Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 21, 1855, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 21, 1855 Page 9
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Knox"! Sew Hat Empa.tnm.-Knox will II*1 ikil Ujkii m?1| tttsd ?| u< superbly tm*|*4 bit ?mpsrium, the corner ef Brcadway end Fulton ?trs#'.. ?iieiiiiMDll) increasing business he* induced him to ?* rata ware commodious and hia numerous patrons will be {alighted with the establishment. KNOX will ai?o eill re'aiu possession oh hit up tea a emporium, No IS broad way. Hia earn nor itylo* a( bat* eta be obtxiasd at Utb plaaea. WhtU'i Raw Ntyics ot data Row Ready ? I rati baarera, soft Uata, aad straws, In endioia variety,and ?1 all inradte end ?hs."t?. WHITE, 311 iiiiadiray, epperita the Bronzy theatre. hcobdhaiid Roaewoel ISo'lan Piano, Gll tcst'e mass. prioetiJS, for aa'a a* Mil; one bo idol r piano, prtea t3N). f..r *190; o?e CbkSeriu*. mahogany oaae, #130; ne raeawaad piano, nearly now, #185, at 333 Broadway. ujraoe waters. Raw Rule by Tbouaa Baltrr?America, eamtiaa. We ' the Orphae, ba'lad, 23c.; the Swinging Polka, baanetiiuUT Bluttrnted with eilored vignette title, Sc.; the celebrated Bparkllsg Polka, fifteenth edition, 35e. UOKAIJE waters,333 Broadway. Bunair Clothing.?We bare lately added ?aai new atylca to onr immenao stock of faobionable turn sues clothing, bad would adriae onr l'rienda to given* an early eau ard make their aeleetiona, a* tba more daairabla atyw w#l bo ten-ce before the seaeon ie over. O. DEVLiN A CO., 288, 230 and IX) Broadway, corner of Warren atreet. Iron' Clothing Warehouse, Ron. 66 and 69 Pulton etr'Ot, la the only place where zephyr eaetimere eaMe are told at fill. Check Mareeillee mite, $8 50. Oh, Shantfnl I?Ac Oak Ha>l they are bag their large asiortment ut new etylee of enramer < Snl . ? . cloth .far acn and boy*, at a profit of only live per cent on i Mil, Remember, Uak iiall, 84 nnd NJ Fulton atreet. ?? the IadJea-fi stplendid lUiortmint of try, straw goode nnd Shaker hate, at WM. 8. IRVINE'S, 112 Canal etreel. thing Goode J Hovnlug Cioo ia-Rlch hamats, grenadine*, tieeuee, printed uiushus, da bage, and *8 aaftar kinds ot mourning goode, telling at great bargains. I. 11, LRADbEAraK A CO.. 317 Broadway. mgu! Bnitgtt.-A Sew Lot of Rich l Will bo opened title morning, which we will eell at per yard: alto, a new lot of cheap eilhe. I. n. LEAD HEATER A CO., 3i7 Broadway. irsTi Trowelling Drtie Goad a.?Three Cases of ?no yvcuch de bage will be offered thie morning, at the low prlssa of la. Cd., worth 3*.; alar, rot! India aeerauokena, n new and beautiful article far travelling dretaei. E. B. LEADBEATEK A CO., 347 Broadway. Gentlemen'! Farnlthlng dooda?Juit re* ?deed, n now end magnilieent assirtmoot of gloves, ties, srsvate, anepenGke, do., eelected in London and Pane ex pieeely lor retail, at AGATE'S celebrated correxxa ehtrt ?annfactory, 258 Broadway. Jaaeph Lockltt, Son ? Co., Ro. 231 Pulton atreet, nearly opposite Clinton, Brooklyn, manufaoturere and import ere of ladiee' dreae and mantilla trlmminga, eon eletlng ef gnuzo fringes, moire antique guipure gimpo, bat ten! and tassels; picture cord and taeeele, Ac. Root! and Shoe!.?Executor'! Sale to Cloac an eatate ?A rare lot of calf and patent leather boot*, and rent ttyloa of patent leather eh jee, will bo eel# uinoh seat, for tbo month of Jnne only, at 73 Naeeau atreet Carpeting! and Oilcloth!, JdO per Cent lean than neual wricea.-I'XTEKSUN A HUM PARE Y. 379 Broadway, eerier of White utrtet, will toll during thie week at tbo abeva ntea. Call and toe. Great bargain* may bo snpeoted. Rot Printed I Beyal English velvet carpet*, 11*. and 12s. per yard. English tape, try Brussels our pets, 8*., 9a. and IDs. per yd. English ingrain*. 4s., 5*. and 8*. per yard; at HIRAM ANDERSON'S, 99 Bowery, Sign of the great American Regie. Good Chance?Carpets at Coat, Prtir to Re moval.?lit consequence of removal to our new itore, on the 1st ol July, we aio cloeing out our stook of cirpotiage, oil oloth*, Ac. DUUGHTK a BKO., 231 Broadway, three doors above the Altor Uooee. Mayor Wood.-The only Authentic Biogra phy and portrait of Fernando Wood is new publishing in FhANK LESLIE'S New York Journal for July?price 1S% eeati? containing numerous beautiful engravings, and Sue thrilling romance of the " Soldier ot Fortuoe." Thie is the most utefnl and entertaining magaiine published. For sal* by all booksellers. Doll Shotv In Is Show of the Season, at ?POERS'S fancy store, No. 449 Broadway, will ooutlauo through the week, embracing every variety of dolls, from to* size of one bnlf an inch to lull grown babies, dressed and undressed, black and white, crying and laughing?such a display as will aJTord all the little girls in New York an op portunity to make a toleo'ion Also, every variety of Toys and bames for the amusement and instruction of ooildren. For sal* at prices that Rogers, by his own importations, can ?aly afftgt^to sell them. No. 449 Broadwoy. . Bab Dye, Wigs end Toupee*? Botchelora*g stMratwd factory for thee* articles is 233 Broadway. Nine private room* for the application of hie unrivalled hair dye, wholesale aad retail. Beware ef imitations. The largest ' seat sf wig* aad toupee* in the world. UlhsUtadoro's KxcelUur Hair Dye lias be. ?em* a staple article throughout the United State*. No draggist or perfumer can afford te be without it. for no other dye operates with the came oertainty and safety. The blacks and kirown* it produoes defy detection as artifioial. Sold aad applied at No. 8 Astor House. Tbji, Flmplts, Freckles, Salt Rheum, Rlng werms, eruptions, tallownen, Ao , oured by GuURAUD'S Italian medicated eoap. l'oudre subtile uproots hair rom any part of the body. Nothing looks so well ai alofty fore head. Rouge, lily white, hair dye and reetorative, at the eld depot, 47 Walker street, drst store trem Broadway. Bead litis?An Old Man Mad* Young for tit, by getting on# of the beet manofacturei wire or toupee* from the celebrated manufactory of MBDHuEST A CO.. 27 ka dis lane. Back and front braids, hands, ?vis, Ao. Copy tho address. 762 Broadway.?H. T. Lovtl's Medicated Wah peer, an Indian vegetable preparation, a beautiful toi let for dressing the hair, keeping it elear ef dandruff; a pre ventive ef grayneae and baldness; transparent, aad free from oil. lricc 50 coats. ?y Oupuent will Force the WMakers or Has. taehioa to grow in six weeks. and won't stain or lnjare tho skin, *1 a bottle; large bottles, containing eight of the small ones, 15; sent te any part of the oountry. R. (1. GRAHAM, 563 Broadway; Briggs, 37 Btate ttreet, Albany. Hill, Inimitable Hair Cutter, so Long and favorably known, at 43 Natsau street, has opened a branch hair cutting and sharing room at No. 1 Barclay street, in as neat and comfortable style as any in the eity. Shaving at hath places 6 cent*. Trusses, Shoulder Braces, Ladles' Belt* and supporters, instruments for how legs, olub feet, ant all de Sot mi tits of the budy, on hand and mad* to order, by Dr. GLOVER, al the Surgeon's Bandage Institute, No. 4 Ann street. Dr. 8. 8. Fitch, An trior of the " Six Leo bases *a Cosssmptlon," office 714 Broadway, opsa daily, Oranday excepted,j from 9 to 5 o'clock, treat* ooniumptlen. sett ma, disease* of the heart, and all ehsonio disease* sf ms'ni aad fsmalet. Consultation free. The Great Inhaling Remedy for Asthma, consumption, and all disease* of the throat and lungs?Dr. Cutis'* Uygeaaa. Thousands have been restored to health the past year by the Hygeana. Prtneipal office, 343 Bread way, and told by C. H. Sing, 192 Broadway. I'rics only #3 a package. Dr. ClIRTIB will be at the office daily, from 10 to 3 o'clock, where he may be eontultsd tree of charge. At Stw York, In tile Dead of Sflghf, The eitlsen in dread alright. Received too f orious charge Of humgiy hosts of bugs nnd flees; The loathione rat and mont Joln'd the**, With roaehM black end largo. Bat they were all killed by LYON'S magnetic Powder and Fills. The infallible death dealing artiolo Las X. Lyon' ? sig nature oa label. Depot 124 Broadway. Ilolloway*! Ointment? tatonlihtng Care? Professor 11OLL0WAY, when at Moscow, on a vliit to Frisco D??orff, in lour weeka oared hit contort of nn al oeintod breatt. For thii extraordinary cure the Prince pre sented him with a gold muff boa tat iu diamondt. This cele brated ointment will enro nny tore or ulcer. Sold at tho maaufaetonea, 80 Maiden lane, New York, and 241 Strand, Lendon, and by all druggists, at 23 cents, oenlt, aad tl iwr r?t. No Fiction.?An Appeal to the Candid.?Tr. lo B. WRIGHT'S Scrofalont Antidote it the only aedlolae ever ditcovtrod that may be relied on far tho oiro of con inmpticn and all other tcrolnloue diteetet. It bae per formed more wonderful omoi than all other medicine* of fered to the public. This medicine, to tho aOltoted, may be belled at good newt. Unlike otho: medicines, it will not do eeiTO year most sanguine expectations. Alto, Dr. L. B. Wright's Lipid Cathartic, or Family 1'hytlo-n complete revolution in medicine. Thii phytio it destined to do nway with all other pnrgit'.vee now in uto. It It per'eetly pleasant te tho taete. Children, as well as adults, take it with iloature It operates thoroughly, but gently?prodntot neither ntniea nor griping?it the ufteaptst pbytio la nte, aad it trnly and boaettly the besr biliont and alterative Phy via known. It it a perfeot regulator of tho ttemeob aad newels, aad will not leave the bowels costive. At a worm medietas it la naoqnalltd. No family thoald bo without it. Sold wholesale and retail at 1(j9 Broadway, anl a*, the prin cipal drag stores throughout the Unltad States. Fewer and Ague Cannot Exist Wnerercr the ?ww "antidote to utlaria'' oallod "KLode't favor and agna earo," it ntod. Ittoiegniar mnooence it proved by the eer Itteate of the celebrated chemist, Dr. J. K. Cbiltoa, which aseempanics sacb beetle. For tale by C. 1L Hiug, C. V. Clickentr ft Co., and dealers generally. J. A. RHODES, Providence,R I. For Fever and Agtae?Deehlers' Pals, it ( ladle Cholagc.gue.Sl 80: ter cosghe, colds, fto. Hatting ? syrup of naptha, Koxera' tyrmp of tar, Avret'cnerry pec toral, teeh ll ; for dropty, ?ravel *?., Wolfe's scheidam tehaappt, Watts antidote, each SI; for rheumatism scro tals Ac., Hyatt's Uto balsam, 78 osata , Uol.oway't pills aad eintmsnt, each 28 cents; for suppression, obstruction At., Yam Hambart's female moathly pills. SI; for tbo tooth and gums, Thompson's tooth soap and orris and charookl Moth paste, each 25 cents. At OUION'S, 127 Bowery. Harrlevl. Ob Wednesday, June 20, at the Church of the Annan elation, by the Kev. Mr. Btbbit, of Mlddletowa, N. Y., F. W. Brooks, of Ban Francieoa, to Matilda C., dangh tsr of Flcjd Smith, Ee.j , of this city. Oa Tuesday, June 10, at St. James' Church, by tbs Rev. P. McKenna, Tuos J. Coohlak to Mart C. Doi'uu brtt, both of tms city. On Thursday. J una 14, by the Rev. Mr. Pries, Mr. Dorei DxRAOvrtoMiesCxiiou.vgA. DsttRvrtSH, daughter of the late Joseph P. Pellentnsh, s*l of New York. On Monday, June 18, at St. Peter's Church, by the Rtv. Win. Qu-.nn, Jama 11. Clark s to Miea Catokri.vk M., eoly daughter of Hugh Bradlsy, K*<i. At tiraat Halt l*ko c ity, Utah, oa Sunday, March 29, Vy the Hon. Chief Justice Kinney, Jamim F. URrKito.vD, Fsq., ?f Iowa, (Oentils,) to Kits Mart Ax.x Taylor, only daughter of Mcer John Taylor, one of the Terelvp Anos tlee cf the Cbnrth of Jeeus Christ of tho Latter Day Hainta. Tea bride was given away by Capt. Rufna In galla, C. B army. At Has, en Saturday, May 20, on board ship Richard Re 1) a son, en the psistge from Liverpool to Ne# York, Crabum jo.ver, son of Rot. W. P. Jones/of Preston, Kng laad, target a of the ship, to Miae Mart WiiBjh, of Tethalm, Rox^crough senary, Sestlend. DM, la Brooklyn, m Tueaday Morning. June If, after a lingering illneea, Commlia t, vifeef Bnbert Armstrong, la w ?tk jiU of btr age. Her relative* and frienos, and tktn of th# family, an reapec trolly invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence No. 203 Washington afreet, lJrocsljn at tbreo e'eloek th's afternoon. On Tuesday evening, June 19, Mart, wife of Jekn Crowe aged 39 yearn. The friend* cf the family, and those of bis brother*, and brothera-in-law, J. Fitzgerald nod P. P. Boyle, alao of her brother. D. D. Horxigaa, are requested to attend the funeral, this afteraooo, at two o'clock, from her late residence. No. lb Cherry street, near Franklin ajuare. Oa Wednesday morning, Juoe 20, at eight o'oojk, of typhoid fever, Noah Harford, Jr., Aged 2k years. His fr.eade and acquaintance# are rsspeetiuliy invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of bis brother in-law, C. f Bogert, No. 140 Rielngton street, this rao.-n iag, at 10 o'clock. Hit remain* will be taken to Darien, Conn., fee intermint. of fccarhtira, Mart Jars, daughter of Bather and J. L. Famll, aged 2 yeara and 14 dayu Th* frisndB and relative* are lav .ted to attend tho fa nerah from No. 127 Croahy a treet, this afternoon, at half pa et two o'clock. On, June 20, after a abort but severe ill neaa, Ci.ate jStri'Hen, in the 36th year of hla age. Hla friend*, and thoee of hie brother*, John and Henry Strobes, are invited to attend the funeral, thii morning, at tJtven o'clock, from hiaJate residence, No. 15 Prince i tree t. After a ahcrt but severe illness, Adeludi Jo.-kpiiive, youngest daughter of Cbarlea E. and Catherine Clark, aged 1 year, 8 month* and 6 days. The Menda of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, at two o'clock, ircm the residence of her parents, No. 113Orchard afreet, without farther in vitation. On Tuesday night, June 19, Mart, eldest daughter of Lor log Andrewe, Esq., aged 22 yeara. The relative* and friend* of ilia family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, thia afternoon, at half paat three o'clock precisely, from the Reformed Dutch Church, West Twenty-third atreet, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, without farther invitation; Her re name will he taken to Greenwood for interment. On Wedneaday, June 20, after a abort illness, Jahrs Dalt, in the 32d year of hi* age. The relative* and friend* o: the family are reapeetfuliy invited to atten 1 the fun?ral, from his late residence, No. 69 Perry atreet, at two o'clock this afcernooa, with out further invitation. On Wednesday morning, Juno 20, of consumption, Cbarias M. Baker, aged28 yeara. The relatives and friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, to morrow afternoon, at one o'clock, from No. 97 Ludlow etieet. On Wednesday, June 20, Jamsb, son of William and Rose Stevenson, aged 12 years. 4 months, and 10 days. The relatives and friends of the family, and thoee of his uncles, James and Owen Gallagher, are respectfully requested to attend the funeral, tbis afternoon, at three o'clock, from the residence of hie parent*, No. 188 Lau ren* street. On Wednesday, June 20, William R. Hazlr, aged 52 yeara. The friends ef the family, and of his brothers-in-law, Cornelius Poillon, George W. Pellkm, Alexander C. Poil lon, and John Lcveridge, are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, from hie late residence, No 227 Henry street. On Wednesday, June 20, at 7 P. M., Miss Mary Ann Durham, in the 16th year ef her age. Philadelphia papers please copy. On Wednesday, June 20, Hkrrt Furs, native of Ger many, in the 36th year of hit ego. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his late residenoe, No. 88 Roosevelt street, to morrow afternoon, at one o'clock, without further invitation. On Wednesday, June 20, after a short but severe ill ness, David Ackirjaar, son of George and Phoebe Acker - man, aged 14 years and 3 months. The friends and relatives are Invited to attend the fune ral, to-day, from No. 82 Choat s.reet. His remains will he taken to Greenwood for interment. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY ML PKHSORAL. INFORMATION WANTED-CONCERNING FREDER lek Money borne, a native of Limerick, Ireland, aged abont 29 years: was lest heard from at Cincinnati, Obio, in I860 or 18S1. Any one haring knowledge of the above mentioned perton, will confer a favor, by sending hi* communication to bos 1,438 Poat Office. Beaton. INFORMATION WANTED-Or JOHN SCANNKLL, BY bia son, Patrick Soannell; any information of him will be tbankfullv re calved by Jamea Mnrphy, at 37 OUvtr street. R. H. J. DAVID WILL PLEASE CALL ON GEORGE Cook, auctioneer, 304 Broadway, witbiut delay. M fTIHE GENTLEMAN WHO ADDRESSED A NOTE TO JL Mm. 8. O. L.. Brooklyn Post Offioe, abont the 10th of Jnne, In Mference to rooms, will And a reply at the oflioe designated in his note. THE TORP. Red house, haklen.-thib fashionable re sort is now complete in all its appointments, and th* tales stride* attached are ecnatantly filled with the finest and faatOT horse* to ho found. Persons in want ot horses tan always be supplied at th* Bed Hons*. The trotting tieok is in splendid order, nnd trotting matches ooewr ovary fine afternoon. Th* 8oeond avaan* oars pass th* door ev?y It* minute*. UMON COUES1, L. I.?PACING,?THE PACING race that .was to have eome off on Tusiday, will take plae* on Thursday, Juno 21st. 811AW A WHITE, Proprietors. UNION COURSE, L I.?PACING?ON THURSDAY, Jnn* 21. a match for $2,000,milo heats,best throe iu five to wagon and driver weighing poonds. George Bpieer tamos gr. g. Hero; J. D. MoMnna names a. m. Pocahontas. Car* will leave th* South ferry, Brooklyn, for the oonrs* at 2Jg c'oleok P. M. and return as aoon as the sport is over. Far* to go and return, fiOoonta. | SHAW A WHITE, Proprietor*. TO THE LOVERS AND BREEDERS OF FINE STOCK. - Tho celebrated thoroughbred stallion Wild Irish man, will stand for a limited number ef mar** tb* ensuing season, nt tb* Rod Hons* stable!, at 160 th* season. AU money* to b* paid b afore serving the mar*. All aooidonts a? the risk of the ownwe. . WILLIAM A. BROWN, Proprietor. M1B IsHjUOR ftUKWlOF. CENTRAL CONTENTION.?A NESTING OF THE membere of the Liquor Dealer*' Central Convention wiii be hold at 8 o'elcok this evanlng, at National Hall. Mem bers are requested to be punetnal in attendanoe. By order. C. W. t has En, Secretary. P. W. EN 08, President. SIXTEINTH WARD LIQUORS DEALERS, AROUSII-A public mooting of th* Sixteenth ward llqoor dealers will bo held at th* Utah Hons*, oorner of Twenty -fifth street and Eighth avtnne, on Friday evening, Jnn* 22, at 8 o'clock. The liquor dealer* of other wards, and all persons opposed to the late enaoted fanetioal prohibitory bill, are invited. Eminent speakers will address the meeting. CHAS. C. WHITE, Ch'n Ward Com. Johh How, Secretary. AN EXCELLENT QUALITY OF CLARET WINE AT 12 per deton. (bottles returned): various grades of elsret, winss. brandies, gin, bebntpps, Londin and Dahlia porter, and Scotch ales, for sale at UNDERBILL A MAT TER30N '8, 430 Broome street, on tho oorner of Croahy at. PHILIPS' PALE INDIA ALE.?IN CONSEQUENCE of tho introduction ol the Maine law into New York, th* tnhsoriber (who has been bred np with a wholesome dread of the oonstablo's staff,) it determined to sell the balaneo of the consignment of this celebrated Engliih ala, in lots to suit families. This ale 1* remarkably adapted to the Amerioen constitution, being a fine tonio, and a oure for that destroyer of American beauty, via.: dyspepsia. No one should go into the oountry without a supply Pries, paokages inolnded, 82 per dosen. JAB. PHILIPS. 210 Franklin atreet. POLITICAL. F OR 8TXIET COMMISSIONER - HENRI WILSON, Tllr PtOPI,l:8 CANDIDA TP:. TUX THIRD ANNIVERSARY of the YOUNG MXN'S DEMOCRATIC UNION CLUB, Will be celebrated on Jane 3D, 1866, At the METROPOLITAN THEATRE. Distinguished gentlemen from different parti of the Union nill deliver the annual addressee. The balcony, boxes and dress c.iele will be reserved for ladies, and genttemee ac companying them. Cards of admission eon be obtained at lUng's drew store, Broadway and John street; II. II. Dod woith's, 493 Broadway, or of the foL'onlng committee of ar rangements. S. WALLACE CONE, C. U, VAN ZANDT. HARRISON. THE MILITARY. VETERAN CORPS OF 181V.?A SPRCIAL MBRTINO Will bo held at H. Rlell'e Star Hotel. 62 LUponard street, on Friday evening, Jane 21, at 8 o'clock, on business " ' - ~ H. RAYMOND, Colonel. of importance. By order. Wm. Taylor, Adjutant. RBLI'jIOUl ROriCES. Religious notice.?a stranger in new yore would be happy to receive the addrese of the place ol worship of the Rationalists. If there shonld be no snoh body here, he wonld be glad to reoeive the names of parties who wonla be willing to join such a society. Address Truth, Herald office. RESTAURANTS. Green turtle soup and steaes or a su perior quality, every day at PXTTIT A CROOR'3, 13d Water street. BILLIARD*. Billiard tables.-we oifer for sale a fine ?tuck of oak, mahogany and roeewood tables, with oar newly invented enihions. Cloths, balls, ones, nnd one leathers, at the loweet cash prices. One good secondhand table for sale. GRIFFITH A DECEER, 90 Ann street. SPOUrUALISBL Spiritualism.?smith, writing and spearing medium.?The names and loealltj or diseases made known, and advice given correctly, or no ohnrge. DeUnite accounts given of abient fllends. Bntine'i documents satis factory adjusted at 666 Broadway, corner of Prlnee street. Henri 9to 11 A. M.; 1 to 3, and 7 to 10 P. M. Private olrcloe apply provtouo. Auction notice.-j. bouart, auctioneer-bp 8. BOUART, tbie day, at 10X o'clock, at the auction rooma comer frank fort and William atreeta, mortgage ealo of genteel bouaehold furniture, mahogany t> te-a-fete, sofas, rble top wasnatands, mahogany but cans, tables, cradlea, marb , .. . French bedsteads, feather beds, mattresses, lenngo bedsteads, Btn se's, three ply, and ingrain carpets; India matting, mahogany lookers, oi< paintings, cructery, table ontlery, ellver plates ware, office and counting home ?leaks; one Iron safe, iron hat ataads, kitchen furniture, Ao. Al.o, a lot ef Havana segars, Ae. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer.-bt h. h. leeds A *?? thU day, Thursday. June 21, at 11 o'olock, in the galls* over the sales room 14 Nassau street. Sa'.e of ele 11 fall " gins oil painlicgt, just f soeived lrom Paris, on canvas, o n vex copper, nnd slid attached to glana, liy the most oelebra ted French artiste, v Is:?Chembeaux, CardolL Lalor*. Van Slaldcn, Van Mailer, Faatslle Paris, h. Onnuant. C. brown, Ac., comprising lino copies from some of the mtit celebrated pain tin ji bMhsJ-tlvr^ hjj Create, Vernjt, Van liy ok. Van Harnifm, Sir David Wilkie, llerhem, Teuiers, Ae. Also, a number ef fine old pictures, ia the Softools or Rubens, Titian, Bends R>< iter, Vernet, Ac. To be rold w*b lit reserve. want*. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIEL WISHES A SITU A tion la a rtipeccable family, M chambermaid;,?*?W assist is washing tad ircntng; is very wall used to fbildrwn. Mid plain Mwinr, aid weald make hereeif metal in all other dipwtBtiU. Cu ts seen it 385 Pearl (A Hn the b?t of lit) wlmna AriOTEiTiNT GIRL WISHES A SITUATION A3 chambermaid and to asilet ia washing and ironing, or to do plain sewing or general hooocwotk ia a small tamily; kao ao objoeticn to go a (hurt distance la the country. Call at 02 Eutgtrs ?t., room 22. ARESPECTaULB YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO OB tala a iltoauon ia tome respectable private family, at nurse and icnmttriis, it to do cfcamberwork and plain ??* ing. On to icon Ur a low d?y? at 35 Wes'. I3th it. A NEAT FRC.TESIANT GIRL WANTS A 3ITUA tion ao eliainlermaid and waiter, or auroo; prototo the country. ll?t ekty aad country releroneo ao to aonei'y aud neat habits. Can to non t*r two dayo at 1)1 19th street, near t tli aTcnuc. Or huuitmsid la a imall tamily. A1ADY wno 18 DESIROUS OP GOING TO England, wioheo to engage with a family or tingle la 0) to eompsnca on the tojago; oho eta giro satisfactory rclirtnce. Inquire at 290 Fourth it , Washington Square, 0 cr tho drug it ore, for three dayo. AB1SPELTADLJE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A eituation ao nunc, aad to do plain lowing. Beit city reterenoo given. Can bo oooa for two dayo, at 203 Etot 2lot ?tree', 3d Boor, rear roomo. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION?AS WAI ter or plain ee vtr, or ohamborwork, waahiag and iron ing Good city refereneo from her lait place, v'all at 224 14th it., for two dtyo, near lot annuo. i RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN, WHO a. lino loot tor bnby and her husband, wioboo a oituation ao wetiuroo; Lai lirod out aa wot nurio for t e loot elpht months. Ilao tho boot reference from her loot employer, rieaoe call at 117 Eaot 28th it., between 2d and 3d a ran les, Bret floor, back room. ARBSPECTADLE MARRIED WOMAN, WITH A freih breait of milk, wiohoe a iltuatiou ae wet nuroo; ban a baby only four wooka old. Boot of reference. Apply at No. 1 South Filtn ?!., Williamsburg. AHRSPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISUBS A SITL'A ? ion ae chambermaid aad eoamitreeo, or anroo and warn I'roeo; nnderatande catting and ttttmg ladleo' and children's dremes In the ueateet manner; hai no objection to go In the country. Apply at 188 12tb it., between let and 2d are , third floor. I A YOUNG PERSON WANTS A SITUATION IN A bakery or confectionery ?toxe. Addroae 23b W eat 16th ?treat, between 8th aad 9th arennee. Can be aeon lor two dayo. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM bermaid and waiter; the oonntry preferred. Hat oity reloionco. i'leaee call at 122 Boot 29th eiroet. A PROTESTANT GERMAN GIRL WANTS A 3ITUA tion to do ohamborwork, waiting at table or to take I care of children and do lowing. Can giro good rerer oicia Apply at till 4th etroet, room t, for two dayo. ARBSPICTABLR WOMAN WISHRS a SITUATION no oook, la a hotel; kao no objection to go a ohort dli taroe in the country, or laloon. Can bo well recommended. Apply at 24 City Hail plaee, eeoond Boor, back room. AN RNGLISH woman, a PROTISTANT, with the very boat of reference I, wishes a lituation ao ohil dren'o nunc; has no objcotloa to the oonntry, or to travel. Apply at GO East i4th ot. for two dnyl. A YOUNG WOMAN, WHO IS A PROTESTANT, wnnto a oituat ion ao chambermaid and ooamotreoo, or uuuo and leamttreia. No ohjeotlon to tho country. Good city reference!. Please oaU for throe dayo et No. 1 lot ot. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, ao ebambermaid and waiter, or to mind ehildren in a ' privoto family. Pleaoo call at 61 2d it., between lot and 2d aveoueo. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS good oook, waohor and tronor; ha* no objection to go in the.oonntry. Can bo lean for two day* at t3 Rutgers ??-. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A3 chambermaid and waiter, or to do genital homework 1 in a en all private family; hai no objection to go a ahort dis tance in the oonntry; beet of olty reference given. Can bo teen at 173 12th et., botwooa let and 2d avenuoo. A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO 08 tain a oitnatien ae cook and to aeeiei in washing and I ironing; ie a Bret rate ohambormaid, and understands her business perfectly; nnogooptionahle oity reference given. I fail at 173. West 2atb it., top floor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ) onng woman ao seamstress, and oan lit and out chil dren's dresses, and do all kinds of plain sowing; has no ob jection to going to the country. Boot oity retorenee Can bo seen for two dayo. at her last plaoo, 78 West 14th ot., be tween 6th and 7 th avenues. COMPETENT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS oook; understand! meats, soups, jellies and pastries of all kinds, and has lived with the test of families ia England for many yrais; also, her daughter wishes a situational nurse or chambermaid; oan do ladle*' fineries in the neatest style. Tho btst of city reference given. Please oali at 124 East 20th St., near 3d aveane, first Boor, baok room, for two days. A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUA tion as chambermaid and seamstress, or nurse; is a good washer apd ironer; has no objootion to go in the eoan try. Can be seen for two days, at 780 Broadway, between 6th and 10th ets. with her present employer, where she hu lived for the lost throe years. A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL IS DE3IROUS OP A ?itua-ieu, wLerc she oan sew and make herself gene rally useful in a store. Satisfactory reference given as to Loneuy, Ac. Can bo soon at 19 Seoond St.. for two days. A FRENCH PROTESTANT OIRL DESIRES A SITUA J\ tion, as nurse or seamstress. Qood reference given. Call ?t 163 East 20th it , between 1st and 2d are. ASHUATION WANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED nurie, to take tho entire charge of a baby; hai no ohjec ti< n to tbe country; is a good plain sewer; would go tra velling. Can bo seoa for two day i at 106 Bait 2iu ?t. T~ SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE A girl, to cook, wash, or Irou, or to do general housework iu a privite family. Good city reference. Call for two diye at lib Wooitor street, in tha roar. A YOUNG OIRL WISHRS A SITUATION, AS PLAIN oook. Isagopd washer and Ironer. No otjeotion to do i ho work of a small family. City reference. Call at 35 West j3tU it. No objection to the country. ARBSPECTADLE GIRL, WITH CITY REFERENCE, wants a tit nation as cook, wa*hcr and ironer, in a prl vate family or boarding house. To be s?on for twodays at Chever plaoo, two doors from Degraw stroe*, Bootlyn. AN AMERICAN YOUNG WOMAN. WHO IS A GOOD t ook, and a first rate washer and ironer, wishes a situ ation to do general housework; no objootion to go a snort distance in tne country. Best of reference* given. Apply at264 Mulberry it., oorner of Houston, in the basement SITUATION WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chambermaid and waiter, or general housemaid ?n a small family. Good city reference. Call at corner of Union and Court st*., Brooklyn, (Mr. Stephens',) for two day*. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, at plain oook, washer and ironer. Nook jeotiens to go n short distance In tho country. Good city reference oan bo given. Please evil at 118 West 27th st,, tfcree doors fiom 7th nv., for two days. RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A sitantlon to do the work ef n email family; l? a Brit rate washer and iroser and a good plain cook. Good refeieno*. Call lor two days at 12 Greenwich it., in the basement. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITUA tioa ae cook, washer and iron or, or to do general house work m a private family' No objootion to do ohamborwork. The best of oity reference given lrom her laet place. In nnire at 332 Wcit 27tb it., third floor, front room, f?r two days. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A situation, as chambermaid and waiter. Good oity rt lironce. Apply at 11B Mott st., up stairs. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WANTS TO adopt a boy, of tbreo weeks old. into a respectable timrly. Can b# seen at 174 Laurent at., betwaea Bleecker and Houston, in the basement. A SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGLISH YOUNG woman, ne nurse, or chambennr-id and seamstress, can bo seen until engaged at 48 Charlton et, room No. 4. Good rofertneo given. A SITUATION" WANTED?BY A VERY RESPECTA ble young woman, a* mine, chambermaid ani plain aewer; ba? no objection to go to the country, or io travel for the lummtr; baa the beet of elty referenoet from ber last place. Pleaae oall at 308 Kott it, between Homton and HIceeker, lor two dayi. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl, ai firat rate waaher and Ironer, alio a firat rate oook;beatof city reference oan be given. Apply at No. a Wbiteball at., aecond floor, back room. Can Ve aeon for two dayi. A MIDDLE AGED RESPECTABLE WIDOW WO A nan and experienced none for children to bring np by band, wiahee a aituation in a reapeotable family; apeaka German, Engliab and Frenoh; good eharacter canoe given. Addreaa A. B., 11 7 VPUlett a rtel. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTA* YOUNG WOMAN wante a eitnation aa ohambd^Bfl aad to take care of iaw^H waa children, and do plain aewing; ia wpbi waaher and ironer. Good oity reference. Call at 13d Pearl at., Brooklyn. A SITUATION AS COACHMAN WANTED, BY A very reapeotable Engliab man; one who nnderetanda hid bualneaa thoroughly; baa had the oharge of one or the moit reapeetable private eatabliahmenta In the city, for the laat 8 or i jeere; can give reference to late employer. Who ever tbia may anitcan apply at|Mr,M?lagan'a, 1^3 Grind at, for three day a. A GERMAN CDEMIST-WISHES AN ENGAGEMENT la a factory, or ether aimilar eatabliahment. He ia learned la prac .iaing gaa aualyaia, and nil other quantita tive analyaia ; alao, in practicing chemical preperathoa in allreapeete. He ia an apethecary, and in oonaeii'ienc*, ae- 1 quainted with tho branchea of ihia bnainaaa. Addreaa S. Coo*, 483 Houston at. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG HAN. OP cxpeiienoe, wiahea a attuation u waiter. In a private tamily; he thoroughly naderataod bia bualneaa in all Ita Iranobea. Daa the beat elty reference; will bear the atriot eat inveatlgatlon. Uaa lived in aomt highly reapoctablo Ian iliea in London. No objeotton to travel to any parte' the country with a tingle gentleman or a family. Pleaae call at l.v.i ].aureus atreet for two daya, or addreaa at note tni.M. W., Union aquare Poet Offleo, or box 118 Herald office. SMART BOY, WnO CAN SET MANUSCRIPT AND reprint wanted; oie who would like to learn the Job Una pieteried. Tcima good if auited. Apply to MARGUAND, MOORE A Co., San Building. GREAT CHOICB OF ENGLISH, SCOTCH, GERMAN inn Irirh help, for botela and private lamiliea, may be had at MORRIS A COHNEKT'S. 287 Broadway, ooroer of Keade rtreet; alro waiter*, portora, workmen, ^rdenert. faimcraand mcchaiilea, at tola or at the branch oilloe, 102 Greenwich atreet. Agents wanted?to visit the principal placet in the Unite I fctatee and the Cam In, to aell a new map of North imeiioa, United State* ami Cuba, show ing the ruutee m^Ulietancea to the prinolpal plieca, cuteat and popala'lon W the United Statea, brttlab, Ruavian and Central Arotilen and Mexico; prrtrip* of WaiMngton. Jef lerwn, .lackion. ialaielto, Jtebeter. Clay and Gaihoun. k'licei" centa. A. H, JOCELYN, t>0 Fulton at., up itatra. "oEKRRPER.-WANTEO, IN a WHOLESALE LI quo- r'crr, a young man, American, who ia well ac quainted with keeping tooki: aalury SAW. Addreaa F. S , Herald ofti :e, in een iigndwr.t'.nr, age, name, town, county and State ct birth. B WABlf. AH~MOSY RESPECTABLE AND EXPERIENCED PEO Ustant widow wmui wans a situation is a private tly aa cock; iht Pally understands it in all it* branch**; i? a good taker and pastry oook; would ilka ta (a a abort diitacoa 'a tba country; If required. would have aa ebjee tionata wash tbabouaa linen; is willing to make herself nes ful if uecessorv; dan team bow large the family ia. Caa i1t? tba beat of rafarenca from bar lost p'aoe. Pleaia call far two daya. at lfl) 2ftth at, be'weeu lat and 2d aiauuaa, la tba rear, tacoud Boor, front room. Boy wanted?a smart, honest boy, not under IA yean of age. to attend a aoda counter and make himself generally useful. Apply at tba drug it ore, coiner of Beekmae and Pearl eta. BMOY WANTED?IN A WHOLESALE GROCERY atora?one who la willing to make bimaalf uoeful and who resides with bia parenta; aalary moderate. Apply at 218 Front etreet, between 10 and 2 o'eloak, GU 11RISTIAN UOMI FOR FEMALE SERVANTS? Thirty eighth otreet, between fourth and Lexington avenues; governesses, bouaokeepera, alio servants In erary capacity, turplied from thio institution Madltoa avenue itsges and Tbltd avenue can pass within a few atepa of tbe doer. Two French women at tbo inatitutica. Chocks, waiters, nurses, chambermaids, and other mala and female domeatiea. provided for re mectsble tamiliaa city or country, at the Employment Asenc* U) East 11th at , Union a-iuara. J. O. GALEA GllER. Arm;. N. B.?Applicant! for aitontion* are re quired to bring good city rcferoneea. Drug clerk-a young man of two years' capeiience la au active retail drug stors, wiihas a sit uation aa assistant drug alerk. Boot of reference given Ap ply nt the drug itore, 139 Court etreet, Bnoklyn, RUG CLERK WANTED-A GENTLEMAN OF THO ? rough education and pr*per addreia. f:r n respectsbl - family business. Apply at Eaglaton'a, 211 Cunro itraet, Brooklyn. Drug clbkk wanted-a man thoroughly convert-ant with the business. Apply at No. 223 Eighth avenue. D EHPLOYMKNT now READY-AT MANNING'S ? ffica, 271 Bowery, for a 'arge number of well recom mended reivants, in city and oottntry. male an I female, Protestant and Catholiea, in evtry eapnilty-English, Irish, Sootcb, American, Froneb and German. Empiovars prompt ly sq^td at this office. Charges vary moderate. Experienced BERVANTS-TnoROUGHLY compe tent to dlasharge their duties in the various domestic departments, atpeoialiy oooks, waiters and nnrias, with . liable releranoe* dlract from former employers, may be en gaged for ait* and eountry, at tbe Brooklyn Female Em ployment Of&oe, 10 Hilary st., fifth door from Fulton. Employment for all.-any person sending 2ft cent* will reoeive the receipt for manufacturing mam fold writing and impression paper for tnking tbe impression of leaves, tlowers, and writing without pen or ink, and copy ing picture*, patterns, embroideries, Ao., Ao. A person cen make ffi to fin per day bv seliisg the above article. Ad dies* H. ?. HART, Chatham squire Post Olfiee. Grocery clerk wanted?a young man who understands the retail business, may apply at 193 Third avenue, corner of Eighteenth street. (GROCERS AND OTHERS.?SITUATION WANTED, J by s young men, 2C years of age, iu some respectable business; has n through knowledge ot the grocery busi ness, and n goedMei of monay. Unquestionable reference will be given HHCls Inst employer. Address C. A. Nef ton, Herald office. Housekeeper.?wanted, a middde aged American woman, for a large first class hotel; the mutt be free from incumbrance of children or husband, and pre sent testimonials of high character, Ao. Address, with teal name and reference, Jnme* Stent, Herald cUoe. Housekeeper-a new England lady, of active, domeetio habits, offers her servioea in tbe above capacity, either in tbe city or eountry; bat had tbe supervi sion ef a first class hotel for the last year; would devote her time exolmively to tbe interest of those with whom abe might ba engaged. Salary a secondary consideration. Ad dress Mrs. Gray, Herald office. Lad wanted?to learn the brokerage and commieeion business. Salary, first year fifty dollar*. Address, with references in handwriting of applicant, L. W. P., Herald office. Norse wanted-wanted, at no. s westjjd street, an Amerioan, Scotch, or Englishwoman,** nnrse. Nona without the boat recommendations need apply. SITUATION IS WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ynang woman, as erst rate oook, washer aad ironer or chambermaid and laundress; has been throe years in her last situation; has best of olty tofeionoo. Call at 100 W. 17th st., second floor. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl, at eeamstraas, or to do ohamberwork. Inquire at t8 Best 171h St., basement. SITUATION WANTED.-A FAMILY ABOUT REMO vlng to the eountry are desirous or procuring n sltua lion in Brooklyn, as chambermaid or oook, forn most excel lent girl, now In their employ. Apply at 27 Sohermerhora st., Brooklyn, previons to 27th Inst. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, as laundress, who folly understands hot busi ness in nil its brandies; or ooold take n plaeo nt oook: no ob jection to ths eountry. Best oi references. Apply for two days, atSill Mott st , near Blteeksr, third User. SITUATION WANTED-AB CHAMBERMAID OR turce, by a girl, with good reference; would go in the I country if desired. Inquire at 274 West 19th St., near 9th r.vcnue, of her present employer. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, as chambermaid and seamstress, or at ehtm bermaid audio assist in washing and ircnlng. Can give good reference. No objection to go a eliort distance in tbe couitrv. Can be seen at her present employer's, No. 9 Ash land place. Perry street, near Greenwich avenue. 1TUAT1GN WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, with good reference, a good plain cook, first tale baker; is a perfect good washer and Ironei; has no ob Jection to go a short distance in the conatry. Please call for two days at No. 223 Variclt it. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE. NEAT, s O tidy girl, to do cbambar work and watting, or plain sow lng; has livad six years in England; wages no oqjeit, pre fots a comfortable heme. Good roferenoell required. Please call at 673 2d avenne, between 32d and 33d sta. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGLISH GIRL, AS nurse sad seamrtiets; the thoroughly understands tko management oi children, and is competent to take charge of n baby from its birth. Good olty reference trom her last place. Can be seen, tUl engaged, at 11 Gold st., between Plymouth and John, In the tear, Brooklyn. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY A THOROUGHLY EX perienced Protestant woman, as oook and laundress; understands all kinds of sweetmeats, preserves, jellies Ao ; also, a neat Protestant girl for housework, A number ot other select and highly recommended servan s of every ca pacity, can be seen nt tbe South Brooklyn Employment office, 63 Atlantic st. SITUATION WANTED?BY A VP.ilY COMPETENT, well recommenced American Protestant yonog woman, to do general housewofk; is a good cook, and a drat ra'e wnthsr and ironsr; no objoolion to go in the country. Call at2ol Boa cry, for two day*. SITUATION WANTED.?A GERMAN GIRE WANTS A situation is seamitiesi and lady'a maid; ipeaks English good, it a Urit rati tine washer and ironer, and understand* dree making. Not particular about much wagoa. Address A. B. Q., Broadway Post Office. SITUATION WANTED?BT A WELL RECOMMENDED, highly respectable and competent girl, to do the home work ot n i rivate family; I* a good oook, washer and ironer, and an experienced laundress: unexceptionable city refer ence given. Apply nt 1C Myrtle avenua, Brooklyn, iu the basement. > fliWO RESPECTABLE, TIDY GIRLS W1SU SITUA -L lion? in a respectable private family? one as waiter nnd to do ehtiinbcrwork; the other ae children's maid anl to do plain sewing; no objection to go with n fntnily to the conn try. Call at 83 1Mb it., between rtth and 7th avenues, so oond floor, front room, for two day*. Good city references given, if required. TO HUP CAPTAINS -AN ENGLISH GIRL WANTS a situation as stewardess to go to Europe. Address Anna, Herald office, for three day*. TO MAKEBS BT HAND OF SMALL PLAITED SHIRT bosom*.?Persons desirous of making small id sit srirt bosoms, or parties having a quantity to dispose of, may ap ply at 33b Hudson street. TO PHOTOGRAPHERS.-WANTED, A PERSON WHO thoroughly understand* the photographing and dagcr itan arts, to go to a large Western olty. To a competent man, a permanent situation, with good salary, will be given. Address Henry Shntt, bes 2.410 Buffalo Post Offioe, with specimens of work. 0 DRY GOODS CLERKS.?WANTED?TWO GOOD talesmen, at Jones A Co., 1C9 Eighth avenue. T UNE FILLS FRANCAISE DE8IRE SE l'LACBR POUR fills ebambre on bonne d'enfants. On peat la voir an No. 194 East 2?th St., obes Mr. F, Geln. AN TED-A SITUATION AS NURSE OR CHAMBBR msid, by a gill who has lived sight yuara at 07 Clinton place, where ens eaa be teen. Ia boneat, faithful and in dastrious. \1TANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE LADY, A SITU A TV tlon a* housekeeper or companion to an invalid; the is well sdseated and of good address. The advertiser would act object to take the entire charge of a family where there ?re [children. She is eapable ot taking car* of n baby from Its birth. She it also a fleet rat* cook, and weuld assist In line wishing or plain sowing ia n small family. Pleat* address Housekeeper, Broadway Pest Office, lor on* week. WANTED-A HAT TRIMMER, WITH THE EXrEXI once, onpaeity and taste requisite to inperlntend a hat trimming room of on* hundred girts. Snlary ns object. In quire nt 160 Water at. TITAN TED?AN ENGLISH. SCOTCH OR GERMAN TT woman; one who can wash nnd Iron in the best utxauer and it plain eookirg, and ocmt well recommended, may ap ply at 110 Hamtriley it. WANTED-A GOOD COOK AND CHAMBERMAID Matt have unexceptionable reference. Apply at 39 East 29th tt., near Madlion avenue, WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, ns honeeteeper to an elderly gentleman. No obj et ion to living a few miles in the country. Good recom mendations can be given. Address t. D., bo* 190 Herald offioe. WASH IN O.?WANTED BY A WIDOW WOMAN, SIN Tv ale gentlemen's or families'washing. Is nn eipsrisacol band nt washing and ironing; has an sxrisrlanoe of seven tearn. Apply peraonally or by mete, 139 East 29th aV., ts Mr*. J. Mclaughlin. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A MOST RESPECT* hi* young woman, as seamstress in a genteel familg; is a good dressmaker, andean d* nil kinds of neat lowing: no < hjec'ion to go n abort diatane* in the oountrr. or do ii'ht rhenibernork if rsqnirod. The best ot city reference given. Please apply lor two daya nt 172 2d at. WANTED -BY A YOUNG LADY, A PLEASANT AND comfortable room, with board, in n convenient part of the city. Address K. P., Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RF.3PECTA QuE young girl, to do general housework in a small private family, or noselowork If required. Can bo teea tor two days at 2f'3 H ost 26tb it , between bth and 9tb avenues. Yl'AN TED?A GERMAN GIRL, A3 ClIAM EftWMD TV nnd ?alter. A i>ply at Id South St., or to Mr Adams, Clinton avtnue, Brooklyn, third house from the corner o> Lafayette avenue, on east side. Wages, flti. WANT ED -A SITUATION, BY A RESPEi'TABLK girl, who is n gvod seamstress and ondsrstaods dr so making Can be ***u at hor present employer's, 11 bth avenue, between loth xml 17th its. WANTED?A SITUATION. LY A RESPECTABLE youag woman, as cock, wteher and i-oner. or to lo gbnerat hi uss vork. Good re'svencei. Can N e?*n tor t ?o fays At No. 49 President stmt, Brooklyn. WANTS. _ OTAlTriD?BT A *18PACTABLB WOMAN, A BAIT W to wit IUH, at hit own reiideneo. Call At 186 J3tL it.. between lit end M avoama. WANTID-A SITUATION, BY a RESECTABLE V? JOUOg wuBltt, II obambormatd All Waller ; U A good plain n?tr ; or to do tbe general work ot a roopectatle lauilly. Wo obJtotloA to tie country. Boot eitjr reference cab bo civil from her flrot ud lait place. Ct'l At 131 Etot 11th itrei, botwen Ut avenui oi.d avenue A , flrit Boor, back room. Cm bo loon tor two &**'?__ WAS TEE?A SITUATION, AS OOOO COOK, WASHER ltd iroior; understand* baking in til it* branches; no objection to go a abort distance in tin country. Beit ci'.y re'erence tivot C*U At 132 \V tit 16th it , netr 7tb A venae, tblid floor, front room. l\ ' ANTE I)? A GERMAN OR ENGLISH GIRL, TO GO IT two houri' rido from tbi c.ty, to do genera! home work on cfarir. All , t Gormtn, who understand* taking onto of hortii Both to uuderitaud tbo Eo ,li>h language. Cull At 21 Jackion it , At il o'clock to day. \JLTANTED ?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TV as plain cook; is a good washer And ironor. Good ei'-y rofcrtnoo. Ctn to seen tor two dnyi At 12 Whitehall it., Brit floor, front room. TIT AN TED?A SITUATION. BY A RE3PECTABLE TT womtn, am cook, wither tud Ironer, ud cm do gen cril homework. Good roteronoe. Apply at 11 Jay lUtOi, Brooklyn. ANTED- BY A YOUNG WOMaN, A SITUATION AO waiter in n prtvnto family; one who thoroughly oa dtri'.indi hor bniino**. And con proenro unuoitlmible oily rofe oooo from iome of the moot roipootAblofAmllioi. Plea*, inqoiio At Ml 3d Aronno, between 23d and 33d ?t*., bAok room, up itlin, for two dnyi. i WANTID-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girL to do homework, in a small family: i? a WAihor aud ironer, and underitondf plain oooklng. Good elty roferonco iiom her 1 ut place. Can bo to in for two dnyi it 90 Bergen it root, Brooklyn. _____ ANTED-A SITUATION. BY a GERMAN GIRL, who enn ipenk English and U willing to do general housework. Beit reference given. Apply to John Lottie, 2C1 Btondwny. ar AN TED-BY AN EXCELLENT WOMAN, WITH A VV Ireth broAit of milk, n situntiou ai wet auroo. Beit city roierenco. Call at 600 Grmj itreot, wntll lolted. ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, ai ohambermaidgor plain eook.orto do general homework; no objeotion to go to the country with a family. Good reference. Can bo noon for two dayi at 1317th avenno, between 19th and Wth otreobo. WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN, a lituatioa a* oook and to asiist in tbe waihiag and ironing: the leit oity roferenoe can bo giren. Can bo teen lor two dm ? at 63 Green itroot, between Prinoo and Spring, in thoitore. Wanted?by a respectable young girl, a titration a? ohamberaaid and wtitir, or waiter, and to ail lit in washing and ironing. Boot of otty rokronoeo given from ber Inat employer, where alio oan bo ooen until suited. Apply at 111 WostMth it., between 11 and 3 o'clock WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, ai uiiric and seamstress, or to do light cbambcrwork. Call at Sod Weot 43th it., woit of the Lat Home. W ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG W0M4N, to do the general homework in a plain prlvut.; lami ly; can cook, wish and iron; il a good broad baker; good city reference. Apply at 3U3 lit avenue, between 1Mb and iPin its. WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a lituatioa ae chambermaid, and is willing to as liit in the waibing and honing lad moful among children, t in be rcen for two dayi at 274 Woit 17th itroot, bet worn ytii and 10th avonneo, top floor. Bolt city reference. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, ai flrit rate oook: thoroughly undiritaade hor business. The boit of city rtterenoe. Please call at 171 12th it., between lit and 2d svenuei. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, ai obambermild and sewing, or to take care of chlldta? and lowing. No objeotion to go a ?hort dlitance in thweountry. Good reftronoe. Can bo men at73 Smith it., Brooklyn. WANTED-A RESPECTABLE, TIDY GERMAN GIRL, to do the homework in a imall, qaiet, respectable family. Mmt be a good waiher and ironer, and come well I recommended. Apply at 283 l'aciflo at., Brooklyn, botwetu Smith and Hoyt iti. ___ Wanted?by a respectable young woman, a ntuation to do gonoral homework In a small private family. No objection to go a short distance In the country Good city reference. C'a 1 tor two days at 237 17th it., lo tweon 8th and 10th ivmuw, in tboroir. fTTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV young weman, to do general homework, oral plan cook.and waiher; ii capable of ohamberwork and waltinr;and ii well recommended from her lait p'.aoo. Call at 234 i4tk it , between avennei B and C. WAN TED-A SITUATION, BY A MOST HIGHLY recommended girl, ai hounuiald in a small private family, where ohe would do tbo plain cooking, l aking, waibing and ironing, in the uoateit manner. Huh exeeUeit city reference. Will take SO per month, in tbio city or Brooklyn. Call or addre??317 Ba*t 23d it. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN EXPERIENCED good oook and baker; oan make all kindi of jellies, ice creams and blanc mange, and all kind* ot soups. Good city reference given. Can bo'een for two days at 8818th it, between 6th and 7th aveuuei. WANTED-BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE AMER1 oan girl, a situation si Infant's nurie; is fully capable of taking tie entire charge or a baby from ill birtb, having lived in that capacity for several yoari. Can produce the highest testimonials ai to ebaraoter and ability. Please call it 83 West 21th it., at ber pteiont employ er't. ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as nurse and seamitreis, and can tako charge ot a baby no objection to the oountry. Good refetence. Apply at 83 11th St., between lit and 2d avtauei- Call for two dayi. ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YuUNO WOMAN a situation as good plain cook, washer and ironer, or at laundieii; can come well recommended from her last p'ace. Inquire for a few dtyi at oorner ot 87tU street and ib.rl avenue. Mr. McGinn. TX7-ANT1D?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV young Sngliih woman, a* cook in a dining snloonor fit It at* family; oan give tbo best of oity refeioace from ber ait employers. Please call or address at 332 Eighth avenue, between 3,tb and 33th sis., seotad floor, front, for two days. ANTAD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a litnation as good plain cook, washer and Ironer, or sscbambctmaid, or ai housekeeper. Can produce the beet ot otty rofcrenc* from her laet employer. Can bo seen for two dnyi, at 132 Weot 20th at., between7th aud 8th aver.urn ANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION to do housework. The belt of re'erence given, and tbe country preferred. Call at 46 Dean ?t., Sonth Brooklyn, in the basement. Can be seen ior two days. WANTED-A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS, BY A lady who fully understands every kind of fine sewing, cutting, and fitting obildten's drosses; has ao objection to ?he country. Apply at U4 Cbarltin otroei, room7. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid, and to aislat in the waibing ana ironing; has no objootiou to go to the ooontry, l'Kaso call at 11W Host 12th it, iu tbe rear, tor two days. fVr ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV gill, as cook; is a good wisher and ironer and baker; Can produce good ci<y roierenoe. Can be soon for two day*, at 472 4tb St., second floor, fiont room. No. 10. JNo objection to go a sbort diilauce in the oooutry. W ANTID-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to d.i chamleruork and waiting; would bo willlug to do homework; would have no objection to go to tbo county. Good reference can be given fioiu her lastplaie. I leave call at 87 West Ulth at., between the 6th and 7th avonnes, lor two day*. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE girl, ii child'! none; ku been acoaatomed to the cere of cb'ldren for tholait revenyearr; U * Protectant; would prelcr taking charge of ? buby aid i;w for a lady who tosrds. Good city teftrence. willing to wait one or two weeke, if engaged. Call for taodaya at 159 Henry at, Seuth Brooklyn. TETANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT Proteatant girl, to do general homework in a email private family, or to take care of children. Good city refer ince from her laat place. Call at 251 Wei 1321 it., near 9sh avenue, recond tioor, for two dayi. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to do general homework In a imall private family. No obJeotUn to the country. Apply at 52 l'erry at. Can be teen foi two day*. WANTED?AN ENGLISH, SCOTCH, OR GERMAN girl, who apeake Lngliab, to asaiit in general bouie weik, where there are two in the femlly, and to learn drm maklng. She would meet with all the eemforte of a home. Nono ?otgood lewere need apply. Reference rminired, Ap ply at 533>i Hth avenue. U. PICAFORD, watobmaler. WANTED- A SITUATION, AS CHAMBERMAID, waiter, or aurie and leamitrenr, by a young womao, having exsellent recommendation! from her lilt place. No objection to the country. Apply at 371 Eaat 12th it. TENANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA TT tion to take care of obildren and do plain lowing, or ehtmbtrwork and plain lowing. No objection to go m the conntry. Apply at 31C6th avenue. IV' ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESl'E jTABLE vV young woman, ae cook, chambermaid, or to take care of children, in a email family. No objeotlon to go to the couniry. Beit city reference! can be given. Addresi No. 20 5th et., near the Bewery, for two daye. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE girl, ae chambermaid and waiter. No oTJectton ta go a ehort dietanoe In tbe country. Ilae tho bei; of oity refer ence. Can be teen for two daye at 149 Elizabeth it., firet flocr, between Spring end Brocme, rear building. TETANTED-BY two young women, one a PRO TV teitaat, eituatleni; one a* waiter or ohambermaid, or to do flne weening and ironing, the other a* chambermaid and eeametieie, or a* nnrie and te do One waabiog and iron ing. Can be teen at their pretent employer'!, 92 19th it. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN a eitnatlon to do houiowork; ii a firit rate waiher an lrtner. and good p'ain eool; no objection to gr a ehort die tance In the eonntiy Good reference. Call at 377 Eiit 12t i et? third floor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV Froteetant girl, at good p aincook, waiher aad ironer, or ae ehimbermald and waiter, in a email private family Can give good city rolerence from her laet employer. Th >te wiihiag inch a one can apply at 47 Norfolk lY, ia the roar. TIr AN TED?BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, A SITUATION, TT to do light chambdrwork and take oare of ahildren and do plain lewiiig- Tho belt of reference can be given from | her laet piece. Call for two dayt at No. 9 Eieex it. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TT a lituatinn to eook, wa?b, and iron, or to do gen ra! houiiwork iu a private lamily. Good eity reference. Call at J*i 27th it. between 9th and 10th ami, third floor. Can be ; vtcn for two dayi. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED , TT woman and a yoing girl, ritiialwhi?one ae lann Deal nr cob, the ether an chambermaid. Good rafc-eaee I iivi n iT?e piiied. Can be eoea to-day. Inqnito at 393 i'earl | itrtet. YY AN1YD?A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL UJU3B TT work, or ai chambermaid and waiter; l? a good winhif eedlro er. Beit ef elty reference. No objec.ioa to ??? ihrrt diatanoaln tte country. Inquire at 2J9 lit avenue, fifet floor, back ruom. Can be eeen for two dhyi. ___ 'ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPEOTASLE yl * .un* t i eook, WMkft id ? 1 y 0 - ,.v hitiMWMk of ft itnMl jrlvW famlir- mm m o ? jootton io tho oonr>try?conot?y pr#f?rr?i. *' * |to? c**tr. aotd rcfmoco. Apply ?t JO# I'vllca it. W niNTis-rr a roe eg girl. a situation to FY do chamber work, U< plats eewiag is ft mail private faftily. Cftft be team for three eoyt rtlfl lit Btt *?0it. TV1T NURSE SITUATION WANTED-BY A MBAL FT ib j, tidy, pro toils* t young Uoruas wemaa, mk ft fraeh broaot ?r sulk; bar babo ion oraaks old. Cftft gift* tka ie?t of city reference. I* wining to mftka hareelf geaewtllj nseluL Call far two dove *1'>* Kiviagtea I w UrAMID-BY A RBSPECIABLI Q1KL, A 8ITUA ties a* ehamteruiaid, or to t geaaral housework. A| ply to Mre. Caoay, 322 29ih ot , between 8tb asd 9ih xvoanoft* II'ANTED?A SITUATION BY A KESl'BC f ABLE FT I'lotaotast ,lrl. to cook, waeh asd iroa 1> ft aMl, or a* chambermaid ai d mailer. 11 aa the baat of ally reference. Inquire at t7 CLarla. at, between Faster? aaa itb It*., for ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. TT ft lituatioft aa good uum or Salter: bo objection tft go a ahtrt dlalance la tha country Good rafaraaoe aaa bft given. I'leaaa oall at lad Ea>t jHb at , between lat aad 2ft avanaei, or addrvaa a sole to bar lait employer, 71 Watt Slat at. TITANTED?A SITUATION Al NURSE AND BIAM TT itrata, or a> chambermaid, br ft girl who la perfectly corrpiteat to fill either place, and haaaicallaftt retcraftcaa. Can ka ices at Mi liick* at., Brooklyn, for two day a. |VrANTED-A SITUATION AS COOK, BY A BBS TV paatabla young woman, la a amall priratt family and to do waabtng and lroaiog Boat of rafkreaea aaa bo given, i'leaaa call at M) Wyeknff at . np atalra, Brooklyn. r ANTED?A SITUATION, 8T A RESPBCTA BLB Kftgliab Protaataat girl, a* chamkarmaid aad waiter, or to do tbe general hoatework ib a imalLprieate family; iaaaood plain aook. wasber ?nd iroaar. Be it of rafaraaaa canto given. Can be aeen for two day* at 166 2Id oh, be taaau lit and 2d ava., top lloor, fraftt room. XV'ANTED A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE "* "otaeteat ?oman, a* ooik. waeher and iroaar; la aft eicalliit baker, and nnderaiauda bar bnataeaa la all lift braaebaa. Beat of city reference. Call at 418 2d arcane, rax two da jr. 117"ANTED?iBY A RESPEiTABuE YOUNG WOMAN. TT a ntnatioft aa eaok. wa-hur aad lioaer; no okjeetiaa to do bcuaewcrk for a amall family Good oity rtfaxence. Call at 28S 12tb at., bat wean arcane* A and B. XJLTANTED?BV A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN. A TT eitaation to do bontework in a amall private family; aa objection to go a abort diatanoo ia the eons try. Call ah 213 Ittb it., between lit avenue and aveftfte A, aeeoad floor, irent room, for two daye. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A GERMAN PRO faetaat girl, 17 y eara of age, te tak* care of a child, and da plain aawlng; can apeak French and Eagliab. Call for two day i at 20 Chry (tie at, upper floor, front roam. TITAN TED?A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT TT girl, ai ohild'a nnrna. and to do up atalra work. Caa la aaaa at bar praaeat employer'*, 160 W< at 21st at. TI7 ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTAB1R TT young woman; la a firat rat* we*her and Iroaar, aad iw alio a good oook. Ha* no ohj.oiioa to the oouatry. Refe rence from laat place for three yean. Apply at 110 York atreet, Brooklyn, for two daya WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A OEBMAN GIRL, a* oook and ohamtarmeid in a reapeotabla Amaricaa family. Inquire at 248 WUlinm it., la tb* grocery itere. WANTID-A SITUATION, BY AN ENGLISH WO TT mau, aa a brat rate plala oook anil baker; a auparioc waabtr aid Ironer; good retareooe; no objeetion to tb* oouwj trr. Apply for two daya at 122 27th at, between 7.b and Mb avenue*. TENANTED?BY A RBBPECTABLB YOUNG WOMAN, TT a aitoatloa aa nana and aeamatreaa, with a family Eoing t* Buropa, or would go in tha oauntry for tha aammar; ??t of rafaraaoe aa to character aad capability. Call Ug two daya at 224 Hndion it., in tb* roar 'ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE! young woman a* chambermaid aad waiter, or eftam bermald and to do tewing; good city reference from bar laat plant; no abjection to tha oouatry. Can ha aaaa far two daya *> 193 avenue A WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNC WOMAN, aa acamttroaa. Can out and fit India*' aad ohilftraaa* dretitt, in the neateat atyle. Good rafaraaaa. Under atanda ahiit making, and family lowing generally. N* ob jection to the country. Apply at 63 20th atreet, aaraar of 6th avenue. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A WELSH WOMAN, a* oook, flret rate waabar ana iranar, or to do gaaarftl homework Ur a amall family Good refereaeaa. Apply ah 268 36th ctreat, between 9th and 10th avenuaa, ot*t thft barber'i ihop. Can te teen for ts o daj a. TANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RBBPECTABLB WJ Vi young woman, *? good plain oook and flrat rat* ir and Ir waiher and Ironer; hae three ytara' re erene* from her laah plaee. A borne more of an objtot than wage*. Can be ataft at 927 Broadway, between 21?t and 22il at*. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a eituation to do the general houeowork of a privatft family; bae no objection to go in tbe eountry. Pleaaecall ah her lait place, 22 Pike it., for two daye. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8ITUA tivn at chambermaid end welter, or ehamkermaid and aeiiet la taking care of children la a email private family. Can produce the bait city retereaeei where aba baa lived far tbe laat tlx yeara and aavan moatba. Call at 033 W taking - Un itrtat, corner of Charlton, far two day t. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT woman, a aituation ai coot ana to natiat in tht wash ing and ironing in a private amily, good oity refareno* ean be given Can he eeen for two daya at 243 Avenut B, be tween 14th and 10th it., third floor, front racm. TITANTED?BY A SMART, NEAT AND EFFICIENT TT girl, a eitnation at plain oook, waabar and iroaar,or aa lentral bonaeworker. She ia well reeomminded, and would ro to tbe eountry, if required. Apply at N*. 4 Saudi it., baeemeat, Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV eouiai, aa chambermaid end Waiter in a private fami ly; perfectly understand* ber bueineae City rnfarnao*. call at 147 2%1 at., between 7ih and 8th avenue*, in tbe reer, l rat floor. Can be teen for two day*. w ' ANTED?BY A PROTESTANT OIRL, A SITUA tlon to do general hon,ework in a amtll privat* fami ly; laa no objection to go la the oountry. The beet of clip reltrei oet can be given. Can be aeen at 270 3d avauue, fag two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION, TO DO CHAMBER WORK or waiting, or general housework; hea good reference; ?"??.*kJ*?t'?n ka go to tha eountry. Please call at 73 I. WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation a* wet usn<; Lit a good breast *f milk. Oocd reference if reqnired. Cm be seea for two day* at Ml tir?M it. WJ IV"ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH WOMAN, TT a situation as a flist cites oouk; understands cookie* in all it* branches, lea errant and jellies; is also a rood pas try kakor; no objeotloa to a hotel or respeetahla hoarding ht use. Go'id city relerenea. Apply at 64 Roosevelt sTT itcoad floor, trout room. WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation at children's maid Ml to do ehambor werk, or as waiter; is folly competent for either of the above situations. The rfloit unquestionable eity reforoncoe given. To bt seen for two days, 11 not eagegsd, at HRsie St., front house, or address by note, B. D. Y., Herald ofkee. TVANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA TT tioa as chambermaid; > an do One washing and Preach Uotint; thoioogbly understands nor business. lias tbo best ot city rcferenee. Can be eoen for two days, if not en pa red, at 377 7th avenue. 1I7ANTED?BY A YOUNG MaN, A SITUATION, AM IT clerk and bookkeeper; being anxious for employment, a moderate salary will content. Address C. Parkins, 23 Greenwich street. ANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN INDUSTRIOUS man, of bcainoea habitc, either aa outdoor clerk, draughtsman, foreman, or light porter. Will devote ail hia ei-ergies to the benefit of hia employer; well acquainted with tbe city end suburbs, and used to driving horses. Best of reieretccs. Address O. P. S , Herald offioe. TVANTED-A SITUATION, BT A YOUNG MAN, AS v? gardener; understands hie buslnese in all its tranches; good reference. Address P. &., IIS Monroe St. TV ANTED-AN EXPERIENCED CLERK IN A jPIBST T> claae hotel, who oaa pr ounce the best ef tee time alaU, and is capable of superintending the eetehHshmeat ha the alseacect the proprietor. Noae sthsr need apply. Addreea Walter, Herald offioe. TV ANTED?AN IXPERtENCED CUSTOM CUTTER. TV None others need apply. Apply te Wm. A. Mead A Co., to tad 82 Cherry at. ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG TRENCH man, ae porter in a store. Can make himielt general ly cestui ie any kind of business. Apply at No. 002, Hous ton street, where be can be seen for three days. WANTBD-A BOOKKEEPER. APPLY IN HAND writing of applicant, stating salary, reference, age, Ac., and where last cmplo>ed. Also a good euleemaa. Ap ply at above, and direct ts O. A D., Herald oOkce. w ANTED?Ttt'O FARMERS. APPLY AT 1? FBASIs St., up stall*. ANTED-FOR AN ACTIVE MAN. A SITUATION either at oolleotiag clerk os littht poster, by his | w w , . . . employers, who have so fnrtner need of his torviees. They ran lecummead him ia every way. Address boa 2,918 Task TIT AN J ED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, AS TV groom and coachman, with good refereno*. Apply fog three day* at 28 Madison at, second floor. WANTED?A SIIUATION, AS COACHMAN, BY A most rupee table yonag men, who perfectly wader - stands bit bonnets in all its branohot; will he fowad obliging. Best city reference can be given ae to oepebility hehkli last employer, who is in towa at present. Amy nemmaule. addressed T. 11., Herald office, will be attended te. Cm kg teen for two days, If aot engaged. TV ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPBC TABLE TT tit gle yonng man, ae groom or ooaohauta: he perfeetljw nt derttande tbe ears and management of horse#; weald M willing to make himself generally useful. No objection t? . ity or country. Boat city reference. Apply to T. Lowry, addler, Broadway, comer of Thirteenth at. Can *? sen far two days. TV ANTED, AT THE JEWSLBRY BUSINESS- A TV boy that' aad to make h Atlantis street, Uroofclya. w1 t has a knowledge ot the repairing sTJiwtllery. himself generally ueefni in a store Apply 127 at, Brooklyn. 'ANTETOwfTBOYS, WHO UNDEBS TAND CU P . 1 ting and rolling pille. S R. R "<"?*? street fall between 8 and 10 e'elock A. M- . TV ANT1D -RY A RESPECTA TV teen yaare of age, to loam ? idnmbing, cerpenUr, or sUdlntfrefeiredj J}"4 himself on moderate t<r?'- Com board riithbtenmsto, if tequired. Call at lJ.Si W<x?ttT IU u* "?? Lm be seen until enittd. ? WB^EiVTfeV?IT til BROADWAY, (BASEMENT) PtiR Vslrfor storee, men to drlvo hot ess and earte, men on SfiSMSk' > WoV&SliXl" l^ANTKH-- CLERKS, PDRTLRS, barkeeper*, \V * titers, coecbmcn, grooms, men on stammers a. d 'arose, lost for *101 St and trades, cooks, chambermaid*, lanu.lreee ,, sveostrsstcs, housework girl* A?.u may he enga/ed at Ik's Employment Qfllee, No. 4 Eaet Broadway, corner of i h tl.tiu tqnare. Charge* moderate. Employers sailed withsnt dslny. JAMES MLEANON, Agent. &flWI THF ADVERTISER ~WILL PAY ONE HUN ipluUi dred dollar- ia cash,t> at y rerven whoa ill sn cure for him a good end permanent situation ia semi **? mtrrial house, ell her va th .? city or tu aey otker etato ef tbe Uatoo. Advertiser ie f amUier with 'h? E**H?h, I ranch aad Spanish iaarnaees, ami cat f .rui h the beet of re er*n ?i ae to i apaUtj and ebarauer. Addrtee Oe?par Uetng oeut, 71! s.rcwdway.

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