Newspaper of The New York Herald, 21 Haziran 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 21 Haziran 1855 Page 2
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6878. MORNING EDITION?THURSDAY, JUNE 21. 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. " incciAii ?OTioKa. BrEOIAt, MEETING OP THE STOCKHOLDERS OP th? Buckingham Gold Com| any will be bold at the effloe wfth* aompauy, 61 W all etr**e, roes No 41 on Friday, the 33d last., at li o'clock, M. By order of the Beard ef frua teea. alifornia-tiii advertiser, who has re sided five years In California, will leave here for San Eraaeisco on the 5th of July, and will leave there ter New York en the let of SepSember. He will be pleaaed to give Ida personil attention to any buaineae whioh may be en truoted to liU otre. Vcr any information, appiy to Mr. C. 31. OBANN ISS, broker, 66 Wall atreet. Masonic.-toe ensdino festival of st john will be oelebrated by a prooeseioa and appropriate ee rtmoaie* by Weauheeter Ledfe, No. 147, at Ne? Koohelle, ?n Monday, -Mh inat Btotbren from lodges of the Jariadio iion o( tha Grand Lodge of thia State, candor the old ooneti tot ion) and sojonrnlag Brethren are invited to be prevent. The onre from Now York will leave the New Haven depot, Canal atreet, at 9 o'elook A. M., returning at 0 o'clock P. M. Brethren intending to partial >ate will leave their namoe in the Grand Sec otnry'a office, 690 Broadway, before four o'clock oa Irlday, tad lnat. Masonic.?dobic lodge, no. jso.-brethren are notified of the Intention to oeletirate St. John'* Day, on the 26th inetant, by excursion per ateamer Laora Xaapp, frum the foot of Market atreet at 8 A. M. precisely. Tiokete may be had of tha treaaurer, P M. J no. IV. Simona, 30 Catharine afreet M. J. SUMMON 11, W. M. R. V. Batkman, Secretary Masonic notice-the members of mun Lodge. 1 are ri .nested to be at their lodge room, SI Hivialon atree at hall'pait two o'elook P. M., to attend the fnneial ot onr late brother, Edward Uardwlok. The lirothore ot the fraternity are respectfully invited to attend. By order of JUDAH BERRY, W. M. 1). C. Bnavroit, Secretary- ? NEW YORK, JUNE 9, 1866 -THE PRICE OF BOARD at onr leaceetlve botele on and after thia data will ba two dollare and fifty cent* per day. ? ... TREaDWELL. ACKER A CO.. St. NlohoUs Hotel, HIRAM CRANSTON, New York Hotel. O. C. PUTNAM. Clarendon HoteL Notice-all persons are hereby forbid den to paee or negotiate the tollowin hecke, drawn on the Bank of the Commonwealth, by Shufeidt Bros. A Co., to the order and endoreod by W. T 'mfeld;, aa payment ef tboaame baa been atopped:?Una ehuik dated June 18, 1868, for I.KM): ona dated aame day lor 9280; one dated Jane 10, for 93u0; one tame day for 9260; ona dated June 21, for 9801; wne dated June 28, for 9260; one dated June 27, for 9260; one dated June 28, for 9200; ona dated Jane 29, for 9280; one dated July 1. (or 9800; one dated July 2, for SUM. -VTOTICE -ALL PERSONS ARE HBRBBY FORBID JLv den to paaa or negotiate the following ohecka;? One drawn by William O'Donnell, on the Bull'* Head Bank, for 9910, dated the Slat day or June, 1886; another, drawn by John Lidell, on the Pacific Bank, for 9364, dated the lJth or 90th day of June. 1888, payable to the order of, and nndoraed by, Charles Wright; aa payment ot the aame hae been atopped. The ladies of the m. e church of hoboken, N J , will hold a etrawberry feetlval in the bnsement ot the cbcrch at the oorner of Oerdon and Fourth atreota, fihie (lburtday) evening. Spocehot by Rev. C. H. Whitte car and S. B Hansom, Eeq., beth of Jereey City. Ticket* centa. Refreahmenta extra. TAX COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE, NO. 32 CHAMBERS atreet basement of the New City HalL?Notioe to ten pay en. The aaeoaimont roll* of the eoveral wards of the city ol Now York will be opened for examination and review firom Monday, the 21et of May, until Monday, the 25tk day of Juae, iceluaiv*. AM tax payer* deatrona of examin ing and oorreeting the said roll* aro requested to mako ap plication to the underlined, at their office, between the hours ef 9 A. U. and 4 P. M. J. W. ALLEN, 1 GEO. H. PURSER, > Tax CommltalonerK WM. J. PECK. S The public are cautioned against nego Mating a check on the Ocean Bank, In this city, from Xeman H. Hopkini, dated June 19, 1888, to J. O. Toole, or bearer, tor 930 00, a* payment ia (topped. TO 2HE EDITOR OF TIIE NEW YORK HERALD 8ir:?Having teen in yeiterdey'a Tribune a statement Batting forth that Smith, Slckels A Co. had removed, daring the laet week, from the Firat, Second, Fourth, Sixth and Fifteenth ward*, 1,936 loada ot aahaa, manure and rubbish, I think it bnt aa act of Juitioe duo to the contractor (J. H. Valentine) of the Third, Fifth and Sixteenth wards. to at ate that he had, in the eame period, (on* week, ending 16th Inetant) removed from tbeeo wards 2,036 loada of nahet, manure end rubhieb. Yonr insertion of the above in your Widely circulated Journal will muoh oblige, ? A LOVER OF FAIR PLAY. New York. June 20,1866. * VIRGINIA CANNEL COAL COMPANY.?AT THE late ananal meeting of the stockholder! of the Virginia Cannel Coal Company, the followinf reaolutlon waa unani mously adottod:? Resolved, That the vote of thanks of thia Company ba tendered to Dr. H. A. Du Bole, for tie efficiency, integrity, and valuable services aa President; and that thii Company regret the neeesiity which aribee from his private engage menta, and which oompelltd hit resignation. (Signed; WM. CALliMNDER, Secretary. lUSWAIUMB. IkPLCi REWARD WILL BE PAID ON THE CONVIC ?PuU tioa of the person who, on two oooaeione, hue tamed our gai on during the day, fer the purpose, we apprehend, firing the building. ME IDE BROS., 233 Broadway. REWARD.?LOST, ON THURSDAY, THE 14TH vJHJ last., a liver colorod and whit* spitted pointer deg. genswen to too name ol Major. Formerly the property of Ttobt. Sine air, dvcrased. Whoever will return him to Jea. G. S. Sinclair, 763 Broadway, shall receive the above re ward. q>C WILL BE PAID TO THE ROY WHO PICKED UP ?J)tJ the black and tan elut in South Seventh street, W1I liameburg, If he returns her forthwith to 7S in same street; bait known, and if he retains her, ho will be proseoutod to ?the utmost, ?J?K REWARD-LOST, IN THE VICINITY OF SIXTH ?pU avenue and Twenty fifth street, on the 18th lnat.. n paroel containing eleven black silk mantillas. The finder will reoelve tha above reward by leaving them at COCH RAN A CLARKE'S, 48 Warren street. q?D REWARD.?LOST, ON SATURDAY NIGHT LAST. ?PO a yellow or tan oolored dog; breast and tip of tail white. Had on n leather eollar; answers to the name of Carta. Whoevtr will return him, or address a note, stating where he may bo found, to 17 East Thirty-third street, will reoeive the above reward. LOST AND FOUNPl Dog lost.-a very small tan terrier, with cropped ears and tall, near the corner of Broadway and Tenth street. A suitable reward will bo paid by rotnrn iag himtte 787 Broadway. Found-on Friday night last, in broadwat, noer Fourteenth street, a gold bracelet, whioh the owner can recover by applying to H. T. K1ER8TED A SOS, 023 Broadway, at tha corner of Spring street. TjtOUND-A GOLD LOCKET, IN THE SHAPE OF A X book, containing two likenoeaei. The owner oan have It on returning expenses, by applying at 199 Broad ray, (office ) FROM NEW ,, marked aame will LOST-PER STEAM SUIT CAHAWBA, FROM Orleans, n linan bag, containing clothing, Ao., J. G. Liagham; waa lost irom landing wharf. The tame win Blouse be delivered and expenses will be paid by C. H. RD WARDS A CO., 131 Pearl ?treet, New York. Lost.-a note made by datid rait, for 9636, drawn to his own order, due November 30, 1884. Any perron having pesseasioa of the aame, is requested to rotara it to Levereon Brothers, 18 William atreet, and the pnblie new hereby warned against negotiating it, tha said note bar ing been cancelled. LOST-ON WEDNESDAY MORNING,IN BROADWAY. Barclay ot Nassau streets, or ia the Park, a large gold aval, fac simile ef Else' statu*, of the Amnion Any one find lag ike eame and returning it to the aubeoriber will be suit ably rewarded. W. H. LBVISON, New York Pioaynne of Bee, 114 Nna?au street. ? LOST?ON THURSDAY, THE NTH INST., WHILE going from John atreet to Twentieth street, a email paper box, containing an artificial tooth, set on gold plate. A sellable reward will be paid to the finder of the box and Contents, upon their being returand to the owner. JOHN C, BEERS, 49 John atreet. LOST-A PASS BOOK, CONTAINING AN ACCOUNT ef M. A J. J. Harrison with Stokes A Brother*. Tha ?adsr will eoufar n favor and ba rewarded for his trouble en returning it to Stoke* A Brother, eorner of Cliff and b utton itrnete, or to M. Harrison, U Bayard street. T OST-ON THE 19TH INST., A VERY LARGE BLACK A J and white Newfoundland dog; naswera to the nam* ef Brine; whit* under the belly, on the ehest, legs and tail; blank en the back and bend. Mad en a black leather atrip, with bran ring. By returning said dog to S. M. Taylor, S3 Beat Sixteenth atreet, ? suitable reward will he given. L< *k*1 . Garnvn m iu? u, WU1 ?- . ?r and he amply rewarded lor his trouble. OTRAYED AWAY FROM BROOKS' OLD STAR HOTEL, tj Mi iapeaard atreet, a pair ef English greyhonndi, ftwn color. Any ona finding the sam* and bringing tbaa to the ^^ebov* address will be well rewarded. COAL. COA! v, ?fc"'0?*- ?10-TH? riOPLi'l OLD eatebliahed 00*1 111 floar 38 Broadwav will . eoabract during tUe week M (apply for tha Maioa'llxt ooality aoal at ?8 per ton, delivered it Now fork, Wll Uamobarft, Brooklyn, Hoboken or J or toy City. Down with tho monopoly tn ooal and floor. ^OAL.-CUMBERLAND COAL, OF SUPERIOR QUAM ty, will beooldbytbo inboerlbor from votael, for two tayi only. At $8 78 por ton. Weight won to tod 2 <h?) n>?. JACOB V. CORN WELL , 1. C. DAloraO ACABBUU, Dancing academy-in grand striet hall 127 Grand ctroot, near Broadway.?Tboatrljal par lormantio and ball* orory night. Twelve young lad lea who eon ting, daaae, or play iaitrnmoate. may ln<iairo in tho a bono ball, botooon tho hnora of 1 and 8 o'olook. Ataa, a largo hall lor balla anAoahlbltlona to lot. Gplanci, dancing master-informs the . pnbllo, that by an arrangomont with Profoaaor Sarae ?o, who alraa private leaaona only, ho haa opened at 379 I earth otrtot, a now aohool for practical alatooa orory after noon and evening, attended by a largo anmber of eeeietant ladioa. Rntraaoo 80 eenta. MATRIMONIAL. mHB ADYRRT18IR, A YOUNG MAN, TWRNTT TWO JL yearn of ago, of naqnoetlonablo oharaoter and good ad droot, in eaey eironrnataaeoo, wiihoo to open aeorroapon ladr from 17 d fr^onoolwith a view to matrimony) with ayoun* lady from U |P? * yean of ago, of good addroaa and liberal odaoatton, and PMopablo of maUsg homo baggy. Plaaao addrooa Harry Clif ftra, Bread way Poet 0?ee, Immediately, aa tha edvenieer Jnteado'caving tha oily for 10mo fbobioaabla waterlog ptaoo 8* apead the aeatmer meatha. Mayor's Ofltoe. C9NIINUATI0N OF THE TftlAL OF MB. BAT, THI AL LEGEIl DIBHONFBT 8TUCBT INSPECTOR?THI CHARGE AGAINST BENJAMIN JONM, THI OTHER 8TUXBT INSPKOTOB, DISMIBbKO. The examination in the shore esse vss resumed at hslf-psst 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon, before tale Honor the Mayor. Mr. Ray and some of his friendi were in attendance. Several other witnesses were examiood by Mr. Busteed, the counsel for defendant. The first person called up for examination was Valentine Cortlee, who, aocordinr to the interpreta tion of Mr Semler, be ne sworn, raid?I knew Mr. Ray binee last spring; I was first employed by George AUee, the former Street Inspector; Mr. Kay nerer mado any agreement with mo as to tbo time I was to work, or the amcunt of work to be performed; I fare Mc. Ray moa*y three or four times , I worked for Mr. Ray last summtr; I was told to give Ray money by the foreman, Anthony Knbn; I gave Kubn the monoy the first two or three times; I can't say exactly how often; Mr. Ray nerer told me to make oat a larger bill than the avonnt actually due fcr work: It was Kuhn who told me to do so; I paid Kubn money, because Kuhn advised me to do so; when I paid R?y I did not say anything to him; I never asked llay to Kturn me the money; I nerer kept a regular account of the work I did, for 1 can't write-?neither did any one keep an account for me, that I know of; I speak very little English: I never spoke to Mr. Ray, ex cept to say jes or no; 1 don't know that I swore I made sn agreement with Mr. Ray to receive false sums of moner; 1 was told to come to the Mayor's office and ?wear to the affidavit, by the foreman, Anthony Kuhn. The next witness was Adam Bcbwin, who said?I have bton working for Mr. Ray since the contract commenced; I worked for him last summer: I can't speak English; I don't know whe ther Mr. Ray speaks Dutch or not; 1 have not spoken to Mr. Rsy, but Ray told me to go to work in English; I was originally employed bv Mr. Ray himself; ho mado no agreement with me as to the compensation or amonnt of labor to bo performed; he never told me to charge more boors than I worked and to glve*hlm the ex cess; I know that I swore Ray made sneh an agree rnent with me; 1 paid Ray money about three times: I paid him at ote time about four dollars, which is the largest sum I ever paid him; the least sum was tbrte dollars; I paid him money because Kuhn told me that as 1 got more than was due'me for actual work I should pay the surplus to Ray; the first time I paid Kuhn, out I don't know for oertain how often; I never asked Ray to return the money to me; I don't know whether the returns or hills made out for the money were correct or not. _ Examined by .the Mayor?I paid the money to Ray, because Kuhn told me that the balance above what was due me should be paid to Ray; I know nothing of the matter except what Knbn told me. Charleea Mulbofen was next put under oath and ex amined by Mr. Busteed. He sald?I have been working for Ray as long as he hat| been Inipeotor; 1 was origi nally employed by Mr. Ray; Ray told me, when I ap plied for work, that I could have it: I dld'nt make any ?gieement as to the smount 1 was to receive; Mr. Ray never told me that 1 was to charge for mors than I worked and give him the excess; I never spoke to Mr. Ray about it; he never asked me for money; one morning early I gave Mr. Ray 93, because he told mn to do fo; I gave Kuhn money before thle; Kuhn told me nothing, whtn he desired me to give Ray the money; I do not know whether my own returns were true or '*Jobn Gorman said?I don't speak English at all; I have worked for Ray sin* he was Inspector; I nerer agreed with him as to the amount to be reeelved for my labor, eras to the amount of time I was to labor; Mr. Ray never told me to make out a largsr amount of work than 1 performed, so that the excess might be given te him; I never had any conversation with Ray on that or any similar subject; Mr. Rsy never asked me for money; I paid Mr. Ray money at different times; I gave Mr. Ray fir. or 10s. at a time?once 93? because 1 was told by Kuhn that when I received more than was due to me, 1 should give the excess to Mr. Ray; I paid Kuhn money before he told me I should pay Ray; Kuhn only told me, that as I had more than was due to me, I should give the rest to Ray; I did not make false returns of my work; I bare no book in which I keep an account of the time I work; sometimes 1 take note of the amount of work 1 perform; I am still at work for Ray. Joseph gaalfeldt, the last witness, said?I have been employed for Mr. Ray these two years; I never made an agreement with Mr. Ray to charge for more time than 1 worked, and to give him the excess; I never made a false return; I received more than I earned sometimes, for I was told so by Kuhn; I paid Kuhn the excess six tlmss, and Ray twice; I was told on the last two oocasions to pay It to Ray, by Kuhn; when glvicg the money to Ray, I said nothing; I nevsr agreed with Mr. Ray aa to char g'ng more than was right, or giving him the excess; I nevsr asked for a return of the money; the reason I made the complaint was, be:ante I was told to do so by Knhn; I received a notice from the Mayor's office. The investigation then closed for the day, until next Friday afternoon, when it wUl he resumed at half past 1 o'clock. Respecting the other Street Inspector, the Commis sioner of Streets and Lamps, Mr Joseph E Ebling, sent in the following letter yesterday to Uw Mayor, by whlota it will be seen that he was acquitted of the charge :? Of f ice Commission an or Streets and Lamps, > New York, June 19. 1855. I Bon. Fernando Wood. Mayor.:? I bare this day conel charges made against Be . .?. the Seventeenth ward. I have made a very full and careful examination under oatb, examining a large number of wit nesses, embracing the foremen, sweepers, and cart men en gaged in tte ward. The principal witness against Mr. Jones is one John Blue. Ton wUl peroelve by his affidavit, that he. Bine, was aotnated solely by vindictive motives on ac count of having been discharged, being oontradieted and im reached In every important matter. I must, therefore, re port that the charges against Mr. Jones are entirely uneus talced. and cannot, therefore, Justly discharge Mr. Jonts from his position. I herewith enclose yon oopies of all the evidence taken me. VE'SbLINO. Commissioner of Streets and Lamps. PETKB FUNK DBFUNOT?THB DOG LAW. The term of licenses for auctioneers having axplrad, no persons, who have at aay time been tried at the Mayor's Office for practising mock auction frauds, or are known to belong to that Illustrious class of msr chsnts, commonly oalled "Peter Funks," wUl get am. newel of their lisense*. His Honor will be extremely centlons sad extremely severe in this respect. Several persons have already been refused licenses on this ac count. The law relative to dogs goes into force on Monday next, by order of the Mayor. People, therefore, who have any pels among the canine race, must be careful in the way they expose them, and keep them properly muzsled and guarded, as the law directs. P0L10H APPOINTMENTS. At the sitting of the Board of Commissioners of Polios, on tbe afternoon of last Tuesday, the following persons wtre appointed members of the Polioe Department - Ward 2?Arthur Keating. (Lieut.,) reappointed. Edward Rloe, vice Desman resigned. Patrick Shay, (doorman,; vice Saml. Myors. Samuel Myers. VpoUceman,) vice Patrick Shay. 3?Abraham Van winkle, (policeman) reappointed. Pearaall Redmond, (policeman,) " 7?Edmond B. Holley, Riehard Leery, 8? James M. Bo get, ' 11?William Orr, vice George Miller, term expired. 12?Wm. H Tome, (policeman), reappointed. 15-Wm. Dicks. _ John W. Tie?9le, ? James Spear, " 18-David Heath, ' " 19?Thos. Ear an, 21?Peter Hadden, ' John Tracy, vice John Thomas, resigned. I have thii day oonelnded the Investigation into the Benjamin Jonee, Street Inspector of Cricket. The leoond eleven of St. George end New York playsd their first match of the season yesterday, at Hoboken New York wu victorious by 74 runs. The betting end ?elding of New York wee better then St. George. Cel. verly, Bhonnerd, Preston, Cestles, Herri son, Spirey, Porter, Richards end flsott deserve especial mention' They ere good cricketers. On the St. George's aide, La Mantsgne, Bailey, Embry, Bege end Johnson played well. Bailey heeded the seore of the day, getting 32. Castles earns next on the list, making 31. Bailey end Ricbardsg bowling was veryTeffeatlve. Scott bowls too wide. The weather after the rain made the day very pleasant, and the gronnd was visited by a good show of ladles. The following la the seore BRW YORK CLUB. First Innings. Sttond Innings Total. Castles c. Vinton b. Tilt. 21 b. BaUey 10 81 Sbonnard b. filt 14 b. Bailey 3 IT Scott b. Bailey 0 b. Bailey 11 11 Calverly b. Bailey 12 c. Bags b. Ballsy.. 9 21 James b. BaUey 3 b. Tilt 0 8 Harrison e. Bailey b. Tilt 14 b. Bailey S 20 Preston o. Vinton 8 hit wicket 12 20 Porter c. Johnson b. Bailey ? ran oat 8 13 Spivey*. Bailey 3 b. Bpllay 8 11 Maxwell not out 1 ran oat 0 1 Richards b. Tilt 0 not oat... 1 7 Byes 6 Byes 1 0 Wide ball, 1; no hall, 1 2 Leg byes 2 4 Tot*' W Total 71 103 _ , OBOROE'S CLl'B. Johnson c. Spivey b. . V illi:-' 3 h. Richards I .a Montague b. Scott.. 0 b Soott Mann stTcastles 2 b. Richards Sutlow e. Maxwell b. -??e*as Richards 0 at. nasties. Bailey kSeott......... 10 o. Spivey bV Scott. Bags e. Spivey b. Rich ards 0 o. Prestos b. Scott Vinton st. Castles 0 ran eat Tilt b. Richards S b. Richards Embry e. Spivey b. Rich ards 4 not oat e. Preston b. Rtsh Hindhsugk neteat... 1 ards.. Dnttcn b. Richards... 0 b. Richards Wldee, 0; byes, Wide balls 4 1 Total 17 To m,. ? i, 11,, U 1 8 1 10 4 0 0 0 10 32 5 ft 0 0 0 8 8 7 0 1 0 0 7 11 u W Th? Pacific Mall Meimctilp Conapnwy. An adjourned aaeeting of the stockholder! of ths Pacific Mail Steamship Company was hold yeeteiaiay at the Offict of Messrs. I lowland & Aspinwall, for the parpow of listening to rtports of committee* appointed to in vestigate the affairs of the company?Geerge \V. Biaqt, Esq., in the chair Mr Abijab Mann, Jr., from the committee to oomider the President's report and to investigate the same, and the cause of the failure to make dividends reported, they see no reason to donbt the substantial accuracy of the report, which they believe shows the aotua condition of affairs up te the time of its date, when the ''balance" presented the following amonmt of asaets? 94,427,768 48, with liabilities of 94,688,683 62, being a deficiency or loss of espltal stock, (stook being on books of the company per cent, instead of 100 par value, paid in by stockholders,) of 9140,016 40; the committee therefore propose the issue of bonda to the amount of 9500,000, Interest payable semi-annually, and payable in ten years, cr instalments, 9200,000 In seven years, and 9100,coo in each eight, nine ana ten years, to bo applied to <he payment of the floating debt, of which 9167,616 S3 is due to stockholders?Bowland k Aapinwall's balance 9199.^64 99?total, 9360,780 96. The committee recommend (upon the adoption of the financial measures contemplated) the acceptance of the proposed relinquishment ot the agency by Messrs How land k Aspinwall, scd also the early sale of four steamers not required for the ute of the company, as bolng a source of largo expense. It also adviiee atronuoue efforts to effect an amicable arrangement with the Nicaragua Transit Company for the prevention ot ruinous com petition. In the r pinion of the committee the number of direc tors should be increased from five to nine, exclusive of the President and Vice President, ex officio members, five member I to constitute n quorum; nod they further oon s'der It expedient to create a new office, that of treasur er, to hold office at the will ot the Board of Directors. It was then proposed that Messrs. Theodore Dehoa, Joseph Galllarif, Jr , Ed. Whitehouse, A. Norrie, and Watre Sherman, he a committee to carry Into effect the recommendations of the committee, and that the report be accepted. Mr William H. Aspinwall rove and explained some inaccursc es in the report, and requested a division of the question, which being acceded to, the adoption came up. Mr Abijah Mann, Jr.. explained that It was intended that the recommendations should be ctrried out by the newly proposed board of directors, and not by resolu tions emanating from the committee. The only point which he considered to need such a resolution was that of the ini ue of bonds, on which question doubtless the directors would like to have an expression of the opinion of stockholders. He spoke In terms of commsndatioa of the way in which the affairs have been managed, and at tributed the want of dividends to the necessities of the immense traffic, the course pursued by the competing company, and the holding of steamboats and macninery on hand, lying idle, to prevent their nse In opposition to the company. Ho was willing to go some length to make an amicable arrangement with the Niearagua route, and tbns to shnt off rultous competition : but if they will not do the same, then he for one would desire to carry the war to extermination. A report from the committee appointed to confer with the executive officers of the Pacific Mail Steamship Com pany. or, if they see fit, with tbo Nicargaua Company, as to the rates of faro to and from California, was made. This report gave a long series of letters and reports of in terviews, held for the purpose above mentioned. The Ni caragua Company condition, as the basis of negotiation, the snm of 912,000 claimed by them'' on old account from the Pacifio Company. This the majority of the committee concur in. They recommend that the nego tiation be continued by the directors. They leave tne consideration of the payment of the above sum to the stockholders. To allow time for the examination of the reports, the misting adjourned. Commissioners of Emigration. The Board met at 2 P. M, at the Marine Hospital, Staten Island. Present, Commissioners Verplanck (in the chair), Kelly, Carrlgan, Kennedy, Cummlngs, Garrigue. The new Superintendent, Dr. Harris, sent a communi cation to the Board, nominating Dr. 8taphen Smith as Chief Assistant Physician, which was laid over for con firmatlon. Commissioner Kinsedy offered the following, which wss adopted:? Resolved, That the Collector and Surveyor of the Port of New York be respectfully requested to extend their aid to thia Board In its efforts to protect emigrant passengers at tbs time of arrival from imposition and trends, by adopting such regulations as may be neces sary for having the Daggage of such passengers as are landed at Castle Garden examined at that place. It was stated that there are four Custom House offl cere at Staten Island who are at preeent doing nothing, and they might as well ha employed in taking oere of the newly arrived emigrants, and stop runners from cheating them Commit sioner Kennedy also stated that it would be well for the Commissioners to comply with the request lately made by tbs Mayor to have policemen stationed on board tach emigrant ship when ft arrives at ?sndy Bcok, to chock the efforts of runners to defraud these poor people. The Vies Prssidkkt stated that many frauds were com mitted on emigrants at Dunkirk, and advised the ap pointor mt of an agent. Commissioner Carjuoan remarked that the Castle Garden arrangement would pat a stop to that In future. Commissioner Carriuan thin offered the following, which was carried:? Resolved, That It be referred to a committee, to in quire and report to this Board, what saving can bo made in the mode of carrying emigrants between the city, Quarantine and Ward'sffsland, and that, if deemed neces sary, thev advertise for propoealsjfrom steamboat pro prietors for the tame. Resolved, That the Matron nt Ward's Island be re quested to report at the next meeting of the Board the amount of mosey paid to her by parties taking wet nurses from the Island, by whom ptid, and whsn and bow appropriated, and wny such money, if any, has not been paid over to the Warden to report to the Vioe President and deposited in the fnnd. On motion of Commissioner Kknnsdt, the by-laws were amended so as to create a Castle Garden Committee. Commissioners Kennedy, Carrigan and Cumminga were appointed as the standing committee on that place. Ad journed. Police Intelligence. THE TWHNIY FIR8T WARD COUNTERFEITING CiSE. Since the irmt of the five mentioned in yesterday's paper, m having been taken into custody on suspicion of being counterfeiter*, additional testimony ba* been procured agslnst the prisoners by Capt. Speight, of tbe Twenty-Are t wtrd police. A number of counterfeit lire dollar b'Ua en tbe Tradesman's Bank of Philadelphia, of recent execution, hare been traced to their poaiiaelod. According to the testimony elicited yeateraay before Juetiee Davison, it appears that the gang entered the saloon of Charles Miller, of Fortieth street and Sixth arcane, and offered one of the bills in payment for aome refreshments bought at this place, and that upon his di-f every of the counterfeit, they all, with the excep tion of Donald, who was secured, ran off across th* open lot in front of the house. Seven or eight of the connterfeits were found hid under a stone Tn the lot crossed by the prisoners. Two ladies (shopkeeperil also appeared at the Police Court, and identified a portion of the gang as having passed some of the spurious Mils upon them in payment for the goods purchased. This counterfeit, although well executed, is after all but a miserable imitation of the genuine. The paper i* very flimsy, and will not stand any bard usage, as the on ers v id g becomes quite dim when the bill is crushed or bandied a great deal. The following is a foe si/milt of the counterfeit 5oeoesooooooooo r I Vicaette?Female las? O . fit tin* posture. with a. Ooooooo? * iaherhande,a?hfp? Pennsyl o nssd of a o J end a lark in the die- 0 o fe a ale. o Co a o o o eo 5. tance;meebenioa* tools. _ .ather feat; also spair* K ? ef shoemaker's lasts. ? O n Women with e o o bench of wheat s o ia her left hand, e ooooooooooo Ths TRADESMAN'S BANK will cay Five Dom.aas to bearer on demand. Philadalphia, July 4. ldnt. O , C. Curran, Cash'r. C. H. Ryeri, Prrs't. AN ALLEGED FUOITITH FROM JUSTICE. Robert Vernon, arrested here a few days ago by oflloe Jourdan, of the Sixth ward police, on suspicion of beta ; engaged in n larceny, was yesterday taken to Peterson. N. J., where he stands charged with stealing a horse and wagon from erne of the eltisena. There are several other ccmplaiata against him in New Jersey. When th* prisoner was eaught in thla elty ha had three rieh silk shawls ta his possession, which are now In the Sixth ward station houss, awaiting an owner. RECOVERY OF ALLEGED STOLEN PROFSBTY. Yesterday, officer Jarboa, of th* Third District Polio > Court, upon a aearch warrant issued by J us tie* Welsh, succeeded ta recovering a lot of valuable property, con sisting of meroooo leather shoes, calf skins and leathtr findings, the property of Augustus H. Brohe, of No. 87 Ferry street. The property was found ta ths bona* of his lata cutter, namod Bomhlem, who, it is supposed, stole about $1,000 worth of goods, in small lots, aad at different times, from his employer. A warrant has been Issued for the arrest of the cutter, who eoold not be fouid when the oMoer visited his rsaidenoe ysstardhy. Court of Common Plana. Before Boa. Judge Iagraham. Margaret Orima vt. The Third Avenue Railroad ? This wea an action for damages for isjury dons th* plaintMTs daughter, (a colored girl,) by on* ef th* care of the Third Avenne Railroad running over her and cer hire her foot and laming her for Urn. For the d* ' ?<v it was contended that the accident occurred oafef ?( the plsiatiff's daughter. V*r Supreme Court?Special Verm. Before Hon. Jndge Oowteo. opposition to thi cokstruotion of ihi wif? AV1T.UK RAILROAD. Jckf 20 ? Wetnore, R. L.<f A. Stuart and Hnppoek w Story, Rail ford and Murphy?This action tun b en on 1 trill oevcnl days, and U to prevent the construction of the Ninth Avenue Killroed through Groenirich and Washington street#, on the ground that if built it will destroy the business In these streets; will materially In terfere with the traffic there; will depreciate rents and valno of propetty; will Injuriously affect the butchers SDd others <!oin| business at Washington Market; and, generally, that it wul be a nuUsnee in those attests. Other ohjscttois of a legal character are made to the grant-all of which, however, are eonteeted by the de '"ihe'evMeDce so far Introduced by the plaintiffs has been mn Inly upon the effect the railroad would bars In depreciating the rents and value of the property, and as to its tendency to deetroy the business In the James Van Nustra-d, 1'residsnt of Merchants' Ex chsnge Bank, eats it would prevent the present bus nasa be.rg ceiried on there, and lessen value of property 2o per c^ut Samuel Ilotal ng, in salt business at 29" Washington street, wot $l,6W', on a leaee, would sell out at half price if the railroad 1s laid, and would not do business there; could not cairy It on with a railroad in the itreet; property woold b? depreciated one hal? In T^Jobn R. Macomb owns SOS Greenwich street- gets $2,500 a year rent for it; the tenant aays he will leave if a railioau was laid, and would not give him $1,500 a jear for the etore; if tne ralltoal was laid tne business would have to leave; one or the other must give way; prepeity would be depreciated by M th'rty to forty ""'Lnatca Titus owns and occupies 283 Washington street as a cracker and ship bwad bakery; would have to leave if the railroad goes through; it woull depre ciate property 30 to 40 nor cent. June- H l.yon occupies 199 Washington street, op posite Market, as woodenware store; pays $2,800 rent; the street would not do for thsir business if the railroad cornea in it; would not give within $80i) a year as muoh for the store. . . . .,A? Stmuel W. Davenport, crockery merchant, at 203 Greenwich and 174 Waahington street; rent $1 000; could sot conduct this business with a railroad in these streets; would leave and go elsewhere; rents would be reduced one bait by the railroad there; value or property would be nducedin the same proportion, and plaintiffs would be injured. J. H. Chin?Hat leased corner Fulton and Washing ton Btitets for nine years; grocer and provision dealer: as lessee would not consent to this ruilioad for $10,000; it wculd depreciate rents one half, and lots at least $10,0C? eacn; would injure Hoppock's lots $7,000 each, and afftct the whole etreet. Gerald 11. Dupcnt, cartman for R L. A A. Stuart, the railioad would matei ially interfere with loading and un loading, end obstruct the business; the track is dan gerous to horses; strain* them and wrenches carts, had his horses' shoes torn off by it. Benjamin Titus,twenty-ion r yesrs cartman forStagg A Co ? articles dealt in in this neighborhood arc very bulky SDd' weight* i difficult to load with a track in the street; with a heavy lead it would be hard to get out of the wa^r of the cars; track strains horsss tn getting out ?fEdwarii E. Carpenter, cartman, at 198 Greenwich street, cculd not do the business there if a railroad was in the street; track, besides, is bad for cart men; there is danger from throwing the horse arid wrenching the cart; this often occurs on the other city tracks. John J. Voorhees, cartman for Wetmore k Co., rides heavy iron and caata; railroads have a bad effect on 'oaded carta; wheels get in the tracks, horses slip, and thev and the carts get strained. Alanstn Fee, cartman 14 years in this vlclal.y; gave testimony similar to the last witness. . ? Gilbert R. Sc. tt?Superintends carting for the Grocers Steam Sngar Refinirg Company; average, 2C0 to 400 loads a day; each load from 1,200 to 2,500 pounds; the , factory covers a whole block on Washington street, cot ter of Lalght; a front of 2C0 feet; and is so constructed, that all of their sugar, Ac , must be received on Wash ington street; to Uke it in on any other street, would require an entire change of the ba lding; the track has a bad effect on horses and carts; has broken their carts Several times of late; In winter time there would not be room enough for the ca-te and cars tr get along on the track- would be impassable, if the snow should be thrown on the sides cf the street, In the usual way; wlt ress thinks thsie is about $1,000,000 of capital in this "lurry Rishey?Cartman for Messrs. Stuart; a railroad would injure thsir business; make more hard labor In leading snd unloading; track Is bad for hoiere;iDjur?d l is torre last winter, by straln-ng to get off the track, was laid up by It ; It is difficult to get out of the groove w 1th a heavy toad on. # d r v ? John Pardon?Superlntenda carting for B. I- * A. Stuart' average from 2C0 to 300 loads a day; the property pasting in and out cr their store, in this way, is worth $6,ICO,010 to $0,000,009 a year; owing to th? construc tion of their building and machinery, all this has to be received and delivered on Greenwich street; a railroad would obatiuct business, and increase the exponas of d?Btnjsmin Stagg-Owns Nos. 185 and 187 Greenwich sfrtet, occupied for salt and; has sometimes ?00 to 300 loads a day; the articles dealt in are vejy heavy; a railroad would obstruct business there very much, injure property at least 20 peroent; business wculd leave the neighborhood, and the effect of this would be felt by all owning property there; the business of the locality is very great and requires many carts, opposite the market would be most injured. John F. Solomon, 213 Washington street?Pays about $2 0C0 rent, brooms and wooden ware; streets oonstant ly crowded; this business requires a great deal of room; with horses backed up on both sides of the street it is so narrow there Is only about three feet left between their beads; a railroad would certainly depreciate rents there 25 per cent, and leaeen property oppoeite the mar ^MPlTA of Vesey street?Cabinet furniture business, owns property there worth $250,000; also on Bsrclay street; ul re?ts for $44,000; had his attention called to railroads by the Sixth Avenue Railroad endea voring to extend the ire in front of his property; railroad* in narrow business streets are Ttry Injurious; would depreciate the rente of his would lessen property on Greenwich and Washington etrests from thirty to twenty-five per cent in value. Philip Week*, butcher; twenty years in Washington Market?A railrotd would injure lis btts'nsss very ma ttriaUy by depriving bisa of tne facilities he doing it; couldn't get hie carte in on Washington street wfcere his stand is: his bores could not stand there without being Interfered with by the car*. John B. Jervis, is civil engineer tor thirty toforty yeare?Where there Is ae much butineee in a street as L urstnwlch and Waahington streets, a railroad la a detriment, and bnslness will be mnch interfered with bv It- invariably hss great difficulty to malntato a ratf ro?d in streets where a terminus is made, arising from the people on the streets generally con?lder ng r*aroads injurious to them; and thie is so. notwlth.Und ug Urge commercial interest# may he in favor of the reUrond. John Conway batcher at Washington Market, gave same testimony ae witness Weeks. EUsha Ruekman. In the oyster bnslness, ownj pro perly on Greenwich and Waahington street#?A railroad would be very Injurious to battues* and property there ?would lessen property twenty five per cent. Samuel R. Piatt, hardware merchant, 185 Greenwich street, pays $6,000 rent. If a railroad goee through there would not remain if he could get a gtore elsewhere: business would be driven out of the street by It; it would depreciate his store $3 per ceat in value, and rent ' jobi^D?Brower ewns corner of Chambers and Waatu Inn ton streets; a raUroad would materially depreciate property theie-demege "at least 25 per cent, and op posite the market from 30 to 36 per cent. The plaintiffs' svldence has not yet closed, and the case will probably occupy sometime. Ex-Judge Beards ley, John van Bare* and Henry Hilton are counsel for the plaintiff*, and WHlard and Anderson for the de fendant*. Supreme Court?circuit. Before Hon. Judge Roosevelt. SUIT ON RIHALT Or THR UIPOSITORS OF THR LATR EmODKBOOKKR 8AVINOS BANK. The V. S. Trutt Company vt. Dixon. ?This is a salt, la the name of a receiver, for tho benefit of the depositors of the late Knlokerbocker Savings Institution. That the defendant had the money?icveri thousand dollars?(or which he is sued In this action, there is no dispute; that he obtained it under the pretence of a lawful loan Is equally undisputed; but, says the defendant, the offl rers of the havings Institution violated ttafc duty?not their duty to me, but tbslr duty to the draOntors?they took my obligation, with Knlckerbosker Bank stock as collateral, Instead of good "public stock," or good real estate, which alone they should have aectptod; in other words, they were faithless trustees in taking Insufficient security for the fulfllmeut Of my promise, and therefore ?a most extraordinary caneluaion either in morals or law?I am discharged from Its fulfilment altoge ther. Had the borrower, as he ought to hare done, secured his note by mortgage, the note, it seems, accord ing to this reasoning, would have been valid; but, as by an arrangement between him and the secretary, worthless bow stock was aocepted Instead of real estate, the note is void I It is only necessary to state such a proposition to refute it. Is not every trustee?whether as executor, administrator, guardian, oommlttee, or oth erwise?to whom the moneys of others are con fided, subject to the duty, when making loans, of requiring suAcirv' seamy? And yet, was it ever contended, that a )> n made by an executor, for in stance, on mere pvtional security?like a loan on usurious interest?was void ? The only consequence In such ease, as every one (certainly every lawyer) knows, would be that the executor, In the event of loss, would hfmself be held liable to saske good the de ficiency. There Is a wide distinction between acta done In violation of publie policy, and those doae la violation of mere private duty. In the former oeae the law via laagraasar? against one against the -, per cent allowance. Cotton Factort Totally Drrtrotrd it Fnu. ?On the leth Inst., the four story etoue cotton mill be ?g to the Clinton Company, of Wappiager's Kails, eea county, was totally destroyed by Irs. lets ortr lice,WO. IrfPitfl lb Nfff Ywfc tad Int. Personal Intelligence General Gideon J. Pi'low. who has been stopping at the Aitor House, left the city early yeeterdey morning. Geo. W. 8. Pitcher, of Inuisville, Ky , delegate to the Notional Council of the American party, at Philadel phia, by (pecLai invitation delivered ao able, eloquent and (ratifying speech to a delighted audience or the Twelfth Council, Fifteenth ward, on the evening of the 10th last. Thif gentleman addressed the large assem bly at the Park oa Monday evening. Hie remarks were reported la eur columns of Tueadey. He was cheered oa both occaeiona with enthusiastic applause. He ha* made many warm Irleada In New York, who will long r<member him. The Philadelphia Built in of the 19th instant say*:? The Archbirbop of New York arrived in town laat night and took lodging* at the Girard House where hie name I* modestly registered " J. Iiughea, New York." Hi* Grace, it ateme, is In the habit of stopping at the moot fesbtonable boieis, and never ecjourc* at the epiesopal palaces of hie brother prelate* It was nndor?tood this morning that the Archbi'hop wa* much exercised in ooo sequfDoe of tbe disappearance of ad hi* loggage, either through the cereleeioesi of the bsggtge master on the road, or, ae it ie mysteriously hinted, through the me chinetons of that mysterioas ecemp, "oam," wb*seems to be about everywhere. We vindicate the reputation of the latter from the imputation. Sam has mare im portant business on nurd than crossing fJoln in this way. We trust hi* reverence wdl speedily recover hi* lost property. ARRIVALS. At tb? Metropolitan?Capt. P L. Uar\ England; W. J. Anderson. England; 8. Bent dial, Psrls; G E Law, XI 8 N.: J. W. Hartwell, Cincinnati; J. Kits*, Ohio; P. It. Wilson, St. Louis. Mo ; W. G. Pslsno, Chili. 8 A ; W. Robertson, Netobes; T K. Avnlitt, Memphis; M. Tagyart, Now Hum berlsnd; If Whelp, Rsshvilie, Toon. At the Aetor lloun?James M. Henry, Liverpool; Mn Sliaw, Mrs. Jcbnion, Miss Aaderaon, tin Chickoring. and Albrrt Siaith, Washington; 1). MoUartin. Can id*; Goo E. Voiuim, U. S N Hiram Wood, Baltimore; 3. Daggett, Boa ton; W. Cram, Detroit. At the Smithsonian llon'o? Rev. W T. Dslsoll, Colum bus. Georgia; Rev. S. R. rotors, Now Hunpbl'o; Rov G. Stearns, Mirelssi; pi; J. Howard Klr.g, Album; C. C. Burr, Esq, Massachusetts; Adann Tenny, New Haven; F, D. Ames, Montreal; C. I*. Watson, New Lrlaars; J. T. sooth all, Virginia; E. 0 Perrlo, Memphis, Tenn ; J, M Height, New Orleans; St. George fiogan, Kentucky; T. Moraud, Connecticut; Wm. Floyd, Florida. From Liverpool in ship John Rutledge?Mr and Mrs Rob'. Cnlverwell, J Treatnre, J Tandtl. From Liverpotl, in ship Universe-Mr Thomas, wife and obildton. DEPARTURFg. For San Franelsoo via Nlotragua, id the steamship North ern Light?Weill, Fargo A C'o's messenger, Frooman A Co's messenger, G II Wiuos A Co's express mi-es-jng-r, raciflo Ex. press Co's messenger, Lieut. N Collins, U 3 N S Lea, K U Montgomery and wile, Mrs J S Love aud child, Mrs B Mau ley, Mr Q Sutros Miss E Sutros, Wm U Daly, Mrs C Baker, C 8 Fay, W lloohitcm, J Mitchell and boy, J J Seotohlor, Miss II) McConrtney, C Mickell and wils, P Pioda, Miss Wolfe llr.t L W Ladd, six ohitdren and servant. Mrs A G Joni s, tbtee children snd sirvant, R U Onlver, wife and dve children, D Sink, wife and ssn, Mrs L Clark, J S Cleiand snd wife. Mrs J E Whitson and child, Miss R lloisohmaun, Mrs S Grovee, J H tuyder and wife, I, H Bragman. E Camp bell snd wife, Mrs Wm Soott, Miss L M Robinson, J F Lau derdale. W I, Flowers, A J Doolittle and wife, Mr* J O'Brien tad infant, Mrs J R Dcngeloionns and infant. J Kebiaan and wife, kiss Utter, Miss 3 J Uattee, Mrs 1' MoNamara, Mrs II Fergnson, Miss M Riley, J Lord. I> l.ovinson and wife, Mis* M Levirson, Miss H l.ovinson, T W Suinllfleld, Miss U An drevs, Mrs I Barnes, J Brnvermann, L R Myers, M Rosen heim, wife and servant, 8 M Bobbins, wife, four children aud servant, G Miller, P A Davit, J Fntros, M Welsh. Mr Tuttlc, A Dabsob, Dr W Dolman, C Btrtram, M Ktohelber ger J L Zimmerman, T Parish, E Hughes, ti Zelier, Mrs Ellis and two adult daughters, Miss M Cornelius, V Fou oanlt, J MoCartney, W T Putuam. Mrs M A Trowbridge, A W Blake, R Clark. T Russell. C W Brown, F Williams, wife and obild, J Wade. Miss J England, J Sykes, Miss Catb Mary an. B Lawboad, Til Brown, wi'e and inlant; J Lucas and wlr*. Wm B Smith, wife and throe ohitdren; Mr Gosling. J Shaver, kiss A Allen, Goo Brown, J 11 Sohra dor, Thos Jones II Smith. Mrs M Scully, C II Bock, William Bedell, W Ilubbud, J Ucl.ure, Robt S Osbora, Miss Mary Brown. Rev C B West, wife and Ove children; C Habert and wile. B Moffat, J Lewis, Mrs Mary Button. M Lats, Mrs J Bead, M Monton, Gen Smith. K Davies, Mies Sophie Mau, Mils Otbolia Botbin, Wm Muller and brother, ot 11; L Liv ingston. Mrs J as Loughran, Miss S Mnlior, J Glanvilla, D Bomer, Jos Simon, wlto and infant; Win Roo M 0 Brian and wife. J Iloy and wife, E Collins, D Williams. I, Murray, J filva, V Butters, R Outran, 1. Ra'.tos, Mr< R Bradford, Wm Tompkios and wifs, Miss Cath Kinley, P Burns. J Ro gers, H Mahally. P C Doyle, Jr, II Levi, Miss McConnell, John McConnell. Chat Berg and wUa, G B Bailey K Han ton, B Riley, Thos Riley. C Lynch. M Johnson, J Drisaoll, R teymonr, J Clark, D Nelson, A Nelson?with the "usual number" in the steerage Per California, via Atplnwall, in the steamship Il'lnol*? Riv A R Peek, lady and two cbild'on, Rev Mr Davis and lady, Dr Pheian and ladv, K B Swain, O C Swain, Mrs Jo qua and dangh er, J Taylor, Mut Mitchell and servant, Mrs J Br own and Infant Mr* Plant and infant, Miss M Marks end Infant, Mrs J Journesy, Mrs X Thomas and infant, Mrs S Lobeck, E Dickinson, Mr, M B Wetmore, sitter and two children. W H Armatrorg nod lsdy, M Trxnsr, U Laagdon, Mrs M Hammond, daughter and son, J Young. Mrs Tal madge, Mrs J R Rogers. Mrs M Smith, Miss M Howard, W W Moore, Mrs J C ltoyt end two daughter*. J Hoyt, Mn Marshall and two ehUtann, G U Flint. W G Morris. MUe El lit, T white, Mrs J C Heewoll a*d ohild, Mrs Kinney, J Gould. Mrs ? G Reed end child, Mrs S A Gorhan and in fant, Mrs Peato, Mr Rand, Oept Bailey. R PL?wi?, Mrs S ?tarns and two childrep, C II lital. J Shalford, wlfo and fonr ehlldren, R B Wallace, kiss Eaahenburgli. Mrs Seivor, Miss Benton. Mr Bell end lady, L Goldbeic, P Brady and lady. T Crrlies, Mr Embleton Mrs J Murray. Mrs Rivers, Mrs Tsltnadge, M Trash, 8 B Hastings. Mr Suilth and lady, 8 C Kyis, C II Mocre and wife, J J Herbert, Mies 8 ft Las, Mrs MBird and two infants, T Magilton wife and infant; a Smith, M J Benton, Mrs Fairohild and ohild, A II Smith, J Wilton, wifs and three ohitdren; Mi?s M Daly, Miss A Daly, Mrs Jordan and ohild, A Leg oer and wl'o, Mfti M Batsman. Miss H Batsman. Mrs liarraok and infant, Miss Bilatcn Miss C Rots, P Eagan and wife, Mitt A J Moles, M Castello. P An dsrron and w'fs, D Holland, wife and infant; 3 Eddy snd wife, kiss F Harmxn, Mrs B llolley and two infants. Miss ? E Lynch, Mrs A Welch, W Probtrt and wife, Mist A Traoy, CI'O tanndors, wife and fonr cMl lren; E Burger and wire, XV Montgomery and wife. Neil Kelly end wife. Mis* S Beet ty, C Lambert, wife and child, J Uibhets, R R Gait. J Mor ris, Mrs Brown, J W Kelly. T Charles, C Crocker, W Jack son, M Nayton, D Handerson, M Kreps, E Miller, J Lsde vltch, 0 N Cnrfy, M Devis. R Campbell. J F Eichel, W Fes ter, J Purdy. W Adolph, J Jordan, T Murray, J Ward, D S Pratt, J Price. D Cunningham, J Hunt P Hunt, T Snllivan, M Wbreler, J Harrington, C Brown. H Keyser, R Reed, C Hoisted, J Murphy,W Reid, F Dolan.J Northrop,J II Spicer, W W Rule, M Finn. M Greene, S Jones, A Blsh, J Miller. J Shaw. J Dock, I Sohoonmakar, J Whill, H Goodman, J Tobin.J D Ksyes, J Borne, A Osborne, G A F Clayton D Rots, T Holoway, J B l.athrnp. J Harney, M Klnden. J Do lan, J Burke, J Hanson, A E Leighton, E W Gordon, W Coy, D Croker, H Miller, J Miller, G R Miller and boy, M Keenan, J Anions, J C Smith, F Deoatnr, J S Dow, Wiluam Cordon, W Allen, A Buck. II Lnwis, M Norton, C M Tarr, J Master, N Barton, J Benedict, II Brandert, H S Trndor, P Welch, II Jokint. J Ilnse, J Athfleld, M Gnrney, J Shaw, P Graham, A Jones, J Snllivan, P Doyle. J Dixon, T Ross, M l.ibby, J Ilarvoy, J Gill, J Matthews, J Ilirrlgan, A J Cur tis, 8 t ook D beaver, II Benton, M Bradley. J Belden, J B T aw-ton, J Healy. J Rogers, M Hayes, J Barks, D M Rip ley, D Lnmmon, B Smith, D ratlin, W Spunker. M Timms, II Lambert. J Lambert, D Croan, J Lonrney, D Trast, and 321 In the steerage. For Savannah, per steamer Alabama?John J Wood, Gen J W Armstrong, II D Kimble. J Nelson, O M Wilion, Thos G Fox, Ansa* Armstrong, V R 0 Rose?and 4 in the steer age. For Norfolk,Ac, in the iteamshlp Roanoke?E Soper.Alon io T mith, William H Gallup. Capt S Whitman, J A Pros ton, J T Ilnmtston, Levi howe. Q Chamberlain, David U Thomas, C H Alexander, M W Campbell, J T Jones, H II Kent and lady, H A Allen, John Asber, Miss March, J D Moon, O W Weeks, S March, Mrs Carpenter and two chil dren, Miss A Carpenter, Y R Seymour, M A Covnlle, Wm T Meeeh, R B Stevens, John Bodine, John Davison. T W Knight, J C Hunter, U S N, and son; Miss S Bloodgood, D J Magoiro, J J Sysl, J S Sanderson, II Sandetsen, Rer T R l.aobcrt atdlaoy. Lewis Hnddins, Col M Cooke and ledy, Isaao Ion, Jtoob Ion. G S Brooks W Palmer. Mre Lnnlsa Scott, W R Pats, 120 IJ S sailors for Norfolk, and 37 in. the '*for'^Charleston, in the steamship ?outhernsr?Capt E N Ingrabam, Miss Latham. 8 A Nsison, II M Smith, C Plathe, F Conrad. N Wilson, V Vererel, lady, two children and in fant ; and 9 In the steerage. Antl-Maine Law Meeting In Albany. PUBIIW'NARY ORGANIZATION OF A N1W PARTY? A STATU CENTRAL OOKHITTIl APPOINTED. [From the Albany Atlas, June 20.1 Tbero w?i a meeting, Informally called In tola city, at which delegate* from Mew York were preieat, with a large delegation from the weatern counties and towns, to consult a* to the proper method of procuring the re peal of Ihe unconstitutional and inquisitorial Maine law. About a hundred delegate* were present, and respon ds to tbe call were made by some .10 or 40 mote, in let ters, ad rising aa to the course to he pursued. The meeting waa called to convene at the Mansion Home; but being larger than was expected, had ti as semble at Auccia.ton Hall. Hon. Phillip w. Engs, of New York, was called to the chair; and Messrs. Brown, of Buffalo, and Used, ef Troy, were appointed Secreta ries. Mr. Davis, of Albany, as Secretary of the Albany Committee, stated the character of the responds received from those not present as delegates. ? A proposition of Chi. French, of New York, to call a State Convention exclusively upon this subject, with authority to nominate candidates, ftc, waa the subject of disenssion, in which the mover and Misers. Whits, of Nlegara, and Vanderpool, of Erie, participated. The meeting Anally resolved to appclnt a State Central Committee, of fifteen, with directions to make a thorough and Immediate canvass of the State, and with power to call a State Convention, In the event of the hostile action or the inaction of the political conventions to be called by existing organised partis*. The Board ot Education. The Board of Eduoation held their stated meeting last evening, whin there was a pretty full attendance?Wm. H. Neilson, President, In the ebalr. On recommendation ot the F inane > Committee, the sum of 19,010 12 waa appropriated for tbe erection of school house No 50, in Twentieth street, Eighteenth ward, to be paid from any foods not otherwise appropri ated. The snm of $20,000, for salaries of teachers for June, was also passed without dissent; also, $5,000 for incidental expenses of tbe commission. On ncommendation to' the Finance Committee, the Comptroller wae requested to supply $05,000 tor the July expenses of the Board. $2,4?0 74 was naked to be appropriated for extra work at no. 4 Rivington street, with the proviso that the money bo paid only out of such money aa may be at present unappropriated. A lengthy discussion tnaned, during which grant warmth of feeling wae evinced. There being a want ef n majority vote, (one vote want Irg,) the appropriation wae lost, but immediately brought up I* r< consideration, with the same'result. This deeieion of the ohnir wae appealed from, but wae sustained. A motion to adjourn wae lost. The report of the Flat see Committee, iweeasmeadiag the adoption of contracts made by the school sMssrs of the Eleventh ward for repairs, wae adopted. Borne matters oi a business nature were then transact ed, ?#<l the Board adjoggned. Our Montreal Correapondrnrr Domosix flom, Montreal, jua? IS, mi The Preparation* for the Keeeption of the New York CVp Guard in Montreal?New York mars on the Canadian Stage, de. Once more I find myself in the quaint eld, bat te e stranger agreeable elty, with its fine, clear, bracing cli - mate, fine ridea, fine scenery?everything to ?Ht the inner man comfortable, good living, good eating, goad drinking, from the various mineral wntera which abound in theae region* enough to delight and perhaps intoxi cate an advocate of the Maine law, did they not general ly prefer the Old London Dook to be had here, of a su perior qua-it/; bnt a change of water, area la thi* Northern clime, ia not alwaja a bad excuse for old dark Henna ae/. The great topic of the da/ ia the arrival, to morrow, of our crack compan/, the City Guard; and, judging from appearance*, the/ are to have, aa the/ rich!/ deserve, a glorious reception. The following ia the programme, via:?The/ are to oe met at St. Lambert, a email village across the St. Lawrence, b/ the American Consul, O. Dorwia, Esq., aa well ae by a deputation of the New Keg land Society, where they are to be addressed by the Consul; after which they take the steamer. and arrive in Montreal at half-past ten o'clock, when they will be received by his Worship the Mayor, who will preeent them to the eltinena, and then be entertained by the Mayer, after whiah they will be escorted to their quarters at the Montreal lie nee, where an address will be delivered on the part of the Mew England Society. They will afterwnrds pressed in anr rUges, provided for thorn, around the Mountain, 1 they will have a fine view of the city and lta en! with the St. Lnerenee, with ite rapids rushing r on its way to Old bather Ocean. Returning te'dlmn at six o'clock to their quarters, the Montreal Henee, kept by Coleman, an edition of our Astor House Dole man, which I doubt not, will not cast a shade en. tbet t'me honoied, well kept establishment, of which aM New Yorkers ar? proud. In the evening, by invitation of Mr. Buck land, of the Theatre Royal, they will visit his place of amusement, where .they will meet their old . friend Mr. W. R. Blake, Esq , from Wallack's, supported by many old faces whom Bucklaad has sag aged during the eummgr season, from the Now Toik theatres, to emuae the Canadians. I see our old manager Barton mitts them here, to take his appointment with the corps, as quartermaster, and 1 have an doubt he will supply the guests with "stores of wit " from his department. In fact, all plaoes of interest are to be thrown open gratuitously to the Guards; and as a New Yorker. I think they richly de serve it, and will appreciate toe tame and strengthen the already gcod feelings existing between our aeigubotn od this sloe of the line. At present Montreal is well sap piled with amusements Wo have one vary good thea tre, Pierce's New York Minstrels. Bennington, hens New York, with his Panorama of the Kassixn War The Black Swan has just left, after oonoertixtng to good pop ing houses. In tact, tliey all seem to be doing well and putting money in their purees. The oity ia nearly otoar of the old regular soldiers, which used to attraot the attention cf stnangers, the Crimea having taken off dfil the r-ptre iroopa, atd a red coat Is seldom met in the streets at present, and but a few companies of aswlp organized Caen:* rifles are to be seen la the olty. 1 would sincerely recommend any friend who is troubled wi'h the blues, hard times, Ac , and can raise a few dollars, to step down to the North river steamers, pay sevrn dollars and fltty cents, which willpny for a ticket from New York to Montreal via Lake Cham plain, and my word for It, they will make a good in vestment much better than shinning around Wall street, on Iks sbsdy tide, try ing to Invest at two par cent per minute. More anon. YORKER. KICIPTION OF TBS NEW YORK CITY OUARM AY MONTREAL. The City Guard, which left this city on Monday last, arrived at Montreal on Tuesday morning, and met with n most enthuelastic reception from the oivlc as well aa military authorities. They were mot at Bt. Lambert hp C. Dcrwin, Esq., United fetatea Consul, and a deputation of the New England Society of Montreal, when a highlp complimentary address was presented to them by Mr. Lorwln. About 11 o'clock the Guard arrived at the wharf te Montreal, -where they were met by the Mayor and Corpo ration of the oity, and wero escorted by the Montreal Cavalry tbrongh most of the principal streets to tee City Hall, whin another addreas, eulogizing the soldier ly appearance of ihe New York company, was delivered by the Mayor; alt?r which they wore presented to the clUscBH by bis Honor and Mr. Dorwia. After going through the formality of presentation, with which all parties stemed highly gratified, the oompany was en tertained by tie Mayor in a style of unsurpassed sump, taousreas. Tbev were then escorted back to the Man 1 real House, at which plaoe a thirl addresa was delivered on the psrt of the New England Society. After which the Guard procreded, In carriages, on a beautiful ex cursion round tly Mountain, jo'nod by a large nnmtar of citizens; and at 6 o'clock 1*. M returned to dine at the Montreal House In the evening, accompanied ? y their band, they visited the theatre, by invitation?? Mr. Buck land, and at an early hour returned to their quartere highly pleaned with thoir first day's reoopt'nn at Montreal. The whole city was decorated in magnll cmt style, and presented the appearance of oooae great celebration Invitation! to every place of omuaomont wtre Irtely tendered them. NBW YOkK CITY OUARD AT PORTLAND. Portland, June 20,1866. The New York City Guard, Captain Ferris, loft Montre al at 8 o'clock this morning, and arrived here at helf-yasC 7 tbls evening. The company wax reoeired by the Pert lard Light Infantry, and bad all the honora extended them. gp City Intelligence. Spring Paradi op thi Fntsr Brigade.'?The Fir ,t Bri gade, composed of the 2d, 3d and 7lst Regiments, unfor command of Brigadier General Spicer, made their aann al spring parade yesterday. Line wae formed on Matt sen avenue at 4 P. M ; end after being reviewed by the Adjutant Genera) of the State, they marched down Fifth avenue to Fourteenth etreet, then to Broadway to the Park, where they were reviewed by Ieaac O. Barker, Preeident of the Board of Councilman, and other city of ficials. The 2d Regiment, under oommand of Ool. Bo gart, wae preceded by Robertson's band, and marabid very well. The "1st Regiment, alio, under oommand n< Col. Voeburg, excelled themielvee In step and bearing and their discipline would have done credit to the bonk drilled regiment in the city. They were accompanied by Wallace's Brass 'Rand. Heller's band accompanied the troop of horse, who made a fine tnra out. The day wan propitious, and everything transpired to make the affair interesting. Excursion or tub Stats Fenciiilrb.?The New Yecfc State Fencibles, Company A, 8th regiment, Captain O. T. Wentworth. went on a target excursion to Oraage, N.J., accompanied 0 hod worth's band. They were reoeired by the liberty rifle company, Captain 8<hman, who ee corted tb?m to the hotel, where a sumptuous collation awaited tbem. After doing all the damage they oonld le tbo dinner, they marched to an adjoining wood, when they contended for several handsome pnsee. They than returned to the hotel and partook of dinner, and listened to appropriate speeches from Cel. Lyons, Captain Sen man, and others. After enjoying themselves coavivial )y for some time thi Fencibles returned to the eity, feO cltating themselves on their drill and general appear ance. They paraded forty muskets. The Blackwxll'b Island Lunatic Asylum ?The I use tie asylum at BlackweU's Island is now undergoing oxtun live repairs, with a view to enhance the comfort and convenience or the inmates. It is being refitted nnd re piinted throughout, and the walls of the corridors and walking apartments adorned with what pictures are In possereicn of the resident physioian, Dr. Ranney, who finds that engravings representing persons and plaeau are mnch noticed by the patients, on whom It nee % roost beneficial influence. The Ten Governor* do nod feel justified in paialngappropriations for pictures, and Dr. Rannev is consequently compelled to appeal to a ge nerous public to furaish hTm with engravings and deviooo calculated to minleter to minds diseased. Donations of this kind are solicited to be sent to the asylum, Blaok u ell's Island. Dkatm raoM Violxhcx Almoin to rati asmr |? fumm dt a Rniooln>stxr.?Yesterday afternooa Ooeo ner Hilton received information that a child about five years of ago, residing at 188 Laurens street, ted died from Inflammation of tbe brain, brought about from a ??vers beating received at the haads of a toaster in ooo of the public schools. The doctor who attended the child, htarieg of tbe manoer 1m which the boy ted re ceived hie injuries, refused to gtvo a certificate of deetb until the Coroner bad examined Into the matter. Tbo core will he thoroughly Investigated to-day, and if there are any just grounds to tmpHoato the schoolmas ter he will no doubt bo promptly arrested and dealt with according to law. A Woman Run Over and Fatali v Injured r* ram Firm Atknur.?An accident of a very seriou* nature occurred in Fifth avenue, near Heveoth street, 'loot evening, about I attached to i with fearful ??mu, -? . -. ? . man, who wae easing at urn above named not seeing or not heeding th* th by the pole of tbe carrier* "J1 h'T'ed^to _tte g?M< with great violence she was stamped hpy_hy tte ssr jssrsifi. wiicrsftiZtt SlJl^SSSto ?h* aty Hospital, where It waTkuad w Matured and body much bruised. On w tommi e b01 with the name Ana E. Vsu*?sa, which wae supposed to bo her name. mm IN ANTWONT ETRKNT.-Caet night, shortly after It o'clock, a fir* btuk* oat In tbo wockatep of Jimn fitetfi. Are engine maker, 80 Anthony street. The flu men one naiohlv at work, tndina short tlmo axUngukted fore it *proed beyond tbo fbotogy. The demegs eould net at prtmwl be htteated. the dim rnemed to have iiiimmienil In th* ttef, on tbo tret, gear, the eatraaee to which la from !<*? Yl Wtet Breod wuy. We andmlond tte leas to fu?y covered by taen rtnet.

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