Newspaper of Evening Star, May 18, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 18, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. Hiss.?"The pages of oar to-day's his torr will be fall of Hiss" said old Roger, throwing doini tho paper he had beert reading." "Can you tell me," said he, why the present time is like a certain stage in a woman's life? " This was asked of the Brahmin Poo-Poo, who wa? watching throngh the window Ike's ef forts to inveigle a cat into a slip-noo?e hung over a hole in the fence. The Brahmin, as he stroked his long beard, said by the power of Buddah, he could not tell tor the life of him. It fS because it is the Iliss-torical period." Mrs. Par tington, who was darning a stocking, laid it down in her lap, and raised her needle to a perpendicular, like a lancc in re?t. "Did you evtr sec sich deings?" said she, "it seems as if folks had eat shame and drank arter it. There don't seem hardly virtue enough in our house of reprehensibles to save 'em from the fate of Sodom and To-morrow. Only look at 'em," continued she, with her eyes on an imaginary conclave somewhere near the centre of the whitewashed ceil ing, "one half of 'em investigating the doings and undoings of the other half, and heaven knows where it will end. If our blessed old commonwealth wasn't agin anything Catholic, she would take a j/urgatory and wash the evil otf." She stopped hertf, and chargtd home with her needle on the blue lines of the foot, old Roger and the Brahmin walked out in search of recreation, while Ike con tinned his experiments in natural histo ry.?Boston Post. Somebody says that a woman abandons her opinion the moment her husband adopts it; even in church, the women sing an octavo higher than the men. in crdcr not to agree with them in anything. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. K*mi Leijv For Days. Piltie .....Liverpool....New Fork..May 5 Union Cavre.^.M.Jtiw York..May 9 Alma l?o-ton Liverpool...May ? A?n?-nc? Liverpool.... Barton . .May H Atlantic New Vorfe...'.ivcrpof^ ...May la N> rtb Star....~....~Jla*rr ???.?????? Ntw Vork..May 19 ?7-The iTaltfornia flteamrrs leave New York on 5th an.! Stiiii of each n.'irsn. AiwUVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS Satloual Hot s!?r v. witnii r??l J C Lr.jrn^, Md J XV Maxwell,do a II N< do li VVliitueavy and IsJy, ri C dwiize. l.a Mass C K J' bow mi, Pa S B Grice, Pa , <2 T S..r!slnn, eli-.Uun P German, Md Tr >C| ?' Com Gtfcin'er, U8N J R'.ndoff, do Mij1 Crow, UI F WHt-oc*, ?l > ? >r ?"r?. La 11 Col! din, do A Fivaiitaia Si lady, NI Mr* Eictnu i- n, da K XV l.btw St lady, Md MUe A|>' t?lin,. o ?11 Tyler, do Mi*" Luivug ?'<? J Bawe*, do Mils l.oui-e, Jo B Wbelan, Ala *\imi li urcnu't, do C G Wile, NY F P-alter, do f s? Lanahurv, do i* t' . ?.!???.-, Mil tV R (laUokes. O T P sJnallcio.?, Va W G Wtiin iall, Md Ertir ui> Metal?t- p. k ?. pro**, J llbVs M*l II Wilaoa & *>n, Md p B Ao* . v'a IJ VV de Bolle, Pa >V a * \V H fti^fcop U lady, Va A M D?. IVy.lcr 'ndy, V?' 8 Sampaton, Kasw NV * Mo I.aim , do Ti K I r'n.!.1, O X G *tarkW?stber, Pa J K ?!.?>, d ? r P Cum ? &. la'y, NY J DTavior, Va F Goeli & lad;,do I. I'ip , KI T G Nordo, NG J (j muiiii(I iijTVnu II S J< rJaa, Cal jt i\V t. n. ^:d J I.eenn~rd, Mass *? Foribbc, ?l'> J FuwU, Md I Uoj.-it^, 'i tTTi VV lWrry, do K Peui>rll &. la :y, Va H Lmia^ry fc laily, Mi J V L%r.i?id a .u ?ejvaaf, H P L'.mn, XX u ,V.l J WooJIe, do IJ Ijcht-sib* r*> V S A Sclifiiuckrr, Ta J M Ali?;i?, Va MLm Ss A Allec, do ii i i -g Wlllardc* Kstal?h. a. a j. c. wiluib J P llarriww, Vn E !>avi^^. dai.-glil- r and II i: l.f-i'4! fit l?lr,flj Iieicv, Md Mi.-* Gunui-on :;6d C T Wil.j a fn;i, J| itji ?''? r)r I.M -?y. lady &. child Mi<- K do lto:i W VVright k dau?li Mm- K t'M.vfiirl, l'o i.t, N'J ?' A r, Pa S A Uiekner, Va J I \ifc -, o J VV Hpeacrr. lady an J P A Uta-naJe. Pal ton 4i l'*<-a?t?-r, Pa I>r Willianw, U5A > Hill, jr NV II I. Snivih & lady, NY '' !' Vi Oiriiiirk. Ill VV (' Hoerr, do I rT ^1 Waireii at fam I'oi P!ynpti.n USA i?T, Mi? IIP Hall, do O U i:\iii*-i, (,'iaJi ?<'? ti'^-ocd liowie?j. n. & a. EttTwona. V M t^r, Pa j; K I! ik?-r, M n A I> V? arttfti. \l:i.-i T S liuk' r. ?!<> V I. I.oinr, M M l*;?-|.ir. NV J '? 1W.1.?. !I,\V ?: M -.Jak. i ?>n, Md II V I.aot. Mrt-.-t J || S!<?aa, d*.? J .M Uou -ri^, d > K D.inl.y, |?rl J C .ii'i'li, P.i W Hollaed, c'o L, L? I..ark, .M.l VV L Moala^u*1, do t atltil ftmleM iiultl?i.r. RirutT, W iluMiatoa, NV C F KauM. y, Va J S Anion & i uu-hUr , J A Itrid.'flautl, /nj Ind C i.'cug. Va li VV*lk?-r bL laly, \'V J J Phillip*, \JJ .? F fiimrm*. Mi* P Jai kv.n, Pa ?; IV liutebior, F!a S & Carter, la ' O Itlmk. u A PrROrR f ATIOK S, Jtc. f Continue! /ron Sujr..:etsraf.] i > ti.e J lut i*i>i''utka f r tbe*-f c! Juznts Uagliea. F r &ach i-LiLiag as ?aa farcirh^d l>y kin to a e.?Hi;aiiy ct *o?unt?^-r#, en iWKcJ m ih^ rvr' wtr. cou ?ua .itt-J tirst fcy Itpldo Aiexacdor b.RiaJfir .bid alt.-by ( i?i? t.Un Jtty *d. .M::lx,a. {;Llk&uitr j ry the joint r?-?^lu i a 1 r t!;e i?!? I of Jed lit n* y F r tLe >e* cf th* : a:J Joe' ll?;r.ry lijcr a* ju Ige iwlrtcstf in the rr^t ai'ri In f e:*iii.'i#* rcijii!i;:a-l by i*ol. AJ?>x?r.<Jer b. llradf>rd, ie- lit auioiiut *ti-h htsWeu paid * r. .ii lijtr icr L;h b. f*i e3 at a privat-; i a iaad ct.cip*-.y 6 jO 40 27 lh?-j >-ut r <?c> aHo* mi np^roprla'.im fcr lh-> jui. a ?? r.f t*rrit'.r:-?l libraries. F r tL?? pai'-baae of tarTft rlal libiailn !cr ??e*i oftheTeirit ri-j cf Kan?us ?n1 N bra^:a LJJCjQ 00 Ey :b'j/nt ve *lu ir-n taukin* epfroprialion frr |^? piymeo' cf tli"?- fatit ?d to tha boo?fita\ i ?*.- r- ?> u of tie IIcu?e of P.eprrs-'iita'irHa'cl t^e Foiled Ma'th tLi il, ti.htren l>a .Cied an' lif y fire, sot extra toui;?*n? .ii;u to pv>s f?.lJ?-rj and oth?-rs. For tl.r paym-r t of t e ma Tft?4 by tU H< qm ot l>pr.*B*iitat:Tfs, March tu.rd,rigbtcn Ijacdredai.d fl ty t<re, tor th*e paynaat cf p*?p?. Ibld ra, enl oiler najljjcr?. [:udefioite J 7l^T4,3i7 00 r.TTAPlTlLATICN. f'. v ., dljl : latin and mire Ita-.roua.. 7,265,91'J & Ara-y ft>r"C.a kvi-3, iliiit?ry Acade my.*" 12,571,4 0 t4 dt;?rirc^t, baval, rticiu tVcar7, en I ottrr jea?i r.r 4.4*3 IM 10 LVOl^OVI ?3 1 xt Otr, * |S.'.U6tM4 C6 * kv ?n ? . itn ca 1 ?vrri e 3.674 4f S T?ii?.de,> 7,750,000 00 71,574,357 00 II.?CFFICE? C?.TA?n> A\D TU* RIKi 111JCK k'OF. By t!> a t (cbrp l)f>r ib* b^ttar p-rserration of ii.t- a^?l pr periy Ir m r ?<ci. ak p?>.?cked 0% t^e rr. tl lt?- UcPwJ St-tfS lvt?p r.. of ii Jit b- u * iiatirr* en the c^astp ol T/s n iri.ri I ?ii<i New ZtTrMJ, aafl h ^ wto itail -i?*e pc??r-end p-rtrm tb? 4atin< * f , n 1b<'.?>et r o'eu?tcirs autacr-i d t?? be tp olnt id. ?tr i kc-?f?-r t -rvc i?f a eom.aisatifcn not ex buain-J doll rs. I v tb? act l ?p a ) to crct'naa in force, for ? i ui. '.'in , tie jr vin.oi.8 of ih* a t of <'ot -.-r??cr Mac1 3. ^51, acd lbo?* oid lectin ol il t-ho? p".u*eut Jac uary Id, Ifeil, so M to en ?|i tb?- > * J cf Und r ?r< Jn Cilifor ? ?- o r'C' ? r%p':r adjt'i eatio: 8 rf private land t;? ia t- a' S ate, ?r.<! f r ether p<vpCMi '1o.-t . - tuj ?Tlb- ncr htra di t-^ct oi *',l '< lata iu'W:i") vo tmpVy a.<?-n? a?t <otn?el j. ? < !x't tiot ixe clir g .b'te II no aid .-Ix buo vrc-b re !?< r aicuu, aud lot ia ts than twt -Z?Zn?A\rmrrn'*iin* ** W? hundred d ** m a:tl; ,h? offi ** ihui created j tnit?> z to one yar. By the a t (e*ap.M) to divide the Stite of Illinois a v-,4 * Cmtrltt ja^pe, for 'he ^uthon district of Illi nois, au borised to be appo:ntel at an auueal salary of twmity.eT? hacdred dollars A J strict ?(t ?ney. a it arahal, and a r'erk fir tte soath?ra district, autboriaad to be d. Hjr the act (chBp. 63) to diride the State of Ohio itr.o two jadidal d stiicts, nod to provide for holding th? dis'r'.ct and c:rcuit courts of tko Uni te! ?tat<*s therein. A district authorised to be appo'n'ed for the north?rn district of Oi'o. who s!ia;l he al 1 wed t* e nmo <? unpen Ration allowed ly law to the -. ju > cf tie district e .Urt of Ohio ] A marshal an I a dDtrlct a t>rney authorized to be appoint*! for the southern district of Ohio, whoE* emoluments s'.all ho ths ??*me aptt>*ta!niui to the said ctlieoi in th; district of Ohio. By tb*?ct(c??p 11J) toeataViah tfceeffieof fur veyo- general <f Utah, nnd to grint ?aad fcr rcb- oi and ueivers ty purpose Oee surv-yor gcn?ral lor U'ah ti bi appiln'ed, at an annual salary ci three thousand dollars. By the aek (?ha*?. 122) *o establish a cocrt for th? lr?T?stift*?ion of c'aimG a>aTnst the Unltfd Stairs Thr?n juices mtfccriz.4 to 1e Rpp?iated, at a :-a ary of f'u*tbon and dollars p<r?nnura each; a solicitor author zed at a salary i f tbTeo tbcu aod tirei hna-lrel dol'ars p??r annum; a chief clerk authorized to be nppoiatel by th? court, at an aa Lual saUry of two thvusanl t oil in* per annum ; an as-istar t clerk authorised to he a'r-oloted, at an *nuu>l g.i'a y of fif e?n hunlred c'olars: a m ssea geral.o aatboris-d to be appointed, at an annual salary of ? ight hunlr-d (Jo lars. By the act (chap. :&4)to establish an additional land diftriot iu the f t ?te of W i-consin. A register anl a r?eeiyer aithoria>J to be appoint ed, to rec*ire the compen alion provided by lav in other cases. By the act (cNap. 138) to establish the cdltofmn districts ot Cap-? Perpe'ua and P'rtOrf rd.'n (he Territory of Oregon, and to fix the salaiies of the oflice's of tve customs therein . A co lector to be appelated fcr ea h o? tbe distil;t? of Ope Perpe tua ai d Port t'rford, to rocclve ea h an (tnmiai salary of two thousand dollirg. Deputy collect as aitborized to be appoint d for each of th' * po: U, at the dir c etion of the Secretary of the Tr a?ury, who shall alro fix their roap?n?a t:OD, no^ to exceed the rum of one thousand dolar< per annim fi?h. The fc'erretary of the Treascry auTh jrtxed t - ippo'nt one clerk U r et ch cf si 1 i c? 1 l-?ctors at sn annual rompensI'.ljn nat exce-dlnu' fifle-p hi nlre<l dol ar? rach. Tfce Srcretar? of th- Trea?ury a>o authoti?-?d, on Ihe ncniratson ot rai 1 "collecttrs, to appo nt fcr raid districts a competent number cf w?igh r.% gnaf-r*, stid measurer-', at a compensation not ?* < ee ?ix do lars p?r day ere j; rnd such numNv of imj-wt rs a* be shall deem euedient at a con. p#r not exoe- ding four do lart per day each. I'y the act (chap 13?) to amenl an act to estibllhli a land -i strc: in the Pt?ts cf Floride, t"> bi cal'ed the di drict c f Tampa. A re i t. ratdric irer authorized tobeajpointel, to rcc ire the c mp^ni&ttoo acd cm tureen's rrc scrihed by 'aw for other land cfilcers ia Florida By tbe ?ct (elrp 132) to establish a circuitoourt o' the L nj'ed S'at^? in snl 'or the State of Ca'?f rr i ? A jula* of the ci-cuit 'ourts of :lie Uoi ed Hues, f ?r j.Jie dii t i ta of Caiif irn^, autbo:iz^l t> W pp points, who shall hi au horizel to upp^int a d# pi ty The taiJ clerk to b< crttLd t> ree^re double tli f es a-'.owtd to tbe elr,k for th? soj'he'n distrtcrwf ft'ewYork. 1 h?sal-r/rf thr j-d^3tobefour thcu> tcafi .r liundrrdd 11 ire p^raQnuf?. Ry th? ret (chap 133) ?o r^njed 1 the dip'oicat'canl coosnNr fygtem of the I'nitel States. Tit f.iiowsrg eorrj - e.\t aordinary an-1 mlnist rs p!en poteatiary au Loriiel to bi apjoiutei for the .- untries Sed, who f ball recelre tHe aniual ccnijKn a'irn hereafter m^nt'omd: ?ieU Britain, seventeen thou and five hundr d dollars. Fran e fit'een thcu?and d llari. P;'?in, twtl-e thousand d?ib>rs. i ur-ia, t*ike that sand dollars. An-t:ia, tw-lve tfcf.usan J dolUra. 1 ru^iia, twe've thousend dollars. Switzerland, a T?n1hors:md f.v.< hundred dcilars Pome, s^r. n tfcou?and five hutdrtd dollar*. Nap es, reTtn thousand five haodrel t^ilirs t artlinia, feven th-M-jsan-t fiv^ burdr^d dollars. PeUium, srvea tbocsand five hunirrd dollars Hoil'-nd. ?ev^n tho :*aad five hnae'red dolla's. Portutral, hiTen tt o j and fivn hundrrd doll rs l>enoark, fev^n ihiu-'a*1'! fiv<> hrn 'r?J .1 11 rs. hw?den s-v?-n io.ipana five lioid td *fol ar? T :rkfy. n?n? Oossard d? liars. Chi^a. fiueeu tboaiard toilers ISrazil, t?e ve thoasand oo la s. P?-ru, t-n thousand dollars * Chili, nin-i tbousaid d jliars. d ilarn,il" Republie-,CV;D thousand five hundred j Greta?la, ?eToa 1h u*nd five hundred <!o! Bcl'via, ?even thcusand fiv bund ed dollars, 'coaler ?;ven thousand five hundred dollars. Y?n zaela, tcven t' oa'and fiTt' burdr d d lUrs Orratein-la, ?eren ura^d fivchun1^ed do'a^, s<?ren thcu atd five huidrcj dfl 1 trs. Mexico, tw lri thou-aul dollars. 8fci*ta*if e of legation nuthcrized to be apjoiat el ior tbs r.'spettive Biij'kn?, to rccuvs the tala ri. * ?pe ifiri: ( r-nt Britain. ? wo tko jp*Ed tiv^ d liars. Fr^acf, two thousand t?o fcuadrtd and fiftv do'Jars. 8ja n, two thousan.1 two hundred do'lars. Ros->la. two -tiousaBd dollars. Austii-,'wo tboCFanddollars. Prtt'si.1, two thonasnd dr llsrs SaitrerUad oueihoifand five hnndrrd do!la s. one thousand fivj butd'ed uol'.irs. Naples, one thou-asd five hundnd dol'ars. ;ardin:a, one thousand tiv ? fcundrnl d?il*rs. Pelg uiu. one tlnu>an'l fivr hundred do'lars MHiauf?. ore thoufand fif- huuSrel dollarn ' ? or*ugal one t&ou'ard five hundred dolla e Denmark, one iboosind five hundrtd dollars. ca* th usa>id five hundrtd doilarj. BiazC, two th'us.'ind holla's P? co, tao thousand ''ol ars. L'h'li. on? tho is nd fir?? hundred d'llla s Ari<rn iae repubdt', thousand fire huii'red dollars. Ntw ( rftaJa, one thoufand ?re hundred dol l;rs Bolivia onethOB6acd five hunltel dollars 1 cu tior. f>ne thousand five htindre-l do'Nra Ven'zueta, one thou-and five htnir d dcll<r3. Guatemala, one the (Maul fi.# hundred doilars. Nicaragua.crt* tbons.ud five hundroJdol a s. .VifrsK-o, t?o thousand dollar*. A con,miflfioi*r to th* HjnJalrh Islan's KU<hor ired to be appoiutej at au aauual salarv cf?-1x thou randdolias. ? A,aJ,?U:rPr?t''.r to th< mi.r j n In China a^tlior :zed to ke Kpp in tel. at aa annual ralary of two ibouffut hunlr^d doll^rF. A dvag.-Diia o 'he mis-^n to Turksy authorized at an annual salary ol t*o thotvand tivw buadr d dollars C nsu a (not renal'tad to trarp ct business) tu thor z-d to h. ai p-^inted at the following places, to re. ite for th ir services the coop^csat.oti specified for taeh : GtlAT BRITAIN.* 1/ibUdd, Scv n thoisand five hur.dred d< l'ars I^verf-fol. reven ihou^ciEd five hundred dollars. Glasgow, four dollars. L)uu 'ee. tv?o tLourar d daliaia New as le,ene thousand fiva hundred dol'ars. - I?<ds on* thousand five hundred dollars. liel-Mst, two t^oui-iind dcilars. Uorg Kon^, tbn^e thru dclltrs. Calcutta, three thousand five hundred dol!trj. ii<?l!t'4X, tw j thou-and dollars. ftMiourue f ur thca>and dollars. Nhe su, two tlousiad dollars. KiDgs'.on, dauiaica, ta'o thouiurd doi!a:s. HOLLAND. Xloltard-m, Iwo thoufand dollari. Amsterdam, (te tiu usand dollars. PRUfSrA. Aix-laChapelle, twenty five huru'red dollars. ' FRANCE Paris, fivo thousand d. liars.' Ilavr*. five t: ou aud dollars. Mar fllles, 'wo thousand five hunJiad Coll ?? Bor^t.aux, two thousand dollar.-. L- oris, ocf tLcuiard dollars I-a Rochella, ore tT ous^nl do'.lara. Nan'.ee, cue thousaid djilars. ? , ? SPAIN. i Cadiz.fift?on bun-reidollars. MaU^a, fi t?--n hundrel d' liars. Pt. J gn d- Cuba, two thousand dollars, i Mstanzas, t'>e< thousand dollars. tt John's (P. P,) two thousanl dtllarf. '? r;n dad de t'u' a thr e thouae.nd do'lars. Prnce,(P. R. ) one thousand lira Lunurrd Col I lars. I Havana, tlx th- us*- nd Collars. tortcoal. 1 isbrn, fifte n hundtel d lUrs. . > Fun. ha!, fif.ecu hundred doilarj. BELGIUM. Antwerp, two thouiacd fiv? burdred dollar', , RUSSIA. 8f. Petersburg, two >b )crand fiva hundred dul > !ers. I K.VMA^If. Ft. Theirs^ four thou-and do'!ari. Kisiueur, fifte n hundred dolla a ALVTRIA. 1 Ttlea'e,ts o thocsa-d dollar*. War.a, one th , u-aad dollars. SiXONT. teen hundr d dollars. ! ? , BAVATIIA. j xGn'ch, ore thoofaid dclla-g. H4N8KAT C AND FREE CiT 1MB. Br*n>e-i. tan th< usacd <loMar?. I Hamburr, t *o tbi uaaad dollars. . T , ..*'J a^"IFJHT-ON 'Hf-M \INK. r ?a--.! .* ih?- Grand Dachyof Hess- Darmstadt, , tb?- *1 ctorate o' lleefe-. esse I, the Duchy of Na? sau. ard the dgrav ati of ll? e UexUurg, two > th u-,nd do lais. WURTRMRURG. Btuttjprd1, ose thous^nl dollars. FADEN. Carlsrue, one thousand df liars. SWITZERLAND. ?aa>, fl Uen hundred dollar*. Zuikh, fiftean hnn Ired do'lars. Geneva, fifteen hundred dollars. PA1D1NIA. Genoa, one thousand fire hundred dollars. TUSCANY Leghorn, fifteen hundred dollars. KINGDOM OF Til C T?0 8ICIU13. Naples, fljt*en hundred dollars. Palermo, filteen hun<Jr?>d d ill us. M-s.dnj, one ih.iusin 1 d )llars. TURKISH DOMINIONS. I Cors'aitinople, two thousand fire hundred dol ' lam Pinyrn*. two thou.=aad d- liars. Beirut, two thou-and dollars. Jeru <al-n>, on- th,uani dollars Alexandria, three thousand fire hunlroi dollars DAUBARY RTATR8. Tankers, two thousand fire hundn d dollars. Tripoli, ivo thousand fire hundred do'lars. Tan n, two thoi^anl fh<> hunlred dollars. china. Canton, thr*<? tho.isan 1 dollars Sua gns', ihrie thousand do law. Anry, twattv five hundred dollars. . Kouc ?ow, two thousand liv? hunlr-d d d'ars. Nlpgpc, t to tioisand fire hun'red d 1 ars. JAPAN. Sim^da. Ilakodall. FORNEJ. Eiui i. PANDWICJ ISLAND3. HosoTu'n, four thousand dollars IIAYIT. Fort-au-Prlnw, two ibou and dol an. City of fct. Lom'.ug f. fiftetn hun.'red dollar*. MEXICO. VrraCruz, thrie tfiouisnd five huxdrel dollirs. .Acapulco, two thoveat d dollars. CENTRAL AMit'IIC K. Tan Ja?n del Nor:*.^wo th uacil d? Hem. S in Juan del Bur, two th >uaand dil'a:s. KLWQR4NADA., three thcu anl tire hundred dollar-. Aspinwa'l, two tVunml five hundred doi arj. VNNEZUKIA. Laguajri, fiiUcn hunlnd JoUsrs. BRAZ'L. P.'o <?c JtnMro. sis thcu?.nl do'l?rs. Pernamtuco, two th usacd dal ais. ARG EN TINS REPUBLIC. Buenss Ay res, two thousand dollars. PERU. Callso, t'aree thousand fire hundred d.llar?. CHILI Yalj araiso, thres thousand Jo!lira. Consuls and rommsrcM agents authorised to bt aj.poin'ei for the following places, to receive th* ?pe<*iii-d compensations, who shall be permitted tc transac; busint-ts: GREAT BRITAIN. Southampton. one th ju.'and Bristol, one thousand dollars. L?itfc, oa? thousand dollars. Dublin, one thousand dollars. Cork, one thousand debars GaUay, oi.etlru and <Ji liars. Bomb?y, oso thou:-and dolle^s. Si-. ira-cre, one thous-ind dcli> rs. Gibrjl a-, s?ven hun^rid and fifty dollars. Isl of Ma:ti, one thou^cd dollars. C; pj to*D, one Thonsa id dollars. Pert leuis, one :h usaul dollars 11. J jhc s. B.,) one th^u^a^d dollars. Pic cu.OLe thousand Jo.l i s. D-mararj, on* th u sed dol ari. Sidtev, oiiti thou and dollar?. 1 .lkland I?lirds, one thousand dollars. Hobart Town, one th> utaud dol ari'. 0 urk's 1'Uiid, one thousand dollars. Barbaloe? oae thousaad dollars. )slind ct T.iuidad, one tioutaad do lars. St, Helena, ca^ ;Louiand dollars. bt. Cl r siopher, one tbous tnd dollars. Antigua, o^e ihcu(und d- l'ars. Btrmuda, em thousand dollars. Ceylon, one t.ousatd dolla:s. RUf SI A. Odr:sa fifteen hundrtd dollars. GalaUa, oae thousand dollars. PiLANOK. Mnrtini^Ui, seren bundriu and fifty dol'ars. it iquel >v, C6Ftn Li nire-J and flity dollars SPAIN. Barcelona, SrT?n hundrtd a%d fn'ry dol ars. Manilla, sere a bundled and f l'ty dollars 101TUGAL M; cjo one thousand dol aro. Mczambique, ^cv^n hundred and fifty dol'a:s. Fayal, ser n hundred a'd fifty dollars, fct. Ja/ocaje Ve:d, ie?en hundred and fifty dol lars. IIAXOYER AST) MSW BRUNSWICK. IlaiOTe:1, fire hundred dol'ars. MEJKLENBSBG-fCHWERIV AND MKCKLEV BBFG-3TitELlXZ. S.hverin, (We Luudioidt l arj. OLDFNBfRG. OlJfnburg, Cre iiua"r-?d dollars. DANISH EOHINIOVS. ( Santa Crnz, Berea hucdreJ atd tlHy diliars. BWED&N AND NORtfAY. Qothenburg, sjY-n buuin-J and firty dallarj. AULTIilA. Veal^, seven hundred and hfty dolltrs. SARDINIA. Spezzia, seren hundre I and tif y dillars. GRPE'!K Athens, one thou^nd 1< liars. TURK I V. Caa<i'a.'f>n* thoufaud doT'ar.i. (yjru , on?* thourvsd d-llti-. IOMAN iHMNiiS. Z.n.e, one thcus nd dollars. AFRICA. M nroila, one thou44i d ik>ll?rs. iitczibar, one thou'sud Jollirs NEW ZEALAND. Fay Jp'a jJs, One thousand dollars. HAYT1 Cape lliytien, cn-? tbeusaid dollari. Aux Cay<s/ life hun :r?l dollar.-. MEXIC3. Mexirn, on-j thouitacd dolla's. Faao del Norto, fi^rt hundrtd dollnrs. Tampico, one thousand dollais. Matainof'S, one tbonsand dollars. Tiibaero, live huud*ed dollars Biazatlan, lire hundred dollars. Tehauutepe:,one thousanl di liars. Manatitlan, one thousand dolla 3. CENTRAL AMERIOA. f>moa an 1 Trux:llo, one th^usan 1 dolUra. Ban dope, Hts hundred dollars. y NEW O'fANADA. Cirfa -era, fire hundred dollars. Sabanllln, five huadrel dollirs. VEN1ZUCLA. Ciudad Bolivar, seven huadred aad fifty dollars. Puerto C?bello, 6ev?rn bund ed and fi.ty d >llara. Ma;acaib?, wnn hundred and fifty eol ars. ECUADOR. Guuja^'ii1, seven hundred and fifty dollars. BRA/fL. Maraulum UliEd, scv?:u hanirei uad fifty dol la's. Rio Grande, me '.housatd dill are. Pabla, tne thousand d liar?. Para, one thousand dollars. URUGUAY. Montevideo, one thousand dolhrs. CHILI. Ta'oabaiuo, on) thousand do!!its. PERU. Paita, fire hundre 1 dollars. luui: ez, five hundred dollars. SANDWICH ISLANDS. L\haini, on?j th>u?ard dol ars. lillo, o .e ihousand do lars. . NAVIGATOR'S ISLAND. Apia, one thousand dollars. POCIETY ISHSD3. Tihiti,Oae thousand dol.ars. FEJZE INLANDS. L n'.Ia'a, oae ttouiand dollars. HOLLAND. Batavia, one thou and dollars. (Commercial agent) Pitnunarib*, flvo htn!r<d dollars. (Commarolal avent) Pa ?nj, fi?e huair.d do'lars. (Commercial ag'nt) St. Martin, firs hurdrcd dollarj. (Comicerelal a^ent) 1 uracoa, five hundred dollars. (Commercial a<jent.) Ccnsu's and rommeraial agones anthor'sed to clujrga the fol owing fees tor the frpeoifi.d lervices: For rtcetrln^ and delivering shfps' papers, haM cent on every ton, leg s e-el ujensu cmsnt, of the Tj-'wl for which the service is reii'irord. For every reanun who may be t}s barged or shlp pelattlieeon u ate or commercial agency, ct in Ihe part In whirti tbey are lrcat?l, onodollar, which -ball hapeid by the uiwer of theveM-l. For evwy o'her eer iti<jktp, except p- ssport', the a and verifl^ Jon oi which shall le frre, two do<l?rs The Pres'de't of the United States authorised to confer thf tttl* of consul genor*! vpon any oonaul ofiLe Utited tuthein Aa a < r Alricj. ByHhe act (ch. 176) making appropriations for the civi anl diplomatic expeoe a ef government for the year ending Jhte 30, I860, and lot other pur posss. An acdid nal el*rk !n ?he rffloi of th? assistant treat urer of th* United States at Boston, a an sn nualsalcry otfUOO ^ A chaplain to tba penitentiary of the District of > (f CalumbU, at $600 p r annum. A third arishnt librarian for Oo&grww, at $1,C00 per annum F ?ur additional principal examined r,f patent*, aod four asaistaat etammers, authorised to be ap pointed, to rwin the o??tnp?nsaUon alknrri t"> oth- r e xavinets by law; atd two oth r examinsr* and aa eUtaat examiners, authorix *d to be appoiaVi, lor ? litrlted tin4, if need be A comal treneral, to rrt!?hi the British North Ameticir ool jniee. antboritod to be appointed, at i n arrual salary of four thou aad dollar* par annum Temporary clerka author!* J to be apprinted by sup?rioteDd-nt of Indian ifftirr, and a nam not ax reeding fire thouiand dolltra, appro;rl ,tei for their o mper nation By the act (ch. 202) to establish Columbus, ia the Stateof Mi*g wdp >i, Chattonoga, in tl e Stat) cf Tenneasoe. and Hick-nan in the State or Ken tucky. puts of delivery. A surve.or of th? customs auth:r's?l to befp pointed at each of thoee porta, to rrceiw the or m Knsatirn and emoluments pi escribed in the act cf ngress approved March S, 1831. By the act (ah 204) making appropriations for the current and contingent ex(e3a*sof the 'ndiari Department, and for fulfil ng t-e*tv stipulation* with the various Indian tritea, for tha year eod inz Juno ?0, IMS. and for other pari ???**. An additional Indian ageat aatsorisal to bo up poia ed for the K?ntu Indian?, at aaancut' srUry of oae tiiousad do!la s. An aUlitxual Tnliau agent eulhtria?d to be ap pointed for the Kick?poo?, at a salary of one th;ua and do lar*- per anuuai. An additi>ral lr.di?n a pent autveriicd to b* ap pelate' f r the D-laTare Ind ana, a; an annual ral | ary iffli'wn tu aired dollars. Fonr ad'i.ional InJIan agent*, an lior'xcl te be appo'nled for Indiana in the State of New York, in Oreen ? ay, Wisoonrin, Seminole) weat of Arkan pas; and I?d<ans in the Territory or Utab ; who e annual ralariei fhall be ens thousand dollars each. By the act (eh. 11V) t) establish as additional land d:str.ct in the Ter: i cry of Oreg -n. A register and receiver autho-ized to be appoint ? 1 fo' a d.s'rict lyicg iw-uth cf the fou'th eta.'da d parallel, compensation. Sir. aha'l ba ibe same as those prefcritej by the act of July 17,1S>I. Fy t*e a<-.t (ch 117) t*> acntd an a<?t to establish a land dis'rict ?n the Sta'eof Florida, t> be oalled iho district of facipa Ibe l' e?ideat or tbe Un'ted State* nuthcria-d t.j sppoi -1 by hu s with th-i ad vie ao i tona-mt of the S na'e, ar-nMersxd rere varfor the laud district called Tampa. who;ecomp neat on, Ic, ata'l be t* e ?ame as tlut pr s;rib d bj law for Oth.r land offi e-wa in caid Sta'.e. By tbe act (ch. 174) ti im, r to Ibe law* of the Dis trict oi ( olumbia, aod to codify tbe ?fcme. Two pe-son*. I'ar.wl in the law, author sei to be eppoint-d by th* I're-ident of the United Mates, by and w th tin a 1 rice ard ccnaeot of th? Senate, to ra?ia*. aimpl fy,d:g?ft, htd co.ify tbe laws or thn Dlft>ict cf O.iurcbn, who shall ea-h ucaife f.r tteir Service? at the rite of tbrv4 thommd dollars per RHuuin. Tl c f eid er.d?to ba submit ed to a V ard, cr> -t ingor five perao-sa /rrm the city cf*tcn, I two irom the ci y cf Ge^r^trwn, and oi.e person in leba f the couoty of Wa*hirg;on, and eprwv-d by them; aEd each memb.rcf the tcard sLsll ceire fiom the treasury cf thi United Eta'ea a rea sonable crmpensMicn for u eir ftrr'.cca. By the a?t (cb. 199) to orgaLiza en for the in June of the armf anl nary, and <f th-j Di? trictof Columbia in :atd Di^irkr. A board or Twi'er*, ccnaiat:ng cf n'ne peraona; iln ottce tote honorary anl without <y)mpeusa I ti n. A superintfnieitor chi?r ex?cutire oHlc r, whe i hill be a w.l! educated ptyskiar, at an aanua' tal.-ry cf two ihousand doilarj. l?y the act ( h IBS) makisg epp opr'ations fir the naval tervice for 'h-* jeir sn :ing J?ne SO, 1958. 1 wo cl*rtca or a^idUntB ia tha natal aa 'orom' cal rxp?:i'Jon, at thj re'e of twelvj hundrsd del* lara per annum while eni^l-y?d. III.?THE OFFICK3 TOE * AbUlIES OF WKICFI iiAVK HKKX INTC1E?S:-D. WITH THE AMOUNT OF SUoU INCREASE. By tbe reaoluMon (N'o. 6) nlat.vj fo ha cocs'rat* tian of the Uwj for the al otrance of aldiilcna rompensitic n to thd rlerka in th* C:mus Burosi The tdditicnal ?-o<npe-sation, which vai graa'ed by the act of Apr 121, 18. 4 ?xtenJed to thj c vrkt tsopl >yel in th^ Cessus Office. By the act ( h. f?6) to d:ri?e the Strteof Ill'mia in'.o tw > j ultchl d a'riots. The ?a'ary ? f th* judg*, b - ;,;ned to lh*> norihern district, rncrcas'd to twarty five hunirtd dollars 1 per annciu. By th^ ac'. (ch. lfG) to inertaae th? C"irp'D8i.tion cf t ;e legiaur* of laud ofiicera and le.eiver, of pub lie. T-oo.ys, uid r the a t enlidet "An act to graduate and :e luce th- p-ie-cf the pHd'c ianti to actual ceVIeri and cuitivatrrj " E-ca r girter aod rec-svar to rece've tbe ?me amoant of rey 5or ivery entry, und??r fa'i act, a* soehoffie r i-? entitled to r<;ce ve f .r similar ettnw of but at th> ir'nimua pri e of on? d*>)l<r anl twenty -life cents p;r ae e, pr vie I. that th* whole amount re?virtd bv each ofHcer shall no eie<- d tL? limitat en tixnd by exiting ,'aws By th? set (oh. 107) to re a!? e the aalarba ef the distri t jr.dg?nor the Cnj'.ei Sta e*. The jukes of the dntiit of the i tstrs c.f Midn ? N-w liampahire, Ternioat. l.hfde Maud. CYun<c ticut, PeUware, Sew Je a-y lows, atid W ?con>i? to feccire two th-'tmud rfcilt s |, pe- a-nom ' j Tiie jud^e . f the no tVru distr p of Fl ii la *o ncaivo twj tiou atd iwj LunJred anl flfly n? | aTnuni. Tha judg?u of tbe western dia riet o* Virgin!* North liaroli-ia, eastern, we t?ra, aud mit'iUe di' | tri-Hof IVote.^-e, ncr li-ru and southern di**re? of Mia.ds>ippi, uert- n owtr-ct cf renrfylvai i* we^t-ru district c.f Lvibiaut, Trxas, Kei.tockyJ Ohio, Itdiana. MU'0;irl, eartern at;d western di--' trie a of, lliino s, ai d Michigan, to r* c i?itwo thousand fi.o hundrtd tfcllaM each uei aunnui. Ibe juices or the diatii t* of O -orgU, Foath Car clina, eanern diUrict of Viiyiaia, nor heru di?tri. t ' t New Yori, norther i aid fljutheru d - r.c:a of A ab.aa, t're^Jeirn two th:us.iid .tv.u hunJ eJ and fifry do'Iara p- r annum. Thejadgea . 1 the ci trie .* of Maryland, M:ts-a 1 rl-n ftU. ??a' "T diatr Ct o! I ern'y v- nia, s ntteru dVt let of Kirr Id,, and e u Lc . u dV.rl.- of CahfJr "ci, Vi invite ?hr>e thmj?nd dol a-? i er ancum. I lhe julg.of the e.atern diatriot c.r r.->u ?hn> to re elTo three (Uvuaai|l live hunJrtd d:llara per au I num. Tha judge or the s^h>rn ^i=;ri t or New Tork Yolk 'o t?;*.?.!ve tbr? e thuu-aui seven liundr-J s.n? fif.y Jol nrg p t innuu. lh* ju ?.'? of the northern d^atrlct of Ca li> uia t) xec i/e fire ih u?3iid dollars per annum. B/ tha acf (c*i. 175) m.kirg apprc.p-iations fjr the C v I and d pl~ma:ic expei>ca oi ^07arnnent 'o I tbe y ar . ndiog she outh of Jute, 18 ? and fo o b*r mrp:.aea The 6uo?po'end *nt c.f pubUa prlut'n' and the cluka t'.J u. ' _* p^r 5n hi .0ic-.-:t!M lllratiani and a? U tt)q 8-njtr in the library ell Ocngr* a, .b ill ?> n'li ei ;o receive <he berufit;o: !be Jfint resolution, ?prro*?d Ju'y2y, 1:41 tlxiae i the cmpmit on cf the le-a'ative *n}ylcy.oj ol | tte got. rni.enf, I ? the f^oie riianuer axil o the I rauie extent ta ofiieers of th? crme gralt in the letr idatixe dep,rtin?nt. /he saUry of the chi?r jus'i. e of thj Supreme Coort rai/edfxm fire ho'^an 1 dol:a'a totdx thom and five hundr d d Uirt per annum The axlarie or tb?-a>-o;fa'e : us ices of tbe fiu I Sreme Court ia'?'d fr w tour th us^nd tlxe hun rH dollars to .ix fhou:anld> lar; p?r annum The annual adarba ot U12 a n>t nt tr-amrera of 1 o.-tou and lit. Louis r?ii<?d frcm two tho irand five hurdred do! ars to four thousand dcl!ar? ejeh. The annua' c raj-e ??ati v o? the chaplain of the penitentiary thai! >e uvu hnnd/ad a >11-ra. The envc va txtraord'.nary and u?lrdst-rs plenip tentiary wlo shaU hi continued without reip poiatment after tji* 30th June 1855, to rcceive the fame wmpent-ation a? the nawly anpoio'eJ envcya and miniatera for t. 0 respective oountr'es that Hme. Tfce clerks in tha Lapartm ntef Stats to bs pUeed on the same fco irg, In regar j to competsaticn a* the clerks In the oth<rexacutiro d-pirtmenla by the j.rnTbicna cf the t^ird *>.? ion of ihi ?ct " makiog appt>priations fcr ine T.:i and dip'oma'k ex ?' n*e? 01 gOTirnmect, approved 31 el M rjh, 1853, and to le clais'tied aco>rding!y. Tec aalarv of th principal e'erk la tut Xa.i ual Observatory at Washiugtonlncreared to fif een bun dr?d dollars p*r ainnm, aod twenty rar cent ?n farmer sala y allowed from I85> Twenty reroent additional eal?ry to be piid to tbe fcffivrj of lhe periten iary In the 1 iatr ct of Ooium .U to 00m mence fr?m the let or July. 1853 Toe fe-s and costa allowed to theolerks, marahale and attorneys or the alrcult ?nd district cotrts of tbe Uaitad Ptatee ia the Territories or Minnesota and Utah to be tbrfsaine a* thoae allowed to tbe aa?re effi *r* in the it vera! States by the act of February JO, lo03. I The eWlta *be vranjh miu of tln CpJud Stf n at New Orleans to r c ivs eigh'oea hu- dred doll,is ,e. a lUuiit v?iary rach from Jjjly 1. l?5l The first aaai tant eraminere in Un I'a'ent Otfi e to be rated m of the fourth lacs of elerks, and the second ?saist?nt examiners, mad-i^at and Uhrarian M of the th'rd class T^e inlarksof the Irdiin ngmts for the Kanw. The compensation or the collector or tie coa'om* at 8 a lus^y, Toli^t), and Cleveland to be the a mo as that of the collesU r at l>et?oit. ?m6 By the a t (eh. *03) vnsk'og ap-rr pristc n* fi^ t'.? Z2ZZX %'?;?i?r?z . JSh?""?"''1'"' tb* ckl'5 ?Kio'"Cod I? ' j<'ulpm,Df? ?ad Rep;ir nxa'e cinil to ?f th' ?tTyyarlat Wash'ng Ion ?? rr. B^ton wlcW#i bj Uw te ,|w P0"^ *? T1mmi!m 5Tlh ?:k' atm PeEr?Cola. n,,rt of,"anorof ,he ^u. oms at the port of Ohio, lllln' is, to be eipht bun ir d dollars per annuo, insttad cf .hat heretofore al oeel. DOCTOR HOLLAND'S CKLEBKATKD (German Bitters rWUD BY UE. c. K. JACKBOI. 1 kilad'a, ftu, till irncTBiti'r cou LITER COMPLAINT, DTSFE1 ^IA, JAUlfDiCl C)5?o* or ***$9, *?*? of* gidntp, and all dieetut* arinng from ? di intend L*9tr or Stothoeh. Such-a*.Constipation, Inward W* ? 1?"?"!; Blood to the AridiV of ????".ttrii: s+lSSTZI ftp A ucnwra,") , . . ?i? - r ? weight in the, Sour Enietation*, ing or Fluttering at die Pit ot *eiT10^*'.^iii mini; C.f the Heut, Httrr ed ?d difficult**r' PluueriBg at the Heart, Clicking or Sutfwann Seu*auoi.s * hen in ? lyin* Posture, Ihm Virion, I* t? of Webs befr,r? the Sight, Fever an DnH Pain in the Head. l>? 6 'iencvcX Penpirannr Yellownae* of the Sk n a nd Eye*. ^?*n_.,n , Bide, I tack, Ofte*i, Limb*, *e-, Sudden Flu-di of Heat Burning in t be Flf ah, Constant Iinagtu uif? of Evil, Hiid great depi easion of Spirits. THE proprietor, in calling tae attention of to public to this prenarati oo, doe* bo with a fee ??is of the utmost confident*: in its virtue and adaf tation to the diseases f>r which it i? recommends It it no new and untried article, but one that lia Kaed the trst of a ten ye?rf-' trial before the Amcri cr? people, and it* reputation and sale u uarivallei by any similar pn par.ttiiau> extant. The te-'tim'wv iu its favor given by tbe a>??t prominent and well K'lown I'hyatMOi and individual?, in aH part* o (lie country ia immense. Tiie following froin Nortl Cat (Una id respectfully scbmitt-d, referring an; who may still doubt, to my "'Memorabilia j" or Pra? tical Receipt Book for Partners and Families, to tx had gratia, of a I the Agent* tor the German Bitten Principal Ufflce and Manufactory, 1HO Arch rt. Philadelphia, Pa. testimony PROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. ft'. A. of Pine Hill, Rich mend Covnty, S. C. Pink Hill, March 4th. 1054. P*. C. M. J*c**ok, Philadelphia?liear Sir: i have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in its worst f Tin for the last five years. Sacti was my cotulition fo twelve months that tne phyt-icians and all who M? me said I must die. While in thi> condition, i wm carried to the watering places in Virginia, Tennes see and North Carolina, but wa< not benefited Im any water to which I was taken. While on mj way home, I stopped a week at RuthtrforcHon, I sind 1 village in North Carolina, to try the effect o some Cbal)t<eate wan r place. About th? last of the wee*, I went into a drug store to ge some medicine for my child and myseif. TLcr were several of the village physician* in the store and one of them seemed to take some interest in mj case, aud, after asking me some que>uons, said h> had been a dyspeptic, and had b^en gr> atly btn? fitted by the u>e of 44 Dr. H'lolKnd's G?rman Bit U-rs," prepared by yu, and he insisted that I would try the Bitt?rs lie al*o called the next day at rn) room, and insisted so much that I would try them that 1 asked him to get me one bottle. He did it and 1 commenced taking it ns directed, and I do taj I was more benefitted l>y it than all the water 3thj medicine i had ever taken. After reaching hwne one of my neiclifiors caine i? me for a prescription and medicine, (he a tic,) and i gave him nearly all the Bitters I had left, which effected much good in his caye. He has often called on me fop more of the same k nd of medi cine, saying he was more benefitted by it than any other he had taken, but I have not U-en able to get ar.y more for him or myself ***:" , _j, ther?? .ore, please ship me a iloz?*n or taore as soon n? poe ?ib!e. fiespeetfuliy yours, W. SMITH. 1). R. hook BR, Roger's Store, Wake Co., N. C., October 24.1653. says:?44 Having eiperienced vcr> great benefit from the use of 4411-Kifland's German Bitteis,;' in Chronic Dyseiitery and functional de rangemcnt of the Liver, and its concomittant evils, I am d?fciroa* of obtaining a quantity <-f it far the benefit of my community. You will, inert-fort , please send a lot. kc. kc. CERTIFICATE OF \VM J. ATWOOH. HrnTaviLLi, "V AnKf* Co , N. C ,Nov. 1st, 1^53. IU. C. M.Jackson?Dear Kir: Aitow n.e to ex presa to you my sincere thanks f'>r \t?ur discovert of a medicine which, to say the least of it, fca? ef fected a cure that all otln:r nn-dtc:ues, that I havi ;aken. have entirely failed to do. "Uooflaiid's Ger man Bitters" have cured me of th* most *tubbo?n and aggravated case of the that, periia;**, evei fell t>? the lot of man My c*m; is n i a i-iratiger in community, as I am well known in this and llit ? ?-unrounding counties, ati J can truly ^av that r. v re covery has astounded all toy friends and relation*, as I had tried everything recommended, and nothinj did me any g<x*l until 1 was prevailed U{*.n to try the Bitters. You are -it liberty to r'nke any ?^e m thid communication, f ?r the benefit ol' the afflicted, you may think proper. Truly yours. WM. j. AT WOOD. Those bitters rtrr erJ'rdy vegetable, they invijoraif and strengthen the ?y?icin, never pr. .-trate it, can b ? u>ed for iufaMs ns vvt II as auahs. For s ?le by respectable dealers everywhere, ?n<l t?y Z. 1). GILMAN, Wa-hirtr??n; J. L. KIDWELL. Georgetown; and J. R. P1EKPONT, Alexandria, mar I?lv OARTMl'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Ttaa G;?at Pstriflar of tha Blood I Ret a Particle of Mercury In It in IngtLUt'Li ltsvxsr for Sc-otul-v King's EriV Fh-voiatis x. Ob^tiaate Cntaneon^ P1jE->1ss or Puslults* on thr> fkc?, Blotchra, B*-ii*. Cbr?ai: Sore byes, Uisg Worta or T?tt r, 8c*Ui Eea.1, Eslart'.eiaeac and Pain of the 13.-aw auu Joints, etubsx.rn Ul^eri, bypliiiitlc Disorders, Luaubzito. Spinal ComrvTa'nt^, nn1 all the diw^v ?rtf*ir<g (iota an ir.jodlciocs uws of \**r~ury, JLax prud :nne in Lift, cr Imparity ct tr e i> ood. I^lilS ?alutt>l? M*de-'ne, m hioh La- ln-ocm* ?!? brAted for the nnir.ber of xtTa^id'aary cur?.^. ?ffeotel through its sgeacy, baj indeed tb? pr^pii ?Uirs, at lh? urg-nt r^juest of ilttri'' fii?udt>, to ottu A to the pnbl:ij ^ bieh th *y do wiib the utiu >ttt ?>.??? Mes:? in it^ Tirht?s and wonuei ful caic-tiv^ ?uti r X!?? f?4-owl!i< ceri4C.-?ira. relecUd hoio a :arg? nuut-.r, a.e, covoftr, u^ikuonr man the mere flor-l cf tbe prcprf tor.-; and ire all Sox g?uti?<n?La veil kne**n in th it locaiitire, aui of th? reap^-UMlity, many of ch?ia res.Jun^ ?a the city of cticbaoi-6. Va. P. BOk'DKN, Kb4,: of the Sxcheigs Hct*l. SLkb taord, known ?Ter7?>bere eayr ht> lias 3<*a ?h* Med* idne called CauTkr'u iPiKuu MiSTuai,a')in>nist??^ in over a hnulrei oa*e?, ia nearly all the di^eai t. .or wbiohit recotaxienJed, with the rcont aatoa UUogly good resn'ts lie sayd it is tha ico?t ax* tr?artl>nary eedlciQe he Lm -rer seen. AUVK rikVSK?ORKAC CUKE.?I hereby ieri.ilj uxat ibr tl?ee ytanJ I had *gae -rd P-vw ?f the moj-t Tioleot description. 1 iia^ flnTe~al Phi dekns, took l?rge ^rantltiw of Qciniae, luercury. ?t?d I bel eve all th* T dI-ss a-iveir.-ed, but ail ?!th >ut p?>riaanent relief. At Uxt 1 uied Carter*! Tpariish Mixture, tw > bottlaa of which effectna:i> sured eg, and 1 am harpy to eay I hare had csitt>M jhilii. or fevers since. I coa'ider it the b??ct Touit in Lhid Wwrld, aud the only ued'eine tb?t tier i*arhcd iavca;e. JOHN LUNGDitN. Bxavui biTca, r.eer Riohrif n L Va. 0. U. LaOCK, ts-j, now ia Ihs uiy ef lii-hnon i ?nd fur many y^ara in the Poet Cfiic<j, has euch ?c6denee in ths eiiorudhing efficacy of Catter*e Spanish Mixture, that h? Las bcr.^bt cpwai-is oi bfc bottles, which he Las givsn aray to the am>f'.?].<? Mr. Lack es7s he Las n&ver knoan it to tail wLac taken aoorrdin^ to ais octiorj. Dr. MING JB. a practising PUyilcLin, us 1 fctaierlT si the CKty Hotel, in the city of Iticiunond, toys L? has wltnee?e4 la * nenber of inetr.nccsth? efl^ts o1 3ar*era bpwieh ia*xtiue, wLiJa wc.-e nte?t truly sarprising. Ue uys fn a case of Ci-<ntumption, d* pendent on the Liver, th j good effects wers won* Jarful Indeed. . 8AUUAL M. DriN iLtlt, of the Gra ef D: laker A Uoi Hp, Uiatancnd, cured cur^l of M^or Com Claint of thr?e \ etar.dlng, by the uec oi t?L ottksof C-arteiJo Bpaufh QHBATCUK-J Gf SCHOf ULA.?The EJltora of the Richmond RepnbUcsn h?a a M-vuut employed In their precs rooia, enrtd of violent B.rofu'a. c^ro bin?d vilh Khenniaiipm, which enlirelv di^able>l him froa work. T-^O bottled of Cartara *paniab Jflxture made a pe.-fret enre cf him, and the Edi tor* ia b j,ui.i{r EOtfcw, sav they ^leerfaliy reooui mend it to all w&o us wuo d^>M^e ol the blood." BTILL AN0TII83 CUM C? iCROYULA.?I had a v err valuable boy enrcd of Ucrofiila by Carter'r tfpanuh Mixture. 1 consider it truly a valuable aieiicice. JAMES M. TAVI/^K. L -niuctor on Ihs <L V. and P^R. IL Co . Hichi^cud. Va. SALT BQBuM OF TWINTY T1AB8 BTANDIXO CURBD Mr. JCHK THOMPSON, realdlcur la the city oi Richmond, was cured by threa battles of Certer*r Spanish Mixture, of Bait hheum, which ha hed for nearly twenty vears, and which all tha phyaidau of the aould not cue. Mr. Thotapwin ia a well knowmUWtLant in the city of Richmond* and hie k nut jevarkabie. WM. A. MATT UK W 8, of RirhmoTid had a eervanl suredaf Hjrphilis, in the worst form, by Carter** 8p*n?sh Mixture. He says be cheerfully reoou f*?ads it, and consider! it a very invaluable medi cine. EDWIN BURTON, commissioner oi tha r.vecue, says he has seen the gcxj effect* of Cartel's t-penieb Mixture in a number of Syphilitic cses, aud says it is a pwfMt enre fi r that horrible di??ssi. WM. A. HARWOOD, ef Kiciimoud, cured rf cid Sores and Uioers, wh on disabled him ft em w.Iking fook a few bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and was eubted to walk without a crutch, in a short One pemanin'ly cu'ad. Principal Do pots at M. WARD, CLOfB 4 0o? No. M Maiden Lane. New York. T \Vt Drort 4 HONS, Nc. 113 North Seooai .t, Philadelphia ^ JUWWfcM 4^B*JtK4, Na. 1* Main stMet, Rich And for sale by CHARLES STOTT W?*>>!.._? D. 0; BKNKI POL, ttt^er bottU,or sU bottle* for $* Memoirs op the countess of i>i r InfUm, by:iL H. M.ddea, M R. I. A iwo wmmh FRANCH TAYLOR TRAVKLKR*' 1*1 RECTORY. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. ClftNUE OP HOL'18. QN and after Monday, the 33d iBMMt, th? irnuM will eave Waehiagton at 6 and a m, *nd 3 and 4* P ? On Sunday at 4% p m Leave Baltimore ?i <M tod 8Ji a m, and 3 and 5* P " On flondaj at 4JK a m. ap 83? tf T. H. PARSON*, Agem. Mott Bedell s Lin* ^ SEW Y OR K, ALEX A SDR IA. tVASHISGTOtl CITY, AND DISTRICT OF COLVMbU PACKETS. rpHIS LINE OF PACKET!* 8AIL8 WEEKLY X from pacf 14 East Bivn,N< w York, and oft?-n? r if neccs*ary,and are comp?Hd of the following Am el.r* fcew erhr. A. V. IMItil, B**dHl, n> r. New eohr. Molt BrMl, A. V. TrrdweB. 8chr. Ann D., W?. Oiiw, mntut. 8clr. Volant, L. A. Smith, irn<ur. Schr. i&nwuinArr in-Ukxtf. WOtl.jn, mMlrr. Sclir. Gremuay, YVileon, mwur. These erencle are all fast milcra, and the ma*t<ri men of experience in the trade, and the only regu 'ar liue of Wa<?lurff'?n City pa? k> t*. MOTT BBOEI L, Wail atreec. If. Y. 8. 8. MASTER* fc SONS, Alexandria, Va. THOMAS EILEY, fcb 1?4m Waabinxt*w and 1) C. OftUTOK A*D ALEXANDRIA RAILBOAT. Cn and after "l\iesdai, Aor. 7, 1854, THE Can Imt* Alexandria daHy tor Gordor?. vill* uid letenm?diet* *taticna at T# o'clak, v a., on the arrival <rt the boat from Waehin^ton, {ivinxamp!* tima tor braakiact mm board. l>?. aecting at U^navaa Junct;*n with a tr*iu for frtra*. zurg, at Warrrnten Jo ctkin with m train for W?r reotoc, and at Gcrdouevllle whh rb* tratre on tha VlrgUils. Central Railroad ItrRLhmond, Chariot** *11 le, and 8 tan n ion. Xhe cam Iut? flerdfiwrllli daily tor A'cxardr4* and in>r mediate atationa, at ^before It, a. c? tha arr.ral of the trains or tha Vir^nia Central rail road from Richmond, CharlotterrlUa. and Btauatca. THROUGH TICKETS Prsn Alex*ndr.a to Warrantor 04 * 44 IV.rrfwwwTi i. , S 40 ? ? Cher'otter* ilia 4 2ft M ** StauntonI W M w atr??Kn-p I fc) M " l.yitr.SKiirj- - ?Tl * ** PI8 fco " " Luray 4 U - ? New Market............ ft 00 - ? MMdleburg S 2ft Per Lynchburg, connecting with tha atara* at OhaXlottaarUia, oa liondaya, Waiaaodayt, and Prt izjt rev Lcray atd N?w Marbet, crrnoctin; vith tha f agrc at Oilpaper, on Toaadajt, Tl nradayn, and Baft> uraay. r-r Winch%5tar daiiy, eoonactiBf with tha ata^aa at PMaont Vor Midd'abcjg dally, ercaect' ng with tha atagm at tha Plabm. Per ord?r: W. B. hROCKlTT, AgocC ncT T?W FOR MOUNT VERNON. 0b TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. jFuro round trip tl; from Alai andrim 76 oentx-Tha THOMAS OOcLYBK Imth Waahinglon at 9 ard Alexandria at 9% o'cio-k. <J?achca laav* tha Capital fcr tha boat at ? ? e'eik. Coach fer? 10 cecta. Perrons wishing tha Or ar baa will laare their ra4 d?no* with Geo. A Tt^a P?rher. IUfr??hu-nt3 on the beat. Oct 'A?utl ?AM*L QESNIY. Cart. Villi: IKW YURSL 4 LIVKUPOUL UNITED STATUS MAIL STEAMERST T^Hl f-niPd OOMPRI31XG TU1S LLNJ ARB 1 THF? A1LANTIC, Cart. W?t PACIFIC. Oapt Nye, BaLTIO, Ca^t. Ccmotock, ADLL1TIC, C<?t. Onlei. Thaaa Fhlp? hafe baaa built by contract, expr?ar< ly for Government Nrvice; every care haa taken in their ccn- ru .tion, aa In the Engine* ta itf.t strength and speed, and their acct msoda t^infl for F???^ige:a are uneqoa!led tor eieennoa aa<i contort. Price of passage frcm New York to Lif -rp^ol. In Eret cabin... i.........k.. $?* 8eoo?d Cabui ? ? I Kxclk<d*e o^e of estra sixe eta*e rccma 3df From Liverpool tj New York ?M and Lib. An axT?Tienc?d rnrgeon attached to aach thlp. No berth can be aecured until paid far. Vor freight cr h i*-e an^ly to BBWaRD K. COLLINS * CO., M Wall etraat Nea hoik, BLOWN, SHlPLbl A OO , UrerpooL X. 3. ROBERTS k CO., 13 King'o *rn? Yard. London. JOHH MUMtO* A CO, 98 Ru? Notre !>?oe C a tolres, Pari*, eeo. k. lrap* a, Uotm. Tha ?wner? of me e eLips will act be aroonntable for *old, alrer, bullion, epecie, jewelry, jr>--i;>oa 6 tonne or Btt*!.-1, unless bill * of lading aret'^ced therelor, an4 the Talue there^. therein aitre^ed. ?n* 1H?.tl ? E. H BATJ5S. POLICE MAGISTRATE. FIRST ST, HEAR PEW A. AVENUE, Convincing and Uuuniy! < lium* ait' r?w? i! to n:nv1?? Private Medical Treaties on TL* PQYJIOIUGIGAL VIXW OF 1IABRIAGB, BE. It. LA COOIZe BE. DH ALBA XT, N Y. UO P&^eo &3l \13 Vine Plain .ud Coivr?u Litb> grfepha and Hatee. tW Prtaa o?iy R? Caatt. f| O-Bent Lee cf poau^e to all par's .->f the UlIc^^B CHB4P^T LOOK K7ES PUn I .I8il Kl-', end containiaf nearly d %u"'ile the quantity of rea-iitj m?if??r ?n tu*t i-f tb* riFi'i OB UOLi^E PUBLICATIONS. Ittra-t=oa <m PaVBlOIA 07 CF MARRIAGE, and the 8e-ret Wflmltiwand aim iJer of yruth and catority. eoltiug frcm exf*?j*a, \*bich decrroy chaphvaica! uea* tai powt.n. wiih ab . rveUoM On marrag?, itj duties ?u4 dirquilificatio a, sad their ; with liiWo^raphi, iliosLat ng iba tu&tsay ard {.bj'ak l^gy, ^ni ciaea.?a cf tee repre Inctlve crg^nj of both texec, their atTuciure, i and fcnetiona. A p^>u'>ar as J ccmpreh?n^*e tree tine on the dutfre and ecr.uaJ*Ua. f "ingle and mtr rind Ufa?happy cni truitml iJ:laL^a, mode tf *? Buring ihett?iuisxitou* *uX iLlaw-ttle lr il?vWuou and ^ai. t xkntoupi^mg Katitrir py. th^t wul ovircv-.e c? jectio.u to It; oooo. LhoalU take tk<? U? portant >'ep a'T^cut Srst Mnki;ltlng it* pt^e? ?rmmentarii^ oa the jieeejes ?r>^ ot?dln%] ire?iw?ot 32 (eu?le? frou- ic^aticy t? did are, ??ch euie grtpb tcallr U!?fitr?t?'i ?y Uitut^ul lituo<ra;hlc platea uarrcxj debil.ty, iu o-aaee and cure, hy a prooeM at onoe so ?Lujtle, *??? ant! eSeciuaL taiinre la a eae?y D? OL a >^-pr^ easid1 nm *yABk lixno#4b'.o? ml-** lor iailj n.mzgr?rljx_fcn ^ ;*i-.<.ru.atf rrbua alUi piactkal oh^rraUoce viJct, and mnre ecnceesfa! raode of tr*atmep$ cautionary hinta ot Ihe etils reeultiag frvn ?i_ ml practdoa?aa emuy on a? oi?e?M ariong f^am iDdiicretion, with plain acd simple rule* by ?blafc |U yej-eoo? ean ecr* ibroftace wjihoal merenry? rcale4i?* M Ih-iao ?ai^lnaiei^d miacrifo and dUap> fjii;t^-J Lc.pes k? P-?ortcr?te'.y prevalent ta tha yoncg. It la a * to the married aai those oontexplating m&rrtag^. lta peroral U tleularly resonamend'd to j>er?cr? entertaining a> rret doubtc of tneir phystftaj ccnditten. Mid who er? xmeeioua of baring haaardad the health, happin*?i and privilege* to which every human beinj U t? Utied to. Price Ul aeate par copy, or five ooplej tor one d^V lar. Mailed free of poauge to amy part of the Left tad State*. N. B.?Tfcr-ee who prefer eiay oonrrltSr LaCva apon any of the dimaeea open whkh bia hook tnaU mther rareonally or by maiL Medletce aert ta any part of the Union according to direction*, **My packed anaoarefnllj aacur<4 from all oheerveuoe. AddrMa Dr. M. B. La CKG1X, No SI im- Lam or Post 091 a Box 57?, A IUcwTn. Y. a *T ?PC* ?PeB 3liny ffom vamtotpm, and? Sunday ftom a nntil 6 pm. . Removed from Ko. W BaavtrB* ?! Maid** Lama, Aibaay, li. Y. - - ! FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN SMALL BULLDINO umi c4 10 teat *r more,* varioua part* ol th* City, m4 Georgetoea.? low prlooa, and tarma to suit. LLOYD A 00. BDILDISO 8 TO MB, Pot sale, deliverable at the Oantl, or B liarf* ? waaLiagton, Gaorget&wn, or Alexandria. _ :v WOTD * 0? lEth atraat, opp. Treamu# Deaart ly |y Bume house or pa mo * bozu* B Opjtr rite United Stain ONDS, Su? b* and oth** iU.U U>lii. luter..? an c? r:>tc of eix jx-r rent r lowed on d.-| osju wr ben left icr Z9 day* 1"?5H- iMtt pa a****1 ^ r*?Hm,u.

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