Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1860, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1860 Page 11
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A 73 Lufl^H^HHBHHHHOTIIVMHIMI lTsn|body_jt>rlTt?^n"^^?li|^^^LEjHili*E AtaMBiaaHaHaaaHHB0uUdiH Sttttl or 'AM Hoooivd Hrwt Moat ruuu table. ? II OLD KFTAHLfgHKD GROCERY STORE, SlfUAT. ?duo one of ihe ueiuM. lease of hj'.se fixtures and must bt aula, Id, as the owner liu bmiuass i? wbl-h ust aueod out of the city. Aibirun box I3'J Harold which will meet with prompt aUeuliou. MARKET STAND YOS HALB?A LARGE DOUBLE bland, well loomed. Id ? (irsl rate marad; now dolug ? bssmeas Will be sold reausabie to a cash oiuuimer. r. after 6 P. M , to M. PALMER. 491 Green wish street. BBOOKLTN. ?FO R BALK, TWO HBW FIRST CLASH Boose* with ail tbe modern laaproremeole; Id and 11 MH Ike property aanat be aold. Tenaa eeey. Call ua T. i Jicxfol. oo lbe premises. Fort Ureen place, near ?Mm place Take the FnWoa or AUantle areaue oara P la ?CO btokr fob balk -must bi bold in con eecaence of IU health uf proprietor. Apply at ooee at P. Ll'B, 182 Wliiiam ? treat ft. ?? LINING AND LODGING HOUFE, WITH BAR, FOB / sate; Afteea ' ear# aatahUahed, do.u* a large and profit* I hMill m too* less*. handsomely tilted up, location f'# steam unsurpassed C. B. HOWlfih A CO., No. ? Centra , apposite the Part, n BALE?AN OLD EFT AH LIS IIRD ALE HOUSE. til a Sral rate b slnefs, anld not' oa aooouul of ill of tbe proprietor. Appl- at 115 Warren street. n rnrof BALK?A NEW IRON PROPELLER TUG BOAT. 71 fret long, lfi.'j lppt beamt baa 18 Inch cylinder, runs and tews well; craws U*bt draught of eater. Apply EPlI BLOaN, No 738 Beach atreeC Philadelphia. rR B ALK?STOCK AND FIXTURE* 0? A FIR8T cteaa family Grocery Sture, aRnated on one of the princl ?N Ihsrsngkfares of tbs city, dotagan excellent fatally -rade. Hrttenleia ran <* obtained by addressing A. B. C ., atatlon D.. New Yak A chance not of tea met F? iB BALE- RESTAURANT AND OYSTER BALOON, Be. S Third arenne. "BOB 8ALB?RESTAUR ANT AND BAB; ALSO AN I Oyelrr Saloon, with bar connected, both plaaea are loeatad ?a? town la the heart of huatceaa, veil fitted no aad dole* a preBtable business <' B. HO^KS A CO.. No. ?Centre MresA, opposite the Part, PB BALK-A SKIRT FACTORY. IN BROADWAY, 1 " - - - - whb facllliles for emplorlag fid heada. la pa'feet or.ler, wSU rnn of customer* Ac. Terms eaay. For further partlen kraapplylot. A CUTTB, Dealer in Skirt Material* No. It BMatreet. OR BaLE-THE JWKLL KNOWN LUNCH AND perter home, Na ldCentie street. Enquire on the pre rB BALE-AN'OI.D ESTABLISHED BUHINB8R DO lag a aaie and prodkable trade, the profit* are good and eaaadtly a>cre*hiog This la a rerr favorable opening for aa ?stive man. Ao interview can be had by addressing Q. T., No, ? Ipraet street. BAf-B?A WELL LOCATED FAMILT OBOCEBT r Store elegantly Sttf d up; kmc laaae; etook aiaall aad well ??lasted; Horse* Wagons, be , win be aold a bargain, or ex MtoiBgsd for good properly. Apply at No < bluer urn street. F? R BALE?A SPLENDIDLY FURNISHED HOTEL. IN eae of the best locations In tbe etty; terms moat eaay. with arcnrHj, not much cash required. Per particulars apply I Broadway, in the bssrmtut. |IOB SALE or EXCHANGE FOR HARDWARE. RUILDl X bur Materials, Ac?A three su>ry and basement bra en ?MM frost Boose, on Lexlng'nn avenue, between Fifty s-omd ?MhgMmmaBiMiT to job. dklavantb or 3St*,D^IaTTIWBLL M^fird rOTKU-POR BALE, THB LBA8E AND PflBNITUBE ef a small first clsee Bote!, la aa excellent location up i we!' furnished and la complete order. Per par . _ _ . . ptiTsfls* I addrem A. B 0., box 1,158 I fACBINB BHOP FOB BALR UHBAP -CAPITAL BE an old bnslnem aad a first rate chase* J? qwired aboot 88.000, an old bnslnem aad a first rate chases teSHrasrratta party. Apply to RAMUBL TZ4CHORBB, of BshsT Ihs Nsaq York Democrat 76 Chatham street. MHAIIKT STAND FOB BALE-AT A BARGAIN BABE IF sAsrtdi A first rate stand, bow doing a good buteasm; a SB* of tbe beat markets la the city. Apply after t P. M. to ? MOUNT, M Pike atresi. tilt BTORE AND PIXTURBB FOR RALB?IN A geod !,k alioo. Good ratall trade Rest low. Present ar eanaot stand to It. A udreas F. Painter, Herald ottos. s UAB7 Z BOCK AND GRAIN MILL FOR BALE-NOW la sueeersf tl operation at tha mines, redo dag to impa'pa powder with shlftl>g grinding surtsos* aid NMM tbe ?ly Mill at Talus to atlasrs. BIGGS A HOUTBWICK, 82 Nassau dsst R ARE CHAKCR.-A WHOLE8ALB t'ABH DU8INMM, OP ?twenty yearn el and lug, for aale. Tbe amonat of buslaem new dung exeeeda half a alUton dollars yearly. Only a firsts . nttal required. Par farther Information call at room Bitot 7 Wall street, between lbe hours of 1 end 3 P. M? for 0MWINO MACHINE FOB BALE.?ONE OF SINGIB A tj Cs.'s best aaach nea in good order, sad at a low Fries, sa jJbejrwri r has no fur. bar nss for it. Apply at D7 Broad way, qoir nbotory for rale cheap? it in ooyplkte U arde.- and leer retablhh-d From S3 OU to tA.OUP cab b? Mde j'tily. Wt,) heanld cheap for eaahor approved (?eari W- Apply to W J. 8TKW AKT liT Mouth greet 1MB al N FOR PALI?A BPLRNDID CHANCE For A ?MM pereoB; B Haloes doing a rood bualuaee Bod 1*1 M attached t ran have seven Rooms if deatrsd. Apply ?PCM); Broadway. Quod rtaaoaa for aelllaf glreo. TBI PHOTOGRAPH!!!.?A BROADWAY PHOTO Rti?Mc QaRery for ?ale--Thta Uowsof Um niceat toted SB (RIIm la the #lly, sad with Its elegaat reeagtio-i room* BM Bbb eperaHag rot at poaeeaMs all tAo aeaoMMndaUooa for *R? ?? ?sletmtr* Ural etaaa bnaiegM Apply to the editor at ?MRkit) a JoafMl, (7 IlMiianrl MA rno WILL KNf WN HOTRL M SPRING ATEHKT, TO A gelhrr with Fht-.rei. Ptick and Lasae, for sslo ehaaa, V appear for * Itfelo Or* daya Thli la the eheapeet sad boat PMln np town. Mnttai notary lofarmaUas glvea to tho par SRflfl FOR t A T.R?THR RRRT RENT ICR ANT IN eOUU. the Bovory. To bo dtepooed of la cooeeqaanoe NT A C? "SSd^!?04"* to B"0p*" * r miLROAM. ILROAD OOH1 , _ 17, OrMMpart Rtotoas Train wffl bp OHO IPLAXD RAILROAD CORP INT .?ON Al ???????????nn Trata w? RMlitR ii 11 bO of Taphaaft. Meeet on (tatwdny. "iptaMllto I BM ? sad Oetoher 2B. when A will ran la Qraanport, aad NMi ea Mondaytaaomtap. tatptaBber M aad October IVnd 8 lY. H. Hempstead aad IN f Jl. North lallp Trala will bp A? H. PALMRR. A feet ITIW YORK AND BOSTON RAILROAD.?A SPECIAL AN Meeting of tha rtuahb-'dere of the Raw York aad Itcelaa SaOread ' oMpaar wtU ha hMd al tbelr oMee at 13 Recbaage i tB Beaton. MasMrh-nwtts, at aloraa enlook la tho form i Sm at Hntorday. tha tweaty ninth tap of Heptembor. A. D. la nroordaaon htth the fey law*of Bald Coapaayaad the MQwaf Its Board V Dire-torn. aad to act tioeo or hi re latin a ha. of the anaipaay far ihe purpoora thereof, aad thr tharahy to Mahe aay suitable altaratlua uf or .pro aroat*the By laws of said Oauaoy.orte aaatf etrSulo aay anytttac ta ratadento Md aahieeia ?s? ** jtrovugeaoln, tha Com tH3f YORK AND ROBTOX RAILROAD OOHPANT. 1 ha stated aaanal MnMtag of tha etookhol.lere of the Raw thatae of Dtraetor* and tha traaaaetioa of any uthar uobao ** nBti.i. rmiTT. g ? TORI AND HARLRV RAIROAD. PARR TO ALBANY V. YORK ARB BARUDf RAH.ROAD-POWWRR DCS IMrtagB. Nlapara Palta. Laha H Inks Nahnpaa, enanartlng at i al Raltroid foe fihar-M ? prlaga, Wad; atao with teniae for Para IP A. U ?Par dew Palta. mm ?? Btaara tar Laha Waaoabaa, h eugve tarXaka Nabopae 4 W P. nBMMittap at iMdsn'a Bridge With ia, and M Cretaa Palta whh otagM tar i OH a ECRCTHLL. It litn I Ropartaaaad HWIHI, ROOHk, dhc., TO LHT. | ? ALL PROMT BHOP AND LAROR WORIIRH 'Tvsaspss-kkss svaxirtw ih aransra. ___________ . AT TONYIE# -TO RENT OR fOR PALI-A NODIRN A H -we. atacar y formlahad. on# arr* of Oronnd. ?ppy OMtatladtad with fr'iK ami ehado taaoa. reratthX awl MiB 11 aardsa. NImIi I en Pr adai; ponaa aad lllmli ta ZTlT' "*????; (fa* claaa mm eaRnpa Aaphr ?e ?r*l ?ANNY at Mrs RrHoaper'a Yeahera. or t" DINON* A MVLtiRN. Ha I Pino treat and 1.211 Broadway. N Y. A PfRPT PLOOR to l.tT-at XO Pt2 M'XIND ATK a, nan w th raa. Crrene a^ k.obea. aad ram- ha * W aide ii a d.--er or d-,.i?i. A hi ether |r .re Tar-re wr dare** App.y ?? ehana TWO "TORT ASH ATTI<-norn, IX HOOD OROPR tnh- WRaar n-ele.,, >, ,B'-,n.hl.ej ea part y fwe.rbad A alea tht.e pardea etta had In the K ? me Rent *e7 ? 'rr? tn --"etiblTTa^lea^ rjlhar pStta? tare ree pa asaarlalaad mW BrnadWay. aaroe.tfcTw A^m rrKXfmin norvi to i,rt- ix Brooklyn ? M# of the mm p'eaaan'l? kmatad two atcrr 3 he? ?Mat hrr-t b -oeee n A" altv, well b-tlf* en 1 f reiebo *. eeHa pie (ore tro?' ??' > ?? f.te"v rent eeo. terete -#d MmwR I|t -o At ply el Wi} Bridge Mreet. Rrwnhlya. AfVAl TX rT tTR rvNILTWTt.t. ? rr THB ?np oxn ? . at-e hooee. J1H W?, TV naaalh et, e?, t metg ? twm two t?*di ram aad PiMrtt Ratti cheap, taweire >t he ireMiawa URfH K T X T If t wr AT PARLOR AND BED II - - V . - , ? Wh pae u> a am*I : r e el*.. , e-4. - air t-r p * wir-. . ik ? -'? ? 'a r -a waA ai ftu t ?rry. ?OTIM, HOOMB, *Q., TO 1?W?. J^KIR LKaHB OK BALE?'??ATOMtH'H WOOD," THB m ? -uUrv plscr ,.t Bndford. W?at beater riuniy, formerly a*, copied by Mr Johi. Jay, euhseoueaUj b? MftJ. BailsrWiighL And i he prevent arsnoe by Mr. Smith ojell. Boum of el one, wSk Mdero raownlenoas; poetttoo high, with uuMaIo view; ground, 4f acre*, in Inn, wood And garden. cwak biuae, stable, ice boiiae, nrtearr i ontisge and greenhouse, a variety of Imported pears, and other fruits In bearing. Distance from town bv the Hvrlem Railroad, two hour*, from Katoneh (tele graph) stati-n two ml Ms Parties wishing to view the premises may addren In pares* or by latter, Mr. Jay, at the Jay bome ataad Kauu-sh Poet offloe It T. WVMBISHBD HOOBK TO BENT-NO. N MADISON AVB r ana, aeit above the earner of Twenty nhttb street, weal MU. The teontlcn la as deetrable as any In the city; thehooea was reoently hot t and furnished In the beet manner for the aeeaf the owner. It will be reeled oo satisfactory tarma to a grtrato fami^oaly. Tor particular* apply to HOUR MOB CU7XNI8HED HOUSES TO MKT FOB THB WIETBB. " The undersigned will furnteb tareaty houses. for genteel tfgMIMMtilfesaoly, private families only, ta desirable loeattoes. In any sty le desired, I at a modems compensation Baa taro Booses for lmmedlale,oc enpation. Those le want of a winter retodenoe in the city will do well to make early application. D. ri. HOUGH, 14 Cllntoo ?lace, a few doers west of Broadway. FURNISHED APAKTMENTS TO LET-TO BACHELORS of quiet habits, at cottage 233 East Ninth street. ENURE I8IIKD HOUSE TO LET-UNTIL THH 1ST OF r May, elegaatly furnished and In a desirable location; at st) Bast Twenty aeeond street, between the bouts of 1 and 4 P. M. None but private families need epply. TDl'KNISIgED HOOBK TO LET IN BHOOKLYN.-A P mode rate sized, Matly furnished Haum, alt: oed on CUs too street, within Ave mtantas' walk of either Wall or Booth feiry. Keut taken In Board bv the present occupants, cm sis tiny of three ptreou*. Address F. D. K., Herald oillce. ?BURNISHED HOC8B TO LKT-TO A CARBFUL TIN P ant only, four story Boose II mows prime neighbor hood; furniture good. A desirable party can have It for S1,0P0 per annum. Inquire at the house, U8 Kast Thirty-sec >ad street befme lo and si tar ft o'clock. rCRHIi-HRD HOC SB TO LET.?THB LABOR WELL butt first class House 137 Elybtb atreet, three doorv east of Broadway, neatly furnished throu(bout with aew atd ele yan; furniture. Inquire oo the pram ties Furnished house to lmt? plbabantlt bitua ted. near Washington square; U Is three stories, high Moon; has si' the tmpfoveinei is, well furnished sod but four blocks from Broadway. Apply at 131 Thorn >eoo street. Fburnished nousBs tolkt?anelroantlt fur ?of bed Bouse oo Tenth street, yearly rent S3.KM; on Twea-1 tv-ncond street, 32100; on Talrtv second street. St,mil); on Eighth Slreet near Broa way. S2.500; on Waver ley place, I ?1,100; ob Fourteenth street. S3 ffl*). am KlNhHIMRB A 00., 343 Fourth avenue. JJOl'KBS AND PARTS OF HOUSES TO I.Ef-PUR ? atshrd sad unfurnished. In .every 'part of the city. Te casta supplied, on leaving order* with anyihinr desirei. free at charge, at the American Real Mmate otllce, 3U7 Broadway. O. Z. HOUSE. BBOOMS TO LET -ELEOAPT FURNI8HED BOOKS TO I ? let, without hoard, In a first elsaa bro?u stoue dwrillng I hones ImTweaty third street, near Fifth Avenue Hotel. Ad- ? dreea A. B , Madleeo square Post attee. I CEOOHD AVENUE. BETWEEN SIXTH AND 8EV1NTH O streets. ?A front and bash parlor, with two bedrooeis on the third Boor, nleely furnished, without board, to let. The house -retains all the im dern accossmndsllnus. such as gas, i Mmh.Au. Inquire at 110 Second avenue. STEAM POWER IB SPRUCE STREET -A BTORB AND Basement, each 95 feet deep, suitable for primer*, with rtesm power, tolet; alav several small Rooms, with steam power. Apmy to H. W. OKhKNK. 13Sprucei rLRT-TO A FAMILY OF GROWN PERSONS ONLY, part of a neat House in Thirtieth street containing all the modern improvements, rent at the rate of 3240 per aunum. Apply at 220 Bast Thirtieth street LS0 old number. r LMT?TO A PHYSICIAN, A FRONT BASEMENT to a hssdenmely furnished brown st-ne bouse, situated Lexington avenue, near Thirty etybih street. Address hi it ok Ml Herald ottos rm LMT-THB MODERN FOUR STORY ENGLISH B ASM ^?meal House 143 ?est Twenty fourth Itreet. between Seventh and Ktgbth avenue*, wt h Imaaediale possession. Ac. Apply ftt 191 Broadway,! rem 11 to 12 o'clock, or at 9J East Twenty-seventh of PETER a. h. Jackson. Jfj^g^^^UNDBOM^OOTHK^jBAM^MUP B^ IN I 1 Brooklyn, near the ferries, on s 'fine street Large ?ore. high double baermenle. Bent 343ft per annum. Apply -in the premises, 177 brbrnnrrborn street, mo LMT-VERT CHEAP, TWO HOUIMB IN BaST I 1 Thirty seventh stree', ibree story end basement all mo dern Imnrovemeett; runt MOO. Two brown atone frost i In Forty eighth sveet; one In Forty ninth street seat at Third avenue at 3450 each. A'so half houses ami nice floors, from ?310 to 3300. Apply to JOHN FEITRhTCH, 414 Third av. rMJTT-A FURNISHED ROOM, IE BOOTH BROOK lj a. near South or Hamilton ferry. Pleasantly loeaied Occupants of house couelet </ three persona Addrrae a B , box 308 Feet ottce. Reference* exchanged. rl LEf-THM FOCB RTORY BROWN BTORR FRONT OnuM No 1S7 Went Thlrtr fifth ntreel, with all lha mo oyeaMeta. j Will bo lot low until the lot ol Mny. Tbo niu-lnba. carpeto and window ah.vlna ?i:i bo told at a roaaon pM fid abj^rleo. App^r on the premtona, or to ALEXANDER Utf, r^m 1.RT?Fl'RKTBHEP OR CNFCRRIRHKO ROOIfB fa ? thM iplradid brown Mono froot booan 171 Hidaon atraet, I bavin* all tba nodmn tmpmavait. hatha, hot and cold wa lor ail Ofiil ihabnoae aho a aplendid PaiVw and Bad-I mow, without bo Utf furmtohad, wtth tbo uao of Ida Itlu-beo. I.E7?AFARTMRN ffl LN THK NKi'OND 8T< >RY OP ^?tbe modern two Btory bo'taa No. 19 Vaadewatnr Btrant, I wtth prt?'!eyea dr. Thcoo am Tory detorable priwupa for a fll i QBpaotabta family. Apply on lha premlam ^m r^m LBT-A BTLNND1D NTORR, * ?T 80 PINT, O^M ? Ninth aomuo. naar Twenty aneond atrrat. with a larpn Uaatiaaal aad ranks It la an ?l?int Mora for a drat alaaa I ?roomy. bahery or oonfecuonnrr. I JaMRB g. EDWARlm. mWaatTwanty Udrd awaac rB UT THK RRCOND AND TKJRD BTOKll? "F TUB I ?ormraal iai Bnildlnga. Noa. IS and 91 hlith arrnM. op I paW? llghth etreet. eouh atnry In ana !ar*a room. II by 10 I fan. aad aoltabla for btctura. reboot, MUlard or drill ronme. I Apply to R. L. iC'TDAH, 1W Warorhy place, near bulk I rm LRT-A THRBB NTORT PVRNIRHKD Hor?E, TO ^?a rarponalhle ftmlly. mnl HAM. Apply at 117 Lrtlnfton .rente, aaoond doc* ahora Thirty third etraet. TO LIT?THK TUN ICR NTORT, BIDII NTOOP RROWN 1 atoaa bona* No. 1W Wrat Party fifth atraat. rant ut-n* all CM modern Imp rorameBto. rant Mill prraaaoa Apply to DANIEL T MACPARLAk. MB lamb moat, aaar Third aa. LRT-TBR LABOR BROWN BTONF ll'U'RR ill ^?bat "Thtrleea<h atraat. aaar Boeoad Breaua Applr wTBOE MA< PaRLAN. IWTaathWraai,mmr Ihind arnaaa TO LST-TWR BROWN STOWN HOOSB PINBLY LO-' 1 eatad at If Bant Iwtm y ntalh a root, ooctaialn* all lha aanatrniya aad win ha aat In thorrmrb rapatr. rant MM. Apply to dTt. MAOPABLAN, 1M Taath atoato, aaar Third hum. r^m TJCT-POR TDK WINTKR. 1W A PLPANAXT 1/ktiA ? if - thrra foralahad Komna on ma floor Caa ba lat ?rparatrly .1 IRWWad to a until family Apply at 14- last Tenth atraet. near Fourth arcana. LIT?THK rONTKRTKNTLT P1TTKD VV RTi'RK ? v.. 7 (Intra arcane, junc Ion of Pulton e*annr Hn> < In. actnowledeed on all btnto to >-e an allrlble ap nninty for a hood atIIli?rry aaiabllabaiaat The hay at No. 9 TO I-KT-TO A BR ALL PARTLY, AT NO 11 KKOOND J^aranna ^ci^Roeaae. oa the third atory, with CM and bath. C^m lit- thk dwkli.ino hoihr no. w nt nark* ? r>ara ta In mi ordar and a ill ba ranted low until let X ^B ari! Apply to .IAMKh CRtnKBIl aNK. IB Broad cay rrvi irt-nkbt location in nkvknth ward- | lHonaalnatt low far t. and lha (omtturo f.y aa> at about | ? rUnn. kwaled in Hanry atrayt. aaar R<u^H half ixal;npendahanrai Inaaled la Haory atraat. aaar Knlcar, pnemaetoo at bo had aay lima from bow natt. Niwtwhar. Apply toJ.H. POUuBTT, ?d> Moaaty. aomar of Broome rLKT-TBK NKW POVH BTOKT NROWN BTONR fx*! Boone, be*wane Fifib aad Hitdh a<notion oa lha north able of Fortr Bfth Hroat; alao the oa- tkraa at try Hotun IBB Want Peal* atghtb BtraWJhatwaaa Bitth and -wreath am ?ma. Ban Mtm. ANDRIW L.RCTBR A CO.. 103 Chamhaaa BfNt rno ijpt-twk porRTH and piptr ntokikh op A h J.ld'nr No I! Chamber* Ureal, aaar (Rathen. art mate eteaea PIJCT? A If IN DROWN POOR NTORT HOC*R IN Ta tail eaarial atraat. aaar LaiUwtoa araa-ia. la Baa or Naoi low. Apply rR??i.vsfi,sras^ra Thirty third aWaat tor mto. <jto lrt-ptrrt lopt op rroRi ut broorb ?watt, a faw dnan from Bmadway. Rat S by M root, ~ drably located for Npbt maenfart uinr or aalae I low to hdawrabla tenant. Apply oa the pre PLKT TO A NWAiL PAMILT, A NRATT.T FI R n'.ahed OoOaRa In Ninetieth atraet Tarhrltia, naar <'en tral Part. Btohlae attar had PrmeUr Imatodtoielr Tanaa, fX per month, and the Roard of oa* peraoa. Ad lre?R A , boB 110 Mrrato uWrr rpo urr-on chaklton ntnkkt. a part or a A mica boon*.-twi Naarmmto. lm Parlnra, Iwn Rodr nma wtth paa. bath and rnawa. rtnt ?*? Ala nber pane of hoaaaaaptoan. KINIWTRKR A PP.. MB Pwirtheraaaa. r LRT-A BROWN RTOJfR HOCBN. NRAR THIRD aaaaae. halnw Thwty fifth atrert rant Mot) Alan am aassi ajgnageaBg TO LKT. IN BROOELTN?LAR1R WTO RE. BACK 1 Rnraaa and Baron ant. ? Cranberry atraat only *10 a month nod at? #aM atrnae/RWwTert. eneaad s *w of build f0r ^ ***' aVt^VTKV a Itntd eraet. N T. rtjnron LRABD-THt NTORR m ARD 111 WILLI A? ?trart, hi a tow rani to a tood tenant wtth mmadtoto ron r3a/M"i,"c?'Sr^ " ?" ?"'" TO T.WT OR LRANR?THW HOCBR AND BTORR NO f 1 Rnad atraat, aaar Rmadway, with In-a ad tote a wind e; TO LHP OR l.RABB?THR BARER BNT <UW PKRT "KRP1 of. aad nareral "fitoen to. lha new b-<fMin?. M Neomo TO LRABD?THAT BKACTTPTL BOr*T CORNKR OP 1 Vl ih aTOnne and T*?a'y dfth rreet, rttendinr to Rn*d WIT. ort'tota Nadtom .nra. ! Ut ?U"'wly? "rw hear.) r? bnnaa. Apply aC or hd-lram Worth Bonee l&l a a?ne. N. T. lam Pinh rR BRTTRI eRCOND PI.fvOR. CONbtflTie i Of three *or<d Rrvwtn an bpohlalaed, wtth Bmrd, al 18 Pal IBB iWeat Brnnhlyr enRih'-' for fan llieaor penllemen WORKNHnnt FOR RmtARIIR TO 1JCT-IV THT! new hoPdlaff. Mrnrh atreet, ?#arOwtrnFreat; r.totd ad expreaalT fry w-haniral or meaafartarlad p "I"***- Ap |1y to WR. H Pr*'FIKI.D. ? WlHtomttrow. rear odtod find CEO BROAflW IT -TO t.RT, TUE DRRTKABIJ ?t ~OJ| wmd etory of he Ream -Jd Lnwdway In >ef re paw, BaNMWB for nem, e'-ih '* ranrnly. t m*et a le t- ? mndato, Arp'yl frof II. l.AfiROIX, BBOfir-d Inot, tfoB rtm, fr mttol) A. K. BOARDING AID LODDIMO. ABUIT OK HAND80MELT rURNIBRRO room to let? To single gentlemen, eecon Uoor, frouung in Brnnd *') Hoi and said water, m bwha, Ac , attached. Alee, a few separate roosts. Location uoturpaaael. am Broadway, between Twalltb audThlriaeabatcoata A PRIVATE PAMILT AT 79 MACDOUUAL STREET, Ix. Bt Clement's place, four doore below Wrecker street, bare furnished Rooms to let to Hso or three gentlemen, with penis! Board. Gas, bsth, Ac. Refereoeea exchanged A PARTY OP eiETLEMEN. OB A PEW HTNOLI gentle men, can be accommodated wits Board at W Went Twenty -second street, near Fifth avenue. None bat thoee Wb" can give Urn clase refareaoea need apply. AOENTLEMAN AMD WIPE, ARD TWO SINGLE URN ilemen, can obtain very deairable Roomi la a first ol bo'ite, with all tbe improvements. by applying at II Wmow atreet, Hroohlvp. Rcicrencea exchanged. A COUPLE OP TOURO MSN OAR BE AOOOMMO A dated with a nloe furnished Room and naod Beard In a private family. Apply at 157 Fifth surest, between Finland -t-eond evennea. on the flret floor. AT S2 east TWBBTY FOURTH street -a small private family of ndulls I ave two Sluiag Rooms, with large Bedroosu alias bad. to let to stogie gsallaman, with full it i artlel Board. Meals eerved to their rooms A handsome suit op booms on the second floor to let, with Board; also a Baaeaant. suitable for a physician's office. Dinner at six. Reference exchanged. Apply at 41 Kant Twentieth street. A PRIVATE FAMILY. RESIDING ATM WEST TWENTY, third atreet. between Fifth and Sixth avenues, have a very pleasant suit of Rooms U let with Board. References ex t hanged. ARC IT OP VERY i ESI R ABLE ROOMS, WITH BOARD, may be had at lit Warn Twenty second atreet This will be a quiet, aortal and aabetaaiul home to the right parties Call lor two daya. References required. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM FOR A LADY and geatlaman. wbh Beard for the lady only, where tliere are no ataar boarders Apply at tudBeat Twentieth street, be twssn Tint aad Second avenues AGKST1.F.M AN; WHO IS A FIRST CLAB8 TEACHER of the plsan, being dsstrotu of locating permanently In this efty, would Uke to aeenre Board tax a private family, giving Instruction to two or throe pepila In return. References ex changed. These who wish in reply to the above, or any de nrtng instruct!jp, wtl plsnss address W. T. M , Herald offiea. 8*AM, QUIET FAMILY, LIVINO IN ONE OP THE meet desirable loos Unas Is tbe ctty, will let a handsomely furnished second Floor to gentlemen, or gentlemen aad thalr wives. Call at 14 East Twenty fourth street A BMAI.L PRrVATR FAMILY WILL LET THE HEJOND Floor of a sloe bourn. MB Wmt Thirteenth street, oou staling of two Rooms, two Bedrooms and Kan tries Kant cheap. Inquire on the premises A GENTLEMAN WISHER TO OBTAIN BOARD FOE A A lady aad child (child one month old), is a private family where there are no other boarders Address A. N., box 2,160 Koat oBire, stating tm ms A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OS TWO SINGLE GEN tlftnen can be aeoon mnda'ed with Rooms and Board a 124 Ninth street, a few doors weal of Broadway. House In complete order, with all the modern Improvements T NO. M EABT BIXTEENTTI STREET.?BOARD, WITH room* furnished or unfurnished. House Best class A A A HOMN FOR A HUBBARD AND WIFE OR FOR two ladles who desire quiet liberal Board la n social, in lelllgent. rellgk us family. In s modern boues and good neigh borbood, W eat Forty ninth street, convenient to Eighth avenue cue; re'erencea exchangee. $1# per week each* Including gat and coal Address Home, Times office. AGENT! KMAN ARD BT8 WIFE OR SINGLE GENTLE men, can be aeoommodalnd with Room# aad Bonn! at (11 Fourth street. A LADT, LIVINO IN THE VICIBITT OP TWENTY eighth street, near Third and Fourth aenaui cars, has a handsome Parlor te 1st, to a gsntlessan and lady; fall Board for the lady; family privals Add. ass C. C., Station F, Third avenue. AOENTLEMAN MAT OBTAIN A LARGE AND pleasant Room, without beard In a first cissi ho taa in 1 weaiy third street, neae Fifth arenas Address J. Howard, Union square Tost oflics ACtPRRlOR SUIT OF ELEGANTLY FURNISHED Rroses to let, with good Board, to the vary dsalrable home I fit' West Eleventh street, near Ruth arsons Family private. References required and given. A SUIT OF HANDfOMB'.T FURNISHED ROOMS WILL be rented, aepamety oe together, to gentlemen, at No. (2 University place, corner of Weal Eleventh street, on Fifth avenue Mage routs A WIDOW LADT. HAVING TAKEN A FIRST CLASS bouse, will let s Parlor, with good tab's to two or three gentlemen willing* > loom together,pernuaeetly. Pleaseeell at No 183 West Eleventh street, between sixth and Bevsalh avat ues Ayocfo ladt wishes board in a private famDy, where her servtcra as teacher of vocal and inatrn asenta. music would he cnealdered aa equivalent for her board. The beat of rrference lives aad required Is an expertnnoed irachee. Addims G. r. L, Day Booh offioa. A GENTLEMAN AND WIPBCAN HAVE GOOD BOARD la a mods re house, with hot and ould bathe, gaa Ac , In a private family aad at a reasonable price, in a nicely furnished brute. 219 Esat Twenty seventh street. New Yorh. A LADT AMD ORRTLEMAN. OE A FEW BIRULB A gentleman ens be somas modeled eHh Board at 39 Lalght street, oppont'n hu John's Park. A RRANGBVRNTB CAN NOW BE MkDE FOR DMIR A able loom* for tbe season at 1(E Wavsrlny place, near Washington squnrs GENTLEMAN OP QriET HABITS IB IN WANT OP A cicely furnished Bleeping Room, In a pleasant part of awe, where aonm'artable hums mat be rn.oysl any varty having ar com mods lines to suit would be liberally treated w th. Address with fell particulars, L. A. W . Ilerala offl *e. A Am it at* r?mi.T will iet a parlor and Badrvrm. otof?atty furntahod. <? tagdmitw fro it bonra, about lira ailautea' walk waat of Madlaoa aqtere. A rcnUrn?*r of rraparuhj'ily. wbo would aporaetata tba ctaoforta and miranaat rt a bao?lapma rrlvala rcaldaacv. a?r Off rata L . bat W Harold ? Boa. tricw firmipiikd front rooks to lct fob yaatlrntw. Fn ni n -nudway, Oppotlio bt F'mbolaa H WI Yrvm II JO tc tt 10 p-r waafe at MX* st twentieth frmnrr. a pew doors J\ firm Mrrud way?Hoard A Tit pi--j*nt fnn tahad fr.wrt Ren. for a yrv.Urman tod wtfa, hnu?? f rw e'aaa, rmniValtif all mridrrr rouraataacna, let:'on rary dratrablr; bun rcfa taacrai Bttad. a largr A*n klfoaft trrom m?T front A Rorn.wuh hall ltodmon r,turha.l. V? 'R*,lk K-wrd at M Foartbalrart hatwaau Broadway tad Itowary. Ti.a ho>iw> la t! foal front, wok trtrj noders iwprrranott. Tba bad ra fter o?? ptrau aad rrquirtd. A FRIT ATX XJ XII. T WOULD LET. WTTH FTLL OB A bartlalRaard. a back Parlor o? tba Aral fltnr: atao atonal Rcoaa and fladrooai am tba aaeoad floor rtfrrauona nrbaaaad. Itqulra at W Btat Ftftaaatb atraat. aaar Third arenua. A PRIVATE Fa Mil, Y REKIDINU AT K VXtT TWEN ty I bird Meat. batwaaa Flftk aad fllt'k IOI1VI ktra ? ?rr? plaaaawt tilt of Innr to M, With Boa. d Rafaraacaa rirhaaicd. A LA ROE PROWT AMD HAI'K ROOM OB THIRD f-xtr. for a taati?nai> aad *if? or ataxia r-n- ?man. atr at Mi o'clock. Radartanaa ai banpail ?4 Blaaukar A TOrXO AHRRICAF WIDOW. WITHOUT FAMILY, A t.r irinnairtan aiaaHaaaaa aad ladT wKb a a la oat at mat I ts. aad Board far lb# lodr oalr. ooaafaru at bum. Etfariaora aiabaatad. Apply at 1A t onnaraa dtaat, aaar WaaaRar. AM OEMTLRMaM dbririr a labor boom, or far lor aad Badnwaa. wRk Board, for tb? wi? ?r. dlnnrr to ba froan I to t i>'rlack. ba would prafar t p'.-aaan: ortn.ta tanllj . Mala la raply tama, taeim lag gaa aad Ira. Ad dun a K W , baa HQ Harmld oWoa. I AM LABOR BOOB. WILL FURNISHED. RITITABLB M two a mi l? IB TarMR whhoat board, toom RJ to it Boon ,wttltd floor, wdk caaaarratory attaahad. It ritra at m Fourth atraat. WaBklagtaa Mjotra. aoatk. A STRICTLY PBITATB ROUTBBRM FAMILY, OF ttartetotty ofl-a^MM aurtT*off aSwaatadalBaparlr oTtoro or tour rratlwaaa wtlfe Fortor or aaannd Floor, who daajo all I ho Itimrlao of a flrM olaw btrl. toad wttb ib? a Hot en mi) waat nt aa r layout pr Irate bona; ly fnrabbad ohb rarpata aad ?? maplrw if rwiatrad. Addraaa, wtti ? mora* aw hulrai wladtw drapary, fcqt will ba wttb raal aana, MaxfailMaa. HaraM rWro. A PLKARAMT AMD PRBMAMBMT UOXB FOB TOUMa A tbildraa, w a braltby aad rrUrad looalttr wbara tbwr rarly rdaaallne would ba ttl*ad*d to if daatrat, aad wbrra thay a o*td raaatra a nMbai 'a oara. Addraaa ?luardtaa. llrrtlif fRro Am obm rum am and wtfb or two rim'ilb wnr H llawaa ?i. Hod p>twr< Rmaa and r*"l Board binH ? Xryltad fan 11? wbara tbara ara aa otbar bowdara. at I'M B itdwat atraat. f rrpw nodarata. noAlD.-A LADT. DBRIBOri OF SBCCRIJM MU01 D bid aparmaala, kladaaaa aad bona atuntrw. aaa ba aa oxnnodatad wttb prtraM Board, unraltif and orary roq itaita ; ^ Board.-to lst, wttb board, at m cumtom ? ataao. to?a<b ?r? ? f?w doom w*at of F:Db araaaa. a baadwntly farr.tabad Parlor aad Rodman (at Ubi ? ? Reap, froat; alan aaa aw tba third, wttk IwrgR paatrlaa wbb aR tia nadarw kwpraranawtw BMOARD-A WIDOW LADT, HATIXa A FIRB PCB m.brd booao. la itaatroaai* bar Bonnt to ? '??? narrttn RinM ? ab fall or oar mm. Board hi f at flu W Waat TMrty iwi atraat. Boabd-tm a fbitatb family IN brookltn raa ba blata? I at Id llarnaaa it-aai, aacotd door fron ?' latan BMOARD-AT TV EAST R1TIKMWTH STRUCT. IN THE ain r < aa rtetrlty <* ?t Mawpr a rbarrk. f.w a y?ot>w?n had a "V a two or tv ra# ?'"?'? (wnttawaa. Iwoatl'a. plaaaast, had coaaatltat to Tblri aad FanrtR braaoa cam. TJOABP? A OBMTIMAM AMD WTFB OR. TWO OB D tbraa ?t#*> f?wl?m?m. raa b? ao-amaodaiMd wuk ptoo aant Roona ao<* f*id hoard to a rwitaal r?ta'eut-> fantly; lorat.? pbnaaat, r"u-?p.a?l to Iba oaia Apply at tel Rrooma ?irtahbhlat^ M'tutoa aad VattoR. HoaMD?IB A FRITAIB IAXILT, WITH H hMDdoME ?ly farataWd parlor aad Sadronaa, ra (bay or i a I' Tr ?* ititat. baiM'OB Enactor and foutb s: Hoard-to board, at mo wtrk^oro aratinw. batwar n Rlpbtb aad biaib Mrrrt*. to a rar laaaaw aad a tfr or two Rauttowas. a na?iy f uralat?d froat flood, na aaaoa,' Uxit-, varj daaltaMd Raf?rat -aa rtcbaafrd. BOARD-Ff'R A r.Fjm.KllAM AKr? WIf K, or OTE W iwn ?toata aan'Vnra. aamai pprata i?wl'r. wbara ?h?ra rra f tlrr P-ar^Mrt: t>??r?b x aaar.1 "rlfh' .rbrvt; B'rth n.-l" or Fifty rljbtk t'raat. f-onb b to *? t of flar-md Mttiia Bptoiywatd na; ulrtd. taowra m tba b too of A. W. RXRRK.'T, m Bnwary. BHOAflD- BOARD? pORRD- "'Fit.* oEm.KtfEt ?aa ho at" wmndatri* w*'b '?*pa airr R rra ard I:?*?:, fiBt?r ,.t >ka w W rata id t? .?#? war*, tap ? >.?r at !|? i.atr laat at Lilt ? .*0. U ft ?? brrrirart, f%r r-nadway. BOAKPHa ATO LOPOia o. BOARD-AT B 1AIT RODETRRMTH 8TRKKT, BR tween Fifth iirurnt nod Colon square, with Room* la ?alia, or single, for families or aula nulnuw, with aU ao darn conveniences and wall furaShxf Board ?aiviral plearant and will fur. alahtd Rooms, with Hoard, a 81 Cttatoe plana, hoar Fifth area?. ?OOARO.-A QENTLRMAN AMD WIFE OR TWO SIR X) ila g'nllamsa, oaa obaia a neatly furnished Room, wilh foUorpartlal Board a a private Frtaeh family. Address 62 Wmt Thirty third street, nsar Broadway. BOARD-18# AND 1M TRUTH STREET.?PLK AS ART and daatrabla Rooms, la a first elaaa bouse. aultabla for a gentleman and biawtfeardagle gentlemen, on aeoond or third floor, ooareuleal to ataaaa sad care. UOARD--TO BK VACATED IN A FRW DATB. A SUIT P ? " Wo. flfl Waal Fourteenth street, botweeo Filth and Sixth avenues. Board.?good olbaw and cool rooks at very low prices, with or without pa tlal Board, oao ha had at iM (ii and street, half way bat wean Broadway and tha Bowe ? y Location central; everything O. K.; nearly oppoalta Odd . allow a' Hall BOAED.-A FAMILY OB 8TN4LW ORNTLRHRN CAN have Booms, with Board, on tha eeeond door, furnlahed or anfaralahed, la a drat olaaa houaa; ooo real ant to eara and ataaaa. Apply at fit Hammond street, bat warn Blaaokar and Foarth street. BOARD.-A PRITifc FAMILY WILL AOOOMMODATR a aaotlaaaan and wife and a party of ataxia gentlemen with haadaome Apartment* and Board. Apply at Jt West Twenty-aaoond treat, near Fifth arenas. Board.?onr or two furnihhkd rooms to lkt with Hoard, aaltable for a gentleman and wife or two sin gla gentlemen, at 1SS Ninth atraat, a faw doom araat of Broad way; the houaa baa all tha modern Improvemco Board-furnished rooms on first and he road lloo-a having all the mo lorn Imp -oremeata. to let to pereoos of refined hnbtta; family consists of three; reference* exchanged. Mo. lft Waal Fifteenth street, hat ween Fifth sod Sixth svrunes. Board?okntlkmkn andthrir wivbh, or bin gla gentlemen, oaa ha soeon -nids'ed with nicely fur nlahed or nnfnrnlahed Rooms. Those eiahlng In make a per amatol arrangement and give good rafhronoo will plsast ap ply at W Hammond street Board-a very drsirablr sorr of rooms for a gentleman and wife, aad roe suitable for a single pan tlemsn, can be procured at No. fid iaaw No. Mi Wast Twenty TJOARD?A ORNTLRMAN AND WIFB CAN D aoromodeled with a large front room, on neeood story, well rUraBaad. House has all the mr-dera Improvements. Dinner at ?U o cloeh. Inquire at M Watt Twenty seventh stretA -DOARDt-A LARGE BACK PARLOR TO T.RT, HI X> able for a pbvste aa or dee list, also a front Room and Hall Hedroom^ouae fit t, has all the modern Improvement! lOt-A LARGE BACK PA1 ? for a phvnie aa or dentin; a Boom; house Sit, hae all the modern Improve meow, aad 1 loasteA^ r-nas low. Inquire at No. 1 now Csaal itraat, POARD AT 18 HENRY STRRRT-A PARLOR TO LEV, D with flrat a lens Baaed, two or three geatletuee, to a gaa tlrmsn aad wife or to a family of grown persona, vary ree aonable Also, a email E-iom for a gtntleman. Board on murrat hill?large, pleasantly famished Rnoma and a back l'arlor to lot, with Board, at *9 Raet Shirty fifth street, near Fourth avenue. References eiohaagod Board on murray hill-two labor rooms aad a baak Parlor, haadnnaoly furnished, to let, whh trd, nt iSS East Thirty fifth street, near Fourth avenue; lafe i r, banged prpsin i?D:e ,f desired. Roard and superior roomb.hardsomri.tfur ilahed.?A limited number of respectable pereons reoelv ed, (uBelent to keep up an excellent table A okol -e cl rooms on seonad floor. Hat and eoid water, gaa. hatha. Sc. Loia Hon moat eligible had central. 839 Broadway, belaw Union square. Board for obktlrmrn-singlr or doublk rooms can be obtained, or without bo trd. In the meet healthy, pleasant aad centra' part of the oily, between Fourth street aad Aster plane, na the W-k with Asior Library. Reference given aad rag aired, at No. U Lafayette place. Con verdant to pare aad Magna Board up town.-plkas\nt rooms, with Board for famlHaa nod single gaotlemea. oao an be as i urel fcr the winter at the Mad won House, ? ave nue. com#' of Twenty navanlh street. Terms rcnswiabla Board wamtrd-in a private family, ht a gentleman, wtfa, two children aad aarvsot; naauad doer entire, nlcey faro Inked, with nil modern mpruvemenie. Those answering wlUplr see male parUc.Jara aa to location. prim, Ac Addrem T B., Herald oWca. TXOARD WANTRD-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. BY A D geaiteman. wtfa. ehild ar.d aarvaat, oat worn Rlgbh and T weati fifth gtreem and Fourth aad Ssveata avenues. Ad draaa H C. L.. Herald oO.ce, staling 1 <calioa. Isrms, Ac. Board wanted-bt a grntlrm?n, where good aortal enmpaay oaa baanioyad, between Twelfth aad Slgbteeaih Hires, waft '< Bmadwey; Ira, gaa hatha, closet room Aa. required Board not to egnaafi 810 par week, llata hour lor dinner, aad addrem bos S,tlt Pot oflloe. Board wanted?for \ gcntlrm in and wife, ihroe email ehildrea and aurae, in a private fam'lr. where there are no other boarder, and no chlltren. 'he while of the second finer will ho rwo ilred. Answers stating exact hvaikm. terms. Ac, addressed to box VAlb I'or. otfice, and aooe others, will be promptly nunodad lo. TJOARD WANTET-FOR THE FALL AND WINrKR JL> between A ml'v nod Mxteaoth street, by a gent I'm vn and wife. with two Rooms or one largo with secretary or tufa bed weed. s prlrs e family uf culture preferred-, is<?igb ii" ob ec Hon lo a reeprCable Warding bcriee hooping a good table Terms which mod' bo auiaa. net to sxoaod US per munlh Addreen R. N. It., station D. Bible Ho.iae. B UOARDIRO.-AH I vrrilKUIIKO ROO I'ltHnrt.milllrljniiii gmtlftmrn <1 mndatrd wnh Hoard and p'raaani Kmaa. paa I SOARD WARTRD-RT A RIRQI.R OUTLKHAX, Iff A mall prttrato aaatlly wham Itm arc no other boarjora. idwWttt iiAfmV ataMuda plaaaant, well fnr lUff rarai. Tama ?ffmla Addraaa .boa Ma Harald offina. Board wartrd-for ladt ard obrtlrmkm, for tha wtainr. an thtktren-. Parlor and Bndroum. iu in parlir. pantrl ?a altaafepd: frnal rnoou, rilh?r la Pint or *p tnad area or*. bat warn Ptlghth nod rtftaaot* ttrrota Reft raacra rtqnlrad. Addrraa J. R M., Harald oflna. OARD WAffTRD- FOR RRYKRAf. TOOffO OffffTI.R _' anra. betwraa fonrtoaath and Tblrtmtbatra-t*aid tanowd and blub avrnnaa. Apply la T. DRHlfaM, at tha Ooitop* Tnrtiy third ilrtet ana Fourth araana, to morrow .Maturdav . Board wahtrd?rttiirrrrbfprotari.b tooyi tadtaa la a prtvato family or am all boardtnp h .on* loan 11 n hftwata Fourth and Fn-irtaanth itrrai, aad Fourth and ? nth avaatiaa. laraia roodanUa. Addrara for tferac laya, 8 8. d , Va>oa tguara PoatoRaa. BOARDIRO.?A FRIYATR FAMII.T WOl'I.D I.BT. TO aaaUamra. or gnatlrmaa aad a I fa. a Furatthnd Room and Brdrom. wHh partial Hoard; Wo U) Faat Wghtnwnlh atrial, oat blook abort I'ndto aquar*. batwoaa Broad war and fifth atrtnna DOARDTXn -A PCRffTHHRD ROOM TO I.RT Off TIT* D Itrrt Boor to a gnnlinman, or a gre1l?mnn and alfr Alaa hrm or four young g?ol>mro ana bo ao-ommodatod with goto Ibwrd by applying at t? Uroona itroat BOAR D1RO -A TOCffO LADY ROARDRR ffa.YTRD, la a natat plaeo nao ifeal la pood ooMng, yoiaf aad ??????). and <ma ataka Karoolf aaraaafela la anetny. Addraaa In A , atalMa A. fp'iag itTHl lOARIMRO.?AN V NPt'RKIhHRD ROOM TO I.KT, or n ho arc n? i aad baih, at 17 I.adlaa plarw. Mnuatoa tor'ntt, aaar Mardo g?L BOARDIMR. ?HAH DAOVRl.T FDRaiUHRD AXMI may to had. w,ih Kotrd.iba antlra aawmd floor, with prtnaw lahl* If dmirad. at 74 Eaat Twaoly third airrat, aaar rodrth aaaaaa, BOARD1N* -RO. <88 FOt'RIH 8f RKKf, RRTffRRff Broadway and Pernod avntiuo? Ifiadwmrlr 'n atrhar ??ttIB of Rooata aad Blag la Rooma. wife Hoard. IManor alatt o'lkffe. OOARD Iff RMOORLTRr-A LAROR PARIiOR. RAND It ataaaly I nrnlabnd. far a caatloaian aad wrtb; aid* a from Parlor, reemd 8ror. aad Rroma for I wo gnnUemea. Panto* wMfetn* annartnr aoonaaaaudaMaaa aad feama aamfarM aaa dp ply ai ?? Blair atrnnt, aaar Hojt. _________ -DOARD Iff BROORI.Tff.-A CHAim OF ROORR r?A? J> hr amirrd la a am all prti ala fam;l? raw Hag la a looali'v arar the City Mall Ap.-ly at tt W.ik> thbya Board in or.tti.rm ax*and wifr ap a few angle gentlemen eaa I ala g-.d Hoard In a prlieie family, wharo a I the r?.i?'or4? af a h?oa? may bo an d<yrd Innaitotid#* rab>, wlth.n lira mlr. 'on' walkafFuhna l?rry. Apply at lto WaaHnptoa wra< near rommt*. Board in broorltr.-a oehti.r* ?h and wifr or air g ? gentlemen ran bar* front Rnana and iarga nio mta: a hall Room frr a "ingle gantlemao, at l,n Ri.tka torent. lour mitatnt from Wall and too k farrtaa. HOARD IR RR<'<KLTB~AT 7T ?TATR eTRRKT. F1VR X) minutra' walk f ram ohh?r Wail al/aat or 8ootb i'o?*y, a lappa f rant Parka-and Bad room ad. 4 ring, oa aaeond 5oor, to V t nafnrplakad uatll lit May tail Raloraacra 11 ran and aad rrqnlrad OARD IW BROOKLTff ?A THOIrR FTTTT OF W?A ' (nraabrd Roomn, in a rary I'.n* honao, pond aad ylrnaaat nmabl<orh<aid. aad antra mlnotaa' Wtk Tapm tha Mud farrtaa to Int. Wnplr or tonnlho-. with na-raaimadiap Hrord ta a ptt*a? fawiliy, ?t IM It t at rant, Brooklyn liimn ir ? niTW i orrtlrmar and hi* I) ntfrrnaa ha anaommndatad with a largo wnll furalakod Rami, wKh largo pantry, no anrand lloor, alan a Hnnm aa third B Imp* pantry, am abroad lloor, alan a Hnnm on thir I* lor a pant M>man aad tin wife or a btngla prat ? faat "Warrra rtrart. LnaaUoo onaroairiil to Wal BHOARD Iff BRf-ORtTR-THRBB OKRTI.RMRff OAR ? bn art .an mod at rd w*b Board aad fran! Room, on toaond rvrr. aman ?tontan' watt to Wall aad Rontfe farrtaa. Apply M IW t "Itali n Mrant Rafaranrr? ??ibaag'H HOARD Iff RROORbTR-Mf AV7TT RTRRRT. H? D twrra < oori and CRwwm. Kanota with Hoard for lamlltoa tad ?hnaamra'.wt for gr-ailrti -- Th* brnwa hw lb? m >tom and Nt I' toraa'nat to lb* *ar, frrrlto. HOARD Iff BROOffi.TR -TITO OR THRRR ?ff ?UR I> g?ri>mra raa ha awanirmtoalnd with rary 'ftora1!# R.-ma and fall ar partial Hoard mi appttoatkm a* a 8aato rtmrl tar Fulwa faryy,and (pputoto ifea ground, of ? Aaa a rtnrafe HOARD Iff RR lORl.Tff ?A ORRTl.RffAR AffP. TO I) wi'* ,tr a faw rfagla grntlrmaa may Had datombto Foim. ,?h Poarr\ at Km D?;ira rtrato rantdrof Tiato toil, fdr^tiltnt to wi) if<Nt fUTkii Beferesoos ft 1*Ur?4. Board ir brooki.t?-a laror front Roo* ra rnrrad roor, with I tort room rjonmtap. aaa h. had. wife fall m partial Board, at 111 I'arlDa Rraal. aaar ftontfe aad Wan gtrrnt ftrrtoa, Broohlyr. BOAfD IR BROO*tTf.-A PBITATR FAffllrT ffn.Ir m il rlr ffyf for.r, itn?o-iit?li?d. raodatlng of iilHai. wttfep-ard U-ait'roi rrry P'rxaaai family ama'l aah* Wall and At aittottr. rtfnrrtna It qn.ra to ?ff7 flat* ?iraat. Board i* nrotri.yr? withir tttb mtrptrw wait rf Wa'l ard Forth frrrha On? or t rr atagV* gm llrtorn ran !:# ?rrrn to-da-'d whh targw and >m*n Rooma. fardiorr,n|y fnrnlal.od gv ha-fe. *? A >p>y at?< 11?ira to. H<? tRD Iff 1BOOKI.TR. IHlR Fd.tOR FFRBT.?A ?ami'y rmapytaa i! * ho-iar Ro. f Poplar tormt. arar 0? |fi> Pit. wunld > {o a m? "rd '-opto, or grn-'amn* ntraaaol 1 r n r alik a I lV.< it ? 'n impi'namrnta, orarlouatag tha t >y ' -wi't good. B OAID OR FROOKITY fTFTSUITH - 4 flFHTIAttfAff i w"?,aa4 two n- l rr? toaatt r f>n?r ran to m?a _ ? nd * >h fumi' am' i ooitli -o>' a a am* ?? *?toilr al i?ff ' w r i f) BrYtia, Mdw-'tt Fnltosaad wail i /tr. farraa ^ IOAKDIHQ AID MDAIie. Board ir Brooklyn.?families or single gentlemen HI obtain Board M Ml High atreet. Room I irniahed or un/umiahed. Five minutes' walk from rulloa terry. _______ Board in booth brooklyn.-a private pami ly, residing to a handsomely furnlabed booaa near South ferry, can offer a pleataiu and ooinforlable b' me for the wiu ier to a alagle geatleman. Apply at M Oougreta street, four doort front Henry. Board on Brooklyn hbiq a te-within five minutes' walbof Wall street ferry. A gentleman and hie wirn can be accommodated with a large and pleaaaal front Parlor and Bedroom attached, nimly funelabad; aiao. two hall Bedrooms for single gentlemen. Apple at Ihff'Heoryat., between Pterrepcot and Clark alreeta Uouae oontalna bath, (an. Ac. BLK(i A NTLY PURNIItnRD BOORS TO LRT, TO mtker or separately, and wt b Board, on the aaonod Boor of a (rat ciaae honae. Dinner at 6. Apply at 112 new Wo. lib) Ninth atreet, weat of end near Broadway. 1DRANXFORT HOUSE. CORNER OP PRANKPORT AND JP WUJtam alreeta, N. Y.?Staple Room a from 26o. to S7c. par mgkt, or >1 to ts per waak. Booaa newly furnished, wlLb a anod Restaurant atiaahad. Open all night FRENCH BOARD?118 EAST THIRTEENTH HTHKET? .Toa family or slngls gentlemen. Home nearly pnuared, and baa all the modern improvement* Dinner at fi o'clock. French and English spoken. Rercrenoee exchanged. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LRT.-TWO ROOMS TO LKT, together or aaparate, to gentlemen onlr, in a private bnuae. meals furnished ll' detdred. Location It Larny place. Hlr?-ker atreet, only one block weat of Broadway. Reference required. FURNISHED-A PIW NRWLY FURNISHED ROOM* In eulta or tingle, to let to aentlemen without bnvrd The honae la tlrat claaa and convenient to eara and Mages. Apply at MB Fourth street. Albion place. rRNlBBRD ROOMS TO LNT-WITII BOARD. TO gentlemen and their wlvaa. or to a*sale rent eaten, at NIX Weat Twenty Ural atreet Hottae has all Urn modem Improvements, fronting the College grounds. Furnished rooms-two or thrrk pleasant Room n, on second or third Boor, suitable for a gentleman ard wife or a con He of gentlemen to let. without Board, In a pi I vale famly, at No. f Flu street, near Grand. Terms mode rata eURNISHED ROOM.?A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Room to let, without board, to a gentleman, at No. 87 East elfth street. FIRNIBHED ROOMS TO LKT?WITH OUT BOARD. TO ?ingle gentlemen, In a private family, at W East Thirteenth ?traet, one block east of Broadway. (FURNISHED ROOMS WANTED?BY A EINOLB ORN P fleman. In a first clam house aituetvd laibevteialty of F< urth' r Fifth avenues, and not higher up than Thirtieth sheet; Parlor to be on first Boor, and bedroom on eame or Boer above, with breakfast: rent rot to exceed Wt) a month by the i ear. Addreaa box 2,871 Post office. GKNTT.KMEW, OR OBNTLEWEN AMD THMIB WIVES, dtdram of obtaining fine Rooms, and good Board, may find the same by applying at M Went Por.y eighth atreet, near Blxih avenue. TJAND8CMK SUITS OF ROOMS. BLEilANTLY PUR Jtl staked, with private table, at 1,IIS Broadway, near Fifth Atoauo Dotal. VfURKAT HILL HOCHR, CORNER SIXTH AVENUE JW and Fortieth street.?The above Honae Is now la complete repair for fall sad wilier bustseaa. Famlllea and single par ana returning fnm? ike or unlrv will do well by making thii I th? U first call before engaglrg boxrd. Teraaa very aaoderate. JOHN R. BOBTWICK, Proprietor NO 44 WEST NINTH STRRNT, NEAR FIFTH ATB aur - Rooma to 1st. furnlabed or unfurnlebedt In eulta or singly, to gentlemen only, in a quiet, tlrat elaaa house, with break fast If desired; every attautioo paid; unexceptionable re rreneee given and regnlrad. /~INE OR TWO HINOLB OENTI NMRN CAN HATE A V furrlahed Room, with Board, an mod era's terms. in one or the most comfortable lttle bouses In the city; gv? I nth Ac. )M Baa; Twentieth street, between First and Uecood ava / V*K OR TWO RINCLR OKWTLRMEN CAN BE ACCOM " J modated without board or with Tea, with a front Rovm in a private family, at N Cottage place, between Houston and Bleacher aireete. PLEASANT. NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS MAT BR A obtained by gentlemen and their wlvee aan single gentle, man, by applying at W West Tenth street, between Fourth and Hleerkar streets. The booaa oontalna the modern ImpnAe manta and Is lonatsd In a quiet, respectable neighborhood. Terms moderate. Rafareneea exchanged. Pleasant booms to lmt-with or without Board, to gentlemen and their trivea or elnrle gentlemen, ibe booee coola'oa all the modern Improvements. convenient to Broadway. I Ixib and Seventh avenue wages and can. tall at b* Wwt Thirty sixth Nreet. PRIVATE BOARD IN BROOKLYN.?A *1" WHOLE SCI lie in en or famlllaa cm be accommodmed with pleasant Rooms. lurchbed lo suit, with Hoard, a 221 Bttis street. Plea as i : local ton Terms numerate PRIVATE BOARD IN BROOKLYN ?A SMALL FAMl ly. owning a dee house, ban-ianmeiy furnlabed, with all ihe modern Improvemer.te. would accommodate a gentleman end wife, or two gentlemen, d-'lmbl- Rooms and a rood Table on mod era:'- lev ma. leoat! va half a tulle from Cttv Mall, rear Ku t a arenae. Aiidresi ?. P, b ut 1 "03 N. Y. l'ual I filed. UBSPEt.TABLEPINOLE W.iMEN RNO AOEDIN STORE4 JV ur bating work to do at home, can btve Board and ledgteg at 42 p> r week, at 11 Lalnht atreet corner of Hi. data's ia?a, ? anal rrwr ___ Rooms to fkw first class furnished R noire to let, with or without iloatd, to gentlemen only. Apply at 2? wt. Nark's place. DOOMS TO LMT -FURNISHED OR UMFURISHRD. II al'h Br ard. for famiMea or single gentlcmea. at S3 Weat riiteenih street, over Ftfth avenue. Room* to i it.-thn first floor, consisting of four Room sad also the back Basement of house No. lfit Avenue B. SIN OLE OFFTLKM1R OR ORNTLEMEN AND THEIR when e ahlng Board for the wln'er can now soger-* vsrv desirable B'.itns at 36 Tenth Wreot. bet v.-en Filth and With avenues Dinner at ( o'clock References given and re qalrcd ___ _ SUPERIOR ACCOMMODATIONS FOB STNOLE ORN. I'rmen at II Weal Thirteenth Mreet. near Fifth nvenne. lloras rewiy and handsomely fn ranked Fnae hot thoae will? Ir a to pay a fair pitoa need apply. Table first elaaa. Dinner stall. TU WO ROOMS OR RRI OKD FLOOR Of A MODKRM hmlt hutxte, with *11 hnprinaarmta to M *|U hoard. to ffpl.rairn or prittlenien and their wtvaa, na moderate lama Apply at (3? Fourth (Intel. one door nd of Maenad arenne. r?l> HAKPAOMKLT Fi'RN'IMIRO ROOM*, SUIT4BLR for two n> three patCatnae to let alio Waet ThMy fourth >U'M bnnre (rat clean, wtlh eillbemndrra lapwrarn'v family pruete _____ mwo TOtlMO (1IMTTBMKW D01RB ROOMS, WITTJOJT 1 Board two mmlrretf r re i mnma nr one lnrpe one l/i eatlai bat arte Fcurth ard Worn Fourteenth ttreelr end near Hinadatj. id rrea, Mat cf '.arm. H H. P, hot 1.(07 Pnet nOR TUB KB ROOMS TO I JET-TO ORNTLRMFM, Wheat Beard, la a Drat elaae hn-iaw. Inqitre at It t'n lifiw? (treat, between L'aiaa aquara and Fifth aaar an TWO OR 1HRKR ORRTLKKXR OAR BR AOCOMMO. datad with Board, la a prim* family op town. antra rlaat in rare aad etepaa d'nner at <K n'eloeh, ni ?i. l Hath la <ha ho tea. Can hi MS R?al Twaatr With atrenC betaaaa Lai tacinn end S hlrd erewnea fftWO OR TRRFS SIMOLK OKXTLRRFM OAR RR AO 1 ntanmndatod pnrrl Hoard ia a drat clean hctae din aar at ni re'erer.e required. Vo I Oepaw plarr. (P'-nnd Write ft in Lite h?t ettert rFRIVATR rAWrURS? A TOORO OBMTLFMAM aed wl/e daa>?anaa btrf Atn or Pat It and Bnrtr ma. final With (Mat Rnard. In a errata xmllr ai a fair price; |.? raltre preferred between Rrnadwat and SUth a-1 an?. ant top her ihaa F-lshty third MreU Addraai Tboaia, Hot I dtO Prat Hfcta. ram mrrorartr cmerm* aro otirrr ?ri.roart fy formated Parlor aad Itedrnmaa. wtth ra In ami onl.1 watar hatha. Sr.; -toallent mania. r a prime family If da frad Apply at W Prince at rat t, nrar Mreedway rmm i,rp-rosR!?nRP. a promt room om rroomo |fnor i isn't PonaMa of Ira (na and oaa of bath Apply at BS jt tally etraet. PH UT-nt AM rutfi 4MT1.T FTTBMtWHFn RROWM HdQWllWMi Rnga a with nr without pitrttal IL.ird to peetlemea only. Apply at M Wad thirty 8rat atraat r^m 1 RT-fM nORORRW, (MO. 1 OMPPORO PLAOB, TO t o* or lire rentlimea a Baa Parior furwi^ed TV AMTXT>?A PARLOR AMP BEDROOM, OOMRROT TT lap. fttniliftad or art. without Rnard, In a quiet Mrwet, nrar the PWMre of tba tnwa. with a widow ladr prwfarrad. nr a Mil family: aaat of I ha Unwary or want of hlrth areata pre trrwd. Addrweh, ataSat toeadoa. BR. R Haeald cBba (RPAMTKP A PARLOR tMP BEDROOM FOR TWO TT pri.-'maa wthnwt R ^rrd. ?>'t abora TwwallHh atraat Prtra ant loatraadfltl pay waaR, tacludtop pan. Addraap Un yam r-m .n.c* BTPAMTRD?FIRST CLASS MOARD-RT A ORhTLR if ma. wlfa aad aarraat hwalhaa ha low Twrnly 4th itraat aad Iwtwaan Third aad SlitA araataa Addrwaa, with rarttrnlara. >oa ( BR Pnal ndlaa. Tl'ART*t)-A P0RMISH1D C|IAMRRR. WITH PiRX TT plana; Inratiaa rraaretabla aad aaar S read way Tarata titaadraBaa. t Ad rata Study llaraid iRia. TP'ARTRD-RT TWO SROTRPRS, A L4R?I ROOM TT Wth partial Board, tn aw pr.rala lawlly on tha wa.1 ?Ida of Broadway halow TwanUath atraat. (ra (<? Aa Ka 'rraacaa tbauwy 'toaabla. At Aram A., boa X4 Ht mhlya eraaeee *L?tt?f noaaWa. ?oat oRna TBTAMTKD- FOR A tlRMT1.URAM. RIM WIPH AMD TT two rkiMrao. Roaad w?h a raanrruh'a rami y. wh..ra Init na ? o tha yianoforie by tba lady would ha aa aqulratae for bar hna rd Addrwaa C. R. A . HaraM nftlar. TTTAMTRD -BOARD FOR A ORMTLRMAM AMD WIFR TT U f'lltad ?U1 h? prrman-nt iwrwa ant In aropM par wawk. Addraaa. <!aa rr>Uip rooat. Ac , B . boi IA1 llaraid otBre. WAMTBD?FOB A (1BMTUWAB. HEM WTFB AMD I two ahlVtraa fnrniahad ParVw and Mrma with ar enwardattra for bodaataapiaa'. aaat Ha la a raapnrtaMr I in tanaa M par waek. laaliMlas gm Addraaa Mot. Baal I /?abtrd-a FrRMisiiF.n b?iow. mtitablr for two iani>aaa. l/wtlllr aw ?? la a nr-wa at net be w i ween Pmrireaih and Twenty at?'K atr?ta and a rae'h a ran oaa: priea not to eraead At par <aa?. I narner BnaatMa ra'arraraa plraa aad rwi-dmd. Addraaa R L , ror ? Mn H 1J3 lima., tray. WAVRRI.RT PLACE.-FCRMIWfMn ROOMS RrTMRR . Farhtrt aad RadrnaM nr Map la Hoimi ax* la It at Mn I fararlay pera. arrth aaraar ot Rmadwmy 8m wwm rlrtrmtb btrrtt purrs doom prob Broadway ?II>i(tariaa*y ' nra tab ad Boom le M ui penile nraa, with Of Without p trttal Board fin FOR a HAMPMORRLT PtTRRlMfTRn ROOM, f 10 wih Board Par. r?atl?m?n aad wtfa or t*o*opl? aawtBtnaa; aim Morma. w/.h J^r.^'rm_S( to^SB hnaaa Oral ? jaae; ( r.a?r at an. at Id ?*d Twaaay MitA dratt, oaar Kiat th areata. ein PRR WRFK TOR A fTAMOMOBR SRCOMD MTORT Jl U oaforadtad t?a. Wtth fall Board, to a ronple; a1? r?ar* Par ?r. .taf'n *had. frwftP tKtnaa Sna-laaa. Jto I ' w?el Iwanty alith ????!, aaar Btphtfe aranoa. Dtan ho a hdim, aud LODOine. Uwai.bkh ntiar.i htorr to lit, at im .1. F" L?" l'. ?r bv letter u. the auoecrl cr. at Penh Ambuy X j' a ANDREWS 1 Q *W0 LABOR ROOMS TO AU Itl, wl b board fur iba winter. The house i* pleieanuy located, end rones* very deelrnbt* v * n/\WB8T tWRNTT BOHTH WBBBT -FCBBMHBO AU Room* to let In this eligible location for i >Pi, g iMPiltea and single geoUemeu, with (Oud re!??u?e Dmser at 8 u'cloch. Oft FNIVUSfTY PLAHB.?FURNIStlEP SUIT OF PAR. Av lora, etde rooaa andoxtaamlnn, to let, without Board, hot and eold water la etde races, As. WHBT FOURTEENTH STREET, ffBAB Fifth tarn-Board. with haadsoaaa'y furnished Room*, la - Ala, at raawwekto ratee; hbuee Oral alaal Orowa UaoamopMewable refinan rag stood. f)Q BAST POUBTBRMTH BTRBBT.?FAMILIES AND atoO aiogle yeallemi wishing to obtala fljnat claea Board 'or the wtater wl'l pleaee oall. BuBa of Baoraa oa aeeoad and third Boor*. handsomely furalahed. Dinner at >. Frt rate table 1f deal red. ?JO WEST UNIOM SQUARE.?TO IJtT, WITHOUT OO Board, a larR* Rooaa aad Bodinowt adjoining, handsome.* ly furnished, both room* frooting Ualoti aqaara. Kill be lei together or separately, and alio other Imai ^ BEACH STREET. ST. JOHN'S FARE.?SEVERAL reat'i _ T? rma moderate. CLINTON PLACE.?HANDSOME BUIT OF FU*. - - ni, bed Room* to let, da first floor, three roosra deep; elan, a Parlor and Bedroom, oo aeoond floor, with floe hath aa 1 dressing room oa aame Boor, tunable for a party of gentlemen w taking pltaaaol and comfortable rooau; or erou'd be let to a Arm elaaa faintly without children. d.1 S*** bboadwat.-boomb to let, with TA Board. Front and bach Parlor on aeeoad floor, to gen tlemen and their wives or atngle naeo, la a lira* olaes ao.iae. ?Ing e Rooaa* to let. with or wlthoot Beard, to Mnale The bona* baa all the modern Impioraaarnta. 38 Bel creases aacbaogad. A A WASHINGTON PLACE?ROOMS, WITH TT Board, la a bouae t eatrably loomed, ooauinlng all the modern lmprnvemeets ard where but few boarder a are taken. Reference* glraa and required. CC WBET TWELFTH STREET -A FAMILY, WITHOUT OO ehUdrrn, will let, Wltb Board to gentlemen and their wtvcs, two large Rooms, St br ft. wltb oloarta at Inched ai*o two daetrable Boom a. conaeeung, for geotlemen. Dinner a tlx Reference* required. 58 59 61 ' WASHINGTON PLACE. ONE BLOCK WEST 1 of Sixth a Teen* ?Two eomforUblr furalahed Room* o let immediately, with or without Breekfaet and Taa, to gentle mm. Term* a Oder ate. Looatioa oonremient aad desirable. Ca'l frem 7 U) 10 P. M. CO WERT TWENTY FIRST STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH O O and Sixth avenues?One or two alee It furnlabed parlor*, with bedroom adjoining, aad aleo a very pleasant tingle room, to rent with all the modern oon ?eutenoen to gentlemen, with partial board If d Paired. Befersooaa axphangod. VANPAM STREET.?PLEASANT ROOMS, WITII pantry, oo aeoond door, to let, with Board, to a gentle man aad wife, or atngle gentleman. Oa* and batha in the bouae Tenna moderate. WEST FIFTEENTH STREET.?FURNISHED ROOMS to let. with breakfast. ua a prtraia faaall*. or would giro Beard; private table If desired; tha home Is neat, the inmatee agreeableAktnd and amiable gl Weal Fifteenth timet, be tween Fifth and I Ixth avenues. WEST TWENTY FIFTH STREET, NEAR SIXTH U?J arenoe ?To let. wltb Board, la a plain prtrate tam'.ly, the Second Floor through. In aull or atngle. Bit ard ,nkl water In the rooau, and erery roovealeaoa. Term* moderate. Dinner at ?li 7<) TEETH STREET, WEAR FIFTH ATEMUM?NU1TB I xb of Parlor* and Rednr me, aad alagl* Rooma to let, with Board, to respectable partis* Only thoee who wish I or per 1 Board need apply. 7Q SPRIRO STREET. THRU DOORS FROM HROAD I w way.?To let ant tingle gei and pl?c_ ANSON HOUSE. ? v wny.?To let aeieral handsomely furnished Rvm*. to tingle gentlemen. The lonntloa new *0 the drat dare botela and piece* of amusement. Rending roma free. Inquire of 105 108 109 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET-FIRST CI.ASS accommodation* for a few person* The ho tee la in everj reaped aupertor. NINTH STREET.?A SUIT OF HANDSOMELY fnrntehed parlors on A ret floor,(three roams deep *11 be tented eeparntely or together Aleo a handsome anit on trenrd ft >or. All the modern nonrewtence* Location vary pleasant, between Hi oadway aad I'nlverWty place. WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?LA ROE AND _ medium at/ed R<? tna on aroond floor, amiable for families or eincIA gentlemen, to let. wltb Brat elaae Hoard; bouae a very tine one, with every Improvement, and m<nt oonvenlrntly and pleaaariUy located. lit BAST TWBI.FTH STREET?SITTING ROOM. lto Wltb middle Room rommunloaeng third lloor front. Two a'nrle gentlemen or gen'leman and wife can be arcoin modated with Board. Location pleasant; family private, term*. giO per weeh, Are end gee. HI BO. (? WERT TWENTY THIRD STREET.?FURNISHED R -una to let, with Hoard, fw a gentleman and wile; a'a> Rooms for atngle gentlemen. IN near el I o'clock. Re let encct ear ban* ad. 206 210 238 918 ELW. NBAS SPRING BTRKST-M A K'ON Hnoee.?Nlealy fimlahad Aptrlmmta. with uoon and fonklnp ntena'ia. arrenpnd for economlenl boneekeepmp. op ?tillable for einpie pentlemen. Mania hirnUhod if dew/ad. km In rorwM. Bent low to reepecUhla tenaata. WENT TWENTIETH STREET. ?TO LET. WITH Hoard. a furnlah'd family Room, and m.? ampin ?I. in. r*ra and iUc-a papa a few t cor, from rn/a retic a rtchi oped HROA Pk'A Y, ONE I) OR RKI.OW TWhNTT Cral if art ? Furnlahad Raima to let to pan >o,ru for lofplnp Price from $J w $J HI par a pek. Bath at! pea id the ho'iaa COPAWTWREH1P HOTICEl At ACTIVE MAN WANTED?A> PARTNEI Wholeaale Priduoe IkanlaN llmtaa, down ww-^Pl ?peetabi* party, fcartnp from 01 UUO t? $1 (TO. me have h?!f ia| lereit In a ona-rrn which rag n> mode to pay fill W to III <*J0 par auana. Apply at .13> Broadway, loom 17. AMFARTNKB WANTED?IN A FCRNITURE and aI'O. Mob atora. In erne of the heal boeliMM areouaa a'ha eltr. whara ke san reallra from *?t., yaia weak; ear Hal re WiVC-SH? ???""*/ pi'en. Appy to T. OaFTNBT. No 8 Ckkmbara atraet Pu artner wanted-wrrn r.aoo to a. ??.) in \ wb'.rsaJe Omeery down town, dede* a prodt.hw t .a,- ea?; r?e who sndaraui datha trade will he preferred m..' ha partner* I* nf hbout to ret Ira Ad,Irene X. T. Z , ho UJ .*e raid i Ace. PM artner wantkd-in a hoop bbirt wtai par. tory. now dolo( a roml buaiaeae, a id capable eg \ r-j ont aeienty fir* A/en aktr e per day. Apply at tba )-?;>na Donna Bkir- Maanfact my, III Falioe atraat. PARTNEBAIIIP OE OTHER WIRE?WANTED AN AO J ue? reacecabto Man. wrk ann* capital la ?e?:?- in a hhl w??n'?<"oi-ltu hiMlnean that will net. with m <te. at- ef frrta over K MM per anniim. Addreta Joteph To.a>- P ?; ? lllre rmtm MANLFACTCBKRIt CP JEWtl.RT._a FaRTT will p<i rebate an In le re ft m a ieweiry mar a n ' everytbirp maai i ola tlawa Addraaa J. ?.. btu J?A H-ral tMea 1IIORI.T RKNFK, TABLE TO! 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A larwa awooet ?? fm* w?d daBy at MB twree.l or f, No iiek ?? a,, ftftjeenra re?h Addreto, for two day*. ,fnter,,.?e, lei 1*0 tlcroM ell ? or nnn TO bioim?fahtnen wanted w th ?i).UUH >hW ktoiniki. to enpap* la a rew. I t' y ?? ?partaMe and vary p-oAtaMe hwWneaB. Oall 'or ?i dare ?l IM Rrtwdwar ?*nar nf I'adar >traat between Id A If. ead ? f. M. Refereweaa en haapad. J. C. ? in nnA -pabtnee wanted, WITH Tt G d11 awenl f eaeh aacltal. to eep ,*e el knitoeaa Inemetoa no rlek aad oaytod larprr">'la i it rm .llM kna'.fti), ,hl? too. No. I. ^ # ? ?ATMUMIUJi ICfTFEEN GENTIFNAN OF GOOD NTANn'Ni* L tad larre ineema wiahea to f,wm ?ba aei-mmeen? re tonne lady reoen Id to ? fenwa "f *?a; m irt re, ? 4 *lnf and e-efftnle nbb ? rlaw lo mejrlmeor. w ?r ro lee*; eerreaooodamee air?et? erm(Mei ^. Addre-a w M ?era an IntervMw can ba bad, U I, Talon W ? A* fit* w i widow i.adt, n inarb o> a >? -?aea eoforto'bear lalalan-d of an ^e rfl ? r 6 - eft _ . tee. t. neat, mm f Addrrm F. B fee r - wee*. 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