Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 21, 1855, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 21, 1855 Page 11
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m:nnsEMtSTs bkjkwed ewt Dir. ?auib a* Acimuai &.V mCUuT A U OTIONEE A.?S lOC'E J sal bends U imtim-KKiilii 9ill.?ALdKKT U. Jiicoley ?iil Mil, this day. Jane 21, it Ilk u'olock, at tk? Eiohsugs, forseooeut o' whom it may concern ? 8>Xi Flushing RaUread nondt, each it 1)J t M fun Woyna and dswtbern allroud ml ?<U<? bonds, Mk 91,'JW fiS.Jt" C'uvolaed and Fittsborv iueo in* bond! .Mil fl.llW flll.JOU Luke Irk. Wlli'.1! Bud tit Lonis Railroad bend). is* kU'iH 1, IMA eaen 91.010 $T dUO Toledo ?ud llllnoil R.ilronx Mooad mortgage 7 p?r Okt bond A doo IB infill; in.e.-st lit May bud III i?o vmber. the first coupons railing due May I. U, each.91.001 t There i- provided for the redemption of thoahova bends. Bit r i-o; luemt of Interest. b sinking fund of lk per oiot on bio rout of bonds issued.) iikfl 3 boo do, of the Ok. Cluir Ki.Irood and Cobl Comsany, not ?Jw fllilXMTWs oertifiontee or the Ureeksarldge Cannot Coil Company topreseauag 70 shares 9100 enoh of tko capital M aaid oompany, aaob ??.(*? itW ibsrei St. Clair Railroad and Coal Cumpaay flU) *0 las'River Bank 50 U Chatham Bank. 25 to Fallon Fire Inaoranoo comi-any -> 10 Knieko*booker la.aranM Coin any I'M jOu Iroods' Metallic Lite Boat Corporation. certificate No 139 date January 31 1S? 10 150 ibare? Marble and Stoau Carving Company of Mew Verb, certificate tiki, data February 3, 1555 10 ian akaroi Newtown Copper Fa ? TypoCoiapaay uf Mow Fork, certificate 4$. doted deanery 31,1355 10 Term*at Solo?Ton p-ro>ul .b>e do-, nnd the bnloaeo be ore 2 o'oloek to morrow. The accned intoroat on all boud* will bo oborged to tbo Next regular mIo on Mon day, Jon* 25. ALBERT U NICOLAY hoida regnlar aalae ol eteck* ?d boadi every Monday and Thnraday, at tbo Mere bant> Bxohamge. and alar apoeial sales, wboareqnired LBSRT a. NICOLAF, AUCTIONEER ?AUCTION Mia of hone, wagoa, barueaa. Ac. ALBERT 11 NI OOLAV. will tell, tkie day at 12 o'clock, in f.oat or bu aa.aaraom No. 11 Broad afreet, a gray horse, 15 banai high, Her 9 yeera old, kind ia all harneia and under the saddle.? Alao. ? road wagon, in good order; 1 Ml or tingle baraoae. . old orly (>r want of nee. ~~ UCTION NOTICE.?LARUE AND PEREMPTORY j aala 0' magnificent diamonds, watchee and jewelry.? EDWARD 8CI1BNCR. will aell at nuotioa tbia day, (Thurs dav.) June 21, at the salesrooms, 15 Wall street, at I0>? o'clock, a large invoice of anperb dinmonda. wstohes, Ao , consisting in part of brilliant diamond oluater and tingle riaga pine and earring* ladiea' enamelled watobei, aet en both aide* with diamond*; alao. other*, vlx : independent second double time koepcra, fifteen day, patent nnd de tached lever, Ad., by Cooper, Tobia*. Jorgenaen, Brnllng Treroa, R.'gby Dent, and other oelebratad makert, and ia eighteen ctrat gold eases; gold inita of brauelet, pia and Barring*, troocbea, hrnaatpina, gold atone and moaoio eleeve Buttons, elude, aeal rings, geld veet, guard and fob chaina, gold po nolle. pens, loeketa, earrings, Ao. Sale positive. actios NOTICE.?JOUN 1IOUOH, JR.. AUCTION eer.?Peremptory tale of rioh and ooatly honeohold fur niter*; aioaedeite, Freneb plate pier and oval mirrors, vel vet aad Bruaeela ear pets, oil paintings, ebiaa and silver ware, to morrow (Friday! at lOfc o'clock. Tne aaleembraoee tke entire contents ef the expensively forma had reel da nee No. 79 Muroy street, near College place, aud la peaitive to tbskigbeet bidder. The tireitnra it in excellent condition, aad was moetly finished ta order, by one of the boot oity maker*. A part of tbo liit i* bora annex- d:?Royal EagHsh velvet floor and italr carpeting. Ingrain, carpeting. English oilcloths, roes wood parlor anna, elegantly upholstered aad oovacod In maroon, crimson and green French entin damask, also, one antique medal Hon set. heavily oarved; Italian Statuary, marble ton tab Ice, of all the aaual descriptions found ia well tun isbsd room*; heavily carved aovan ootava douM* aetien pianoforte, warranted?this initrnmtat, for kneoesa ef egterier and quality ut ton*, is unsurpassed Al oe. n very An* rosewood etogere, finished throughout In plots glass and Italian marbla; Freneb work tables, fnnoy recep tion ohaire, eesritoireo, largo and splendid Froneb plats pior glare**. in ooetiy frames; rioh hsavy lace aad broootel our lasmm: original oil rein tings, by eminent modern nrtiate; Ootbls mi aid and solid statnary marble clocks: costly Dres den obimaware, flno vaaeeof Bovret porcelain. Parian marble atatoes aad classic reprleontatione; extension table, with aatiqne oarvtag; table liaoa, French china, silver tea Mr viooo, oake basket*, forks, (psoas, ivory cutlery, heavy out glassware, wines, ehnapngnee, Madeira, llqnor oases, ds canton,A*.; rosewood nnd mahoasny Ve.tstands, of tk* se ttle* and modern styles; rosewood marble top dreesing bu reau* waabstaads, corner and towel stands, palliasses, fin* onrted heir mattresses, oonalerpsnes, bolsters aad ptUsws, china toilet set*, oval aad square gilt frame mirrors, Ao. Sal* positive. Av A AnrTION NOTICE-JOS. L. SMITH, AUCTIONEER, ?u ..u thi. d*,, the an in.t , at 10}4 O'clock, at TO | nklin btwst, i large iiiortniMt of pariur, bedroom and iitohaa furiittira, i? ?xealleai oxder, consistingof auita in satin brocade, one suite in plush, cost $275, one ? oetar^ piano, made by Nnnn A Fisher; rosewnod Jwtaui, | pashsttuds. oeatie, side and fofa tables, with mmrbla tope, ____Ar stands larsc oral and pier glasses, clocks, oil Daint* fnls china Ta?es,?nimelled suites, ehairs, carpets, oil cloths, hn^ stands tables, sofas, silverware, crockery, glassware, ?i ,"rT ."ciru Vfo?.d in a Br.t clau houM, too an no aeona to mention. Auction notice-jam*3 cubbing. auction. eer Br virtue of an execution, I will sell, on Friday, 33d JuSn Intt. at 9o'cW#k, A. U., U Sth .treat, 7th and 8th avenues, a lot of soaftolding poles, scaffolding US*? Ac, I lo? of ladders, a large pile of *****?*?*? CmaV A2jo oair of glazed sasiies, a lot of hme in bar MU. aad a r.t ?i A?Un Md blind., at S3 Wet 38th .treet. Hiahaal Poody, oon.tablo. A CC, ION NOTICE.?W. A. CARTER, AUCTIONEER. A ?Will sell this Thnrtdnv, at l<i o clock, at No. 80 Green Kioh street, foraooount of all oencerned, sunarfine andex tta floor, transparent .oap, tea., fruit., indigo, Ao, Ale, ons pianoforte, of the best make. Auction notice.?thos. bell, auctioneer.? Br BELLA BUSH.-Thi? day, at 10>? o olook, inonr ?ana n'mi 13 North William itreot, will no .old a ralna ble assortment of household furniture, table oullery, 24 ?ol.oi-J pkintiagn. 2 trunk, dry good., 1 raluaWe oha.t of tool. 0 .pieadid canary bird., Ac.; &Uo 21 mahogany chair*, ,0-m', and Frcn.h bodtwadi. A UClION SALE OK FORDHAM LOTS WILL BE CON A tiood by PETER l'ARK. Auction*., thi.d.r Jam. in .n the grannd at Fordhnm, at3lj o clock P. M. in con ?,SnCe eflhe rain on, llTth ,nst ; the balance of the lot. willbe Mid uitboo^ ry^r^c^to^cl'1'e^th.^..tat.^ n ? CHILTON, AUCTIONEER.?ONE-HALF OF THE B. .'efm boal Salmon at auoti.a.-COLEA ^V^V^rk^r^^^r vTr'1' ForUnnT J?d By r COLT0N. AUCTIONEER.?HOUSEHOLD FUR nifitw - mSruri, carpcu. .ilcloth., chair., Ao Ao. G'OLTON" Will Mil on Friday, June lfc.d, at 10*, o olock, at Uk. auoti.nroom., 59 Bookman .tre.t, a large and gen.f J^^^mant of 7oid oow and ftcond hand furniture of Iti^d^ntion. It will eompnw, in part. MT.ral.uiti " .;J i droMins and plain bnrtnu., rcwood and ma and tot. a tot. and rattan bfek\?l?t* and^makoganjT; U^VFr??h without regard to weather. ?_ Dm kasR AUCTIONEER.?STORE NO. 310 Brjadway -La largo and extoniiro .ale or taouiehold nitJf on Thuriday^Juno JX, at No. 98 Leonard .trod It'ttAkf clwUttng of Mfa?. pi.r gla.MA carpet., bod. aurf blddii bi^Mtnl, tablei, chair., da** ware, ca.ter., kitchen Sfrnttnr., Ao.. with which the tale will commence. D NASH, AUCTIONEER-STORE 310 BROAD _ _Aaiicnss'i axle of marble mantels, on Thure __ * Jane 21. a^2 M., at the rtore con.i.tlng of boautitul statu*ry, broontel, Sicilian nnd other mantels, Ao. Eugene b franklin. auctioneer-by FRANKf LiN A NICHOLS?Important and peremptory .aleof honjohcid furniture, tomorrow, <Friday,i at 10!, o clock, *t79 NaMau .treet, between Fulion and John, an i<nm*n.o Maorim.nt of parlor, ohamlor and (liulng room furniture. without ro??r*e. 'nMIUI COOK AUCTIONEER?MORTGAOF.E S ?u?"SET* to'm'or^V'ar$CVolo%k%"\V. 'ofTu^m Bf^HuVloild)",MordoT^ jMxb, m Ae & sold without reeetve. Cen be examined nt eny time heloro tho .ale. Partio. huyiag for ?Uipplug caa haTO their good, boned at a reawnable cW*., Alio TSetrSiViVr^ sj^cisss...^ on th. moming o' ?ala. _ _ ? rstssssmsm ^t^UoraA dooka, etiaa ware, li-iuow. ..gar., ItZZZ ' *. A. CARTKk, Auctioaoor^ ?.1T a BERTS. JCN-, AUCTIONEER.?ON ENRT *. ? , 10Ho'clock, at lalMroom No..? , Tkoin*ny, Jmn? -lj 0f prima Uaran. nm gwgjg?,!;,? JiTM dcclinin. the bu.i ?****- th15?rl7/ii^ho mod. ohoic. brand*, *nd to b. Mid !'.'.UCTmr 1 ,r Particular* in catalogue oa tho morning *f nnl>. ? Ho BKRTS AUCTIONEIR ?THIS DAY, JCN'I 21. ft 11 f olock nt 61 Ninth nrenno. bjr order of n family * el. tnriat rtnteol hou.oholii tumiture coutunod irtS?jUSr^VdnmMt. ra.nirod. Good, to bo ro moTU? the .am* day. JH/t.iilTT AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL THIS ?.? ,t ul.'clock, at 173 Chatham .qnaro, *knfnwltur. ? f to Enropn, a aloe a..ortm.nt; alio, from a e? l ftnbf Artmant' xlso Terious other (roods. The hotd. jfc. uan?f ?? OTtm.nt. a?0 Tanou without wrrittiFZ?,'di^at 2rpon*tr..t, of AaT. on Friday wont. 1'articular. U morrow. Ik J KRIXT. AUCTIONEER.?WO.WW W ORTH OF ? fait, ikt .took of MeCon?ili A Mnrphy, will b? U iTandii. oa VhV pr?iM^ 31 Catherine .tr.ot on afandAT tfcn 1/Hh iaatant, aad following day*, uotn all are j^JeSfituf-Wommomclng ewob day at U o clock A. M. RDBSBLL W. WESTCOTT, AUCTIONEER ?TO MOR wZwIFlMny. at mi o'clock, auction .ale of household MtMLomhrMia. the oattro hnndnome ro?ewo^l and ma houM Noire Bigbth areauo. near Thir well worthy tho attention of hou.oKoepor* and M ti* whole wlU bo peremptorily sold to thc high H^SuSmi and contUta of * .plendid ro.owood pianoforte, JJlJit-T'ofw-richonrpot., roMwood and mahognny mar T i^LThwnlua marbl. top waadand., ro.ewood and ma MdMea'i.. French pier and oeal mirror., .did roM root awn roMwood marblo top etogoro, ^Im iIm?' roMwood centre table#, oil painting*, co*tjy lkH5' fuw"" Ae , with a large and ealuable taricty ^r^Auamber alad bnaement Namitnrw elegant hair m?t're?.o?. ? i T.tSriT- King table, eroehery. cutler, W na.r gold yy^Tiimam mora ebiiie. Ac , comprlsfur tho eotlro reees^&lslognee cen be obtnined el ths h^nTwo yHiumwuont. TtUDFkiDI CLOTHING AND PIECE GOODS-A. J? if PtllTiLAR Auctioneer, 23 Bowury, will *#11 on t'L tl fa mi o'olook, cloth, "a.aimere, alpacca k and * nek ooat.; c.Mimoru, doth and Uaen .tyle. and pattern.; MarMUU*. a.'tn.t mnnw. ? Turiwu / Fu-.Uth broadoletha, ea. "rttlt".'!; p^tfmn'ed to Monday, Jlth la.t. ^.o.aier* HAI.B?THIS DAY, (THURSDAY.1 JUNE S1* W o'clook ln the forenoon, at the corner of f "*? ?? 4-_L,?i^h atreet the content* of a r*?f *">fnw' ">ar" n'O fnrtiouefr, Corner f ^IS* a- 4 ? * l+ Am' ?ALtt8 AT AKTiOSr TVxVs MOBRRI.L, ACUTIOMIR-VEXT SALS. OX Frula|.(to m-rruw.let MS o'clock. St til f>l<xKooin, Sio. H f< ?trvo'. of ure, pianoforte*. mirror*, 0(1 Fiiii'-IM. -ei:?rs mattre** o, r?tr.g*r?tor?, chin*. oxrpot lag, c?ff?e oifl loo urn*, ex'.ca?r>a dining tabls*,- So. N O -Good* received 'hi* doy, <n tics for eole. w. S. MtLl.OK. AU.llOMtSK.-nV HOUGHTON . . . A Meilnr?Thi* doy. June 21. ot ltf>? o'c ook. St 113 Nassau street, pvrompt-.ry nolo of o->?'Sy cabinet furniture, aoperit-r toned rceewood pisnoturto* sad houao furnishing ariielrs, carpet*, Ao ; luruitoro w-ili iaolndo *ov*rai rose wood potior oulU, covered >n uortly br jc ?tol. broooio ootiD in great variott . mahogany potior luinituie on onlto. covered to hoir rlutb and flgur.d rvp*.; solid r oso wood elegere*) rloly core d rosewood sod mohogoay marble top colore, p-er and ?id* to'lot; luMwood, mohogoay end woinot oboo bor furniture iu set*, wi h ond without Imarbl o top*; sir oral itraw. blue ond ptnk aaameUod outtage chain bor eui's; rich bookcases, wolant library oad soorcorr do., ot th* lstoit oad most fo*bloDObls stylos; ladles' ooblast, writing tables, beoufeta la ook ond oslaot (tnarbla tops t suiiabla for dining oad reading rooms; riob wardrobes, la roeeoood ?ad mahogany: several of tho lotost patoat and *?>1* extension dining table*, 14 foot I lag, rosewood, ma bosaay, walnut, oak and birch, all warroatod; with a va riety of medium cla**, into O lotos and plain sota*. rooters, easy sad Gcthlo chairs, eornar stands, fid* and laroy tables, el ook*, trench plat* mirrors, shins wars. So. Also, at IS o'clook, ssTsrsl superior rosewood pianoforte*. Good* can bo pa-kod tor shipping oa th* premises. Cata logue* on tko morning of sale, and worthy th* attention of tfea trade. W1 H WITTERS, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL OX Friday, at 2 o'olook la tho sitoraooa, at 1.ST Canal atrest, a largo and genteel assortment of household farm tare, el family breaking up housokoooiasr?one mahogany cats piano, in rood order: pier and oval mirrors, oil paint ings, centre slat and attention tables, mahogany bookcases, window curtains, solas, rooking, ossv sad parlor chairs; tnpoetry and other oarpets, oil oloths, mahogany and walnut bedstead*, hair and other mattresses, bod* and bedding, dressing bureaus and washetands, toilat set*, dining room nod kitchen fnrnitnre, ohiaa glass and plated waia, cook stove, and a furnished hout* to 1st. MUBICAL. A CARD ?M139 M. CONTINUES TO GIVE LES J\ sons on the pionofoito and singing, at her own or pu pil's residence, but is noxious to obtain a situation as visit ing governess. Apply at 78 President street, South Brook lyn. ATTENTION PIANO PURCHASERS l-H ALL'S PA jf\. tent oeloatial or doable oatsve pianofortes, Ely A Mua Cmaantaotureri. The** improved pianos are rapidly tak the place of tha ordinary plamot'ortt* : let, boeauae thsy at* much superior la power and sweetness of tons; 2d, they stand la teas w*U, Ming mad* with iron trsmss; and 3d. they are sold at low prio*s, sad recommended by all our first pianists, whoso oertbUcatos ws bars of their superiority ELY A HUNGER, No. 619 Broadway, St. Nicholas Hotel BObTON PIANOS HORACE WATERS, NO. 333 Broadway, has th* sal* agency of T. Gilbert A Co.'* Pi ano*. wiih and without tho ASolian, Jacob Cblokoriug, Bal let! A Cumseon's, and Woodward A Brown'* Pianos, alt of wbioh have tho Iron tramo. and will etand an* ollmate.? They are tha boat Boston makes, and will be eold at factory prices, wholes ale and retail, with a liberal di tooaat for oaeb. Pianos to rent and rent allowed ea pnrohaso. Piaaoe for enlo on monthly payment# Great sacrifice ?a host beautiful toned rosewood piano, seven ootava and now, fully warranted, made by a very superior maker, will be sold at a great saorl lioe, and a second hand piano taken la exchange. Please apply at IDS West Broadway. HALL'S CELESTIAL PIANOS-BENNETT A CO., 309 Broadway, are now supplied with a large (took of these beautiful instruments, ns parson Should by any maaas par ohaae, whatovar interested parties may say to the contrary, till they hare fig** seen these improved pianos. MELODEONS,?S. D A n W. SMITH'S UELODEON3, toBSd the equal temperament, to wbioh was recently awarded tho first premium at the National Fair, Washing tun. D. C., can b* found only at No. 333 Broadway. A lies ra i dltoount made for easn. The trado so ppltod oa tha meet liberal terms. HORACE WATERS. VTO HUMBUG.?A VERT SUPERIOR R03EW0DW i.1 pianoforte, 7 ectave, Bon frame, perfect ia all respeeta, and warranted; been used only three months; maker's price, $310; tor aale for $220, with stool. Can be seen at Ne. 34 Veeey street, near toe Aetor House, from 9o'olook tlU 3, oa Thursday. ONLY ONE HORE OF THOSE TWO SPLENDID pianoiortes?tha other one disposed of?wotth oa* thonaaad dollars; will he sold at a great saerifioe. To b* seen at V. P. B. Curtis' warorooms, No. 447 Broadway. H. Sohmale A Co.'* make. SECOND HAND PIANOS AT A GREAT SACRIFICE for cash, as they must be removed thi* week; three rose woed and tea mahogany at priest of $25, $30, $45, $50, $65, $75, $86, $00, and $100, and one melodeon, prloe $50, for $35! all warranted In perfbot order, at 402 Sixth avenue, near Tweaty (ourth street. R. GONZALEZ. SECOND HAND PIANOS FOR SAI.R AT A BARGAIN ?One ot Plot el's piaaoe for $125; one very good English cctave, for $100, one for $85; one foi $60. Pianos to let. Tuning and repairing done in the beet manner. 392 Bowery, second floor. A HOUSK8. ROOM8, &CM WASTED, FULL SET DAGUERRIAN APPERATUS, HALF sire, wanted, and a small stook of material Apply at 262 Broadway, third story, Hnst bo good aa4 cheap. W. H. SNODQRASS. A SHALL STORE WANTED?IN CANAL, HUDSON, or Greenwioh streets, in a good location, suitable for s millinery business, or would less* s smell house ia either of the above mentioned streets, or pnrohaso s small stook, fixture* and leaie of a small store. Pxeaio address John eon, IIer*Id office, givlngnameandlocation. 13NG1NE AND BOILER WANTED?ENGINE EIGHT !i inch bore, twenty four inch stroke; boiler lixteonfest ong, forty eight inches in diameter, witli two flne*, ail com plete and tut in operation in this city. Address Engine, Herald office, giving full particular*, price, Ac. 1ft ACTOR Y ROOM*?WANTED, IN NEWARK, JER 1 sev City, Uoboken, Brooklyn, or the upper part of this city, a building with anffieient yard room tor tho purpose ot manufae uring trunks, Ao. Address Trunks, Herald office, describing building, locatlea and term*. TENKSON'S ANNUNCIATOR.-WANTED TO POR *J chaae on* of Jenkson'e annunciators fitted for about 160 bells. Any persons having one to sell, and ia good order, will please address the subscriber, at th* Herald offlee, as to term* and where it oan be seen. SING SING. TITAN TED?BY A SHALL FAMILY, A COTTAGE, OR ft part of a cottage, on Harlem Railroad, between Har bin anl Williama brldga; a few minutes' walk from anv de Sot. Address, stating terms. H. Fiaton, teacher, 180 West .ipbteenth street References exchanged WANTED-A SUIT OF UNFURNISHED ROOMS FOR a gentleman and lady. In a private family; bath, gas, Ac., prelerred; west aide, near Bleeoker. By jtatlng prise, location, Ac , a good tenant may be had. Payment to suit. Addroea T. L. A.. Herald office EICCHSIO ?S. ITOK FISHING BANKS.?THE SEA STEAMER MER J. C'CRV, Captain Richard Yates, wilt leavs for the fish ing baoke every day, touching at Fort Hamilton each way, from the following plaoea, via:?Jackson streot, t o'clock A. M.; Delanoey (treet, 6)1 A. M ; Catharine Manet, 7 A M., Peck slip, 7M A M.; Spring etreet. North river, 8 A. M : Tier No. 4, North river, 8% A. M. Fishing tackle and tait fnrniahed on board. FOR CONEY ISLAND AND TORT HAMILTON-THE ateamcr Norwalk leave* New York ?a follows ?Pier foot of Amoa street at 9% A. M., and 12)+ and 3,% P. M ; pier t'cot ot Spring street, \>y, A. M.. 12.% and 3% P. K.; pier No. 11 Ncrtli river, at 10 A M., 1 and 4 P. M.; leaving Coney (aland, last trip, at 6% I'. M. Fare to Coney Island and hack to New York, 2b cent*. No half price tor ohildren. fIFST GRAND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION OF THE season will come off on the 30th of Jane, 1865. The splendid steamer TEMI'EST, with the barxo Irene, Captain Slider, will leave Sonth second street, Williamsburg, at 7 o'olock P. M.; at Bridge street, Brooklyn, % past 7 o'clook; Pulton terry, Brooklyn, at % to 8 o'olock; Peek alip New Vortc, at 8 o'clock, and nler t North river at past 8, for Hudson river. Tiokete BO cents. Grand excursion to the fishing banks?on Friday, June 22d, Fare SO cents. By toe safe and oommodioua double engine stenmer MASSACHUSETTS, E. R Hanks, Commander, leaving pier foot of King street, at 7)1 o'clock, pier foot of Amos street, at 8 o'clcok, pier foot of Broome street East river, at 9 o'elook, pier No. 3 North river, at 9% o'clook. Fishing tackle and halt on board. rro CHARTER FOR EXCURSIONS.?THE SAFE AND i. commodious steamer MASSACHUSETTS, E. R. Hanks, Commander, being bow in eomplete order, oan be chartered for excursions She it the largest and most elegant steamer offered fcr the purpose, having a lsrge dancing saloon 112 feet long; a rare chance is offered to the public. Apply on board, at the foot of King afreet. North river, or to L. II QHOVER. 183 Broadway, op stairs. riiO CHARTER FOR EXCURSIONS-AN ELEGANT 1 first class steamer, splendidly furnished with all eon vsuienoe* for pleasure parties. Apply nt the offlce of ALEX. M. C. SMITH. Ma. 23J West street, between North Moort and Beaoh si recta. FIREWORKS, CtANTGN I IRE CRACKERS.?NO. 1, GOLD CHOF ) 40 packs. For sals in lot# to salt purchasers, by JAMES ROBIN8QN, 74 Btavet streat. EDGES' FIRST PREMIUM COLORED AND BRIL LIANT FIREWORKS. Many new and original designs, appropriate to tbt comin anniversary, nevor before offered to the nnblio. Vie subscribers are now prepared to fnrniah displays fat cities, towns or villages, to any extent, and bnve on hand a oomplate variety of sale work, of very superior quality, > which they offer at the loweet market nrieee. Orders will meet with prompt attention. Ad J roes JOS Q. A ISAAC EDGE Jr., United States Laboratory. Jersey City, or DUNCAN A BOBBINS, 63 Maiden lane. X. T., Our only authorised agents for the eity of New h orh. FfREWORKS-THE UNDKRSIONED OFFERS FOR sale, on the meet reasonable term*, a large and com pie to assortment of the most brilliant fireworks ever offered in this mniket. Every article sold will be warranUd and delivered, free ef cartage. Ail kinds of exhibition pieces and oolored works in quantities to suit parohnsera. JOHN E. BOSS, 210 Washington street 131 REWORK DEPOT, 38 DIVISION STREET. WHERE 1 ean be found nil the various kinds, mete by the best manufacturers, and warranted to be of the first quality, at the lowest oaah prices. Country dealers supplied, and or ders punctually attended to. THDS. I. JONES, 38 Division stmt. FIREWORKS-NIW FORK LABORATORY, 10!FRONT street.?Fife crackers, Canton rockets, deable header*, joss sticks, sod a complete assortment of Are works, war ranted of the first quality. Country merchants and dealers in general, also committee* for eity and eonntry displays, supplied on the most liberal terms. M. BENNETT, IPC Front street. FIRMTIRE ~~ A LAROEFRLNCH PLATE M)OKINGG!.AS8, sUITA ble for n saloon c v private house, with other good fur niture, tor sals by a family abon t to decline housekeeping. 1'loase aiWreee Rebsrts, Herald oAce luraiture dealers nted not afply KNAEKI-LED COTTAGE FURNITURE?NEAT, PRE* ty suite fit lew a* fx, at the maiiafaetery end ware rooms. 634 Broadwav, star Klaeo' er strict, besides evsrj ?itin #f iltrtil aa4 fudhioiilit lam^'K'inIti A M. WARWICK. grOLHR Cfoooii. /kFFlCEOF THE CHIEF OF POLICE, JUNE 18, I A". - " " A' owner is wsalad at the Third District I'ollse Court, ?d f L. fRiser '?< ? j'era grid hentieg watoh ensj-r.tad t* kavt b??eti GEORGE W. MAT3RI CM! A nctUT# ftKOi8T?K ?7Ajk -tor RENTS or DRICK HOUSE IX Vl vv. Twelfth itrNt, wear Si 1th avtuus. delightful localUw. tree! ta Croat, yard full el fl??er?, range. bath rtesa, eat la twtlve rocm?. turoiture> impute for house keeping, nearly all mew. si SOO. Apply to I'llEK A U. JAtUsON, lA llioadwey, between if had 11 A. II Ne leere onlese furniture ie pnrekaeed. SMALL GENTEEL HOUSE TO LET? AT GCRGEN Filat, nitb half an acre ot garden, and plenty of vege table*, fruiteanil (lower*; kitoetlaa ?e- v heathy and tilt nut, en theahor* el Newark Bay, where ii excellent fiehing and Lathlag. lb* adtertuer being ebosi te move vest, all the fnruitsre may he bought very cheep Rent 1110 One hoot'* tide (rem New York. Apply tbi* we?k, at the French Ctttage, Bergen Point, eeer Or. ftaubinoeua BAKERY.-TO LET, A BAKERY, 00 BY Hi FEET, with a large n*w even and boiler, and all other requi sites complete, ia eioalleat working order, together with a etoie. titling room end two bedreoint at 321. late 311, Sixth ?tr?ct between neenne* C end D. Apply to Dr. O'KEIlLY, 83 White attect, or Mr TLomai Fareil 221 EUxaheth atroet. Furnished house to lrt.-a three stort and basement houce, with modsraiiiprovemantt, a*wly fnrniahed one year einoe, enl-eble for a pri?e'e family, or would be let for a hoarding hone*; situated ?vii of broad tray, below Broom* etreet Apply to Mr. DIBBLEE, No B49 Broad bay. Furnished house to lit-for the summer montbi end nntil tbe Bret of October; Brat olaaa lioute, fnrnuLad complete, near Union square end Fifth avenue; will be let tery low te a eulteble family. Addreee, with aerne and rerUenoe, box MS Poet Uffioe. IfRMrUBD HOUSE TO LET-IN A GOOD LOCA tloa, end well adapted for a largo boarding house. To thoae who can furnish security, tkn terms will be very fa vorable Address a note te Holland, llereld oGloe. Furnished house to rent for a term of year*.?lb* new, elegeat and commodious brown atoue front dwelling house, 90 kaat Nineteenth etreet, uear Irving place, supplied with all tbe modern improvements, and fur nished throughout with rich furniture The owner, the pre sent oooopent, leave* for Kuropc ia th* autumn, aad wiU giv* possession immediately after July 1. Can be seen from 10 A. M to 12 M. For card* of admieaion apply to liUMtft MORGAN, Metropolitan Dank building, or to FIlANCId t. OA It REITS ON, attorney, Ac., 74 Wall atreot. N. It ? Boarding house keepers need not apply. FOR RENT?a FURNISHED HOUSE IN SOUTH Brooklyn, a tow minute*' wel k from Hamilton terry. Ibe lady will board for th* uie ot the furniture. Address Widow. Herald ofliee. __ House to let?ykarly rent emu, with gas, chandeliers, mirrors, lauudrv, speaking tubes, Ao. Lo cation very pleasant, near one of the principal avenues west of Broadway. A portion of furniture, oar pets, Ao., in niea order, wUl bo cold et e bargain. B W. RICHARDS, 3U7 Broadway. Lodge room to let?at the masonic temple, oorner of Broome and Crosby streets, en the 2d and 4th Tueadaja of each month. For information apply to JNO. W. LEONARD A CO., No 383 Broadway. PARTLY FURNISHED HOUSE AT CLIFTON. 8TA ten leland, to lat?Within tan minutes' walk of Yaadar bilUa landing. Tbe gronnde are well arranged and beauti ful Its had td. Terms moderate. Inquire of R. S. HOWES, residing on the promisee, or of Mr. CHESTER FLOWER, 71 Broadway, up etsura STATIN ISLAND -TWO SITTING AND THREE BED rooms, niatly furnished, will be let to a small respects blc family of two or three per sens, on the above Island, within Bve minutes'walk of Vandernllt's landing, In a de taohed house, commanding a beautiful view of the bay and iiiand; terms, SHO until 1st or November: immediate pta feoaitn oan be given. Address X. Y.. Herald offloe. mo LET-POSSESSION OITEN IMMEDIATELY?thr a rear part of the seoond story, tbe front part of the third story, and all of tha fourth atorr of 29 Beekmaa ?treat; also, th* front room of th* nfth story *f SI aad SSBeekmaa atreot Each apartment ia suitable for any kind of mechanical business; also, bwement of 24 Bookman ?treat. Inquire of JAMAS CONNER A SONS, 29 Boekmai ?treat. mo LET?IN JERBRY CITY. TWO THREE STORY X brick houses, consisting et eight rooms and basements, suitable tor two families, if required. The location ia ia the healthieet part of the eity, ia South Second street, near Erie. Paasaio water ia tha yard. For partiealars inquiro at E. COLE'S office, Jertey avenue and South Fourta at. mo LET-ON BERGEN HEIGHTS, ONE MI LB AND A X halt from tha Jertey City terry, seven new dwellings. The view of the bay and oity of New York, Brooklyn, Sta tes Island, Ao., from this point is unrivalled. Good water, and a pura atmosphere. Omnibuses leave the ferry every few minutes. Apply at tha offlo* of the Dally Telegraph, 21 Montgomery street, Jertey City. TO L1T.-FUBRISHBD ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN; ?Uo, room 111 bedroom for ? gontlemau end wile, with or without board, ia ? pleoMBt port of tho city and coars aieat to mil business. Apply at ?36 Hudaoa itroot. r LET-TDK THREE 3TORT STONE FRONT HODSE, 68 Weot Twenty-sixth atreet, with modern improve meat*, would bo lot at the rate of $700 a year; alio, tho four otory, moderm built house, 214 West Thirty-fifth atreet, would bo let at tho rate of SWO a year. Apply to J. DEN UAM, Eighth avenue, ooraor ot Sixteenth street, TO LET?AT HARLEM, IN A VERY HANDSOME AND healthy looalitv in tho Sixth avenue, between 134th and 136th atreet a, a neat now houao, auitable for one or two con tool ounllioa. Apply to Dr. O'REILLY, 83 White street, or Mr. WatMn, houao and land agent, Fourth avenue, 124th atreet. TO LET?A CONVENIENT PART OF THE GENTEEL house 36 Tweltth street, between Sixth and Seventh ?venues, to a small family ot grown persons. Tho house has gas and bath room. It will be rented ohoap. For portion* lars apply on tho premises. TO LET?A VERY ELIGIBLY SITUATED HOUSE, IN South Brook.lvn. It is ooavonieat of aeoess by tho dif ferent ferries, and has all the modern improvements. The furniture ot tho house all now, and of the beat quality, will also bo sold tor a very low .prion. Address L. M., box 2,58.1 Post Ottioe. N. Y. TO LET?1THE THREE STORY BRIOK HOUSE, No. 106 Leonard street, a tow doors oast ot Broadway. This houio Is very conveniently looated, contains th rtoon rooms with sufflotent closet room, and is suitable either for a pri vate family or boarding house. For terms, do., apply to S. CONOVKft, 298 Broadway. ' TO LET-TO A CENTEEI. FAMILY, THE UPPER part and front basement of houso 76 Delanoy street. Apply on the promises from 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. TO LET-TO AN ARCHITECT?OFFICE FURNISHED and decorated, No. 73 East Fourteenth street. TO LET-AN ELEGANT SMALL THREE STORY HOUSE, on West Twenty third street, near Sixth avenue. The bouse is in excellent order, built but a few munthv sineo, and contains all modern improrements. To a desirable ten ant. a five years' loam might bo given. E. B. KINSIIlMEK, 319 Fourth avenue, from 3 to 7 P. M. TO LET?A VERY HANDSOME SUIT OF FINE ROOMS and basement, on Twenty eighth street, in a fine loo* tion. rooms elegantly papered and painted, gas fixtures, water closet, do.; rent $25 per month. The above rooms are disconnected from tbe other pnrt of ths house and have a sep rate front door entrance. E. B. KINSHlMfiR, 319 Fourth avenue, Irom 3 to 7 P.flM. TO LET?A LABGE AND WELL SITUATED DOWN town hoarding bouse, below White street, nenr Broad wty, forty rooms, with all modern improvements; three y< are' lease; ront low. Part of the furniture for sale ir re quirtd. A pply to G. W. W ESTBROOK, 343 Broadway. TO I.ET-A PLEASANT ROOM ON THE SECOND floor, and ote or two bedrooms, with vault and large yard, to a small respectable family. Apply at tin West Thirteenth street, near Sixth avenus. TO LET-THE BEAUTIFUL NEW BROWN STONE house 144 West Thirty sixth street, near Eighth avenue. The house is first class in every respeot, 18 rooms, with gas, baths, bells, speaking tubes, laundry, do. Yearly rent very low, <660, with immediate possession B. W. RICHARDS. 307 Broadway. TO LET?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, YEARLY rent 2?i6U, a rtrge four story house, containing 15 rooms, desirably situated for a hoarding bouse, being near St. J ohn'i (ark. in Varick street; also, a front office on Broadway, iter Chamber* street. Rent HOC. B. W. RICHARDS. 307 Broadway. TO I.ET?VERY LOW, IN BROADWAY, ON THE weat sida, vicinity of Chambers at net, a front room, on second floor, easy of access, desirable for business ol ths following description, via : importer, watchmaker, milliner, barber, wig sad curl manufacturer. ' B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. fpO LET-HOUSE NO. 6 VARICK STREET, TEN JL rooms, three rooms on one floor, in a house with one fvmiiy. A small store, apartments and baseiuenis, down town. A email house in Wiliiamburr, near the ferry. Rent low. Apply to 9. C. SMITH, 16 Mott s root. TO LF.T AT WILLIAMS BUG?STORE AND DWF.L ling house, corner of U<nbam avenue and Powers str?ef, long established ts a meat market; two lots. Also, house, two story and basement, Sandtord street, East Brooklyn, first house south of Wilioughby avsnna; two lots; fine gar den; lent >130. App^ aM30 Grand street, Williamsburg. TO LET, AND FOR SALE.?SEVERAL GOOD HOUSES to let; also half of a house to let. in a good neighbor hood, with gas and Proton water. Several bouses and lot* tarsals and exchange. Apply at the Broadway Laid Office, 1TT0 Bread say. S. W. CKONK. TO MFDICAL MEN.-A PHYSICIAN IN BROOKLYN ha* a beautltul building, a part of which hs wishes to let to a physician; be will oe able to establish hiut ia prac tice; must be married and experienced. Inquire at 462 Grand atreet, Williamsburg. TO CARPET. CABINET, OR UPHOLSTERERS, AC ? To let or lease, the house 263 Bowery; is well adapted for the ebove business, the first and second storlei having e f less front, wbleh enn be entirely opened for display, at! the eastern rsr trains pass the premises, which makes tba location desirabls lor oountry at wall at oity trade. Apply to GEO. W. DEAN. 108 Thompson ?t. Pr J ASTHOIiOGY. ASTBOLOGY AND PHRENOLOGY -THE CElI brated MRS. FLBURY, from Pant, whose reletien liai been constantly consulted by Nnpoleon I., gives information on all event* of life, nt 163 Broom* street. ARD-MADAM PREWSTER RETURNS THANKS TO I or friends and patrons and bees to say that after the Uxnuaads both ia this eity and PhUadelph a, who have consulted her with entire satisfaction, the feels oonfldrnl thet ia the questions of astrolegy. lore and law matters, and boekt or oiaclst, as rtlied on constantly by Napoleon, she has no eqna). She wi'l tell tbe name of the future husband and also the name of her visiter. Besldeac* 76 Madieot street, ent door from Catherine. Madame morrow.-this highly gifted lady is a seventh dsughter and was born with n gift to tall past and futereevents. Sht it, without exeeptioa, tbe mnet wonderful astrologtst ia the world; she will even tell their very thoughts. N. B.?No charge if not satisfied. Gentle men aot admitted. 76 Broeme street, near Cannon. RS. BACKER, 362 BROOME STREET. BETWEEN Mott and Elisabeth streito. ean be consulted about iawtui**, marriages, business, the color of the hair, and oharaeter of the hotband. Ao. CORPORATION NO TIC Kg (CORPORATION NOTICE.?DEPARTMENT OF RE J pairs acd Supplies. June 10, 1AVL?Sals of Corporation Property ?Will be sold et psbllo euotion, on Saturday, Jose 1"W, at 10 o'clock A. M , to tbe Ugnest bidder, all c in the Park, consisting of bricks, flatting, and building Eton* Said property will bs sold In different lot*. Ths torms et salt will 1* task, to be paid te the anotleneer. as scon as the ttleii concluded. Ths purohater will be obligated to remove the proceed* tf hit purchase from the premise* within fivn days from tbe day of sale. All the responsibility lot tbe Jellrsry of the property will be borne by the par oh veer, snd in caee the purchaser should neglect to rsmov.t mitrrlais or prspertv wltbla firs days, as specified, II shaii be oeat.dxrsi as forfeited te the Corporation, and will be ovrr ?g*'n fcr tbe benefit af the eity. BARTHOLOMEW R. PPRDY. CvAunueeidAvd at Rvpaigf gad Supplied, -s/irt M5W AMD EI.EOANT SUMMER BONNETS. 1UU inet inc*l#?l ky lb* AtlAtic from Ml U*oJ? kMJ US ta* Richelieu, fuk. Tbi< invito* oompriaoa th* ItlMt ?itlii ib iu(| crap*. bla?k Um and ?ukwWwi 'kM hat*. bo much admired ?i prooent is Part*. N* confidently IMlMtUNllMlUtt'WI 'B-1* wU iMJNK OUC ?took will be convteoed that foe tnsie and beauty of deeua U>*ic aw bo good* in this oily that cau oompara wt?i ova. At the mb( lima oar price# aro decidedly Mb early call will bo touad advantageous, at MADAME K. HARRIS A SON. 671 Broadway EOOX'd SILE UOTTON-rOK BAND AfU> MA cLD* noIhl ?oporltr to any thread ta th* world, wound on WxJwiMad OUCy?rd ?pool*? wbl.?, blaohoad nU ooli-r*. from No. S to No W>. Any number, oolor and loo-ith fcr sale ai WHEELER A Wll.S.W't eewtag m peine dapot. 3i3 Broadway. BI LPIN'S MANTII.J AS , ? roiliua off at a toduciioa 0* from 11 to 5C per cent rrom ^llte PtrL^antllla Errferium, 301 Broad nay. beiug about to l? entirely remodelled and ooneiderably enlarged, oovor lig a ten lomple'.ed a epaoe of near ly eoven tbkneand ?<luaro feot. allb a troi tage or 27 foot on Broadway. 4u on t ranklia atieat. and a deptb of 160 foot, forming beyond c?mpari#oa die Ian-eat retabliebmeot of it* kind in this or any oinor o. ni try: and aa a partial and temporary eloelog of'the pro mleei. aill be rendered noceeeary tha subscriber hai datar mined to eubjeot hia en lire (took of #prin< and rummer man tilla#. ctnpe and caahmaro ehawla, 4c , to such an enormous redrctioc in price a* enn?t effect itaoomplete oltarauoe pro yiou* to tbe I6tb of duly. . He deems further comment unnoeoieary, and will merely oaumirete a few of the leading urtloiee preeeated for pu olio ?Prfn\biu.aui very excellent bluek oilk mantilUe. tbe riobeii ?i";k a-d of the otylo for which hi * ttoro hja beoo oo much oolebratcd iW? aoaioa?forinor priooa aud 57, now "kight hundred'blaek'Vilk meutillas ' Cremona"- former in Ices ? and *10. now reduced to tlx dollar#. Four hundred and fifer mo rw antique mantillai, with laoe ruffioo? formerly *10, now tie nod n half dollar*. Six hundred eery elegant rilk mantilla", with tin tie at l double laoe ruffles, the moet reeherohe atylea?formerly St and EH, now eight foliar*. . . Aud ainultltadlnoue array of riohor mure laoo% moiro aiiticiu# and taoo lod other ia?ncf, many ?f wbteh only juat imported from l'aria-all at a eimtlar re ^1 to*n ltrro Ttiiaty of ca?bmere. Caatoa orano and etella eb?nU'. ^ualT, ch.ap. , GEO. BULPIN. Sjjl Hie aalo at rednoed prloo# commoaooo on Thureilay, diet af June. DRY GOODS FOR THE PEOPLE ?THE DNDBr rigiiod, having determined on oleartng out all of hi# largo aumuior etook, to make room ior now foil eood'i to eay they will l?o told without regard to ooet whlobl set biiiig made known yooUrdny, oyer throe hundmd pee|il* wore ennblod to lo served; but hoping, by- an Inoreaie of salesmen to day to bo able to moet tba wante if tha people. 27U piece* of th"** beautiful printed Uwna yet remaining, at Cd"SSfTuL wbieh poeltWefyocat lSjhJ, to import; otuer lawns iu proportion; rioh oil boiled blaek allk, woriantoil not to cnt, at *1 per yard; w* hare eold them readily for *1 SO; beautiful do. for 5a. dd , ohoap at *1; manifloent em broidered orapo ehawla, which wo have eold for *0; wo now offer them at $16 60; hand tome da. at *6: an immense bar gain, tuily; mantlllae. printed abnwlo, plain and faaoy oao eimtiee. hoeiery, Ac. C KlbLEEtt, * 420 Grand atroot, corner of Attorney From adcuon-iio frrncii ehbroideeed ?ete. nt *12 Mi each; 2 000 eambrio and 8wi*e collar#; the average prioe# are 4# , 5a.. 6a,8e.,10a., I2e and He. oaob; 3(OOSwiaa and rambiie bauda, at all prloo", Irom U to*0. MADDEN A STEWART,Gdsbrondway,1 two doorg aboyo Blcockcr etroot. NCTICK.?FRENCH WORKED BANDS, FRENCH worked collar#, a beautiful aeeortmeat luet opooed, by worsen i?mn, jaME* FRANCE, 703 Broadway. EOPLE'S SAVINGS STOEE, 313 HUDSON 8TREET, between Spilng aad Faadam.-Poeitiy* ?ale of tbee*_ tenelye and well selected etook of family and fancy dry gdods, at prica* that will notes iah tba moet eoonomioal la conacqueaoa of tbo proprietor haying made arrangeminta to enlarge his otoro, be will toll off the largest pioportioa of hU etock previous to the let of Auguet, at a treat redaction of price*. Wo solicit from our fWoade and the public gone rally n portion of tboirfavor*, aud will boalwayeg ad to toe them at th* old eUud, 313 Hudson street ? . . ROBERT RAE, Proprietor. WifEL# aMP^UMMMB BJUIEUBAM. A8TOR HOUSE.?1 HE UNDERSIGNED HAVE RB nowed their leaae of thie hone*. It baa been refitted, and 1* row la bottar condition ttaa whoa firat opened to the publio. Now hatha and water olotOU hay* been iatro duoad upon avery floor. Ita maseivo walle. Its improvod and complete voutllntion, render It tbo coolest house in this sity during hot woatbor. In everything necessary to pro mote the ronl oomfort of lndioe and gentlomon it isgocond to none, lte proximity to the rtllrcad# enables our pat rcn a to reaoh any portion of the city without delay, and at trifling expense. It is aitnntad in the healthiest ward ot the oily, aad tha Park and open grounds opposite present advantage unequalled. It* convenient position* far Mer chants and for all parties connected with the great publio enterprises of tba country, is appreciated, and rooms are always ia readiness for tbe aoconimodation of meetings, Ac. lircski'ast from early morsUng until II o'clock. Dinner in fsetlomea'a ordinary. 3^; ladles' ordinary, 2% nnd5. or tha nooommodation of business men, dinner will be served from 1 o'olock until 2% o'elook- Orntsftil for th# past, wa pledge ourselves to our patron* that everything requisite for their oomfort and happiness wbl>* under our roof, shall bo provided without atlnt, and at a cost to them not exceeding that of any other first class hotel in this city. New loss, June, 1865. COLEMAN A bTETdoN, Belmont hall, new Brighton, staten Island, opposite tbo steamboat lauding, eta acoamtuo dato a much larger number of guests hsu heretofore, hav ing been enlarged and Improved, and is the most convenient home on the lilana. Families and single gentlemen are in vited to call and examine tbo room a Boat* leave foot ot Whitehall street. Buckley housi, stamfobd, conn.-thi3 de sirable sumuer house is now opon for the acooinmcdi tiou of families. For room* aad terms apply to or " tbe undersigned, nt Buckley House, Stamford, Conn, j, m. STAPLES, lat* of th* Pioocott House, No or addros* w York (10LLIK8 HOTEL. FOOT OP CANAL STREET, FRONT J it g th* North river, will lot to families suites, parlors or sitgle rooms, fronting the river, on mos: reasonable terms. Tha loen'ion is desirable iu warm weather; full view of ocean etcemcrs and New I a mapks. Proprietors. CtOUNTRY BOARD ON SEA SHORE. TWO MINUTES' j w(lk from city Lost Office.?Sifcley Hons*, Bridgeport, Ct.; oleaalinees, omtort, sea batbinjR green lawns and tress, hot nad cold salt or fresh water baths Terms reasonable. Hotel mobrisania.-this commodious house is now open for th* reception ot boarder# and traniioat parties. Merohsnts and other# whoso businoos roqnires them to b* In the olty daily, will find this estab'U limsnt most con venient tot them**!?*! aud familios, as the Harlem railroad train# arrive aad depart almost hourly, and as late i. ele ven o'clock at aight from the city Tbe scenery in th* neighbourhood io rural; ploaoaut walks and rides in the vi cinity. Dinner and supper parties accommodated at short notice. Per*ene riding ont lrom the city will find good sta bling aad ehed room. Distune* only ten mile*. Horns kept on livery. HENRY DURELL. Monmouth house, at union city, near key port, New Jersey, Is now open lor city boarders, whar# tba best accommodations oan bo gives; fishing, riding, bath ing, Ao . ol tbo best on the ihore; large airy rooms, nicely furniebed. Steamere Angle end Key port, leave foot or Mur ray street daily. BYDNEY T. SMITH, Proprietor. XTEW YORK BAY HOTEL, 2K MILES FROM JERSEY 1> City ferry, on Bergen point, plank road. The moet beautiful summer residence in the State. Fishing, bathing, boating. Dinner* end supper* at an hoar'alnotle*. Private oarrlage* to and from the house te city. Now open for per manent and transient guests. Apply at the house, or to Capt. L1ESE, Post Office, Jersey City. Nf.w briohton.-a single gentleman, of first respectability, or a gentleman witn bis lady, can Hid a very desirable summer residence, by addressing, with full name, Ac., to box 3,992 Fost Office. Richmond hill hotel, statkv island, is open tor the season. Charges, 97 a week; children under ten year* of age, 94; servants, 94 30; horse*. 96. Handsome suits of rooms, with parlors. Partionlars at S, W. Benedict's store, No, 6 Wall street, N. Y. ' J. P. KELLETT, Proprietor. RCCKAWaY SEA BATHING -THE PAVILION HO tel will be re opened on the 20th of June. This estab uihmeot is greatly enlarged, and oemprises rooms in suites for families, tingle rooms, and a number of cottages on the grounds furnished, with or wlthont board at the hotel. Sta bling,coach houses, and saloons for exercise and amusement. Rocms can be selected at the hotel, or plans seen, at No. 47 f lift street. New York. Cars, in connection with stares to the hotel, leave South ferry daily at 9 and 10 A. M.,3:46,4:15, fi and 7 o'oloek; returning at 7:10, 7:66, 8:46 A. M., and 2:10 and 6:66 P. M. JOHN GEO. BAINBRIDGE. Trenton falls, near utica, n. y.?the hotel at this place of favorite resort is opea for the season, fitters otn now teach it direct by the Btaek River and Utica Railroad, trains Isavisg Utica on tho arrival of the steam boat express train, also ol tho Hudson river express train. _____ M. MOORE, Proprietor. r WESTERN TRAVELLERS.?THE UNDERSIGNED having lifted np and fnrnished with great cere and ex peree the Pennsylvania Railroad Company's Hotel at Altoena, known as the l.ogaa House, begs leave to inform the travelling public that by taking the 8 o'clock A M. train te Philgdflyhla they will thm coniatf with the light king express train at 1 o'clock P. ana arrive at Altoo ht that avenlng, and have aa opportunity to remain ever night, thereby securing a comfortable nights rert, andean trie the express train at o'oloek next morning. Atioo na being on the eastern slope of the Allc^hanica, pateengers will have an opportunity te enjoy the munificent scenery in the assent of the mountains, also that el the whole of theweitern division, by daylight. This route is also the shorteet end quickset to Cincinnati and points west. The Pennsylvania Railroad is laid oa stone ballast, thereby free from dust, and for speed, safety aad convenience stands unrivalled. Passengers can have their baggage cheeked for Alteoaa, if they desire; if not, it will await their arrival at Pittsburg. The Logan Hoase also affords to families and vth< re seeking comfort a very, desirable retreat daring the summer months J. P. THOMPSON, Proprietor. Altsnn. June 13. I"ft5. rTAVERLET HOUSE.?HANDSOMEI.Y FURNISHED VT apartments, at modern's prices, with the best of hotel attendance, can ha bad in this admirably located house, corner of Fourth street and Broadway. Meals well served, can be bad If required. CHAS. II SHELLEF. TR4VKLLKH8' OUIOB. C1HEAP TARE TO ALBANY?PASSAGE 2'. CENTS, ) berths, 26 cents: s??te rooms, 60 cents.?Tho fttetsteam ss HERO will lsavo Robinson street pier every Tuesday, Thursday aad Snada; nt ti P. M , arriving at i P. M. For ketport and fort hamilton.-yhe new and fart ebeamboat KEY PORT ltavea New York, tost of Murray street, dally, Sandays excepted, at I o'clock P. M., returning leaves Key port et 7K o'clock A. M. Fare 25 sent*. Persons desirous of v letting one of the most healthy aad host bathing plaeee la the vloiaity of New York ean find it hluSE? 1aS " NMrT#rt ffOR SHRRWRBUKY, LONG BRANCH, Ac ?TnE 1 steamer JAMES CHRISTOPHER will leave the fear oUry street, June 19, 30 aad 21, at 7 e'cloek A, M.: oa 1TM at i A. M.asd on 2M at 1 P M , returning will leave Shientbury at 12 M States to all parte of the eonn'ry. FOR THE VIRGINIA SPRINGS?Til ROUGH TICKETS lor$20.?Ono day and a half only from Richmond te T^it?*8n,lfbT' Ma ?WMt Srslnge.?Persons wishing to visit tho Virgins Springs raa, by taking tho steamships Jamestowp orRoaaoks, from New Tork, on Wednesday or ??????*.*? Rlokmond with,the oars of the Virginia Central Railroad te fltanntoa, thence by stnae a?d rail re a to the springe I'er further information an ply to ,t LIDLAM A PLLASANTS.83 Broadway. l , r . If IIii, ' Removal ?the satinet print works, for grhrtiag and rcfinlshing antiaetl, k wsevs, j ?ans, Ao .11 t<moved from 44 Maidaa lane, to No. V Barclay street, As lor House. Good*Sep* insured without charge. iXU-5 ?vftc, Id, ?u>lU>o?o ahui miuuoio, 7co Broadway ?'tc let, hanosvuiit vvn I (Jw oiebed rooms. to families ?.? -Kg'a sea'ltxr ?u / ri vote Mk:? cxly. The bouse is 6rst jlass ui OMtaiai ill Mm moceru iinjr.vrmenta FJU1 BKfiAI)HAV. EMRANC2 HU3T OOOft IN* DOl Amity (treat ? buntieic? at l tbo.r wlvsi gr iiSfilo ( obtain full gr [itr'itl Ugril. eitliii |i?rai ud( cr truiiol. Bath no J .<n in 'ha house. FOURTH SlREKT-KI.EOANTl.V FURNISHED <) | U tsem* to trt, with hoard. t.? jentleiusn and loolr ama, tr lartin of iluilr gentlemen tlniwi inprove trii n ?. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Fret eh and Spanish spoken. l?/\ BLIECKKR M'KEET, NEAR GRECN'I. ?A FUR lUu iiKli'd parlor, on first floor, eri? U closets nttacUoJ;, n large furnished bedroom. on second fl >or, t-i let. u single gentlemen, in ? respeeiaUe privata French family; the louae is provided with erery new improvement, gas. bath, ie., bieaklaat it rsqoirtd. 1QO WEST TWINTV-TIIIRD STREET-A SUIT OF J.04 piraiant ruoma to let, with board; also single rsoms for geLtlemen; hoiire new. ni<li all modern iiapruveunouts; location ote of the healtbteet in tbe city; several laaruatts are rpaken in tbe tamny, and the society every way dnira ble. Private table it repaired. *1 Q/l MADISOW AVENUE-STRANGERS ARRIVING lOU in tbe city daring 'he enening eeneon will find pleasant room*, (either (ingle or in auiti i in a first ola is touta, having All the modern oonvrr.itncos, by applying as alore. Wall etreet itaga* paaa the doer, and other lines are In clone proximity. lilC WAVIRLEV PLACE, THIRD DOOR WEST OF JA/cr Washington l'ark.?a tow desirable rooms etn bo had, with noard, by gentleman mad their wives, or siur'e gentleman. Location ia one of the moat (delightful in the city References exchanged. Tcrma inoderata. Q1 PRINCE STREET, WEST OF AND NEAR HR4.VD t'l way ?A few aing'e gentlemen aan obtain de?irabl? rooms, with lull or partial board. I'rices moderate Loca tion very pleaeant and convenient; house first class Bxtlis And gaa flA FRANKLIN STREET-FIRST HOUSE WEST OP 4 U Broadway; two parlors on tha first floor to let, sepa rate or together; a good looation for a phyaloian. Also, live or six single and doable rooms for lodgings, neatly furnished. Cleanliness svriot'y observed. qn NINTH STREET.?A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Odd front parlor, wi'h bedroom attached, snitabls tot two gentlemen; also n single room. Apply as above, in tlio first new white atone house above the Sixth avenue. Avery fine suite of rooms; also, a si sole room, having every convenience, may bo bad, with or without board, at 1,076 Broadway. ? GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, WITUOUV COIL dren, want two nnfnrmshod rooms, with board for the ladv, ia a privata family. Address X. Y. Z , 197 Broadway, at Phalon's, from 11 te2 o'clock. A WILL FURNISHED SUIT OF PARLORS TO LET, to one or two gentlemen, with breakfast If required, in a privata house, containing modern improvements, and do airxbly lnoatad near Union park. Family very small?no children. Apply nt gl Irving plaoe. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE. OR TWO SINOLE gentlemen , one be acoommodatod with board, at ISO W eat Eleventh street; tbo bouse ia new and oontnins all the modern improvements; price reasonable. Unoxoeptionable reltrence required and given. A GOOD FURNISHED PARLOR AND PANTRIES, A on the second floor, with fall or partial board for a gentleman and wile, or two single gentlemen. House has all lbs modern improvements. Dinner at C o'elook. Rsfareaoos reqnlred. Apply at 41 east 28th at. A LADY RESIDING ON TnK HEIGHTS AT NEW8URQ A wonld like a little girl between nine and eleven years of age to board and iducnta with hnr own little daughter; reterercos given and required. Address Mrt. S. B. Camel, Newburg, New York A PLEASANT FURNISHED FRONT ROOM AND BED A rocm to let, to n lady and gentleman, with board for the lady, near Abingdon square; also, a small room. Ad dress Fanny, Broadway Post Office. 4 N ELEGANT SUITE OF ROOMS, ON SECOND ?L flo< r, to let with board to a genteel family, in the finely located house, 62 East Sixteenth street, near Irving plaos and Union kquare. The house eontaina all the modern 1m prsvsmanti, nad is quist and private. References given and required. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TWO AIRY AND J\. pleasant rooms, to single gentlemen, with or without partial board. In n desirable location, convenient to stages and oars, pleasant house, ft throughout, on the most moderate terms. Apply at Commerce street, near Bleecacr and Hudson. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE A FRONT ROOM AND J\. bedrooms adjoining, on the sec >ud floor, to let, with partial board, to three gentleman; no other boarders will bo taken. Apply at 20 Perry stroet. All persons wishing board or boarders will find my office the surest and most satisfactory me thod of finding either. Boarders are politely dlreoted Ires of charge to all parts of the eity or country. Offioe 808 Broadway, next to Grace ehurch. N. B ?Not connected with any potty office. R. D. GOODWIN. BOARD.-TO LET. WITH BOARD, AT 84 GREENE etreet, a large tront and back room separate or togeth er, furnished or unfurnished; marble mantels, gas, hot and cold water, and wit hin a minnte's walk of Broadway. Board.-a lady hayino a large house, is desirous of accommodating one or two families, or two or throe single gentlemen, with board. Also, a back parlor and bedroom, lurniahed or waturaiehod; bnth and gat in tha house. Apply nt No. 9 St. Ooorgo's place, East Thirteenth street, between First and Second avenues. Board.?large unfurnished front room. second floor, with good board, to let to a gentleman and wife. Also, one on third floor; wnter and gaa Enquire at 206 16th street. IOARD.?A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO SIN ' room on the sa , with or without loud, at 224 Ureena street, on reasonable terms. Oas and bath m tha bouse. Referonoas required. Board.-a front and back room, on the second floor, to lot, with board; house newly furnished, and has bath and gas in. Tbo family being small, desire to take a few boarders, to make it more pleasant. Theeomiorts otahome may be expected. Best ot reference given. In quire at 191 Last Broadway. Board.-a handsome suite of rooms to lrt, furnlthad or uafamishod, with fall or partial board, in a first class bonis, with all the modern improvements; also, a tingle roam, nad a basement, snitabls f >r a physician's ot fioe. Terms inoderrta. Apply nt 76 Wast Twenty third street. References exobangad. Board?can be obtained at 41 east fif teenth street, near Union ignore; a front mm, with bedroom attaohed, on the second floor, suitable for a tamily or a party of gentlemen; alio, a large sired single room on the first floor. Terms moderate. Board.-two single gentlemen can obtain board In n small private family, oc eupylag a modern built house, convenient to oars and stages, and where the comforts of a borne may be enjoyed. Terms moderate. Apply at No. S War.-en plnee, Charles street. OARD.-A LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN BE Ac commodated with board, fall board far the lady, and partial board for tbe gentleman; house contains all the modern improvements; location between Third and Fourth avenue, East Twenty-ninth etreet. Address A. B., Herald office. Board.?a gentleman and wife, < gle gentlemen, can obtaia a pleasant r ocsd door, alto back parlor on the first floor, t B Board.-a vert pleasant sew of rooms, on lb* aeoond floor, with the modern improvement*. for a renl and wire, or for tingle laaflwwj alio a room for a ainyle man, with breakfaet and t a and dinner on Sun d?j?, at "J7 Clinton place. Board.-a vert i.aroe. handsome front room, with board, to let, te a gen' toman and hla wife, fnrniehed or unfnrpiehed. in a prtva' bonne; alio a (ingle room Apply at No. 8 Beach etreet, two doore from St. Jobn'e Park. BOARD.?WANTED,BY A YOUNG LADY. IN SOUTH Brooklyn, board in a private, genteel family, where thore are tow boarder*, and the uie of a piano, Aadreae L. Id. C., Brooklyn Poet Office. BOARD-A LARGE FRONT ROOM, FURNISHED, ON eccond etory to let, with or without partial board, in a private lamily down town. Apply at No. 7 Jay etrn jt, four doore from llndeon etreet. Board.?a lady can be accommodated with board, and a emell fumithed room. Apply at No. 3d Hubert etreet. Board down town.?one or two single qen tlemen may be accommodated with roome acd board by calling at 120 Cbambere etreet. Referencee required. BCARD NEAR ST. JOHN'S PARK.?FURNISHED roome, with beard, for gentlemen, er gentlemen and tbtir wivee, withont children, in first claee honae No. IS Vtrick etreet. Bathe and gat, with privilege ot park. Re ference! cacbaiged. Board in Brooklyn?in tiie immediate vici nity et Dr. Beecber'e ehmreh, a family or tingle gentle mar, can obtain deeirable rooraa and bud. with every pri vileje of a home; location unaurfaeetd: honae containa ga?, and U within five minntee'walk of Fnlton firry. Apply at Ti Cranberry etftdt. Board in south Brooklyn.-a private fami lv, reeidlng within five mlnntea' walk ef Svnth terry, and coaeuting of three grown peraona, having more room than they require, would accommodate two, or at moet thro* tingle gentlemen of reepectablllty, with partial board. In quire at 187 Clintoa etreet. BOAED IN WILLIAMSBURG.-0NE OR TWO SIN gle gentlemea ean have pleeeent roe ma. with perUal beerd. in a email private family. Apply at 140 South Ninth etreet. Board wanted-in a private family, in Brooklyn, by a young lady, with room te hereelf. for which 13 per week will he peid; no dinner! through the week required. Addreae Mlee Latbrop, Brooklyn Poet Office. Board wanted-bv a gentleman and his wife (full board tor the lady only), between Bleeoker and Twenty foerih atrvett. Term* W* per week. Addreae R. F. M.. Herald office. Board wanted-for a single gentleman. in a etriclly private family, not above Prince and not below Franklin itreeu Addrcaa E. G , box 3,711 Poet office, atating ttrmr, Ac. BOARDINO.-A OENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OR a tingle gentleman, can be accommodated with boecu, with inrnlahcd parlor and l>e<Looa, in n French fhmilyt The honae hag all the modern loip ovemeate, and le eltmated within n flew atone of eevoral eta, ? and oar rente#. Apply etCOEnet Twenty eeeond etreet, ?> ar Fourth avenne. Boarding - furnished bonus for a lady and gentleman; board for tl. idy only, in a private heuee up town, with modern impre'.- i nta. Five different tinea et etagce, and Sixth avenue can t <?* the block every Ave minute*. Addreee note to A., Urn - equate Foet Office; Boarding.-a lady having t large and plcaeantly loeated henae, ooatelni II the modern im, will let, with board, mi n cm, or a eutt of roome, to a lad/, or lady and aentlema Private table if ?Wired. No other beard era in the Louie. Addroee Mre. E. L. M., Poet Office. Boarding.?a ladv is desirocs lp letting to a gentleman ard hie wife a room and edroem on the ?rooml floor, with board; aieo a few tingle gentlemen ean be accommodated with ploaeaat roome and boac-i, with all the < on,tort* of a borne, in the flret date modet i bone* No. f-t Wcat Fourteenth etreet, between Fifth and Sixth art nnee. Brotdwav aid Fonrteceth etr?*t etage* ,"aea the door; Bleo convenient te Sixth avenne care and eu,ov. HOARDING AT (H WARREN ETREET.?PLEASANT J' airy reomt to let to eantlemta, with fhUarperMal beard Oat large r?oia, with poetry attacbed, enltable fer a gentleman eed Ml wife, er a party ef gentlemen who would like to rot at together Day boarder aeeoffi?e?aled TtlkHlKf LOi^Hiro, " 1J ?ccomiuo'^u: ^ti i'S?!!1? AJfCAN BE fof too *?4; , with a prireu tamliC'VV^*4 rio?, f?u k??J ?"*" A oS.?n{ Vo':C S~? ' * jB<hta a'bll ? .M 7V S'h T0 *T*"?T s^r.'Ci rra r01/V"VA tr a small f??i'y rnrate tab's'i*""???n and bit with,' eental , ,h; LoleToiV^'^ Tk? *<"? wT v.r-7r?' and 1 to 6 P.M. at'eat, ?(. I. from 1> to 11 A. H.. D'm*??" oCi?*i?g^ b"Art"-A FKW tAMILIH appljiu*at the I**rk desirable rooms. by trains ranging V*t ilw fra^"'..0?*-'*' "?* Jersey. 34! FDKMSaij ROC *3 TO I rr"TZZ ? taoduoi* tUv< Uni/u mnw I*A*&* BROADWaf. ?a the Bra'. floor. also, sii/ilYroom's. an<ti..Da sul: a roims | rtdap^rimm. ^nUog'on3^ Jo hV'. ?.DfSIRA?? Jamee, Broadway Poet Cttce !0n,Mj Aldr,m ?* ?RKE afeyir'"'1 tg v 4wj's KSSSS^ only. Bathe. Ao , in the ho?? n-. ' ?,?'"<l*, requited. Address box 3 SM, Poel OIHoe! ??f*ranoa ONE OR TWO SINGLE CSMTT"auirv <? . .. comr odated With a Pii>a,fnt rftH, k $ BB AC Put7A.TV?B-^?fiKr?^uLB^0U??^"r^ StarEM te- EST&iffiE* Mrf- R R-. Broadway Post cffioe." int?reiow, address pSSSw? T'oWafEiH1. w (?????* ??j? room elegantly fninlsh.d n't. ! Urs* roam?. and n slnal* Location"" doors west cf Broadway * NI,tb ctreot, nrs Canal and Spring otroati A dd, !i?. .!;/? ? ,y* bowses. mu.t be moderate, B. Markham, uirlld t4rnH* wW#h INSTRUCTION. ~ $10"^ UMUHITeo . ?itio WalS'uiu ??pi?P?Mill. to b, torgot?en.?Prorideaco DaG^T/aa* $2 50 yo^ngt^" Knd^V/^T0''0 inotruction. p. B OOl.DdMITU.Ml anteg^^:.0* A LAhD? ? WH? ?P*AK8 THE JENGM911 FR?Vr^ more (ehola'n " the*?bore^non'/oned'l*'* ""***? ??"# w^^SJiL'^^Klss^' v*""* Sre&S? SIMPS' WAf'TED-As governess for two a'oitng la S.v S? ?5f? aadre??, manner* and apuoaranca. aidutanr isMsxt.teterii.n.*:,' *111 be liberal. 303, Charleston, TUB TJRADK8. A I'???Man.,J^ANTED-IN one oTtiie peinoi. hie eitl1*''He* mn.ed2ir' "ii abutter macnractoriet in horong^fy ?equa 111 ted with the'basinewf*AddrnliC "4 DMltv***u a'aGni former eituatioo* In that oa abovV' A1,?- treated a iir?t elaie safe maker. Add"/. .. T?wUhs^o5???-A,BI'TeilER'S SON FROM EUxT^e menta in thii city orPPk>iUd?iph"??Vnt^JwiVl? MUW1,k slaughtered; he speaks German and knTllIfc?- 7 #"*n are Ject. Address O F. H , H?rald office * ' 'r*|?, M* ok" Trunk maker wanted-a general workmsv on all kinds ot wood and leather ?..k gi ??i, K1IA? *1 Plj, corner oi Warren street and fl?/dUC?,.0t.he?..r?'> W^o"V.n?K^rt?oVt.rB5dT, 0' kSrS CUS c'ocnVt.nV.^o\n:h.rt V! dress box 37^1^0at OBicc. BndfeportfceM! * A4 TirANTED-ASITUATION,AS GARDENER RV A sin all its bra^hei Whas hVeVes'?'?SmW dg? ?.f i? has no objeotion to <ro w?ere h?? thv* ?'nat?"r; A note ftddreeaed to II. C* Herald offidbM^'Ti promt t attenllon. Can uU'o"rroof?f/^'^rm"' TI^ANTED?A FIRST CLASS PAPER RULER NOV* FT othera need apply to John H. Steele, Kit "'ri uP HlSCBLLAiVEOUS. wmmm^ Buckwheat for seed-witu a large assort meat of garden and field tools, farm implement*, beat quality gnar.o, bone dnvt, Ac., for tale by R. L. ALLEN, 169 and l'.'l Water atreet. Farmers take notice -one hundred loads ofleeehed ashes for aale. Apply at 12 Dethrone* etreet. They are under o)?it since made, and a* good a lot a* ever era* uttd by a farmer. JACOB A. VANHOKN'3 COMPOUND VEGETABLE Syrup.?Having been thoroughly tested, it hat now be come a general standard family medicine tbroncboat the rountiV for the complete cure or cough*, a-thme, dyspepsia, rait rheum, eostivenese, dysentery, rheumatism, bilious complaints, and all di-easo* arising from an impure state ot the tuood. For particulars ste small bills. To l>e had at the ptinclpal otlice, 100 Barclay street. New York, end of the druggists and storekeepers generally. Tall description* accompanying each bottle I'rioe $1 per bottle. C H. R1NO, 19i Broadway, corner of John street New York; John 0. Ferris,258 Fulton street. New York; W. M. ChU son, 30S Broadway. Lovers of aquatic sports.-at ingersoli/s, 200 South street, can a way* be found pleasure boats el' tbe finest tutld and modsl of any in tbe cenntry. Sail boats, from Id to 20 feet in length, oan be fitted out com plete in 24 hours' notice. Remember, i>?f boats always on cacd at 200 South street. VTEW PATENT SPECTACLES, FOR STRENGTHEN J.1 lag vision, and tor e?eiag bo'h near and distant objaets with one jiair only, aocurate^adjutted to tbe eye.?Manu ? - " " " on the and tgctuied by Frotessor FRANKS, Fatentee, Leoturar oi Boman Eye, Optician to the New York Eye Hosffilal Now York Eye Infirmary. Office No. 2 Park row, onp tbe Astor House. hour* from II A. M. to ti opp?|dtO PHRENOLOGY AND THE FOURTH OF JULY.-THE phreuologieal cabinet* of FoWI.ER A WELLS, Hfc Broadway, New Fork; 1IJ TValdington street, Bestea; and 231 Arch street. Philadelphia, will remain open and free to visiter! daily, including the 4th of July. Chart* and wrtt ten description* of cbartcter given when d**ircd. PAINTS ! PAINTS I '-FOR BUILDINGS. FENCES, roof*, do., at l)j cent* a pound; whit* l*ad. 7 cent* do.; /iae, 0 cent*; l'reble-'a boiled oil at 7>"> cent* a gallon; oil for fences, roofs, Ac ..? cants a gallon. VarnDbo* of oyory de scription, at 113 Maiden lcnc. _ JOHN H. SMITH. Agaat_ PMUBt.IC NOTICE.?TEAR, COFFFES AND SUGARS - .'>14 Greenwich street, corner of Sprtng. -William l<ynob e*n* tbo attention of hi* old customers and th* publio be hi* shove new establishment, which ho hai now oponed with a very largo stork of teas. c>n*?* and sugars, and In th* preeeat distressed time* he is deterinlasd to sail retail as wbo'esal* prtoc-s. Large consumer*, hotel keeper* and par ties from th* country would efleot an immense saving by inapeotiag hi* present itoek before purchasing els*where, consisting of tbo finest green and black teas In every varie ty. sad selected from nemo of the choicest tone of this year's imr- rtatuia. N. B.?The trade supplied on the most ad vantegeens terms. Qeode delivered to tnllroade. steam boats, sloops and ferries free of charge. WILLIAM LYNCH. 614 Greenwich street, corner ot -'pi'M rriRUSSER, SITOULDKR BR ACE', Ar -A COMPLETE X assortment of trusses of etery kind, shoulder braces of the moat improved styles, imported elastic mocking*. Indies' belts made sltor the most approved patterns, and instru ments for the relief and core of deformHits of every kind constantly oa hand and made to order, by Dr GLOVER, at the Surgeons' Bandage Institute, No. I Ann atreet, amder the American Msscom. fib*ILKIK It AMIELET.-TIIIS MOST VALIfAItLB PEE f T paratien for restoring, preserving, elennsing, and leautifying the hair, invented by I?r S M. iillott,the cculist, as per Id* certltieate holnw, I* now eeclnsivaly nas?f lettured by the nndetsigned, nt the low retail prfoj ar 37Le. per bottle. Sold by the principal fruggtste. Orders fund, promptly e.ecpWd ? MbM#b New York, June 1th, ISA!. , ,. This is ta rrrtlfj that I have glvsn to Mr. ? WU?? th* prescription for restoring and improving tbe but, aad kcown as the Amleiat, which I InveiTed, and for whiob t make no ohaige. but etvv gvat'iiteusly. SAMI EL V tl.LIOTT, M. D . No I. CUatot Place, aad EUiottvlUo, SUten ltDcil. l]|r ANTED.?I WI1 L 8ENO. ON RECEIPT Of TWEH V> ty five csnta and ena postage vtamp to pr*p*v retire letter, a receipt fee mapafaotnriag a superior article vblsfi is ia meat demand and by wblohiu saUrprl.isg.uitMIl tent person ran iwnllre IM per ve?k. Address Prof. I, D. ?411 ptL, C4at?pw#^ua^ Pe^ Ofc??, X,

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