Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 21, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 21, 1855 Page 6
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mmmm kmbw? etkkt day. .000. >200. -FOB 3AL1 OK EXCHANOB, TUBES ? throe iteryut buraut broni'tu kw* nd Lot*, with *11 th* modern impr v*m*al*. ia * |*?t*?l eighborhood. Mm. 37V. 374 ui 376 Psoifle ilrtt'. near sad, Brooklyn, tor sued Improved property 1* th* oily of *w York. From ?1.000 to $3,000 wilf be en li, 1? ease ? ?? 1, if roquirod. Inquire of I iOldDACB MM* j from U to 1 o'clock, or 127 Blvlngton *tr**t, from 4 u I o'clock. ' 4/\AA ?abplbndid manufacturing Bust. .UvU. neeslfor sal#.-Profits 300 for eoat; at tamp* Itioa; demaad unlimited. Oa* half iataroat in tbi* rar* an J , la tool baiiaooi wlfl bo toid, for $4,000. to any holiness man she will superintend and carry it oa. Apply to THOMAS ' arniT. a*s '~i?? **r?*t. tO OAA ?FOE SAI.B, OB EXCHANGE FOB REAL 'a.aI/U. estate, a oaa half iatotaat in a uiannCnotar ?og bueineee la tbi* eity, which pay* a goal profit. aad th* batiaeee iaervasiag dally. For partioulart adarati D. C. B . 1*. eld otto*, for one w**k. A praotleal Jowaliir preferred. i7ftA -,OR 8ALS> A (MILLINERT 8TOBB, LO _> I t71/? aat?d on a great thoroOgufar*, aad la tho imme diate tieiuity of ltrvadTwey. The *>oek U froth aad in giod irdtr; bora established four n*ara, aad now doing a flee bu sues*. Term* rery ea*y. Apply at 189 Broadway, room 10. OEoRQE W 81MBR3. 0?FOR SALE, TUB ONR HALF INTEREST OF . a trarelliag ba.i<.a*a, wbiob it ca>h aai will paj ... leaat $200 a rroath, aad a* riik; alio, a man with $100* I to tak* charge of a light bariaei* that will pay from $10 to 13 a woak. Applyto C. 11. HOWES A CO.. SI Nanaa ?t. _ -FOB SALB, A MEAT MARKET, LOCATED 7* in a densely populated part of the oity, aad new ' fitted up in a superior maanor. Ihi* inolude* aa excellent image machine, beiler, choppers, aad svsrythlng nsctssa lly. Apply immediately at &0 Broadway, room 10. 1 GEORGE W. SIMERS. n CA -A LOZBMGB FACTORY, WITH ALL THE Hov. material, toll initraetion*, aad a good nirole *f laatum, will be told tor the abire earn, tho proprietor (a ridow) being unable to attend to the batiaea*. Apply at 1 Weet Thirty filth etreet, near Sixth arena*. BARGAIN.?FOB SALE, THE FAST SAILING ?teamboat Sdwta ForresUeomplete In ever? reipoot immediate ua*. Apply to 70HM DGLLEY, 208 West tot, or to a. B. MILLS. 92 Weet etroot. . _ WELL B9TABLISHBD MANUFACTURING BUSI IA aeei, of o peculiarly profitable naturi, will be denoted |ot. Pries JlO.uui Trrm* made oonrealeat to a coed par ?y. Perecn* having capital will pleaie aidless K. R A. Hs id offiee. I A RESPECTABLE COUPLE CAN SECURE A HOME 1*1 for a rear in one of the mo?t beautiful cottage* oa IBtates IsIsnJ, without paying any men*/ rent, and by only (hoarding four perioua, who are at preeent the Inmate*. Th* ? place i* tarnished in the moot complete manner, an J nothing rould bare to be found except a comfortable table aad pro jer attendance. The belt or re'erenoe required Addreif ly latter, poet paid, Mr. J. G. Thomas, Staplehsa Pest 01 Iflce. State* Itlaad. Name aad addreeiof applloaats men iuned. A GREAT CHANCE FOR A SPECULATION 13 NOW offered to any person wishing to puroha** a patent right |for a new and useful improvement, and by doing *9 oan re ? alive tea time* tbe amount that is asked for it. Inquire of ~"1. LYON. No 3 Christopher street, New York. AFABHIONABLB HAIR DRESSING SALOON FOR tale.?This is a chance rarely offered for any one wish ling on* of th* oldest and most profitable establishment* of Ith* diad in th* oity. It is looated down town, la a grant basinet* thoroughfare. Apply to C. B. HOWES A CO., 31 Nassau street. A RARE CHANCE.?FOR SALE. OR A PARTNER taken.?On* of the partners of tbe photogrnphlo aad daguerreotype eetabUabment, No. 308 Broadway, l* about going to Europe, and a rare obanoo is offered to a person with a email capital to bay out the establishment, or to loin the remaining partner in oondnoting the basinet*. A knowlsdg* of the business not requisite, ns the remaining party ti an old daguerreotjpist. Inquire of DeQUIN'ON A BTETEN, 303 Broadway. _ Cincinnati rkai. estate.-for sxle, one bandied and forty acres of land, adjoining the oity *f ?iaeinnati. suitable for eity lot* oreountry sites. Will be ?eld altogether, at a great bargain. M. L. SHELDON, 86 Nassau street. Confectionery and dinino saloon for sale ?At a reasonable price and eatiitaotorr terms; it is ele gantly fitted up, doing a good business, and it Dcated in a part of the oity possessing great advantages. If not btiors disposed of nt private sale. It will be sold in grots, together with good will of lease, at public anotlon. on Thursday, June 28, at 12 o'clock M., on premises 1,101 Broadway. BRUO STORE FOR SALB?DOING A GOOD Busi ness. Satisfactory reasons given. Apply at 280 Sev aath avenue, eerner Twenty-fourth it. BLBOANT COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALB, WITH the furniture, earrings. A* , aad twenty seres of land, una aad a hall mile* lrem the Ntw Brunswick depot, N. J., on th* hanks of tbe Raritan, and commanding n magnifleqat yew. The konse is in th* Gothlo style, lately bnilt with Cfr flat materials, and filled io with brisk. A photograph of fit*ptaoe can be seen at the ?<&** el F. D'HERYILLY, N*. Jo Bkehaaga piece. FABrf AT 110RRI8TOWN, N. J.-FOR SALE. A YAI.U able farm of eighty acre*, lying about one mile from th* depot at Horrietown, N. J. Land rolling, well wooded, and a never failing opting of eioellent wnter. For par.ioalars apply to HOMEM M QUO AN. No. 2 Pine etreet. tOR SALE?THE STOCK, FIXTURES, Ao., OF A _ . oenfeetlonery end lee ovenm saloon, situated at No. 27 Eighth avenue, doing a good buffaeis; will be told very low, th* preeent proprietor wlahing to leave tbe eity. No bust msi offers better iuduoement* than this. For particulars aaR en the premises. FOX SALE-A COTTAGE RESIDENCE, STABLE, teach house and onthousos, together with 11 Ion or ground, handsomely laid out with trees aud shrubbery, and Molosed with picket feae* and gateway, ia Eighty eighth etreet, between the Bloomiuzdnle road and Eleventh ave nue. Th* above property ie looated oa tbe finest spot on ?his ialand, sasy of nooese, and toe street it open from th* Bloomlogdals road to the Eleventh avenue Possession im mediately. Apply to M. WILSON, corner of Cortlandt ?treet end Broadway, ia tho Oils*/ Building. FOR SALE?EIGHT LOTS OF GROUND, WITH A hendttOm* dwelling honse, Ao., sitnat* on th* Sixth are na*, between 125th and 12dth streets. Would bo sold very strap. Inquire of J. DENHAM, 8th avenue, corner 13th St. TpOR SALE?A MILLINERY, WITH A SMALL STOCK J aud fixtures, situated at 175 Sixth aveaue, between Twelfth aad Th rteenth its; a good loeation for a fsnoy .store also. Call at tbe above No. For sale-four four story brick houses, with itores on Seventh avenue, between Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth streets, on th# most favorable terms. Apply to I. W. BARNARD, 239 Seventh street, btfore it A. M., or from C to 8 P. M. For sale-the lease, fixtures and turni tars of the well established restaurant in Brosdwev, csrntr of Pork pltcs (formerly Florence's^. It will bo sold ?n reasonable terms, by applying to GEORGE C. BYRNE, 43 Harrison itrcst. For sale a fine fare, containing as acres, adjoining tho beautiful village of Haokenseok, N. J., wall at opted for early gardening pnrpooea, or oould be dl oidodi ato village lots. Apply to G. WILSON, 222 Trotpeot plase. Jersey city, or Barker A Oitrander, 157 Broadway. tOR SALE ?THE PROPRIETOR, DESIROUS OP RE tiring from tbe hotel fcnolneoo, offer* hi* fin* establish ment known as Giles' Enropean Hotel for oalo. This estab Mobment i* situated on Baltimore street, two doors above North, nearly opposite the Sun buildings; the loon'.ion is tae best in the cr.y, being in the very heart of business and &shioa, acd is now doing a businem of $3J OtO per year, and capable of dolig double the amount; tbe house contains S8 lodging rooms, all newly and handsomely furnished, an elegant ladies' re'reshmeat saloon on second floor, hand eomelr fitted ap, This estflbliskment has been fitted up and furnished at tho expense af from $10,000 to $12,000, it is the eulff establishment conducted on tho European plnn in tho elty of Baltimcro; rent moderate. Address JOHN R GILES, 124 Weet Baltimore street, Baltimore, Maryland. For fali-the small stock and fixtures of a toy aid fanoy store, well established. Satisfactory reasons given for selling. Apply nt 307 Fourth avenue. . TiXlR SALE?AT A BARGAIN, THE SOUTHWEST LjP corner of Eighth avenue and Forty second street; also, Krown stone front house, one briok, and on* framo house, on the west side of Eighth avenue; also, house and lot w eit Thirtv niath street, and one do. wast Fortieth street. Will be sold cheap if appliad for soon, to S. R. JACOBS, 21 Wall street, basement. * OR SALE?THE HARRIS HOTEL.?IT WILL ACCOM modate nun t 150 persons. Tho present proprietor hns wept it for tbe last seven years, and has lately built a splen did sucmrr hotel at Newark Bay Orove, where he wishis to devote bio whole attention Apply at tbe Harrii betel, Greenwich street. For bale-in iiobokkn. a new three story and basement briok house, very pleasantly aituated; has marble mantels and gas, and finished In good style; or will exchange for a small farm near ths city or good Western land. Address Davies, Herald office, etating particular*. TTtOR SALE?1,000 LBS. NEW BOLTS, OF DIFFERENT J: sitae, at 13 cents per lb. Lot of second hand tools for sals very cheap; two seooad band steam engines. W. J. BBUNDRKD, Mschiatry Agent and Broker, 176 Chatham street. For sale-a well established manufac taring bneiaese, under a valuable patent, already fa vorably in trod'iced, and promising n lucrative and perma nent investment. For particular* ?pply to HERMANN E. JLEDWIQ.y. Wall *t. Foe sale?a hat store, in one or the best location* down town. For particular* addr*** C., He rald office. rR SALE IN BEOOELYN-A NEAT TWO STORY fiamt house, with five lot* of gtouad and oerring* houss, situat.d on the oornor of Quieoy street nnd Most rand ?venue, will le sold sheep. Apply on tbe premises. Alss two lets on Gates avenue, roar ot the above. ? llrcn, WiHJE uuituvw WMA Igvui inibn MV?N 19 ft J, KUV Brooklyn, lctmcrly Greenpoint. Tarns made easy. Apply te S. 8. Fr*t. on '.no premise*. FIR SAL* OR EXCHANOE-A TWO STORY FRAME cottn ;* house and three lots of ground, situated en the ?eoth sian of t iity thirl street, between Fourth and Fifth nvonnc*; the house 1*38 f*et deep, with tea roem attached en rear, and 'JO feet 3 luohes front, built la tbe beet manner, ?died in with brick, floors all deafened, marble mantel* and ?U ike modern unprovomentfi; has a splendid ooart yard and ?terra In front. For further particulars apply on the pre mise*. or ef FOUNTAIN A 3M1 i ll, builders, 50 East Twta ty revsath street. ft BR SALE. OB EXCHANGE FOE CJTY TROrERTT A term of over 200 acres, on Long Island; good land, in A*te*d ruitlvh'.lo*.; now house and govd ont buildings; well watered. U'< m los tram the elty, Wnd within 2', miles of the snilroadstatina Inquire, before 12 M? of ANDERSON A MALDEN, UAJ t evey street. .SOB BALE OR EM HANGE-TWO OENTFFL DWEI. J lie ho ires, on Lexington nvonue, and two in 3Uri s'reet Between 7th and nth avenue* A email amouut of cash re tiuired, the balatce in sity lot* *nlj. Address " Ef hatrge," Herald ofllec. Foe sale or exchange-two houses and fiv? lot* on Eightieth street. Housei first cine*. Will trade for a farm io Jersey, two of the lots Iron* on F ic?l>y nrst it rent; all laid of in * gardes. FHc# ?I5 0? Mlro sr B7 f-Off at C per cent; three year* Apply to THOMAS STRE1T. 84Viae street. Jt t TpOl K stir OR SALS, TO CLOSE A CONCERN-ONE OF THE Ust investment* i* the mtrkst?a valuable pte-s ot estita. itcvtlag on Atlantl"- street, BnoVlya?a street high stansard ef valne. Tois property is o* private uao, I* unrestricted, ead alors ..unci) to ? ?*ry ?? - - Fef t?J tcr v ihlio or prlvata use rare iceuflt fiflty tor money. Fcrjrirata sale ty ANTHONY /. BLEECK1E, 7 Broad et., N, 7. rat SALE, com tiLi or exchange?C?m acres or good f hta U*t, Hteltit with the tai' quIHr ?' Mil Will take a farm, er Brooklyn u4 WUUnmeherg k*?Mi or lota, or Jareey pro pari*, or Now York (mm! buuM Tho tit It to NU land U bllmUblt, u4 tho lux all Nil u i. Apply to C. R TOTTEM, 196 Bratirt/, room We. 7/^ POR BALI OR TO LIT?A BARBER'B SHOP, ON Halm otroot, tiled op it good style, end Itaoltl it t good neighborhood, with book room tad basement, if es quired. Rout moderate. Apply nt AM Hadoon street. Three yenre' lotoo it wonted. HOBOEEN PROPERTY POR SALE TUT CHEAP 40 lote in West lloboket, on ee?y tor mi Aptly to P. E. HOUOBTOH. fco T Jtnnooy cotrt Well et. Horse powers for sai.e.?one circular, por oat or more hornet, price $7'. one tread power, tore aiLglo hortt. Both la go >4 order. Apply immediately at N. a.. BaRLOW'S kindling woodyerd, rurmaa etrtet, near Stat*, Brooklyn. Lumber yard for sale.-the stock, fix tare* and good will ot an old ttlabiiihod lnmber yard, bow doing a largo ba tin tea To a per*oa with from $1,000 to S1U,0M> capital, deeireue of engaging in a aala and preBtible business, a ohaace u here offered ttidom met with. SatU tsctorj reatoni given tor telling oat Apply to THOMAS A STREET, MX Pins street. STAMFORD *SIDENCE FOR SALE?SITOATED ON one o* the mugt pleaeant ttroete in the rillaie, with all the modern improvements, gat, bathing room, water eleiett, Ac.; lot SOU let'' deep, well clocked with fruit tree*, tr?p? Tinea, tbrnbe, Ac.; barn and other outbuildings aa the pla?. Price $1,500; oae half can remain on mortgage Pounition can bo given immodintoly. Addreee R. C. W., bi* 3,i>M, Now York Pott Oflet. SAIL BOAT FOR SALE? A VERY STPERIOR BOSTON bailt. oopper ieittned ploatare boat, twen'.y-one feat long, half decked; hat two bertha, two complete aota of watt* tad taili; oaa ho rigged in a few minutei, either at a tohtotcr or el top; cast iron hallatt; it a oapital eta boa'., and taila wall; containa, coatoaltd lrtm view. forty onhio feet of copper air boxen, making her a ptr'aot lifa-boat. Will bo told low" Apply ta E. BELKNAP, M WaU ttraat. SLOOP POR SALE?1M TONS, WITHOUT MAST, well adapted far carrying ooal, lumber, or can he oatily oonverted into aa ion barge. Apply immediately, at 171 Heary etraot. Will bo eold ohoap for oath. The subscriber will sell all his locust timber, including several thouiend leenet poets; aleo, a very large qnaatity of heavy timber, Rt for shine or doote; alee, between oae and two thoaeand oorde of nrewood, la elnding, besides oak aad cheetant, noma of tho boit hiekory. Addreee at Lloyda' Manor, Huntington Poet Offloe, L. I. HENRY LLOYD. THO DRUGGISTS.?FOR BALK, A GOOD STORE, DOING a fleet rate beeineee and thorenghly etooked. Apply at ?m Eighth aveane. VALUABLE OOAL PROPERTY FOR SALE-9,000 acree of bitumlnoae ooal land, eitaatn in MoEean eoun ty, PenneyIvania. near line of New York and Erie Railroad Sonne caey. Apply to ROBT. THOMPSON, Jr., Warren and Croongioh ttroete, Now York. VALUABLE PROPERTY POR LUM?ERMEN?FOR ealt or exehanje?over four hundred n iroe of land, well timbered with plno, epruoe, hemlock, and other valuable timtor, (about twoaty acroe Improved,) a eaw mill, SO by 30, with gang of ttree eawe, lath maohiaory, Ac., 3 good dwel ling houete, a barn. 00 ty SO, blnekemlth'a ehop, aad other good outhoneoe, all aaw, eltnated within five mtlee of a canal, in Oaoida county. Prloe $0,500. Part may remain on mortgage, or will oxehaage for city property. For far ther particulars oall at 45 Front etrtet, this week. WANTED TO EXCHANGE?A BEAUTIFUL FARM OR oonntryeeat; contalne 105acme well oultivnted; hae plen ty of wood, good hovee.barne, Ac.,orchard.varden,every part ia gecd order, and land well cropped; eltnated on Snrews burr river, twenty-five mlloe from Now York; fare, 50 oeate; lending convenient; a floe situation for a boarding honee or etore. Terms eaey to a caeh purohaeer. Will trala for a tail ing vceeel in part or whole. Apply to J F. DUNCAN, 71 Naeean street, corner of John, eeoond floor. BMW PURUUA'lWSh. Am card.-the attention of the undersigned having been ealled to n book, jatt publiehed, entitled, " cone-Cot Corners,'.' whioh contalne lnjnrione etatemente respecting the lata Arm of Bagglehall, Florio A Co., to tht effect that they watt ia thelmbltor Imposing apen their nnmero na onttomere by etliing vile manufactured liquors far pure, genuine artieiss, I deem it bat Justice to my self, at well as tha friends ot|the late firm, to deny these charges In the most empbatio manner. No artiolo of liquor wai ever sold by Bragglehall, Flotio A Co., which was not ge nuine and precisely at represented. 1 am aware that some calling themselves " respectable dealers " ate in the habit ol manufacturing spurious artioiea, bat am prond to be ablt to declare that no firm of which 1 have ever been a member hae bean guilty of snob practices. Whether I shall seek le gal redrteefagainstjthe perpetrators of t tie outrage. In tho present unsatisfactory state of tho laws, matt depend on oitenmstanoe*. Meanwhile, I hasten to make thie pnblio de'tial of the oha'gee. R. S. BAGGLEHALL, Late Bagglehall, Florio A Co., 317 Broadway, Now York. DOESTICKS' BOOK. 12mo., cloth, elegantly illustrated. $1. In conscqnttct of the great demand tor thle work from all sections of tba Union, tho pnblioation hae besn delay el until Monday, July 2, whan n sufficient numbeg will have been manufae! urea to meet tho present orders. To secure early tupoly the trade ehould forward their orders imme diately. Copies sent to any cart of the Union postpaid on the recti rt of tho pric*. EDWARD LIVKRMORE, Pub lisher, 20 Btubman street. GM G. FOSTER'S LAST AND BEST LOCAL WORK ? NEW YORK NAKED, by G to rue G Foster, Author of " New Yerk by Uaellght," " Fifteen Minutes Arunnd New York," "Cello/' Ao. The title of thle book le unique end peculiar. It means that without ftnr or favor, both men and things are shown i in thle writer's brilliant and striking style? in a word at, stripped of the oloak that the hand of ohirity would throw over it, stands forth to public fvlew with all its great virtues and great vices, painted by the hand of a master. It is by far the beet of this writer's works. One vol. octavo Price, SO cents. DEWITT A DAVENPORT, Publishers, 1C0 and 102 Nassau street. THE GftJAT METROPOLIS DPII ?omm, OAHmeia, oo. ?r0R SALE, a fancy tea cart, covered, ipOU. oost >96, suitable lor* tea pedler, baker or tobacoo nut; i* light, and with platform springs, iron axle, Ae. Hold for want of use. Apply at the tea and eoffee store, 122 First avenne, one deer above Seventh street. A SECONDHAND DOCTOR'S OIO FOR SALE?IT rides and runs very etsy and is in excellent order; will be sold very low it applied for immediately, as the ewrer lias no farther ate for it. Address Doet. b., Herald offioc. Aliciitj wagon FOR SALE CI1EAP?nearly new. well made enamelled top, wide ssat, will bo sold tor half its eost. Inquire at SM West street. CARRIAGES FOR SALE. -A VARIETY OF SECOND hand light wagons, ro oka ways toi four or six prsoni, a roach, Ac., Ac., at prices to snit the timet, at 811 Eldridge street, between Broome and Grand. FOR SALE?a BLACK MARE, SIX YEARS OLD, 1G>? hands high, sound and kiad, very stylish driver, and as good a figure as can be produced. She is of the celebrated Blaek Hawk family* and would by proper 'training be very last. Can now, untrained, trot a mile in three minutes. Address 8. B. BABCOCK, Webster, Mais. rR SALE?A BAY HORSE, RAISED IN VERMONT, six years old; 15*? hands high; pony built, fine style and good speed; perfectly sound and kind every way; suitable for a family or express; sold for want of use. In.(aire at elub stable, Pacific street, near Court, rear of eoal yard, Brooklyn. For sai.e-a black hawk colt, six years old, sixteen bands high, warranted sound, kind in sing o ulJ double hnrnoee nnd is n very good saddle horse; can trot a mile in three minute#. Apply at No. 3 Greenwich street. FOR SAIE-A BEAUTIFUL dark IRON CRAY po ny, full flowing mnne and tail; gentle, sound, and an elegant saddle hcrse. May be eeen toi n few days at E. M. Baoon's teed store, 29 Second avenue. OR 8AI.E-A HANDSOME EIGHT ROAD WAGON, nearly new nnd in complete order Will be told for a little over half lte coet. Apply at THOMPSON'S Stables, 1 birteentb street, near Third avenne. FOR SALE?A LIGHT RUNNING WAGON, NEARLY new, bnllt to order, etiitable for a doctor or pleasure wtgon. Also, n first rate light trotting wagon; has mover been nsed; snit able for on* or two horse*, with shafts and polo complete. Sold on neconnt of the owner going to Lit rope. To be oeon at MeALEER'S Uvery etabloe, Emit Thix tieth street, between Fifth and Madlsoi^ avenue*. For sale-a very fine bay horse, abdal lah Meailnger (took, 15 hands high, six ytare old, per fectly eonnd, kind and gentle; good etylo and spatd. Sold for want of uae. Also, a shitting Up wagen and harneee. Apply et77 Division street. For sale?a pair of gentle black family horses, warranted sonnd; will be (old cheap, the owner saving loft fbr Europe. Inquire at X South William street, ground floor. OR SALE-A THOROUGH BRED MARE, FOURTEEN yeeri old, perfeotly sound; has trotted in 2:K) and F F known to tuitmen; wagon nnd barn sea if wanted. Any per son wanting a breeder, or ? prompt driver, would do well to addreea A. B. C., Herald offloe. For sale?at 72 rbadi street, one black mere, 15 bends high, kiad nnd sound, [Aonble nnd single harness, end good to seddls. Can go n mile in three minutes. Fries fllAO. For sale-a square box waqon, fashiona bly made, and been very little need, from one of tbe beet makers; will be sold with or without pole. Can be sees at George Murray's (table, S3 Bast Thirteenth street. For sai.e-a fine horse and wagon, con venient for n grocery, liquor, or soda water business. In quire cf Messrs. WYMANN A LAIRD, 73 Reads street. rR SAI.E-A SECOND HAND EXPRESS WAGON, Boston make. Inquire at No. 8 Piatt street. The wagon can be seen at the Bull's Heed, Twtn ty-fourth street, ecrner Lexington avenue. 1,1 OR SALE CHEAP-IF APPLIED FOR IMMEDIATE 1 ly, a very flae bay horse, six years old, sixteen hands high, long tail; is a good travsUor, aad perfeotly gentle in ell harms*. Would suit a doctor, carman or express, and for a family horts cannot be boat. Can be soon after 10 A.M. at the Club stable, Twenty-seventh stteet, between Broad way and Sixth avenne. Horses to let by the month-with saddle and bi idle complete, lor ladlee' or sentUmon't use, at $26 p?r month, at DISBROW'S Riding Academy, Fifth avo nue, corner of 30th str-et. \fORGAN HORSES.-A MAGNIFICENT BAY COLT, ivl five year* old; van trot 2 50; perfectly kiad and sound. Also a splendid family 1 one, large and etvlieb; very strong and powerful; five years old; just from Vermont; tor sa e low. Apply at 21 Eos ram street, Brooklyn. ritra way. Bounty lan? oftice, m wall street, base meat.?Soldier*, sailors aad teamsters tn any war sines Off* 'heir laud warrants of ths IEETTS, Id Wall (treat. Me ekarg* until eel 1AND WARRANTS BOUOHT, SOLD, AND LOCATED J ?also claims for bounty Irfads promptly presented be WILLIAM E. HAWS Exchange aiid S^cie o^ N# 173 Canal street, 'under the People's Bank). Letters and or dors from tke country promptly answered ATT BOUNTY LAND AND "EXTRA PAT" ftwwrr^ ?Bounty landsjind "extra pay" for U. E. Navy aailere ic.JLa all ware sines 17W?their widows and heirs promes J *nd ptld. Balance* die widows nnd heirs of deceased U. 8. sag or* n-.d othere oelleeted.aad all kinds of claims agaiast the Uni ted Stat is recovered by undersigned; end the widows er barra cf thoea whs perished with United States ship "Alba O." -n u hm Agent aad (lata }4Purm U. E. Mary, ?r WaU (treat. ~~~~^SJ** ?f I?,**' ?o*ej*1 t*"1ft^i<*P'^n'' $100 000 ~"ol,,y TO LBMD 0N Bt,WD an? _ . mortgage, in sum* U ault i^plltuti, tar a Uib of years, at mtcu p?M*l interest, on good produc tive real aatala la thii oitjr ar Brooklyn. A poly ta S. 3. BROAD, 13 Wall street, aaaoad atory, fro at rooms. djCQ Ann TO .LOAN?AT SEVEN PER CENT, ON f"0 .UUV bond and mortgage, aa improved or good na improvcd laal estate, m this city or Brooklyn, la auao to suit applicants; alaa. M.IUO to inroat ia th* parches* of ?noftftaMO. Apply to J. K. COOK. JR., S Wall (track, office Mo. 11. ? in nnn advanced on diamonds, watcm tl/iUUU aa. jewelry, paintlnrs, pianofortes, dry f;voda, and every description of marohaadiaa. lor boned! Jt/SJa't' airiotly confidential. Apply to J. LYON A OO., 696 Qouatoa atroot, batwaoa Manor and Greene. ?4.n nnn -MONET advanced OR VTl/.l/vU. diamonds. watehe*. Jowolry, as I are, atooka, and all kinda of merchandise. by JOSEPH LYON A CO., 16 William atroot, room 10. Partita waited on at tbalc raat dancoa. N. B..?All transaction* eeafldeatial. H97 nnn T0 loan-on bond and mortgage, t l/UU upon first elaaa roal aatato, below Twentieth atraot .worth at leaat daubla the amount roquired, in anma to aoit. N. B.?Raal aetata of every description bought, ootd and exchanged by private oontracV ABBE A ROBINSON, 38 Wall aad 293 Broadway. $18 000 WANT1I,^0N BOND AND MORTGAGE. on productive roal aatato, la the lowar part of the city, for the term of bra year a Apply to P. D. LOL'CKB, Esq., 86 Naaaan atraat. <?? HAH and si,80U to loan, on first class ipO.UUU property, ia this city; e'so, hmao aad lot, ia Twenty filth atraot, far tale. Apply to A. J. HALE A CO . 199 Broadway. $3 000 T'? L?AN ?N B0ND -AND MORTQAOE for three year*, on rood oity Improved pro perty. Addreoe M. R. S., Herald oMoo. $2 500 ^ANTEI>-^N SECOND MORTGAGE ON , _? down town city property. Ih* lot alone worth double the amount. Bondtman reaponaiblo. Addreaa So eurlty, Herald oMca. nnn -WANTED, a foreman in a livery 9JL,Ul/Ue atabla, aad $12 par week paid, for a amtrt American men; none other aaad apply; ono that oaa oom maad tba above amonnt, ia eaah, oa a ohattel mortgage, worth tea timea that amouat, will Snd ataady amploymant the year round. Addreaa Private, Herald office. $150 WANTED-BY AN ENERGETIC YOUNG man for bnaiaoaa purpoaea, for th* spec* of two "P-tWU man for bnalneaa purpoaea, for the apaca of two months. A liberal Intonat will bo givaa and good seourity. Addreaa A. D. 8., Herald office. Broadway loan offue-cash advances made la largo or amall amonnta, oa diamonds, watahaa, jewelry, apparel aad alUdesoriptloas of personal property, orpurcheeed for oaab. The strictest confidence aad pnaotn ality will bo obaorved. Ordera, pcatpaid attended to. Ad dreaa 394 Broadway, near Walker otroot. GASH ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUNT. OB PURCHAS od at tight, diamond*, watoheo, rich jownlry, meeohaa die*, aad valuable personal pro party generally, b. WOOD, 691 niton atraot, aeoend floor, front room, ft cm 8 A. M. to CASH LIBERALLY ADYANCED-ON WATCHES, JowaJry, dry goods. piano fort**, farnitaro, or any other property, at 41 Howard atrett. corner of Broadway, (re moved from 3C4 Broadway). This being the oldest ana moat reaponaiblo office la the oily. All tranoactiona are atriotly confidential. McLOUGHLIN A O'NEILL. Financial?wanted, sioo.-a southern ladi wiahea to borrow tbia mm, (of a lady who ia from th South preferred,) tor the uae of which good board will b S* ren until the eame it returned, in a firat olaaa houae, bean ully located UD town. Tba honae eontalna all the m?J?n ..tally located up town. Tba ho'na* ooataina all the moderi improvement*. Addreaa Mrs. Gabrlella Meaddleton, Poe IRVING SAVINGS INSTITUTION, NO. 96 WARREN etreet, one door from Greeawlob.- upon daily from II) "A. M. to 1 P. M., and from 4 to 7 P. M. Interest at the rat* of 6 per eent on earn* from $1 to $600. WALTER W. CONCKLIN, President. m."d. vawUp5lt j Vl?* VasDiisar L. Buxton, Secretary. ILLINOIS AGENCY AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANE. ?Notice ie hereby given that the January and July, 1969, instalment* of interest upon the atocks of the State or Illinois will bo paid at tbo agency of tbo State oa and after Monday, the second day of July next. Tba instalments (nt the rate oi $19 per $1,0*10 each) will be applied upon the fol lowing eoupone irom Illinois nnd Michigan Canal Bands:? Coupon |ot January, 1848, from old $1,000, ?3*? aad ?103 Bonds; coupon of Jnty, 1848, from ?225 Sterling Bonis; coupon of July, 1819, nnd January, 1860, from Bonds of 1817. JOHN MOtiRE, Treasurer of Illinois. T IBERAl. CASH ADVANCES ON HOUSEHOLD FUR XJ niture, pianos, watches, jewelry, nantieal tnitru meatr, firearma, meobanics' tools, dry goods, Ac., and per sonal property of every deaorlption, or the highest uaah ?'ice paid tor the seme, by MoCAFFRAY A WALTER, 26 Catherine street. party by the responsible Empire Loan and Agenoy Com pany. C. WILLS, Agent. Twenty-four hours notice suffi cient on raal estate, several houses aad lot* for sal*. rtFFiciiot thejhird avenue 1st oVjniy, will be f"--;YB^wl'RD^ Treaeuxer. Rose hill savings bank, no. 2&t third ave nue, one door above Twenty flrst street, opea dally irom 10 to 2, aad on Wadncedny and Saturday evenings, from 9 to 8 o'olook. Interest at the rate of 6 per cent on aums of 1900 nnd nader. Daposita made this month will draw interest from Julv 1st. WILLIAM H. PLATTE, President. J am re R. Keller, Vice President. 0. loot borrow, Secretary. (THE INTEREST DUE JULY 1, ON THE CITY OF J. Stockton, (CalJ ten per cent bond* will be paid at oar office, on and after Saturday June 30. i on presentation of the coupons. WELLS, FARGO A CO., 82 Broadway. TO CAPITALISTS?THE FOX AND WISCONSIN IM provement Company offer to capitalists for inveatmeat th* remaining half of their 8 per oent bonds ($260,900), pay able February 1, 1861, interest semi annually, at the Bank ef North America, oity of New York. These bonds area*, cured by a first mortgage upon lands worth, at a low valua tion, more than double the amount; also, u >on th* improve meat Itself, together with it* proceodi, water power, Ae Inquir* at tlia office of the company, 14 Wall etreot. COPAKTMKRSII1P WOTICICS. ne flftA -WANTED, ONE OR MORE PERSON'S O I l) .UUU ? who can command seventy-live thousand (K liars in ca*b, and willing to invest it in ? stock that will pny a net profit of t7"> UOu within eight months, or SlOO.OiW within twenty months. None bnt eantious, shrewd, onleu latirg business men, capable of judging for themselves, need apply One fourth of the not profit to go to the writer oi this note. All communications will be with real name, strictly confidential, and frankly answered. Address El Do rado, Philadelphia Post Office, Ps. ttl/t fiflfi-CASH OR CREDIT.-WANTEO, AN tpIU.UUU active cr silent partner, with this amount, in a Staple business wbioh will pay from DO to lUu per oent per at >.um on the amount invested. For particulars address, w:th name and where to be seen, Importer, Herald office. snn -partner wanted-in a pleasant, .sJUl/. rcspictable business, which is now paying over 9?,CM) tot profit per annum, and can be more than doubled by the asristancc of a suitable partner, A full ex planation g.ven upon an Interview,' References exchanged. Address, with retl name, U. L. L., Herald office. CI fUlnT0 K.OOO.?PARTNER OR CLERK WANTED' slpl.UUU seenrioy for the money and a liberal salary w ill be given; money will he returned at the end of the year if desired. Alto, a man, with fOOQ. I am not an agent. Apply er address at 331 Broadway, room No. 3. <J?1 nnn TO 91,fi00.?WANTED, a PARTNER IN A ipl.U' M l first class grocery store, now dolag a larve and profiiab'.e unnness in the best location la this city, f'loase call at the storo, 384 Fourth avenue. <f?l nnn -A PARTNER wanted with the <3P_1,UUU. above amount in n respectable cash paying business; large profits and wtll established tor the tast ten years. This Ts a rare opportunity, as one of the partners re tirvs from bustoese. Apply to C. B. HOWES A CO., 84 Nassau street. ffitqcn ~A paitnib wanted in a cash manu ?PutJUt facturing business, paying 601 per cent elsar pro mt on the sales, and used by event business man in or out ot the city. None need apply unless having the roaly eash. Apply this morning at tne manufactory, 90 Fulton street, fourth floor, room 7. <C9nn-A PARTNER WANTED, IN A CASH BU9I ?JFeiUl/ nets, well established and known throughout toe city. The opportunity is one rarely met with; 11,'JSi yearly can he easily realised by each partner with proper attention to tbo business. Apply t his day to C. B. HOWES A CO., ?4 Nassau street. ALAHY OF ENTERl'RISINO, INDUSTRIOUS HABITS, with a small capital ot $3,OUO, would like to Join a per son keeping a hotel in an adjoining city or flco rlthing vJ lag# or wonld join n person keeping n country store in n growing village, with good prospects of snocose; has a tbo roufh knowledge ot business, both ladies' tad gentlemen's wear and millinery. .Either South or Weet parties wishing to treat will address a nsto or call at 870 Broadway, oa C. C. M , for one woeh. APARTNER WAN TED-TO TAKE AN INTEREST IN n maaefactnriag business that has been established three years, wl?Jl about nine hundred good customers. A good salesman will find this a rare ohanoo. Apply at 2!>l Greenwich street, basement. TT-ANTED-A PABTNER IN AN OLD ESTABLISHED f ? business, with n capital of JK.iiOO or 98,000: capital n :t so mnoh of an object as an enterprising man. The bnsineei belrg large a man ac-iuaiated with bookkeeping preferred Address L. 0., Herald office,stating name and where to bo toon. TY7 AN TED?A PARTNER, WITH 9M0 CASH, TO JOIN ?? in nn established loan and broker business, as the ad vertlscr must be absent from the office ? part of each day. A good chance will bo given to ? strictly honest man. Ad dress H. P., Herald office. TirANTED?A PARTNER, WITH A CASH CAPITAL ?Y Of from 92.000 to 93,100, in n maanfiertmring bnsliets known fbr a number of years; pave n good interest. Best of reference* given and required. Apply to Edward Bin man thai A Co . 106 Willlaln street. c clothing, stc, VAST OFF CLOTHING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION J wanted?1The highest price given, and eash paid la car nal mousy. Gentlemen wishing la dispose of clothing, of a tood qaalitv. for a liberal cash eqalvaleaK are requested to mU on or addrcsa J AM El MORON XT, U Baxter timet Oata ?tango gtrsett. _ / t I.OTHI NO.?LADIES OR OXNTLKMEN HA VINO V any af the tame to dispose of, etn obtain a fai* and cash Price by sending far the subscriber at his residence, (or thtawJI the PeetJ <B Rim or 101 Obsthaw street Ladies sttsnlod by Mrs. Cehea. M. I. COHEN. xpm i itxbpool-d. ? mail steamship at;.am JP TIC Fas. Wort, OtMHiw. -TkU MMtkif Will A*. Hrt m tbo VilM ll*U< Mill for Europe ?o?mrvly o* Wednesday. H. at l> o'clock 1L. ln?W berth at tU foot of Oaael street far fowlgb* or pwi?j?, ha?in< ua equalled aoeemmodation* for elogaue* and comfort, apply la EDWARD E. COLLINA 66 Welt street. Pessaagcri in .... -y- -- ?- - ? i.rtC ? requested to bo board at 10* A M Tbo BALTIC .ill ?aooood the Atl?Uo. oad oafl July II 9 oipporo will pto*?? laho aetaoe that tbo ships of afodo lino cannot oorrjr oof nods contraband ?t war. AH lsttows must pat# through tbo Foal OBn; asp othoro wiE bo riiwui The new yoejland Liverpool united state* ?ail Btoamoti.?Tko ships Map?ai| tbio Uaa aco tao following > ATfrAHTlsi. Caps. Wort- BALTIC. Oapt. Pernios h. PACIFIC, Capt. Npa ADRIATIC. Copt Tbooe ohipo haro boos built bp contrast, ooproMlp for gov ore moot terries. fiery oaro hao boon takoa la their con strue tiee, as alM in oaiiaao, to oa.uro strength and ?pood, and their aeesmmoVatinos for passengers art una oa ailed for elegance oad oomfort Prloe of pan.go from Mow Tork to Li.orpool, in Urol olaM eahin. 6l?; in rtooad dc.,673; rielanTO us* of #i?re ?!?? it. to room. 1316. fro a. Li.orpool to Now Tork, 39 and 3' guinea*. Aa exponor.csd surgeon Mtaohod to oaoh ihip. N? berth ooonrod until void lor raoponBD oarai or o.iutio. ???" n*w Tom*. rasa Lirmnroas. Wednesday Bap 16, HM So-urday Map 16, 1BI Wednesday ....Map 30. 1866 Saturday Jon. 2, 1854 Wednesday ....JunslS. 1HC4 Saturday Jan. 16, UBS Wodsaodap ....June 37, 1H&4 Saturday Juno 36, ISA' Wednesday ....July II, I Hid Saturday July 14. MM a- 1654 Saturday Jalp as, MM forJkauht or puu.i apply to lOWD K. COLLI S 8, No. Hi Woll otroot, Now Tork BROWN. 8BIPLET A CO . Liverpool. STEPHEN* EKNNARD A cb.. 37 Auuin Friars. Louisa. B. 0. WAINM RIUUT A CO., Pad! GF.OBGB H. DRAPER, Tbo owner, of tbooo ships will not bo aocouutabl. tor (old,, bullion, specie, Jowolry, preotou. stones or tnetali, unless billo of lndini aro algavd tharsfar, and tbo vein* thereof tkorotm sxpreased. Shippers ploaM take notice that 'hi ohipo of tkii Um can mot carry any poodo contraband ot war THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROVAL moil steamships:? I HON Btw vons TO I.ITI'R POOl. Chief eobiu pai.t(0 613d Second cabin passage 75 I ROM HOSTO.. TO i.itiAipool. Chief cabin ruuia 6110 Second cabin passage 60 He .hip. from Boston oall at Halifax. ARABIA, Capt Jndkini, AMERICA. Capt. Lang. PERSIA. Capt. Rjrio, EUROPJk, Capt Shannon. ASIA, Capt. E. U Lolt, CANADA, Capt. S'.ons, AthlCA, Capt. Harrison. NIAGARA, Capt. Leitch These vessels carry a clear white light ot mart head; green on starboard bow; rod on port bow. ASIA, Lott, liars* lioiton, Wednesday Jaly 4. AMERICA, Lnag, ' Booton, Wednesday July 18. CANADA, Stone, " Booton, Wednesday Auguat 1. ASIA, Lott, " Boaton, Wednesday Angust 13. Bertha not oecurcd until paid tor. An oxprri*need ourgeou on board. The owners of thoro ships will not bo accountable for gold,, bullion, opeole, Jewelry, precious stones or metals, ox less bills oi lading art signed therefor, and the ralne thereof therein expressed. For freight or passage npplp to X. CUNaRD, No. 4 Bowling Qroon. Thoro will be no oteamibips of this lino from New Tork until further notion. TBE VANDERUILT EUROPEAN LINE OF 9TEAM ?hips.?Ths first class acw steamship ARIEL. 1,396 toas, master, will .leave New York from pier M North river, foot of Cbambisri street, at noon prooiselp, on Saturday, June 30, tor Havre direst. First class passage $110 Btocnd oIbu DiiRiiii (ij The Ariel wtUbsrollowad bp ths North Star, July 21. 1 he owner of thsce vessels will not bs aocouutabl* for gold, silver, bullion, speois, Jewelry precious stones, or me te's, unless bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value theroi therein expressed. Speoi* and goods taken at usual rates. Wo frcli " * " 0 freight received after noon of the dap befors sailing. No berth scoured until paid for. Letters prepaid 18^e. per X o? will be received at the ?ffioe np toll A. M. oi the dap of sailing, and will be car ried in strong India rubber bags under look, and on arrival at Havre will bo immediately deposited In the Post offlos tbar*. Paresis taken, each prepaid, oa* dollar aad upwards. FIXED DATES Or SAIMMO. FROM SI* FOBS. tBOM HAVBB. Ariel Job* 30 North Star June V North Star July 21 Ariel July21 Ariel Aug 11 North Star Aug. 11 North btar Sept. 1 Ariel Sept. 1 Ariel Sept. 34 North Star Sept. 2k North Star Oot 13 Ariel Oct 13 Ariel Nov, 3 North Star N?v. 3 Ariel Nov. 31 These steamship* are elaised A I at tha insuranoe offices, and specie and goods will be Insured in thsm at ai low rotes ?r premium as In any other that oross the ocean. For freight or passage, apply to D. TORRANCE. No & Bowling Green, New York. BUHNER, MuNTANT A DRAPER, 26 Rue N. D. do* Vis tuire, Paris. CHKYSTIE, SCHLOSSMANN A CO., 27 Qual Caiamir Ltlavigne, Havre. FOR LIVERPOOL.?SWALLOW TAIL LINE-THE I regular packet of 21st June.?Ths celebrated first class packet ship CONSTITUTION, 2,000 tons, J. Britton. com mander, will positively sail as above. Ths accommodations for cabin, second oabln and stoorago pasaangeri ar* unsur passed Faro?Second oabin, 618; stoorago. 610, and found In a liberal supply of oooked provisions by ths ship. For passage apply oa board, pior 30 East river, or to th* agent, TUO8. C. ROCHE. 83 South street. FOR LIVERPOOL -8T. GEORGE'S LINE.?TQK UN rlvnllad clipper ship DREADNOUGHT. Samusls, mas ter, will positively sail on Thursday, 2!st June, lhoaojom modations In cabin, second oabin, and steerage of this splen did ship cannot bs excelled. Parties prooeodlag to Europe ahculd not fail to examine her before engaging elatwher*. Apply on board, pier 8, North river, or to DEMARE8T A JONES. 10 South ttreet, corner OU (lip. For Liverpool?packet ship constitution. Second cabin and atcerage paastngcr. will pleaae bo on board by 12 o'cUok on the 21st June. Koom for a few more. Apply to TUOS. C. ROCHE, S3 South atrool, OLD BLACK STAR LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVER pool ?The splendid new clipper sliip JOHN llltlGlir, Capt Cutting, will positively sail on Fridav, Jane 22, and has excellent accommodations torn tow mors cabin, second os bin and stei ragepssseagers. Apply on board etpisr3ii East river, or to WILLIAMS A Ul/TON, 40 Fulton strsst. THE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP Company intend aniline their fnvorit* ?toamahins? CITT OF MANCHESTER. 2,12? tona. Capt. Wylio. CITY OF BALTIMORE, (now,) 2.388 tona, Cnpt , CITY OF WASHINGTON, de..2,700 tons. Capt. R, Lsltch. Balocn SOU, S'66 aad 166. aeoording to state room. A limited number of third elnas passengers will be taken from Philadelphia aad Liverpool, and found in provision*. From Philadelphia 63" I From Liverpool $41 Portias wishing to bring ont thslr friends can obtain oer ildcatos of paaeaga and draft* on Liverpool, in sums of SJ sterling and upwards. Apply to SAMUEL SMITH, agent, 17 Walnut street, Philadelphia, aad No. 7 Broadway, Msw York. fOR SOUTHAMPTON AND DAVRK-THE UNITED Ststea mnil steamer UNION. Cnptaa R. Adams, ooia nander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land the mails aud passengers, on Saturday, June SO, at 12 o'oloek, from pier No. 37 North river, foot of Boach street. l'rioe ot passage, Bret oabln. $130; second sabin, $73. ^Lnij gage not wanted daring the voyage should be eeat on I the day before sailing, marked "below." Nofraight will be taken after Thursday, June 2d Por freight or passage ap ply to MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, KUlroadivay. N. II.?All letters must pais through the Post Uffic. Reduction of pares to suit the timf.j.? Now Vork and California steamship line, via Nicara gua Accessory lransit Company, ot Nicaragua, proprietors ?through in advance of the mail?7<>0 mllee shorter than any other route, avoiding tho deadly Panama lover, aud two miles of ' angerous boating In Panama Bay. Tho a plan,lid dcub's engine steamship STAR OF THE W EST. 2,310 tons bordi-n, Capt. Turner, will leave pier No. 3 North river, at 3 o'clock I*. M. precisely, for l'unta Arenas, on Thursday, Jnly 3th, 1836 connecting with the steamship Uncle Sam, 2.143) tone burden, over the Nicaragua Transit route, having but twelve miles of land transportation by first class car luges. For information or passMO at tho rednood rates ap Sly only to CHARLES MORGAN, Agent, No, 2 Bowling teen. Letter hags made np at theoffici. Stamped letters taken tor b,1* cents each. DESPATCH LINE POR SAN FRANCI3C0.?THE MAO nitieent A 1 ollppor ship GOLDEN \t EST is now load ing at piar No. 9, East river, and will positively sail frr San Franciaoo on o; before Saturday, June;*). Shippers will please have all tbe(r freight oa beard Saturday. 23d last., and hand la their bills of lading for signature. The Gelden West is one of the sharpest clippers svsr built in ths United Statse, and prosantsths greats.! inducements to shippers. bUTTON A CO., M South i i street, cor. of Wall. Australian independent mutual line The magnificent A 1, clipper ship METROPOLIS, 1,000 tens, T. H. Jay. Commander, will succeed the Crystal Pa lace aa? have immediate despatch for Melbourne. The ac commodations for passengers in this fine ship ars of tho very beet, both la first aid sosond cabins. Also, a limited sum beret s'sersge passengers will be takes at the low rate ot $80, found, with provisions by ths ship. Having a portion of Ltr cargo already engaged,passengers can depend ou quick despatch. For freight or passage,.at_Ut^rates,^ a^>by hoard, at pier 17 last riser, or to MAILLXR A LORD, 108 Wall street, and ARK ELL A ELLIOT, 140 Pearl street. Australia ?passenoirs per ship crystal Palace will plasse have their baggara on board on Saturday next, tha 23d inat, as the ship will tail oa tlie25*h without fail. A few berths ye', for rale. Apply on board, at pier 13 East river, or to ARKBI.l. A ELLIOT, 111 Pearl street, MAILLER A LORD, 108 Wall (t. A UbTR ALIA.?PIONEER LINE.?CARRYING T1IE Umited States mail ?The celebrated A 1 clipper ship NIGHTINGALE. Captsla Mather, for Melbourne will be despatched om bor second voyage about tha 1st Jnly, hev lag made bor last in the unprecedented time of 7t>days. Has axculleat aceomnSbdalions for passengers and tre irSU Ap offloe of R. W. CAMERON, No- o Bowling Green ply at tha < aad lie Wall street. Australia.-ship crystal palace, to sail next Monday. Three seeond cable tiokats for sale at a sacrifice, tho holders being unable to go owing to the deetu of a relative Apply to tha , .. agaut, Mr. Barry, on board, at pUr 13 East river. EDWARD MITCHELL. IiMJR N1W ORLEANS, DIRECT.?THE U. S. MAIL 1 Steamship CABAWBA, Captain R W Shnfeldt, will commence xosirlnr freight oa Thursday, June 21st. and sail sn Moaday, Jose Jvth, at 12o'cleek. from pier foot of Re biBkOB street, N. R.. touohiag at Havana on her return. For freight or passage, apply to lirVlNOaTON, CROCJIF.RON A CO.. SI Broadway. N. B.-In oenee-iueace of ovistlag qnersntlns regulations s? New Orleans, the Cahawba will net itop st Herana goiag out. I'OR 'AVANNAH AND FLORIDA-UNITED STATE3 mail line.?lb* row snd elegant steamship KNU.X VILLI, UdjL- C. D. Tndlow, will leave Now Vork for Sa vuarah, on Saturday, June 23. from pier No 4 North river, a*. 4 o'olcck P. M. Bills of lading signed on botrd For freight arply on hoard, or lor passage to SAMUEL I,. MIT CI111.L, 1.3 Btoadway. For Florida, t trough ticke'e from Now York to Jacksonville. 131; Pllatka. $31. The Florida M. 3. WoodhnU, will suecee-i, and leave on Weduesday, June 27 rf ' CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA-SEMI WERRLT i ;ted State* mail liae.?The new and fast going at to i-cr JAMES ADGER. S. C. Turner, commander, wid ot.ii.i.' r e.inM aifUs<is, o. v, turner, commanscr, wi.i leave pier No. 4, North river, on Saturday, June 23d, at I o clock P. M. precisely. For freight, apply on board, where all bills of lading will bo signed: and for pafsmss, at the offlca of SrerrORD, TILEMON A CO, ? Broadway. Throng'' tickets to Florida at follows ?To Jacksonville, J31: to Pllltka, $3S. The Nashville will su< sesd, and leave on Satnrday. June .'VI. TO TIIR EDITOR OF THE HF.RALD.-THE FIRST cab'n passenger? in the Citv nf Mobile, frost Liverpool, wish to rypvest their warm admlratloa of tneabiiltr of their pilot, V . J . Murphy. His klndnoit aad attsation alio, will ?7?r be hold by them in grateful remembrance Signed (n behalf of the first cabin passengers. JOHN SALMON. Signed oa behalf ot the second cabin passengers. juno 2", iRw. thus. Robinson. PASSAGES BY THR ATLANTIC TO KVROPK.-TWO posiag** toIJyerocol by the steamship Atlantic, ofth< ZTWi last., may be had on easy terms, by appu atior to tks bookkeeper of ths Astos Houas, as the partis* whi bald them (agist |t out ss soon. Krr?:cB iiv.a:i.-tims or commitrninr UwntMi *t 7, Ovortore Co itunnM tt TV '? taan rilwtiiii'ilMt precisely tu rTm and Harrison uaaia !???? uui^u>f Thi MOAr Ivrniat, Jtwnit. Third ^>tftrmMW <? imm? et DAll i'S iPRCTAX'Lt oriBn. 1* three mIi eattifod iDK DAUGHTER 3r ST. NARX. now prjducid in nL its OHIOIN it IfLISDJI, With New Scenery, Costarica. Beunees, Arm*, ud ni. ildll noooesorio* and the following pewerlu, _ umt or cailtotui Lesisaaso. Xisgof Cyrrwd Br Uj<?u Andrea Ceraaro. ? Pa'rioen of Venio^oopi... Mr. Borraaa tUTiginnUt per.onr.edt Moneorrtgo ereot 'he Ciun-il o< Tel. Mr Hjeznr.h 8'rem, m UtBeer of <b< Uuwd Hr i!bnaiber> H'rnld Mr U. Am Kwiuo ? r**e to the Km/ . MIm Call* oca j Adoiph de Courcv, a r tench Knl?lit Mr. Uwriso* (As composed for ttd irUiDilI; p-rforui?d by him ) Caurina Cornaro nccto Andrea., HiuUuu Frv FULL ARCHES"Ra . INCRTaSED CHORUS ANA a a and ballet. Conductor Mr. U. t. Briatow WMUL UOIICA Tlskoli Xaants PanUBoiee jg Orchestra S*et. ...... f| Bo* olbos open daily, from 3 A. M. to 4 P. M., tor tesutog Orehcotro Son's nod Priraie boxes only. THE DAUGHTER OF ST. MARK will be performed EVER V N IGBT THIS WEE*. Broadwat theaire. SUMMER SEASON. Engagement for a limited period wi?h those talented ar tint. MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS, being their firit aptearanee since their return (rem Cali fornia, where they performed ooe hundred ar d fllty night* to orer tao hundred and Git> thoneand dollar*. MR. AND MRS WILLIAMS aro the original and cnly lecogaistd perioaator* ef the IRISH BUY AND YANKEE Tbey will appear on it GIRL. JONDAV EVENING, JUNE 23, ia three of their moot atnnslng character., interspersed with a nnmter of eon*, and dances. T to Box Bock will be ope* ou Saturday morulas, wbja eea'i can bo secured t'ntee day< in advance Those ladies and gentiemon engaged for the eummor eoaes*. aro re qua. tod to moot la the groan room, oa Friday, Jnno 22, BO WERT THEATRE -L P. WALDRUN , PMOPRIETOR and Manager; Robert Jonee, ata,r Manager m. ai ofadmDeion:?Boise, 2b oonte; pit, 11% oanis, Gall or* is*.' oaate; Prirato Boxoe, *5.?Thursday ereaiag. Jane 21 THE CI.UB OF TWELVE THE Dl'MU GIRL OP PORT!CI. MaiaaJeUo..... Mr. Johnston lltE TWO B'HOYS. Buckley s serin aders, ss? bkoadwa?.-mon day evening, Jane IS, and every eeeuing tlui woex. and laet week of the season, ETHIOPIAN ENTERTAINMENT! of a superior ord?r, and " fua wit rout vulgarity." And the beautiful burlesque ar the opera ef SUNN AM It UL A. Amina, (the blank Svmusmbuiiiti Miee Cleaner Uumbo, (pledged to Annual U S. Buckley * ? **o, (la lab " Laey Joe, (in lab with Susannah! R. U. B-iuMev B*a Tucker W. Peroivai Commaaoeo at 8 e'eloot. Ttoketa U eeitt<7w N. B.?This oompeny will oloee, for a short eeteoa, ea Saturday evening next, June 23, fur the imrpore ef extensive preparation! ia their hall, to produce new Burlesque Uperai on the re opeuiog. Due notice will be given. J-IRANELIN MUSEUM. NO. 03 BOWERY, NEARLY oppoiite the Bowery Theatre. Performance* every ef tornoon, at 3, and every evening, at 0. N. B ? 3trangevi Will obeorvo that the Yrankl.n Maeeam le the only plane In tlih United States where the Modal Artlete era oahiblteR, with other original entertainments. Romember, No. S3 Bojrory. OLYMPIC CIRCUS, 45 BOWERY.?H. FRANCONI A B. Bunnell*, Proprietors. New attraotloa for the week. Engagement of the Female Equoetriaa, H'LLE MARIE. (From the Cirque Olympic, Parie ) Seoend week of the Shakeperean Clown. W. P. Valtett. Mono. Fraaconi with hU splendid horses, Bayard and Joan eter; LavaUr Lea and hi* talented ohlldrea; B. Rennelle tad T. Neville ia their pleasing acts; together with many other uoveltlee which will be enumerated In the bi'ls. hexes, 25 oentt; Reserved Seats, 50 oants; children, halt price; Pit, 12% con's Afternoon performances:?Meudny, Wednesday and Saturday. fBE ORIGINAL CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS.?A CARS to the patrons of Ethiopian minstrelsy tbromh >ut the United States?The undersi.-.ns^mhrgs leave to inform tho publio that be bas no cennectionTst present) with auy oom pany giving eonoerts under the above title, (which in every instance is en aisumrtloat- Itirmelf and the principal mem bers ol his "original tronpo" are in 'his cit<, and have not resumed their performances since their return from Cali fornia. of which proper notice will bo given. The public's grateful servant, E P. CHRISTY, The only person ef the name of Christy at any period en gaged as a performer iu representation of Ethiopian charac ter. w M. F, WALLETT, THE CLOWN, WILL TAKE HIS FAREWELL BENEFIT, Off Fiiidat Eriwinr;, Junk 22. AT FRaNCOM'S NEW CIRCUS, BOWERY. Four clowns in ths circle. Mons. l'raneoni, RooWVoll, M'Ue Made, Sig. Napolt, Kunnalls, M. Le Clair, Wallett. AU tho Company, Reynold.., And a hist of vo lunteers. See hills. Theatre, Wilmington, Delaware-ladies and gentlemen, of acknowledged talent, vrUhiag ou gagemeuts tor a summer season ot eight weoki, will main immediate sppllcatioa to H. A. LANCDON, Stage Manager, Wilmington, l el TO MUSICIANS-SOME GOOD MUSICIANS WANTED to travel on the laker, for three months oer'ain. Good salaries given, with board and travelling expenses. Apply this day Thursday. June 21 1K.V> between thn hours of It) o'clock A M and! P. M., at George P. Wordun's 2-i Bow cry. corner Bayard street, for Mr. WILLIAM WYETfB, u ill HILLOIRRY, AC. Millinery ?the ladies of new york and the vfeinity are respectfully informed that iu view of the anticipated early elooo of the present season, every do loription of bonnets. Including every variety of silk and *UI IfllVU VI VUUIIUK, IIIVIUUIBI OTW/ TBIIQb/ 01 IliK Ufl erapv, Dunstablo.Lplit straw. Leghorn. Tnreaov hats, wMI be sold for one half their original oeot. Mantillas or avsar hue and oolor, elegantly made and chastely trimmed, wffl ha sold at the prices for wbioh this establishment is nctod. The public are respectfully invited to call nnd examine tho ?toon. LYON ISAACS, No. 5 Diviiion street. W/rrCHlCS, JEWELRY, &C. (TENTS' FINE GOLD CALIFORNIA DIAMOND CI.US X tsr pioi. with chain, fS; wltbiut chain, fl Thiiio pins ate equal in brilliancy and appearance to the real diamond. Sent by mail to any part or the United Statea, by enolusiag amount to L. A J. JACOBS. 40; Broadwa/. EEDUCED PRICES - WATCHES, JEWELRY, DIA monda and ailrer warn. The undersigned, lor the lart eighteen years a well known dealer and importer, offer* lor aale all good* in hie lino, at lower prleej for the situs quality, than any other houau in W.a, A ,..L LV.Ha JalnVia nw anv nckar /ti(w and will aanA ka New York, Philadelphia, or any other oity, and wild rend by i ?aU.reepm,|wATCHM JEWltBy> ^ to all parti of the United States, free of charge All good* | warranted aa repreaented. Ordera by mail, postpaid, faith fell, attended to. WATCHES. Daguerreotype watehoe SlOOtofMC : Jurgeuson watchea, warranted ISO to 230 , Cooper watohea, genuine warranted 125 to 273 . Independent eeeond watohte 12ft to TO Poeket obronometere 12.", to To Eight day watcbee 1U) to 186 I Ladiea' cnamtl watehoi 35 to I'M 1 I.adiee' iliainond watchea 55 to %0 1 Magie watchea UW to 78 i Gold bonting larera, toll jewelled, 18 carat to ' Gold open faced Isvera, lull jewelled, 18 oarat... 28 ! Silver open laced lev ere, lull Jewelled 18 i jewelry: d I Earring* El 50 to 928 Ot ' Pin a I i>0 to 25 0 I Bracelet a 5 (XI to SJ <d> Gold locketa, one, two, and roarglaatat 4 00 to 25 00 , Gold Guard Chains 10 'W to 00 Ot Gold Chuelaine, or Belt Cbaina 10 IM to I'd Ml Gold VseJ Chains 8 Ml to 85 00 Gold Fob Ohaina 6 ??> to 15 9t iciF(... Gold Pencffs......... 1 23 to 10 0t Gold _ Id Pena and Pencil* 3 5" to 25 00 Gold Croatia 2 U0 to 12 ot Chaeed Gold Rlnge 1 Ml to & 00 Plain Gold Ringt 75 to a J* Jewelry of every description. Dli AMONDS. Diamond Single Stone Pine 913 no to 91,500 0t Diamond Clncter Pine jo Ml to (Ml 00 Diamond Rlngf 7 to tt 250 it) Diamond Earring* 1IM Ml to .300 00 Diamond C'roaaee 25 00 to SMI (JO Diamead Braeolete 100 Ml to dSO 00 As., As . Ac. SILVER WARE. Stiver Teaepooaa per eat 93 no to 99 tt Silver Dtalert Speoui per cat 12 00 to 13 M' Silver Table Spoona per aet JS Ml to 25 HO Sliver Table Forki per let 15 09 to 28 Ot Stiver Dessert Fork* per let US Ml to 21 00 Silver _Weddiag C"ake Raima, l'le Knives^ Flih Knives, Fickle Forks, Ice Cream Knivei, Frnlt Knives, Better Knivea, Children'* Seta, via.: Knife, lork bad Spoon, Silver Caw. Napkin Ringe, Ae. Watchea, Cloeke and Jewelry repaired at lee* then the uaal prise*. Watcbee and Jewelry^tnken^ln wbanjpe. Importer of Wnteha* n?d Jewelry, Wholesale aid Retell, No. 11 Well street, (eeeond floor.) near Broadway, New York. MEDICAL. 2R. WARD'S UNFORTUNATE 9 FRIEND, SI, WITH a book.?Just wkat those waet wke have contrasted asce, namely, a sure at one*, and ao delay and mere e? pease Greatest ears in the world by Dr. Ward'* " CUbe lenata'afCrlead." Afllleted take notice?a* ether re media* eta eure you radically. Slight e*?ee sired Inihw hoar*: nothieg elae doca it. No. 50 Carnal atret*. one door aaet *f Broadway, 1* the place to get t-hl* raped and thorough remedy?newhere ell* in New York. A onre warrant* ] by Dr. 1% etd. Fatlente anxious for relief may aely on a rapid core by hi a treatment, without taxing the system. Altera tion ot diet ot eeesativa from batistes aet required. DS. POWERS' LADIES' GOLDEN TONIC ANE PR riodlc pUle. a eefe and never felling remedy for female Irregularities. Prepared according to the original prescrip tion. and sold by Dr. WARD, Canal street, near Broadway. Letter* answered. IMPORTANT TO FEMALES.-DR. DUBOIS' OFFICE Agaacy for the exolwaire treetm .'atot nil dlaeaaee feet deat to female*, No. 86 J-exingten avenue, near W*?t Tweutv - aaveath street and Penrtb arenne. Eemodlsa for derangement* from 91 to $5. Advice gratia. Consultations and letter* confidential. Null letters eontalalag 95served with advlcs and mediate* by retain peat. Relief guarantied provided with eUyibU In all raasa. Pallente frciu a diataaee bcord, nar'ing and atteudance. ?Ef LARMONT, PARIS AND LONDON PUTS IRIAN 11. and surgeon, awtbo* of the Medlsal Adviser and Mar ring* Guide, 845 paoee. 75 enprnvUg*. f mailed byhlrn, moled eleroly, to any address for 91,1 la eseeulW at 12 Read* street, eorotr of Breedwayiflrom 11 A. M. tUl 2, shfl ti he V _ .. Tbo*~" * * P. M., Sunday* execpted. Thus* at a dlstanei trieted be mall aad sitriia. W* eoaenr wttb etbst papers la teoem mending Dr. L. aad hietreatlon.?Dliretoh, Courier de Etat* ?fall, Day Boik, Btaats Zeitung. National Demaerab, Aa. mixFPTMa. 130E NORVOI.K. PETER^IirRO AND RICHMOND ? 1 H<e I nlt.-d btuue mail et?nms up JAMKHToWN, L. Parrieh. commander, will leave pier No. IS Perth river on Saturday Jnne '?'?? et 1 o'clo-k P. N ; will arrivt at Norfolk (t.e a??t aftetnooa, aad at Petersburg and Richmond the follow tar aiming From Norfolk tteeeengert for the South proceed by reilreej direct, vi'-h tkro ilh tickets from W?t dint* Wnmlnsten, Charleston, Ao. Pesiagi and terete Norfolk 98 to Vetnreburg and Richmond 910. eteertr* half price. Thrcuzh tickets to ljn*hburg9M. Apply to lUd J am a riKASANTs, '? ?? n*?r N rf~No t-vighi tttsa for reiersburg. ACADEM7 Of mtillC. ?tt ? It ALIAS OPltA Sodm.'* tragic opera of ?U So jhi? fot IU Uat THURSDAY ?Yi!ninq JONXM AV TUB ' LAliRANGE Ol'ERh TKOHPf Pr.acipal reUe saspovted by tluur|' ?ML ANNA DC LA GRANGE SIGN O A RA FAILLE M In ATA lkJ^ , _ EIUNOR MORELLI.*** 0* their return from Boston. Moslem Director and Conductor 8l, The public mo reepeetfu ly in'orrasd that (bo ?" - Ot '.hrse oelekratt J trttiti vilt not oxtoud ^r-i' I i,? s&:U3us;y&v&issr*""" ^ Jotiilotno or tks olx renresentationi air bo in on I a tbo Aoademy, At Hall A Soa's ot Ton Nerdea A King's. aME At JoWe'e buu (tors. M * Prioooof Admission ? Pa-quel, Por.iuot Cirolo Ood Firuh ^jralo, $L Spoored, tl M; family t'ire la, 50 aoato; Ampin Doors opou At 7V; too Opera commences At 3 o'clock. BC ETON'J. CHAMBERS STREET.?DRESS CI ROUE And Parquet, 60 cult; Family Cirelm 26 eoate; U> Choirs. |l. Pri'oto Boies, $6 Met. Doors opo begin at 8 o'olock?Thuredav Benefit of FAINT HEART. Ac. C octets Mrs. Frost Kit* Mies Albcrtini PARENTS A GUARDIANS I Uo Choire, 91. Private Boies, 14 esek. Doors ops? At Ik; begin At 8 o'clock. ?Thursday evening. J a as -I. Benefit sf Nrt Frcet. HIS LAST LEGE. O'Caliagban Mr. Utr RORT O'MjRE. Co Welskiu Mr. T) ROAD WAY THEATRE. X> FX1DAT EVENING. June 22. conruMcnTAtv BEjvstrir TO SICMIRa VI El Tl VERTIPRACH. Prims louua Coutrslto of the lot* Hataoa sxd Atadeaf ?t Murio Opero Troupe. ATTRACTIVE 1'kRFOKMAltCES. Tpa set* of tic Opere, ROMEO AND JOII.IETTA, Aol second Act of LUCREZIA BORGIA. AMD A r.iiNDCCscrtr Tbc following aioinont ortUM bare kindly IliSAllAlt their eerriooAt ar.d will appear ? Madams* BsBticca Miirrm, Sic.eoRA Prisiii, prima donna, (Her first appoaranoe it Uper? ) The little I'hsaeiAMOA. Am lib A Patti, And others, burton Boloioai, Sigrom Baoiau, SioitoB Cvtt Ri, Sigroa Cot-nrrt, Sicbob Bocco, A Grand Ocbestrs Condootsr, Signer La Hassa. Prices of admission, aiaa! tboatro prices. State mar be arcured, without extra charge, at the box of&oe at Ue tboa GEO. CHRIST V A WOOD'S MINSTRELS, 01 B way, obese Grand street. OPEN EVERT EVENING. For this week, Ethiopian, Dancing, Ac. eluding trOb the BLACK BLUNDERS; OR, FORTY WINKS. Doore opt A. <1,14; commcaoc, 8 o'clock. Tickets .7 M All kutinsca trsnsactcd by n. wood German opeka.-wallack's theatre, broab w ?v, B> ar Brooios it root ?Ob Friday, June 22, time oi Donitetii'x treed opera of THE CHILD Or TOR REGIMENT. Principal oh*raotors sustained by Brae. maHTIM D'OEMY sad gal. BOETTNEE, QUINT, MULLEK, BOETTNEK. Mosical CoDduouir Mr. Robert Stespel Prices of Admission ? Private Boxes, Ki, Orebootra 3Mb Abo Secured, $1; Parquet and Dr?ee Cirolo, 60 coats; Ikt mily Circle, 25 cents. box office open trom 8 A. M. until 4 o'olock P. M. Loots open at 7; to oommcaoo at S o'olook. /(RANI) CONCERT. AT CONTINENTAL HALL, OBS U nor of Eighth avonac and Thirty-tenrth street, im paled this (T bursday) evening, June 21, at 8*4 o'slock A. brdgwtck, Bunco] Director Vocalists:?Miss worth, Me'irs. Geo. Harrison, W.Brown, Ac. CoaocittM Solos, Glees, Uallade, Ac , for a rich oroninx's amasiagmam musical entertainment. See progiammo. Tickets, 35 newts; fits tickets, $1. TOUN R. SMITH'S GRAND TOUR OF (J AND SIEGE OP SEVASTOPOL, At Cmiissse Assembly Rooms, &S9 Bboabwat, showing own kvisdred tiiwi, forty tsot wide, of the prisoipal CITIES AND OBJECTS OF INTEREST IN EUROfY. Every orenlag, at 8 o'olock; mad svery Saturday a boon, at 3. The music by Mr. Alwya Field, at London. Admission ?f \KAWING ROOM AND DRAMATIC READINGS AM? X'recita'ions, by Mr. J. B. Brown, the distiagnished Sbaks ptreas rradsr, this (Thnrsdar) ercning, at 8 o'olook. BE* sebociibir piomises lis fiicuda and the publio who patreadM there readings and entertainments an agreeable evening. Mugla tickets, 50 cents; three tickets lor fL OLIVER it. GOLDSMITH. 361 Broadww. Brooklyn musecm.-immense array or ta> lent.?Complimentary braefit to Messrs. Ward aaA .Mclntjre. Friday evening, June >2. Mr J. C. Frederick^ the distinguished tragedian; Miss Ida Vernoa, the fbvortta and pleasing aetresr; Mies Adelaide Price, and a beat eT other volunteers. 1NUUM A It?Ingomar, Mr. J. C. Fre dericks; Parthenia, Miss Ida Vernon. Danoo, Miss A. Price. " Maniac's i,e*th," bv Mr. W C Hurrey. PADDF Mil K9P BOV?Paddy Miles, Mr 11. J. Ward. Singing and Daaoing. 1'OM AN D JERRY?Torn Crihh, Mr. George Kensett. Tiek ets, 26 cents. Doors open at C\: commence precisely at TK O DRAMATIC AUTHORS ?THE YANKEE SONO. Elf tided "Bobbin Aronnd"?words and musio by W. /. I loreuoe, will be pub'ltbed In a few days. This song waa wr.'ten by the ucuersigned expressly for hit wife and baa been anng b> her with neat eolat in the principal olUaaaC the United States; and the rub.criber deems himself ealwR upon by tha recent wholesale piracv of his priests maim* scripts, to give publicity to the above, in the vain hope thaA hereafter be nav be able to protect authors and artiitata come measure from the unprincipled use of individual ncs partj. W. J. FLORENCE, Camediask T LA. A I.. L BENJAMIN'3. EXCURSION ? Grove Concert is postpoued (on account ot the raim l_ Tuesday night) tu Saturday. June 23. The proprieties n Bet the change of time, bat deemed it imerudent to take aa rie a company to a wet grove, even if it should net rnda while on the ground. The same tioketa, and all ether ar rangements the same as advertised for H edaefday. N. B ? Ibere will be no further postponement. "I CURB FOR HARD T1MK3. : A PiXKXM'i Oust Gift Disrmiarmsn Positively takes plaot on 6th of July. 1 REMEMBER TICKETS ARE ONLY $1 EACH, AITO admit four persons to Pchham's Ethiopian Opera, 6C3 Broadwat. Amongst tha gins to bs distributed is a Splendid farm, worth SULME 1 loan of oaah isa! 1 loan ot oash ?asg 1 loan of sash PS 3 loans of cash, SAW eaob OB 10 loans of eaeh,:$100 each fjaaA The 2:10 trotting mare Lilly Bale lSt 10 Rssewcod pianos d3H 60 Gald watches, Ac., Ae. Send all orders for tleksts to JOSIAU PKRHAM, Adams Hoase, IHim. PERIIAIl'S E1HIOPIAN TROUPE, MS BROADWAY. The burlesque Baby Show Triumphant. and will, by general request, be prod used EVERY EVENING THIS WEEK, and on Wednesday and Saturday a'ternoona, with aow Aa turoein NEORO EINSTRELSV, ETC , Tickets, 26 cents. Gift ticket* admit feur persons oaah. PERIIAM~9~BABY SHOW~OU TLIVZ3 BAENU1PB. and calls forth tremendous SHOUTS OF LAUOHl'ER AND APPLAUSE evsry evening, at ??3 Broadway. PROPOSALS. Proposals ?orriCE or to* governors if tho Almshouse. New York, ,*une 20, 1HJ6. Te il>Un,-> sealed proposals will be received by the Uovsraers ef tte Almshon?e. at their offlee, Rotunda, Park, natll S o'oieek P M., of the 2tith instant, for elating, with beet qaaUty ad blue or green American slate and sine nails, the new wIm of Bellevne Hospital, toot of Twenty-sixth street, last river. Also, lining the ratters and laying flashings, with beat 1 X ctarcoal tin, ana furnishing fears inch tin leader*, aooerd it v to the speclfimtiona which can be aton, and farther in formation obtained, by applying at their offloe. The Gover nors roi<rvc to themselves the right of r^eetiag all ofen not deemed by them advantageous to the department, aaA proposals to be accompanied with the names of two reapee tablt parties aa security tor tha faithful performanos ot the oontiact. SPOKTTNO. A DOUBLE BARRELLED OCN WANTED?NO. 9 I 10 bore, SS to lit inch barrels, of Wiggins, Deans, Ada A lleane, M estl v Richards, Egg, Greemer, Moore or llutam be ft London maker a. Apply, personally or by letter, be ? I) Apply, personally or by letter, be | A M IIOBBS, Sfi Maiden lane. MEDICAL. R. PER 11V, m FRANKLIN STREET, NIAR TAT lor a saloon, may be eonsalted eonhdantially la (Ureases. Vr Perry is the agent far Durel's Frenobrei for female Irre ularltie*. Price f2. Doctor -j. PFBirriR, hydropathic and taaical doctor, othce 117 East Seventeeatb steaaK onrea rheamatlam, diarrhoea, and disease ef long steed ins, and all arising frean aa imnare state ef the bleed. Also, his ointment tor berna and scalds. Offlee bonrs fralm 7 to 3 o'clock, A M. and front 1 to 3 o'clock, P.M.; creating from S to 9. \ D-a huntfa no. idivision street, nrw y?u, a* long sad fevoruhly knowa to tha pnblle, may be eem aalted at bit old eetaMwed offloe, where be has practised In one branch of medicine'or the last 24 yean, and madn more enree than any other men in the city, In many In stances of psraoaaconsidered incnrable, some of whteh hw hat pern lesion to refer to aa heretefers. Charges moderate. and in all oasee a ears gnaeaateed. Caution.?My past re uedy, Banter's red drop, that enree certain diaeaeaa with oat diving its poison in the blood, can only be had as abevw. Price 91. Call and get the Monitor of Healthy DA COBBBTT, 10 DUANF. 'STREET. MAY BR COR. anlted with oonftdeaee on eertnla dnemaea; 24 yean In ene speciality of the ptofeselen eeables him te laasastm ^iancnt enree. Uia treatment it the same aa that ins by the great Rloovd, of Paris. N. B ?Dr. C.'? ttgfaaaa, ae member of tha N. Y. BaDreiolty, mag be secant klseAaet DA COOPRA 14 DUANB STREET, ROLONO KNOWlj te the aitiseaa of New York at tba most miiMM prastitioaer this osaatry san boasa ot, tentlg ess te be con sul t*d at his eld offlee. relieving the anfortunnte, aal giv ing consolation to many an aching heart. M. B.?Dr. C. guarantee* a cure la tH eosee naderi-afcon. Da JOHNSON. Ifl Dt'ANR STREET, HAS rilfMm ed mere teres than any other mad leal maa In Ben Yovk. Dr. J.'a treatment is eafc aad expeditions; hie mail tinea can be takan without leer of detection Charges Ma derate. aad the money refunded If satisfaction Is net gjrm. D"'~R~ JAMES n SALISBBRT, WHO SUDDENLY LEFT this city in March last, accompanied by n Mr. David, ai d supposed to have gone to Virginia. Any informal!? regarding him would be thankfully reoelved by Harrny Oroot, at 210 Eighth avenne. TblCORDS dlrpenaing rooms at No. MB, Broadway, for the CMC ed dtseasee. Tie tenders to all afflicted positive aeenrnaee ef relief, and these who have been abased by 'epaotflee," anal dotes, little hooka, "no merenrv," aad Uke affnelea* ef the numerous medical ckarlatane ef the day, may rely en hav lag their eases treated effectually, ao matter hew e email mUd they may appear Hie extended ebservatleae in the famene D capital do Midi, la Parte, aader Rieard himself, together with the many new aad efficient remedies ef bhts eminent surgeon, render failure Impossible. It may he M tloifod. for the information ef patient, molding lathi sawn try or distant cities, that they earn at aay time ?enaaU the subscriber by lettet, giving n plain state meat ef their ease, vhfs tha necessary medicines adapted to It will be prepared and seat te them Reseat eases owed without any Maw. Charge# quite moderate and the meet candid inlavapMHh given in even instance. Ill* treatment of ooiniupetea. scrotal* end nervene ditmeee Is based entirety en tha tan dem at.-1 improved toieaee of mvlieiee, aed hat heea ami neatly aseeeeafnl. Cenenttatiena en Praa?aU. Offloe kema from A te it, and frem I to 9. C. D HAMMOND, M I> ,Nt|Nh Anther ef MedieaKIafermatlea fer the MUliee, Ae"*a. N> VA fgoedwey, epoopitp !}t. l^ahria* ?e9L

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