Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 21, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 21, 1855 Page 5
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AffKSnSMRfFS KKHEWB9 EYKtT BAT. 5 0nn -,n* MU OB KICHANOE. THIU iVVV. thlM itirjud Mnaut broww ? ?u boucaf id lets, with all the modern I nor -vemeou, ia ? gewteel ighberhood. Dm. 370. 374 ui ire rmli ?<"?' "?? lid,Bn?k!y>, toe im4 improved pr.pwti li ikt ti>/ ?' iw York. From $1,000 to $5,000 wUl bo poll, taoooo of *x ^Bokasge, if required. Inquire of E aUBEBACB. 84 John ?ntrtet, from 11 to 1 o'clock, or 127 Bivlngton otroot, from 4 to "i o'clock. A AAA ?AJSPLKNDID MANUFACTURING BUSI. T.UUV. neeslfor mis.?Profits 3U0 per cent: neeampe en; doatood unlimited. One half interest in thu roro oad tool booinooo wifl bo toid, for $4.UiO, to nap baeinesi mnn Wbo Will onoocintond nod carry it on. Apply to THOMAS $ STM1T. 34?> Pine otroot BO onn -roB sai.r, ok exchange fob re at. Vm.aUU. estate. o ooo holf id to root in t manutkoter mg booinooo In thio city, which poysagooi profit, aad the busmen* inertniing daily. For pnrtlouloro ndareeiD C. B., Bo. old ofiloo. for ono week. A pmoticnl jowollor preferred. B7^n-roR "ALB- d (MILLINEBY STOKE. L0 fiP I i?U. onttd on n great ehoraffghfare, nnd in tbo iamo dmto violnity of Broadway. The (>ock Is froth nnd in good srdtr; boom ootnbliohod four neon, nnd now doing n fine bu Kusse. Term* very easy. Apply at 289 Broadway, room 10. UEoEOE W flfMKKS. ?d>lA|l -FOB SALE, THE ONE HALF INTEREST OF ?vTtvrWji} travelling ba.inoM, whioh U cmh nnl will pay ?nt lonot E300 n month, nnd no rink; nloo, n mnn with $100' Tko take charge of n light buriness thnt will p?v from $10 to |?I5 n week. Applyto C. II. HOWES A CO.. Si Nassau nt. ?BOAA -for sale, a neat market, located ?4$>Atvr\/. is n denrely popalnted pnrt of the city, nnd now fitted np in n superior mnonor. 'ihin include, nn excellent uinge mnohino boiler, choppers, nnd everything neoessa Ity. Apply immediately nt 280 Brondwny, room 10. OlOROE W. SIMEBS. ?Orl r.i\ -A LOZENGE FACTORY, WITH ALL THE ? ?Plt/U. material, lull instructions, nnd ? good elrolo of xstom, will bo told tor iho nbove nam, the proprietor (n idow) being unotle to Attend to the bnninooo. Apply nt 1 Went Thirty filth otroot, nonr Sixth nvonnn. I A BARGAIN.?FOB SALE, THE FAST SAILING \JL ntonmbont Edwin ForresLoompIoto in ovocv respect ITor immedinte aeo. Apply to JOHN DULLEY, 208 West |nwrt, or to A. B. EIlIS. 02 Wooi ntroot. WELL ESTABLISHED MANUFACTURING BUSI .A. noon, of o peculiarly profitable aaturr, will be di.poMd ?t. Prion$10,UW Trrme mndt convenient to n good per ty. Psnnns having capital will pleess address K. R A He ? raid oEloo. A RESPECTABLE COUPLE CAN SECURE A HOME A for n vtnr ia ono of the moet benutitul eottngai en Btatea 'llnad, without paying nay money rent, end by only Acer din. four per tone, wbo are nt preeeat the inmates. The place io fnrnUbed ia the molt oomplete manner, and nothing tould hnve to bo found except n comfortable table and pro >er attendance. The belt or re'erenoo required. Addreae Jjf letter, pent paid, Mr. J. G. Thomas, Stapleton Poet 01 ?See, Statom Itlnad. Name and address of nppllonnti mon | tinned A GREAT CHANCE FOR A SPECULATION IS NOW offered to any poreon wiehing to pnrohneo n patent right Ifor n new nnd useful improvement, nnd by doing eo can re lalire ton time# the nmonnt that in aikad for It. Inquire of |W. LYON, No 8 Chrintopher itreot, New York. FASHIONABLE HAIR DRE3SIXG SALOON FOR I.CX nnl#.?Thin in n ohnnoe rarely offered for aav one wink ing one of the oldent nnd moet profitable establishments of the niad in the city. It In loomed down town, in n grant business thoroughfare. Applyto C. B. HOWES A CO., 81 Nassau atreat. . RARE CHANCE.?FOR SALE. OR A PARTNER A taken.?Ono of tbo partner* of the photographlo nnd daguerraotype eetnkliihment, No. 303 Brondwny, in about going to Europe, nnd n rare obnaon in offered to a person with n email capital to bay out the establishment, or to loin the remelning partner in oonduoting the bneinot*. A Knowledge of the business not requisite, at the remaining party in nn old dnguerreoty pist. Inquire of DeGUINON A STEVEN, 303 Broadway. CINCINNATI REAI. ESTATE.?FOR SaI.E, ONE hundred nnd forty noma of land, adjoining the oity of Biaoinnett, eultoble for oity lot* oreouatry eito*. Will bo Mid altogether, at n great bargain. M. L. SHELDON, 86 Hawaii etreat. CONFECTIONERY AND DINING SALOON FOR SALE ?At a reasonable price and entiuaotorr terms; it is ele gantly fitted up, doing n good bueineM, nnd is ltoated in a Sart of the oity poaaenelng great advantages. If not before iepofod of at private sale, It will bo sold in gross, togtther with good will of lease, nt pnblio nuetien. on Thursday, June 88, at 12 o'clock M., on premises 1,101 Broadway. 1$|RUO STORE FOR SALE-DOING A GOOD BUSI JLJ not*. Satisfactory reasons given. Apply at 2tk> 3er onth avenue, oorner Twenty-fourth nt. B LEG ANT COUNT RY RESIDENCE FOR SALE, WITH (no furniture, carriage, Aa , nnd twenty aero* of land, one nnd n halt miles from too New Brunswick depot, N. J., on the banks of tbo Raritan, nnd commanding n maiaifionpA wtw. Tbo house U in tho Gothic stylo, lately built with (ho Mi material!, and filled Mt with brink. A photograph of fib* pisMo onn be soon nt tho ofiloo ot F. D'HERVILLY, No. JB Exchange place. FARM AT MORR18TOWN, N. J.?FOB SALE, A VALU abie farm of eighty acres, lying about one mile from tho depot nt Morrietowa, N. J. Land rolling, well wooded, nnd a never failing spiing ot oxoeltont water. For par<;oulars apply to HUMEB MORGAN. No. 2 Fin* street. 10R SALE?THE STOCK, FIXTURES, Ao., OF A confectionery and lo* cream saloon, situated at No. 27 Eighth avenue, doing n good badness; will bs sold very low, fiho present proprietor winking to leave tbo slty. No busi ness offers bettor inducements khan this. For particulars naP on tho promises. For sale-a cottage residence, stable, seaoh house nnd outhonnos, together with 11 loft or ground, handsomely laid out with trees aud shrubbery, and eaolosod with pickat feaoe aud gateway, in Eighty eighth street, between the Bloominzdafe road and Eleventh ave nue. The above property is located on the finest spot on this island, easy ot aooosa, and too street is open from tho Bloomlngdals road to the Eleventh avenue Possession im mediately. Apply to M. WILSON, enrner of CortUadt ?treet nnd Broadway, in tho OUnoy Building. "IFOR SALE-EIGHT LOTS OF GROUND, WITH A f J handaom* dwelling house, Ao., situate on tho Sixth ave nue, betw een 115th ana 124th streets. Woald he sold very [ ?L?ep. Inquire of J. DEN HAM. 8th nvenut, pernor 18th ?t. TFOK SAI.E?A MILLINERY, WITH A SMALL STOCK JP nnd fixtures, situated nt 174 Sixth avenue, between Twelfth and Thrtoenth tte ; a good looation for a fanoy ^ntore also. Call at tho above Na. For sale-four four story brick rouses, with stores on Seventh nvonao, between Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth etrtots, on tbo most favorable terms. Apply to E.W. BARNARD, 239 Seventh strset, before 9 A. M., 1 wr from 6 to 8 P. M. For sale-the lease, fixtures and furni tureoftbewell established restaurant in Broadwav, cerntr #f Park piece (formerly Florence'*;. It will bo sold on reasonable terms, by applying to GEORGE C. BYRNE, 45 HatrPon street. OR SALE-A FINE FARM, CONTAINING 83 ACRES, adjoining tho beautiful village of Hackensaek, N. J., well ac anted for early gardening pnrpooes, or oculd be di vided ato village lots. Apply to O. WILSON, 222 Trcspoot plsoe, Jersey oity, or Barker A Ostrander, 137 Broadway. F I OK SAL* ?TH1 PROPRIETOR, DESIROUS OP RE tiring from the hotel business, offers hit flat establish ment keewn as Gliee' European Hotol for sale. This estab lishment it situated on Baltimore meet, too doori above North, uearlr opposite the Bun bulldlags; the looniion It tae belt in the city, being in the vex/ heart of business and fathioa, and is new doing a bneinetvof I3J010 per year, and la eapabla of doirg doable the amount; the house contain* 28 lodging rooms, all nearly and handeomely fnrniehed, an alegant ladies' re'reehmeat taloon on second floor, hand oomelr fitted np, Thu estdbUshment hat been fitted up and famished at the expenoe ef from $10,000 to 112,U00, it It the ?air establishment conducted on the European plan in the ?ity of Ba'.timcre; rant moderate. Addreee JOHN R GILES, 124 Weet Baltimore itxeet, Baltimore, Maryland. FOR BALE?THE SMALL STOCK AND FIXTURES OF a toy aid fenoy etore, well eitabliihet. Satisfactory rraeoni given for oelliag. Apply at 367 Fourth avenue. 30R SALE ?AT A BARGAIN, TBE SOUTHWEST corner of Eighth avenue and Forty lecond itreet; alio, Hi Fc Vnrown itone front hoaie, one briok, and one flramo house, on the weet aide of Eighth avenue; alio, home and lot W eit Thirtv niath meet, and one do. Weet Fortieth street. Will bo sold cheap ir applied for eoen, to S. R. JACOBS, 21 Wall etreet, haeement. * TTOR SAIE-THR HARRIS HOTEL.-IT WILL ACCOM Jd medate akont 190 persons. The preeent proprietor has kept it for the laot seven years, and has lately built a splen did sun mer hotel at Newark Bay Grove, where he wishis to devote bio whole attention Apply at the Harris betel, Greenwich itieet. F)R BALE-IN HOBOKRM, A NEW THREE 8TOEY and bailment briok house, very pleasantly situated; has marble mantels and gas, and finished in good style; or will exchange for a small farm near the olty or good Western land. Address Da vies, Herald eflee, stating particulars. TfOR SALE?1,000 LB8. NEW BOLTS, OF DIFFERENT sizes, st 13 cents per lb. Lot of second hand tools for tale very cheap; two second hand steam engines. W. J. BRUNDBED, Machinery Agent nnd Broker, 178 Chatham street. For sale-a well established manufac turtag business, under a valuable patent, already f? Totnbly introduced, nnd promising a lucrative and perma nent investment. For particulate apply to HERMaNN E. LMPWIO.y. Wall St. For sale?a hat store, in one of the best loeatlons down town. For particulars address C., He rald office. yoi )R SALE IN BROOKLYN?A NEAT TWO STORY _ lis mi house, with five lots of ground and carriage House, situated on the eeraer ot Quiaoy etreet and Nostraud nvenua, will be sold sheap. Apply on the premises. Also two lets on Gates avenue, rear et the above. TUOR SALE CHEAP?THRU WELL BOILT AND commodious three story and haeement houses, with me FIR SALE OR EXCHANQE-A TWO STORY FRAME eotta,.e home and three lots ef ground, situated en the ?euth siau of l'itty third street, between Fourth and Fifth nvenuee; the homo is 3? feet deep, wttk tea room attached on rear, nnd 'M feet 8 inehee frost, built la the bset manner, piled in with brick, floors all deafened, marble mantels and nil the modern imw ovemonCi; has n splendid oonrt yard and plana In front. For further particulars apply oa the pre rnioee. or ef FOUNTAIN A SMI 1U, builder*, 80 East Twen ty seventh etreet. 1'OR SALE, OR EXCHANOE FOE CJTY PROPERTT A farm of over200 acres, oa Long Island; rood laud, ia ?*eed rultlvaUou; new hones and gojJ out build Inge; well watered, 39 milt* from the olty, ml within 2*$ miles ef the sntlpcad otal'inn In<;aire,before 12 M? of ANDERSON A HaLDEN, Utl Vesey street. iVOR SALE OR EXCHANGE-TWO GENTFEL DWEI. liaz homes, on Lexington evenne, and two ia Sdtn strest between 7th aid nth aeeuuos A small amount ef cash re tiuired; the balatce in city lots snly. Address " Exchange," Herald oflleo. For baie or exchange-two houses and flvo lots on Kfghtieth otrsot. Housoi nrst ctai". Will trad* for a farm in Jersey, two ef tb* loto frcn* on Elrjyy ?rot ?troot, all laid oC in a gardes. Frtre $15 OW . MSrt case tr..'**' ?t0 per cent; three year*. Apply to THOMAS if STREET. ls4 Pine street. 30R SALS, TO CLOSE A CONCIRN-ONP. OF THE ' best ii.v .Kmenteie the market?a .al iasle pice of M estate. iTCPtiar on Atlantic street, Broollyu?a street ? . ? . iTi . L .e>>a?a.l of ?>? 1 ,t a Tnlj no A nanf ?/ is OBSE I*OW* 113 FOR SALE?GNM CIRCULAR, FOR oee or mors kmn, price $75; ut tread pswer, tar a ~ . . - * || FOB BALK. ? SAL* OR IXCHANGE?1,4M ACRE* OF GOOD _ hnalui.uotelail with the bee> qanlity ?( m! Will laU a farm, a* Brooklyn aad Williamsburg houses or lata, or J?f?f proper! v, er New Terk teeaat houeoe The title te aald !aai U indisputable, aad the taaaa all paid a i. Apr'7 to C. R TOTrEHf. 156 Broadway, ma ?o. L For balx or to lrt?a barbie's shop, on Hodeoa e treat, It ted ap ia feed atfle, aad leealed ia a feed oeirhtKrbeed, with baok ream aad baioatat, if rs fnirtd. Beat aedartU. Apply at 650 Iladeea (treat, troe jear*' leaee it treated. HOBOE EN PROPERTY FOR SALE TEXT CHEAP? dO lota ia Wait Hehekaa, en easy terms Apply to ?. E. HOPOHToH, Be. T Janaoey ooart. Wall at. H fugle horie. Beth la ?o?d order. Apply imntedlately l. RaRLOW'B kindling weodyard, Furmaa atreet, aear State, Breehlya. Lumber yard for salr.-the stock, fix tarea aad good will ot aa eld eatebliahed lam bar yard, Doe doing a larae business. To a person with fcoat $3,000 to $10,000 capital, aeeireoi of a ng using ia a aate and profitable bnaiaaea, a ebance u here offered seldom met with. Satis factor! re aa u d a given tor selling out A pair to THOMAS ASTKKET, Mjj Ptae atreet. STAMFORD ttSIDMNCE FOR SALE?SITUATED ON eaa e* the moft pleaaaat atreeta in the Tillage, with all the modern improvements, ru, bathing roots, water eloaete, Ac.; lot 300 fee, deep, welletooked with frnit trace, grape rinaa, ebrnba, Ac.; barn and other ontbni'.diaga en the pUce. Pilce $4,500; one halt oaa remain on mortgage Poaaeeeion can he riven immediately. Addreaa R. C. W., hi* S.bLi, New Yor\ Peat Oflloe. SAIL BOAT FOR SALE?A VERY STPXRIOR BOSTON bnllt, copper taateaed pleaanre boat, twen.yone feet long, half decked; haa two bertha, two complete acta of neat a aad eaili; oea ha rigged in a faw mlnutea, aithtr aa a aehooncr or aloep; eaat iron ballast; ta n oapltal eeaboa'., and aalla wall; eeatnina, conoeated from riaw. forty onbio feot of copper air boxes. making her n ptr.'aoa lift-beat. Will ba aold low. Apply to X. BELKNAP, 61 Wall street. LOOP FOR SALE?lfiS TONS, WITHOUT MAST, walladaptadfar earrying aoal, lumber, or can be eaaily s w converted into as ioe barge. Apply immediately, at 171 Henry atraat. Will be aeld oheap for oneh. THE SUBSCRIBER WILL SELL ALL HIS LOCU8T timber, Including acTeral thousand locust poets; eleo, n very large quantity or heary timber, flt for shies or doo*i; alee, between one and two tbenaand oorde of firewood, In cluding, besides enk and obeetnut, eome et the beet hickory. Addreea nt Lloyda' Manor, Huntington Poet Office, L. I. HENRY LLOYD. TO DRUGGISTS.?FOR BALE, A GOOD STORE, DOING n first rate baaineoa and thoroughly atooked. Apply nt 238 Eighth OTcnue. ?VALUABLE COAL PROPERTY FOR SALK-0,000 V acrea ofbitnmlnona ooal land, alt aate ia MoEcan coun ty, Pennsylvania. aear line of New York and Eric Railroad terms eaey. Apply to ROBT. THOMPSON, Jr., Warren and Oreeawleh tracts, New York. VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR LUX?KRMEN?FOR ?alt or oaohango?over four hundred a tree of land, well timbered with pine, apruoe, hemleok, and other Tain able timber, (abeat twenty acrea lmproTed,) e aaw mill, 60 by 30, with gang of three aewa, lath machinery, Ac., 3 good dwel ling heuaea, a barn, 60 ay 30, blacksmith's ahop, aad ether good ontbonaee, all new, altnated within flee mtlea of a canal, in Oneida eeaaty. Price $9,600. Part may remain on mortgage, er will exeheage for eity property. For far ther partiealara oell at 45 Front atreet, this weok. WANTED TO EXCHANGE?A BEAUTIFUL FARH OR oonntryeent; eontalaa 105 scree well cultivated; haa plen ty of wood, good hovoo,barns.Ae?orohard.varden,every part la gecd order, and land well cropped; situated on Shrews bury rivtr, twenty-five mllea fngm New York; faro, 60 ooata; landing convonioat; a fine situation for a boarding bouee or ?tore. Terme eaay to a each pnrohaaer. Will trale for a Bail ing veaael in part or whole. Apply to J F. DUNCAN, 71 Naaaan atreet, corner of John, aeoond floor. SEW PUBUUATlOIta. A CARD?THE ATTENTION OF THE UNDERSIGNED having been oalled to a book, j met publiahed, entitled, " Lone-Cot Comers,'.' whioh oontaina injurious atatomenta respecting the late firm cf Bagglehall, Jfiorio A Co., to the effect that they were ia the habit or tmpoeing anon their nnmerena onatomera by Belling vile maaufketured llqnore for pure, genuine artiolea, I deem it bnt justice to mysolf, as well as the friends ot|Uie late firm, to deny these ehargoe In the meet empbatie manner. No artiole of liquor wai ever cold by BregglehmU, Florio A Co., wbioh was not ge nuine and precisely ai represented. I am aware that eome calling themtelvee " respectable dealere " ate lathe habit el manufacturing apurioua artiolea, bnt am proud to be able to declare that no firm of which 1 have over been a member haa bean guilty of ancb practices. Whether I shall aeak la gal redreaaiagainstjtha perpetrators of trie outrage, iu the present unsatisfactory stale of the laws, must depend on eitcumstanoes. Meanwhile, I hasten to make this pubtio daaialof thccha-gea. B. 8. BAGQLEHALL, Late Bagglehall, Floric A Co.. 317 Broadway. New York. DOISTICKS' BOOK. 12mo., cloth, elegantly illustrated. $1. In eonaeqnetce of the great demand for this work from nil sections of tha Union, the publication has boen delaycl until Monday, July 2, when n sufficient number will hare been manufactured ta meat tba present orders. To secure early (apply the trade should forward their orders imme diately. Copies sent to any part of the Union postpaid on the receipt ef the price. EDWARD LIVKRMORE, Pub lisher, 20 Beekman atreet. GG. FOSTER'S LAST AND BEST LOCAL WORK , NEW YORK NAKED, by Geohck G Foster, Author ot " New York by Gaslight." " Fifteen Hlnutoa Ar<>ncd New Yoth," " Cello/' Ac. The title of this book la unique and peculiar. It means that without fear or favor, both men and things are shown up in this writer's brilliant and striking style?iu a word that, stripped ef the cloak that the hand of oharity would throw over it, THk OUAT METROPOLIS stands forth to public (view with all Us great virtues and great vices, painted by tha hand of a master. It is by far the beet of this writer'! works. On# vol. octave Prioe, 50 cants. DEWITT A DAVENPORT, Publishers, 160 aad 163 Nassau atreet. HoHaaa, oajmuaomib. jhj. d>()A ?FOR SALE, A FANCY USA CART, COVERED, Jl)U> eoit *95, suitable lor atea pedlar, baker or tobacoo nut; ii light, end with platform springs, iron axle, As. Sold for went of use. Apply nt tho tee end ooffee etore, l._ Fir.t eveutie, one deer above Seventh street. A SECONDHAND DOCTOR'S GIO FOR SALE?IT rides end runt very essy end lain excellent order; will be sold very low it applied for immediately, as the owner lies no farther me for it. Address Doot. B., Herald office. Aligiiti wagon for sale CHKAP-NEARLY new. well made enamelled top, wide seat, will be sold tor half its cost. Inquire at 9U4 Wost street. CARRIAGES FOR SALE. -A VARIETY OF SECOND hand light wagons, rookaways ioi four or six personi, a roach, Ac., Ac., at prices to suit the timet, at Etdridge street, between Broome and Grand. FOR SALE?A BLACK MARE, SIX YEARS OLD, 10't hands high, sound and kind, very stylish driver, and as Sood a figure as can be produced. She ia of the celebrated llaek Hawk family* and woold by proper'training be very last. Can now, untrained, trot a mile ia three minutes. Address S. B. BABCOCK, Webster, Mais. R SAI.R-A BAY HORSE. RAISED IN VERMONT, six years old; li'i hands high; pony built, fine style ana F F? ?;oodspeed; perfectly"sound nnd kind'every way; suitable or a family or expxeea; told for want of use. Inquire at elub stable, Peoifie street, near Court, rear of eonl yard, Brooklyn. For sai.e-a black hawk colt, six year* old, lixteen hands high, warranted sound, kind in ling a and double harnesa. and is a vary good saddle horse; can trot a mile in three minute*. Apply at Nc. 3 Greenwich street. FOR SAIE-A BEAUTIFUL DARK IRON GRAY po ny, full flowing mane and tall; gentle, sound, and au elegant saddle litres. May be aeea tot a fow days at E. M. Rscon'tfeed store, 29 Second avenue. OR SALE-A HANDSOME BIGHT ROAD WAGON, _ nearly new and in oomplete order Willbeeoldfor a little over half its cort. Apply at THOMPSON'S Stabler, 1 birteenth street, near Third avenue. For salb-a light running wagon, nearly new, built to order, auitable fur a dootor or pleasure wagon. Also, n first rate light trotting wagon; has never been nsed; sniinble for one or two horses, with shafts tod pole complete Sold on necount of the owner going to Eu ropo. To be seen nt MeALEER'S livery stables, East Thir tieth itrect, between Fifth and MadUo^ nrenuos. For sale-a very fine bay horse, abdal lah Wesiinger (took, 15 hands high, six years old, per fectly sound, kind and gentle; good style and epevd. Sold for want of use. Also, a shifting top wagon and barneaa. Apply at 77 Division strset. For sale-a pair of gentle black family horses, warranted sound; will be sold oheap, the owner t nving left fbr Europe. Inquire at SO South William streat, ground floor. ? For sale-a thorough bred mare, fourteen years old, perfeotly sound; has trottsd in 2:40 nnd known to tuitmea; wagon and harness if wanted. Any per son v anting n breeder, or n prompt driver, wonld do well to addrese A. B. C., Herald ofioe. For salb-at 72 rrade street, one black mare, 15 band* high, kind and aound, [double and i ingle harness, and good to saddle. Can go a mile In three minutes. Fries $150. For sale-a squabe box wagon, fashiona fcly made, and been very little nsed, from one of the beat mnkera; will bo sold with or without polo. Can be seen at George Murray's stabto, 33 Bast Thirteenth street. tOR SAI.E-A FINE HORSE AND WAGON, CON ' i water business. In Rsade street. For sale-a fine horse and venient for a groeery. liquor, or soda wi quiracf Messrs. Wl MANN A LAIRD, 72 T7VOR SALB-A SECOND HAND EXPRESS WAGON, JP Boston make. Inquire at No. 8 Piatt street. The wagon can be seen at the Bull'a Head, Twenty-fourth street, ocrner Lexington avenue. L'OR SALE CHEAP-IT APPLIED FOR IMMEDIATE' r ly, a vary flat bay bores, tlx years eld, sixteen hands high, leng tall; is a coed traveller, aad perfeotly gentle in alT harnesa. Would suit n dootor, carman or express, aad for n family hone eann'.t be beat. Can be seen after 10 A.M. at the Club stable, Twenty-saventh street, between Broad way asd Sixth arcane. ORSES TO LET BY THE MONTH?WITH SADDLE and bridle complete, lor ladles' or sentlamea't use, at *25 per month, at DISBROW'S Riding Academy, Fifth ave nue, corner of 30th street. ORGAN HORSES.-A MApNIFICBNT BAY COLT, flye yann old; can trot 2 50; perfectly kind and sound. M _ , Alio n splendid family I ona, large and stylish; vary strung and powarfuli five rears old; .lust from Vtrmont; for sa e low. Apply at 21 Bootum street, Brooklyn. ?XTRA PAT. Bounty lamb office, m wall street, base me nt.?-Soldier*, tailors and teamsters in amy war sines 1W5, ar their wldows ean obtain their land warrants ef ths NJ"V '? T- IBRTTS, 6o Well streak. Me ebarga until eel T AND WARRANTS BOUGHT, SOLD, AND LOCATED, MJ ?also claims for bounty lrfads prsmptly iwsislstill by WILLIAM E HA>V9 Exohnuge and sjUfeftmS?Ma. 17$ Canal street, funder the Peoples Bank). Letters and or ders from the country promptly answered NAYT BOUNTY LAND AND "EXTRA PAY" OFFICE. ?Bounty landSAid "extrm par" for U. A Navy sail ere> all ware ilnea 17??thslr wide we and hetrapromst T JlttUll |o4 Mid. Uelanees due widows and heirs of dseeasad V. I. sail am and others telle#ted.aad all kinds of elalms against ths Ual tud States reeevered by undersigned; aad the widows or heirs ef thoee ube perished with United States ship "Alba ?U1 b. W.W " Agent n&d (latg)PwrMr V. A Mavy, ?7 Wail street. -MODIT TO LOAM, OK SOUGHT tm prtoe paid nroMgoM, am.ku California pl<. ill trmnHw >rwipl iwttortkl tO (lAA nnn "omit to loan, on diamonds. fAi.UyU.UUy *MhM, jew-elry, dry |Hi(, Mftri, or kHikt for cash; lUtu. um, MMni aero "'MM*' tnui B/ THOMP SON A CO.. bniw tad waalaln merekeaU, 103 Nimm strrc'.. mhw of Ana. room Nfr A ?ooad Iw. tl RA nnn -WMONSTISUKOTOSMOTIATE VioUiyVUt loans, w aatl uj nlnMiotmulM* pert*, consisting of diamonds, wntohna, Jewelry, Mean, U onn bo Mootaodatod aa nuaukto Urai by ep?l(lag to Ana street. twai 4 and A tinn nnn -mun*v to lend on bond and t1vV?Uvv. mortgage, laiiul* a ait applieaata. far a Una af yeare, at Mvva par seat iataraat, oa seed produc tive real aatata la this city or Brooklyn. Apsly ta A A BROAD, 13 Wall otroot, anoad atory, flraat rwai. ??oof?Vl|. '? K- COOK, /A, S for cash.) Basinets airiotly oonfidsatinl, Apply to J. LYON A OO., Cm Hanatoa otroot. between Fiercer aad Greene. AM A fl/in -NONIT L1BKXAI.LT ADVANCED OR ?P*i U.UUU. diamonds. watches. Jewelry, wears, sleeks, and ail kiada af merekaadist, by JOSEPH LYON A CO., 16 William atraat, roam 10. Partita valtad on at their raid dancatL N. ?..?All transactions seofideatial. H97 nnn T0 loan-on bond and mortgage, I -V/UU upon first alaaa raal aatata, below Twentieth atraat .worth at laaat daublatha amount required, ia tnma to aiii N. B.?R?al aatata af ovorr daaonption bought, aoii aad exchanged by private ooatraoV ABBA A ROBINSON, 38 Wall aad 393 Broadway. ttl ft nnn WANTED-ON BOND AND MORTaAOK, <P10.UUU on productive raal Mtata, la tha lawar part of the city, for the term of five yeare Apply to P. D. LOUCK8, Esq., 86 Naaaaa atraat. <kfi nnn AN? ?l80? to LOAN. ON FIRST CLASS ?O.UUU property, ia thia city; a*M, h>naa and lot, ia Twenty filth atraat, far tale. Apply to A. J. HALE A CO . IPS Broadway. (DO nnn TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE tpO.UuU for three yeare, on road olty Improved pro party. Addreee M. R. S., Herald oBoa. <fc9 Knn WANTED?ON SECOND MORTGAGE ON wa .oUU down town city property. The lot alooo worth doublo the amount. Boadamaa roapoaelblo. Addreaa it ourlty, Herald o&ce. 0>1 nnn -WANTED. a FOREMAN IN a LtVXRT ipJ.UUl/. atable, ana SIS par week paid, for a smart American man; none other need apply; one that oaa oom mead the above amannt, ia enah, on a ohattel mortgage, worth ton timoa that amount, will And ateadv amploymant the year rooad. Addreaa Private, Herald oflloa. (fl en WANTED?BY AN ENXROEHC YOUNG tIwv man for bnainoaa purpoaeo, for the apace of two moatha. A liberal intaroet will ha given and geod aaonrity. Addreaa A. D. 8., Herald office. Broadway loan offios-cash advances made in Inxap or amnll amonnte, oa diamonds, watahaa, Jewelry, apparel and alJdaaorlptiona of personal property, or purohaaod for oaab. Theatrioteet confidence and pnaotn alrty will ha obeerved. Ordrra, poatpald attended to. Ad dreee 39t Brondway, near Walker atreet. CASH ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUNT. OK PURCHA3 odat eight, diamonda, watohea, rioh jewelry, mevohan dine, aad valuable personal property generally. R. WOOD, 60 Fulton etreat, aoaand floor, front room, Atom 8 A. M. to ? P. M. CASH LIBERALLY ADVANCED -ON WATCHES. Jewelry, dry goods, pianofortes, furniture, or any other property, at 41 Howard atreet. corner of Broadway, (re moved from SC4 Broadway). Thia being tha oldaat and moat roaponaiblo office la the city. All traneaotioae are atriotly confidential. Mc LP DOB LIB A O'NEILL. Financial-wanted, sioo.-a southern lady wlehea to borrow thia aim, (of a lady who ia from the Sonth preferred,) tor the uao of which good board will be Seen until the aame la returned, in a flrat olaaa house, beau tully located up town. Tha houaa eoatalua all the modern impreremente. Addreaa Mra. Gabriella Meaddlaton, Peat Office. IRVING SAVINGS INSTITUTION, NO. 96 WARREN atreet, one door from Oreonwioh.- upon daily from 10 A. H. to 1 P. M., and from 4 to 7 P. M. Interest at the rato of 6 per eent on anma from SI to >300. WALTER W. CONCELIN, Proaidont. m "6. VAnwp5:a. j Vl0# n?*w?u. Vandxruilt L. Buxton, Secretary. ILLINOIS ACEKCV AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANK. ?Notice ia hereby given that the January and July, 1863, instalments of intoroat upon the atocka of the State of lUinoia will bo paid at tho agency of the State on and after Monday, the aecond day of July next. Tho taatalmenta (at the rata of S16 per 91,Uw each) will be applied upon the lol Iowiug coupone from lllinoia and Michigan Canal Bonds:? Coupon |ot January, 1848, from old fll.lWO, ?3rtd and ?103 Bond*; coupon of July, 1S48, from ?226 Sterling Bon!*; coupon of July, 1819. and January, 1860, from Bonds of 1847. JOHN MOuRE, Treasurer of Illinois. Liberal cash advances on household fur nlture, pianos, watches. Jewelry, nantieal lastrn mente, firearms, meohanioa' tools, dry goods, Ac., aad per sonal property of ovary description, or the highest uash price paid tor the same, by MoCAFFRAY A WALTER, 26 Catherine street. Money advanced for short periods on real oetate, diamonds, wntohM, Jewelry, plate, pianofortes, dry goods, .Wms, carriages, and ovary ?' . description of pro perty by the responsible Empire Loan and Agenoy Com* paay. C. WILLS, Agent. Twenty.four hours nation suffi cient on real estate. Several houies and lots for silt, OFFICE OF THE THIRD AVENUE RAILROAD COM ysuy.?The interest en the bonds of this Company, doe 1st of July, will bo paid at the Broadway Bank. AMORT EDWARDS, Trsatutof. Rose hill savings bank, no. 26i third ave- I nuo, one door above Twenty-first street, open daily ' irom 10 to 2, aad on Wedaeeday and Saturday evenings, from 6 to 8 o'olook. Interest at tho rate of 6 par cent on sums of 1600 and nsder. Deposits made this month will draw interest from Jnlv 1st. WILLIAM H. PLATTE, Presidsnt. Jams i R. Kki i.i:r, Vies President. H. Loot borrow, Secretary. THE INTEREST DUE JULY 1, ON THE CITY OF Stockton, (Cal.) ten per cant bonde will bo paid at our office, on and after Saturday J une 30. on present atiou of the coupons. WELLS, FARGO A CO., 82 Broadway. TO CAPITALISTS.?THE FOX AND WISCONSIN IM provement Company offer to capitalists for investment tho remaining half of their 8 per eent bonds CUM,SOU), pay able February 1, l?6S. Interest semi annnally, at the Bank of North America, alty of Now York. Th#M bonds are so. oursd by a first mortgage upon lands worth, at a low valua tion, more than doobla the amount; also, u son tha improve ment Itself, together with its proceods, water power, Ae Inquire at tho office of tha company, 14 Wall street. GOPAJRTHKRSIUP NOTICKS. ?7K OHO -WANTED, ONE OR MORE PERSON'S S| J .UUU . who cad command seventy five thonseud d, liars in ensb, And willing to invest it ia A itoek that will pAy a net profit of E7'> UOu within eight month*, or JioO.OiW wi<bin twenty months. None bnt onutious, shrewd, onlou lAtir^ business men, cepsble of JudtJng for themselves, need Apply One fourth of the not profit to go to the writer ot tine note. All cotnmunientloni will be with real name, strictly confidential, and frankly Answered. Address El Do rado. Philadelphia 1'oet Uffloc, Pa. ?IA finA-PASH 0R CREDIT.?WANTED, AN ipiU.UUu aotire cr silent partner, with this amount, in a staple business wbieh will pay from 00 to KM per oent par ?t on the amount invested. For particulars addrotj, witn nume anil where to he seen, Importer. Herald office. <??(! COA ?PARTNER WANTED?IN A PLEASANT, Jp^.UUl/. resp.etabie business, which ie now paying over *c,CiX) ret profit per annum, and can be more than doubled by the assistance of n suitable partner, A full 01 pinnatinn given upon an interview.' References exchanged. Address, with real name, 0. L. L., Herald office. ?1 AAAT0 W.OOO.-PARTNEK OR CLERK WANTED' 'Pl.t/UU security for the money and a liberal salary will be given; money will be returned at the end of the year it de?lred. Also, a man, with ffiOQ. I am not an ajsut. Apply or address it 331 Broadway, room No. 3. <M AHA T0 ?WANTED, A PARTNER IN A ipl.U'"' first class grocers store, now doing a large and profitable hn finest in the beet looation In this city. Please call at the store, 384 Fourth a*eaue. ?1 AAA ~A PARTNER WANTED WITH THE <PJ.?UUU> above amount in n respectable oaeh paying business, large profits and well established tor the last ten years. This is a rare opportunity, as one of tl.e partners re tires from business. Apply to C. B. HOWES A CO., 84 Nassau street. ?Q^A -A PA ETNEB WANTED IN A CASH HAND tpOtJU. factuiicg business, paying 603 per oent clear pro fit on the sales, and used by eveiy business man in or out ot the city. None need apply unless ha vise the ready eash. Apply this morning at tn* manufactory, 90 Falten street, fourth floor, room 7. ?9AA-A PARTNER WANTED, IN A CASH BC3I ?EZiUU ae*e, well established and known throughout the city. The opportunity is one rarely mat with; SI,?? yearly can be easily realized by each partner with proper attention to the business. Apply t hi* day to C. B. HOWES A CO., 84 Nnsoau ottoet. A LAKY OP ENTEEl'RISINQ, INDUSTRIOUS HABITS, with a small capital ot *3, (XXI, would liko to Join a per son keeping a botel ia an adjoining eliy or flco .-titling v.l lag* or would Join a person keeping a country store In a growing Tillage, with good proopeets of iuocom; ha# a tho rough knowledge ef business, both ladies' sad gsntlemea's wear and millinery. .Either South or West parties wishing to treat will address a note or call at 870 Broadway, en C. C. M , for one week. A PARTNER WANTED-TO TAKE AN INTEREST IN a msnnfscturlng bnsinoss that his been ceteblishrd three years, wl?Ji about nine hundred good customers. A good salesman will And this a tart ehanoe. Apply at 2!U Greenwich street, basement. TtTANTED-A PARTNER IN AN OLD ESTABLISHED YY business, with a capital of Jti.iKX) or *8,1)00; capital n t ao much of aa object as an snterpristug man. The hnelneet belrg large a man acunalated with bookkeeping preferred Address L. 0.. Herald office, stating nam* and wbtr* to b* w ANTED-A PARTNER, WITH *000 CASH, TO JOIN in an established lean and broker business, as the *d verttser must be absent from the ofhee a part ef each day. A good chance will be given to a strictly ho nee t men. Ad dress H. P., Herald office. , , WANTED?A PAETNEE, WITH A CASH CAPITAL of from *1.060 to *3,003, ia a maanfhrtmriag bullae is known fbr a number ot years; pays a good Interesf Best of references given and required. Apply to Edward Bluiusn thai A Co., William street. ~' cisOTiimo,??. ("tAST^OFF CLOTHING OF XYIBY DESCRIPTION J wanted?Tin highest pries git #n. and sash paid In cur rent money. Gentlemen wishing he dispose of clothing, of a geed ounltty, fer a liberal eash aqulvaleat. are requested to call on or address JAMS* MORON EY, II letter street (late Orange street). /1LOTHINO.?LADIES OR QENTIKMEN HAYINO V' any ef the tame to diepese of, een obtain a fair and oath price by aendfag for th* subscriber at his rttUeaet, (or Mireugh the poet,) ?B Elm er 161 Chatham street Ledus attended by Mrs. Cobsi. M. * COHEN. rm LIVERPOOL-*. ? MAIL STEAMSHIP ATT.AST TIC Fas. Waal, OtsnuUir ?TK1? ?tMnm p mil wt w44h th* Halted luto mUi for h?M K'limlr oa Jim V.mU o'elaak M., ImL berth at tU foot of Oiul iMA far freight or punp, bet in< ua aqeallod eoaommodatioa* far elegant# ud otafort, apply mm ? ?" fo ""a i m *m mwm. m era p?? ??b"j "?? iu^ uu aqeallad eoaommodatioa* far alaraaaa aad esalirt, apply U IDTARD K. COLLINS. M W all atraat Paaaanaeri lew raaaaatad i. to oa beard at 10K A M. Tba BALTIC will ? VVMUinaii w WW mi rattan ? ?? """laaci ? MM id K ba aa baard at wk A M. Tba BAl.Ttc wiu th# AllaaUa. aad aad Jala IL S jipp*ra will platra itdaa that that ahip* of thli Haa aaaaat oarry aiy rood* aaatrabaad at war. All lattov* aiuat paw through tha Nat OBaa; aay other* will ba rotarnad. fflHE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES i Mall Staamott?Th* ahip* aompoaiag thia Ua* ara IM fallawiag fallowing ? ATLAJiTIo. Cap*. Waai. BALTIC. Oast. Gomataok. PACIFIC. Capi. Nya ADRIATIC, Capt . Tkaaa abipa kava baa a ballt by eoalraot, axpraaaly fat g*x ... .... i Lataadr ? i arnmaat aervleo. Every oara haa baao takaa la their aoa atraatlaa, aa alaa la thai* aailaaa, la aaiura afreagth aad ipaad. aad thait aaeommolaUnna for paaaaogert ara une 2welled for elegance aad aomforn Prise of naaaaca fraa law Totk to Liverpool. in brat alaaa eabdn. ?!*), in aaooad da.. ITS; fxoluaava aaa of aura alia stateroom. 13%, h>a Liverpool t# Now Tork. 99 aad 3> gninca*. An experienced aarcaaa nateched ta a ash a hip. No bartb aacurad aatlt paid for raorotan neras or aatuir#. fbom new tubs. rao/i urnroaa. Wodawdey Bay Id, 13M Saturday May 19. 1? Wodaeadaj ....May 30, ISM Saturday June 2. MM Wadoeiday ....Judo 13. ISM Saturday Jaaa IS, 1853 Wadaaoday ....Jane 27. 1868 Saturday June 39, IMS Wedaoidoj ....Inly II, 1866 Saturday inly 14. WM *Jwlf U, IM* Latatday July ?, For (ralaht or petaag* apply to IDW'D K. COLLINS, No. M Wall acreot, Now York BROWN SBIPLET A CO , Liyarpool. STEPHEN KSNNARD A CO.. 37 Auttin Ftiara. Loudon. B- O. WAJNtt RIGHT A CO., Parda. GF.OBOB H. DRAPER, HaTra tba owner* or tkooo ahip* wiU not ba aocouitabl* lac gold, silver. bullion, ipacia, Jawalry, prroiaui ataoa* or mptala, union* bllla of lading ara signed tharefar, and tha value thereof therein expressed. Shipper* pi*aa* &k* a.tlea th at eh* ahlpr of thia Uaa oaa Bat oarry aay good* contraband ol war THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL mall ateamehip*;? I HOM KlVVOIk TO I.ITFBrOO!.. Chief cabi* passage EM) Second eabla pa?*aga 75 I ROM ltOSTOM TO I.ITlftPOOb. Chlaf oabia raaeege 9110 Beoend cabin paMage 60 rom Oo*t tba ahlp* from Boston oall at Ualilax. ARABIA, Capt Judkina, AMERICA. Capt. Imog. PERSIA. Capt. Ryri*, BDROPA, Capt Shannon. ASIA, Capt. R. O Lott, CANADA, Capt. Stou*, At hlCA, Cajpt. Harrison. NIAGARA, Capt. Leitch The*# vessel* oarry a clear white light at matt head; groan on (tarboard bow; rod on port bow. ASIA, Lott, Iter** Boston, Wednesday Inly 4. AMERICA, Laag, ' Boston. Wednrtdaj July 18. CANADA, Ston*, " Boaton, Wadnatdny Auguat 1. ASIA. Lott, " Boaton, Wodnoadny Angus'. IS. Bertha not accured until paid tor. An e?prri?ne*d tnrgeon on board. Tba owner* of that* abipa will ntt ba eccoaatabl* for gold, ?ilrer, bullion, tproie, Jewelry, preoiona atonaa or metala, aiteaa bill* of lading era aignoa therefor, and tho ralu* thereof therein expressed. For freight or pesauie apply to E. CUNaRD, No. 4 Bowling Oroan. Thar* will be no tteamahip* of thia Una from New Fork until further notion. rflHS VANDEBBILT EUROPEAN LINE OF STEAM A abipa.?Th* Hrat olaaa new atoamahla ARIEL. 3,309 toai, Laforra aoaitar, will tear* Now York from pier 30 North river, foot of Chamber* atreot, at noon preolaely, oa Saturday, June 30, for Harm dlreot. Firtt olaaa peaaaga Slid Soecad alaaa peonage 00 Tha Ariel will bo followed by th* North Star, Inly 21. Tba owner of thee* raaaala wlU not b* aocountabl* for gold, silver, bullion, specie, Jawalry. precina* atone*, or me ta'a, unlet* bill* of lading are eigoed therefor, aad th* xala* therof therein axpiaaaed. dpeele and geoda takaa at aiaal rata*. No freight racairad after uoon of th* day bafor* aailiug. No berth aaoarad until paid for. Letter* prepaid L8Vo. per >4 oa wUI b* reoeired at th* to 11 A. M. oi th* day of tailing, aad will be ear effioe up I rlad la atrong India rubber baga under look, aad oa arrival at Haxr* will ba Immediately da port tod la th* Peat ofiof that*. Paroola taken, each prepaid, oaa dollar aad upward*. FIXED DATE* Or *AtL!Ra. FBOM !IIW TORE. FBOM HATBB. Ariel Jnaa 30 North Stir Jnaa 30 North Star July 21 Ariel ...July21 Ariel Aug 11 North Star Aug. 11 North btar Sept. 1 Ariel Sept. 1 Ariel Sept. 24 North Star Sept. X* North Star Dot 13 Ariel Oct 13 Ariel Not, 3 North Star Nor. 3 Ariel Not. 21 Tkea* itaamahlpo are elaaaad A I at tha iaiuraaee offioea, and apaoi* and good* wUI b* iniurcd ia them at aa low rata* of premium a* In any other *tcam*h.p* that ocoaa the ocean. For freight or painago, apply to l>. TORRANCE, No S Bowlii 6 Bowling Oroan, New Vork. SUMNER, MONTANT A DRAPER, 26 Ku* N. D. do* VI* toiro, TariA CHKYSTIE, SCHLOESSMANN A CO., 27 Quel Caiemir Lglavigne, Uaxro. FOR LIVERPOOL.?SWALLOW TAIL LINE-THE regular packet of21*t June.?Tha calo ratod Urate!*** packet ahlp CONSTITUTION, 2,000 toua, J. Britton. com mander, Will poiltivalv aall a* above. The ecooinmodetioa* for cabin, aocond oabin and itaorage paanongen era un?nr pa*??d Far*?Saoond cabin, $13; ateerage, fli), and found In a liberal anpply of oookod proriaion* by tha (hip. For paaaag* apply oa board, pier 20 Eaat river, or to th* agent, THUS. C. ROCHE. 83 South Kroot. FOR LIVERPOOL-ST. GEORGE'S LINE.?THE UN rivalled clipper ahip DREADNOUGHT, Samuel*, mea ter. will poaitively anil on Tbttraday, 2lat Jua*. lho aojum modatioca In cabin, aacond oabia, and ataaraie of this aplon did ahip cannot b* excelled. Partial proceeding to Eorop* ahiuld not fail to examine her bafor* engaging ai'lwhara. Apply on board, pier 8, North rirtr, or to DEMAREST A JONES. 10 South ttraat, oorner Oil alio. For livehpooic-packet ship constitution. Sto end cabin and ateerage paaisnger.-i will plMas be on board by 12 o'cluok on tha 2l*t Jnna. Koom for a fuw more. Apply to THUS. C. ROCHE, 33 South atroat, OLD BLACK STAR LINE OF PACKETS TOR LIVER pool ?Thaapltndid new clipper ahip JOHN BitlGliT, Capt Cutting, will poaitiraly *ail on Friday, June 22, and ba* excellent accommodation* lor a taw mora cabin, aaooad eahin and *t*irag*_pa* Eaat rirar, or to W1L1 eahin aad *t*iragejpaa*eag*r*. Apply on board at pi*r3d 1LL1AMS A UUloN, 40 Fulton atraat. THHE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP ? company intendaailing their favorite ateamahln*? C1TT OF MANCHESTER. 2,126 tone, Capt. Wylia, CITY OF BALTIMORE, (aaw.) 2.688 tona, Capt CITY OF WASHINGTON, da. .2,700 ton*. Capt. R, Laltah. Saloon990,9*60 and 966, according to atat* room. A limit ad number af third olaaa pa*tang _ paatangar* will ha takaa from Philadelphia and Liver pool, and fannd la praviaiaaa. From Philadelphia 930 I From Uxerpool 941 Partle* wishing t* bring oat their trianda, eaa obtain oar llfioata* of paoaaga aad draft* on LiForpool, in anma of A) aterling and apward*. Apply to SAMUEL SMITH, agent, 17 Walaxt atraat, Philadelphia, aad No. 7 Broadway, Haw Tork. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE?THE UNITED fitstee mail eteamer UNION. Captain R. Adams, tea Bander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land the mailt aud paseengora, on Saturday, Jane 30, at 12 ek, from pier No. 87 north i' "* o'o'ook, from pier No. 37 North river, foot of Beach street. 1-rioe ot passage, flrtt cabin. $130; eeoond eabljt, $73. Lug gage not wanted daring the voyage thonld be eent on board the day before tailing, marked "below." No freight will be taken after Thursday, Jnne 28 For freight or passage ap ply to MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, SMlroaiway. N. B.?All letters watt pass through the Post Offic. Reduction of fares to suit the times.? Now York and California steamship line, via Nicara gua Accessory Iran lit Company, ot Nicaragua, proprietors ?through in advanoe of tbo mail?Too mlloe shorter than sny other route, avoiding the deadly Panama lever, aud two miles of 'angeroui boating in Panama Bay. The splendid double engine steamship STAR OF THE WEST. JJO tons burdm, Capt. Turner, will leave pier No. 3 North river, at 3 o'clock I*. M. prcoisely, for Pnnta Arena*, on Thursday, July 5th, IMS. connecting with the steamship Uncle Sam, 2.WW tons burden, over the Nicaragua Transit route, having but twelve miles oMand transportation l.y first class car lisges. For information or passage at the rsdnoed rates np 81 v only to CUARLE3 MORGAN, Agent, No, 2 Bowling Ireen. Letter bags made op at the offics. Stamped letters taken tor b)* cents each. TYESPATCn LINE FOR SAN FRANCI3C0?THE MAG xJ niticent A 1 clipper ship GOLDEN It EST is now load ing at ptsr No. it, East river, and will positively sail fcr San Fraooisoo on or before Saturday, Jnne 30. Shippers will please have all their freight oa board Saturday. 23d last., and band in their bills of lading for signature. The Gelden West is one ot the sharpest clippers evsr bnilt in the United States, and presents the create?t inducements to shippers. BUTTON A CO., 38 South street, tor. of Wall. Australian independent mutual line The magnificent A 1, clipper ship METROPOLIS, 1,000 tons, T. H. Jay. Commander, will succeed the Crystal Pa lace ano have Immediate despatch for Melbourne. The ac commodations for psssengers in this fine ship are of the very beat, both la first asd second cabins. Also, a limited asm her ot steerage passengers will be taken at the low rate of $80, found with provisions by the ship. Having a portion of Ltr cargo already engage J, passengers can depend ou quick despatch. For fre|? ht or passage, ^al _ Uf^ratos.^a^y board, at pier 17 East liver, or to MAILLER A I.OED, 108 Wsll street, and ARK ELL A ELLIOT, 140 Pearl street. Australia-passengers per ship crystal Palace will please have their baggare on board on Saturday next, the 23d inst, as the ship will tafl oa the2.5-a without fall. A few berth* ye', fcr sale. Apply on board, at pier 13 East river, or to ARKEI.L A ELLIOT, 111 Pearl street, MAILLER i LORD, 108 Wall St. ACbTRALIA.?PIONEER LINE.?CARRTfNG THE United State* mail.?The celebrated A X clipper ship NIGHTINGALE. Captain Mather, for Melbourne will be despatched on her second voyaga about the 1st Jnly, hev iag made her last ia the unprecedented time of 70 days. Has excellent aoeommtodaUont for passengers and freight. Ap ply at the offioe of R. W. CAMERON, No. ti Bowling Green and 110 Wall street. Australia.?ship crystal palace, to sail next Monday. Three seoond cabin tickets for sale at a sacrifice, the holder# being unable to go owing to tho deatn of a relative. Apply te the agout, Mr. Barry, on board, at p.vr 13 East river. EDWARD MITCHELL. I|M)R N1W ORLEANS, DIRECT?THE U. S. MAIL 1 Steamship CAMAWBA. Captain R W Shnfeldt, wUl commence Motiving freight oa Thursday, June 21st. and sail en Monday, Juas 2.5th. at 12o'clook, from pier fost of Re kiaaen street, N. R.. touohiag at Havana oa her return For freight or passage, apply to LIVINGSTON, CROCHERON A CO.. ?l Broadway. N. B.-In consequence of existing quarantine regulations st New Orleans, the Cahnwba will not itop at Havana g'-iag out. TjiOR SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA?UNITED STATES r mail line.?lh? rew and elegant steamship K.VOX VII.LF, Cart. C. D. I ndlow, will leave New York for Se vnarah, on Saturday, Jnne 23. from pier No 4 North river, at 4 o'elcck P. M. Bills nf lading signed on board Pnr freight apply oa board, or lor passage to SAMUF.L L. MIT "" " ~ Florida, f CUiLL, 13 Bioadway. For Florida, ttrough ticket* from New York to Jacksonville. *31; l'llatkn. $31 The Florida M. S. WoonhnU, will tueoeed, and leave on Wednesday, Jrne 27 rC" CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA-SEMI WEESLF i it 1 States mail line.?The new and fast going et timer JAMBS ADGER. S. C. Turner, rominandcr, wi.l el tAHM Aui.t.n, p. v. turner, ronunioarr, wt, leave pier No 4, North river, on Saturday, Jnno 23d, at o'clock P. M. precisely. For freight, apply on board, wher all bills of lading will be tlrn*d: and for pMiae*, at the office ot SPCFFORD. FILESTON A CO, ? Broadway. Through ticket* to Florida as foil-we-?To Jackiont ill*, f.D; to PUal'.a, $33 The Nashville will racoced, and leave on Saturday. June flfc TO TOR EDITOR OF THE HERALD,-THE FIRST enk'n passenger* in the Oltv nf Mobil*, from Liverpool, wish to expvtss thctr warm ndtnlrnt lea of the ability of their pilot, V . J . Sinrphv. Ilii Lindners and attention alto. Will svor be held by them in grateful rtmemtranr* Signed ON. tn b*halt of the tiret cabin paisengert, JOHN SALMON Signed on hohnlf ot the seoond oailn raitenivis. June 20, IST5. THG5 RUBIN90N. PASSAGES BY THE ATLANTIC Tfl KUROPK.-TWO po states tsllverpcel by the steamship Atiai.tio, of tn. 27bh Inst., sny be had en easy terms, by appli-eUon to the bookkeeper of the Aotoc ItSH. as the perilee wk ? he.4 tbeca eapnoi i? out so eoea. taelbn-tiue or ooMMa*rm(Batv~ ?**001*00* M T\ Mf K'Thi.cb nsiti time or < Dooreoo** tl ?, Gvwrtaro to lain ri**< mt g o'oiwk gTwrlvelr wi ?*** and uiKKiaov i;jaJia sfiiv UUlfaM Tmi nanny Erviviao, Jvwm IL Third porfbranso* 10 A mane a ef HALF A'S SPECTACLE OPERA. U Uiraa note. entitled TBI DAUGHTER OF ST EAXX. now pr-du.-vd orisinal arLiKoaa, Vita New Scenery. Cntinn. llaaMii, arnu, aal ai- otbet nooeavorle* and iua following powerful . . _ vmt urcaiaacti ar- * I ? j'i?*?9, *'** of Br Uaiaaa Ac Urea Urtari, a Petrio ao Br. Borresa , lO-'gmelli rarriratdVKi I i.?* ot lJ** ^"cil ?* Ton Mr HwaaMtii ' u V!' 0 Br Cbaakw Mi rata ..Mr U dai Bwiaao a r?jf 10 <be King Mis* Culls 1 Adoiph ds Coorcy, a Irvnch Mr Unrroos (As complied for tad originally p-rforui?d by bin > ' Catariaa t'arnaro m-ce lo Anepre.Mils Loaiaa rni FULL HROBBSTRA, INCREASED CHORUS aS? GRAND BalLaT. Conductor ?r. u. r. SrUMlr | gVKOlAL tunic* ?***}*?-? 1 P irata bojaa u Orchestra Seat. ? .'.'"."fll Boi oflioa open daily, I'ram 8 A. M. to 4 P. A, tar vieukax Orchestra Seat* and Private Bex** tnlj. THE DAUGHTER OF 8T. MA BE will !>s performed EVERY MU8T THIS WEEK. BROADWAY THEATRE. SUMMER SEASON. Engagement for a limited seriod with these talented ar tiste MR. AND MK8. BARNEY WILLIAMS, being I heir fivat appearance tine* their raUra rr*m Cali fornia, vhete (bey parlormaX ooe hundred ai .1 fllty nights to over toe bundled or J fiity tboaaand dollari. MR. AND MRS WILLIAMS ?re the origioaiandc iGy leeoguiied personate** ef t!i? IRISH BOITAND YANKEE GIRL. They will appear on MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 23, la threa of tbeir moot mousing characters, intersperaed with a nuuil er of souga aad dance*. Tie Box Book will ba of*n on Saturday mominj, whoa see's can baaecnrad t'ntaa day < la a J ranee Tboaaladlee aad gentlemen engaged far tba aummer taaaoa, are requested to meat la tba green room, oa Friday, J ana 'X2, Bowery theatre -if. waldrom, proprietor And Baa agar i Robart Jonet, 3ta,e Manager met ?f admission:?Box**, 25 oaate; Pit, U,y oeatetOatlero 13>X aaatei Private Beta*. $0.?Thursday e ram ax. Jane 21. TDK CLUB OF TWELVE THE DUMB GIRL OF PORTICI. Mas* niello Mr. Johaaton THE TWO B'ilOYS. DUCKLXT'S BEKKN ADER9, 53? BKOADWA7.-MON iJ day evening, Jane IS, aad every evening tint weex. and laet week of the aeaeou, ETHIOPIAN ENTERTAIN BENTS of a soperi jt ord" r. and ' fun witrout vulgarity." And the beautiful biirleiqn* ?c tba opera af SON NAM HULA. Amino, (the black Somnambulist) Mist Eleanor Gumbo, (pledged to Annum U s. Berkley * "im, (laTub " ' " _ _ _ l.eay Jaa, (la lab with Snsaiuiehi R. U. Huskier Baa Tackcr W. Pereivul Uommaaoaa at 8 o'eloot. Tloketa IS oenuT* N. B.?Tbii company will oloea, for a ebon eeteoa. an < Saturday ereuing naxf, Ju ae 23, for tba iftirpor* ef extensive preparations la tbair ball, to produce new Buclosqne Operas i on the re opeulog. Dae notice will be gtvea. LdKANKLIN MUSEUM, NO. 03 BOWERY, NIaRI.P 1 oppoaiia the Itowery Theatre. Performance* every af taraooa, at 3, and every evening, at 8. N. B.?Strangers Will observe that the Traakt.n Mneeam le the only pleas In thh United Btates where the Model Artiste art exhibited, with ether original entertainments. Remember, No. 53 Boirery. OLYMPIC CIRCUS, 45 BOWERY.?H. FRANCOM A B. Runnella, Proprietors. New attraction for tho week. Engagement of the Female Equestrian, M'LI.E MARIE. (From the Cirqne Olympic, Paris ) Seoand week of the Shaksperean Clown. W. F. Wallett. Moae. l'raacoai with his splendid horses, Bayard and Joan iter; Lavet.r Lea and his talented obildres; B. Rannelle and T. Neville in tbeir pleasing note; together with inviy other uoveltiee which will be enamerated In tha bills. Boxes, 26 oente, Reserved Seats, 60 osnte; ohUdren, half price; PH. 12>^ cents Alternooa porformanots:?Monday, Wednesday aad Saturday. fTIHE ORIGINAL CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS.?A ('ARB J. to the patrons of Ethiopian minetreley tkroash >ut the Lulled State*?The undcrei. n.limbecs leave to inform the pnblio that be bat uo c*nnvctlonTat present) with any oom pony giving eoooerts under the above' tills, (which In every instance is an nssumrtio*)- Himself eud the principal mem bers ol his "original tronpo" are in this cit , nod havo not resumed their performaocee lines their re'arn from Cali fornia, of whien i rouat notice will be given. The public's grateful servant, E P. CHRISTY, Tha only person ef the name of Christy at any period en gaged at o performer iu representation of Ethiopian charac ter. WM. F. WALLETT, THE CLOWN, W1I.L TAKE HIS FAREWELL BENEFIT, On Fiiidav EvKlfinn Just 22. AT FRANCONl'S NEW CIRCUS, BOWERY. Four downs in tha circle. Mods, i'raneoni, RookVell, M'lle Marie, Sig. Napoli, Rnnnallt, M. Le Clair, Wallett. All the Company, Reynolds, Andabvet ef vo lunteers. See bills. Theatre. Wilmington, Delaware-ladies and gentlemen, of acknowledged talent, pithing oa Ragenicuts tor a snmser season ot tight weoks, will makc in.mediate application to H. A. LANGDJN, Stage Manager, Wilmington, l el TO MUSICIANS-SOME GOOD MUSICIANS WANTED to travel on the Inkee, for three moatbs cor win. Good salaries given, with board and truvelling oxpeuses. Apply this day Thursday, Juna 21. 1855 between the hours of ID o'otock A M and 4 P. M., at George P. Wordca's 2S Bow ery. corner Bayard etreet, for Mr. WILLIAM tVYF.TfE, lenie MILLI5KRY, MC. Millinery?the ladies or new york and the vicinity are reepeotfnliy lururioid tbn: in view of she snticipatad early eiosa ?( tha present eaaeou, ever/ de loription of bonnete. Including every variety of eilk anJ crape, Dunitable.leplit straw. Leghorn. Tntoanv hat-, ell be sold foroat half thair rlginal est. Mantdls* of evoosr hue and eolar, alegantly made and chastely trimmed, ntH la told at the prices for whioh this establishment is noted. The public tre respectfully invited to call and examine tbo ?toon. LYON ISAACS, No. 6Division street. W/FTCHES, JEWELRY, dec. Gt PINTS' FINE GOLD CALIFORNIA DIAMOND CI.US T ter pins, with ohaln, t5; without chain. 54 These pint tie equal in brilliancy and appearance to the real diamond. Sent by mail to any part of the United Sta'.os, by enclosing amount te L. A J. JACOBS. 407 Broadway. Reduced prices-watches, jewelrt, dia I moods and silver war*. The undersigned, tor th* lavt eighteen years n wail known dealer nod importer, offer* lor tale all goode iu hie line, at ? lower price! for the saiue quality, than any other house in New 1 ork, Philadelphia, or any oiktr oity, and wUl tend by i mall er express. _ _ WATCHES, JEWKLBY. lo.. to all parts of the United States, froe of charge All goods warranted as represented. Order* by m*il, postpaid, faith fully attended to. WATCHES. Daguerreotype watches S1(*H->$15C : J ur gen son, genuine warranted 150 to 2.50 < Cooper watuhee, guanine warranted 125 te 775 I Independent second watobts 125 ta 250 ! Poeket ohronomaters 125 tv 256 Eight day watches 110 to 180 1 Ladies' enamel watehei <V> ?0 I'd i La Jits' diamond watches 55 to WjO i Magic watches 1DU to 75 ' Gold bunting levers, tall Jewelled. 18 carat 40 ! Gold open faced levers, full jewelled. 18oaral... 24 Silver open laced levers, (all Jewelled is ; Silver lepinet 8 ' JEWELRY. Earrings SI 5rt o $26 0$ ' Pins I 50 to 25 0 I Bracelets 5 l?) t* SJ f)U Gold lockets, oae, two, and four glasses 3 00 to 25 00 Gold Guard Chains ID uu to 91 0* Gold Choolaine, or Belt Chains ID no to lb) UO Gold YeslChain* 8 bo to 85 IW I Gold Fob Bmdnf 6 is) to 15 05 I U?ld Fencns I 25 to ID 0* ; Gold Pens ana Pencil* 3 .5?l to 25 00 . Gold Crosse* 2 'JO to 12 IN i Chased Gold Rings 1 UO to i DO Plain Gold Rings 75 ta i d* , Jewelry of ovary daicGjuKjn.^^ Diamond Single Stone Pins J15 00 to $1,500 0* 1 Diamond Clnotar Pint ju Ol to stsi (JO , Diamond Rings 7 to t* 250 00 ' Diamond Earring* IIS) (111 to 300 DO Diamond Crosses 25 00 to 80D 00 Diimead Bracelets 1U1 00 to 850 00 1 At.. As . Ao. SILVER B ARE. Silver Teaspoons per sot S5 no to SS 51 ' Silver Dessert Spoons per set 12 00 to 15 0# I Silver Table Spoons per set 15 00 to 25 "0 Silver Table Forks per set 13 00 ta 2H Qt Silver Dessert Fork* per set jp 00 to 2i 00 ,Silver_Weddiag-Cak* Knives, l'iejvnive^ Fish Knives, Fickle Forks, Ice Cream Knives, Frnlt Knivoo, Hotter Knives, Children's Sets, via.: Kuifo, Fork and Spoon; SUver Cms, Napkin Rings, le. wntobos, Clocks and Jewelry repaired at its* than tkd usual prieaa. Watshes and Jewelry taken In exebaag*. GEO. C ALLEN, Importer of Watohoe avd Jewelry, Wholeeal* aad Ret*8, No. 11 Wall street, (second floor.) near Broadway. Mew York. I)' MJB1HCAJU vR. WARD'S BNFORTCNATL 3 FRIEN D, M, WITH f tkook.-Imt what tkoat want wha have cunkraoted dfrcaMt, namely, a iw at onca, and ao delay and peaaer. Oreateat anra in the world by Dr. Ward'* 1 tanata'afFrkad." Afllletrd take notieo?ma ether rat ?aa anra yon radlrally. Slight aaaea aarad la a fcw boar**, nothing aba doe? it. No. fiu Comal itreei. oma door aaa* ef Broadway, la tlia place to cot tbla rapid and thorough remedy?aawbara alee In Naw York. A anra warranted by Dr. Ward. Fatlenta aniioaa far raliaf may aaly on a rapid cnra by Ma treatment, wit boat taxing the ayetem. Alloca tion ot dial or aataatiwa n batlaati aat regairedL ?aptad. Thorn at a dtataaaa treated be mail aad aipraaa. We eonetir with atbar pa part ia raiam ?mating Dr I- aad hlatraatlaa.?Dispatah. Camrlar da Etnta tata Zeitang, National Damaarah, da. DR. POWERS' LADIES' OOLBEN TONIC AND PR riodlc pill*, a aafa aad aorar flailing roaady far fcmada irroynlaiitleA Praparad araordtnr ta tlia original praaartr tion. and raid by Dr. WARD, Carnal itraat, Itai Broadway. Letter* aptwar'id. ____________________ IB ifPORTANT TO FEMALES. DR. DUBOIS' OEFICE Ar'ancy for tha oxelnaty* treatment 01 all dlaeaaeefnei dmtto famalaa, No. 86 Lexington avaaoa, aaar Watt Twenty, aartath at rot t aad Fanrth aranna. Etmadlaa for ftetala daraartmaata fram SI to |S. Advice gratia. Comamltatiamr and latter* eonftdaattal. Mall letter* tontalalag toaartad with ndvice and madiaina by retorn path. Raltef gaaraoteod in nil raaat. Fatlanta from n diatanaa praridad with *U*iMa bcnrd, o?r?inr. had attendance. MBBj~LARMONT, PARIS-ANN LONDON HrrsiWlAJI . aad anrgeoa, antkor af tha Madianl Advtear aad Mar rlaga Galde, Stf page*. 75 angra-laga, (maUad by Urn, Naiad olarely, to any addram for 11, < U aaaaalW mt 43 Rtada itrft, torntr of Breadwayiflrom 11 A, M. till 2, aM * ta V P.M., Sandeyiaiaaptad. Thota ~ B mall aad aipraaa. W meadiag Dr L. aad h Mali. Day Boak, Staata ! . aiiuopxpia. FIBOR NORrOLK, P1TRR8BPRO and Richmond - tha I'nlted Atatai mail ateamabip JAMESTOWN, L. Parrieh, commander, will tear* tier Na. 18 Perth river aa Setorday Jnoe 38, at 4 o'clock P. M ; will arrive at Norfolk H.a i??l afternoon, aad at Patertbnrg aad Rlobmoad tha followiag maralng. From Norfolk naaatnger* for tha Soath Srtneed by tailroal dimat. wlib tkroiuh Tickete from W>1 en ta Wilmington, Charlaaten, Ao Paaaage and far* to Norfolk $8. to retenhorg and Richmond $10; ateeraga naif Cra Tbrctuh tirkati to LinohhorgSli Apo'jr to LlfD' M A riSASARTS, '3 tfrmdwey. N IT-No freight ?,a??a far Petecahorg. Acadehy or a?fic. Italian orm. OAOIL.'I |TUi t(t|U orwt of NoIKA Mil S* glVM. far Ik* last llBM.M Thursday tr^Nwa, jonb ?. LAORANC t^T'EKA TBOOTS. P*! reles eaeportsd t>y MRS. AURA OR LA ORANGE. S10N0R RAPARLLR MtRATB, a*4 ?v . _ . . ?'""OR MORRLLl, OA their return frem Boston. Mneieai Director and Oeadseter Big. ArdiU The public u? iMf-octla ly ia'nrraed that lbs nilllAlS' of three oslebratrd artist* will cot siteafi Wr??TthlM day of Joly aid *|!| noit positively afford the nbUilto lait opportunity of bearing them Seats tar mi or tbo six renreseniatioat aar b? mmm! aA the Aoadsmy, at Uail A Soa's at Taa Nerdea A (lai'L aMR at JoiUo's musts star*. Prioee of Adatiaaioa -Parqnet. Parquet Ctrala and FlMk Circle, ft; Ssoursd, $1 W. family Circle, So oaaU; Aa?W tseeU*. 75 oaato. * Doors open at 7V: taa Opera eaamanoaa at 8 Celeek. Br It TON'1. CHAMBERS BTRRBT.-DHRSA CIROUR and Tarquat, 6C (.aula; Family clrcU,? mih; Orskae We Chairs, $1. Private, $6 eaeh. Doors epea at fk( btgto at tl o'oloclt ?Thursday areata*. Jam* 21. Benefit ef Mr*. Freai. FAINT HEART. Ac. I HIS LAST LBOA. Unci ei* Mr a. Iroat O'Caliasbaa Mr. Sit * . Mu. AlborHne RORT O'MoRE. I'ARtNT* A lit'ARl/lANs Be Welektu Mr. "DROADWAV TUEATRR. AJ FK11>AY EVENING, June K. coarLiMEKTABv ?a.srriT TO SIGNORa V1R1TI VRRTtPRACH. Prists Louaa Coatralto of the late Hevaaa aad Asadtmff fit ,___ Mu.ic Opera Troup*. Tw.ot* ^RFORMAHCES. ..J second ect?t?*K0*N1,Jlm LUCRF.7.I A BORQIA. AND A GR *N1) COHO RT Til I following eminent en leu bare kindle velaae services, and will apj-eer ? * "? Madams B* ati'oca Mimriia, Sii-moma Fran ami, prima decaa, (tier first appearance fa Opera ) The Little rhenemeaoo. Am liwa Patti. aad other*, biunua Bunotoni, Siosoa Badiali, Biumum Cvtvei, Swam Colhtti, _ Stewon Roero. A Grand Ooheetra. Conduater. Signer La Mama. J ricee ef admU.ion, usual theatre prleee. Seat* ?ir be secured, without extra charge, at the boa office of the ibea tte, two day* before. GEO. CHRISTY A WOOD'S MINSTRELS, ITS BMAB way, above Grand street. OPEN EVERY EVENING, lor this week, Htkiepiaa Miastre.xy, Denote*. A*., ?India* with the BLACK BLUNDERS; f R, FORTY WIN ICS. Door?opt a, 0J<; ?emmenoe, 8 o'clock. Tickets tf MRfff All buiinee* transacted by II. Wood /"?ERMAN OPERA.?WALLACE'S TUEATRR, BROAH U v ay. a? ar Broom* .treat ?On Friday, Juae 2L? time ot Donieetti'e .rand opera ef THE CHILD OK TUR REGIMENT. Principal oharaoters enetaiaed by km*. maHTIM doRMY sad ant. BOETTNRR. I QUINT, MULLRR, BOETTNRR. Musical Ceaduotor Mr. Robert I Prioee ef Admisaioa:?Private Boxer, $0; Oroheetra I an* Secured, $1; Parquet and Dreit Ctrola, 60 seats; Mt mily Circlo, 25 cents. bnx office open from 8 A. M. until * e'oleek P. M. Boots open at 7: to oommenoa at H o'olook. IRANI) CONCERT. AT CONTINENTAL HALL, 04 I ner of Eighth avenue aad Thirty-fourth street, peated this Cl bureday) evening, Jobs 21, at fV o'clock. ' A. Sedgwick, Musical Director Vocalist.:?Mis# D worth, Meeere. Geo. Harrison, W. Brown, Ac. Oonoertbma Solos, Glees, Ballade, Ao , for a rich evening's smuitagaaR murical entertainment. See prortamme. Tickets, 25 aeatei fire tickets, $1. JOHN R. SMITH'S GRAND TOUR OF ERROVW AND SIEGE OF SEVASTOPOL. At CatnasK Asssmbi?y Roomi, 538 Baoxtwxr, ?hewing oaiKVXDRrDniwi, brty test wide, of the principal CITIES AND OBJECTS or INTEREST IN EU1 Every evening, at 8 e'oleek; aad erery Saturday l noun, at 3. The mu.ic by Mr. Alwya Field, ot Loadoa. Admieeiau R? eembfi fTRAWlNG ROOM AND DRAMATIC READINGS AN* X'ncita'ione. hy Mr. J. B. Brown, the distinguished Skaka ptreaa readrr, this (Thnredav) erenin*, at S o'cloek. Mm tnbaciibtr piomieee hie ftieuue and tha publio who patrandM there readings and entertaiumauta aa agreeable erealac. Single tiekete, 50 cent.; three tickets fer tL OLIVER a. OOliDSMira, Hit Breadtrar. Brooklyn museum.-iumensr array of ta> lent ?Complimentary benefit to Meieri. Ward amA Mclntyre. Friday crening, June t2. Mr J. C. Frederiefab the distinguished tragedinn; Mi-. Ida Veruoa. the faroritm and plearing actreei; Mi?? Adelaide 1'rice, aad a heat ef otbrr volunteers. lNGOMAlt?In*omar, Mr. J. C. F** deriokr; Parthenia, Mies Ida Vernon. Uanou, Miss A. Prise. '?Maniac', veath," br Mr. W. 0 Hurray. PADDY MI1R9P BOY?i'aidr Miles, Mr. II. J. Ward. Slngiuz and Oanoiac. ToM AND JERRY?Tom Crlbb, Mr. Gsorge Reuse tt. Tiek ets, 25 cent*. Door* open at C^: commence precisely at TJf. O DRAMATIC AUTHORS ?THE YANKEE SONG. BN tlcled " Bobbin Around"?words and mnsio by W. /. I lorenoe, will be pnb'lthed In a few day*. Thie son* m written by the undersigned exprnsly fer hie wife aad haa been sung bv her with nest eclat ia the prinoipal olUeeef the United Stater; aad the rubseriber dee mi himself calwd upon by the recent wholesale piracy of his privets raesa icripts, to give publicity to the above, In the vaia hope thai heieafter he nav be able to protect authors aad arUetata sotnemesiure from the unprincipled use of ludividnal pta perty. \V. J. FLORENCE, Comedian. G T LA. A I.. L BENJAMIN'S. EXCURSION ? Grove Concert is postponed (on account ot the ram t _ Tuesday night) to Saturday. June 28. The proprietors tw Ket the ehange of tlmo, bat deemnd it tmnrudoat to take o* r?e a company to a wet grove, even if it shonld net raAa while on the ground. The same tlokets. and all ether ar r.n.en,''nt. the tame at advertisad for W ednotday. N. B.? There will be no further postponement. CURB TOR HARD TIM A3. Pkbhxm e Gar at Gift Dirrainttnon Positively takes plaoe ou 5th of July. REMEMBER TICKETS ARE ONLY SI BACH, admit four persons t* Pm ham's Rthioviaiv Gpcra, 663 B no ad w at. Amoasst the gitts to be distributed is a Splendid farm, worth lloanofoasb *i 1 losn of oash 1 loan of task 3 loan* of easb, SAW each 10 loans of eaeh.tSlOO each The 2:10 trotting mart Lilly Bala 10 Rosewood pianos SO Geld watches, Ac., Ao. Bend all orders for ticket! te J081A11 PERHAM, Adams Hoasa, ? 3 p F. It HAM'S ETHIOPIAN TROUPE, M3 BROADWAY. The burlesque Baby Show Triumphant, end will, by general request, be produced EVERY EVENING THIS WEEK, and on Wednesday and Saturday a'ternooni, with NT IhA tureeln NEGRO MINSTRELSY, KTC , Tickets, 26 ceate. Gift ticket* admit fear peraon* eoeh. FEKHAITS BABY SHOW OUTLIVES BARN GITS, and call* forth tremendous SHOUTS OP LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE every evening, at ?63 Broadway. PROPOSALS. Proposals-orfice or the governors dp the Almshouse. Mew York, Jane 20, PUS. To iltteri,?? seated propoiala will he received by the Oovarnar* of the Aim?bouse, at their office, Rotunda, Park, until 3 o'oleek P If., of the 2bth instant, for slating, with belt quality ad blue or green American slate and fine Dalle, tho now wimm of Bcllevue Hospital, toot of Twenty elvth street. East riv VA AAV HOtOO UVflpitM, IWUt Ml A WOHt/ lit *JI EMI alv Wa Also, lining the gutters and laying fleshings, with bait 1 X et arcoel tin, ana furnishing four 6 inch tin leaden, eeoerd .u hiob can be imi, and ffcrther ia applving at their offloe. The Oover ve* the right of rejootiag all ofen rantageone to the departmeat, anA itg to the eperiScations winch ean be imi, and further in formation obtained, by applying nt their offloe. The Qover norsroesrve te themselves the rig"" " " " ? not deemed by them advantageous propositi to ho accompanied with the aamee of two riifis iablc partio* as eeonrity tor tho faitbfal perforaaaoi ot the contract. SPOUTING. A DOUBLE BARRELLED GUN WANTBD-NO. 9 10 bore, 28 to ,'it inch barrel*, of Wiggins, Deaae, AA A Ucane, W estly Richsrd?, Egg, Greemir, Noire or Meatea. hist London makers. Appl^, personally or by latter, ha ffl 1) HO BBS, 36 Maiden Ian*. aiKDICAL* R. l'F.HRY, 87 FRANKLIN STREET. NEAR TAT lor ? salooa, may bo ooniaitod loafldentlally in diseases. Dr l errj is tLe agent fer Durel'i Freaoh rei for female lrre/uiaritiv*. Price S3. DOCTOR 'J. PFBIFFER, HYDROPATHIC AND taoica! doctor, office 217 East Seveateonth A?, core* rheumatism, diarrhoea, and disease ef long stead ing, and all anitng ftmx aa impare it ate of tho HwA Also, hi* ointmeit tor barn* and scalds. Offloe boars trsffi 7 to 3 o'clock, A M. and irons 1 to 3 o'clock, P.M. -, svenimga from S to 9. \ r> E. HUNTER, NO. 3DIVISION STREET, NEW TMU, ?? long endfevornbly known to the pnbllo, may bo eam snlted at bis old eetaMtined office, where bo kaa tit* iu oae branch ef medicine for tho laot 24 yean, and more cure* than aoy other raaa la the city. In Istancee of psrsonsconsidered incurable, eome of which ha hat nernlseion to refer to a* beretetors. Charioe moderate, and in all eatea a cara guanateed. Caution.?My glint m loedy. Hunter's red drep, that onrei certain disenoes with ont drying Its poison in the blood, can only bo had a* above. Price ?I. Call and get tbo Monitor of Health. DBA COBBETT, 10 DUANE STREET, MAT BE OOW | snltod with eonfldeaee on certain diseases; 24 years ha one speciality ef the piofewlan sublet him te saamatoa permanent outer. Bio treatment U tho tamo aa that erne tlscd by the great Rfeovd, of Pari*. N. B.?Dr. C.'f M|llipt a* member of the N. T. Uafvestity, maybe sssaathti lily DHR. COOPER, M DUANE STREET, SO LONO*ENOWW ? to thoottfaona of New York as tba most inoaaaafiB praetitioaor this eenntry ean boss* at, sentience to bo eoa sult-ri at Mi aid offloe. rei verier the unfortuaato, ami pv ing consolation to many aa aching heart. N. bL?Dr. 9. guaranties a euro in all oaoas undertaken. DML JOHNSON. M Dl ANE STREET, HAS PERFDEM | cd mere onrei than aay other medioal maa ia New [York. Dr. J.'s treat ml', is safe and expeditious, bio medi |?in- s can he taken without jyay of dot lotion Cbarga* York. Dr. J.'* troaemcnt is lines ean bo tahsn without M derate, and tho money refunded M eatlifhatien li net firm. D~n~ JAMES H. SALISBURY, WHO SUDDEN!-* LEFT thiieity, In March last, accompanied by a Ef at 4 sapt toed to liave gone to Virginia. Aay regarding hhn would be thankfnllv reoe/veJ *7 nnlThp Greot, at 210 Eighth avenue RICORD S PRACTICE.?NOTICE 0* Tho undonigaod, fomcrly a repU wUhthe greet ? oord, of Parte, and with tho eelefireVsd en oity, Dra. Carnoehan and Mott, |sftwrut the pnMu. ine^o mm .7 .Vitleted ros/tlve esse ranee of dispensing raotna at No. Aid. dlMMM. Ho tenders to nil sWeied ^pow , .|t) M ?y, *Md ike elfueioas of tho dotoo, Httlo hooka, "no mertniT, ?? mlT ~i_ M k*,. riumeroui modi eel cb"-*'**',*;, matter haw c small log theto carat treated ^^itended ekeervsMaee iaSi enled ttty why, nppgr. ?? ^ .,der Eioerd himafflf. Dental rfu NMi. la r J thlo together with the nmnf ??? ^peeilUe. It mar ha moa rmin?t inrg^ ? rooidlag lathe aown iletfed. for the InlhrmaWft^ uf Ua( NU1|? at try or diitaat eitise, that y ^ aUtlnMak ,r their oaeo. subeorihor by u,u*' Vrt i. tecs adsrted to it will bo prepared win tho aeoMoery modwtnorijmrw^ ^ AoUy. and rant U them NwoWMgn e-.^ wj-jj Charges quite * H<* treatment of eoammptlaa. given ia everv laiM??o- ,, eatirely aa tholaa scrofula andJEW ianM af m-ilcss, and hatboaa ami iSMY-iSAtir^"" from 4 te and fram ? UA](M0ND. M D ,

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