Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 21, 1855, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 21, 1855 Page 10
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K?oi'i lew Hat Empoelun Knox will ?|W thig day kia M*lf at tot ?p ui sapwbly errs aged bet emporium, on tke corner of Broadway end Fulton (treat. Bra eonetnnUy iacraeslag boetnaee bee induced htm te se cure were commodious quarters. end hie eumerou* patrons wfllbelalighfadwith tho establishment. KNOX will alee ?<11 retain possession eh bl< up teen emporium. No 533 Broadway. Hia summer ityler e( bate ean be obtained at b?tfc plaeea. White'a Sew Slyica ot dau Now Ready? lial> baavtre, aotthate, and straws, In cndieie variety,.and el all gradts and ?>h*."ee. WHITE, 311 Bnadivay, eppeaita the BroatLuy theatre. Secondhand Oueewoed JEoilati Piano, Gll tart'amahe. price 9U3, for ae'e at 9315; ono boudoir piano, priee 93<*>, tor ?UW; one Cbloberine, mahogany oaee, $13(1; " ilaso, nearly new, #lb3, at 333 Broadway. tna roaeweed plana, - UJAACE WaTEHS, ... ._ h_ Tnuuini Jtl A txr* r.? \ntrrlca, fcwnwr Clathlng,- W e hare lately added many aew atylee to our imineneo stock of faihionable aunt *?a* clothing, and would advice onr friends to give as an wily can and make their selections, as tba mora desirable atykae wfllbo scarce before the season is over. D. DBVLiN A CO., 9B6, 230 and 230 Broadway, aorner of Warren street. K vans' Clothing Warehouse, Sot 66 and 6S Fulton strict, is the only place where rephvr onssimcre aeSU arc said at 910. Check llarceillci suite, (8 00, a Shameful 1-At Oak Had they are Ssl cir luce ascortmcnt ol new ctylcs of cummer eleth fa. men nud boyi at a prott of only bve pcr coat on ^ o?l" Vememb?r, Uah hall, 84 and bO Fultoa stroot. V* the UdMn?A Splendid diiortauat of dUnery, straw goods and Shaker hatv, at WM. S. IRVINE'S, 112 Canal street. thing Goods I Hoarultig Gooto Rich hsmgee, greaediner, tissues, printed inutbus, de bags, aud alaiv kinds ot mourning goods, selling at great bargains. B. 11. LBADBJEArRR k CO.. 317 ~ " Broadway. ftp*! Bareges.?A Now Got of Rich ? will be c P?r yard; harden wtil be opened this morning, which we will sell at la. M. per yard: also, a new lot of cheep silks. B. h. LEADBEATER k CO., 3l7 Broadway. Trawclltng Ureas Goads.?Three Cstnea of ?ne flench de bags will be offered this morning, at the low 'MSof Is. $d., worth Se.: alto, real India scersuokeaa, a rand beautiful article for travelling dresses. B. B. LBAOBBATBR k CO., 347 Broadway. Gentlemen's Furnishing uioods.?Just re ft new and magnificent assortment of gloves, ties, ernveu, euspenMks, Ao., selected in London nnd Paris ox pimly lor retail, at AQATB'S celebrated corratsa shirt manufactory, 230 Broadway. Joseph LotklU, Son St Co., No. 251 Falton street, nearly apposite Clinton, Brooklyn, manufasturers and Importers of ladies' dross and mantilla trimmings, oon Bating of game fringes, moire antique guipure gimps, bat tens and tassels; picture cord aud tassels, Ao. ?oota sued Snoen.?Executor's Sale to Clooe an estate ?A rare lot of oalf and patent leather boots, and dine rent styles of patent lenther shies, will be sold mneh Maw ccst, for the month of June only, at 73 Nassau streat Oarpctings and Oilcloths, BO per Cent lean than usual Vriccs.-PBTEitiUN A HUMt'HR&Y, 379 Braadway, sonar of White utnet, will sell during this week at the abeve rates Call and see. Great bargains may be ?ayeetcd. Not Printed I Bejel English velvet carpets, 11a. and 12c. per yard. English tapeitry Brussels oiupcts, Ms., Us. and IDs. per yd. Baalish ingraias, 4s., 5s. and (is. per yard; at B IRA It ANDERSON'S, 99 Bowery, Sign of the great American Eagie. SS?;*'5225SEK. ?? a. Mayor Wood?The only Authentic Biogra phy end portrait of Fernando Wood is new pubUshtng in FkANK LESLIE'S New York Journal for July?price 183^ cents? containing numerous beautiful engravings, and tna thrilling romanoe of the " Soldier ot Fortune." This is the moat useful and entertaining magaxine published. For sale by all booksellers. Doll Show.?Tula Show of the Seaaon, at BPOBRS'8 lenoy store, No. 449 Broadway, will oontlnue through the week, embracing every variety of dolls, from the sire of one half an inch to lull grown babies, dressed and undressed, black nnd white, crying nnd laughing?such a dUeplay aa will afford all the little girls in New York an op portunity to make a solecMoa Also, every variety of Toy* and Oames for the amusement nnd instruction of ohildren. For sale at prices that Rogers, by his own importations, oan only nffeyileo sell them. No. 449 Broadwsy. Sftmfcr Dye, Wigs and PoupMs-Betchelars'i adabsated factory for theao articles is 233 Broadway. Nina private room* for the application of his unrivalled hair dye, wholesale and retail. Beware of Imitations. The Urgset amortment of wig* aad toupees in the world. Ulhxlatadoro's Kxcelalor Hair Dye has be. oomoa staple article throughout the United States. No dreggist or perfumer can afford to be without it. for no other dye operate* with the seme oertainty and safety. The bLaoks and browns it produces defy detection as artificial. Sold and applied at No. 0 Astor House. Pan, Pimples, Free hies, Salt Rheum, Rlng? wsnas, emntlODS. sallowneis, Ao , cured by GoURAUD'S Italian medicated eoap. l'oudre subtile uproots hair 'torn any part of the body. Nothing looks ao well as (lofty fore head. Rouge, lily white, hair aye and ractorative, at ths aid depot, 47 walker (treat, fret (tore tram Broadway. Bead nils ?An Old Man Had* Young fbr ?M, by getting one of tbe beet manufactured wigs or toupees Irom ths celebrated manufactory of MB DHL) EST . lane as ire; A CO.. 27 Ma'don lane. Back and front braids, bands, ?wis, Aa. Copy the address. 769 Broadway.?H. T. Lorst'i Medicated Wakpene, an Indian vegstablo preparation, a beautiful toi let for dressing tbs hair, keeplag it olsar of daadruif; a pra vantive af graynoaa and balduass; transparent, and free from oil. Frioc 30 cents. ?y Onencnt will Force the Whiskers or Has. taabios to grow In six weeks, and won't stain or injure tbe aaia, 91 n bottle; large bottles, containing eight of the (malt sacs, (5; tent to any part of tbe ouuntry. R. G. GUASAM, 566 Broad* ay; Briggs, 37 Btate street, Albany. Inimitable Hair Cutter, so Long am ' ened a brane favorably known, at 43 Nnssaa street, has opened a branch hair cutting aad charing room at No. 1 Barclay itraat, la ai seat and comfortable stylo as any in the eity. Shaving at hath places 6 cents. Trusses, Shoulder Braces, Ladles* Belts sand supporters, instruments for how logs, club root, ant all de formities of the body, on hand and made to order, by Or. GLUVER, at the Surgeon's Bandage Institute, No. i Ana ?treat. Dr. 8. 8. Fitch, Author of the <*812 Leo* twee on Consumption," offloe 714 Broadway, open dally, Qiwnday excepted,) from 0 to 5o'clock. treats consumption. diseases of the hears, and all ehroaio (Ureases af The Great Inhaling Remedy for Atthnu, eeasnmptioa, and all diseases of the throat and lnnge?Dr. Cattle'* Uygeana. Thonaaad* have been restored to health the past year by the Hygeana. Principal office, 343 Broad way, andsold by U. H. ising. 192 Broadway. l'rice only 13 a package. Dr. CURTIS will be at the office daily, from 10 te 3 o'clock, where he may be ecaiulted tree of charge. At New York, In tile Dead off Night, The citiien in dread afright, Received tne (criona charge nd tte Of hungry boat a of buca and fleee; The loathsome rat and mouae join'd theae, With roachea black and large. Bat they were all killed by LYOM'd magnetic Powder and ~ keel" Fllla The infallible deatbdealing article hat X, Lynn's fig nature on label. Depot 424 Broadway. Holloway'a Ointment? latonlahlng Cure? Profeaier HOLLOW AY, when at Xoieow, on a visit to Prince D orfl, in ionr week* cored bia consort of nn nl eerntcd breast. For this extraordinary cure tb? Prince pre rented him with a gold snuff box aet iu diamonds. This cele brated ointment will enro any sore or ulcer. Sold nt the nanuufnetones, 80 Maiden lnne, New Tork, and 214 Strand, London, and by nil druggists, at 23 tenia, ti'2>{ cents, and fl per pot. No Fiction?fin Appeal to the Candid? Or. L. B. WRIGHT'S Scrofulous Antidote is the only medicine over discovered that may be teliod on for the oiro of con sumption and all other acrofuloua diseases. It has per formed more wonderful ouiei thnn all other medicines of lered to the public. This medicine, to tho afflicted, may be bailed as good ncwa Unlike other medicines, it will not de coivo your most sanguine expectations. Alto, Dr. L. B. Wright's Liquid Cathartic, or Family Physio-a complete revolution in medicine. This phytic it dsstinsd to do away with all other purgatives now in use. It it per'eotly pleasant te the taste. Children, as well as adults, take ft with ilaasure It operates thoroughly, bat gently?prodaeei neither names nor griping?is the obi apett physio ia nee, " sTb * and is trnly and honestly the bear bilious and alterative ghyrie known. _lt ia a periect regulator of the stomach and Jvels, and will not laava the bowel* costtvo. As n worm uadieln* it ia naeqnallsd. No family should b* wlthont it. Bold wboltstle and retail at 409 Broadway, anl a*, the prin cipal drug stores throughout the United States. Fewer and Agae Cannot Grist WUerewcr the now "antidote te malaria ' called "Rhode's fever and ague enre," is used. Its eingniar innooence ia proved by the ear lifeateofthe celebrated obemist, Lr. J. R. Chilton, which accompanies tach bottle. For sale by C. IL Hiug, C. V. C'lickeaer A Co., and dealers generally, J. A. RHODES, Providence, R I. Per Fever and dgne.-Deelilon' Pula, |t ; India Cholagogue, 31 30; tor cou-hv, colds, As. Hastings syrup of Mtbthn, Rogers syrup ol tar, Ayrss' cnerry pec total, tach SI ; for dropsy, sravsl, Ac., Wolfe's soheidam schnapps. Watts' antidote, each Si; for rheumatism, scro fula Ac., Hyatt's lite balsam, 73 ciats ; Uolioways pills and ointment, each 23 cent*; for suppraaeion, obstrooMon, Ac., Yam Hambart's female monthly pille. (1 j for the teeth and gums. Thompson'* tooth soep and orris and charcoal teeth pacts, each 23 cent*. At OL I ON '8,127 Bowery. Barrlsd. Ob Wednesday, Juno 20. at the Church of the Annun ciation. by the Rev. Mr. Babbit, of Hlddletowa, N. Y., F. W. Brooms. of Han Frnnciso >, to Matilda C., daugh ter ef Flcy J Smith, Ks.| ., of this eity. On Tuesday, June IB, at St. James' Church, by the Rev. F. McKenna, Tnos J. Coohlak to Mart C. Dough erty, both of tnie city. On Thursday, June 14, by the Rev. Mr. Price, Mr. DaxixlDarkow to Miss CabouheA. DabLBffTASH, daughter of the late Joseph P. Dellentaxh, a'l of New York. On Monday, June 18, at 8t. Peter's Churob. by the Re*. Wta. Qunn, jAint.s 11. CutRKRto Mita Caihrrixe M., only daughter of B*gh flradiey, Esq. At Great Salt Uko tlty, Utah, on Sunday, March 29, by the lion. Chief Justice Kinney, J.msa F. Uriioioxd, Ksq., of Iowa, (Osntile,) to Miss .Mary ARB Taylor, only daughter of J1 leer John Taylor, one of the Twelrp Apos tles cf the Chnr-.h of Jesus Christ of tho Latter Day Hainta. Tte bride was given away oy Capt. Rufue la gal]*, C. S at my. At Rea, on Saturday, May 26, on hoard ship Richard Rob ason, en the panose from Lirerpool to Ne? York, Cbarlm Jona, son of Rer. W. P. Joaes.'of Praetoo, Sag toad, tnrgecn of the ship, to Mrs* Maey W;lR )R, of Tetbetm, Ho ijx> rough eoun y, Scetlind. la Brooklyn, ?? Tuueday mcrninw. Jo*o 19, after a Umgnring Ulaoti, Courlu ?., wife of Robert Armstrong, tath# shthyenr of her ago. liar relative# and friend*, and thoee of tho fhsally, aro respectfully invited to attend tho funorol, from hor UU residence, Mo. 263 Wseblngton etieet, Brooklyn, at IhrM o'clock this &i tar noon. On Tuesday evening, Juno 19, Mart, wlfo of John Crow# age<l 39 yearn. ... The ftlenda ef the family, and those of his brothers, and brothers-in-law, J. Fitrgorald aid P. F. Boyle, also of her brother, D. D. Borxigan, are requested to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late residence. No. 16 Cherry atreet, near Franklin aiuare. On Wedneeday morning, Juoo 20, at eight o'ciOJfc, or typhoid fever, Noah Harford, Jr., aged 21 rears. His fr.ende and acquaintances am respectfully invited to attead tho funeral, from the residence of bis brother in-law, C. T. Bogert, No. 149 Riving*?1* street, thie morn ing, at 10 o'clock. Ills remains will be taken to Darfen, Conn., fcr interment. Of senrUtisa, Mast Jan*, daughter of Esther and J. L. Fares)], aged 2 yeare and 14 days The friends and relatives am Invited to attend toe fu neral, from No. 127 Croeby etreot, this afternoon, nt half past two o'clock. _ .... m On Wednesday, June 20, after n abort but severe ill ceae, Cm IB Striper, in the 36th year of lile ago. H'? friends, and thoeo of his brothers, John and Henry Strubon, am invited to attend tho funeral, thli morning, at cloven o'clock, from hia,late residence, No. 16 Prinoe street. . After n ahcrt but eevere illness, Adeludb Joskphiyr, youngeat daughter of Cbarlee E. and Catherine Clark, aged 1 year, 8 months and 6 days. Tho friends of tho family am respectfully Invited to attend tho funeral, nt two o'clock, ircm the reeidence of her parent*, No. 113Orchard etreot, without further iu ViOn*Tuesday nlgbt, Juno 19, Mart, eldest daughter of Loring Androwe, Esq., aged 22 rear*. The relative* and frlonde of the family arereipootfuUy invited to attend the funeral, *?>le afternoon, at half past throe o'clock precisely, from the Reformedi Duteta Church, West Twenty-third street, between Sixth and S?T*&th iTenoift witiout fnrthnr Iifitlttoc Hit to ?aim srill ho taken to Greenwood for interment. On Wednesday, Jane 20, after a ahort illness, Jam* Dalt, in the 32d year of hu age. The relative* and friends of tho family am reepectfuUy invited to attenl tho funeral, from his late residence, No. 69 Perry street, at two o'clock this afternoos, with out further invitation. , On Wednesday morning, Juno 20, of consumption, Charius M. Bakbr, aged 28 years. , ... . The relative# and friend# of tho family are Invited to attend the funerel, to morrow afternoon, at one o clock, from No. 97 Ludlow etreet. ?... ._. On Wedneeday, June 20, Jamb, eon of WUUam and Rose 6teveneon, aged 12 years. 4 months, and 10 days. The relatives and friends of tho family, and those of his uncles, James and Owen Gallagher, am respectfully requested to attend tho funeral, this afternoon, at.three o'clock, from tho reeidoace of his parents, No. 188 Lau On Wednesday, Juno 20, William R. Hansr, aged 52 y*Tbo friends of tho family, and of his brothers-in-law, Cornelius Potllon, Ooorgo d. Pollkm, Alexander C. Poil Ion, and John Ltverldge, are respectfully Invite! to at tend the funeral, to morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, from hie Uto residence, No 227 Henry etreet. On Wodneedav, Juno 20, nt 7 P. M., Mlea Mary Ass Durham, in the 16th year of her age. Philadelphia papere please copy. Ou Wednesday, Juno 20, Husky Fhrs, native of Ger many, in tho 3?th year of hit ago. Tho relatives and friends of tho family are reepeotfully invited to attend tho funeral, from his late resldenoe, No. 88 Rooiovelt street, to-morrow afternoon, nt one o'clock, without further invitation. , On Wednesday, June 20, after a ehort but severe 111 BCBSa David Ackirmaiy, son of Goorg* and Phoebe Acker ? men. ag?d 14 jeers and 3 months. The friends and relatives are Invito! to attend the fune ral, to-day, from No. 82 Choat s'.roet. His remains will he taken to Greenwood for interment. ADVERTISEKENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. PKASOKAl* INFORMATION WANTBD-CONCSRNING FRKDER 1 ick IIonejborne, a native of Limeriok, Ireland, aged abont 29 yeare; wae Iset heard from Ohio, in 1860 or 1851. Any one having knowledge of the above mentioned person, will confer a favor, by sending hie commnnieation to box 1,458 Poei Office, Boeton. INFORMATION WANTED-OF JO HN3C ANNELL, BY 1 bi* son, Patrick Scannell; any information of him will be thankfully received by James Murphy, at 37 Oliver atreet. MR. n. J. DAVID WILL PLBASB CALL ON GKOROE Cook, anctioseer, 304 Broadway, withint delay. The gbntlrman who addressed a note to Mr*. 8. O. L.. Brooklyn l'oat Office, about the 10th of Jnne, in reference to rooms, will And a reply at tho offloe designated in his note. XSOB TURF. RBD HOUSE, HARLEM.?THIS FASHIONABLE EE sort 1# now oomplete in all it# aro?lR*?J?W. andthe sale* etOfte* atteehed are constantly filled with the Haw! and faetsKboreee to bo fonnd. Fereo* in want olhowee sen alwaye be supplied at the Bod Hons*. The trotting trnek Uinsplendid order, and trotting matches oeeur every gn* afternoon. The Second avenue oar* pae# the doer every tvs minute*. _____ UMON COURSE, L. I.?PACING,?THE PACING race that .was to have oomo off on Tustdsy, will take place ou Xhntaday, J"*?|\frw k wniTK, Proprietors. UNION COURSE, I- I.?PACING?ON THURSDAY, Jon*21, a match for $2,000,mil# heate,b#at three iullve to wagon and iriver weighing 266 pounds. Oeorge Spioer tames gr. g. Hero; J. D. MeMaaa name* a m. Pooahontne. Cam will leave the South ferry, Brooklyn, for the couree at t'clock P. M. and return a* soon a* the eport le over. Far# to go and return, aooeat*.^^ ^ WplTB Propri,tori. TO THE LOY1R8 AND BREEDERS OF FINR STOCK. Tho oelehrated thoroughbred stallion Wild Irish man, will stand for a limited number #f mare# the ensuing ?eason, at the Red House atablai, at W0 the eeaeon. AU money# to he paid before serving the mare. All aoeident* at the risk of the ^ BROWN. Proprietor. yHB LIHUOR itUKITlO-7. CENTRAL CONVENTION.?A MEETING OF THE membere of the Liquor Dealer#' Central Convention will be held at 8 o'eleok this evening, at National Hall. Mem ben are reqneeted to be punotuaf in attendance. By order. G. W. gHArgn, Secretary. P. W. EN OS, rrtiident. SIXTEENTH WARD LIQUORS DEALERS, AROUSI!-A public meeting of the Sixteenth ward liquor dealer* will be held at the Utah Hone#, oorner of Twenty-fifth "Jr"* Eighth avenue, ou Friday evening, June 22, at 8 o clock. The liquor dealers of other wards, and all perione opposed to the lets enacted fanatieal prohibitory bill, are lavlted. Eminent rpeakere will address the meeting. eminent rpeuen w CHAB c W?I|XIi Ch'n Ward Com. Jon if Hotv, Secretary. An excellent quality or claret wire at 12 per dsxen. (bottles returned); rations grades of elaret, wines, brandies, sin, fcehntpps. Londin and Dublin porter, and Scotch ales, for sale at UNDERBILL A MAT TEREON'S, 130 Broome street, on the corner of Crosby st. P HILIPS' PALE INDIA ALE.?IN CONSEQUENCE ofthe introdnotion ol the Maine law into New York, the subscriber (who has been bred op with a wholesome dread of the oonstable's staff,) it determined to sell the balanee of the consignment of this celebrated English ale, in lots to suit families. This ale is remarkably adapted to the American constitution, being a fine tonic, and a oure for that destroyer of American beauty, via.: dyspepsia. No one should go into the country without a supply Price, paokages included, $3 per dozen. JAB. PHILIPS, 210 Franklin street. POLITICAL. F OR STREET COMMISSIONER.? HENRY WILSON, THE PEOPLE'S CANDIDATE. rj>IIE THIRD ANNIYERSMIY YOUNO MSN'S DEMOCRATIC UNION CLUB. Will bs celebrated on J one 30, 1864, at the METROPOLITAN THEATRE. Distinguished gentlemen from different parts of the Union Will deliver th* annual addresses. The balcony, boxee and dress ciiela will be reserved for ladiee, and gentlemen ac companying them. Cards of admission can be obtained at Ring's drug atora, Broadway and John street; II. ii. Dod worth's, 403 Broadway, or ofthe following committee of ar rangements. S. WALLACE CONE, C. L, VAN ZANDT. L. F. HARRISON. THE MILITARY. \J ET1RAN CORPS OF 1812.?A SPECIAL MEETING Y will bo held nt U. Rlell'a Star Hotel. 62 LUpouard lircst, on Friday evening, Jnae 2t, at 8 o'clock, on bnsiaeil of importanoe. By order. H, RAYMOND, Colonel. Wm. Taylor, Adjutant. RELLSIOUE HO TICKS. Religious notica-a stranger in new yore wonld be happy to reoeive tbo address of the plnce ol worship ol the nationalists. If there shonld be no sneh body here, be would be glad to reosivo the names ot parties who woola be willing to Join sneh a society. Address Troth, Herald office. RESTAURAHTS. Green turtle soup and steaks of a su perior quality, ovary day at PETTIT A CROOK'S, 13d Watsr street. BILLIARD*. Billiard tablis.-we oi fer for sale a fine stock of oak, mahogany nnd rosswood tables, with our newly invented cuihions. Cloths, balls, cues, nnd cue leathers, at tha lowest cash prices. One good eecoadhand table lor sale. GRIFFITH A DECKER, ?) Ann street. SPIRITUAL IBM. PIR1TUJ1L1S1L?SIUThTwRITINQ AND SPEAKING medium.?The names and locality or diseases male known, and sdvioe given correctly, or no oharge. Definite accounts given of sbient ftiends. Bnsiue'S documents satis factorily adjusted at 305 Broadway, oorner of 1'rlnee street. Henri trto AA. M.; 1 to 3, and 7 to 10 P. M. Private circles apply provisos. Auction notice.-j. booart, auctioneer-by 8. BOOART, this day, at o'olock, nt the auetion rooms corner Frankfort ana William streets, mortgage tale rooui cornvr inaHiori bdq niuitui mvin.wvt ? _ of genteel household furniture, mahogany Ute-a-tete, sofas, bnrcnui, tables, cradles, marble top waabstanda, mahogany French bedsteads, feather bads, mattresses, lonngu bedsteads, Bru te's, three ply, and ingrain carpets; India matting, zcaho.sny rooke-s, oil paintings, croctery, table cutlery, silver plated ware, ofllen and oounting house desks; one Iron safe, iron hat stands, kitchen furniture, Ac. Al.o, n lot ot Havana sogers. Ac. Henry h. leeds^auctioneer.-bv h. u. leeds A #*., this day, Thursday. Jnnt 21, at 11 o'olock, in tbo sallsfiff over the sales room 19 Nassau street. Sa'.s oi ele gant oil palntii gt, Just received lrom i'arls, on canvas, o n vex copper, end slid attached to glass, by the most oelelna ted French artists, viz;?Chamfceanx, Cardoll, Lfijor*, Van Strides, Van Mnller, l'aatrile Psrl", II. Dnnnant, C. Urewn, Ac.. oompti?>nt flno copies from s< me ef the most celebrated paintings in tbe Lmvrs. hv Urtnze, Vsruet, Van Dvck, Van Htrnrfm, Sir David Wilkie, Berhom, Teniers, do. Also, a number of fnc old pictures, in the schools of Rubens, Titian, Bends Ro ster, Vernet, Ac. To be sold wifib ant reservs. wajttii. ARESPECTABLR YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITU A IkilnrtirMMUt hailT, M thutwmtM; ?itM uiiit in washing end ironing; li twj wall used to children, ud plain sewing, asd weald make herself oeeial >a all other departments. Can ke seen at 380 Pearl ?t. Ilea the beet of eily reference. ATROTE8TANT GIRL WI83E8 A SITUATION AS chambermaid and to assist ia washing and ironing. or te do plain eewiag or general homework ia a small tamily: baa ae objection to go a ahort distance ia the country. Call at C2 Rutgers at., loom 22. A RESPECTABLE TOCNO WOMAN WISHES TO OB tain a situation in tome reapectable private family, ai nunc aid seamatrtss, or to do ckamberwork and plain tew ing. Can be acen ltr a few day a at 33 Wee'. 13th at. A NEAT FR( TESiTANT GIRL WANTS A SITCA tion aa chamlermaid and waiter, er nurae; prelate the ooontrj. Ilea city and country retereneeaa to nonea'y and neat liabitt. Can be aeen t-r two daye at 91 19th a tract, near f th atenne. Or housemaid in a amall family. A LADY Wno IS DESIROUS OF OOISG TO Etgland, wishes to engage with a family or tingle la dy ae cempan on on the voyage; aha can rive satisfactory reference. Inquire at 290 Fourth at , Washington square, o ?r the drng atore, for three day a. ARISFECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A eitnatioa aa nurae, and to do plain aewing. Beat city mere nee given. Can be aaen for two days, at 293 Eaat 21st street, 3d Boor, rear rooma. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION-AS WAI ter or plain sewer, or ehamborwork, washing and iron ing Good elty referenoo from her lnit pines. at 224 14th at., for two days, near lit nvanne. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN, WHO a line lost her baby and her husband, wiahea a aitaation a* wet turae; hm lived out as wet nnraa for t e last ei(ht months. Has the beat rafaranoe from her last employer. Flense call at 117 last 28th at., between 2d and 3d aren rei, first fleer, back room. ARESPECTABLR MARRIED WOMAN, WITH A fre?h breait of milk, wishes a situation as wet nurse; baa a baby enly four weeks old. Beat of reference. Apply at No. 1 South Filth at., Williamsburg. A RESPECTABLE. YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITL'A ? ion aa chambermaid and seamstress, or auria and aeam S'reae; understands cutting and ttttiug ladles' and children'* drtasei in the eeatest manner; hai no objection to go in the country. Apply at 188 12th at., between 1st and 2d ava , third fleor. A YOUNG PERSON WANTS A SITUATION IN A bakery or confectionery atore. Address 230 Wast 16th street, between 8th and 9th avannaa. Can ha seen tor two dnya. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES ? SITUATION AS CHAM bermaid and waiter; the eonntry preferred. Has oity leierence. Please call at 122 East 90th street. A PROTESTANT GERMAN GIRL WANTS A SITUA tion to do ohamborwork, waiting at table or to take care of children and do towing. Can give good rarer ei eta Apply at fill 4th atreet, room 6, for two dnya. ARESPECTABLR WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION aa cook. In a hotel; has no objeotion to go n ahort dli tnroo in the eonntry, or isloon. Can be well recommended. Apply at 24 City Hall place, second floor, back room. AN ENGLISH WOMAN, A PROTESTANT, WITH the very beat of references, wiahea a situation na chil dren's nnrae; has no objeotion to the eonntry, or to travel. Apply at 60 East 14th at. for two dayi. A YOUNG WOMAN, WHO IS A PROTESTANT, want* a situa' ion aa chambermaid and aonmatreaa, or uuiao and aeamstrese. No objection to the oountrr. Good city references. Flense oall for throe dnya at No. I lit at, A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, aa chambermaid and waiter, or to mind ohildren in a private family. Please call at 61 2d at., between lit and 2d avenues. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS good cook, waaher and ironer; baa no objection to go in tho.oonntry. Can bo aeon for two daya at t3 Rutgers at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS chambermaid and waiter, or to do general housework in a an all private family; haa no objeotion to go n abort d's tanee in the country; boat of oity roterenoe given. Can ba aeen at 173 12th at., between 1st and 2d avenues. A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO OB tain a situation aa cook and to assist inn ashing and ironing; ia a first rate oham barmaid, and understands b?r bnaiieaa perfectly; nncioeptionablo oity reiereace given. Cnll at 17o.West 25th at., top floor. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE y onng woman aa faamstraas, aad sen fit and out chil dren's dresses, and do all kinds ef plain sowing; haa no ob jection to going to the eonntry. Beat eitr reiereeee Can be acen for two daya. ae her laat place, 78 West 14th at., be tween 6th and 7th avannaa. A COMPETENT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS oook; understands meats, senpa, jellies and pastries of all kinds, and baa lived with the beat of families in England for many yiais; also, her daughter wiibea a situation ae nurae or chambermaid; oan do ladies' fineries in the neatest style. The beat of oity refsrenee given. Please oall at 124 Eaat ?0th at., near 3d avenue, first floor, back room, for two days. A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUA tion ii chambermaid and seamstress, or nnrae; in a Rood warher ajid ironer; haa so objection to go in the coun try. Can be aeen for two dajra, at 780 Broadway, between 8th and I0tb eta, with her present employer, where rhe hta lived fer the laat three yeara. A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL IS DESIROUS OF A aitua'ien, where ahe oan aew and make htraelf gene rally nee'ul in a a tore. Satisfactory reference given aa to Lonesiy, Ac. Can be aeen at IV Second at., for two day*. A FRENCH PROTESTANT GIRL DESIRES A SITU A tion, aa nnrae or aeametreaa. Good reference given. Call at 183 Eaat 20th at , between lat and 2d are. A SITUATION WANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED nnrae, to take tbe entire charge or a baby; hat uo objec ts n to tbe country; ia a good plaia aewer; would go tra telling. Can be aeen for two daya at 106 Eaat 22u a t. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE <1 girl, to oook. weab, or iron, or to do general houeework in a private family. Good elty reference. Call for two daya at 116 Wooater atreet, in the rear. A YOUNG GIRL WI8HRS A 8ITUATION, AS PLAIN cook. Ia a good waahtr and ironer. No objection to do i he w ork of a email family. City reference. Call at 36 West l3th at. No objection to the country. A RESPECTABLE GIRL, WITH CITY REFERENCE, wanta a aitnation aa cook, wa*hcr and ironer, in n pri vate family or boarding houte. To be aeen for twodayr at Chever plaoe, two doora from Degraw atreet, Brjoslyii. AN AMERICAN YOUNG WOMAN. WHO IS A GOOD cook, and a Brat rate waaher and ironer, wishoa a equ ation to do general houeework; no objootion to go a anort diatancein the conatry. Best of reference* given. Apply at294 Mulberry at., eorner of Boueton, in the basement A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young jflrl, aa ohambermaid and wniter, or general houiemaidIn a email family. Good city reference. Call at corner of Union and Court at*., Brooklyn, (Mr. Stephen*',) for two days. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa plain oook, waaher and ironer. No ob Jeoticna to go n abort distance in the country. Good city refeionce onn be given. Please call at 118 West 27th at., three doors from 7th av., for two daya. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A situation to do the work of a small family; I* a Brat rate washer and iroser and a good plain oook. Good roferenoe. Call for two days at 12 Greenwich at., in the basement. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITUA tion aa cook, waaher and ironer, or to do general bonae woik m a pilvate family* No objeetlon to do ohamberwork. Tho beat of city reference given from her laat pltee. In quire at 332 W cat 27tb at., third floor, front room, fcr two daya, ARESriCTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A situation, aa ohambermaid and waiter. Good city re ference. Apply at 112 Mott at., np stairs. ARR8P1CTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WANTS TO adopt a boy, of three weeks old, late a respectable family. Can be seen at 174 Laurens at., between Bleeoker and Houston, in the basement. A SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGLISH YOUNG woman, na nnrae, or chambermaid and seamstress. Can be teen until engaged at 46 Charlton it, room No. 4. Good reference given. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A VERY RESPECTA ble yonng woman, aa nnrae, ohambermaid and plain aewer; baa no objection to go to tho country, or to travel for tho lummtr; hag the beat of elty referenoea from bar laat J lace. Please eall at 908 Mott at, between Houston and ilceeker, lor two days. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as Brat rate waaher and ironor, also a Brat rate oook; eeat of city roferenoe oan bo given. Apply at No. 3 Whitehall at., second floor, back room. Can be aeen for two daya. A MIDDLE AGED RESPECTABLE WIDOW WO Ban and experienced nnrae for ehlidren to bring np by band, wishes a situation in a respectable family; apeaka German, English and Franeh; good enaracter can be giren. Addreaa A. B., 11 7 Willctt a-root. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTJMYOUNG WOMAN wanta a aitnation as ohambd^PH and to taka care of children, and do plain (awing; ia a RBid washer and ironer. Goed city reference. Call at 136 Pearl at., Brooklyn. A SITUATION AS COACHMAN WANTED, BY A very reapeetable Engliab man; one who nnderatanda business thoroughly; haa had the charge of one or the moit reapeetable private establishments in the city, for the laat S or 4 jenri; ean give retereace to Into employer. Who ever tbia may anit can apply at|Mr,Mutagan'f, 1?* Grand at, for Hires da} a. A GERMAN CIIEMIflT?WISHES AN ENGAGEMENT ia a factory, or other aimilar eatabllahmeat. He la learnad ia prac .feing gas analytic, and all other quantita tive analytic ; aian, in prnotialng chemical preparations in all retpeets. H* ia an apothecary, and in oonaednenca, ac quainted with tho branebea of this businesa. Address S. Ccog, 483 Houston at A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG MAN. OF exporionea, wishes a aitnation aa waiter, in a private family; be thoroughly aaderataad bia bnainaaa in all its Irancbta. Das tbe beat city reference; will bear the atriet eat investigation. Has lived in some highly reapeetable families in London. No objection to travel to any part et' the country with a single gentleman or a family. Pleaie call at 13V Lauren* afreet fer two daya, or addreaa a! note to K. M. W., Union square Poet Offlee, or box 118 Herald office. A SMART BOY, WHO CAN SET MANUSCRIPT AND reprint wanted; oae who would like to loara tho Job """ cW.7B.udi.,. A GREAT CHOICE OF ENGLISH, 8COTCH, GERMAN and Irirh help, for hotel* and privat* (amiliea, may be had at MOKRiS A COHNEKT'S, 287 Broadway, eorcor of Read# afreet; alro waiters, portera, workmen, gardeners, fanner* and mechanics, at tUiaor at the branuh olfloo, I'M Greenwich afreet. Agents wantf.d-to visit the principal places in the Unite I States and the Canada*, to sell a u*w map of North Amoiica, United States and Onba, ahow lns tho routesh^Ldistancea to the principal plteoa, exteat and pnpula'lbit W the United Statel, British, Russian and t'ciitr*! Ametich and Mexico; portrait! of Waibinrten, Jef Icrun. Jackaon. lataiette, (tobiter. Clay and Caihouu. ilice*. A. 11. JOCELYN, 60 Fulton at., up stair*. BliO*RRTF.fl.?WANTED, IN A WHOLESALE LI n'for e'er?, a young man, American, whu ia wall ac quainted with ke< ping boeki: salary $JD0. Address P. S , n*rald offl e, in awn handwriting, age, name, town, county and StaK tt birth. WAMTM. A MOST RES PICT ABLE AND EXPERIENCED PRO A tuUit widow fMU wan .e a situa'ioa is k private family kf eock; she folly understands 1'. Ik oil it* branch-*; is a good baker kad pastry oook; would llko to (o k abort dleUno* >a ike country; if required, woold have no objec tlonitowaeh the houak lines, la willing to make beraalf non fat if necessary; don't enre how largo the family ia. Can aire the beat of rofereoco from her laaa plaeo. Plcate call for two dkya, at 1?0 2Mb at., between let and 2d avenues, la the rear, aacoud floor, front room. Boy wanted?a smart, honest boy, not under IS yeara of ago. to attend a eodk eooutor and make himeelf generally uaeful. Apply at tba drug atoro, earner of lieekmac and Panrl ata. Boy wamed-in a wholesale grocery atora?one who la willing to make himeelf naefnl and who reeidea with bia parenta; ealary moderato. Apply at 218 Front atreet, between 10 and 2 o'cloek, CHRISTIAN HOME FOR FEMALE SERVANTS? Thirl) eighth atreet, between k'onrth and Lexington nyenoei; governesses, honaekoepera, alao servants in erery capacity, supplied from thia institution Mndiaoa aTenuo stages and Tbtid avenue cara paai wnhln a few etepe of tho doer. Two Frepeb women at the lnititntica. COOKS, WAITERS, NURSES, CHAMBERMAIDS, and other male and femalo domeetiee. provided for re spectable tamilioa city or country, at the Employment A gene ?, U> East 1-ltU et , Union a<|uaro J. O. GALLA GHER. Arrnt. N. B.?Applioanta for eitontiona are re quired to bring good ctty rcferoncea. Drug clerk-a young man op two years' cipeiieuoe in au active retail drug atore, wither a ait* uation aa aaaiatant drag elerk. Beat of reference given Ap ply at the drug atore, 139 Court etreet, Bnoklyu, Drug clerk wanted-a gentlkman op tho rough education and proper addrcee. f:r a roepeotabl - iamly basineee. Apply at Eagletoa'e, 211 Court etreet, Brooklyn. Drug clerk wanted-a man thoroughly coaveraaat with tho hneinota. Apply at No. 228 Eighth avenue. Employment now ready-at mannings office, 271 Bowery, for a 'argo number of woll recom mended rervante, in city aud country, male an I female. Protectant and Catholics, in ovary capacity-Kngliah, Iriah, Sootch, American, French and Germnn. Einplovara prompt ly aqfrd at thia office. Charget very mode rata. Experienced servants?thoroughly compe tant to disoharee their dutiee in tha varioue domcetio departments, especially oooke, waiters and nnriea, with re liable reterenoaa direct from former em ploy ere, may bo en gaged for olty and oountry, at tho Brooklyn Famale Em ployment Office, 10 Hilary at., fifth door from Fulton. Employment for ai.l.-any person sending 25 cent* will reooivo tho roooipt for manufacturing maoi fold writing and impresiion paper for takiug the impression of leavea, tTowert, and writing without pen or ink, and copy ing picturee. pattern*, embroideries, Ao., do. A person can make ffi to flu per day by tailing the above article. Ad dies* U. A. HART, Chatham eqnara Post Offiea. Grocery clerk wantee-a young man who nnderetanda tha retail business, may apply at 193 Third avenue, oorner of Eighteenth street. (^ROCERS AND OTHKRS.?SITUATION WANTED, 3 by a young man, 21 yean of age, In tome respeetablt business; hat a through knowledge ol tho grocery b-iai neae, and a goadflkwa of money. Unquestionable reference will be given his last employer. Addtves C. A. Naf ton, Herald offlee. Housekeeper.?wanted, a middde aged American woman, for a largo first olaae hotel; she must be free from incumbrance of children or husband, aud pre sent testimonials of high character, Ao. Address, with teal uamo and reference, Jnmee Stone, Herald eflioe. Housekeeper?a new England lady, of active, domcetio habits, offers her eervioee in tho above oepaolty, either in the city or oonntry; hat had tha supervi sion af a first elan hotel for tha laet year; would devote her time exclusively to the interest of tboeo with whom ah* might b* engaged. Salary a secondary consideration. Ad dress Mrs. Gray, Herald office. Lad wanted-to learn the brokbrage and commission basineee. Salary, first year fifty dellan. Addrett. with referenoei ia handwriting of applicant, L. W. P., Herald offioe. Norse wanted?wanted, at no. 8 WE9T21D street, an American, Scotch, or Knglieh|woman,ae nurie. None without tho beet recommendation* need apply. SITUATION IS WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ynnng woman, at first rate cook, washer and ironer or chambermaid and laundress; ha*been threeyenre in her laet ?ituation; baa beet of olty refeienoe. Call at IDS W. 17th et., second floor. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl, at aeamstrat*. or to do ehamborwork. Inquire at t8 B est 17th St., basement. SITUATION WANTED.-A FAMILY ABOUT REMO ving to the oountry are detiroui or procuring a situa tion in Brooklyn, a* chambermaid or cook, for a moot exoel lent girl, now in their employ. Apply at 27 Sehermerhorn et , Brooklyn, previous to 27th inet. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESfROTABLE YOUNG woman, at laundress, who fnUy understands her busi los* in alllta branches; or could take a place at cook; no ob jection to the oountry. Beat of referenoei. Apply for two days, at S1U Mott et., near Bleecker, third floor. SITUATION WANTED-AB CHAMBERMAID OR nurse, by a girl, with good reference; would go in the country if desired. Inquire at 274 Weet 19th St., near 9th avenue, of her present employer. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, a* chambermaid aud seamstress, or aa ehem hermaid and to aisiat in washing and ircnlng. Can give good reference. No objootion to go n ehort distance ia the country. Can he eeen at her present employer's, No. 9 Ash land place. Perry street, near Greenwich nvenne. SITUATION WANTZD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, with good reference, a good plain cook, first rale baker; ia a perfect good washer and ironer; hn* no ob joetion to go a ehort dietasce in the eonntry. Please call | lor two days at No. 223 Varick st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE, NEAT, tidy girl, to do ehamborwork and waiting, or plaiaiew lag; hat lived six years in England; wage* no oijeit, pre for ? a comfortable h< m*. Good re fere no* It required, l'leaae call at 678 2d avenue, between S2d and 33d eta. SITUATION WANTED?BY AN ENGLISH GIRL, AS nurse and seamstress; eh* thoroughly understands tho management of children, and ia oompetent to take charge of a baby from ita birth. Good sity refereuoe irom her last place. Can be eeeo, tiU engaged, at dl Gold it., between l'ljmouth and John, in the tear, Brooklyn. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY A THOROUGHLY EX perienesd Protoetant woman, at oook and laundress; understand* all klnde of sweetmeat*, prutervos, jellies Ac ; also, a neat Proleetaat girl for housework, A number oi other select and highly recommended servau a of every ca pacity, can be seen at tha South Brooklyn Employment office, 68 Atlantic st. ???ITUATION WANTED-BY A VERY COMPETENT, well rctoir mencod American Protestant youog woman, to do general housework; U a good oook, and a first ra'e watborand ironet; no objection to go in the country. Call nt2t.l Bowery, for two day*. SITUATION WANTED.?A GERMAN GIRL WANTS A eituation ee seamstress and lady'e maid; epeake English good, ie a liret rate tine waeber and ironer, and understand s dies making. Not particular about much wage*. Address A. B. C? Broadway Post Office. SITUATION WANTED?BY A WELL RECOMMENDED, highly respectable and oompetent girl, to do the home work ot a jrirate family; It a good oook, washer and ironer, and anexperiereed laundress; unexceptionable city refer ence given. Apply at 1C Myrtle avonue, Brooklyn, lu tbe basement. ? flvWO RESPECTABLE, TIDT GIRLS W1SU SITUA A Hons in a roip*ctable private family? ono its waiter and to do cbamberwork; tbe otber aa obildren'e maid anl to do plain sowing; no objection to go with a family to the coun try. Call at K11Mb et? between rilb and 7th avenues, ?e oond floor, front room, for two days. Good oity references given, if required. TO SH'P CAPTAINS -AN ENGLISH GIRL WANTS a sitnation ao stewardess to go to Enropo. Address Anna, Herald office, for throe day*. TO MAKERS BY HANI) OF SMALL PLAITED SHIRT bosoms.?Pcrtons desirous of making amall id ait srirt bosoms, or parties having a quantity to dispute of, may ap ply at 38b Hudeon street-. TO PHOTOGRAPHERS.-WANTED, A PERSON WHO thoroughly understand* the photographing and dagaer nan arts, to go to a largo Western oity. To a competent men, a permanent situation, with good salary, will bo given. Address Henry Shaft, hex 2,410 Buffalo Post Offioe, with specimens of work. TO DRY GOODS CLERKS.?WANTED?TWO GOOD . salesmen, at Jones A Co., 1C9 Eighth avenue. UNI FILLI FRANCAI8E DESIRE St PLACER POUR fillo ehambre ou bonno d'enfante. On pent la voir au No. 194 East ?(>th St., obex Mr. F. Gcin. w ANTED-A SITUATION AS NURSE OR CHAMBER msld, by a gill who has livtd sight years at 87 Clinton _ ( " ?- ' ? ? Xlacs, whst* lOt ean bo toon. It honest, faithful and in ustrious. IT,7ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE LADY, A SITUA IT tlon at houtokotper or ocaptLion to an invalid; the is well edesatod and of good address. The advertiser would not object to take tbe entire eharge of a family where there ere (children. She is oapable ot taking care of a baby from lte birth. She Is also a flmt rate oook, and would aeeist In fine waebintor plaia sewing !? a email tamlly. Please eddreee Housekeeper, Broadway Poet Office, tor one weak. WANTED-A HAT TRIMMER, WITH THE KXPRRI onco, capacity and taste requisite to inpcrintond a bat trimming room of ono hnndrod girls. Salary no object, In quire at 166 Water it. . , WANTED?AN INOLISH. SCOTCH OR GERMAN women; one who can wash and iron in tho host manner and do plain oookisg, and oome wall recommended, may ap ply at 116 Hamoreley St. W ANTED-A GOOD COOK AND CHAMBERMAID Mnet have unexceptionable reference. Apply at 39 East 29th ot., near Madtion avonue. ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ,, woman, at hornet coper to an elderly gontloman. No obj ction to living a tew miloe in tbo country. Good recom mendation* can be given. Addreet E. D., boa 196 Herald offioe. ?nfASHINO.-WANTID BY A WIDOW WOMAN. SIX YV glo gentlemen'! or famillee' washing. Is au oaperloaced band at washing and ironing; has aa exMrlonee of eovoa Soar*. Apply personally or by note, 139 Eaet 291b st., tj Ire. J. McLaughlin. W ANTED-A SITUATION, I1Y A MOST RESPCCTA I Y* bit young woman, ae seamstress in a gontool family; is a gooa dressmaker, and oan do all kinds of neat sowing: ui objec'ion to go a short dlstanoo in the country, or do light chtmberwork If required. The best ot oity referouee given. Please apply ior two days at 172 2d St. WANTED?BY A YOUNG LADY, A PLEASANT AND comfortable room, with board, ia a convenient part of tbo city. Address E. P., Herald offic*. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to du general housework in a small private family, er needlework if required. Can bo seeator teo Jay* at 20S West 26th st , between bth and 9th avenues. w gtueral house work. Oood rtftrvnee*. Can H mm for t?o says No. 49 President stmt, Brooklyn. 1*7 ANTED-A GERMAN GIRL. A3 CII AM GERM UD YY and ?alter. Apply at 18 South st., or to Mr Adams, Clinton avonue, Brooklyn, third house from the corner o. Lafayette avenue, on east side. Wages, $6. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, who is a gsod seamstress and cnd*rstands drvse making. Can le scm at tior present smptnyer's, li Sth avenue, between loth and 17th ete. ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A KE-'PECT \BJ U ynuag woman, aa cook, washer ?nd i-onor, or to yVAMTW. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A BAIT Tf to wot iwm, it h?r ewn residence. Coll at 1W 3Mb ?1, M*mi ktlil M imoM. WAKTID-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE ft young woman, ae chambermaid and waiter ; is a gotd plai* sever; or to do ibe geoeral work ot a respective lamliy. No objection to tto coon try. Boot cltjr reference can be given from hor flrot and lait place. Call at 131 East lltk ? tree[, betwooa lot evenue ai.4 avenue A., first floor, back room. Can be Men tor two days. WM ANTBE-A SITUATION, AS GOOD COOK, WASHER aid iroaer, nnderetand* baking in all ite brancbee;no objection to go a ibort distance In the country. Beat ci'.jr reisrenee given Call at 133 West Kith at , near 7tb avenue, third floor, front room. fVANTED- A GERMAN' OR ENGLISH GIRL, TO GO If two bourt' ride from the c'.ty, to do general bonne work on a farw. Alio, a German, who taking oare of boraea Both to underatand the English language. Call at 21 Jackaon at., at 11 o'oleok to day. WANTED -A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, aa plain cook; la a good waalier and lroner. Good city reference. Can be aeen for two daya at 12 Whitehall sb, tlrat floor, front roam. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE woman, ae eook, washer and lroner, and oin do gen eral homework. Good rolereuoo. Apply at 11 Jay street, Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMaN. A SITUATION aa waiter in a private family; one who thoroughly nn daretendi hor bnrlnoee. and eat procure nun neat! enable city refe enee from eome of the meet roapeotable famtliea. Plces>< inquire at 301 2d avenue, between 22d and 23d eta., back np atalra, for two daya. days at 90 Bergen street, Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A GERMAN GIRL who can epeak English and la willing to do general housework. Beat reference given. Apply to John Loctlg, 201 Broadway. OT ANTED?BY AN EXCELLENT WOMAN, WITH A Vr treeh breast of milk, a situation aa wet nurM. Beat olty relcrence. Call at tiOU Granj street, until suited. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa ebambermaidlor plain cook, or to do general housework; no objeotion to go to the country with a family. Good reference. Can be seen for two daye at 131 7th avenue, between ltfth and 20th streets. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN, a situation aa cook and to asiiat in the washing and Ironing; tho beat oity refereuoe oan be given. Can be aeen lor two daja at D3 Green street, between Priuoe and Spring, in the store. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A ?iteation ae ohemberaaaid and waiter, or waiter, aad to assist in washing and ironing Beat of oity relcronoee given from her laet employer, where ehe oan be Men until suited. Apply at ill Weat Stith at., betwMa 11 and 2 o'clock WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, aa uursu and seamstress, or to d? light chaabcrwork. Call at 3U1 IV cat ISlh at., west of the Lat llouac. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOM4N, to do the general housework in t plain private fami ly; can eook, wash and iron; is a good broad baker; good i? rjfvrouco' APP., at 303 lat avonue, between lsth and WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a situation aa chambermaid, and la willing to as sist in the washing and ironing and useful among children. Can be seen for two daye at 274 West 17th street, between Iftxi and 10th avenues, top floor. Best city reference. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, aa first rate oook: thoroughly understaade her bnstneea. The bMt of elty relerenoo. Please call at 171 I2tb St., betwMn 1st and 2d avsnues. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as obambermaid and sowing, or to inks core of chlldxap and aewing. No objeotion to go a short distance In thdeountry. Good reftronoe. Can bo seen at 73 Smith St., Brooklyn. WANTED-A RESPECTABLE, TIDY GERMAN GIRL, to do ?ht housework in a small, quiet, reepectable family. Must be a good washer and lroner, and come well recommended. Apply at 283 l'acifio it., Brooklyn, between Smith and Hoyt its. Wantkd-by a respectable young woman, a situation to do general ho use work In a small pri rate family. No objection to go a short distanoo in th? country Good city reference. Ca 1 tor two days at 287 17th St., be tweon Ifth and 10th avenues, in the roar. fETANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE If young weman, to do general housework, or as pla'n cook,and watber; is capable of obamberwork and waitinr; and is well reuommended from her laet p'.aoe. Call at 234 Wth it., betweon avenues B and C. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MOST HIGIILY recommended girl, as housawaid in n small private family, where ahe wonld do the plain eooking, l.akiog, waebing and ironing, in the neatest manner. Has exeelleit city reference. Will take flti per month, in tbia city or Brooklyn, tali or address217 East 23d it. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN EXPERIENCED good oook and bakor; can make all kinds of Jollies, ice creams and blanc mange, and all kinds ot soups. Good city reference given. Can bo reen fur two days at 88 18th at, between 6)h and 7th avenues. WANTED?BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE AMERI oan girl, a aituatioa ae infant'a nurse; u tally capable of taking the entire charge of ? baby from it* birtb, having lived In that capacity ftr aereral yoars. Can produce the higbeat tciiimoniala ai to character and ability, Please call at 83 West 1'lth It., at ber present emplojer's. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, a* none and leamitreii, and oan take charge eta tab.i no objection to the eonntry. Good reference. Apply at S3 11th it., between lit and 2<1 avteaec. Call for taw dayi. ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN a litnation aa good plain eook, washer and tronrr, or a? laundress; can eume well recommended from her lilt place, laqnire for a few dayi at ocrner 01 ti7tU itrect and Th.ri avenue, Mr. McGinn. fETANTlD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE V BngHsh woman, ea cook in a dining saloon or private family; can give the beat if eity reference from her teat employer!. Please oall or addreu at 932 Eighth avenue between Srtb and 3bth ati., aeocad floor, front, tor two dayi' WAN TAD?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a litnation ai good plain cook, waahcr and lroner, or aa chambermaid, or aa hou?ekeeptr. Can produce the best ot oity reference from her laat employer. Can bo ieen for two dayi, at 132 Woit 2<?th it., I>etween7th and 8th avenues, WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION to do hounwork. The beat of re erenoo given, and tbo country preferred. Call at ?i Dean at., Sonth Brooklyn, in tbo basement. Cnu be aeen lor two daya. WANTBD-A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS, BY A lady who fully underattnde every kind of fine sewing, cu'ting, and fitting obildien'a dresses; hai no objection to 'he eonntry. Apply at d4 Charltan streak, room7. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa chambermaid, and to araiat in the ?ashing and ironing; baa no ebjee'.ioii to go to theoenntr/, Pltaio call at 100 b oat 19th at, in the renr, lor two dayi. TVANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV girl, ai eook; li a good weaker and lroner and baker; Can produce good cl.y reiercnoe. Can he aeon for two dart, at 472 -Mb at., eecond floor, fiont room, No. 10. Bo objection to go n short distance in the country. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to do chamber work and waiting; would bo willing to do housework; would have no objection to go to the country. Good rtferenco can be given fioui her iaatplaie. l'lcase call at 87 West ltftb it., between the tith and 7th avenues, ior two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa ohild'i norae; baa boon ncoaatomod to the care of ob'ldreu for the last reven yearr; la a Proteatant; would frrirr taking charge of a buby aud lew for a lady who oardi. Good city teftrence. Willing to wait one or two weeka, if tngaged. Call for two dayi at 139 ilenry it, Stuth Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Proteatant girl, to do gonoral houaowork in a ainall private family, or to take care of children. Good city refer ence from ber laat place. Call at 251 Weat S2d at., aear :> b avenue, second floor, for two dayi. WANTBD-A 81TUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to do general huuaework in a amall private family. No objectiintu the eonntry. A.iply at 52 l'erry at. Can be seen foi two dayi. WANTED?AN INGUSH, SCOTCn, OR GERMAN girl, who ipiaki English, to aailat in general huuse work, where there are two in the family, and to learn dress maklng. She wonld meat with all the nemforti of a home. Nono butgood fewerinted apply. Reference required, Ap ply at 8th nvenne. it. I'lCKFORD, watchmaker. WANTED- A SITUATION, AS CHAMBERMAID, waiter, or nunc and eeamitreas, by a young woman, having ex salient recommendation! from her laat place. No objection to tte country. Apply at 371 Eait 12th at. TENANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITCA TV tion to take cart of obildron and do plain lowing, or cbambtrwotk and plain lowing. No objection to go in the eonntry. Apply at SICtith avtn'ot. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young womnn, aa eook, chambermaid, or to take care of children, In a email family. No objection to go to the country. Beit oity reformed ean be given. Addreu No. 20 5th at., near the Bowery, for two dayi. Tl/ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TV girl, ai chambermaid and waiter. No objection te go a abort diatanco in thi country. Ilaa tbe beat of oity refer ence. Cnn be seen for two daya at 149 Elisabeth it., first floer, telnetn Spring and Brotmi, rear bnllding. WANTED-BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN, ONE A PRO taataat, aitnatiom; one aa waiter or ohambermaid, or to de fine waabing and Ironing, the eaher ns chambermaid and eeamatieai, or aa nnraeaad to de fine waabing and iron ing. Can be aeon nt their preient employer'!, 92 luth it. WANTED?BY A RESPEJTABLE YOUNG WOMAN a aitnation to do honaiwork; i* a first rati waiher an irtner, and good p'ain eook; no objection to go a ehort die tanei In thooountry Good reference. Call at 377 East lit i it,, third floer. front room. TV ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV Ttoteetant girl, ae g"od p alnook, waaher and lroner, or na obimtermild and waiter, in a small private family Can give good oity relercnce from her laat employer. Tbjw wiihing auch a one cnn apply nt 47 Norfolk it, in the rear. w TAN TED?BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, A SITUATION, .J to do light chamt crwr rk and take oart of children and do plain aewlug. The licit of reference oan be given from btr laat placo. Call for two dayi at No. 9 Eaaeg at. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. TV a situation to cook, *?-h, and iron, or to do general homework iu n private family. Good eity reference. Call at 2*1) 27th at. between 9th and 10th avee, third floor. Cen be at en for two days. \VANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED TV end a yonng girl, situation!?one ae lann lieaa or pluin cook, the etber as rhambermsid. Good rafetnee livm ifte iinied. Can be aoen to-day. Inquire at 393 Pearl ?t reet. T\"ANTFD?A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL H3U3R TV work, or aa chambermaid and waiter; Is a good wisher andlrn <r. Beat of eity reference. No objer.Joa to go a shrrt diitanoa In tbe country. Inquire nt 239 lit neout, first floer, back reom. Cnn be seen for two days. _ _ YVANTRTk-A SITUATION, BY A RK5PE "* <' I TV young woman, ti cook, walk aid Iron, or ts do too ler.eral homework of a tin ill prlv* ? 'aniilv. nai ao o ? jeetionto tbi country?country preferred. I" * " taitf. Geed refevenci. Apply at 204 J ul torn it. - w*m WAd?h^ELi,?0IT1,01 Wfe. * bitdatio*. to ^ ",-r',*:;.-.:la arsSL ??% W,tI?l'S??*D?fU^T,Uh **KT?D-BY a ibal fresh bc.Mt Of n&k; h? ubVw"n h") "I eity rsfrrotee. i, wllll, io m^k". h uoofal. CaU ??r two toy> at '*K???"on??t 1 117AMXID-BT A RISPBci ABLE~~aTnr a TV tion a* ehamisruiald, ^ , A.' fly to Mrs. Coxy, 3C 29th .t , o..,?,n 8th ?dTh nv?nj?. I1TANTID?A SITUATION (jy a skri>i<< r a^v # W lloutiaat tiri, to couk, tmiitA lan.ily, or a? chambermaid ai d ?met Hasan, reference. Inquire at 47 Churls. 7t be "?e r A. "I V.I stfa its., for ' ""*??? factory aid W AN TAD?BY A RE3PEC fABLK VOCNG Vuaii TV a situation u rood lu-? or aoiUr; ao objLbo^ KO a ?hi rt distance la the country Good reftrsi^^I ?? given. Please eall at 184 Ea.t i-itb it , kotw??a lit aad 2d avenues, or address a Bote to hor last employer, 71 West w w WANTED- A SITUATION AS NURSE AND SB AM - itreii, or u chambsrmuid. by a girl who U perfectly competent to fill either place, and hae excellent reference/ Can be icea at Ml Hicks it.. Brooklyn, for two days. 'ANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK, BT A RES pee table young woman, la a email privati family and to <lo washing and ironius Host of refereaet cm be give. 1'leaee oall at 90 WycknfT it , np italn, Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE TV English Protestant girl, ai chambermaid and waiter. or to do the general homework in a smalLprivate family; is a good plain oook. washer end ironer. But of reference ran bo yiven. Can be eeen for two daye nt 166 2id st,, be tween lit and 2d avi., top floor, front room. WANTED- A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE TV Protestant woman, m eo-k. waahar and iroaer; ii an ?seelicet Inker, and nnderiiande Ear bnelnaii in all its branebes. Beit of city refer* uoe. Call nt 418 2d arcane, for two dajf. WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE TO U.N G WOMAN, n litnnttan as oook. waeber end lienor; no objection to do bcBMwcrk for n small family. Good eity reference. Call nt 2M 12th stbetwesn arsnnee A and B. Wanted?bv a pkotbstamt young woman, a ?itantion to do honaowork in n email prirato family ; ao objection to go a abort dlitanoo in tho ooantry. Call at 213 lltb it., bstwoon 1st arenas and arenas A, second floor, tront room, for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A GERMAN PRO* fsstaat girl, 17 years of ago, to take care of a child ssd do plain sawing; enn speak Trench and English. Call for two day s nt 28 Chry silo >t, nppor floor, front room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A PROTBSTANT girl, as child's nunc. and ?o do op stairs work. Can bo ?#sn at bar present employ sr's, 160 Wiot list it. fANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABI? . . yeurg woman; is a first rata washer and iroaer, and In olio n good eook. Una no obj.oiton to tho ooantry. Bnfle ronce from lnot piece for three years. Apply nt 110 York street, Brooklyn, for two days WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A GERMAN GIRL, as oook and ohamtormeid in n respectable American family. Inquire at 248 William ot., in tho grocery store. TIfANTED?A SITUATION, BT AN ENGLISH WO TV man, no a first rate plsia eook and baker; a onporlor waaber aid Ironer; good roierenoe; ao objection to the oouuj try. Apply for two dsyo nt 122 27th si , between 7.k and bth avenges. "TlfANTED?BY A RE8PBCTABLB YOUNG WOMAN, TV a litaaMoa as narso and seamstress, with a family going to Baropo, or woald go la tho ooaatry for tho sonunor; tost of roforonoo as to character and capability. Call its two days at 224 Hndloa St.. in the roan 'ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE yoang woman ao chambermaid and waiter, or ilsa bermald and to do sowing; good eity roforoaeo from bar lnot plnot; no ohjoctlon to tho ooantry. Can bo soon for two days at l'J3avonao A WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A TOUNC WOMAN, as seamstress. Can oat nad fit ladloe' aad chil drama* dresses, in the nostoot stylo. Good roforoaeo. Undo*, stands shirt making, and family sewing generally. No ob jection to tho ooantry. Apply at 63 20th street, corner of 6th arenas. T17 ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A WELSO WOMAN. TV ss eook, first rate wasbsr ana iroaer, or to do general housework lor a small family Good references. Apply ah 268 36th street, between 9th and lOtb avenues, oyer tba barber' ? ibop. Can to seen for ta o day s. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE TV young women, as good plala oook and first rata wmher aad ironer; has threo years' re erenoe from bar Inna plsoe. A homo more of am object than wages. Can bo sees at 937 Broadway, between 21st aad 22d its. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a situation to do tho general housework of a privatw family; has no objection to go in the ooantry. Please call it bor last plaoe, 22 Pike it., for two day*. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tion ao chambermaid sad waiter, or ehambarmaid aad assist la taking ears ot ohlldrsa la a small private family. Can produce the best eity retoroneoo whore she has lived for the last six years and seven month*. Call at 633 Washing ton strist, corner of Charlton, for two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTBSTANT woman, a situation as coos ana to aosist In the wash ing and ironing In a private lamily, good olty refarenoo earn be (riven Can be soon for two days at 243 Avenu* B, be tween 14th and ISth it., third floor, front room. WANTEn-By A SMART, NEAT AND EFFICIENT vt girl, a situation at plain oook, washer and lroaor, or ss i antral bonce worker. She is well reoommsndod, and wowld ro to the oountry, if required. Apply at No. 4 Sands St., basement, Brooklyn. WAKTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE V v woman, as chambermaid and Wuiter in a private fami ly; perfectly understands bor business City roforoaeo. Call at 147 22d st., between 7th and 8th arenas*, in the rear, lirst Boor. Can bo seen for two days. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT OIRL, A SITUA tion to do general hou.eworlt in a small privato fami ly; las no objection to go in the country. The best of city rettrei oes can be given. Can bo oeen at 270 3d aveaao, foe two days. WJ TlfANTED?A SITUATION, TO DO CHAMB1RW0RK FT or waiting, or gonersl bom*work; hao good reference, *? ?? *? *ko oountrj. Float* call at 73 E. Jill) Ft WAN TED-BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a tituation at wet nam; bat a good breast ef milk. Oocd reference if required. Can be eeea for two dan at MB Greenest. tTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH WOMAN, TT a tituation at a first oltta eook; underitanda cooking in all it* brancbet, ice crraoi and jelllet; it alto a good pan try taker; no objection to a hotel or reepectable boarding h< use. Go'.d city reference. Apply at 04 Kooierelt tt., teutnd trout room. WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a tituation a* children's maid and to do chamber work, or at waiter; ia fully competent for either of the above tituationt, Tbe rflott onqneationable city reference* given. To be teen for two dajt. ii not engaged, at 34 Re an it., front houie, or addrett by note, B. D. Y., Herald often. YT7ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA FT tioa an chambermaid; ? an do fine washing and French llntine; tboroagbly understand* ber butineaa. liat tbo beet of city rvferenoe. Can be teen for two daye, if not en pared. at 377 7th avenue. 117ANTED?BY A YOUNG MaN, A SITUATION, AS FT clerk and bookkeeper; being anxione for employment, r moderate eel try will content. Addreee C. i'eraine, 23 Greenwich etreet. WAMID?A SITUATION, BY AN INDUSTRIOUS man, oi business bablte, either at ontdoer clerk, draogbtiman, foreman, or light porter. Will devote all hla energies to tbe benefit of his employtr; well acquainted with the city end tubnrbt, and need to driving hortce. Beet af rciereteei. Addrett O. P. S. Hereld offloe. TV ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A YOUNG MAN, AS TT pardoner; nndertlaads his busineee ia all its brnaehes; prooi refereaee. Address P. K., US Munroe et. TV ANTED-AN RXPERIENCED CLERK IN A FIRST TT elate hotel, who ota prounee the beat ef teeUnaenlale, and it capable of enporistending tbe eitabHahment ha tha alrtice ni the proprietor. None ether need apply. Addreee Welter, Hereld offioe. TVANTED?AN EXPERIENCED CUSTOM CUTTER. VV None otberi need app^r. Apply to Wm. A. Meed A Co., H) and 82 Cherry at. "TIT ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG TRENCH vV man. at porter In a etcre. Can make hlmtelt general ly csetol ia any kind of business. Apply at No. ti02, Hern? ten street, where he oaa be teen for three day*. WANTED-A BOOKKEEPER. APPLY IN HAND writing of applicant, stating salary, reference, ago, Ac., and wbore last emplopod. Alto a good salesman. Ap ply a* above, and direct tt U. A D., Herald office. 11/ ANTBD?TWO FARMERS. APPLY AT l? PMARL TV tt., up stalls. ____ TV ANTED?FOR AN ACTIVE MAN. A {SITUATION FT either a* collecting elerk o* light porter, by hu | employers, who have no fnrttaar need of hie torvieoi. The* I can tecommend him ia avery way. Addroaa bog 2,518 Pooh Often. TIT AN 1 ED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, AS VV groom tad coachman, with good refaroaoo. Apply fog thret days at 28 Madlaoa at., aeooad floor. TXJANTED?A SIIUATION, AS COACHMAN, BY A TV meet respectable young man, who perfectly under ?tende hie bntineet In nil it* branohet; will be found obliging. Beet city reference can be given a* to capability hem kin Wit employer, wbo is in towa at precast. Amy commands, addressed T. II., Herald oftee, will be attended to. Can bg teen for two dajt, if not engaged. TUANTED?A SITUATION, RY A RESPECTABLE VV citgl* young man, a* groom or oonobman: ho perfectly utderetaads the ear* and management of horse*; would bn willing to make himself generally useful. No objection ta . Ity or country. Best oity reference. Apply to T. Lewry, aodler, hri Broadway, comer of Thirteenth at. Cat bn tea for two daya. WANTED, AT THE JEWIlERY BUSINESS-A V v boy tbat baa a knowledge ot the repairing of Jewellery, ead to make himself generally ueeful In a store. Apply 1Z7 Atlantic etreet, Brooklyn. WANTRD-TIFO BOYS, WBO UNDERSTAND CUP vv ting ead rolliag pille. R R. R "?co, W2 Pultoh street Cell between 9 and 10 o'clock A. M. . If tsquired. Call at ItH Wcoiter et., in Ue rear. Can bn teen until euitcd. ? W&UTkV?tT ui BRCADWAY, BASEMENTt pt>R A ,?*L TT..,', men to drive hortet and earto, icon osx w.V. ro.chmt. taleitnee tor dry gooda, e'.erko. '.r.r.T^t'infikeep'f". k?J? f'"1 retpootable trade*. Ae. cettouweavare. Apply tn | Charges nicd<r?te- TH09 SPINK, Aueut. fgrANTCr'-- CLERKS, PdRTIRS, BARKEEPER', \V welters, coachmen, grooms, men on steamers a d 'arms, i' , for moie* and trade*, oook*. ohambermaids,*** ?* ?tem?trtatee, hoesework girl? Am, iney be onga/od e? lib# Employment Ofiiee, No 4 knot Broadway, corner of I h iiiiio ?",nere. Cbarget mod^rete. Employer* euiied without delay. JaEES M LEaNON, Ageat. ?>1fWl THE ADVERT 18ER WILL PAT ONE HUN 58JUU. dred dollar- ia cash, t ? ai y person who ? ID se cure for Mm a geod end permnt.tnt eitua'-ien It *en/ w?; menial house, either ia th ,e city or ie any other Mate er the Union. ie f nmiUer with ih? KngiIsh, f renoh tuJ'ienist lanr?e*ei, til can firul'b the hoet of r-even ? ai to iapaVitj aaa ehata.ter. Add** Oa'yar Bot?tt ttcrt, 717 iirtadpay.

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