Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 21, 1855, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 21, 1855 Page 12
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aWZRTISEXEJfTS RKJKWED E71ST BIT. ??i m?a* Atunos. * ihla? ? IKOitT, ACUWOK1A.-I IOCK1 A ??' iMiil ?? Auotion? hevul.r Sal*.?iLIIfIT H. DmoUy will Mil, this day. Jan* 21, At UK ?' sla?k. At the II Eaekenge, whom it AA/Nio?a ? IB J>*1 Fluibisg ReUrwed oonde, e?eh 91l)J > 91 Fort Wayne at Souther* itellrond real estate boad-i, imR, ........l miu tS.JWi C evoiaad aad FiUiburgmoomeboadifnoh. .91.000 W.JOb Lake Arte. WabAsit And St Loot! Railroad bend I. teAHMtlwi. mmq 9t.tnu W 000 Toledo *ud lllltioit K-ilroad Mooud mortgage 7 per oat tOBdt 4m ia 1B4W. in'.e -ot let Mot tad lit wo vsmnbor. tW drat soapon*[>li>a?dao May I. M, eaeh.91 W' (Thar* in provided for the r?J?ui(ti*? of theabove bead*. ? '* r payment of iat<,rooi. a sinking fund of IS per otat oa aiu Jaot at bonds Ueued.) S/M0 3 boado, of th* ht. Clair Railroad aad Coal Company. atiL ...IW 9UD08Vw-> eerti&oaaoe of oho Ureehenridg* Caaaol Cool Company representing 70 share* 910U eaeh of th* capital of aaod oeapaay, oath 97,090 109 share* 3t. Clair Railroad and Coal Company 9100 90 Rao' River Baak so <9 Chatham Bank. 25 90 raltoa Rita Inanraaee Company. ? 10 Raiekaabooker lAoaranoe Com any 1<M jOO Francis' Metallic Life Boat Corporation, certificate Ma 139 data Jaaaary 31 1866 10 330 afaareo Marble aad Stoao Carving Corapaay or Maw Vert, certificate 100, date Fe.ruarv 3, 1863 19 380 chare* Newtown Copper Pa ?# Typo Company of Mow Tort, certificate dfi. da tad Jaaaary 31,1863 19 Term**! SaU-Im p-r o-at -h>? dao, aad the balaaee be ere 3 e'eloek to morrow The aecr-ied interest on nil binds will he oh arced to the pnreba-mr N ext regular tale on Koa day, Juns 25. ALUEftrU M1 COL AY hetda ro*alar talse ?( ateoka -tid bond* ovary Monday aad Thmrtday, at the If era heat* t xchange. and alto epaeial ealee, whan requited A LBIRT H. NICOLA Y, A0CTIOM EEK -AUCTION ./V tale of horn, wafoa, barueoa. Ac. ALBERT if MI ?AKNUAY.arlll tall, tbi* day at 12 o'clock, in f.ont of hit naltmotm. Mo. 11 Brand at rest, a gray horse, 15 hands high. Bar 9 yanra old, kind in nil hnrnaaa and undar tba saddle.? Alaa. a road wagon, in good order; 1 aet or titulo harness. . aid or ly fir want of nae. AUCTION NOTICE.?LARGE AND PEREMPTORY XL (Ala ot magnificent diamonds, watche* and jtwelr/.? EDWARD SCHBMCR will *ell at auotion thia day, (Thurs day.) June 21, at tka salesrooms, 16 H'all street, at I0>i ?'clock, a Urea involeo of superb diamond!, watohot, do , consisting in part of brilliant diamond olutter aad ? ingle riant, pin* ana earring*, ladle*' enamelled watoho*. *et an botb *idu? with diamond*; alio, other*, vit : independeat eeooad, double time keeper*, fifteen day, patant and de tached lever, Al., ky Cooper, Tobias. Jnrgenaaa, Broting Yreres, Rigby Dent, and other celebrated makers, and in eighteen carnt geld ease a, gold anita of bracelet, pin nad aartinga. brooches, breastpins, gold stone end motaio sleeve Matt one, studs, teal rings, geld vest, guard and fob chain*, ?aid j? Belts, pan*, loaketa, earring*, Ac. Salt positive. UCTION NOTICE?JOHN HOUGH, JR.. AUCTION ~ lohandoott" e pier and _ _i ? own. to morrow Wridnyi. At 10K o'clock. The snisembraoo* A UCTION Nl _ , A eer.?Peremptory saIs of rioh And oottly household for aitare, Pima ode it*, Fraaeh plmte pier And oval mirrors, vot rit and Brtmicl* ear pets, oil paintings, china aad *Uv*r theantiro oentent* of tka a* pensively fnrniehed reeidenee I N*. 7f Marray street, soar College place, and ia peeitiv* to the highest bidder. The Mirnitnr* U in exoelleat eeaAiUam, and waa meetly gmiahed to order, by one of the beet oity maker*. A part ef tka Use ia bera annex- d:?Royal EncUah velvet floor mad stair carpeting. ingrain carpeting, English eiloloitas, rosewood parlor tnits, decently upholstered aad aovacad U maroon, erimaon aad seen French satin dnmatk; _a . a and are also, on* antique modalfian set, heavily oarved; Italian stataary, marble ton tables, of all tho aiaal description* feuad la well tvyxiabed room*; heavily oarved .aavea eeUre dowMl* aetion pianoforte, warranted?tifi Instrument, for fineoea* ef exterler and quality ot tone. 1* unsurpassed Al aa. a very floe rosewood etegero, finished tbrougheut la plat* glass aad Italian marble; French work tables, faaoy recap Boa chain, osaritoiree, large and splendid Frenoh plat* pier glnsfioe, in eestly frames: risk heavy faoe aad brooatol ear tame; original oil paintings, by eminent modern artiste; Got hi* inlaid and send statuary marble clocks: costly Broo ds* oh last ware, fine vaeeeof Sevres poroelain, larlaa msrble atatnee aad alassie reprmentations; extension table, with antique carving; table linen, Frenoh ohina, stiver tea ser eioaaL cake baskets, fork* spsoas, ivory cutlery, heavy out glassware, wines, ehaspagnso, Madeira, liquor ease*, da cantere. As.; rosewood aad mahoeaay bedsteads, of tk* aa tiqes and modern etylee; rosewood marblo top dreseiag bu reatm washstaads, ooraesr and towal stands, palliasses, 8a* curled hair mattresses, eonalerpanee. bolsters aad pillsws, china toilet sets, oval aad square gilt bam* mirrors, Ac. 8*0* positive. A UCTION NOTICE.-J08. L. SMITH, AUCTIONEER, A. will sell this day, the 31st last , st 10,'? o'clock, st 7b Frsaklin street, s large assortment of parlor, bedroom aad kitehan furniture, in excellent eider, o^nsistiag of rosewood ?uito in satin brocade, one suite in plush, cost 9275; one 7 octavo piano, mad* by Naan A Fisher; rosewood bureaus, waslistsads. eentio, side and sofa ta>les, with marble tops; corner stands, large oval and pier *1 eases, clocks, oil paint ings, china vases,enamelled suites, ehairs, carpets, oil oloths, hat stands, tables, sofas, silverware, crockery, glassware, and every article to be found in a first class house, too nu merous to mention. A UCTION NOTICE?JAMR3 CUSHINO, AUCTION A eer. By virtue of an execution, 1 will sell, on Fridny, XM Juno inst.. at 9 o'cloek, A. M., In 37th street, betwesu 7th sad 8th nvennes, n lot oi scaffolding poles, scaffolding planks. Ac., n lot of ladders, n large pile or sand and somt nriek. Also 52}? pair of glazed sasnee, a lot of lime in bar rels, nad a let ci sunttei* and blinds, at .S3 West 38th street, kiohsel Doody, oonstable. AUC9ICN NOTICE?W. A. CARTER, AUCTIONEER. ?WUl sell this Thursday, at 19 o clock, at No. 80 Green wteh street, foraooount of all eancerned, superfine and ex tt a lour, transparent soap, toss, fruiis, indigo, Ac. Also, out pianoforte, ot the best make. A UCTION NOTICE?THOS. BELL, AUCTIONEER.? A. By BILL A BD3H.?This day, at 10>? o'oloek, in our aa'es resms 13 North William street, will o* sold a valua ble assortment of household furniture, table cutlery, 24 apleaf ol paintings, 2 trunks dry goods, 1 valuable chest of to*is,9sp:cadid canary birds, Ac.; also 24 mahogany chairs, ao'ae. burtaus and French bedsteads. A UCTION SALE OF FORDHAM LOTS WILL BE CON A. timued by YETER I'ARK. Auctioneer, this day June ?J, oa the ground at Fordham, at3li o'clock P. M , ia con seqnsnc* ?t th* rain on Tuesday, 19th inst.; the balance ot the lots will be sold without reserve, to elose th* estate. Z NEWELL, 81 Nassau strsot. BA. CHILTON, AUCTIONEER.?ONE-HALF OF THE . s'esm tow boat Thomas Salmon at anotian.?COLE A CHILTON will sell at auction, on Wednesday, Jane Z7, 1833, At l2e'cl*ek, At the Merchants' Exchange, under direction ef J 8. Underbill, the oae-halt, owned by Robert McOor aaiok. of th* steam towboat Thomas Salmos, as sbs new lies At the foot of Jaeksoa street, East river. For terms and psrtiouUrs apply to tbo auctioneers. 43 Nassau street. BT f. COLTON. AUCTIONEER.?HOUSEHOLD FUR aitur* - mirrors, carpets, eiicloths, chsirs, Ao , Ac.? t. COLTON will toll on Friday, Juno 22d, at 10*,' o'oloek, at the auotion rooms, 39 Bookman street, a large and gene ral assortment of good new and tseond band Tnrnlture of every description. It will comprise, in part, several suits ?f mahogany and rosewood parlor farnitnre, in brooatol and baireloth. rosewood nnd mahogany chairs, French bedsteads, marble top dressing and plain bureaus, rosewood nnd ma hogany beakcasas and ceoretsncs tete a-tete and rattan chain, carved reekars. dining nad extension fables, ia oak, blsek walnnt, aad mahogany; large Frenoh rlate mirrors, ail paintings, spring seat chain, all patteras, carpets, oil olotbe, basement and kitchen furaitur*. Ao Ac. Also, the balance of curl maple and Boston rocking chairs. Also, childrea's do tablss do.. A*. Ac. Sale will be peremptory, without regard to weather. D?. NASH, AUCTION EBB.?STORE NO. 310 ? Broadway.?A large Mil extensive tale of houiehold furnttare, on Thursday, Jane 2t, at No. 03 Leonard street, at It A. M , eoaiiatingof sofa*. pier glasses, carpets, boil* and bod ding, baroant, table*. chair*, glass ware, caeten, kitchen turnitere, Ac., with whioh the tale will commence. DO. NASH, AUCTIONEER-STORE 310 BROAD ? way.?Alliance's tale of marble mantels, on Thnrs dajr, Joae 21, at 12 M., at the (tore conei-tlng of beantitul eUtoatT, brooatel, Sicilian and other mantels, <to. BUGENE B FRANKLIN, AUCTrONEER-BV PRANK LIN A NICHOLS?Important and peremptory tale of honsebcid furniture, to morrow, (Friday,) at lO'i o'clock, assortment ef parlor, chamber and diuin ? room furniture, witheat teiirrt. eEORCE COOK, AUCTIONEER -MORTGAGEES aala of furniture, being the entire etock of a city aaann faetaxer, en Friday, to morrow, at 10>? o'clook, at the atorc, oarner oi Broadway and linane street, a large atock Of eastern made furniture, sold by order of J. W. llixby, a, mortgagee, eoaais'.ingofraeewood, mahogany, walnut oak, parlor, dining room and chamber furniture, the wfcola to be aeld without roeerre. Can to examined at any time holore the sal*. Parties mil for shipping can hsre i boxed at a reasonable charge. Also a large in their goods I voice of xLt frame mirrors, oil paintings, rich decorated oblnn, ana silver plated ware, table cntlery, Ac. Catalogues an ths mo rail g of sale. Groceries.'wagons,coffee.clarf.t, brandy, cntlery ?Friday, Jane 22, at 10>J o'clock, at 57 l>ey atreot, corner Oreenwieb. ?''arch, teas, chocolate, cocoa, pepper, dried peaohee, knives, scissors, hies, pistols, soales. clothing, root patterns, clocks, ctina ware, liquors, segars, tobacco, ssap, codfish. VF. A. CARTER, Auctioneer. Henry b. herts, jcn? alctioneer.-on Th era day, Jnao 21, at 10j4 o'clock, at saltsroom No 5'. Fine ?treat?Large and peremptory sale of prime Havana ?apart, th# enUro (took el as Importer declining the bssl neto, cempnaisg nil the moot eboico brands, and to bo sold withoat roaorri, lor cash. Particulars in catalogue on the morning of aala. HB. HERTS, AUCTIONEER -THIS DAY, JUNE 21, . at 11 o'olock, at fit Nlath arcana, by order of a lamtly leaving for Enrope. genteel household furniture contained tn fenr reams. Cash deposits repaired. Goods to be rs eaoTsd the same lay. JMOBI ARTY, AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL THIS . day. at 10 e'cleck, at 173 Chatham square, th* furniture ?t ? family geteg to Enrope, a nice assortment; also, from a hotel, Ma usaal as ortnasnt; also, various other goods. The aala vrfll oemmence en the street, and will be positive without reserve. N.B.?A sale will take place at 21 Poll street, of groceries, Ac., an Friday next. Particulars to morrow. 1. KELLY, AUCTIONEER.?130. (WO WORTH OP dry goads, the stook af MeCenvlli A Murphy, will bo Mid at auction, oa the premises, 31 Catherine street, on MsaAay, ths imh instant, and following days. . _ . i, until all are ?m?otng aaoh day at !/o'clock A. w IhUSSELLW. WE3TCOTT, AUCTIONEER -TO MOR XV r*w, Friday, at KH, o'olock, saotion ss'.e of bonsehold taraMwtn, smlrwetsg the astir* handsome rosewood and ms begn?gr fBvaitwre in house No 72 1'ghth avenue. near Thir teenth street, well worthy th* attention of housekeepers and tU trade, as the whole wiU be peremptorily sold taihe high est bid dor, and consists of a splendid rotowood pianoforte, stool and cover; rich carpets rosewood and mahogany mar his tapharsaus. marble top waehstandt, rosewood and ma hogany bods toads, French pier and oval mirrors, solid rose wood parlor audi, cost KWO. rosewood marhU top etogore. arm and reception chairs, oartains and shades, sofas tot* a totes, siagaat rooewood oontre ublea, oil painting*, costly ashatel oraamants, Ac , with a large awl valuable variety ?f rdhamhsr aad haaemeat faraltnre, alsgant hair mattnssss, beds, extern wen dining tabls, oroekcry, cntlery, 10 pair gol4 band shades, silver ware, ohlaa, Ac , comprlsinr tho entire faraMarepfw rooms. Catalog**# can be obtained at the houM. He paetpeaemeat. ORADY MADP. CLOTHING AND PIECE GOODS ? A. XV M. CRIfiTALAR, Anctloneer, 33 Bowery, will sell oa Thursday, Jan* 21, at 101J o'olock, cloth, cassimere, alpacca an/ linaa frwok aad >aek coats; cassimere, cloth and liaoa nihil peat*, af various style# aad pa I Urns; Marseille", cloth aad eatia vests; Preach aid F.n llsh broadeloths. eas dasiei. deeekina. bUek aad fancy satinets; silk, satin and Mar? ill ft rutiici. i?? Ao. The above sale U postponed t* Monday, Jlth ialt. QHERfPrS SALE?THIS DAY. (THURSDAY ) JUNE St. lHdfi, at M> o'clach tn the lorenoon, at th* corner of Third avenue aad Twentieth street, the ronton** of a grocery eUrs ; also horse, wagon, and harness, fixtures, rx 1 *0 COAL DEALERS.?MORTOAGE SALE OF COAL, Ac-JOHN W BOMKRINDYKK. anctloneer, corner reaklin aad Cpntr* etreeu, will sell this day. at Ns*. end MM Waetingtor street, at 11 o'etoak, by vlrtaa ?' * shatf ?J ai?rt?M*, *?* hundred aet alvtv toes real aid 4 ,., CZUS.J. ***** Afii'y ifigRegtBsce*. , A&LRa A* TUNIS m s8*1.1., il'CTIOMH-* EXT BALK. ON Frtilat. (i? e?-rrew,> at 1.?S oVlock. at hi a ?*i*er..*ia, TV^'f ?''? a KB ? l> I w" Fr..U? (t? ??riM.I at :.?S oVlock. at hii taleervom. ho.M mmu ktrM*. el l-rijiuro, pianoforte*, mirrors, Ml raia'.in^e, -egara mutlreaa a, ikfr.i*ret?ra, ealua. sarpat [eg, coir*? end tan arm. exten-iie dining tablk*,- Ao. N B?Gooda received this day, In (let for eale. w. 5. MbLl.UK. AU'.'UUNtlK. BV HOUGHTON .. .4 Hoilor?Tbiv day. June 21. at ID* e'eook. at 113 Ma??au .treat, peremptory aaleuf eoe'ly cabinet furniture, eeperi.-r toned rceawuod pianoforte! and house furnishing eruclrr, carpou, do ; furniture adU luolnde several rose wood pallor aolta. covered in ooally ei'i?h, broCetal, brooado aat.o In great vaneti, mahogany parlor lutaitute on anito. revered in beir rlutb and llgur.d rvpa.; ootid r oao wuod elegemai riely earv 4 rosewood and mahogany marble top coiOre, pier and .ids taller; ivaowoad. mahogany and walnut oban bor furniture tu eel*. with and withoutlmarble topo; aevornl atrnw. blue and pink enamelled outtago chain bor suDs; rich bookcase*. walnut library aad aooro'arr do., ot tho latoat aad moat faebinnablo otyloa; ladlaa' oablaot, writing tablet, beanfeta in oak and nalaot (marble topi > amiable for dining and reading rooina; rlok wardrobea, la roeavood >nd mahogany: several ef tho latoat patoat aad of}to egtewaion diatag tablet, 14 foot ling, roaowood. ma hoaeny. walnut, oak and blreh. all warranted; with a va riety of medium claaa fn-nliure, loto a tetoa aad plain aetaa. rookcra. oaty aad Gotkio c heir a, corner at an da, aid# and Innoy tnblea, elocke, trench plato mirror a, oblno wore, do. Alro. at IS o'eloek, aovoral superior roaowood pianoforte a. Good* con bo pa"kod -tor skipping on tko promieoi. Cata log oca oa the morning of aalo, and worthy the attontloa af the trade. w H WITTERS, AUCTIONEER. WILL SILL ON r . Friday, at 2 o'olook in tba slteraoon. at 1W Con el atreot, a largo and genteel oeaortmont of hoaaeheld furni ture, ol family breakiag up houeokoooia*?oao mahogany caao piano, in good order: pier end oral mirror*, oil paint ing*. oontre alls and eiten.ion Ubla., mehoeeny bookouae*, window curtoina, aotna, rooking, eu*v ana parlor chairs; t*poetry end other oarpot*. oil cloths, mahogany and walnut bedvtoad* hair aad other mattreaeo*. bod* aad bedding, dressing to ream aad waihitandt, toilet aets. dining room and kitchen furniture, ehtaa glass and plated wait, cook atovc; aad a tarnished bona* to lot. ?uncal. A CARD ?Ml S3 M. CONTINUES TO OIY1 LES il aon* on th? pioaoforts and singing, at her own or pa Pil'o residence, bat 1* anxiona to obtala a situation aa viait ing governess. Apply at 78 President atreot, South Brook lyn ATTENTION PIANO PURCHASBRS1?HALL'S PA A teat ooleatlal or doubla ootava piauoforboa, Ely A Hon i. These Improved pianoo an rapidly I gar muaulaeturere. tag the place of ibi ate much auperior atand la tone well, being made with Iron trameo; aad lag tho place of tho ordinary piaaot'ortts : lot, because they Ml _ tone well, being are sold at low prloee. aad rocommeadad by all our ate much auperior in power and sweetness of tonn: 3d, the^ they are oeld at low prtoes, ana reooramended ny au our Bret pianieta, who*e oortibcatea we have of thair superiority ELY A HUNGER, Mo. 619 Broadway, St. Nioholao Hotel Boston pianos?iioeacb waters, no. ass Broadway, haa the solo agency of T. Gilbert A Co.'a PI* aaoa. with and without tho iSolion, Jacob Chlokering, Hal lott A Cnmaton's, and Woodward A Brown'* Piaaoa, all of whioh have tba Iron tram#, aad will etand any cllmato.? They are the boat Boo Von makes, and will bo oold at faotory prices, wholoaolo and retail, with a liberal di mount for oaoh. Piano* to rent and r?nt allowed oa pnrehaeo. Piano* for aale en monthly payment i /~1 REAT SACRIFICE ?A HOST BEAUTIFUL TONED U rosewood piano, eevan octave and new, fully warranted, made by a very auperior maker, will be oeld at a great saoci ilco, and a second hand piano taken in exohaage. Please apply at 1US Weet Broadway. HALL'S CELESTIAL PIANOS-BENNETT A CO., 9U0 Broadway, are now (applied with a large (took ef these beautiful instrument*, ao parson ahould by any manna par ^^^^?atevar Inter* ated partial may any to tho ooatrary, obaaa, whatovar ?. till th*y havo Brut loan theae Improved piano* MILODEON&?8. D. A n W. SMITH'S UILODEQN3, tuned the equal temperament, to whioh waa rascally awarded the flrtt premium at the National Fair, Washing ton. D. O., ean be found only at No. 833 Broadway. A lie*, raidlaoouut mad* for *a*b. The trade supplied oa the moat liberal term*. HORACE WATERS. VfO HUHBUG.?A TERT SUPERIOR R09EW0GM J-> pianoforte. 7 ectava, i, on frame, perfect In all reapocta, and warranted; been uaed only three Hsonths; maker'* price, >310; tor aale for >270, with atoot. Can bo aeon at No. 34 Veeey atreot, near too Aitor House, from 9o'eloek till 3, en Thursday. ONLY ONE MORE OP THOSE TWO SPLENDID pianoiortea?th* other oa* disposed of?worth oa* thousand dollar*; will be eold at a great eaorifioe. To be eeen at Y. P. B. Curtis' warorooms, No. 447 Broadway. H. Sohmale A Co.'* maka. SECOND HAND PIANOS AT A GREAT SACRIFICE for caah, as they must be removed this week; three rose wood aad ten mahogany at prioea or >24, $30. >45. >50, >65, $75, $85, $00, aad $100, and one malodeoa, prio* $50, for >35! all warranted in perfrot order, at 402 Sixth avenue, near Twenty fourth atreet. R. GONZALEZ. SECOND HAND PIANOS FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN ?One ol Play el's pinnoe for $115; oa* vary good English b45 cctnve, for >100, one for >85; one for >60. Piano* to let. Tuning and repairing done In the beet manner. 392 Bowery, eecond floor. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED. FULL SET DAGUERRIAN APPERATUS, HALF size, wanted, and a small atook of material Apply at 2t>2 Broadway, third atory. Must be good and cheap. W. H. SNODGRASS. A A SMALL STORE WANTED?IN CANAL, HUDSON, or Greenwioh street*, in a good location, suitable for a millinery bniineas, or would lease n small house in either ef the above mentioned streets, or purchase a small stock, fixtures and lenae of n a mall store. Pieate address John een, Herald office, giving name and location. 13NG1KE AND BOILER WANTED-ENQINE EIGHT U inch here, twenty four inch stroke; boiler sixteen feat ong, forty eight inohas in diameter, witii two flnea, all com plete and rut in operation In this city. Address Engine, " s, price, i" Herald office, giving full particulars, prico, Ac. IpACTORY ROOMM?WANTED, IN NEWARK, JER X1 aey City, lloboken, Brooklyn, or tho upper part of this y, a building with enmeient yard room tor the purpose ot man'ufnr uring trunks, Ae. A*ddre?a Trunks, Herald"office, deeorlbing building, location and terms. TENKSON'S ANNUNCIATOR.-WANTED TO PGR tl cbnae ona of Jenkson'i annunciators fitted for nbont 1(H) belli. Any persona having one to soli, and In good erdor, will please address the aabacrlber, at the Herald offloe, as to term* anil wher* it oan b* aeen. SING SING. IIrAMFD?BY A SHALL FAMILY, A COTTAGE, OE rt part of a cottage, ou Harlem Railroad, between Har lein ani William* bridge; a few minute*' walk from any de pot. Address, stating terms. H. Fiaton, teacher, 180 Welt Eighteenth atreet. References exchanged. WANTED?A SUIT OP UNFURNISHED ROOHS FOR a gentleman and lady. In a private family; bath, xaa, Ac., prelerred; west aide, near Bleeoker. By jtating price, location, Ac , a good tenant may be bad. Payment to suit. Address T. L. A., Herald office EXCURSIONS JB fOR FISHING BANKS.?THE SEA STEAMER MSB C'URV, Captain Richard Yatei, wilt lean for the fish in? banks every day, touohing at Fort Hamilton each way, from the following places, wis:?Jackson street, t o'clock A. M.; Delancey itreot, 6kt. H ; Catharine Market, 7 A M.; Peck illp, 7)a A M.; Spring atreot, North river. 8 A. MPier No. 4, North river, 8$g A. M. FUhiag tackle and bait fnrnlehed on board. FOR CONEY ISLAND AND rORT HAMILTON-THE ?teamer Norwalk leavoo New York ?* foUowe:?Pier toot of Amoe street at A. M., and 12J4 and 3M P. M. ;pier foot of Spring etreet, 9k A. M.. 12>, and.% P. M.; pier No. it North river, at 10 A 1 and 4 P. M.; leaving Conor Island, laet trip, at 0>i P. M. Fare to Coney Island and hack to Now York, 26 cents. No half price for children. First grand moonlight excursion of the season will come off on the 30th of June, 1856. The 2lendid steamer TEMPEST, with the barce Irene, Captain ider, will leave Sooth second street, Williamsburg, at 7 o'olock P. M.; at Bridge street, Brooklyn, K past 7 o'clock; ?_ ..a .. . Pulton teny, Brooklyn, at to 8 o'olock; Peek slip New York, at 8 o'clock, and rier t North river at )4 past 8, for Hudson river. Tickets oO cents. Grand excursion to the fishing banks?on Friday, Jnne 22d, Fare SO cent*. By tae safe and oommodious donble engine steamer MASSACHUSETTS, E. R Ranks, Commander, leaving pier foot of King etreet. at .... ? ? * ? ft, ?|i " * 7k o'clock, pier foot of Amos street, at 8 o'olcok, pier foot of Broome street East river, at 9 e'eloek, pier No. 3 Ncrtb river, at 9)4 o'clock. Fieblng tackle and bait on board. rilO CHARTER FOR EXCURSIONS.?THE SAFE AND A commodious steamer MASSACHUSETTS, E. R. Hanks, Commander, being now in complete order, oan be ehartered f?r excursion* She is the largest and moat elegant ateamer offered fcr the purpose, having a large dancing saloon 112 feet long; a rare chance is offered to the pnbUe. Apply oa board, at the foot ofKing street, North river, orto L. II. GROVER, 168 Broadway, upstairs. |rO CIIARTBR FOR SXCURSIONS-AN ELEGANT first elass steamer, splendidly furnished with all eon rleasnre parties. Apply at the office of AM veaienoee for pleasure parties. Apply at the oflee of ALEX. M. C. SMITH. No. 232 West street, between North Moon and Beaoh streets. FIREWORKS. C1ANTGN I IRE CRACKERS.?NO. 1, GOLD CHOP > 40 picks. For sale la lota to snit pnrohaters, by JAMES ROBINSON, 74 Beaver etreet. E DOES' FIRST PREMIUM COLORED AND BRIL LIANT FIREWORKS. Many new and original designs, ay _lnal designs, appropriate to tbe comia analversary, never before offered to the pnbllo. ~ > now prepared to furnish displays f? Vi< subscribers ars now prepared to fnrnish displays rot cities, towns or villxzes. to any extent, and have on hand a complete variety of sals work, of very superior quality, which they offer at tbe lowest market prises. ~ ptattsntit Orders will meet with prompt attention. Address _ JOS O. * ISAAC EDGE Jr.. United States laboratory, Jersey City, ot MUNCAN A ROBBINS, 63 Maiden lane, iCt., Our only anthorissd agents for the city of Now York. tl RE W OR KB?THE UNDERSIGNED OFFERS FOR sale, en the most reasonable terms, a large and ooa plsto assortment ot the most brilliant fireworks ever offered In this market. Every article sold will be warranted and delivered, free of onstage. All kinds of exhibition pteoee and colored works la quantities to suit purchasers. JOHN E. ROSS. 210 Washington it rest T3IREWORK DEPOT, 98 DIVISION STREET. WBKRE F can bo found all the various kinds, made by the best manufacturers, and warranted to be of the first quality, at the lowest cash prices. Country dealers supplied, and or der* punctually attended to. THOS. 1. JONES, 38 Division street. FIREWORKS?NEW YORK LABORATORY, 1*5 FRONT street.? Fire eraeksrs, Canton rockets, doubleheaders, jess sticks, and a complete assortment of firs works, war ranted of the first quality. Conatry merchants and dealer* in general, also committees forcity and sountry displays, supplied ca the most liberal terras. M. BENNETT, 196 Frost street. FIHMT1RE. A LARGE FRENCH PLATE LOOKING GLASS, bUITA ble l?r a saloon cv private house, with other good fur nitnrs, tor tale by a family about to decline housekeeping. I'lsaee arfdress Roberts, Herald office i'urniture dealers nted not spply KNAMELLED COTTAGE FURNITURE-NEAT, PEE* tyjmluai lew as IX at the maun faster/ end wars mem*. 63d Broadway star Rteea ?r street, besides ever) ?tile of slegnat and fa*4euabU sanmeJied 'suits 1. H. WARWICK. SrOIsBK UOOlkt. FFICE OF THE OHIKF OF FOLICC, JUNE IK 186 - Ar ewaer is wanted at the Third District roll** Coart, f Esses Inn )feta geld kuutluc wahsh, snaposd ts kavs 6swu*t GEORGE W. MAtSRI.L, Ch.?i ai ?lJn> ftiiiT# ancmrtm j ?7Al| -ro? UMTS or beick HOUSE IX Vlvvi Twvlftb ilmt, hw Sixth arsons, delightfal localism. Iimi la imt, |m4 full ?l flo?s*s, rup. bath ream, pi la twelve room-. Hirui:on> >m piste 'or koiN keening, bouIi all new. SI 500. Appfr to I'lUK A U. JlSStfN. W l?oadw?y, k.twvvn It litUH No ivwse anises furniture u purehssed. A SMALL CESTUI HOUSE TO LET-AT HERO EN Pilnt, with half an acra of cardan, and plasty Of vegs tahlao, frail* sad dower-, utaetlwn ??- * ksa'thy aad o<e\ ?ant, an tha shore of Nswark Bay, wbara ii ocoallaat fishing and tatklac. Ths ndvsrtissr Um/kUiiu move ?eat, all fbo furnilwro may be bonght oary ebaap Rant I UK) On* bovt'a (ids from Maar York. Apply tbia we?k, at tha Frsash Ciftegs, Bargaa Point, oaar Or. Kaabtnoan a. BAKERY.-TO LET, A BAKERY, 40 BY 16 FEET, aith a large now oaon and boilar, and all othar rvqul at tea complete. la aaoaUoat working order, toaeiher with a atota, sitting roam aad tarn bedrooms at 321. lata 311, biitk street betneen avenues C and D. Apply to Dr. O'KKILLY. S3 White street, or Mr Thomas t ared 221 Elisabeth street. Furnished house to let.?a three stoet aad basement bouse, with moderaiuprurementa, aewly furniahad oaa yaar alnoe, snt-ablo tor a priea'o family, or would ba lot for a hoarding booaa; situated west of Broad way. below Broome at root Apply to Mr. D1BBLEE, No 649 Broadway. * ' Furnished house to let-foe the summer months aad until the flrat of October; first elaas bouts, furaubsd templets, ntar Union aqunrennd Flf'h areaus; will be 1st tory low te a sal table ramily. Addraaa, with name and rowUenee, bos 90S Post Offioe. Furnished house to let-in a good loca tios, ssd wall adapted for a large boarding house. To those who eaa furnish security, tha terms will be eery fa ; rotable Address a aota te Holland, Herald ofiloe. VM7RNISHED HOUSE TO RENT TOR A TERM OF r years.?The new, elegant aad eontmodioua browa atone frott dwelling house. 9h bast Nineteenth street, near Irving plaoe. supplied with all the modern improvements, aad fur nished throughout with rich furniture The owner, the pre sent oooapant, leaves lor Kurope is tho autumn, aad will ?tva possession immediately after July 1. Can be seen from 0 A. M to 12 M. For cards of admission apply to U'tXER MORGAN. Metropolitan Bank building, or to FRANCIS T. GAKRBTTSON. attorney Ac.. 74 Wall street. N. II ? Boerdiag bouse keepers need not apply. For rent?a furnished house in south Brooklyn, a tow minute*' walk from Hamilton lorry. Tbe lady will board for the uso of tho furniture. Address Widow. Herald oftes. _ House to let-yearly rent saw, with gas, chandeliers, mirrors, laundry, speaking tubes, A?. Lo cation very ploasanl, near one of the principal avenues west of Broadway. A portion of furniture, oar pats, As., ia aiso order, will he aold el e bargain. ' B W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. Lodge booh to let?at the masonic temple, oorner of brooms and Crosby streets, en the 2d and 4th Tuesdays of each month. For information apply te JNO. W. LEONARD A CO., No 383 Broadway. >AETLT FURNISHED HOUSE AT CLIFTON. STA X ten loland, to lot?W ithia ton minutes' walk of Vsudor bilUa landing. Tho grounds are well arranged and beauti fully shaded. Terms moderate. Inquire of R. S. HO WES, residing on tho premises, or of Ml- CHESTER FLOWER, 71 Broadway, up staire STATIN ISLAND.?TWO SITTING AND THREE BED rooms, utatly furnished, will be let to a small reapeeta ble family of two or throe per sens, on the above Island, I within Uve minutes' walk of Vandarnllt'e landing, ia a da tsohod house, commanding a beautiful view of the bay and island; terms, SHO until 1st or November: immediate poa teraliu oan be givtn. Address X. Y.. Herald offloo. r LET-POSSESSION 01 YEN IMMEDIATELY? THE roar part of tho eeoond story, tho front part of tho third story, and all of tho fourth story of 2d Uookmaa street; also, tho front room of tho flfth story of SI aad S3 Desk man street Eaoh apartment is suitable for awj kind 47 mechanical business; also, kuantni of 24 Beekaeaa street, laquiis of JAME8 CONNER A SONS, 29 Heehmei stroot. mo LET-IN JERSEY CITY. TWO TIIREC STORY 1. biick bouses, consisting of eight rooms and basements, suitable tor two families if required. The location is ia the healthiest part of tho eity, ia South Second street, near Erie. Paasaio water in the yard. For particulars Inquire atE. COLE'S ottoe. Jsrtey avenue and 8euth Fourta at. r LET-ON BERGEN HEIGHTS, ONE HILE AND A halt from tha Jersey City terry, see so new dwellings. Tho view of tho bay and eity of New York, Brooklyn, 8U tea Island, do., from this point Is nnrivallod. Good water, and a para atmosphere. Omnibuses leave tho ferry every few minotfs. Apply at tha oflies of tho Daily Telegraph, 21 Montgomery street, Jersey City. TO LBT.?FUBMISHBD BOOMS FOE GENTLEMEN; also, room and bedroom for a gentleman and wife, with or without board, ia a pleasant pan of tho eity aad oeara alent to all business Apply at 636 Hudson stroot. r LET?THE THREE STORY STONE FRONT HOUSE, 68 West Twenty sixth street^ with modern improve r LET-AT HARLEM, IN A VERY HANDSOME AND healthy locality ia the Sixth ?venue, between 134th aad 133th streets, a neat new hoaso, suitable for one or two gen teel families. Apply te Dr. O'REILLY, 83 White street, or Mr. Watson, house and land agent, Fourth avenue, 124th street. mo LET?A CONVENIENT PART OF THE GENTEEL X house 36 Twelfth street, between Sixth and Serenth avenues, to a small family ot grown persons. Ths houss has gas and hath room. It will be rented ebtsp. For particu lars apply on the premises. TO LET?A VERY ELIGIBLY SITUATED HOUSE, IN South Brooklyn. It is convenient of acoess by the dif ferent ferries, ana has all the modern improvements. Tbe tumiture ot tho house all now, and of tho boot quality, will also bs sold tor a very low .pries. Addross L. M., box 2,56.1 Post Ofllos, N. Y. TO LET?THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, No. 108 Leonard street, a few doors east ot Broadway. This home is very oeaveoleatly located, eontalas th rtooo rooms with suffiotent closet room, and is sultabi# sitbsr for a pri vate hmily or hoarding house. For terms, Ae., apply to S. CON OVER, 208 Broadway. TO LET-TO A GENTEEL FAMILY, THE UPPER part aad treat basement of house 73 Delsuoy stroot. Apply on the promises from 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. TO LET?TO AN ARCHITECT?OFFICE FURNISHED and decorated, No. 73 East Fourteenth stroot. TO LET-AN ELEGANT SMALL THREE STORY HOUSE, on West Twenty third street, near Sixth avenue. The house Is in excellent order, built but a few munthi since, and contains all modern improvements. To a desirable tea ant. a fire years' lease might be given. X. B. K1NSU1MEK, 319 Fourth avenue, from 3 te 7 r. M. T O LEI?A VERY HANDSOME SUIT OF FINE ROOMS _ and basement, on Twenty eighth street, la a fine loo* tion. rooms elegantly capered and painted, gat fixtures, w ater closet, Ao.; rent fa per month. The above rooms are disconnected from tbe other part of the home aad have a iep.rate front door entrance. E. B. KINSH1M?R, 319 Fourth avenue, Irom 3 to 7 P.flM. TO l.ET?A LABGE AND WELL SITUATED DOWN town hoarding bouse, below White street, near Broad wiy, forty rooms, with all modern Improvements; three yi are' lease; ront low. Fart of tho furniture for sale if re quired. Apply to 0. W. W ESTBROoK, 343 Broadway. TO l.ET?A TLEASANT ROOM ON THE SECOND floor, aad oto or two hodrooms, with vault and large yard, to a email reopectable tamilv. Apply at d!) West Thirteenth street, near Sixth avenue. TO LET-THE BEAUTIFUL NEW BROWN STONE houss 144 M eet Thirty sixth stieet, near Eighth avenue. The home is first class ia every respeot, 18 rooms, with gas, baths, bells, sroakiofrtubes, laundry, Ao. Yearly roat vory low ,ftftO, with immediate possession B. W. RICHARDS. 307 Broadway. TO LET?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, YEARLY rent 2*150, a ftrge four story houss, containing 1ft rooms, desirably situated for a boarding bouse, being near St. J ohn'a I ark, in Varick street; aleo, a front o IB oe on Broadway, itsr Chamber* street. Rent RAX*. B. W. hICHARDS, 307 Broadway. TO I.ET-VERY LOW, IN BROADWAY, ON THE west tids, vicinity of Chambers atrsst, a front room, on second floor, easy of access, desirable for basinets ol ths following description, vis : importer, watchmaker, milliner, barber, wig and curl manufacturer. ' B. W. RICHARDS, 3U7 Broadway. /pO I.ET-HOUSE NO. ? VARICK STREET, TEN X rooms, three rooms on one floor, in a house with one hmily. A small sioro, apartments and basements, down town. A small house in Williamburr, near ths ferry. Ront low. Apply to 3. C, SMITH, 1ft Mutt ? root. TO LET AT WII.MAMSBCQ-STORE AND DWEL ling house, corner of G*abam avenue and I'owers strso', long eitablisbed as a meat market; two lots. Also, house, two itorr end basement, Sandiord street. East Brooklyn, first house south of Willoughby avenue; two lots; fine gar den; rent >130. App^ at^f.'iO Grand street. Williamsburg. TO LET, AND FOR SALE.?SEVERAL GOOD HOUSES to lot; also half of a hoist to 1st, in a good neighbor hood, with gas aod Croton water. Borstal homes and lots for sale and exchange. Apply at tbe Broadway l.aad Office, LUOBrenda ay. S. W. CRONK. T~ O MEDICAL MEN.?A PHYSICIAN IN BROOKLYN has a beautiful building, a part of whteh he wishes to let to s physician; bo will do able to establish him ia prac tice; must be married and experienced. Inquire at 4ft2 Grand street, Williamsburg. TO CARPET. CABINET, OR UFUOLSThRERS, AC - To let or Itase, ths house 2C3 Bowery; is well adapted for the above business, the first sad second stories having a f lass front, which oan bs entirety opened for display. AU tbe eastern ear trains pass tbe premisee, which aakas tho location desirable tor ooontry ae well as eity trade. Apply to 010. W. DEAN, 108 Thompson (t. ASTROLOGY. AhTROLOOY AND PHRRNOI.OOY -THR CELE brnted MRS. TLIDRY, from Paru, whose r?litl?i hti been comtantlv cooeulted by Napoleon I., girct information oa nil erenti of life, nt 203 Broome etraet. ARD-MADAM PREWSTBR RETDRNS THANKS TO let friend? end patron* ul ben to toy thnt after the tlKnitaafle, both in Chit city and rhiltdelph a, who hare con railed her with entire eatliflMtloa. ehe leeU ooafldrnt that in the qneetione of aetrolegy. tore and law ma Men, and booke or otaclee, ae rilied on ooaataatly by Napoleon, ehe hae bo equal. She wi'l toll the aame or the latum hnsbaad and alio the name of her rUiter. Reaideace 7ti Madieoi etreot, one door from Catherine. Madame morrow.?this highly oipted lady ie a ifronth daughter and wni born with a gift to tell paat and fntore (rente. She la, without exception, the raoet wonderful nttrologlit In the world; ehe will eren tell their eery tboughti. N. B.?No charge tf not (aliened. Oentle men not admitted. 76 Broome etreet, near Cannon. RS. BACKER. 362 BROOME STREET, BETiPRCN Molt and Lliiabeth .trette, can be oonaulted about lawmiie, marriagee. butioett, the color of the hair, and oharaeter of the hatband. Jto. CORPORATION KOriCES. (CORPORATION NOTICE.?DEPARTMENT OF RE ) pain acd Supplier. June 19. 1AM.?Sale of Corporation Property ?Will bo aold at pnblio auetioa, on Saturday. June 30, 1UV>, at 10 o'oleck A. M , to the hieheet bidder, ali the material* end property of the New City Hall, loeatod in the Perk, condoling of brieke, flatting, and baildiag atone. Said property will bo aold in different lota. The tonne at aala will l>e eaeh. to bo paid tetho auctioneer, at aooa no the aalo ta coaclnoad. The purobaaor will I a obligated to remove the procoeda of hit patehaao from the promlooa within Are day t from the day of tale. All the reipondbillty for the dellr?ry of the property will be horne by the par obaeer aad in caee tl.e nurehaier eheold neglect to romere taid mtterialt or property within flee day*, at tpoclflod. It ehali be oesiideroI at forfaited to the Corporation, nod will he aeid orrr **?'a for ?ha bonefltnf the oily. BARTHOLOMEW B. PPRDY. C ?!..,1*. ?ei**.r ?( Kepaici hid laptliM, IT BOOUa, ?U 100 t>IT AMD KI.EGA.AT SDMHCI BONNETS. iMtftfj by the_ Atlantic from our biMtt boaiWt US cue Kichi lau, 1 aria. Tbia iavcioe comprises th* lateH ?tylee lb inaey crap*, black laoo ani otnbr..ld?r* I atraw I htii. *o much admire* at present ta Parts. If ? confidently flatter ouimIlnUi! ??) lady who inspects oar present ?lock will be convinced that fog Mete and beauty of doaigB there are no goods io tbia elty tkat can oompec* wPJi oure. At the same um* onr prices aro de-eiutdly rrodorav* Aa early cell will bo loan* advantageous, at MADaUK ft. BAKRIB A SON. 671 Broadway BROOK'S SILK OOTTOM?TOR HAND AND MA ehito sewing, ??coder to any thread ta ch* world, woandon'/W, 3WJ and OW yard spools? whit*. blaok aad aU ooli-r*. from Ma 8 to No W. Any number, ootor and length fcreale at WHRBLEB A fliSiW'l towing ma acina depot. 3(3 Broadway. BULPIN'8 MANTII.I AS tailing off at a reduction of from 49 to 6b per coat rrom ortfciial [rlMo. Hie Parle Mnntilla Kir port nut, 361 Broadway, being abeut l<> l? entirely remodelled and oonalderably enlarged, oover Ug ufcrn lotuple'.od a apaeo of nearly ooven thousand square feet, with a trot tage of 27 foot oa Broadway. 4u on franklin atreat, and a depth of 160 foot, forming beyond cimportion the largest establishment of iti kind in this or nny otnor e?ni try: aad aa a partial and temporary elodog of the pro mlscs will b* rendered uocessan*. the anbxoriMr hat deter Bitted to enbjeot hie entire otoek of spring and rummer man tilla*. erapo and onehmara ebawD, Ac , to eneh aa onormoni redretiou in prica aa mnit effect it* complete olaaraaeo pro vinus to the loth of July. Do deome further comment unnooeiaary, aad will moretr ?aumtrato a few of the leading artlelea preooatod for public * (loo tbciiranJ very oxoollont blaok eilk mantlllaa. tko riohoat silk a-d of Iho atylo for whioh hie (tore hae been ao much celebrated thli aoaaon?former prieaa Mi aad $7, now reduced to funr dollar*. bight hundred black ailk aaatillai, 'Cremona'1- former pticeo Ml aad $10. now rodneod to sli dollara. Four bundrud aad Sfty men oatiqa* mantiUai, with laoe rulWaa formerly $10, now an aad a balf dollars. hi* hundred aery elegant silk maatiilav, with sinelt ani doable lace rufll**, the moot reohoroho otyleo?formerly $12 and $14, now eight < ollan. And a mnllitndiaeua array of rioher goods, la real gob pure laoe, moiro antique and laoe aad other fabrics, many of which only juat imported from Paris?all at a similar re Junius. Aire, a Urge variety of ea?hnier*. Canton oraoo and etalla alien la, equally cheap. OKO. BULPIN, Mil Broadway. 9 he tale at rodnood prieaa oommoaoM on Thursday, 21st of Jane. DRT GOODS TOR TUB PEOPLE ?THE UNDER signed, having determined oa eloarlng out ail of hie largo auuimor at cox, to make room for now fall goodi, bopa to ear they will bo oeld without regard to ooat. whioh I not being mado known yesterday, over three hitndgpd people wore enabled to lo eerved; but hoping, by ao luorease of salesmen to-day to bo able to moot the want* if the people. 270 pieces of th"ee beautiful printed lawns yet remaining, at (Id. per yard, wbieh positively oust l.r>S?. to import; other lawns lu proportion; rioh oil boiled blaok ailk, warranted net ta ont, et$I per yard; wo have sold thorn rondily for $1 60; beautiful do. fordo. 44 , oheap at $1; magnificent em broidered erapo ahawla, whioh wo have cold for $16; we now offer thorn at $16 AO; handsome do. at $6: an ixamenao bar gain, tttily; mantillas, printed ahawla, plain and laney oas ?imtiea, hosiery. Ac. C KlbllEM, 426 Grand at root, corner of Attorney. From auction-120 frrncii embroidered oetr, at $12 Mi each; 2 000 cambric and Bwi<e collars; the average prions aro 4e , 60.. 6a, 8a., 10*.. 12a and 14*. each; S.I 00 Swiss and cat tab tin bands, at ail prioea, trom 2a to pi. MADDEN' A STEWART,GtSBroadway, two doors above Bleecker street. N CT1CE.?FRENCH WORKED BANDS, FRENCH worked collar*, a beautiful assortment tuft opooed, by JAMES FRANCE, 70S Broadway. PBOPLX'S SAVINGS STORK, 313 HUDSON STRKET, between Spring and Vandam.?Peattive sale of the ex tensive and well aeleeted (took of family and fanoy dry glodx, at prieoa that will aotoaixh the moxi eoonomioal In consequence of the proprietor having made arrangements to enlarge hie store, be will soil off the largest proportion of his stock previous ta the 1st of August, at a groat redaction of prices. Wo solicit from our friendi and the public gene rally a portion of their favors, aad will bo always g'ad to see them at tho old stand, 313 Hudson street. ROBERT RAE, Proprietor. HM1DM ABB SUHMUUt HklVHillATS, AS TOR HOUbK?THE UnDKRSIGNKD HAVE Re newed their lease of this honse. It has boon refitted, and is now in bettor oonditiea than when first opened to the publio. Now baths and water clot* to have been intro duced upon every floor. Its massive walls. Its improved and complete ventilation, render it the eoolost honse in this elty during hot weather. In OTerjthin^nooeainrr to pro_ 016" "" 4 "* ~ ~ " "* mote thy re?l oorafort of ladUa and gontUmea it it tooond to none. Its proximity to tho railroads enable* onr pat rons to roaoh any portion of the olty without delay, and at ?so. It is situated in tho healthiest ward ot trifling aspen*.. tho oity, and the Park and open grounds opposite pretest sdvautage unequalled. Its convenient positions for Mar chants and for all parties oona*?ted with the great publio enterprises of the country, is appreciated, ana rooms are always in readiness for the accommodation of meetings, Ao. Breakfast from *arly mosuing until II o'olook. Dinner in rictlomen's ordinary, 3J*; lad lav' ordinary. and A.? or th* aooommodatioQ of business men, dinner will be served from 1 o'olook until 2}j o'olook- Grateful for the past, we pledge ourselves to our patrons that everything requisite for their comfort and h?p-' ' tppiness whl'e under onr roof, shall be provided without stint, and at a cost to them not exceeding that of any other first- class hotel in this olty. New Vohk, June, 1866. COLEMAN A bTETSON. Belmont hall, new Brighton, staten Island, opposite the steamboat landing, otn acoommo dal* a much larger number of guests haa heretofore, hav ing be?n enlarged and Improved, nad is the most convenient house on the island. Families and slagl* gentlemen are in vited to call and examine th* rooms. Boats leave foot of Whitehall street. Buckley housi, stamford, conn.-this de sirable snmaer house is now open for the noooiumcdt tion of families. For rooms and terms apply to or address the undersigned, at Buckley House, Stamford, Conn. I. STAPLES, Into or th* Piescott House, Now York J. M. (10LI.INS HOTEL, FOOT OF CANAL STREET, FRONT j it* th* North river, will lot to famUUe suite*, parlors or stogie rooms, fronting th* river, on mot) reasonsbla terms. Tho loea'lon is desirable In warm n either; full view of ocean steomers and New 1 ork bay. IAlLmaN A RAPES, Proprietors. OUNTRY BOARD ONSEA |E2??Uous?! Brldg*Port. y, .^f^uness.osmtort.soanatuins^a reasonable, hot'an* coU ?^tw?lND W. FA1RCHILD, I proptitt?rt. GEO. A. WELLS, ? Hotel morrisania ?this commodious house is now open for th* reception of boarders and transient parties. Merchants and others whoso business requires them to ho In the oity daily, will find this estab'U htaont most con venient for them solve 1 and families, at the liarlem railroad train* arrive and depart almost hourly, and as late as ele ven o'olook at night from tho city The scenery in th* neighbourhood is rural; pleasant walks and rides in the vi cinity. Dinner and tapper parties accommodated at short notice. Persons riding ont from the oity will find good sta bling and shed room. Distance only tea mile*. Horses kept on livery. HENR7 DURELL. Monmouth house, at union citt, near kit port, New Jersey, 1* bow opeo tor city boarders, where the boot accommodations oan be givaa; fishing, riding, Noth ing, Ao , ot the belt en the ihore; lnrge airy roomi, nicely furniibed. Steamers Angle and Key pert leave toot of Mur rey itreet duly. SYDNEY T. SMITH, Proprietor. New yore bay hotel, 2% miles from jersey City ferry, on Bergen point, Plank rond. The moit beautiful mmmer renldenoe in the Stat*. Fiihing, bathing. City ferry, on Bergen point, Plank road. The moit tiful mmmer reaidenee in the Stat * nr. Dlnnert and suppers at an hoi ?gei to and from the home to city int and tramient gueata. Apply Capt. LIEBE, Poet Office, Jericy City. boating. Dinner! and auppera at an hour'sfnotlo*. Private oarriagei to and from the home te city. New open fer per manent and tramient gneita Apply at the home, or to . - ;y City. NEW BRIGHTON.?a single gentleman, of first respectability. or a gentleman with hii lady, can hid a very deiirable mmmer reeideme, by addreuing, with foil name, Ao., to box 3,992 Poet Offiee. Richmond hill hotel, rtaten island, is open lor the aeaaen. Charge*, *7 a week; ehildrea under ten years of age. 94; servants, 91 50; Uornei, 96- llandiom* mite of rooms, with parlors. Particular! at S, W. Benedlet'i ?tore, No, # Wall itreet, N. Y. ' J. P. EELLETT, Proprietor. ROCEAWaY sea bathinq.-the payilion ho tel wilt be re opened on the 20th of Jane. This eitab iiahmsnt ii gxently enlarged, and oompriaea roomi in mite* for families, tingle roomi, end n number of eottegee on the (rounds furnished, with or without boerd nt the hotel. Sta Ung,coach houses, and saloons for extrclie and amusement. Roc mi oan be iilmtid at the hotel, or plant ieen, at No. 47 f lift itreet, New York. Can, in oenneotion with itagei te the hotel, leave South ferry daily at 9 and 10 A. M.,3:43,4:15, S ind 7 o oloek; returning at 7:10, 7:55, 8:45 A. M., and 2:10 and 6:55 P. M. JOHN GEO. BAINBRIDGE. Trenton falls, near utica, n. y.-the hotel at thii plabe of favorite resort it open for the season. Viiteri tn now reach it direet by the Black River and Utlcn Railroad, train* laavlog Utica on the arrival of the it cam boat express train, alio oi the Hndeen river axpraaa train. M. MOORE, Proprietor. mO WESTERN TRAVELLERS.?THE UNDERSIGNED A having lilted up and furnished with greet oare and ex pert* the Pennsylvania Railroad Company'! Hotel at Altoena, known ai the Logan Home, begs leave to Inform the travelling pnblie that by taking the 8 o'clock A M. train t* Philndtlybia they Rill then coniM* with th? UgM birn expren train ai 1 o clock P. M., and arrive at ATtoo ha tint ivenlng, and have an opportunity to remain evar eight, thereby aecnrlng a comfortable nights rest, and can talse tb* expreaa train at o'olock next morning. Atloo na being en the eastern slopooftbe Allc-haaies, passenger* will have an opportunity te enjoy the munificent scenery In tb* ascent ef the mountains, alee that ol the whole of iheweatern division, by daylight. This route ia alee the short eat and quickset te Clnclnnntl nnd point a west. The Pennaylvnnia Railroad ia laid on atom ballast, thereby free Item dust, and for speed, eafety and convenience etands sarivalled. Paaeengera can hnva their baggage cheeked fer Alteona, If they deeire; if not, it will await their arrival at Pittsburg. The Logan Heme alio aft'or<l* to families and oth.ra leaking comfort a very, deelrable retreat daring the mmmer months J. P. THOMPSON, Proprietor. Ait ana. June IS, 1"56. TX'AVKRI.EY HOUSE.?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED TV apartment*, at modem'* prices, with tha beat ef hotel attendance, can fee had in tbia admirably located houee. corner of Fourth street and Broadway. Meal* well served, ram be bad If required. CO A3. II. 3I1ELLEY. TRAV KLLEK9' UUIDB, C'HEAF FARE TO ALBANY?PASSAGE 21 CENTS, ) berth*, 25 cents; a*ate room*. 50 eenta.?The feat steam ?> DEHO will laavo Rokineoa street pier erery Tuesday, Thnraday and Bnnday at 6Y. M , arriving at 4 P. M. For eeyport and poet Hamilton.?the new and fast steamboat EEYPORT lease* New York, foot of Murray street, daily, Sundays axeepted, at l o'clock P. M., returning leaves Kevpert at 7X o'clock A. M. Fare 25 asata. Parscna desirous of visiting en* of the moat healthy and beet bathing plaee* in the vlolaity of New York enn find it nt Keypert; nnd buda**# men enn he in New York Ikes half pnet 9 A. M aatM 4 P. M IitOR SHRBWRBCKT. LONO BRANCH, Ac ?TnE 1 steamer JAMES CHRISTOPHER will leave tb* fooi of Jay street, Jen* 19, 39 aad 21, at 7 e'eloek A, M.: en 23d at 8 A. M.aad on 1M at 1 P M ; returning will leave Sbietvsbury at 12 M Stage* te all part* ef the country. OR THE VIROINIA SPRINOS-TnROUOR TICKETS _ lor 929.?One day nnd a half only from Richmond te White Sulphur aad Sweet Springe.?Persona wishing te vlait the Virginia Spring! ran. by taking the steamship* Jamcatowa or Keaaeka, fram New York, en Wednesday er Saturday altorneens, oaaaeet nt Riohmand with.the ears ef the Virginia Central Railroad te Stanatoa, thanre by ataee and milroa te ? ha springs Fer further informatioa ap ply to d LUDLAM A PLEASANTS, S3 Broadway. F REMOVALS. Removal?the satinet print works, for printing and rcflnWbing satinets, ksrseya, jeans, Ac . ia tssnevwd from 44 Maiden lane, to No. 2 Barclay etreet. Al ter liouis. floods Sep* insur?d without ckargw ?trc> DERI AD WaV ?TCp LIT, BANOSOMELT FUtt t DZ oished rooms. to families "V gao Unman t rh vate table only. It* h4u?* ?* Cr jl*?* and oontmai all toe modern imn?f w<* BROADWAY. BhlRAhCK FIEST DOOR IN 681 Amityetreei -Geutlem*. an l ?he.r alvai or single *ewU7...,ei. obtain lull urpariiel b-Brd. altbec perms SUuttMrnltBt. Hath ? fourth SIBEET-ILEaANTl.Y FURNISHED 376 Itngu to let, with bosrd. l.;wW?u?iiaMli 1.of eWe gentlemen *"d.rn i?|Mre?e L7 ,'. XJiLtTr 016 o'clock. Frot eh and Spanish apohaa. m /i/i~TUTirKII M'KEET, NEAR GREtSE.-A FUR 160 aUbed parlor, on first floor. wi>h C'?"J' *?} wt*to a oo a large furnished btdrtK-w. ?n eoooad fl wr, to >;*? jo ?i?laaAtUmea/ta a private Ff?n?ti family-, the louee ia provided with every new improvement. gas. bath, Sc.; lueahlaat tl ngairvJ. inn w*EST TWIN TV-THIRD STREET?A SUIT OF 182 plcaiaat ruoma to let, with board; aleo e..i*lerjom? , i n I , aw nilli all modern improvement!, o!aU? .r. of the healthiest la the .it,; e.vev.1 Uariatt. are spoken in theitamny, and the eooiet, every way d.s.ra hie. Private table il rcgnlrtd ?tort MADISOCi AVENUE?STRANGERS ARRIVING | n(| :n the city during the ensuing eaaeoa will flud pl2^tro^ms,(*uher aufglo or in suit,i. a ??? *Uu fcnu,a-hnvinr all the modern eonvenUnoee, by applying an nbTvl: wLu etreot rtm* pa- the duor, and oth.r lines are In clone proximity^ .. ? - wavirlev place, third door west or 105 Vi aehineton Park.-a few desirable room, ctn be , ,,|^ _l, jnntiemen and their wivee, or ainxte l *n tUraan "on *ot the meat Hajightfal iatU Kcity K".re^. exchaagsd. Term, moderate. /,1 pervrr STREET WEST Or AND NEAR BRjdAD 01 ?av?A few siux'e tentlemen enn obtain desirable EomaTVith lull or partial toard Fries- mod?aU L0? tion very plenennt and convenient; hoaae Bret etas* i?atu? and |ti __ nt\ FRANKLIN STREET-FIRST HOUSE WE?T OF 70 Broadway two parlora on the Bret Soar to let, eaua rateor together?a good looation for a phyalotan. Alee, live or six aiaAe and double roome for lodging!, neatly furuishsd. Cleanlinee* itriotty obeerved. nr, kin'TII STREET.? A HANDSOMELY FURNISUED 32 front parlor, with bedroom attaohed, enitable fj>r two gentlemen; aleo a ala,la itoom- ?Apply a? above, la the Beet new white atone ho nee above the Sixth i avenue. Avery tine suite of rooms; also, a si sole room, having ovary oonvanlenea, may be had. with or without boaii, at 1,078 Broadway A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, WITUOUY CBIL A dren. want two unfurnished room., ladv, ia a private family. Addtoea X. Y. L , 197 Broadway, at rfcalon'e, from 11 to 2 ? clook. A WILL FURNISHED SUIT OF PARLORS TO LET, to on# or two gentlemen, with breakfast if required, in a private bonne, containing modern improvements, and do a trebly lueated near Uniea park. Family very email?no children. Apply at jl Irving plaoe. A GENTLEMAN AND IIIS WIFE. OR TITO jSIN,a^ gentlemen , oaa be acoommodated with hoard, at 180 W eat Eleventh etieot; the bonne le new- and oeatalne all the modern improvement.; prion reasonable. Uneaoeptioaable reitreace reqnired aad given. _ A GOOD FURNISHED PARLOR AND PANTRIES, on the eeeond Boor, with foil ?? partial ^"d fer a gentleman aad wite. or two atogle gentlemen. Route haa all I the modern improvemeata. Dinner at C o clock. Refereao?? required. Apply >t 41 ftut 28th st? A LADT RESIDING ON THE HEIGHTS AT NEW BURG A would like a little girl hotereen sine aad ;*?"? of aga to board and idueate with bar own little daathtar, retereroon given and required. Adlraen Mrs. K. B. Bamai, Newbnrg, Naw York A PLEASANT FURNISHED FRONT ROOM.hND BED A room to let, to a lady and goatlemaa, with board for the lady, near A^legdou equare: alto, a email room. Ad drcee Fanay, Broadway Poet Oftce. v wi f/jANT SUITE OF ROOMS, ON SECOND M *flo< r to let with board to a genteel family, ia the Baaly located honee* .12 Ea?t Sixteeatf atwet, lrvly pl^e aad Union tquare. The bonne eoatalan all the "f, prevementn, aad ia quiat and privata. Rafaraaoaa givaa aad raqulrad. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TWO AIRY AND A pieanant roemn, to tingle gentlemen, witbcrwithout partial board, ia a daiirabla locatloa, convenient to atagea ?nH napB oleftp&ut hoiM, rts throughout, on the moft mudarnte toimn. Apply at Commerce atteet, near BlceckCr and Hndnon. PBIVATE FAMILY HAVE A FRONT ROOM AND bedroom, adjoining, oa the neond floor, to let, *1'^ partial board, to tbraa gentlemen; no other boarder* wUl be fakea. Apply at 30 Parry etreet. A It, PERSONS WISHING BOARD OR BOARDERS A will find my office the anraat and meat antlnfaotory me thod of finding either. Boarder, are politely dltaatad tree of charge to all parte of the city or country Broadway, next to Grace ohnxch. N" ? n OOODfflN with any potty office. R. D. QOOUWin, Board -to let. with board, at a? oreenr at root, a large tront and back room aaparato or togeth er, fnrnlihnd or uafaraiibod; morbl# .Vivl? cold wuttr, Aidd within u minutt i w?lk of Bruidwuy. Board.?a lady having a large house, is denironn of aocommodating oaa or twofamllini. ortwo or tbrio AiAgie gentlemen, tith board. Alio, a bMkpirior and bcdioom. iurniibed or mnlnrniibed; bath houne: Apply at No. 9 St. Gaorw#-. plaoe, Eaat Thirteenth etreet, between Flrat and Second avenoea. Board-large unfurnished front room. aeoond floor, with cood board, to lot to a 8oaf'el"*?"**" wife. Alac, one on third floor; water aad gar. Enquire at gob 18th atreet. Board.?a gentleman and wife, or two sin gle gentlemen, cam abtala a pleaaaat room an the ?e ocad floor, aleo baoV parlor on the Brat ? oil n?d hoard, at 224 Greene etreet. on reasonable tormx. On* aad bath in the hooae. Beferenoea required. Board?A front and back room, on the second floor, to let, with board;bona, newlv fished, and haa bath and gea ia. The family being aammlI. taka a few boarder., te make it mora pleasant. The csmiorts I ot Vhoma may ba axpaotod. Baat of rafaroao. given. In | qnite at 191 haat Broadway. Board.?a handsome suite of Rooms to lkt, fnraisbad or untarnished, with full or partial board, ia a flrat olaaa hoaea, with aU the modern improvamemts, alaa, I ttaxla room, ami a baaamaat. snltable fw a rhyalolaa'a of fioa. Term, moderrte. Appjy at 78 Weet Twenty third atreet. Refereaoaa exchanged. Board-can be obtained at ? eajt fii^ teenth atreet, near Union aqnare; a front r?>m, with bedroom attaohed. on the aeooad floor. siUtebl? for a tamlly .?# ?aI??. .t.A ? lapwfl fized singlo room on bidroom nttiohod. on *no iecona nw?r or a party of gontlemen; nl?o, a largo tbo llrit floor. Termi moderatt. Board.-two single gentlemen can obtain board in a email private family, occupying a modern built honaa, eoavaaieat to oara and atagea. and where -he comforta of a homo may be enjoyed. Terms moderate. Apply at No. 8 War.'an place, Charles atreet. Board.?a ladt and gentleman can be ac commodated with board, tall board far the lady, and partial board for the gentleman; honaa contain, all the modern improvements; location between Third and Fourth avenor. Exit Twenty niath etreet. Address A. B., Herald office. Board.?a vert pleasant suit of koors, on i be second floor, with the modern improvements, for a gentleman and bis wire, or (or single gentlemen; also a room for a tingle man, with breakfast and t .a and dinner on Sun days, at iff Clinton plaee. Board.?a vert large, handsome front room, with board, to let, te a ge?-loman and his wife, furnished or unfurnished, in a privs' . house; alto a tingle room Apply at No. 8 Beaeh street, two doors from St. Jehu's I'trk. Board.?wanted, bt a young lady, in south Brooklyn, board in a private, genteel family, where there are few boarder*, and the nee of a piano. Address U M. C., Brooklyn Post Office, BOARD-A LARGE FRONT ROOM, FURNISHED, ON second story to let, with or without partial board, in a private tamily down town. Apply at No. 7 Jay strait, four doors from lludeon street. Board.?a lady can be accommodated with board, aad a emtU furnished room. Apply at No. 3d Hubert street. Board down town.-one or two single gen tlemen may be accommodated with rooms sr.d board by calling at 126 Chambers street. References requTtd, Board near sr. joh.vs park.?fttrnhhed roomt, with beard, for gentlemen, or gentlemen and tbtir wives, without children, in first eltts house No. 18 Vtrick street. Bntht nnd cat, with privilege of park. Re ference! enchasgsd. Board in Brooklyn?in the immediate vici nity ?( Dr. Beccber'a chnreh, a family or tinglt gentle man, can obtain detirabla roomt aud biard. with every pri vilege of a homo; location unsurpassed: honse contains ga?, ind Is within Ave minctst' walk of Fnltoa ferry. Apply at 77 Cranberry etfddt. Board in south Brooklyn.-a private fami ly, residing within Ave minutes' walk sf South tarry, and ooaouting of three grown persons, having mors room than thoy require, would aeoommodato two, or at most three tingle gentlemen of respectability, with partial board. In quire nt 187 CUnton street. Board in wtluamsburo.-onk or two sin gle gentlemen ean have pleasant rooms, with partial board, in a small privata family. Apply at 1*0 South Ninth street. Board wanted-in a private family, in Brooklyn, by a young lady, wltb room to herself, for whiob 13 per ween will he paid; no dinners through tho week required. Address Miss Lathrop, Brooklyn Post Offloe. Board wanted-bv a gentleman and his wife (toll board lor the lady only), between Bleeeker and Twenty fourth streets. Terms 18 per week. Address R. V. M? Herald sffiea. Board wantrd-for a single gentleman. in n strictly private family, not shore Prince nnd not below Franklin street. Address E. G , boa 3,7*4 Post office, ststingt terms, Ac. Boardino.-a gentleman and his WIFE, QJt a sisals gentleman, can be secern moisted with board, with lb:n(shed parlor aad bed.-?oa,in a Preach family. The honse has all the modern Imp ovementa, aad is situated within n flsw steps of several eta^c tad ett ronton. Apply at C? East Twenty second street, or Fourth avenne. Hoarding - furnished ?onm for a lady and gentleman; beard for th-- ?dy only, in a Private hansauptowa, with modern hnpro'i- ' uts. Fire different lines at stage*, and Math arsons can i ??? the block every five mfnutte. Address note to A., Un -- f uture Tost Office! Boarding.-a lady havim. t large and pleasantly looated heme, contalni -.11 tho modern im piaveiferts. will let, with board, om ro"tn. or a tnlt of r-cms, to a lady, or ladr and gentlema Private table If desired. Ne other beard or* in the home. \ c dross Mrs. E. L. M.. Post Office. Boarding.-a lady is desirous i.p letting to a gentleman ard his wife a room and U iroom oa the seeond floor, with board; also a few single seatlomea a an be accent mod at ?d ni'li pleasant rooms and bos-1, with all theifon. forts of a bom?, is the flrs* cites modei n hens* No. 0* Welt Fourteenth street, between Fifth and S atb ave noes. Broedwav aad Finrteetth stre?t rtagci pass the deor; also coavealent to SUth avenne cars aad stages. "HOARDING AT M WARREN ITR1RT.?PLEASANT *' air? rooms to let to sontlomra, with fall or partial boar! Oas large r?om, with paatry attacked, snitabls far a gentleman tad big wife, sr a party sf gnattsuisa who wouldTUa te rot lb together. Day boarders aeooag qcdated ff itk Boauv:*>q? a an uer ci? ai kMuliii'tU: ir.tii * w. II fjic.ibjJ r-ew, full bosrJ tot tbd tad), with a privet* totally it the vtevai j ot Sul Wilt*. Address A. if , Btnedway fM*. Oca. BOAEDINC AT lOfi WEST THIRTY SIXTH STEED*, hait ft Sloe* tr-m -Two or three stag Is km tlomdu can La ? ocon.moJatcd with board ft', the aboveplace, ?Jew ? beaattrui suit ot r-om? for ft geatUman and Ail wild, era small faal'y rnrate table f revai-ed The bouse contain* all tho modern Improvement. ? COUNTRY ftjrtl* CAN BE OBTAINED IN A TBI rale Tamil*, and ? pieaesrt l"eftt!?n on the road Irad? i'g tiom at on- five ai'.aa trom Jersey City 'o Berg#" Pwmt, about one end a bair miles trom Bersea I'oint. Aptly ke WHO W? No M Wee: etteftt, N I ?nJ I to 0 P. M. DESIRABLE COUNTRY BOARD-A PSW FAMILIM more oan obtain good board end desirable room*, by apply lug at the Park Own, Urangs, New Jersey. 3U Uimi ensuing per day from New Tart.. FURNISHED ROC MS TO LET?AT AA BSOADWA f. two dooia above Uniox square, a handsome eul: yi'rases* oa the nret floor, alee. eiaglvrooms. FURNISHED BOOMS - SEVERAx, DESIRABLE sleeping roonie fronting on St John's pack, n Laigbt street; ?!eo. a very pleasant front basemen' may to had. furniibed, without board, oa roMonablo termAldr-ieo J a 10 co, Broadway Post CfBce Furnished rooms to let-two or three qhn tleuuu can obtain well fkniifcaE .ou a in a very |ui?a location and convetieat to business down town. Apery a* 20 Whita etreat IN NINTH STREET. NEAR FIFTH AVENUE, CAX be procured one or two very comfortable roemi in thw tinl end eeoead etorire. Without board, far single gentlemen only. Baths, Ac , in the house. Unexceptionable retera?o? re.iuired. Address box 3.32U, Pott Offioe. ONE OR TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN I AN BE AC comr odated with a pleaiant room, with board, ia a private family, where there ere no other boarder*, by apply ing et 110 Sutfolk street. PRIVATE BOARD.?A LADT, HAVING A QUAV tity of good plain furniture, would like to meet with a lady or gentleman of some meeni, who would join her in keeping n tenteel boarding home. For interview, eddreee Mrr. R B., Broadw ay Poet uffioe, STATEN ISLAND.?TWO OR THREE GENTLEMSM. or a y oung married orirple, oan be noconxmvda'el witfe board and furslehed room*, In a private family, residing na Starleton, n ehort distance lrom the landing: alio, part ot a cottage to let. Adore** 8. M. A Co., Herald office. TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN, IN A PRIVATE FAM.ILT, with or without board, two large rooms, end a Angle room elegantly furnished. Ihe hones aad furniture new. Location unsurpassed Apply at 11% Niatb street, Ave doors west cf Broadway. rro LET?A FURNISHED BEDROOM. OJyHE THIRD A floor, to a single gentleman, without Ward. Inquire at ISO Sixth avenue. Terms reasonable. UNFURNISHED ROOM, WITH BOARD, WANTED by a gentlemen, in n roipectablo private family, or select bearding house; loeation west of Broadway, between Canal and Spring streets. Addieea, stating terms, whioU must be moderate, E. Markhsm, Herald office. INSTKUCTIOa. (Dirk ?BOOKKEEPING, COURSE UNLIMITED ? epj-ls, writing 82, twelve lessons, at i'AI N E'S academies. ?233 Grand street. New York, lOS Fulton street. Brooklyn. Col. Pxine's plan of instruction ii based en a system at* praotice simple in itedetaili, peculiarly eaiy to be acq sired, and impossible to be forgotten.?Providence Daily Tran script Ot 9 Kfj r0R A OOOD HANDWRITING.?OLD AND ?A> U UU yonng ecauiro a free and rapid hand at,the eub eoriber's academy, infteu lessons ot one (hour each. Book keeping reduced rrom $13 to $12 30 for a thorough oonrse of instruction. O. B GOLDSMITH. 801 end 862 Broadway. a LADY, WHO SPEAKS THE ENGLISH, FRENCH. A and German largnagei fluently, wishes to engage some more eoholare In the above mentioned languages, at very moderate terms. Apply at corner of Columbia and Warren streets. BOOKKEEPINO, PENMANSHIP, Ac., ARE TAUGHT in a superior and axpedttione manner, by FOSTER A DIXON. 34o Broadway, where gentlemen and youths are qualified to discharge the duties of the ooumtlog house with promptness. fkolMty and despatch. DOOKKKEPING?C. C. MARSH'S COUNTING ROOMS, JL> for tho praotiee of bookkeeping, writing, As.. 348 Broad way. Appleton Building Open daily, from DA M., to 8 P. M. Call for ctrculars. Marsh'* complete works oa boek kreping, in Spanish and English, printed in otlort, lor ?nl* as above. Elocution.?the subscriber respectfully , informs the publio that Mr J. B. Brown, the oelebrated Sliukentrinn Reader will give an illustration of hi* ora torio*! skill on Tuosdny and Thursday eveaings, June 19th and 21ot lost., at 8 o'clock. Singlo tickets fifty cents, or three ticket* one dollar. At the Aotdeiny. 3(i2 Broadway oorner of FTanklln. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. WANTED?AS GOVERNESS FOR TWO YOUNG LA diee, a lady Who will be willing to reside in a per fectly healthy part of the city of Charleston, summer aad winter. She must be oapable of teaohiog musio and Frenoh, et well as tho higher branches of xn English education. Of acres able address, manners and appearance. and not over thirty years of age. The moat uc exceptionable rerereno* as to oharscter and capacity, will be required, a* the salary will be liberal. For further particular! address A. B , boa 903, Charleston, South Carolina, until the 10th of duly next. THETRADE8. A FOREMAN WANTED?IN ONE OF~THE PRINCI pal iron railing, door, and shutter manufactories ia bis eity. He mutt be a strictly temperate man. aad boroughly acquainted with the business. Address C. B., Broadway Post Office, etstlur former situations in that ca pacity. Alao, wanted a first class safe maker. Address e* above. TO BUTCHERS.?A BUTCHER'S SON FROM EUROPE, wishes to find employment iu on* ot the Urge establish mentain this city or Philadelphia, but where only oaea are slaughtered: be epeaLa German and English; wages ns ob ject. Address G. F. II., llerald office. Trunk maker wanted-a general workman on aU kinds ot wood and leather work. No other need aiply, oorner of Warrea street and Broadway, In .1. Hill. TX7ANTED? A FOREMAN FOR A FIRST CLASS CUS TT torn loot and shot store, to go te TJri<1. -,,' Connec ticut. To a man that thoroughly understand* his business, constant employment and good wages will be given. Ad dress box 376, Poet Office, Bridgeport, Genn. WANTED-A SITUATION,AS GARDENER, BY A SIN gle man, who baa a true knowledge of hi* business in til its branches; bus five years' experience in thia oountry; has no objection to go where his services may be required. A note addressed ro M. Herald office, will meet with prompt attention. Can take charge of a email farm. TAN TED?A FIRST CLASS PAPER RULER. NOME other* need apply to John H. Steele, 101 Pearl st. w 165 JSffl. mBCBU^NEOVS. ^ CANAL STREET.- W. A H. VAN NOTES HAVR a lug* assortment of the latest patterns of a ant el . . ranges and stoves for sale, 01 reasonable teraa. Jewellers and bras* founders' furaases built and repaired. Otatea and range* act and repaired. American plate glass com pant-factory, Williamsburg, Long Island?Are now prepared to ex* ecu to orders for rough plate glees, suitable tor floors, sky lights, vault and deck If. hta Promnt attention will be xivea to all orders left at their office, 442 Broadaay, or with their agent, J. R. PLAIT, 79 Murray street. Buckwheat for serd-with a large assort ment of garden and field seeds, farm implements, best quality guar.o, bone dust, Ac., for sale by R. L. ALLEN, 169 and 11*1 M ater street. Farmers take notice -one hundred loads ofleeohed ashes for sale. Apply at 12 Depresses street. They are under oieer since made, and as good a lot as ever was ustd by a farmer. JACOB A. VAN HORN'3 COMPOUND VEGETABLE Syrup.?Hating been thoroughly tested, It has now be come a acneral standard family medicine throughout the countit for the oompleto cure or coughs, asthma, lyteapaia, salt rheum, eoatireness, dysentery, rheumatism, bilious complaints, and all di-earea arising from an impure state ot the mood. For particulars see small bill*. To be had at the principal office, 100 Barclay street, New York, and of the druggists aad storekeepers generally. Tull descriptions accompanying each bottle Price $1 per bottle. U H. RING, 192 Broadway, corner of John street New Terk; John G. Ferris,2.W Fulton street, New York; W. M. Ckil son, .100 Broadway. Lovers or aquatic pports.~at ingersoll's, I'.'jO South street, can a u ays he found pleasure boats of the finest tuild and modal of any in the oenntry. Sail hoata, froai 14 te 2.1 feet in length, can be fitted out com plete in 24 hours' notice. Remember, 3M boats always on rand at 210 South street. XTEW PATENT SPECTACLES, FOR STRENGTHEN ll lag vision, aad for stelag bo'h near and dlftaat objeota with one pair only, aeeurateiy adjusted to tke eye.?Mmm isctured by Professor FRANKS, Patentee, Lecturer on the Banian Eye. Optician to the New York Eye Hospital and New York Eye Infirmary. Office No. 2 Park row, opposite the Aator House. Bnalsen hours from 9 A. M. to ti P. M. PHRENOLOGY AND THE FOURTH OF JULY.?THE phrenological cabinet* of FOWLER A WELLS, .'fdh Broadway, New York; 11J TV ashing ton street, Beaten; and 231 Arch street. Philadelphia, will remain open and free to visiter* dally, including the 4th of July, (.'harts aad writ ten descriptions of character g'.Tcn when desired. PAINTS! PAINTS: l-FOR BUILDINGS, FENCES, roofs, de., at 1 y, cent* a p >uad; white lead. 7 cents do.; /lae, 6 cent*; Preble's boiled oil at 71 coats a gallon, oil for fencea, roots, Ac , ID cents e gallon. Varnlshea of every de scription, at 113 Maiden lsnr. JOHN H. SMITH, Ageait. PUBLIC NOTICE.?TEAS. COFFEES AND SUGARS - 114Ortenwleb street, eorner of Spring. - William l.yneb calls tb# attentioa of bis old curtcmars and the publio Se bis ?bove new oetablUhment, wbicb ho hai now opened with e very large eteck of tees, cofleos and ougara, and in the prevent distressed times he i* dcterinlnid to sell retail at wbe'eaale yrieee. Largsconsumer*, hotel keepers and par lies from the country would el!cot aa immense caving by inspecting kl* present stoek beforu purchasing elsewhere, ?onsifting of the flnest green and black teas in every varie ty. and selected from some of the choicest teas ?f this yoar't importation. N. B.?The trade supplied on the most nd veetagecue terms. Geode delivered to inllroed*. e?eam l?etc. ?locps end forma tree of charge. WILLIAM I.TNOH. 114 Greenwich street, corner of Bp:ieg. Trusses, snouLDEB brace*, a<--a complete assortment of trusses ef etery kind, sboalder brace* of the meet Improved style*, Imported elastic etockingi, iadiee* belte made alter the most approved patterns, aad luetru merits for the relief aad cure of deformities ef every kind constantly on hand and made to order, ky Dr GLOVER, at the Surgeons' Bandage Institute, Ne. 4 Ann ? treat, inder the American Meet urn. IVlLKIN fl AMIELET.?THIS MOST VACUA BLR FEE vv paratien for restoring, preserving, cleansing, and beautifying the hair, invented by Dr S M. Illicit, the oculist, aa per lils certllieate below, is now exclusively mana iecturtd by the undersigned, ?.t the low retell price ef per bottle. Sold by the prlnclpel #riggtete. Orders with fundi promptly executed by , M. WILKIN, 44, Meideulane. New York, June Ith, 18A">. This is te certify that I have given to Mr. M. Wilkin the prescription for restoring and improtlag She heir, and known a* the Am islet, which 1 Invented, end far whioh I make no charge, but give gratuitously. ?S AM l F.I, M tl.LIOTT, M. D . No I, CUatoa Place, and ElUottvllle, States Island. _____________

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