have ref lined to permit the aame to be trans/erred on tbe books of tbe compaay aa genuine atock, that no aaawer ha* yet been put in to the oomplalat in the laat uieatloned Mtion, the time to anawer not having expired, hut tha plaiotlfl* intend to answer and conteat their liability In the *aid action; tbat A. Morten Ferris and Warren Ksr ria, tbe bolder* of twenty one other aharea repreaented by the ?aid false and fraudulent certiflcatea, have alae oommenced an action in tbe Supreme Court of tbla State In the tirat diatrict, claiming to recover againat the plaintiff* tbe aum of twenty one hundred dollar* and ia> terest, becauae, aa tha/ aucM, the plaintiffs Kef uae to pt rmit tbe aame to be Uantlerred on the book* ol tbe i ompaay aa genuine ?tock tbat no complaint baa been ?erred in that action, but the plaintlffa intend to anawer and couteat their liability therein. That Auguat B?1 mont haa alao commenced an action, in the ntture of a auit at law, againat the plaintlffa, in tlia Superior Court of tbe city ot New Yore, claiming to recover damage* againat the'in to the amount of up War da ot nighty rive thousand five hundred dollara, becauae, a a hesllegoe, tha plaintlfl* refuae<i to permit the aaid August Belmont to tranafer oa the booka of tbe aaid company eight bun dred and ? Ave aharea of *tock represented by c-rtifl rsts* *o fraudulently issued l>y the aald Robert Schuy ler, that *aid laat mentioned aetiou waa commenced on the fourteenth day of ItfortmW, 1H64, au>l an anawer haa been put in by tbese plalnt'il* denying tbeir liability in aald action, and contesting tbe aame. Tbat tbe I're anient Dlrectora. an 1 Company of the Mecbaqica' Itauk ol tha city of New York have alao commenced two *lmi lar action* in the aame .Superior Court, on aimilar ground*, aa lb* holders of four hundred and thlrtv-flve riharea of tbe (tock repreaented by aaid falae and illegal certiflcatea ; which aetieas are now at laaue and in readi ng** for ttial. That Alexander 1 Vnni*tO'in, John Dennie toun. William Wood, William Croaa, aud itenjamin K. Hawaoo have alao commenced another action againat | tbe aaid company, in tbe New York Common i'leaa. i claiming to recover the aum of two hundred thousand i dollara, for tlieir allege- 1 refuaal to transfer a large sum ber of tbe abate* of atock repreaented by the aaid falae and illegal certiflcatea and tranatera that the aaid action ia not at laaue, but tbe plaintlffa intend to defan 1 tbe I aame aa herein before alatad. in each of the aaid < action*, except the Laat th ee, attachmenta have been la aued againat tbe plaintlffa, and all their real and per- i aonal piopeify iu tha city of New York, Including ita , rolling atock and tbe meana of operating toe road, levied upon and aeixed under tbe aaid attachmenta by the She riff of the city and county of New York, and ire now held upon aaid attachment* by him. the plamtifl* are Informed and believe tbat it ia the intention of ether bolder* of the aai 1 falae and frau dulent tranaf. r* of atoea and certiflcatea of atock. to commenre o'ber actioua agaiaat the plamtifl* for refua Ing to tran*fer the aaid at >ck so purporting to be repre aented by the aaid falae and fraudulent certificate* a* genuine atock tha' aaid actions will be very numnrou*, ? and a* the pUtnttff* believe etceeding one hundrad, and , will aubiect tbe plaintiff*, and th* parliea to thoie ao tlons respectively, to great an I u one. eaaary expense, trouble, and so i lltlgaton: and that auch actiona, If ! commented, and especially d tbey are followed up by attachment' will greatly Injure and damage the inter fata of the plaiutilfa, and tbe internet* of the genuine ?tocklioMer? of t>ie aai I company an 1 ita creditor* and other persona inteteate.1 in Ita atoek, effect*, and earn in, 'a tbat the plaintlffa aie advlaed and beli-ve that the rigbta of all the aaid holder* of tbe aald falae ami frau- , dnlent ceitiflratea aud of aaid fraudulant tranafera, may be determined and adjusted in one action, without pie i Judice to the rigbta of any of them, and ao aa greatly to promote tbe convenience and advance the interest or all l>e>?ooa mteraatad In the aaid eompanr, whether aa holder* of tbe genuine atock thereof or of the aald Ille gal and fraudulent certificates and tranafera. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. HONKY MARKKT. Monday, Feb. I - ? P. M. There UK <ju;t* s reaction In tbe stick market | tbia morning. With an Active demand, and traoaac tloos to a arge extent, prieea fell off and closed heavy. At the flret board. Indiana .Vs Jeslinad 14 percent: Virginia 6'a, Krie Binds, H7?, Illi nois Central I loads, 4; Canton Co., 4; Nicaragua Transit, 4; Pennsylvania Coal, i; Cumberland Coil, i; New York Central Railroad, I; Reading Railroad, Krie Railroad, 1; tislena and Chicago, 2; Cleve land and Toledo, 1; Chi Ago and Rock Island. |. Pan* ma Railroad advanced 1 per cent: Northern Indiana Railrtad, Cleveland and Pittsburg, Tbe Improvement today waa confined >o a fe? Western railroad stock*, tha transactions in which were only to a limited extent. In tba old, overgrown fancies there waa a general depreciation, and It lx>ks to aa aa though it waa bat tha beginning of tbe end. Tie stock a of each railroads as Krie, C*?trsl ao i Harlem, can no more be sustained at the present mar ket pt lies, than tbe cimpaaias can earn dividends. Speculation caa, for a time. In llstc anything la the sbspe of a stock secottty, bat all the capital la Wal street cannot sustain tbe ex^aoaioo. When t? Krie snd Hariem Railroad Companies were oayiag dividends, bo' dsn realited some return on the ai t?y inverted, bat n< w they sn tha worit kind of f series, and are an enormous dead weight at preeent pneee. An onproduttive railroad etork ' ? Ith listterlng prospects, might be Inirtttsfail y worth from forty to Ofty par cent, but tbat a stock having nothing la tha prospective at all a*<oarsg log, without the remoteet poeaiblUty of a divi4*ed wlthia the next ten yean, if ever, should be selling at tfty-eJ* snd llfly eight par ceat , sV. ws the for e of spculatioa ?nd tba folly of a parcel of ap?r- i laton who, for tha tiaa. hare mora aaooey tbsa snytbiag alae. ftarh thing* fre>|OMtty occar ia Wall street, bat aoehere slaa oa tbla -oabaent long as they caa raise money la hay each fen- y sic< Ws at soeb lahalooa prieea. oar daily report win show 'arga eaies. There mast be an ead to ad tbis ia Urn*. As sooa as the broken have abeo*t??d ail the flaatisg atock. sad oaVsiden have raalued ex teaatnly at the advaaca ia mmkat va If. hailm w1>. Wg'n to k.ak shoot far nAnri a . i t' en 'Jsm* 1 wfl ha trwMe aasoag tha baUa. ft Is aawy eaoa|h la bx. ) a mrthleus etxk There an a'. way* eeUrs ?OOgttaadSt*kanoogh. but It U Mt??MTt? dad boynrs at prices tlxod by hotdars. Nj dm U compelled ?o bay a fracy alack bot the aborts, aad tbey a*lt sgatn at on:e- T&V <!? ** relieve th# market My. The demand gradually fells off m price# expend. end toe brokers are left with Urge ^applies of etock and no cue onurs. The Erie BUI. road Company wilt hare a floating debt to etart with oo the tint of Mar:h, of neatly one and a h?lf million of dollar. . Ttiu must either be funded by a new Icaa or paid out of th? net earning. With a drain upon iU net earnim* of nearly half a mlllioo ot dollar* per annum for aetnklng fund, and for con at ruction acctunt to whatever extent, there will be a very poor look for dividends. In the event of the net earning* during the present year amount Ing to one million of dollar#, every oent will be ah sotbed by the sinking .and and construction count, '.earing erary portion of the floating debt un provided for, but wr hare no Idea that the net earn ingg will be auything like a million of dollars. It will be ace. i by thla tbat *o far aa dividends a~e con ceinrd.they are utterly out of the nieetios, unless they are made in stojk. At the second board the mat Wet wis a shade bet ter. Erie Kaiiroad went np | per cant; Cumber land 4; Heading IUi!road 4; York Central Ksiltoad 4; New Yotk Central Vs. 4; Galena and Chuago l^Aktfad, 4 The trans* tions at the Aasiatant Treaetirer's office to day, ware a* follows:? Beeeived ?*?.?? ? ? The Cumberland Company fails tofullll an implied promise mads to the stockholders in a recently pub Kg bed cliculsr? tbat it would furnish the sharehold ers with such Information aa might be obtained r. specttrg the quslity and value of oris recently dl. covered on its property. Individuals interested have in vain endeavored to obtain the information promued. We subjoin for thair beneUt the analysis of ores made by eminent chemists of tols city. The previous tests were made in the crucible; this Is by the humid or add process, and shows very extraor dinary results, such as should detent the eflbrts of the persons connected with the company who seek to depreciate it* stock sad the value of the property. The " Bla* band' ore was first used by the Monk land Company, In lHlr., after havlug been acciden tally discovered by Musket. Their success Isd to the trecMonof extensive works; Its sdvantagea are, that n " lean" ore becomes by roasting a rich ore? taking less lime for flux aid less ooal for smelting than any other known ore. The Introduction of the hot Ilia st further Increased its value to the world. The extreme fluidity of the Iron renders IU production easy and economical. If the proximity of the < oal and flux to the ore Is aa represented, the Cumber land region is leattned to be the first Iron manufac turing dlatrlct in the world, and will entirely revo lutionlse the lion trade, aad is of more ooosewuence to the United Htateethan all the hlghtarifli ever placed upon foreign pig metal. The redemption of the public debt at the Treasu ry Department, Washington, for the week ending on Saturday, was:? I?aa ot 1842, $33,100; H4fl, 110,000 ; 1847, $36,960. Total, IA0.050. The specimen of Iron ore analyzed for a stock* holder, aa referred to, yielded ai follows 42 a. i Iron.......... ? ??* ... ('aib<>aio ?"> Mlice V in Alumina ,7?* ?u<i ' 7 Carbon . . . . . 8til|)hur, a .... Ihe annexed statement exhibits the average daily condition of the leading departments ot thi bank* of this city, during the week preceding ttaturday, the 10th of February, 1M6:? Nkw Y OHK C3rvt B****. ,Si)"V Cireul ?. Sew York ?a, 159,117 771, ?6 24W.75S 2 SOS,:.#* VI inli?t I ?o . 4 ?6?.7?7 M'illtH 371,42.'. 3.166,107 IKrcbMrt. .;:: *,<*** Mechanic'.... 3,(118,2#* #t#,27# 334,162 ?M'JJiJ1* rnion 2,677 OJ1 WS.M'J ISO IB* 9,661,337 iZtrlea ..... a,H41 MS 1.963.7H1 #7 ?'>6 4,746.566 PhaYis . 466,181 1*1,462 *' . l,SS7.17tf 29#,66S 7 J, 07# 1,100,576 North River... 1.0*8.17# 1*2,633 171 s*o i67.a<-4 Fulton .... 1,422,04". 177, I'M I93.793 1,12? ?6 Cti.Dii<-al, 1,370,A02 Ml.'tla m,:M 1,41 2, WW Merchant* Es 2 41 J, 113 3SS.S17 l???" V.tionul . 1, 47? 200.WM IS4 M8 94. ,1.*H Hutc"i?r?' .... 1.90V JIM 111,171 34SS7 Ml,2?l Sk'i ? Tisd ? <H4,#27 S7.a7 4 4M.KO. Leather 1.7*1.124 2*.0, UW 111,174 l.#l#.*?1 S?T-Dtli Ward.. 1, 101, 4M 144 040 US,J?7 sutf S,?.(W,28? 47?,;J0? 4"7 1 07 i,- 01. 44, An. Rxrhsoc* 4 906,141 1*4.1*7 ttT.Mt ?,oa7 M " 1 064,5 (4 1W.3W ?7*,?M % ? CoaKiterrr- S.17H .02 1,111 41, * 270 6,41. "10 Hfll,?l# 16.1,424 !4S,6#3 7.11.477 HroKli.* 1, *41,52# 1H? 7VI 101,212 1,061.4,1 K . ..i.l lW.WO 1 46 44# Hi. 677 4V J46 JUrwa'tds 2,216,33# 326.073 *1.41" 1 664.?> |..ri?c 731 40n 77,152 102,ftll 4,4 71. iUpuhlie 2,661,664 46-1,027 W. ?i 2,76a ill (h.tbira 4W 70S 64. #24 7? 00>? 2'J.}^ pKifci ... 71?.?I0 12,71* l'JO,7#7 411171 Nortb America . 1.44S.7V1 121. 4M1 iUoovvr 1,262,12# 67 H1..60 64', 406 |rv,b? W,*!! 72,241 #I,4#6 3?1 .641 ?r.i; Kv;:::::::; J22? .ffS ! j ? Fa at Ki??r 477,6.0 6H ? 61,.., > *'? * M?r4?t . ... l.OM.IW l"?,64t 1U.6M 7*4,7*2 St. Kiettela* . . . . 631.731 44.'/2? 67,yn? hbc.n.l l?lU.r ItS, MS :?,707 1#7.7* JJJ.JT ( ?r? Kicbaai- .1,311,944 11?,#W W 444 1,1 14 .3. ? (VjDtinruUl ...2,664.1*1 411 196 7a, 444 l,S31 4-.1 r?ram<inw??Hb..l,la#,'m 130 '11 64 W ^4 1? On?Dt?l. ... 474 'H2 40.6SI *#,"11 S04.M7 l. ? Dj aw.w.1 31.04* #>? 2?1 194 W MY I J r r lioek . 4^720 20,701 49 114 ll#.TiO ? K J 177,9.^6 11,642 H 116 1? ?6 Bull* llrad. f. .. 1S6,11'4 3l>.l 14,4 .., 104.73 ToUl H? *4'..I77 17,124.3*1 ?,?<!?, Ill 7*,7?4 i4X Cuubiko Hmiu Ta?jiiu(-n??ii. bcbup> fgr w??k ea<liag fab^V. . H?l?or?? for ?Hk #a l.o* leb. ? <? ? ij.,..., ?,?74,i?i4 Tbe above agfregatea, compared with tboae for prerio'u week*, preeeoi the annexed atatement ? H*'B* or Nrw Ton* /. ? $m. Hp* ? Ctreul a. Itfumm n?r ?? '.'.4 941, 4t;; 487 12 074 147 7,074.4 '? 42 *24. <>99 Jan. 4 at S2 ?44,:<i4 la 994 043 7,949,9 ? 44 Mx,l*.i J.n. 13, '6?. 4.! (T 4,04] 19,449,129 9,944,441 47,J99J94 Jan. 20. '5i V,,447 1M4 19,372 IfT ? 4*1 :iM r* MT.aM Jan 27, i6. Hfc,?\4,497 14.4*7 M< *,43< 1'KI 79,1 14,414 Keb 3. S6 41,149,997 17, 4*9, 104 7 900, T94 72, 02.1, .117 r*b 10, '41. 4* *42 117 17,194,904 4 *4*. Ill 71.TM 199 Tba total amount of oota and bullion la lb* hook* and government treaaar/ on ftetar Jay, Iba 1'Kb la ataat, vaa a* follow*: - V. & Trr*tw jr. //an i rw*/ 9-4 241,940 917 144 .44 I 911 111 Ml Oa bawl iba r*rreapoa4J?? dat? leet 1?' 917 M.. *a Increase ibie jrer .. f9,ltt,Ml Tb? return* for the weak joet cloaod, -, .np?'*l with tboao for tb* w**k prfTlooa, ah >w aa larroM* of 11,719.440 Id dlerounle. aau |470,Ctt> la dapofit*, aad a decree** of MIS,**, la epan*, aad 111/, '41 a circulation, tb* baek* ehoa a mncb b*tt*r ape m aoouat tbaa aaUUpated. Tb* abipaMat* to Ka rupo. to New Orleana. and tba demand Ir^n u>a BabTrtaeui/, lock awaj froui tba batka n earijr a million and a belf of dollar*: bat cn ire taaa a Bil lion we* male jp b j lb* arrival of tb* Norn HUr, which kept tb* aa?unt io baad wltiln aboot three hundred thooeacd doilareo f laat week a report. Tba latrraee la diecouate la a IKtle larger tbaa la pre vtooe weak*, but Ut* arrrvfat* wilt not go aarb beyond a!a?t> ailllaa*. Tb* baaka will raw f*t a time at t rat pot at. Tb* eKpaaelwn ba* boaa prottv rapid daca tb* !**? week In !>? eaaber more ao tbaa tba coatra< t?oa prtem* to thai period. Tba apart* Ilea will 'or acma weeka reaaia without ma a ?a rlaikn. The ah i; meat* from t hie port aad tba do mead from the Soatb aod Wert win , witboat doubt ebwrb moat of oor receipt* from f'altforala. If 'b* baaka < aa retala tb* praanr aaMwit In baad they wli! do wall; Wot It wvu!4 be doiag tbaa a aorvica to rtdaoa it 'bra* or foat ailUoa Tba aaaened rtatoaaeat rihibiU lb* traaafore * ?Urck ?f tb* New York aad New llavea Railroad Conpaaj) '?% (1. k U I.. iVb i>l?r titm October I", 14^3, to Jaa* l.?, la&i. Tbla tab!* a^paara la ?.ba eaa* M Marr a Ketcbaa, Tbaa** H >fe*? aad t-^Jward fWmeat a?ai?4t *'ofca A. Vuraaa. Pirn aJaat of tbe Heat of Ceaaaroa. la >*w i aet. (a d* iatoa la w?kb ka* btea aaJ pa/ b9 Wftb pre ?errtn* for fatairo nfrnaoe. bj tboas wtio bar* booa ma?ia tba ftatlmaf Uu Bafta fm Nii Oe taker? It, W H. N'iUoo .... 1M ao, ward .% Co n<* 21, Ward Ir Co 3 2ft, ('tart*. :Vx!*? k Oe. 110 27 Ko.her IVonjrkOe. UU SI . it. Hcliell St Co MO Nvrfabn ? Mif 3, R ftekail * Oe it* Oooerroeex Marrte -Oft J. A. I t lerwoed ft tea,... w? Clark. Uxlaa k Oo. M 4, R HfMWi 0? . 30* a. tt*aar,tiaat>rft(*. 1M 1, Ward AOs M i a, . rxM4?fcO? 1*? II. K. llaikrr I J lft, Ato*kwe 03 (latfc* Dodfa k Co. M r. K. Attdtrxt . .. 1H 8, Ward ? Co m 14, J U Konto Mk ft, kaiiljr A QowUod 100 li, Jaa. I*a k Oa 130 Mif) A lilatcAford M Pint piharra A C?. UO i'lillipSlirjrt* \n. f,o 20 I labor ivoDiM 'i 06 12, Car|.euler k V trout v< a \V> >8 14, Koular, Klaaam A 2t <o 140 !t!i, ?'iM VGo 'Uk 2C, Winaloa, i to or A 2'>, J W t-lsuaoda, J IV Knoua' Hlaii-afor<iA Itaiaac 11* A Ky la m a k?i? ia UouT*toa?r Home *>? H' l\ tteioaf 'ti9 '?'I, War.l .V <>?. <*> 2 AO 24. Atlautic M Co ... . 100 l)?c# mbrr ? 1, J. A Underwood A t-uo ... "00 June 10 I'Uber, Denny AC.? 110 b, I'./.ra < liappell li), Cumetiua Vau.ler H, It H< hail A Co. ahiar. K ha kali fc Oa 30 Hlalr hfordk 1Uiu< lord 1VI Ok 100 r.% Itilt (K-a 81, C. V An it-fMiu . . . . SO .'anuarjr, ISi.4 ? !), < ainuiao AO> Welaley A fewala *??7 ? A. N C'iitard 7 < laikr, Dodge* Co. :w? 4, I'Urke Dodge % Co. 40 7, H I Vail, III tiuat '.>00 li, J A. I odorwoo't U Njo 40 11, Ward k Co t&O 12, Clarke, I>od(e a Co. ?'60 8. W. tiinoad* W 160 l.i; Clarke fodfakO, ?>l (?ou?. Morn* -16k lln?? Mrrrut .... 4M ID, llaliar Heuuy A Oe ? A. Kyle. ......... * lft, lUatchforoA lUieaf 7ft It ?<-U>dI A Ob. 17, .1 D i'.oiuia la, .'?'ur? I** k Oa . . -it .'olio D*k*-a t arpaoter A Varmil J? HUti-jIord k I lam > f-,rl tl, He Coppet k Do M TO too *) 140 ra.Uier.... 100 Ala*. Krle 3ft 14, t laber. ih lb? A 0> 100 la rpeo tar k Varolii 17, J. A. faieieood A 27 S jree IftO CouT' 'u?ur Morrla It, J W Ittgara :i00 '.H, Ali** Kjrl* . , J. A. I uderaroo-l A t>?>a 26 W. W*ni A Co 7 1 . J. A. Cot heal Prbruaiy ? 10, K. fcball A Co 110 7* It >vh?Il k ?i? ttft Ua loppatkDo. . I4<) A. KyU. ~ 60 2*1, J. A t iilarvood k *>? Tl Ala* K)U . . . ?? lb, C. K Aoilrr?on l'> 30. J W l'..i<?ra IB, Fluk'r, IVnn; k Co 5"> 20, ( bar lax Itlua 110 Marrh 1, Cbari*K llliua 1M July? Carp?atar,kV?raiil ?-a an I'Urkf, i v? V </> liO 0, Ward k Co loo IIS, llabar, ivoojr A Co '?kl 17, Wa-hburyAi'V . U 27, riiar(p> llliua IM 21i, J. A Cadarvood k Sou '.*i I iabf i , Iirour A Co lift April 8, Clarka, I)?.l?a k Co ?0 C. K. Audartma .... ftO 10, f?i?b?r, IVnovA Ca. 10 11, K *-hrllACo 140 J A. I uderoood A Hoo 1.10 12, C. h Aadaraoa.... <W 16, OouTatorut Murria 300 U K Aod?ra<ia..,, Ho 17, R flcbi-ll A Co .. .. 800 1H, r DaoayA < o. 120 19. Ala*. K/la Hlk 21, Couvvroaur Morrla 2-Ti 24. Carpaotar AYarmtl ?aa 130 2ft, K M BUtrblord. lna 2H Ward k Co 12'. J. A. I'ndarvoad A Poo S00 I, iai|>?at*r AVer mil j*% . Iftk [hiiiraa, >b#r?*a A Co Mk CUrka. IM4* k Co IM Mlatrbford k Raia ? ford..... VX> J A. Steraoa ... 3T*> C rbiulojiH .... IM D. Wood A < o Ada H. r. Unbbard 4? Katrbuin. Itogara k H 3, J I jttla ft Oa !!!! ? H R f* Roy .... 4 C. Vaa i'rbilt ...Ijno Itahar. IWouf k Ca IA H. It Itor '* w h ioa l.tria<atoo 44 1 (Mooing k (Vi It < %rpoo?ar A Varolii jraa. aa N.tIo. M Total aham 21,0Tt Tmsniwi to R to. I, H?hi vi**, rana O't. 17, 1SAS, or 6,00*1 atca. Nurnobaf, lMf?ii? w, ( larka, Ial*a Afo 100 10, I' HprjiiACo..,, 140 Hiilajr Ki?aa M'o 26 59, JarobSnrgaa. . . . .. 200 Dai-ember ? 1, Carpaiiterk Varm.l Tea 184 8, Wl'naleir, lan'rr A Co 2*'i 27, rinber. I'eour k Cn 1 00 81, Ai!antirMiitiial la auraoi*e ( e loO Jaouarr, 1HI4 ? B, I" MpayrekCo. .. lltf 14, Fiaber, Deoor A Co ta Kebruarr? 1, 11 J. Houtbmayl, Treaaiirar iSO 3, Cliailea llliua... ll'i Total ibaiea MaraU? 1. fbarlaa ttliua . . .. 118 90, J. ? Rlmoo la, naabiar 108 April ? H 1'iatier. Daoor k Co 88 11, J. A. ' adrrirood k Haa 6 17, Fl'her, liana y ft Oo k R u uuLctirani na Mar ? ft Kiabtr, tMi> or k ?'? 23ft 1H, A K.le t3fr 3U, Ward k Co M Juoa ? 0. Ctarfea. IMf* k Oa I A 1. , Fiaber, Deaai k Oo lift (iom" ??ur Mem* 1*0 17, a Kyi* . m 10, A K;le tut .3, Ml HI ftlo (KM) lad Hlate i 16,?*.0 da, . . . 12.000 Virgiiiia a a. . vr> '.kix o do....M9. ?'? 25, COO do a <IO '?4 VNKIh nfl'a 7ft.. I0"> IIOO .S \ fl'a 02 . . M <*? lli"?ourl >i a a It 00 \ Caiollna ft'a tO>*> liar I at MlH.a.1 1WI0O trie Honda * t 100HI <lo '7!V lixxjai <)o bit ftooo '>?> ...e 4000 do 2<iui I'auma 111 at la 102 2000 ,N J Ce? UHMoa 'J1 2600 111 < aa Fit IV. 74 ODMal do 6000 do . avi > N ( ? n I'l' II M'o do h: lOOO'l NV ?'#a T a,|rf?i 1000 <? aaoo io 'm k'NIO I bikltk la Hltb T.I 4 . aba |>- All Mok 114 VI In Wo 114'; 10a>o led B4 ltd <K< 2 6 I'heoil liana . ... |0? 70 Mer 1 ? Hk 6 lib Mate NY 16 lib o< Cam.... 20 C< ro Ki lit nk 10 ( votloental Haak 101 60 r intaa Co P', aea do t ?; 100 <lo M 2-1 ?? 200 Nia Tiaaaii Co. .. 1 7 ? i Wl do a l?'a 46*1 do ... ITU Mark Ruhaa(e. * >?? ?? I IS, IH-.4 'M aba I 'a i IO, Iici'i 100 lo .. .boO l Ml \ 102 H4 * - 74', ;4 17 >. I"0 100 10 600 do ... 100 do..,. IO" d" .... <M I'ean ' oal ( loo 4a.... bOO 17H n ?lo-iO K York 6 a >6 600 III ? -n ?r Hd? 6**1*1 to l'?RY<eolfal7 a "on do 1000 Miaaoorl ft'a '?O aba Mar ) i Hi N Y Ceatf *1 HK H?i If. a **> '? 4<. 1 in Ckatoa to... . . 2>?I MO 4<<i Mr Tr '? . .b -6o .ro ?j?o 60 Pane <1 Ca tM' I" and < lit f'.H 10 4o boo 1 01 fi CW'D |f*l 71 70'; ? a M OB't X % m*} 17 m 17 'a 101 ?l '< 1). 7Mt Oil * lb CI Co. 10 2" i do I 'ai do loo Jo 6u do . ftO do 601. 41 ilill Miaft. io ( leee, > a r.o rr ioft^ U\ . aa 36 a. 10 36 1( avj 16 H; av) .ia b'o ja b4 V.W 200 I I ( antral UK a. I? N \ ( -'Itral KR. 740 lo .. ?3 l<*? Ao .TjO to ?kO d > 660 Krto HI'. lit* ** ? : v air, oa . .aft I'M O&o lio I'M 100 . . alO 60 da 300 Harlem KR 1? , RK 16ft in . IN la Sfta oo 200 .to ... 100 do n% ,u i' \ .at Vi\ aa o 14 lot v.s alO \ ...* 44'ft TO'; 76M ... 70 UM 78 ??*? 7ft bid 7ft I'U /OO do bo 6" Miab ' ao Kit bft ft Piaa-na I' nl/oad 4 da 14 Nortbem la Kit VO fe? A i-itu Kit I . Hal A ' I'U a. .TJ I Tea A T-4ato PK 26 Cbi k I k ia KR *JH 5 ^ t ( t _ ^ 'ft I II 6 ft.eb i fa IM lei 1* *?% ?l 71 11 H a* ' mbll al. to . bid ?Okao. ; >1 at too T? to . . 100 to t'lO K, .HP a/>0 In 01 da 20" Oo 10a do 2A4 do ?AO lla I K. r?r lift A Jo ..a ?ft IM'kat fnr'4 6'. fi- a l '.? KH loft la va l"? J? . . ?i Ukt a O ?'K .14 ??% *<k 47 47 if !2? 47 4T ?tk A T? *?<? 7ft?i 7ft* UTt 1IMUK RUriWl. Mtauav, >ak U-* r. M M - n all ??>< ?/ |?t? w*r? report#* at pna*a. >>? - lb?i> aaa ? IrtUf i^mtj |?r aaporl. ? ?'I ?!?"?( 'W? traaaartlmaa a?ra S,"<JO * I *MM| far MfnH f*i I ??/ in*? I < ?l M-M|W I'M braa4? a? I* VI a la a>>aaa lata af afarkar wU at a Irda ?.aAa? II Jt Waatara braala *n'-4 ilf ll?iM V? fat -xanana aa-1 gmi bfa*4?. i?l HHilll M aa4 ? 'I l 111 "In 0NM* rWa m ?. I .r Ifea 4*; ??vU \ it al??at ? ?l I WMi , laelaJal I* vara alan IWiit W Mai*. < avaltaa at l< T? a IV la Wua-1 lalalDMllll NxiWiahwUtiUat l? ?; a ?? 41 lot rmmmtam V- nal, *a4 ?' .1 a 110 JT l?r faa'j aa4 aitra ? kaal Tha ?? ?? ankifat ? VN bi>k*U < I aa al>:'?. 4n'f p*A il ?'; U, a?l t'? te. all ta I* ?- M Cats 'al*# ?m 'Mlaal <a aaaoa 10 nM a 11 0?l Waabala ta-jtbam raik>? at |l a II ?. lya *ai 4(11 II II 21. (kti **i Im al tl< a Mr ff Jaiaaj id uUr I ??< f./rtWaf* Ufa lam a*4 ?>?a >*>aal ?? ?? ?a' bi^al raWa af MmU Java war. aaa la a I U 4'' . aa4 ft 1 . aa aa <. at ?* M 4a i?? .ifi< al W'| TW **j*a *1 tu< aaraljbt talari . ? Italia aa'a la imm aft k? larUa* I '/TT* <.?-!*? aaiaa ral<l?>4 aM?l 1,1*1 kairr pan l? tr?a? t 1 1b??a u?> lr??? t (all ????*? a? U>a rar?<pt af tlx Atlaaf ''a aaaa af a Wa' ,? Ik m aUI??| aa-1 tr>aat fra-!?a llai tn -K'n > k* aal ?a(a?aaa?at* Mfkt Ta L> irffMil akavt I WW ? I*. ' ?? Vaakala V wl at?* >i|i|it aU> a lu? ?? a* la WO Uaraaa larf alia; 1C>? kaira al Uataaa ? far at IW patina la* b?aaa ba aa al 17a M awl !<W V* kaal a* la Taa ? ?a aa'l. af aa* t/? f *?'iaa 7? llaara aal Haraailiaa. ?*la vara a*l.a?(r t la Hoaxa M ka-aa bapa. al V . aa l I' 4 )<M> p--,., ?i? at 2a tVra ?a? aa ttiaafa la l?lna ia rata* M < a ilar a a run K^a. al >4 '??aa I? ?? * ?? *"? "*?*? ?* at K. ? tat VM lw art 4 f ?! ?* ??1 * ^ ,WM* Vt iar i at lit* . _ril>i ^ l.? kbto *?? f*flraaa ???? aaia ?? .r- aal ?"> ?**?*?! a?M <??* la pf aaa #4 it St H*' H# <| n mi NlNtf It V '? UrMiVM ? trf tm*' ?* i 44' 'i#^. to* J ?' Will Til^r -avmaa T? ryral aa ??? al I aal Ul ?t W M ? I. < I. . <rt. Ml* 4a;/ ?a4 aa aa aai**parto*1 4W, . ???* *?(?*'?! ?v?.t ir m? aal ar,i pa*k a Wta at lit tT a tl) (ka*?f ?? ik? lat'ai ?gar* '.?? a?a. aaa it IIIMi III It aa* aaa | naa al ab" ?! II"- ?, a~?4 IM aaa al??4? far ?! (aa4a II wa M ? -?a-l ii/aMl.fa CVralaa^ lair M a?a| ? t ? ?aia* Maaaa al M tiarraa V araaaai k**f kaa* ??<? *1 l?J 1 at aaaata ?**? >a |?1 Haii' Til Wim -I W'i-'H HI kama aabl at V 191 1? W-? "if ?*., al *H? . *?4 M !*??? a al kaaa al **'? ?"? aaikwfal a?l vara a* a ?- l lk< ia %? Hot* rata aala. aiaaa m*4a .? <a,f . Ma *ar ,r- talwaa'a a?4 at |' \? ta W?a itlfHlaU, ? ? 'iln ??

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