Newspaper of Evening Star, May 18, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 18, 1855 Page 6
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FOR TIM SINUAL PURPOSES Of THK BUILDING CORNER Of F AND SEVENTEENTH STREETS fir compraMtico ef copfriDtewlfBt, fScr ?%fcomen, and two laborer# * r - hQ)tfliag ????<??????????? ?????????00 Tor repairs >nd impr rements............. 10,Sfc3 40 For tu-l and r-ompenaat on of Iremen... l.Mt to For ooBtinjfn' expense* ............ 1,400 00 NAVY DEPARTMENT. For oompeujation of th?- S -eretary of the Navy, and the cleik j, u eseesgrr, assistant m-s^eng-r, and laborer la Ma c?* 20 2W6 00 For compensation of the chief of tbe Bureau of Ordnance and Hydrogra phy, and tb? clerks DtONgtr, and laborer in his office. 12,816 00 For c.mpensatic? ot the ch'ef of Bu reau of Nary^yaid* and Dock , and ibe civil "n^in^tr, c erks, m-saeng'r, and labor*! in bis ? flflc - 17,092 00 For compensation of the chief of tbe Burear, of Consh action, Equipment, and *:epairs, and ol tbe engineer-la c^ief, ?nd I be clerks, messenge , and _ lab^rm in bis offl<v 80,793 00 For comp^B 'atioa ot the clerks, gar, aad laborer in the Bureau of Pro Tliknf ard Clothicg 8,816 00 For compensation of tfle cbief of tbe Bureau of Meiicins a'.d 8?rK.ry,ai?d the e erk's me?Hin,er, and laborer in his ofllro 9,016 00 CO.\TINultNT EXPEN8I8 OF THK VAVT DEPARTMENT. Offlfv Secretary of ?he Navy : For bUnk books, tindizg, ?tatic.nery, labor, newspapers, {><-Tiodica!8, and miscellaneous ittmr 2,840 00 Bureau cf Ordnancs and Hydro graphy : Tor blank bx ks ard * ationery j00 CO For mif-ailaaecus iVms 280 00 Batman of Ccn'truction, Equ'p aeut ani Repairs: For b ank books, bir din^, stationery, aad miR ;llareou- iMas &00 00 Bureau ot Yard* and Docks: For stationery, bocks, plans, drawing, and .ucidenta; labsr 800 (ft Bureau cf iTori-ions and Clothing; For blank Vooki, Moding, sta'ionery, ana misc-1'aoeous items 700 00 Be ri=?u of Med'cice and Eurgerv ? For blank bocks aad *ta lore y350 00 For llaneous i ems..... 1C0 00 FOR THE GENERAL TuRPOSISCF SOUTHWEST EliCUriV* BU1L0 INO. For comberjjuion of f ur aatchraenof she *cr.thw?t Executive tuilJing... 2,400 00 For c.ntingent expanses cf raid bdil<lirg, Ac.: For labor, fuel, tights, and miscella neous items 3 865 00 POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT. For c inpeusttion of tbe Postmaster General, three Assistant Pr>?ttnaa era ??eneral, and the clerks, is e? eager, asd^t mt nieefen^-re, watchman, and laborers of aaid department 150.552 10 Contingent expensse of said depart* Dl(u( ?.>r blank b^oks, binding and 6ta ion wy, fa*-1 fer the General Peat Office t'Uil-*?iog, 'including tbe Auditor's of fice,) o.l, ga.o, aod c*nul??, pi in tine, labor, day w*'? hraat, and for miscel laneous .terns 9,600 00 For he conjunction of the Post Office bull ing, urdsr t>e direction of the Pre.?iJ?*at of the Unit-d States, ae oorcidt- t-> tbe plan subarit ?d by Thoiu v l". V\'?lt'r, architect, to the Poetniaster General, and a; proved of liy tbe ccmmitt ie* cf the Peaa'e and H use of i.epre^eatatiTe , at thr pres ent se- i n of Ooogrcs^ 300,000 00 Forreta'rsof the General Post Oflloe buiidiai;. for cSl?e iurni'.pre, gifting, painting, whitewashing, ani for ke-pinethe aLd furcarea ic crier 4,000 00 For th.' renewal of the furnaces in the Oeu>-ra'. Pistoffitre bii.uUu icd fjr rtp i int: ths mantles *nl fire-places there % 2,000 00 For pap**: and printing for tr ? Execa t?Te L'epirtm--iit -, including th* an nual fta;? m?nt of commerce and navi gation, the iiennia! Register, aud th-? aanaal wtimAtes of appropiia ??on, 116.500 00 MINT OF THE U SITED 3TATE3 AT PHILADELPHIA. For F&'ari * cf h f director, treirurer, a.?s?\er, ae!ter ani refiner, chief (0!D?r. aad enfrr*ver, assistant *seay er. assistant m-lter and, and NVM -rki 27,900 0-j For ^a^-etf w~rkm'n acd adjes^ers... 50,00-J 0( For fi.eciri'-ns of rei and coin*, to be rcjerrei ?t the mla^ 300 00 For tr*n?p rtation ~>i bu lion frem New YLrki'SJ,yc ffi ? to the Ccit?d ttales rain*. f?r roina.'-? 10,000 CO F"? inc;d4nt*l aad exp>nsea in.l . di'g fae!, raaterkli, s:atl< nery, water ri-nt, ga?, wastage, freight on bullion, in adiiiio.ito oth?r availa ble fucd? 00 AT NL\V ORLEANS For falar w of .?uperin'end?i:t, tresis ur r, a??aytr, cviner, and re finer, ani tfciee cl^rk? 17,700 00 7or wa^es of woraareo 3",000 00 For icci >n?al aad contingent < xpen eea, includirg fuel, materl.-ls, station ary, w fta-?e, in addition to other BTA>lak lr funds 12,300 CO AT CHARLOTTK, NORTH CAROLINA For salaries of -aier.nter.dent, coinsr, a?fca>?*r and clerk 6,000 00 For wa.e- of workmen 4,10) 00 For inc denta' and contirgent expense?, including fuel, mater aJs, stationery, 'w-ti.'e, in addition to otter availa blo funds 1,600 CO AT DAHLONEGA, GE'RGTA. For ^a aries of ruperint?Ldent, coiner, as?saj?r, aad cUrk 6 000 00 For wajc- s of wo.kmen 3,600 W For inci 1-otal and cntincent expen?ea, including fue:, ma,erials, stationery, wa-ta^e. in aidit'on to other avail able fuLd* 2,100 00 AT >AN FRANCIiCO, CALIFORNIA. For falarit-s cf superictecdent, tress ur HfMycr. melter, and refiner, <*oin.-r, and five clerks 000 CO For w*i:-j(f workmen and idju-ters 100,000 00 For orumnry cTjMrts*^, including wast age, in aid tun to ether available ni'atv 20,000 CO A5fiAY OFFICE. NEW YORK. Fc.r ?alar (-? of t. O*cc s and clerke 14,40*) 00 Forwai-eoT workmen, in adi'iUon to a aviilalb balance of former appro 1 i 40,COO 00 For iTf-.c^atal ani o?nGcgcst *xp*u s^e, retoirs. i cluJiug ;uel and ma fer al &ni wtita.'e on gold and b4! \-e in addition to other available means 70,000 03 G^ E!?r* ENT IT THE TEF.R1T0RIE8. TiURMT Of ?J??GOS. For -<!arie or ifovernor, th=? ? judgee, acl KfTt-Uy 12,500 00 Fcr c??ii'!n^-:.i exp?.ns>i< of said Terxi t?*rv 1,600 00 For c. iaj?ra-sti-n-ind mileage cf the m iul> rs fd th^ legislative assembly, ? 'ISr'rr*, cl rks, a id contingent ex p ns * t f the a?enUy 20,000 00 Tina to*t or Morxrsor* For #*lari s of governor, superintendent' of Ib iUu affairs, three judges, and < ?r-?ar/ 10,200 00 For contingent ex;ea?< a of said Terri tory 1,000 00 For c? icj-^hation and mileage of tbe n;i?nib? r.-- of th# leg slative a.-semb>yt i fS ers i lerks, and contingent cx p?n ^ o! the assembly 20,000 00 T*kwto*t or Niw Mexico. Forfalaiies of gcv^racr, superint n d-nt ot Inuiaa affairs, three judges, and s-.crjtary 12,600 00 Fcrc Lbngent exprnfee of said Terri toij? 1,000 00 Fer compelsation an i milrage of the in mhers of the )e|ti^la*ive a sembly, rlficers, cl-rks, and cuntin^ent ex p?nree ol the assembly 20,000 00 TtawrcRr cr Utah Kor fa'ari-s of governor, tuperint ndent cf Indian nlfoirt, three jrdgw, and secr-tif-y 12,000 00 Pot oon'ing-i.t ?\p.i.*e* of said Terri r.krF 1000 00 lor --ompeusa ion mileage of the inhere uf the 1 gtelative assembly, ofCoers, clerks, and contingent ex pensee of the ttssrmbly ?0 OgQ qq F?r the construction of a warden's hr.uee, :>nd out-r yard, and twe'.vj cells ard fixt. r? s for the penitentiary in the Territory of Utah 13,000 00 Tat-, ion or W*.sni5uros For oaUri-s o' goverr.i-r, npjrinUnd ra*. ft Indiao aflal t, three Judges, and ? i-retary 12,600 CO For continent expense! of (aid Ter ri t-ry .... 1,600 00 For compensation aod mileage of the 'ssubers of the legicUtiva assembly, H?rka and eoctingent fx pens*s of th ? asssu bly 20,000 09 Tctuutory f* Nniuii. For falarirr o. goVtrror. thria Jud/rs, an! recre-sry.,:................... ? 10,600 00 For centing ?nt expend of B id T?r I *ory .. ..... 8,1*00 For expenses of taking the cento*. a Jtboriiei by fbarth motion of act of May thutteth, one thcuwnd tight hundred and fifty Ibur 3,000 00 F.r compensation and mileage of the member* cf the legislative assembly, JJcfticera, clrks. and contingent ex penses of tbe assembly 20,COO 00 Tekkitokt or Ka>'*\s. For 9*1. rietf of govern r, three Judges, aud recretary ?????? 10,600 00 Frr coot.'ng-u: txjenrw) of said Terri tory 1,500 00 For compensitiou and mileage of tbe members of the legislative ?<*?smbly, officer.-1, clerk*, aid contingent ex | enees of the as$emMy 20,000 00 For exp?n>es of taking tha census, authorised by fourth rection of act of May thirtieth, one thousand e'ght hundred and fifty four 2/00 00 For the espensee of the election of a delegate to the House of Represent*. tlves cf the Unitei States, second sea of tho tb'rty third Congress ...... 7C0 00 JUDICIARY. For salaries of tbe chief j aafoe of the Supreme Court and eight associate judge 64,500 00 F??r salary cf the circuit juCge c f Call* * ??*? 4,600 00 For ealarie of the district judges, in clusive of the d'fitiency for the year rndicg thirtieth June next 111.668 00 For salaries of tha . hirf jjige of tbe District ol Columbia, tne assistant ? judge;, and the judges it the crimi nal oourt and the orphans' Oiurt 11,700 00 For salaries of the Attcrsey General and ttfe clerks and me cenger In bia ? ??ce 18,040 00 For contingent np^wi of the office of ?ie Attorney General 1,000 00 for purebwe of law books for the tfflcs o< the Attorney General .. M0Q Oo Tor salary of the reporter of the deoir si ns r f the Supreme Court ' 1,300 00 For one hundred and copies of vol ume sixteen 0? Howard's Keports of of the Supreme Court cf tte United Mate?, turniahed by the re porter thereof to the State Iepart ment, for distribution according to existing law? .. 1,300 00 Fcr compensation of the district attor ney* 10,150 00 For the marshal of the southern dis trict of New York, for repaira mad ? in, and furnitcre suppli. d lor. (be cocrt riomj and offices ot the circuit and d-atrict judges, district attorney, and marsbal cf th? southern district of New York, rendered necefsary iu cnastquenoe of the destruction of the eourt buil lings by fire 7,148 81 For cempsnsa ion if tne marshals H,600 00 MI8CELLANBJC8. For annuities and grant? 760 00 INDEPENDENT TREASURY. F.*r peltries ot the assistant tr.a.urers of the United gtitee at New Yoik, Bos ton, Cfca ieiton, and 8t. Lou's .... 13,500 00 For addrttaial salary of tte treasurer of the mint at Philadelphia 1,000 CC For additional salary of tha treasurer of the branch mint at New Orleans 600 00 For salaries of aix of the additional clerks authorised b.v tbe acts of Au gust riith, one thousand eight hun dred and forty fix, Augu*t twel th, ono h upuni eight hundrtd and forty-* igtt, March third, one thou sand e'ght hundred and fifty-one, and An?u*t thirty-tirrt, ote thou-and eigb; hundrel au4 fifty-two. and Au gust 'ourtb, one thousand eight hun dred and fifty-mur 6,5CO CO | F?r *al?^r cf addnioual clerk iu office cfa-^istant treasurer at boston 1,200 00 ! For salary of a c!erk to the treasurer of the brancti mint at 4an Franclrco, California 3,600 00 I For ralarifa of clerks, messergers, and wa*chmen in tha i race of the rsiist n?t trfasun-r at New York 13,900 00 For contisgent expen ej Hnder the act for the 3af?-k?epiBg. colieetiug, trans ler, and diaburcement of the public revenue o' August 9?xtb, one thou sand eight huadred and f rty-six 16,600 V) For cmp?iication to special agents to examine the bocks, accounts, and L'cney on hand, of the several deposi ting, under the act of August sixth, one thousand eight hundred and for _ 5,000 0C xor the discharge of euch miacelianeous c aims, not otherwise provided for, a3 aba'i be admitted in due course ol Bet t??<nent at the treasury 6,000 0C For sa aries of nine supei v^ing and fi ty local insp-wtors, appointed under the act of August thirtieth, one thousand eight hundred snd fifty-two, for tho better protection of tbe lives of pas sengers by steamboats, with trav filing and othar expenfes incurred by theai S0,000 0C SURVEY OK THE COAST. For ?urvfy of the coast cf the United States, (including compensation to superintendent and assistant, snd ea clading p%y to^ emolumenti or offl c^s of the army and tavy, and petty ? cnlceri and m?n cf the oavy, employ ed on the work 260,000 0C ror continuing the ?urv?.y of the west era coast of tbe United states 130,000 0C For* th- sirrey of the Florida r??fs and k?ya, (excluding pay and emclooBts of officers of the army ard nivy, *nd petty offi-ers and men v tr''c5'yJ employed on the work... 40,000 Ofl Fi r publi:hiu3 the obs rvatioLa made in t_e progr -ss of the su vey of the ftV. '?"-r: - w *o. nie. anJ qaart-rs, am for uQ. \T/U"P J-^a^on for ofiienra and en '??tsd soldiers cf the army, serving in tho coast survey, in ca^?*s no longer provi 'eifor by the quartermaatei's depirtaent 10,OX) 0(j I IOHT-HODSa ESTABLISHMENT. For supplying five hundred and ten ii ' i u *s and beaoon-lights with o", s?a-? chimneys, wicks, chamois i P^i'shing towder, whi:ing. and c^Jain4 ica'erial" ; tran;p< ration and other necesr^ry expentes of tha ram*; rspairin? and kwping the Ughtln^ apparatus. 287,240 50 ?f r?Fa>rs ?nd incidental expenses, re fitting, ani improvemin's cf all tie houcwg, and buil logs eonLvctcd therewi'h 142.489 *<21 For salaries of five hundred aitd ferty three keepers of light houses aud lighted beacocs, and their aaMftar ts, and including cnsthou?and two hun dred do la sfirsa'aryof superinten dent of supplies on the upp-r lake'... 218,400 00 For salaries cf fcrty-n ne kecp r3 of light wcaaeh 27,660 00 F-r siamen'i wages, r?pa!rs, supplies, and incidental expt-nsej cf forty-nine light-ve sels 186,86123 *or expets?-i of raisijg, cleaning,paint ing. repairing, remcoring, and supply ing less-a of buoys and day beacons, atd for chsirs and linkers for tha sam.j, and for coloring and numbering all tha buoys g9 867 s3 Fcr expenses of visiting aud inspecting lights and oth. r aids to navigation... 2,000 00 For comui*rtions, a*, two and a half per cootum, to auih superintendents as are until <d tJ the same, und-r the proviso t > the act cf thirJ of March, one th-usandeiiht hundred and fi'ty cittf, entitled " An act making appro priatlons for the civil and dip'omatic expenses of government f >r the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hun dred and fifty two, and lor other pur poses," on th? amount that may ba disbursed by them g qqo qq For the coast of California, Oregon and WaiMngton: Fcr oil a; d oth?r supplies for twenty ore lights, cleaniag materials of all kinds, and transporta- ion cT ihemms, expenses of keeping ltmps and ma chit ery in repair, publL-h'ng notice to marinere of changes of aids to navigation 3g ggj 25 For repairs and incidental exp-*nresof twmty-one lights, and buildings con nected therewith 12 760 00 For salaries of forty one keepers and as sistant keepers of li?ht hemes, ,t an ave'age not exceeding eight hundred dollar* per annum 33 800 ^ For expenses of raising, cleaning, repair ' g. reoaocring, aad supplying ltaseti of floating bwer, and buo>a, "nd chains aud ainkera for the same, and for oolrrlng and numbering all the boojfl || |>.yt /^v For a mmia*!oua, at two and a half Mr ' !TntUni' ?uP?rin.entfenta aa ..ftttleJ to thi aama. under tha ESP to * ? of the third of and thousand eight hundred ??tttl?d "An act making appropriation for the civil anddiplo natle e*perse*of government for the yosrecding <im? thiriieth, eight-en hundred anl fifty-tao and tor other purposes," on the amount that tuny be dlfboned hr th>m..... ?00 00 For castinuing the construction of th* light h. Ute mar Coffin'a Patches, cff Dr/ Bank, oa the Florida reef, be ivMb Cary's Fort r*f and Band Key light houses ? ,* 14,000 OO For continuing the construction cf the light hcui? on Minot's ledge, ohe of tie 0.->ba??ett rocks, Boston bay, Ma - raohuretts 76,000 00 Per ccutiuuing the conaunotion of the light honse on Ship hboal, L U'siaea. to lake the plac > of the light-vessel at that point 80,000 00 To enalle the Secretary of the Treasury to replace lest Ugh;-vessel, to mark th* dangeroui New Sonth shoals, off Nantucket, Massachusetts ?0,000 00 Fer continuing the appropriation of the thi.d of March, eighteen hundred and fifty three, fer a first-cl M'llght houss at the mouth of the Babine river 80,006 00 For continuing the system cf protesting human Ufa rom shipwreck, as here to f? re established by life-boats and other msans, on the coast of Majta chuet's .. 10,000 00 Fcr fuel and quaiters for officers of the Krmr serving cn iight-heuse duty, ths payment of which is no longer proTi-ed for by the Quartermaster's oepcrtnunt 6,068 67 To supply deficiencise in the revenue of the foet Office Department 1,106,187 00 For the continuation cf the custom house at Charleston, South Carolina. 400,000 00 For ths continuation ef the custom house at New Orleans, Louisiar a 276,000 00 To complete th* cut torn he um at Bath, Maine ?? ??? ?*???? ??? ? ? 10,000 00 Fcr the completion of the custom-bouse at Mobile, with granite farng in plaos cf brick .. 95 000 00 INTERCOURSE WITH foreign NA nom For yuaries of envoys extraordinary rind ministers plenipotentiary of the Un'ted fcta'es ??...*???.? ? .<?????? 2? i ,600 00 Per salaries of secrota ie* of legation.... 44,600 00 Fcr salary of the commissioner to the Saedwich islands 6,000 CO Por the dragoman to the mission to Tur key 3,600 00 For the itteipreter to the mission to China 2,f 00 00 For the salaries of consuls of the United States 271,760 00 For contingent expentes cf all the mis sions ubroad, or so much thereof as nay be necessary 96,643 76 Fcr con ingent expenses or foreign in course 60,000 00 For expenses of in:ersourre with the Bar barv. powers 6,000 00 For office rent of the pomnercial agent at St Martin, from the twelfth of No vember, eighteen hundred and fifty two, t the end of the present fiscal year, at the rate of one hundred dol lars p?T annum 263 33 To enable the Secret ry of the Treasury to pay to Jaaes Keensn, consul at Hong-Kong, in China, the turn ex tended by biro for the relief of Ameri can citiaens shipwrecked in Cbinere waters in Aug ast last 681 68 Fo.* the relief and pr tectlon of Ameri can seaman in foreign countries 125,000 00 For expenses which may be incurred in acknowledging the herrice# of the mas'c i d and c e *s of foreign vessels in reining citizens and vessel* of ths United states from shipwreck 2,000 00 For the purchase of Hank books, sta tionery, arms of the United fctates, pre? ?s, end flags, and for the pay ment of postages for thecontuls of the United fcta'.es 10,000 00 Fcr c.mpenFaticn cf a consiil-general, to resile ?t timoda, in Ja; ao, at the rate of five thousand dollars per an num 8,760 00 To reimburfe Commodore M C. Perry, of t*3? Unitel States Navy, theextra ordinary expenses incurred by bim on his re:eut mission to Japan, and as a consideration for his eminent pub ic service in effecting a treaty of amity and commerce with that power 20,000 00 To pay Robert C Scbenck, of Ohio, for 1 id toll compensation whileemployed as envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotent'arv of the United States on special m'ssion to the oriental re public of Uruguay, in the year eight een hundred and forty two 9,000 00 Par his full compensation as e^voy ex traordinary and minister plenipoten tiary of the Uni ed Kt;t?s on special it. c.-ion to the Argentine Confedera tion in the year eighteen hundred and fifty tfcrer 9,000 00 To enable th** Secret? y cf State to re imburse to Edward Ridd'esuch sums ai shall be satisfactorily thown to Lave been expec del bjtfii m, or which said Riddlo may have obligated him self to pay, on cccount of hi) official position at the Industrial Exhibit! n at London, England 96,000 00 EXPEN8KS OF THE COLLECTION OF REVENUE FUOM LAND3. To meet the expenses of collecting the revenue from the sale of pub lic lands in the several land States and Territory cf Minneso ta, in addition to the balances of foraer appropriations : For salaries and couiiciesloos of regis ters of laud offices aid receiiero of p-b'.ic moneys 818,000 00 For expanses cf deposit ng public Don ?ys by receivers of public moneys .... 100,000 00 For incidental expenses of )he several land otfoeij 74,200 00 SURVEY OF THE PUfiLIC LANDS. Por snrveying the pnb'ic land*, (eiclu siv of C tlifornia, Orsgon, Washing I t n, New Mexico, Kansas, and Ne braska,) inoluoing incidental expen ses and i-lnndturveys iu the interior, and all other special and difficult sur veys deman Jin < augmente ? rates, to be apport oned and applied to the sev eral surveying districts according to the exig-ncics of the publio servioe, including expenses of selecting swamp lands, and the compensation and expanses to surveyor to locate private land claim* in Louif iena, in addition to the, unexpended balances of all t jrmer appropriations for the same otj .cts 116,000 00 For the resurvey andeorro: ion of thir ty towusMps in Michigan, situated north of the first correction line, acd w?st of th? meridian, averayiag sixty miles each, at a rate not exceeding six dollar} per mil* 10,800 00 For the resurvey and correction of t3wnthjp* forty fj?r to forty-eight north, inc usive of ranges eighteen, nlne'esn, and twenty west, situated in the ujpo.r p*ninsul<i of M<chigan, estimated at thirt-en full townships, averaging sixty miiea each, at a rate ^ not exco? ding rix dollars per mile 4,680 00 For ccrrsctirg erroreou j and defective linM of public and private surveys in Illinois aid Missouri, at a rate not exoeedieg e'x dollars per mile 3,000 00 For the resurvey au l correction of old err jueou'surveys in Arkansas, dis c?v;rad sintv# the la*t report by the surveyor general, at a rate not ex ceeding six dol'ars por mile 9,101 CO For the renewal and correction of old, erroneojs, and defective surveys in Arkansas, discovered since the last estimate by the eurveyor general, where the marks have become oblit erated by time, a rldent, and other eaiuai, at a rate not exceeding four dollars par mile i 00 For surveying in Louisiana, at aug mented rates, now authoriied by _ ?aw 28,091 00 For retracing and renewing old oblit erated, imperf ct, and defective sur veys in he State of Florida, and making relocations of the lin?aof pri vate lan4 claims therois; acd for lo cating priv <te land c'aims under the a t of twenty-eighth June, one thous and eight hundred and forty-eight; also for detached and unfinished eur veys, and for the execution Of sur veys rendered difficult ty react n of stamps and lake*, and to be expend ed at rates net exaeeding six dollars per mile 10 000 00 For preparing the unfinished records of public and private surveys to be transferred to tb? Mate authorities under the provisions of the act of the twelfth of Juno, one thousand eight hundred and frrty, in those districts where the surveys are about being completed 20,000 00 Frr resurveys and examinations of the survey of th* pul H- lands in those ttate? where the otficasof the survey ors general have been or shall be cl sed under the acts cf the twelfth of June, one thousand e'ght hundred anl forty, and the twenty-cecond of ? January, one thousaad eight hun .drol and fiftv-three, including two thou?nd dollars for the salary of the clfrk detailed t* this special ier> Tic# in the Geneial Land Office 9,000 00 FOR 8UKVKY8 IN CALIFORNIA, UREeoN, wAslmaioirr riv . ? MEXICO, KANSAS, 'AW) M- - - BR ASIA. . . For ?ur??yloc tbe public lanaj ud private Unde'.a'tu* In CaWornia, In eluding "fflta expensss Incident to tns rurrey of claims, and tn be till* burssd at the rates prescrib d by law for the different kinds of work 1(0,000 00 For rent of surveyor general's office fa California, purchase of instruments, records. drawing materials, furniture, fuel, and pay of messengers............ 18.000 00 For continuing the surrey s of standard parallels in Oregon, over the coast range ef mountains to tha Pacific, es timated at one hundred and fifty miles 8,000 00 For surveying township and subdivl. eion lines tn Oregon T- rrltory, at a rate not exceeding twelve dollars per mile - 26,920 00 For rent of surveyor general's office m Oregon, iuel, books, stationery, and ether incidental expenses 8,000 00 Tor surveying township and aubalvi don lines in Washington Territory, at a rate not eiot* ding twelve dolla > per mile 30 000 00 For office rent tor the surveyor general ot Washington Territrry, fuel, books stationery, and other incidental ex pensee 8,000 00 For reft of surveyor tenant's offloe in New Mexico, fu 1, books, stationery, and other incidental expenses 8,000 00 For compensation of a translator lathe office of the surveyor general of New MeX'Co 2.000 00 For survfylngthe necessary ba?*, me ridian. standard parallels, and sec tion lines in Kansas and Nebraska, a'sD outlines of Indian reservations... 101,000 00 For rent of surveyor general's offloe in Kancas snd Nebraska, fuel, books, stationery, and other inrilental ex penses 8,000 (0 For continuing tfce survey of t! e keys off the coast of Florida, by theoffloers of the oosst survey 80,000 CO Tor ontinuirg the survey of the ifKnds off the roast of California 40,000 00 Por running asd mark ng the bound ary line tetween the United St*t?s and the republic of Mexico, under the treaty concluded at the city of Mexioo on the thirtieth of December, one thousand tight hundred and fifty three 71,450 00 For compensation of the surveyor gen erlo'Utah Territory 8,000 0n For clerks in his office 4,000 00 For office rent for the surveyor geaaral of Utah Territory, fuel, books, sta tionery furniture, and otler inci dental expenser 8,000 00 For survt; lng tha base, principal meri dicn, corn ction parallels, towxship. aud sect'en lines in the Territory of Utah, at augmented rates (0.000 (0 PENITENTIARY. For compensation of the warden, clerk, pbysiri&o,chaplain, a?s<Btant keeper*, gu>rd*, and porter of the penitsn tiary of the District of Columbia 11,229 81 For twenty per centum tdditional stl ary to b* paid to the said effioers of the p?nltentiary, which per centum shall commence wl'h the first day of July, eighteen hundred and fifty three. [Indefinite J Fcr compensation of three inspectors ofjraid penitentiary 750 00 for the present flssal year 450 00 For defraying the expanses of the su preme, circuit, and district courts of tte Ui ited States including the Dis trict of Columbia; also for juror* and witnesses in sid of the funds arising frcm fines, pendicles, and forfeitures* incurred in the fl-eal year ending the thirtieth of June, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six, and previous years; and lik?wis? for defraying the exp'nfes of suits in which the United States are concerned, atd of prosecu tions for ( ff?nr*s committed against the United States, and for the safe keeping of prisoners 800,000 00 For the support, clothing, ai<d medical treatment of the insane of the District of Columbia, and of the army and navy at the a*ylum in said District.. 19,890 00 For finishing and furnishing the two last sections of the hospital building, which comprises all that has been oommenoed 22,512 00 For the erection of a lodge for the col ored insane, f-nce*, repair of the farm houses, frr ten cows for use of the at ylum, lor a carriag* and harness fbr the patients, and for ditching, gradlog, and setting out trees 12,020 00 PUBLIC BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS. For compensation, In part, for the mee render in cba ef the maiu furnace in the Capitol 420 00 For compensation to (he laborer in chtirgn of the water-closets in the Cipitcl 483 00 For removing fences, grading streets. Ae, preparatory to the extenaion of the Capitol square, In accordance with the plan submitted bj the Com missioner of Pubiic Buildings 19,000 00 For compensttlon of the public garde ner..... 1,440 00 For ccm^nsation of sixteen laborers, employed in the pubi c grounds and President's garden, at forty-eight dol lars per month each 0,218 00 For compensation of tha keeper <f the western gate, Cap'tol square 878 00 For compensation of two day watch men employed in the Capitol square, at six hundred dol a s each 1,200 00 Fcr compensation of two night watch men, employed st th* President's house, at six hundred dollars cach.... 1,'00 00 Fcr compensation cf the doc i keeper at the Pre-ident's house C00 00 For compensation of assistant doorkeep er st the President's hours 438 00 For comp-neation of four draw keepers at the Potomac bridge, and for fuel, oil, and lamps 8,208 00 For compensation of two draw keepers at the two bridges across the eastern branch of the Potcmar, and fuel, oil, and lamps 1,180 00 For compensation of the Auxiliary Guard, fuel, and oil for lamps 19,400 00 For support cars, and medical treatment of eighteen transient paupers, medi cal and surgical patients in Washing ton Infi'mary 8,000 00 For purchase of manure for the public grounfe. 1,000 00 For hire of carts on the public grounds 1,000 00 For purchase and rnpalr of tools used in the public grounds 600 00 Fcr purchase cf tines and tree boxes, to replace, where nee ssary, such as have hi en planted by the United States, and the repair of pavements In front of p rbiic grounds 8,000 00 For oompenEiiiion o; one night watch man, employed for tbo bette- proteo tlon of the fcuil .intcs lyinc scuth cf the Capitol, and used as public stables and carpenter's rhotj 6C0 00 For annual repairs of ths Capitol, water clorets, public stables, water-pipes, pavements, end other walks witbia the Capitol square, brcken glass, and locks 6,0C0 00 For an?u?tl repa'rs of the President's hou e, improvement of grounds, pur* cbas ngof tree* and plants for garden, and n-ckinz hotbeds therein 6;COO 00 Fcrr?m3ung the stone wa'l which now forms ti? southern beundary of the park at the Presidents, in aooordacc* with the recommendation aad plan submitted by the Commissioner of Puhlie Buildings 15,000 00 For removing ths old engine house of the Franklin Fire Company from the tri angular spacs on Pennsylvania ave nue betw?e% Thirteenth and Foar twenth streets, and enc'oeing said fpaoe with an iron fence, and improv ing it eooo qo For remcvlng ths present dome over the central portion of the Capitol, and the construction of o*eupon the plan as designed by Thomas U. Walter, architect ot the Ospltol extension, un der the direction of the Pre-ddeat of the United States 100,000 00 For public reservation number two and Laf yet ePquare 3 000 00 For enclosing the c rele at the in! enac tion of Pennsylvania avenue with New Hampshire aveaue and K and Twenty-third streets, and Improving tha space within said circle 3 000 00 For ei closing the triangular spac< upon whieh the wpftern market houfe re* cently stcod, with an Iron fence, and lup.oving the samo ft 000 00 For repairs of Pennsylvania avenue LOOO 00 for footway on north froot of the Pres idents house in lieu of the trick pavement now much broken, oontald ing rerenteen thousand, o e hundred and seventy-six sqoore feet, at twsnty eight cents per foot q mm <m> Kotr. fl?lsVin? 1pavemeat ou ' the south front of Lafkyette square 1 fltti no For purchase of books for Ub^ at J* ' 00 Inwuttee maarfdiCTb-t* ?lp?HI11 ~ undsr the d ruflioi ol the President of t*e Utitcd State* VO (0 To roo^lete ard revise the gr?1f* *1 t>e ?***' Wwkim* ? fcrfb fie?e?mu.* tbeeieae wthedrlla^ ul sewer ?gMter^', j^r act or A?nat thirty OP^ ?JgUe,^*;ai NO tod fifty-tw... 8 0G0 00 laUfig care of tLe gra?v da xmtfa ?f th#"PrfrH?ut> house, cot tinning the improvements r>f the came, and keep ing'hem'ft O'der 3 000 00 For the coxa;tet cn of the east wing tf th Patent building, and the improvements c nn?cted therewith. . 10,700 00 Vcr lighting the President's houM and Capitol, the pubi c ground* irt>?md them and around the executive offi oes and Pennaylvanla avenue, kwt Capitol street to Second ?trset ......... 16.000 00 For tuel for the President'* bouse ....... ljOOO 00 for furnaee-krc per at the Pres'dent'e house ?65 00 To complete the furnishing of ibe rooms of the new wing cf the Patent Offlee building with furniture, and pro rid iug the saloon therein wi h e^ses for models 15,000 00 Vor the oollection of Agrioultural fta is ties, and preevrin, and distributing eutt ngs and seeds 98 000 00 For oontinniftg the woik cn the Wash tug on aqueduct... 280,COO 00 For com: leting the engravings an< 11 lostra ion* of the mexican boundary survey 10,000 00 To meet the expem-ee of the tra- sport a tiooof crtaia tersons frcm Pan Die go to San Franc'aco. California, charged with a violation of the neu tral! :y laws of the United 8tate\ and who surrendered them* Ives to the military authorities 1,900 00 For aalariea and iccidental expenaea of the commission appointed under the act of third March, eighteen hundred and fifty-one, for settling land claims in California, from third March eighteen hundred and fllty five, to third March, eighteen buodrtd and fifty-:ix, in addition to unexpended balance 190,000 00 For compensation of thirty clerks of class one, ten of class two, cine of class three, and one at two thousand dollars per annum, one mrseengei at right hundred and forty dollars, one messenger at six huadred dollars, two laborers at five hundred and seventy six dollars earh, and fonr wa'ctmanat six hundred ddlarseech per annum, for temporary service at the di?cretion of the Secretary of the Interior, in tfce Pension Office, on ae ccunt of fcoanty lands 71 800 00 For cf n'ingeat expenses, v:x: For rent of rooms, stationary, engra ving plates for bounty land warrant?, Iiaper, and printing the same. bind eg bo:ks, blank bocks for registers, offlee furniture, and miscellaneous items ... 90.000 *0 For expenses ot the current fiscal year on secount ot military bounty lands. 90,000 00 For clerk hire,[patents, records, station ery, anl miscellaneous items in the General Land Office, on account of nrlitary bounty lands 70,000 00 For coir p*nsatior: of ten clerks of cleaa one, to be employed temporarily ii the offlcs of the Third Auditor, en ac c >uat of military bounty lands.-... 19,000 00 To pay to Jacob P. Chase the nsaal compensation for the terviresof his two sens as clerks in the Pension Office, for the time they were engaged as such. [Indefinite ] To enable the Becietary of War to cause to be construc'ed on such fite, ia a central position on the public grounds, in the city of Washington, as may be selected \j the President of the United States,asuitable building for the care ard preservation of the ordnance, arms, and accoutrements of the Uniud Stat s, required for the use cf the volunteers and militia of the District of Columbia, and for the care and preservation cf the military trophies of the revolutionary and otber wars, and for the deposit cf newly invented and model arms, for the military serri ??, the said ord nscce and arms, and the building, to be uced by the volunteers and militia of the Distiict <f Columbia under such regulations as may be pre scribed by the President 90,000 00 To suppl* delMeneiee in the ap propriates for th? service cf the fiical year endiog the thirtieth of June, one thousand eight hnn. died and fifty five, tor additional to the appropriation* by the act of fourth August, eighteen hun dred and flfy-four, for the con tingent ex J enees of the Senate, vix: For binding f0,000 00 For lithographing snd engraving, $4,000 00 For the Hoo?e of Representatives, vlx: Per twenty-four copies of 44 Globe" for each member and del'gate of the sec ond session of the thirty-third Con gress ? 17,862 60 For binding twenty-four copies of Glebe for each member and delegate of the seeond session of the thirty-third Congress. 6,M0 80 For reporting the debates cf the eeo ond session ef the thirty-third Con 7,300 00 Tc enatl* John C. hives to pay the re porters of the Hon*> for the Congres sional Globs, viz : YViiiiam W. Cor ran, William Htncks, Frasris H. Smith, John J. McElhone, Theodore F. Ardraws, Charles B Cellar, and llenry G. LI ayes, the same amount of additional compensation for reporting the debates of the Houre for the present session of Congress as h?? been heretofore paid th-m, eight hun dred dollars each 8,600 03 For the payment of a like sum to each of the importer* of the Senate, name ly; Kichaid Sutton, D. F. Murray, [o. P. Murphy] R. M. Patterson, Hanry Pardon, James J. Murphy, and David W. Brown 4,800 00 To pay for twenty-four copies of the Congressional Glebe and Appendix of the first session of the present Con gress, for cach of the delegates from Nebraska and Kansas, being forty eight opies, at six dollars per copy 588 00 For binding the same, one hundred and nioety-two volumes, at fixty cents a volume .'. HJ go F r additional amofint required for blndiog documents 90,000 00 For additional amount required for en gravirg snd lithographing 80 000 0 0 For the payment cf salaiie* and other expenses cf the Cernus Bureau, un til the completion ef the mortality statistics. , 000 00 For supplying ailtli ie-cy in the appro priation for the printing of the ex ecutive departments .. 32,876 00 For ?he completion cf the printing of the Senate, ordered at the present session, and paper for the same For the comjrifttion Cf the printing ef the House, ordered at the present s'ssion, and paper for the same To pay Norman R Haskell, of Michi gan, in fall of charges as custodian of public properly 35o To pay the draughtsmen ard elerks em ployed upon the maps of the public lands for the House of Repreeenta tives and the Committee of Publio Lands, for the balance of the present fiscal year 4>000 ^ For smount equal to drafts, ch cks, and depoeitei, awaiting decisions in certain spflicatlons for approval ef sales ot Indian reeervos, Including eight hundred dollars collected by, and deposited with, the late firm of Se.den, Withers A (ompany, by a former disbur. ing officer of govern ment 4 400 00 CONTINGENT EXPENSES OF DE PARTMENT OF bTATE. For publishing the laws in pamphlet form, and in the newspapers in the States and Territories, and ia the Dis trict of Columbia, in addition to any balance tbat may remain of former appropriation? 21 806 00 TERRITORY OF OREGON. For compensation of chief justice, two associate judges, and secretary 8,000 00 For amount ascertained to be due to Gov. Jo*eph Lane, for and on ac count of his disbursements in eigh teen hundred and lorty-nine and fif ty, for the necessary ooatixgent ex penses of his office. 1,494 25 TERRITORY OF WASHTNGTON. For compel cation of chief justice, two associate Judges, and secretary 3,801 11 TERRITORY OF MINNESOTA. For compensation cf ohief Justice aad teo associate Judges 6C0 00 TERRITORY OF UTAH. For compensation ofch'ef Justice, two associate jjdge?, and secretary? 2,900 00 For oonttagent expenses of the Territe ryo'*n?h. to ?T,?M 00 tl? Approval If the Pe-retaM n* th* InWrir r, ttaj dna to ha*a b<eb e*?ear>l j expended by t?r m ? f ?ald T? nttry. drlat tt* years one th uuDd ?'gbt hotdrtl u4 Iftj two, flfty-threa, and fitly four l^gg |T TiKKITOHY (F NEW MI X ICO F.r compensation rf goverarr, ehfcf Jaftio-, two asaceiatf jndgtf, isdne rvtirf? ? ? ... ????????*? ?????? ??? ??? ......... ...... 1 f00 SUPIOXT OF TDK ARMT For clothing r< r '?*>? army, camp ul garri-rn e<iu!rag?, and hrrse equip Dlf jt' ?<???????????????? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? M* ??? MINT AT Plili AD1LIHTA. Fot isc.eaael e>n pscs ttoo at elfilu, by tha thirteenth section of at cf iourth Aufunt, -ighteen hundred ahd fifty four .. mm 00 For tup; Mrg d. ficb-n'y in the appra pri?'k)?, ig tt? current fl?Kl tiar, made fit the mint In Fh. iadelpfclo:.. F.' r ? upp'ying CetMercyin tb# appro prittk n, in tbi ecrr?n' flac$l year, tor the branch mint in Baa Frwa n 00 For increased ecmpenpaMonef the *bie* cUrk cf tba brunch taint %* Hat Qf lrai. a, by tba thirteenth section of the act of fourth Angurt, eighteen hun drod and fifty tour 400 00 Fcr construction of new root to branch mint at Charlotte, North CareUaa... 0,040 00 INDEPENDENT TREASURY. For additional coos proration cf Lha as sistant treasurer, Now York 1,000 00 For additional compensation A clerk ta of mint at Phil-delphia, a< d*pc*it?xy, f*r aot f >urt)< Atgait, eighteen hundred and fity-four M0 00 CUSTOM II jUSSS, For furnishina the cuftox-bDuae, peat ofiioe, and Lnited Statee court rocm, a: Basgor, Maine, cse tht uaand Ova huadred dollars fcr aacb ?. 4,100 00 For tba completion of the cus'. on house at San FriJioVi, Caltfcrali 141*371 00 MISCELLANEOUS To romp'ete the p ?? tonttary in Utah Ti-nitory 11,000 00 j For lighting and ventilating tbo vnp?r story of the treasury building, and fot giving additknsJ at rarity to trea sury vault 14.640 00 To reed r the mint at I'hilade phiafire proof, and to give additional security to the fur. i? deposited in its vaults.. 110,000 00 To enab'e the &?cre?nry of State to pay to Metsr . Little 6 Brown, and Com pany, for one hundred and ninety MVfp ptgei of additional port efbaa route* in the }>emphlet volume af the United Suua St*ratea at Larg?,firat fa>Mon cftbe thirty-third C'jngreae... ' 4,114 00 To d?fr?y rrpenvi it rnrr??1. and to be iarurrrd, in complying with the reeo lation of tba H< u*? of Beprareata tivea, t wenty-eix'.h D'canber, one Iboai and right hundred and fltty-fonr 6,000 00 To ecafclo the Secretarv 01 State to p 7 Bljtbe ACmpany, cf Port Lonie, Im tbe bWtd of Mauritius, tbe amount of two bills rf exchange drawn apt n the Department of Sta'e, by George Farr.urn. oomm r.iel rgent. In pay ment "f the exp^nsea iorumd In r*? lievicg d?etitut? American dtizenr, vhica drafto were carhed by said Blytbe A Corrpaay 7,804 10 For profeteicnal rervircg additSoaal to his rega!ar and ordmtry official da ties, r* n rrrd by the United 8U ea attorney ftr tbe nor h*rn district of Caiitc ri>ia, on behalf of tha United States, in 'he district cart of San Francisco, in appeals fr:m the land commifif-ioner, to ascertain and settle tbo private land claims In California, from the first of June, eighteen hun dred acd fifty three, ta ? ret o? Jane, eighteen hntrired and fifty-fire 10 000 00 To enable tha C mmiseioner of Indian Affairs to pay th? amoost da* Oerrga K. HeTii a, ior arrears of pay for ser vices lrtm first of April, sighteaa hundred and forty air, to eighteenth of Joly, e gh'.een hundred and forty nice, in t^e bu?in?as cf raaerrationa and grants under Indian trentiea, ofl Erovid-d for, one clerk, at fourteen ondred aobara per acnuoa, by the act of ninth May, ?i?hieen hundred and thirty six. entitled "An act pro viding for the salaries of oer.aiu cf fleer* therein name J, and Sir other purposes*1. 1,100 TO For parmentof clerks temp>rari'y eon ployed in tba cffW rf the PoetaiastT b enseal, from first July to teeth Au gust, eighteen hundred and fifty four 0&T M For ocmpensa icn and expenses cf the commissioaer at J th? agent of the Uni cd Pta'es under the convention for the a^juxtmentof claims between tha United State* and Ore it Britain, at teelve thousand dollars each for the entire service 24,000 00 To enable tba Secretary of State to oaote tha accounta r f Jcs ph Eva, de reaped, la's coarge d'afftira of the United Hates to thr late repubtfc of Tex?ft, to ba audited and adjusted by tba proper accounting officers of the g ltromint, and that the amount f und due therecn ba pa*d to Betsey W. Ave, widow of tail Jaa?ph Eva. [Indefinite.] For salaries of the tbses jodges of the oourt cf aalma 11000 00 Por salary or solicitor cf said court 3,400 01 For salaries of the two clerks 0,600 00 F<fr rontlngent expenses cf sUd court... 1,000 00 For the 6a' arie? of the judg?*, solicitor, and clerks ci s>id court, and for other exp*nse< thereof, |ricr to the first day of July, eighteen hundred and tlfty-fire, or no much thereof as may ba required 6 000 00 For outfit of m nister of tte United 81ate<; to Spain 0,000 00 For outfit of charges d'affaires, or min ister reeident to New Qranida 4,600 00 For expense* of depositing publia mo neys by receivers of public meneyr... 41,000 00 lor t'aUries and commissions of rtgis tors of land offloee, and reoeivers of public moneys - 110,000 00 For Incidental expanses of the several land tfficw 11,000 00 To enable the Clerk of the House of Representatives to purchase for the ntw members fnm Virginia, Ken tucky and New Tcrk, and the dele pates from Kansaa and Nebraska, the a*me books as have been fureilhad the other members of the prea*nt Douse of Kepre^n'atlve* T,46l W For the contingent evpenres of the House of Representative*: Fcr stationery f r n-'ember* 4,010 00 For mi?c*llaneons Items 10^)00 00 For oil for 1 ght-honses, being the dif ference between the esiimateJ and the actual ooat of that at tide. 42,064 17 Fcr compensation of commiosicner pro vided in the first article cf the reci procity treaty with Great Britain...... 1,000 JO For boata and other incidental ax penses cornet-ted with the duties of tte commtaaianer provided in tha first article of the reciprocity traaty with Grsat Britain - 1,000 QO For ccmpleting the publication* of the work..*1 of the exploring expedition? 19.320 jf To enable the Committee on (be Libra ry to pay 'o Wt l<am H Povell. in full for the picture painted by nim fcr th* Frited States, in addition to the sums heretofore appropriated by law 1,000 00 To settle and pay the account of 0. W. Hinm;n, th<rd afa stant librarian, from ?>be first day of July, eighteen hundred and fifiy-tcur, at the rate cf fifeat. bandred dollars per annum? 1,600 03 For the erectio j cf a suitable house f >r the plants recs tly brought frcm J a pan for the United States - 1,60C ^ For the support of the pablic green bouaes Including the psy of hcrticul turalist and assi^'ants M"? w To enable the Comuilaooner cf Pub'is Buildings to provide additional fur nac;a for the L'brsry of Oongnar I,00? To oenstrurt suitable iron raddings in fboot of theater vea of the library, and ? other repaira, in addition to the bal ance of afpropriatkns unexpended for the repaiis of the Congressienal Library, under the directl- n of the architect ? t,*00 00' For the coas ruction, UD?l?r the dirae tioo of the Secretary cf the Traaeary, of a marire hospital at Charlestown, Msssacbus>t(s. of fsoed brick ? X terior walls, upon a hammered granite un derpinning, oae bundrel and forty feet long, fitty teo feet de^p in the ' centre, and one hundrei feet deep at th* wings, and f jrty five feet high fiotn top cfeatrance story ficor to tlie ea>*?a with Verandaha to ev>h stcry on ea b aide i atwaen the wiags. an 1 on ea:h end of tba bnilding. 1: defi nite ] To supp y a defi ieDcy In the appropri ation for buiKline four steam dredge boat*, in use by the War I>epartmeat on L^kea ? Cham plain," 44 Erie," "Michigan," aad M OfttMio," to bo ap

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