Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1860 Page 4
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THE LADY ELGU CATA&TBOPHE v Further and Full PMi lioMlar? of the Wreck. THE CITY OF MILWAUKEE IN MOURNING. Hot One Hundred of the Fonr Hundred Passengers Saved. SUltMMi or Col. H. W. HmMl, frrtffkl toydrr, trorgr For lone, Frank Biters, Br. and Mrs. CsMoo and Aldernu CiHy. CORRECT LIST OF THE LOST, from the Milwaukee Wlaoonain Sept 10 ] II Is unoecewaary l? repeat ? hat we publtabed on Satur day u to tbe cause ot the appail'ng accident, the cbarac tei of tbe n igbt, and the manner in which tbe funereal intrlllgrnot was received Uere. It Is enough to say that, ai (tr a> af can judge, there could have buen no i e to blame, and it muni have happened bad it been any othi r vi saela or any other commanders It there was any tuame, It starting out wbea tbe ikies portended so furious a atom as tbey did that o>gbt, as early eree as ten o'clock The sky was of an luky bio knees, the wind began to wbtslle through crevices and bang window blinds nod (lap awoiuia. and those prophetic indication* were followao up late at nigbi by one ot tbe m.'it l.-arful storms Previous to th ? calamity. In tbe earlier part of tbr even tug. there ha l t* on dauclog id tbe aa loons. abicb wore brihsntly lighted ar.d then the greater number retired to tu< ir aiai. rooms and berths and hardly before the sounds of the music bad died away, or the brilliancy of the oocasioo had reane.1 to auimate. and while joyous thought* a .d vimous were tsxupj log their minds a Jar?a cra?S?a b.rm driven schooner runhes by in tbe .iartneei?a little hurrylo.'?a few shrieks?a swir ? and all is over Tti. Kigiu. a.- ar. told by the oftlxrs who <?ca|w>d fr a. tie wr.xk. was on tb ? usual couiso of vessels going down the ake H. r . goal lighw arern burning pro party, rum in addition to iu ? guai lights, the cabins were bril liantly lighted up. Tncre were four b its to tbe Klgin?a yawl, two life boats and a small ooat?but we canted learn that over three of them wore need. hUewbcre wo give full parti cular's of what transpired aud what wan visible on shore, where the survivors were mvel, yesterday and the day before as taken by a repo-ter who vlnted the spot Other jiarticultre wilt be found tn the statruioiU wbicb fbllow Tbe Kg in v a* owned by Gurdoa f Hubbard, if Chicago, aad the Chicago fine# say* she insuiad for 9l>4 000 She was a b urdsome craft, but bad seen a d < ? a1 o haul usage, aim could not Irm b.-eu worth tn over her It.siirauee T"'e b. tks of tbe boat and tbe How ard's leak, coPUIMcg ?.>me watches at J money, were sated, and are in the bauds ol the owucr of tbe vessel A ot the Common Council war Us d this morn log to take into ron* d? alien the sreadful calamity, amf devise some m.ibod id relief to ihe widows, orphans and <?tl e.H who have be<n made destitute. Al lien of this kind canoel be I ik u loo *|k<vill> We trust a meeting of the r.t<r.-ns will also be fothd and a ?ubsorlptioo pap. r ougbt to l?e starud at iko to raw. lunds for tb.sie wli i . ibi.nma .? i,. roller. It te a rase that a?|icala to th. b inanity of eV( ry one. They are all brothers of ours .a tb" boids ot hi mar \ly, and n ?t much uuder a hundred chit iren have keousae orphans In this city by tbe great calamity, while widows have alvobera left tn needy c rev: stands. In Huron street we uu erstand that tl ? ri .? hareiy a bouse that docs not m iuro the l<wa of ?? mate?a titl r, toother, brother, aister or child Mrs iere.ei /. wl. ?. buauaid wan bat wbilesbrwai iv ?throwr m ??? Ike werld w lb six small ehlldrsw. We m'gtit multiply u sunt <s to sbo a tbe i ccewstty of no men alt s. Hon lor ibe aid o| some of tbe survivors of tbe wreck We shall o.i.t uiie to give the names of tbwe aupu.J to be on board, a? rear an ibey ean be aner mined. rkCTH AM) IKOIDkKTe. It ts said that the wife of Jn .. () i.raily jewme -pills franiic ru tbe v>as. 1. and, Uirnstng her arm* about her h lsband. b. ggv.1 that b* wool not desert bar He saw be could do o. thii.g iu Hi - water with her wlnl" *ba hi. i.rdassle was, and Lmbranng her he said? ' Mv diar, If we mutt drown, we will go do rn together," aud Irvey were an'. seen after that. ??AUrk" Isrtill. who is among ih>- loet. vrav a compos I t> in lbs / H wiuia cttlce, and a belter c>n.piaiU r ?v not in ihw-taie a more kind heart 'I and ntakl) |mrson m< t with Hie rigtii bef r- he went tie ?at caul tine-1 not to go, as aeoidouis are always bap pen'tig (4i taiuralop.. but b- laugl.rd at Idea aud said I.e would risk It l our teiiow. peace to liU as'. C i-am. et Wsepl', Co irty Register, was v-en tiandlng on deck with ,1a >. li rar, the latter very nrs-ii frighten, d. A a. g. i. marked luat .a guessed It would ml b mueb of s st. rm, when aims one answer' J tl at he w?u.d liod out sees enough lha' It v iild he. when be said tha' then tin ? must a.ske |. r ImsI of It, and SO..0 be dove ill into thi wakrbeadtlrst and nnrr rose scat a. llo a tv a ?po ndid at. mm. r bet pu' ably struck h s head ou sorae lb ng and was killed ?>> toe blow Ibe military in*-a could not be Induced to taks off Uielr caps, rest aid b. lie, but pimped In w.ib tlx m on, and were aflrrwardi sewn in tow water with tbwlr miliiary cafw .a, aid wtue e?ar kept tbeir swor is .>u ui o?urs? tbey were weighed down o> those ILe last that mas so n of Mr tHikley. the livery stable pot* u. be bad Jot'stban K Araof i's III4V' sow in but arms, trying to save b in. and thwy wore both lost A generous deed was dowe by M as f rank H urt ?'he waa I'mwt ug n o a Sma. raft, and aasr p<>t fvlrow her Mlif n Tovrvs. ) 1, at ff railed to h ui to t>>me and get on her .ft, as it was safer t an what be ha I Vowr$ 'osu arid its.1 nit make lbs cX.rge, h aetcr, at. 1 was ?st H.e sa.ns k'rauik R.vers tat ala.. ?t siecd a married ' mpa m of bers. who waa called Htsa!* Waters, sad - ?ao ot br aittuwi ashore when ale 'ask. .is she sec ; .town .ne beid up b<w bar.ds and eric , out,1 Ira k, Itko > v ? ca' ret imae arr rr r ti w < i?. l-ec k ifcn' "f, 'r . had ? jwr ? .<?!? ,t nc if It Wh?i tti a'r.Jtat "Cnm*! be a*? III the 1W t-eaga ??lop um , n. I.?^?, b*. the b-wti unable to get n h-rib lit timer U> get (Oil be tad lo cm?ll cp ik. i'l ? ftnill OOal hole, v.j i! ic f i i : iio Uio *?ier Tie *4?tn awhile,an I It fit r iri' Ulwiaictftt I ilb Oi.'MI' iv H. an that <ii 1 M r gbl a|M nam ouea on that 'aft l'iit ht d ial w' v?tn ?>?, ot-lp one heeii-a himi tu Mill. Ho Htlla niltiynWOTirlt ?.,?! ? rethrew been laet raterdap Bight. bta r ? INI a re ??! t(-if and ftut-'ed. and bo tu a a>-rrp ttough | He p?t? :Lji ?irb acJ ka p* ami*-A b ! l-re tliai. fvirWn per* tie w r- aaT- t at the plop a I Mil t f I be hot ? > at Aibovt ita twrirr, ? (W at about -ae Ibatr Ima lo the 4aribg H Mr Caller hunt. 11, ami alt (4 tb> at irr aadce brtia obiiaati jm M Mr. C ami la'/ for I be k 'ml car* aad r. n -red at their ha <? feoml.rnt am >i'.. lb ae front lb tag *. ah" prr tied their rafrlp '? Ibcir rtTarla to aava thn aofu.-tnaatra. act i i rt? !* llvhhard, Coroner lama, aii'l aiwat **rU lugrim, Awxea tar aal M. an. p. (?"?? w.-ra ?U. r* a'j ? raitf ? an 6U But kata KT?tiJt?:?r or rotnni it. w. ui kki-on. I ? ? tt Bbfird the t '(in ahnot i?i n't l<a k. aa I t'?'? a . talent mi aa.. ?oai at aerp Tim ~a> teat a a* about taratf re* ?r tb'ri/ fret from the place bhere ibr t*M I#' took p ?ce whop dm t, ? t ? .nej tboro Be rn ?,< eci nar1. ehlcfc o-attiri'l with i k>nd<f rt.rpinc ?''IK ii< *, tv-itoaw nf mm li. rt/ bet idb I ?w.l ?tat ft m Ibr *t >i 'room ieii tbe '-ab a. a . I aaa tbal vb" hi.rr oar; drt f..r tbo e;ae.' of tea or n vm fori, ra .a |'a tear '? tb- tamoarj aide, avd tbe aiaWnia tin "? ?? 1 ua<:item* t?.T?Ui the piano nh?ea the rant ? aalc (0 wee* itianit tu lu -rain aaa pterins ra I T . the b<v'e t?? i- ia,t av.j it I tfrat barb In the Malt -wow ar. < par an mr p taut l< ae, awl ibra araat thro lb UK ralini kr (U. if lb- ra >ia, nbcru the 1'iton ptrafia nUacffaav tit.Mi Atr eoli ry ??? at '??ml ?ner '? the 'a'Nwwl n "e, feit th* paampctw. ifn rraat ?4 tb' -btwf of Inutt/ 'toe nene, woian wan. If pwalbln, torn r'.be owk ate i> 11, ? ? ator, inrrot. 4 up? crot( 'tf *t - tpm the ujiper ai<o "f th'-obhtn Uuiatr lhr<t (b the er.rrr W?th of tbo hoat, ((tiettnc vhoit ? on" of tba pa-'fr.t-a, a Ibtovfh |?rt ot tbr llfhto a'-ro Wit. if the ' vi a i tuck op a l ill i|o, b it at a ,'?? at .b.oe i ooa e -e i)nkt t h-ar I ?<tno r -mark tbti It taaaa.tult* rilirt t V wh> a tbe ant'i leal bat>paoed lull llibhy. ft a mar j t *a 'jt'tf (be iron a .rka in the I rtboeebra ,nri f" the ft tb, ami aa Mini obt ui tbe prtthabh* ' ilettl f Iba tU-na*.', an I I anntwt- 1 it 11 < i at hot a t" a ertat? t?* rat'ire 4 lb* fuaarr I ant be Ion aft Ik at'v-am*. ?al ft .ad tb' aatar breakwf mr tba docb ??**?)???../, aa4 Iba mea wera tbrva if down mat I raw-?, ar. I I *?."iul?4 that lb o-aa taki ( aakr x-ry >? y I * rum Unit I aont baeb It. the vppae deck auti rvrl Mr lla'ibf, abd tol I b ot tee were la b alahlcf r t 'tvk-a, an l called h.a all- n?i n to tb-. oar ftrb nf tbr water aft it r-Hnf la Iba bo U fhie aaa fanatp'flee ? i.itrtf m aai't after tba C M lurtr t adeard a'l to-we | <?? trpretali/ tbe a,M tlia* in tialfttiii, to two i ? ttaair i thma, parl i I art/ iMf bate (Wit Bud he la hat f tw tt UM miopt the anpfei t. * f anal to tbe n-a of lite l??tl, abd f rod tbe tai'ta n caM -ol to aaee the ct k tbraaa ?reerlowr^. 1 tl.?t> raa doaa Hie ?? ???) a ah at to toact i'.'I aait(? out it. tbal it. 't. b it ' W I -avw ah thee ar y rt>' feear l tr ft * re trd bM al. nu doilttf the arct'eul tiib afi.atj. aaa ar r.Jrd fprfBiaitlp, till ,'ia drna a ere i m*. rhe.l and Ute cbf ne ?> a? d (Clli.. after arb'eh the bal aaa occttlaBafip ruBf an' la r<i y itift lime ne thee Hte ft ml a-ftt 4oab. Th' order ct the rbf ta.o ta tbr ? the .atlln nT'thnbrd, n-.d "an laimo date ; after to heatb off tie ataiern tb it?*a. aal fir tbr |ot'naf|?ra tu pnoaide r-wuae tar a .lb or abate ear Utn/ . -mid drvi v> bare Uh raw I tea nl:h, aab tbe brat general lat mat. ? to tbe ,me -t.?era if the la aa ?i i t'Migtr it aere .0 Wc Ut*a raa below lo tba mala raMa. ami directed raJWTi'ra ft rnpale It the barfkbb# deih, abiob man/ if Ibea?por tagf fftd rt Stc_d.ii. f?? a .-en Ui<-b rr.('.?w?cJ to orf all aa fa? aa praeibla. I bad no wjanaaf bona tig a bear tba at.oa ae nam and th'r fore ib fee* ,e ten tb a rotamantf that aa verb near aboea. a. P ,| aaa Um rtfectat'ob of the capta u I obt me ?W tir .?o Ibhoea by tbo aiaJ Fr?? tb.i Hn?. f a \r tba napdbia at thb aheellro-wa, ?Ul Ute ?? untnt I obaarr.tti a t'fhi; iwhi aldl bu'mtig t.lewH bfdbbf Um h at andTt id ?; ibipee* odb ftitlab Tba boat bp tiud time am art ?g rapidly I remote! et-rjlhiai fro a Bif tar teetgbi Ural atwild aaciother me al all, id aatdt, hepa a knife, n.mry, , and rrrrboard, bad baJ a dbinc on no a bat my aadafetrt I aboaM Jadga It aaa 'mot three ar boar lo aa boor after the e?lllai.m whra * c tlnd In tbe atal t daob. a ermh treA pbww. and ? #. I r-rwntagfy brnba lb tba oaalrn, a bile tba eagiaa a a ft tba Win* P'eetnoa ta I hie bctfft ?r. a % tab ttma I pa"and ibrea^b tba oabta, I - a ft a tb aaearaJ aanm t nar>w?iaad ta tba d m l ?ht ? them ft?td bp. among abnm bin Frank b aad ataten bad Una ?nepbp aflf act ft*..?, t iftlim m UK Fnatrl jbir.n, m. .'J': *wn ?* n inbcr i titer* whom I recognised, but cannot r"< ,>ct H>*r particularly M to irbo they were. 1 a-'vised then to avoid chngtug to eaoh others fitnbe, at ?) r. t't U>fi tbey would be apt to stos together. tied I told Frank Il.-ti Wb<0 lbe> went over be shjuld hong on to the tirnei ot ibe itHin lit order to Save them They tie n l it' a.thing t< support them In the water. Whether lh?y obuiut a > n> thing altervtards or not I do uot know; 1 hat was tbe last I saw el them Tbey and tbooe about tt'1 wt re gi ut rally c err and self pteeetaod. There was Kt as lot oil) owl or a moan, but no loud deanouEtraUon. 11ben attempted to kick a door off the captain'* state ro< m. but being barufuolod, failed, and Uisu want Into tbe ome stateroom, and found nothing bat a bureau, from ? hi oh I tot k a email drawer for my support. Tuts brings me to tne time when I went up on the hurricane deck Aj ??i m> the crash took ntaoc there was a very general out' e, especially female voice*. I ran and sprang as ?*/ as possible Into the lake, v- ith the buretu drawer la r > hand*. I was drawn down a considerable depth by the whirl occasioned by tbe sinking of the vessel A mo ineut after raw, to the top, and having time to draw a single breath, 1 * a* drawn under again, when the drawer was forced from my bands by tbe action or the water. Cm coming to the surface the .- ecoud t une 1 seined bald of a scantling and a (mall box that were floating around m*. At this time tbe lase m my Immediate vicinity was co cored with the beads of people who bad just sprung overboard, ca my right, but a fsw feet dslant, they were quite iiur.eroua. Tit- noise of tbe breaking up or the decks continued fbr a few momenta, and largo maa-e* of It. together with tbe whoel bouses and pilot house, were visible du' ng the frequent flashes of lightning. The pilot house was In sight near ine for two or three minutes, on which were dinging several men, one of whom I tboeght to be the captain, and tbey wure visible by the lightning The storm raged with great fury with coeU niious thunder, and almost incessant lightning, and the rata pourmg down In lorr ntn. Tlie fightning gave a sort of purine glare to the lake and tlie human faces that wore visible around dio, as the personi wers struggling for life. During those gleams tbe faces of dil' -rent ones wers distinctly visible for so tne distance, ai.d for :i few moments were quite numerous in my immediate vicinity, but disappeared mindly. The flrst scene of strangling or drowning seemed to be fol lowed by ooovulnive struggles and aharp shrieks, as tboy threw up Uxor bands ana sank. 1 called out to those near mo to know wbo tbey were, and several answered, but I only recognized (he voice of Mr. Kdroy. wheat I had spokeo to with ethers to keep cool and not waste the' strength, but only to keen their heads above water. Some one asked me wliat 1 thought the chances wers, and I told them I thought It would bo good II we only could keep our strength. 1 became separated from those near me, a large portion of whom. I should Judge sank in tbe snare of twenty minutes, or half an hour. Shortly I heard a lad. apparently from bis voice 18 or 18 years of sge, shrieking for lie'p, and told him to k>ep still, and 1 thought it would be all right, and to be cartful to keep Lis Lead above water. 1 kept mux bun, an* oould ooce stccallj see htm during tbe Hashes or lightning for a halt or tLri e quarters of an hour. We talked together from tine to lime, and I tried to encourage h>m that ii?,. ,?hl would s<m n come, and we should be p"-lted up hy lorn* parsing bout At I u>t I heard htm struggling au i calliog tor hi ip, and I cried out to liim, to whicn ho made no answer, bat bad disappeared. I now felt a powerful feein g ol loneliness, an there was no other per moo within hailing distance as fur as 1 could Judge By Ibis time I bad ,u. ?od ap a door and (hurt plauk and one or two pieces of boards, which susUioed me very com fortably. as lb* tea at in a t.uie was uot very rough compare! with what it was afterwards. Considerable time elapsed before daybreak, during which there was a considerable fall of ram, and the wind apparently In creasing In Torre. Towards daylight an old fell hat drifted uhmg by my l'ltle raft, which I seized hold of, and soon after I got hold of a narrow strip of board, wbieb I also irta.ued, with the Idea of usirg tbem after daylight as a siguai to attract att? ntlon to any effort made to rescue me. After day bad tally dawned, and I discovered the great distance from (bore and the increased fury of the storm, I g?ve up all hopes of a rescue, and threw my hat and stick away. About this time the diffle illy of holding ou to the two or three piece* that I had was such that I gave up evtry ruppoit bet a piece of two iucb pine plank about six let I by lourtccn turbos, which was my entire support lor tbe next Jborw flee hours At this tin e the tinnc appeared to be from four to live miles dis tant, and tbe wind blowing spparantly directly on shore, from tl. e raridity with which I drifted during tbe day, and Judging that the boat went down about halfpast two, I tbou.a estimate that I bad already drifted Jrbm three to four miles from the point where the collislo'u took place, making from i -gbt to nine miles as my estimate from those data. Of the distance at which tn? collision took place from the wt-tern sho>o. As sjmptom* of cramp or (bills apt tared 1 exerted n.) self by occasional efforts ?at tw m.naitig with the help i f tbe plai.k. I discovered a portion of tne wreck at roan on which was ap parently a nrge l umber of people, but bo j? ri m near larte a e for sonM l ine. An hour or maflcr daybreak I also dis revered a portion ol the wreck, Willi three men and one upon It fine of Itu men had on a military rap, sixt I judged but to be a number of tbe City band. Another, a larger man, bad on a lUaw or chip hat I worked try way up in the course of a half hour, and 1 thin utMxxcrcd a llfth mm some few rets txl.ii d tbrm. ou atotlo r piece of wreck, silts* upright. , The ?< a was so rough that thews were ouly occasionally ; Visible I iiglUd thou. end askid them boa tbey were gettirg aloig. The (.ennui mad' sua.* reply, and I than asked them if tbrrs was not room li t nac Tbey soeuo-d ti thick that tbey were loaded down enough, wad think ing an II.) fell f tad? C om good hje, and told them I w*a g.': g w uore 11 Lea I old tl. mat. with the straw bat if be saw a (reset to put btt 'tal on a pile or some tbng and so ng it tilju^k < I inwards tor shore, m*k ihg o nridi rah.e pri frees, and in tbe course -if a hall hour l< st a gbl of th< m. S.>mr time after fbrs I caught a mo m<-I.tarj gl mpwo of a boat with nun in 11 Theo I sup p. s< d It ?m Iilc b wt, and It wn* a moment of great ex cietmnt to n.i and ?-!.<-? red me op so that I almost lost flf c< leuiaii*. and 1 regretted that I had tbruwa away the old Lat and rule fur a signal. Awe time elapted *. lore I got another view of tne beat, when I dlecovtred It waa one of Up sbamer s b>wta, tilled with Ave Of our posse Og. rs, or.s of sh e appealsd to be iwddling with a piece of tawrd. It continued to drift towards me, and noon afterwards it rapslr -d, or d 1 dife..v< red that threw men wore cliogtng to ibe keel, two of wh. m werejallerward* washed off. Wo rotdieued to sp tcsi h each oth. r until It ran mo down and i upsfsed me and I came very near drowning by be ?i g lb.. wn t.udtr the plank by odllslon with the boat. When I tisr up 1 tHanovered thai th< uaa with lbs boat was Varus k vision, wbo kindly invite 1 me to gtl oa to tbe btwl with h.m. and wbicfa, feellig 1 bad not the (tretglb t laorempltab, I dreltned. We exchanged tome ?on,i ? to (mi delivered by snob to our fr tee da. Is cess r.tbrr a fi iv<' aad fan boat prr* Bating m rti irftr* to tlx-wind drift. ,1 rap'.'ly past ma, and la a abor; lima Bab <i.i of avbt About M?a or right o'el.?k the *<r'ed annua fn rathe <a*t to Ui uortb"W#t, and Maw . ua ao t! it wr .'rtfU<l to a B^ro aonttarly directum, j I ??r l? a pout two or three antra lirlber ..If Vh.-n it inamSi* t>) a mora powerful hurricane, ram j n?g lb * a till It falrl/ rnec mountain* high I '.ted I a* I I nwM rkw oear that.- bu..e warra I w IfaoawMlw ratc by ketwtag Bpe. if brarl/ in a 1 h< ili -Ota. p ?.<!<? Tb< a if I let my tart drop teej 1 wou l be ihn an turwud i f m--, act thrownt ma u km n | bar. ar<t bMkr U a pl.nk, wbx b xe-currwd no tutor nr. a .ma* i.a, wlnu I rriw tear drowt u>*, an i only re u'l'Ml mv |H?itM>ti of my breaat to the plank by the ' ?.oat trrrtbte tierti hi (Wring thn rerly part of B/ aall lary trlpl wti eeeilck nod N < ame very inu.-h axu tutu 1 j '?I r. timtlug and rfUk'lf Or.-ar ..nallr I f.nui I au at ?i. 'I .ritbMiM* lr: ?'.ptxj to (e to aicap. aa I bad lapt The bill 11 tlb Ibr t?<1 l.lghlr (HI i -llOf Tb.- pain u> nr ahaiiMiia aa.t wrk f ?tr brat aad ahaaldwb ahete tth ?.t?r brramr at- daraMr, aa 1 waa aot tet Iviara b> 1 ii a .p tar mat. rial . bangia n, y pnattbm 1 ai?. f.-*t itry l nt |r m and h upr, and Inward" boon a??' ft itnaate ? i,b 14 in 4 two or Ihrrx pr?a of dried a|v? lint tar kfft Irak *, r ??. ?lift I , get of aflrr a MS louiut * at niggle d. h. id? ton,.-4 pcrpte an I bwMM| era.aped, fk> 1 I ml ?laxat Mat Iba nan of Wty Sayo, aotl I aua'-aioa-J , 0. all upra ibp | mk by hai.gier my ar?* over It, I rrwl.1* ktwftif cheat AN. it au hour b?*wn rnarb mg ila ar.iwa I ?ai atirruaadrd by *( nt deal debr a fi. m tbr ah.p, and itiwftl tt>' rrat .1 ac<irfr?d ao bid ?blp i aai.abv.l tiit'.n or aiftat. rrt fxc' t.ntg, with w *<? . P?| k rig op VN t* It a?il toif ..r t m . niorl.t- t I fait Ibal 11 ? okt i. 1 bang to ny .Hi p aak m > b I .? g >r. aad ttjat t|. . n?pr bad apt*ar<>; jw.i. antU'ty almoet. aot t ? < 'o baay aiy arm-terorga iv b >ta* and ae.n.i IV np.ara A w w n i. .t.e" awir.m. <g br? :gtt <ad al< nj,at (?< . f .t, ?*? ydrtrly at Uidl 1, tall ?? t ?< it and a* prune*.] gr. at ralft fmB tbc rbaBgf *'Vu akaat a iwlV nail a bn'f Ima th ? aN.rr I -.,rpi i tnal th ' )?i att'r dual with a lapga rrowg f p.. ,da, an I f't ?Ugb if pwi<.i.p?atd ta lib" U|p Umt I m1. h? ???>???? 1 In 1 kptt ? ^ tbr igh iv b-p?knv. a'ti. mjh I ?* r>.-i < ? J't Im yiHtildC tbat I U."iM tarr br abV tw gp| tur n Kb tba tr.n.<iitwi br.akpra ibdl warr r .liar o-ao th? -bxr. \a I apjx. ar?'d r-??i r *' . that* \ ?d tba pr rip tana b? t??a af tbb lank. <hith I a Would j-.tga t<> bp | ?ty bat b ?b. au<i ? a???i pfpaaduwlar, I ratiM ara | ?' Ida l ...tdat >>" irf any It p? <4 raaapa. ua tbr w t\ ? ? br .flrar i t tbb Nt at thn l-r?i| iv 1 r?i ml my ?tr ngtb at m "W nd futiWa lor tin trmbta rtr<w*ta n ?t | toaw wta t?pTit?W? r'l .it j a tatraWriag lha brrakrra, a?ol ?t a wltbla a P-w rtxt? at >t abprr. a - ? nil f?t tbr pia< a, tbr iw'ng Br oBiitr it wflMI w? bark witb wiy rtgh' am MM. a* i lo a f?aa, H. ia?pa i ?-.ap?B.-, MarMgaa wttl. no artniy Bipa * t> rtrbt Bjaatt,' r a.-r lo b.*p mr lul an >vd , ? lb la a law bMUHH t> Itffl t waa baa'ly tall w rtad, but atriigglid with ail >ha pnwar I p< i na?a< tn frtw By par, aad I attrmptad, with a <loatb rtrnggla, 14 brrak ?y arm. B bepaw thaarhy It aro wl nlart at fri B Iba wrt Ma p itb>a I waa ta larauaauty, how tnr th" B"Ut ?? t ibaaard <?:r ralatlra p w.taia ?>? ia tn iiibn ?i"nirlr?irai? I. Tbb bnrtwra -t aha atraggWi ft r lift- aga tap trrrmV inrar of Iba irabf, darlag tba 1. w n.<a<'B?a ltm? fntb.wad. I cmaaot daarrtbb I ob ?r?ad 'bat I WM awnriog la a rwrraot pa/allal with tbb "bo- ? ? tb graatir rapbi.ty t aa 1 waa toward. It. I Ita r pat ai Irra, wbo bad V4 tbnuai lira .1 >wa , tba aa la . ataad ag at taa wig a af tha aart. praparaB bw t B y rrnc-w Tba ?iat Uiat I btrnrk gp "'?* I atrork 1 .|"?rp (? By raid, but wag 'BBi illawny aarrtad bank by 1 a wara Tat t -at braatar tliw ma forward br la ( rrr itaad tga sat t a baat, what I bagao to aufPa rata, aart tat tba* arm.# bb aaiaad brdd of rw< aad was draigtd twi a aurrt diauraw with wa I aoon Wit twraa of fbnr ntiwralar banda aN.rt w.a, aad hdt that I wa* t*T?d A r?pr waa iwaart: >t?ly Had arwaad ma nndar ny aria* aad t una haakad tp tbb paartptrw aad an via tn diFgr'gr a reeeidarable ooatittty <4 anrp'oa water, and 11.4 a I trrud tr tba oaan at Nmaa aad kladly mard "or I rrael?<d rrr fMMMfl ? -Mr ? ?rpy.o( HiWwgn. and Mr. Paul riait. of * vaaaMa, wba, w ta ntbara. traea taaMimwWtf bt ; rw tier ma fnwt tb? aari lath, nt ."ttna law a. ft wa* )Bf?M<bV ta aweakwiaate Mtrw the d Mi raw! artaof kladatm aa.i ftrb rarboaewbaaw 'ftmt Ui P?. arrt.ry my lib wh <h I bwt forbdwmena ? rtfdbarttfiw btaptwpea dae The kwdwewe ?4 Iboee ' i amtd, t'gailiar wrfb the pb*alrlaa ta atbti.!aa?a, and pa tl tr y a rbibntw p?iwt, whiwa kla-i nfllia te aiy- | ? ' U. a* wt . aa rdhrr rwrrtTara, w. re amat Inmwatot | ?.1 i * at nr. w.ll IbtW ba gratafwlty rametB I . Aa anoa ae I rearrbaed aeHbiieetiy tn ba www rad, 1 a a* U.iatwtbt boaabbf Mr INel rtait. wbe. lofptbm with la rpiTtkb tib. land Me at Ht ibe meet l"itw aunf. aad t.??i xted tab with warw aad ewaaf.ptaMe gbihtag Atarag the mebVrB of By dnfilnf eeybga, ? h ak I nw'ttfd at aettne. I triuld eay thai * ahorl than ?w'rer i eatorrd the bria?era I obaeewtd a Baa a ahe?t etanre te a na.?M .m?,i ag par peed M olarly upng a rait. A* Iw ranrWed th# braakeet the raft WBb twgalf bed 1; th' warn. ?a>; ha " eap:<*'~1 dtrwrer II wae < alf <?# M - any aha ae imtdaeM thai Mil aa.ler By ah aeva hoc , i'tffr :<*?? w rage frtWB '.hi**** under which we were surrounded from the beginning, I bad no reasonable hope ol a lucowtful result, nod often In the horrible struggles of tbe e even bourn that I ?u to tbe water, I ir< quently regretted In despair tb?t I bad not gone down wltb iny lost companions I took ibeuart *t I K van i-ton, nut reacted home just about twectfkfour bourn 1 after tbe colllelon that befel the 111 fated Lady Elgin In ?>?Itlng Mr fiunnlson yesterday. we rouod blm ! quite overcome with exb?u lino and bruinea, although , be wss recovering an fnnt us cirrumnta, oes would allow ne wan unable to write, hia arms being very stiff 1 md lame, and we Lave taken down bin statement from i Inn own dictation large black and blue brul>es hare i been rauaod all oves bis body, and bla body,and bis arms ' sod legs were considerably swollen, sot only from tbe ' bruises, but from tbe constant tension of tbe must Irs in ! keeping himself afloat. He could hardly sit up yester day morn ng, but towards night began to get stronger, although tome ol bis limbs seemed fairly o have lost all strength From tbe incldetds narrated to us by Mr. Gunnlar n, as having transpired at tbe time of tbe aoc dent ano luring tbe voyage, we should judge that he ore served a muel heroic coolness and courage, aad It was this undoubtedly that bore blm up so suooessfully through suet try log iernes. To Illustrate his perfect self posses sion, be bas an insurance of ft ,000 upon bis life, and be says In bis conversattoa that the subject oame op to bis mind several times when be was drift irg, ant bo would talk to himself ta o play ful manner, condoling witb tbe Insurance Company that tbry were about to be called upon for M.tOO. He nays that be docs not now enjoy good rest, being frequently waked t p in tbe night by dreaming of tbe dreadful scenes through srbtcb be basso recently passed, and wbich cune so mar terminating bin life. He apprehends that it will take years to entirely wear away tbe tmpreostoea of tbe eventiul night and morning, even if be Is I or lunate enough ever to forget them?Kn ] FBKllKHICK BNTDRR'S BTATKMIVT. Mr. Snyder, wboee statement follows, la keeper of tbe billiard room st the Newball House, in this oity. and therefore Is known to many in town, lleds an old sailor, and lb s is bis fifth and worst shipwreck. At toe time of tbe collision I was asleep in the stateroom, in tbe forward part of the vwsel. I beard the captain sing out to the man at tbe wheel to see bow she was beading He said sbc was beading west. Having followed tbe sea for ?rural years 1 knew that If abe wss beading west there was something wrong. When I Brst heard ber ttrike, I thought It was nothing more than a big sea 1 Immediately jumped up aad ran on dick to see what was tbe matter. I met tbe captain and a?ktd bun if she was leaking. He said she was. I then went below to see the amount of damnge done, and saw ; her lllling so fart that It was time for crery man te loot j out lor himself. I then ran up stairs on tbe hurricane S deck, and finding a couple of planks I took tbe line which rune through the pilot bouse to the steam whistle, aad | catting 111 a" much as 1 wanted to use 1 laabed the planks ug< ibir, ami l.ed them to my waist ready la float. In a few minutes the vessel sunk and the Uurrtoaoe Seek float <d above, forming a raft which contained over one hun dred persona Upon It, men, women and ohildreo Tnts ws? about three o'clock, and about half an b ur after tbe colli'! do occurred, and 1 should Judge about ten or twelve mlhs l>cm sb<>ie. At this time tbo raft wae entirely above eater, and tbe drift wool undoruaalh giving way the raft commenced breaking up. and separated at Oral lute three pk oes. On tbe raft mat Captain Wilson was ou I her. must have been in tbe neighb whood of slaty per sons On tbe one I was on there were about (eru> per snog, and on tbe third there were at flrst about twenty I era,'us, and altcrwards some of them came upou our raft, aid Others upon the captain s ra't. Tus o .plain < ?nu ?t< d that there weie a'uiut lour bundrcd on board 1 beccly person 1 reuogni'cd among them all was Mr J; K Quail, of Sparta, Wis. I aang out and asked If he was among tin are on the captain's raft, and hue be foil. He said he felt flrst rale. He rs marked that a geedllo man punch wouldn't go bad, and I said a good g>o cock tail woniil suit me. l'bis made some of tbern enliven up a link Wbea tbo bent wont down there ?u a loud screech from the cabii s below, and thru everything was st ill as a in Ihrrc mutt hate bun between one and two Aim drtd in fAc cabin who were unable ta get out, and who went tfrsaasi ??e<A IAeksf. From the thSHM the accrdeui tin a lillio after nay break it was continually raining and blowing strong tn ihe north, est. The air was cold, and btfore the vessel sunk It had been bailing. ? ? ? Ant iber aoeoe I wit r.esocd was very touching. A little durance from my raft a j uui g lady loll oil from a raft, and .m it as she toils n.i.n i n osy rait cried out. "Oh Ood. there my |>oor tHe said ibis in the must heartrending toaea, una bis daughter must bava heard It, fur she raided up her bead at she was going down, aad, looking at bar lather with an angelic smile, she sank lor tse last time I ecver shall forget tbe Undertime and purity of that smile or long sa 1 live Others could be heard tonolaim, "there goes my phsg buiband. save him for lino's suke " (where. "May Odd preserve ml1 and similar enc a mst.cus and shrieks. O'UKUK rt KLONO'e STATBMBNT. tVarabrd arlicii tb* boat* ooilidid; h< aril lb* eraah an J toin|?d out of be* and catered tbe cabin, where 1 foaud lite admit and mrn nrj much eictled, none were ecr taming. aom* crying m.t a< n.e praying. the captain told lLi u> tbere ?aa to ranger, U>?/ arouid all be Bated, I ii-ll but little alarm aaa a bole Ui tbe cabin, but did not ttmk tuurta damage bad been dune; lo about taro mm iter tbe captain ordered ita all oo deck, putting tbe ladIt-n up ftmt. I wan one of tbe iaat on deck, and had been tbera al>out Baa minutes wbea tbe beat arett dean: 1 waa lire aril, aa 1 came up aaoog tee laet bad I been aitb tbe rowrt 1 should have pro baiti> bet ti tuat; abtai tba boat went down tbe burrt, aua dirk Dealt d; I kept on a; corner, and a stranger, wan Mlj bla Lame waa (lough from Inolana, awam to Ike apot 1 ?aa on. and we kat nice bp aide about aa bour About daylight Vrank He Cor murk and t eo or tbrre otbrrn rut Ui our place and I left II, lb taking tbere war* too fir n cattle < many for it to bold, and lean fn n cattle crate, lo wbtch a mat' rained Kd. Maker waajcllnftag, together with (bar or flee dead rattle; wa paaaed aerarai other rafta, and about nine o'ekirk we panaed UoCorwirk and (tougb. who aero iitoLe. W, got ak.t g very well until within a abort .'iMaLce In ? the etirrc. wbou the henry era br?ae the mft to two and left tbe rattle ir'ogtng at on# end and we look the other; I got off the raft ail ewdearorad lo alter It; before thir we bad great difficulty in keeping awake, and (rough told me not to go to aieep Wr wat :bed tarb other and (pokabuta lew Umra Whin we got near ahore tbe break, re nearly smothered ua, but tbe people on abort nf curd tin aad pat ua to bed la Mr. smith "a houae. wbur are were rery kindly treated, ebon Id think tl?* collision took plare about i wo o'clock I ?u oooipteleljr (1 reared, but after earda palled off my 1*> ita to tain. MUM KlTkkS' STATBMKNT. MnMfttBgHM lo ibr hnre m rompany with Mrs Newe'tub, wbo waa drowsed wewr abate cKmi ta reaiw n? with others ware on a raft, and about half paai ftre it broke In piie.-e?rie [e.rr .n going ?m< way and lbaotb-r Hooting lb abort. I think at tract one nnadrad prraoaa were dtowtud by jumping off the bum mo* drck I wa abed when tbe boats ?truck a boo Id Judge mere wore At# pereona on board tbe boat, w blcn auck la llte?i or twon ty mmute* after the aerWent When near abort tbi raft bide aga'r , and a pirra atrtkmg tbe caput, n karakrd him into the wai> r wad be oeaer rear agaiu Just beiorr thw the ? aptaln tpofce to me, and to>d m to hang on a* I had mllertd Mi' nurh to be ,ir<iwn?l imiw Tbe narrw tor** arm*, faee and t* ? . an i a . brumed It waa a mirwrle tbut the waa rared. There waa a vtwael in aigat abcM.t thin bout* a bile tbe |iaratogera were oo the raft, but d d not approach la tbeir aewwtanoa. met. Marry wa* i* tbe nam, piece u( tbe rait aa tbe latjr, but \? ta waeb'-t til before reaching the aburr Mm hrwonmh waa cliagirg to tbe uarratar, whee ?be t iciaimeu that aba waa drow a tag Tba narrator laid be r to in Id Iaat lo ber, but aba refused, aayiag ibal ?ba dbl hi w|ak la M* Mwa Birrr* drowned a gnat r.aoj werw egnwerd wbo war* la tbe oaht* and were a male to pl ?;<? do t Tiki narrator tbinkt all aw tbe mft cawld narr he. a m*. >1 It It bad o- t b okeo. Tbe captain Waa eery bmd. and had it net hewn for him all would hare bnh drewned when the bunt nana lie calmed tbe f.-arw of the poteeegeew. and ordered lli. n on di?k. When morning ian <. p- p'"rot i id beeert allaro .nd oa in every dine*Ma A.! en ti.-d to retain Ihc r con-age aad met" hut i iue neiae. At leapt one Ibtrt of the paoaengera were lad ?a one cam* aeborr about atae o'ctook, and *l^|r lr*t rrwru"*. fourteen fiber* writ rtaruwil ilMV Ik* day wtthla a few rod* of where abe wa* 1 ? brown tip* it tb* boarh loan instant after lb# owtliaiwa bit waa daikiwe*. Me u? aotbug of tbe ?cuowwer after , abe atrwtk, aad waa loaeaalblc when ptrkrd up Che bonl left Cb ?r aN rl oioe o clock It wa* calm at I be t.ii>e of atari iug lidccrl I i wiadrn, of tlie New Orteane / o, aa* rallrd for -aeeral ten by the rapiatn after pr-.t". j on tbe 'aft. bat dtl not ao*w r H, <??,. taia in ? railed *o ra! ibrr uame*. but tbej did not . M?Wi r. PralMUPT OP MB. A Mi MP. AM TON, * . in the ?i-ntleor.?n'? gaM* a', tbe t mo 4 tbe wr1 1 deai; Ik. abalwr, after abe atrue's Ue vwoet. eareeaed i uowi tide. la. |a.i?rcgeea ru*b*>' f >r tbe deck, tbe , mate amort u 'hem <Iai I ber, * a* no laager. ae rrmata *<1 ta lh* rai d a abort t m ? tin tbe laptain eame at, I . frdemi *11 the 'adier a# tb* BWVtwM derit, tbea be or ?Iriri tlx n> to th* ate n of tae herrlraa* deck. aud *ale i all rnauld be mved ua .ir betMrin lb lek be bad . a plank, aad goer one t? ti-* I *o thee repwtrd that tbe ' ""d ? ?? ( and ta a muwt. nt the w*wt duwa aa i ?bo well Uowi tor ewer **i? brnke ta cn.all piece*, ae (ootid oor?e)ee? fact bet ax at*" b.'iey timber*, hut tb* best aaer gate ua . herty we tbea *e1r?d a do?.r of a atate I .en, aed 'ram I bat tried lo get on a nuudle of bap, but ia our atw atpt bua'ennd theu ta* wt a t? aotd Uat to him, ami f tic t gi-t drowaed. th-* wr old ? e |g| toe- pi a few tier*! under the done te keeg. it lialirg. ae It (the door) wa* act *? k'loieat m do no riaiaiaed on thw raft tltl da)light, saw many women nod ihidreb wth p nuke In weiee. aad tbe crle* of tb* tbildrea for tbrlr mutber* i.d i I ring* tb *u- 'ere tb* ae* toaame no rough Mat w* fbub* l*?t car rait at 14 not tutU.n ua abeet tin* t ra> *aw a large pert no i f one of tba eberl bwwam ftowl t g neat *? W?!d mj w A- to rrmaia Iaat mi tbe dew. wbilr I tt-ri I*. grt re 'be wheel b?ui*< vier I pot Od It I tilled my bit* late M, a* It waa turaon up; M* imm ta tb* water w bo bad be I h a piaak, ran, hi bim by bra ha ? bad he 4 bla bead ater* water I. be got talc If* float ftaTifflrvr or tt.MBNAje ctttt.LT I haf g< ta U hot wlwa tte rwlua oc P*>k rlare. which waatlhrait two e'oiadi. fMnr tl rr t? was rierii'Lg with me We heard thr crarh am' got up Immediately The html waa thrown or red wide by the blow aad wt had rt aeidtrablt dtWrulty ia giitUg Into tae casta Tbtra tbe paati tgerp wert risa'.ef ?Mt bad ten am og ia I eat taptan Wllno# run* tah> Uw rah a aad iwid them to pi n Ibr other at#* of the boat aad take. me I) boip h m I could N*r the water ?urh'tf ta. tbw>a alter tb* ragdma cam* late tb* *?.;?> amm, aad ordered ell tbe paii ewya ua lb* burr<raae ??#. We all waa- ap. aae wat we rtartwd tbe <i??? we fboal ttm, ibrewtrg W?*f |intVr end iliai-e, and a pTewt rrawy jamping "ewe bo* ' mo them it eewbt act bet* bwt *?w leml; a., a litre atM-abr aire ? brfr* *h* went dewa, and I ?bail "* '*? ' >rgei tl? uf rteka bud ?errwa>* of that mo mrt t It WW* peCeptly awfteL Tb" barr<ewr>e ilusb goat rd IB two |arte. tbe largeet of nhirb wa* the atern pert t rer?>ile A eeel gr "B it whra It ffeated Cwar'rw I veeta, Krauk MaOcm < ? asd hi* ? alrr Him Mu't h? ami Jaoww iT r.aled fee Mr?*c. * and w re who cet * tufi *i" *< mi t<m* on It 1 atan ??? Jami "*eb*? Th* hum rw-e net waa iri Hit. nod mad* a rery jo.?r rwft The** wtre *Kut f rty oa it at thia lime 1 m-*r tbe ateen half f aaw Mr* r.lre ttniggtieg ta tan water, aad oa**M her by the hair of th* ae*d, aad *? ticu ta gett eg ber '<% tb* raft en# and he' It (hat uhder ber arm I antkim) tint It waa aNew Nbe rieug |r> 'ho raft t'U It rewrbed wNb a twaaty rota of in* ?Nr the hhad !*>< ?* out of ber finger'a end* all lb" t ~ Thr? W -t. be t Iff: X'hffIff* Irft Whtf 'Imm struck iii washed every bed/ off but the caplgin and my nil I irmtmber h curing Marlu [Many cry out, "G?t bold cf mr, for tod's sake, or I'll be drowned " Toe rspis.u made every effort to save Mrs. Rice but It was lie* Use, they both sere drowned She must have gone down about twenty feet from the shore, holding on to the hsby to the last. The next wave that struck us broke the islt to pierti-. I wont down and came up again. 1 cannot swim, and tould not see anything to lay bo d of. I at ut conn again, and when I came up I was within , eight bet of Tom Keogh, who was on a piece of a door 1 trjed to catch hold of It and wan almost k necked f.enseksa by It, and went down again. , My recollection wag perfect : I made up my mind that all mv efforts were useless; 1 was, however, fortuaaie enough to secure s pieoe of a door, n id suooeed id lu gettug m<ar the shore wbeu Ed Burke threw s rope to me. I < aught h >ld of It, and he Jerked It out of my ' baodi; I then got It between my teeth, and ha pulled me ?shore (ttplain Kerry and Jervia were below at the litre tbe bout went down, trying to save ber by throwing over tbc heaviest part of the ballast The hanks where 1 went sebore are torty feet high sad very steep, en that many of those who suooeeded In retching tbe land ware carried out again by tbe wave*. 1 think that Frank lie .1 hi Cortnick and bis ladies were all drowned There Is, I , think, about two hundred out of the Thirl ward who are loet. [Jorrtapondeaoe of the Milwaukee People's F.xprcm ] W iNti . v. Ill , Sept B, 1M0. 1 Wr U ft Milwaukee for the scene of the lamented disas ter of the Lady Elgin, by tbe quarter pat three train on Saturday afternoon, nod arrived here somewhere abjut st-vm in theevealng. We were somewhat aurprtaed at tbe *1 ptarance of Wlnelka, which ws soppoeed to be a smart little village, though wo found nothing but s concentra tion of s number of fkrmhouses, tbe inmates of which, b iwever, did everything la their power to alleviate tbe sufferings of that portion of the pasteoger* of toe U1 fkled lady Elgin who were fortunate enough In reaching shore before the vital spark had flown. Great credit Is doe to tbe people of Winetks fbr their uatlriog exertions to make oomfoi table those who, from time to time, made their reeape from tbe vast mass of water which had swal lnwid up - many of their companions We wended our way to tbe bench, and on arriving there ware atrook with tbe awful soaoe that presented liaeif to our view. I might say, "mountains bigh"->-aad the wh?le length ol the bench, as far as the ays could reach, was strewn with fragments of the wreak, fluch as chair*, doors, planks, mattrcssce, he , kc. It being how evt r, too late and too dark to make any progress along tbe beach, we returned to Wtoefka, sod after having visited scwral sufferers from the wreck In different bouiu s, *? got on board tbe care and preceded to Chic* Bi, were wc wore received by the boat ol the Brlgge' oLsc who treated us during onr stay in tbe moat gen to manly and hospitaole main er. anl I must (ay for tbe "Itriggs'' that It Is by nil odd* the most comfortable bouse that ?( know of, and so far as the fare ieoonurned, It ran nut h? surpass! il, in any rcepcet either East or Weet. We left Chicago this morning and got off the train nt Evtstnn, and gc'ng down to the beach| proceeded along the same to Vt :.iu> The beach all along the distance we tra vvreed wes covered with fragments of the jrreck,anda grvat number of the carcasses of cattle, two hundred of a hub bad been on board fx loet steamer. We found the body of a man, on whose eblrt tbe letlere H. P. G. were marked. He had on two shirts, one wooilce end ooe One shirt, end e pair of pantaloons, tn tbe pocketa of wfatoh were two cents close to bitn wee s coat, the poeaets of which bad the appearance of having been rtlled. In fact, we noticed several very snspioi ?us Indtvltuals abuse hmks Indicated their Intentions of puricioing wbstevi r raa>t- In their way. We laid the body jast al i .tH J to on some planks, and sent tor It when we arriv mat Winnie*, where * post mortem examination was brkl by a Chiaago official. We noticed on tbe beach two pinnoeand actual of drawers, which latter had tbe ap pearsncc of having belonged to the clerk of tbe boat t tie of our party found a gold dollar and a bank book of the " Illinois timings Institution.''In account with Mr* Ehza F Rice, sVog with two receipts mining to P Klee The acccunt book and receipts I will preserve. We pro-' ctedtd north ol Wlnetka along the beaoh about two mtie*. and there also the same dcatolaitou was manifest Here we found two melahio life l>oais. wuh their respec live sides stove In, we found also several pieces and fiagtrmlsof planka nod beano- of the l.adv Elgin, and, Jucgwg from Ibelr appearance, they had been decayed and tiusound for a lopg time W'c then returned to Winetks, and met tbe extra which had Irft Milwaukee at seven this morning A Ducting ef the visiters was calkd at oaee for the pur l<sc of organizing a Vlguai.ce Committee to assist In larryiog on n search fir tbe bodice of tor drowned John I. Koran was chosen Chairman, and H. K. White appi i ud Secretary. Mr I nrao stated the obj.-ct of tl.c meeting, when It wag reeolred to appoint a sp-rlal com tntttre i f five, w lib power to choose others to watch the b< srb, aid that n contribution be takeo to defray ft Tbc lake was furious In its rags . the breaker* rolling, IS hu " pri.xs. H K WblU ?u appointed Cha>mar of said ? mmiUee, and immediately rr tercd on lb* dun barge of bit oi lira A report ban jolt reached bore that the bodice of .apt Wllnon, Mr. r*bey. a woman and baby, supposed u> be Mrs. Ictce. a young girl, luppoaed to be Mr* O'Heart and a young man, probably rturlea I rerts, were taken from the water by .lamfta Hoy, about four mtlra aoutb of thti. Tbeae bodlrtt will be taken to Chicago, where an Inqtrel will be held There U alio a rumor that a body, answering the description of John Kelly, bad been found. But 1 tear my letter is growing too long . 1 will iterators cloee with rerpecis. youri, Ac , Ac [From the Chicago Democrat, Ana. 11 ) At en early boor Handay morning, and durtag that sa tlre day, large numbera of our citlaeaa * tatted the beach, opposite to the apot where the unfortunate Lady lupin had goer down with bar peectoae freight For milea up and down the lake the abore a at atrawc with fragment* of the wrerk aad of bar cargo, and here and I her a life leer body the bod ice were carefully taken no and con it j id to tbla rilt for idealiiiratioa. (he coweteoaooee ol the dead were ui many Instance* badly disfigured oy the art ion of the wane, which had rani them fuegnJyaad M peal .'illy on .bore. The faced .n soma raaea ware M bally cicorletrd an to grrrent littla mora thaa a mam of bruised eat bloody fletit. and the clothing of the nor pern wee lorn aad oftan almost wholly directed from their If hA The lake war yet angry and turbid, and roottau. ally rnat upon the chore freah fragment* of the wreak Teaterdny more lag, the renoreeed bod lea being con reytd to the Oonrt lloone aad placed In the toot iwestern loom, fnrmer'y unad an the Marshal ?? office, the Coroner directed that thoar paraooa who bad friawda upon tba boat of whies fata they were Ignorant might ha admMted leans rorptte, with a * iew to tnelr ideolificalloa A large liber of ptrauas resident In Milwaukee had amend nam' on bus day aad y lay tbla prnmJaama Wn hope awrer to he railed upon m Mm* on eaeh a erewe agate, see do we propose to harrow up the fbaliry* of oor rmscra by denanalng It. TV area and yard >o front 1 Una portion of the Coart House were filled by adroae crowd of people. wh. etood there tar hcure, at trail ad, as It ?? rmed by a drcatful en r lurity, and oooi.l u ng t gate upoa tut ouUidn of tbr bald tag where the (Had laid, aad to conferee wlib earn i" bet ta ettbdw I and awe alt uck tones about I he rata# tmptae of U>e etaoe, it. the first room entered, were the boCire of au.n ol the dead?. n ?( t cm a iitli lafaht, ywg i poo tla mother's r.fcl-r b'rast la aiiother rvam uy the bad let of two others, both women The faoan of ?-lithe deceased a arc roorr or km bri nad aadblw>1>, rooted, prrhapa, by being thro*s with ?tsi -nee agalnet ute there, or of being Cashed agaioat tba rafts ee tloeu to wntrb tbry rloog for life. ftwnr of the faro* a err pUdtd tad treu^ot' nttc.-a ween dirtorud. To the of tome wete attached strong cerdt, byahu b apparently ibry had been at Ted to dual* Tbd woman bad ua cloth tug Mce their etlrta and rhenutea. a,>prer'og to have l?wt aroused from eieep oalj to meet their an*u. m-aarar or thi Map, WHta many of oar rttiwne w. -a working ted*fatigably fer the raoav.-r? of budk# and of rr opart* tb*re war ? -eauasrels who improve* t> ? m<?-iifil cc.wtioa for pursers "f robbery Ferry tblag that fell Into the beads nft'Ktetaid fbarkewar Mr- -p*d of IU ral w Thee < otaateooed their op. ral . at ta tbr early gray if the mori rf, br'urr the pro of pailo* and aianffs bad rewrbrd the apt! .Nothing rtcaprd their rareoo'.t n abed Art,rut af the amrM-wt ra ae were carr ,ed nil. If una aad railed wee* broke* opto aad r-.fted of lb* r eoilbU Ttic aer ral of 'Aarahal lawweaith a air tor Wdsca force at 1 tVrilJa, aided and ad* -ed by the kroner. tbpatg Mb** it A?dr-taa aad Eddy, f apt*'* trad my. ?*. l* t ? .-ore It irlej aad Have, a?d other* wt*-*e name* do i.ot near to rs now, put a il<? H ilieae * >u?g* >i? pro aaadtayt tbr the nmwlader of laa way "ukstwi ut mn contr not-mr ^raa*. *t faet at tbe bnclat wtre ?*w?e*eo they w**e not ?eyed t* ti.* Marshal s otd oftV< tn lfar 0?? rI Bowse, ta wag? and hy the special tram. wfcteTt ran in IN aerti.a, aarly M tor?aieg AO ray hag tbeO>rt fihbad rgnarr aaa filled nltb rage* abd rtritas err a te. a largo re*jiwty of Htm f-mat** Nearly cewey cor bat to?t ???m* i-kni aad eove ai d mou tad oormioual fraauc ?' 'ii?< arat jp fr m that *?*t th'-sg waa-ti *w?rmad . l?a the malra and tn the arraa and eeeo riamw.d up ?hU-rwiadcwa As rarh new tw'y naotr it, the cerlte-1 era*d (krmrd fbrware, laser to catch oe(y ntr g1>ay?, narfut yet bn*<a^tbat It mwtt he the t?dy n' *><ua tread or relation M >u>er> were er. stag f.-r i T .lr. o and rb.WTon tar mo'he*v. haanaada tar wiem an I wive* tor but as la, aad as one woo In he r? c*tuef, to* gowtag Hatr. pitroiw ti oaas aad wringing hand*, told gf the trartie grief and airatal agoiy of these ah>m death had br-rtrad f% oag m-n. ??who Had ae frtead, ao b*?d we tHeea," a -p? ire ctu iron, ?h.tewpoiru more *astiv oenfTomr than moc.gaee to the ui tartcnai* tbr aympsihy of tbne tears No Wis wore* wererpHttq ta thai crowd. hat ne*e ait WW a mr.u?n'ui aad rreeeeatml vltracr, broken oaly hy the grief si the moureer* T* 7?* Itytltli'l O'ffft tastde the . taer the tiybt area amia'Hug Twenty two bodies W-e v.-rtried upon tUr (!*' in rows There aree* f t; traded men. raitarwt woaiec, v-miUi and In taaey; i ?* fbrra ehkh iwarf oaty stesptag. an calm ?rd wblie were ibry. others *wMl?n, ?wiuriad *ad hleckracd mm. drtrn.i .o rrh g* mrott. other* la a few rags and ftfuii, all t ?t >u left lu u*t irrriatseoa ft 1st foe llta (me swewg little child, about eli yr?r- of ?pw shabby *nd shlls aa icvMs, had mnitad ta Sylag, .ad death ha t d?gu?r-rrtyped that nolle ape* lie beau lllul face Three it lay?upon rme ride, a ban. ufu iy formrd girl, with long, btaoh dlshreelled hair, and other a U'ge, eieorg, gray tiaired man. hi* Id* firmly net, his ayes ? taring ghtstly aad hi* ??K " !,*?&* .. . tightly etrtib. d m u be bad roaght a iosg aad atonl rghi fee hi* Ike ft awe * taarfuT ptctars of if?Mh ft W* loosed M prnr.fcli* a* It they ItaA died la gllrt bf iwee amorg friewds otber . b< werer, gare tdkaa af a u - blr vteuggle hetwi est llta aad death a* the ttrr'T eg retattnaa of the orowaei warb admit ted mto the rdtan tod rmngc red the mangled and bloody rei intmaerr* thr r drftw ed frlcoda, aeaara af tbr m<wt ha:', wing and pair'al tdmrwrtee would nor or, ghiarr* r*oogaleleg thrir prni irotbr'f their danghtrra rbtllrea their pareat* would b trei Intai iTfrasaMe Mar* win a nails of sng'i.nb files Uir air The bodies were all l*bnim with cards, regain*!y be-ed, and, Is ease* of ideat,dentine, bsartng the aame of the deceaso' The ibfCwf tjai> osnapied U* Marsh*!'* i ts prieste rr* a aHteh wss nlvn partis ly filtad with meed fr. tr. the ?mk. Abs< tbs baggage was t roar* drum, with the head rent. WbWh hai rrrrad as a uta prisset cr tar ns* gsesoe wtat was pwiled out sf im water, ei g nglx its curds. carrani fad wruton. A So barf Ptlos ta on la it m raw ? auA teat sam twgay ff a SM -Wrapr oa tbr heaanteaS of ib^tant farh tatlaoa, a* a irntfmrmmi af ute rstawm lb wttlrb he wna tabid, aad uf the fe. - if #r**iSta hf ggh:' isd Be Hare* ? trf? (pom absent at Lake Superior) and family at Ooldwtu?, Mich. The subscription tlal 14 at Oabiad's, under th? Tremoot House On tha announcement to the Board of Trade that t ne farm at Captain Jack Wilson, of the lady Elglo, wis en cumbered to the amount of *1.600. It ?(tc proposed tbkt one half the amount be mewl uere and the balance at Buffalo The members,with their accustomed liberality, got ?p a subscription Hat, and la Icaa than half aa hoar oyer MOO bad bean subscribed. KISC11T liOOiSL Several trunks hare been found la the vicinity of Evans ton. Two have been recognized as belonging to the Lumndeu family, of New Orleans, and one to Charles Lacy, saloon keeper or the Lady Bala. One of Mr. Lumsdeu's trunks nad been I und and carried off by some men living iu the vicinity. Jutiioe yf Ev * " - . . Hun toon, of Kvanston, hearing of It, Immediately proceeded to recover It; but the men would not ylve it up, they having been told by some Milwaukee that Mr. ~ - - * men that Mr. Hun toon bad no authority to take tkow, and bad It not been Tut the timely assistance of Ly man Mowgr, 01 this city, It ia doubtful If the contents of the IruhBwuuld ever have been recovered. The trunk contained clothing and some valuable Jewelry, as fol io wa;? live bracelets, one gold locket, with two mislatores, two bhtr Bracelets, gold trimmed; one gold oroM, pearl set; one string pearl beada, one set diamond eardrops, one set cornelian eardrops, one luur cruse, gold trimmed, one gold stud, engraved Blanch on b4W; one net coral beads, three pieces broken Jewelry, three gold brooches, on# diamond pin, a three cent piece and a German 00In. The following Is a list of the baggage, as far as reco vered Small Mather trunk of Jcbn lie thermae, of No. 00 In diaoa street, Chicago. Large canvass covered trunk, belonging to the porter of the boat, containing a reflector and Ave bear ski as the property of Gurdon 3. Hubbard Large black trunk, containing clothing, portfolio and letters and papers of George fitnpcoa, Sterling, III. Large trunk, marked "MiM A R. Garth, Pari*, Ky ," coDtainlng four silk drearo under clothing, gold neck obatn and ciosa, bracelet, breast pin, and broken gold pencil. Black music box, marked "G. S.," containing B flat cornet. fragment o'brown leather trunk, with mark "G. W. D , Detroit," In large letters, and lollowlng the "D," the let ters "(."tarsou " A grain plaid woolen drees, a brown esolf coat, check nun bonnet, and blank whalebone cane, picked up on the 8 B Raymond has a watch and a hair cbaln, banded to him by one of the survivors at Wise Ike. It c in be seen at the oil ice of Hubbard \ Hunt. Black alik drtas, open Iront; la the pocket, white hand kerchief. 000 pair yellow kids aud pair black kids: pair lace undcrvleevcs, pink ribbons at the wrtat, embroidered collar on pink silk rlkbon; elastic; pearl paper kolfe, point broken, found by A. Pu-roe, of the Adams House. Just north of the l ight House pier found on tlio body of J 1 Morrison, by Jaa II. Reea, or KvaiistoD, *17 la btlla, SI In gold, 60 oenta In change, 40 eei ta postage sumps, oee silver watch, one pair gold ?pects'-'es, pair steel do., butch of keys, linger ring, p> rkrt knife, two pocketbooks, two memorandum bonks, onen.aiked 0. .1 Rose A Co , and sundry papers .Also, by the same, a gold ring, with oval face, supposed to be long to Sit W. THK BOD1IS OP TBX KKAD KscoRTKD TO TOff CARS. At about eight o'clock Last nigbt the bodice of the dead were escorted, In solemn procssetae, to the Milwaukee depot where they were placed u)>on a train for that city, large lumbers of our citizens accompanied the prooee slun; a bsnd of music played an appropriate diree, ami tbe great bell uf the Court House lolled la solemn t?n<*. TBX LBOWNKP. (From the Chicago flints and Herald, Sejt it J Many ev'dencea of the awful disaster on our lake are crowding to our (bores. Tbe bodies of numbers of lbs unfortunate | avengers of tbe lady Elgin hare Urea drift ed by tbe wines and waves to land, and are belt g recover ed by our citizens I'p to yesterday afu rnooe tbers had been over thirty bodies picked np, ant ths Conner was ' bedding itqueataorer tbe remains, large numbers of the , cattle wblch were thrown ovei txieril have alio drlfUA to ! land, and are now lining our shor>a. I?o?a net prudAce require of our authorities to lake eomr steps to have these bodies disposed of; also, for tbe sake of the living* We regret to announce that among the passengers by tbe 111 fated Lady Rata waa George p. Arnold, a young " * ns man of about eighteen years, and the sou of Hon. Jonathan f Arno a, tbe democratic candidate for Con press la the Milwaukee district. No tidloga have beea received af t.m, and tbeoonnctiuo seems inevitable that be is among the many lost. {from the New Tork Evening Pott, September IS ] Awing tbe names of the pcrnoos lost by tbe sad disss tcr to tbe Lads Elgin we sec that or s young man, John I. Campion, who was for a oumber of years employed af a d o posiu-r open the Ktmimrt i utt About three weeks .< led this city tor Milwaukue. to visit a married ais le r and ij itcruit but health, which bad been aoaewhat 1 ro|mi red by liner appliesll' u to bia duties. A fellow workman, a day or two previous to the disaster, received a Utbr lioni.blm, tlatlr.g hi* inteolioa of joining la ths excursion on the Lady Rain Bis slater aud her h us bead accompsmed bim, and all were tost. Mr. Oamptoe waa a member of the Tj jk graphical ttoetoty of this oily , of which body he was at una time President. Be wss about twenty seven yrars o' age and was unmarried. He leaves an oaly sister la thra etty. am thsb or m worn r'a mm. Tb# Detroit FVar I'rru, of Ibr tllh Mtll, oiiBwatli( ri the Iady Figt* ciieael.r, *ay* From ? ooovei a Uhm wttb orr ?d Um ?arvlvor* of tb* wrreek we tare fathered aome ftrt? not (penalty at largrd upon la tbe aewafMpernncoanu. A Lake Wnporiur mlorr. rawed Jacnea Bellman an Fcgtiabtnan by birth, arrived la the city yeetordoy mom tig to take tbe ftrat boat from thia etly tor the barea which the lady Cg in ftlled !?> reaeb He wa* o* board the bou at tbe lime of the dlaaater and ftrea a acme what matured ancoaat of the occurence Wbea the rtear I atraek tbe w earner ha wat lying down between darka, aad waa thrown frow bta poaittea aertral feat by tbe coocuMion. Unravelling tbe bewildered and (Unconnected late wbtrb be firea wo baro fhmpoes o> a terrible panto among tbe paawwgen, ib the mutot of which everywhere appear* tbe aatfpaa reeed commander. flvlof order* and overaee'og auah meaeurce ao were moat ocwdoctve to taa graa ral aalbty. The cattle ware drlvm overbjard, and the freifbt and lurjragw Immediately follow ed. I'aaeeBfrra wore awukraad from their aluabera by atordy blow a of the a*e, which daabed la tbetr atalomom doom, ami railed them to a aaoaa of their daa fer AU warn On ally eoTaeted op 'trek, and when the ateomrr went down the hfirrtewiej dtefc. which rowoti inter tbe roof of the npjw cabin feeted clear ?' tbe hull and auntained the crowd Mr Briimaa my* that <>a tbl* Miami err raft ?t '<-m than three hundred prrv.u* ware milt did. i he ma.iofity of whom ehteg to their place* i. bid i.? or '?at it it l The raft wan tanatiy no ler water from the wagbt cf no living burden, and very *hw who riung toll tut Wire above the wa:rt In Uw turbwleoi **n The e*t tain aaa eouftai tly on bin fret encourag ,ng the crowd, aim *?* b ba?# ? cer. the rely man who dared lo otlr from Ibr ri?i twii~vt powitioa which war nrcaaearr to keep a aeeufe fr-.o on In- prrcar < ua r *ft l> rare ed a child, wawfc be fowud ia the arma of an Mbwutei and ?ab t?ri|?. woman, to aa . levaled f?rf? of I be rail, and left >i Ir charge of a woeaaa, when It waa *nn? ' *t H net riaatty nr.-rted ibr crowd to knur *? leat. and ant toy t make no none, b?t to refrain fre-a mur nr, in ctoer that the frail iraiaewcrk might la?t tbe longer fWMmaa ea>? that (tonef the time whcti elapaed, whltr lb# raft hept together, there na* era'rely a eewtM- fro to man, r ehild Ttwy rloag to u,< ir piarra In Mb ?t trrn-r, and aa*thrr |/nar? oor fwayfa were audible: oo v>fo, rare that of tin rapta.n, raiar.1 atojd ia enroaragemeal aad good racer btvy heard am o the nor of Tbe wind aad the eraor . a - rpiaeh a( the rambtag wave* KiaaJly the em aiaot ?- Out. of ib* watar broke up th* raft, aad largo* f. and ifi aa vtaebed ptenea, aad gradually the mult.tune weiien away by ewaofro an I ??.liur/ lad; Viduaia, until hot a lithe or tbe whole number remained The ewe I tambbd the ll(bt r* to abwot like wolrst*. and a weary rtratftw tbe bapfrm earn roe* ha I d j-ina the leaf drift e" ten miwa iBtorvoatog 'n the annve. Bail?<o waa ten haw* on bin raft and ray a that be waa nap*! *d and thrown lain the *ea, with ba ton cam pao w>?a, evory third wi'niito. Wbea they rent had whore they were darbr.t ah. at bo or be* 7 ia the wur? aad moor fort 1 mate tbaa their evmrr nlew*. were iiftod upwi Hie oewwh by the brt aherr and dragged aah?r> by Mrueg una da which a*?llrd them. II waa beer ton! having acr mem tod tbe lOrlia of thai torn toe voyage ibe n m mat der onornaibed and tare war ??> the ierwawtibir foero which had wt rs 001 In* atre eg th and "tow. Prchwpa he hod ratio r rto* uraa than to hare 11 v -1 la ibe r? re to# m to era aeiRrh metivea time il.owe w.ilnh ma-ked be ebaraeter ibroogh th* whofr of thto try h* ordeal LWT Oi THE LO*T RO PAR AH ASCERTAINED. 1?Atoiaaoee Richard K, ???fbamowritc Freak fret-ad bguneer <P?Cuok Kro ,'aoe, rowd A-A/ Oon. r, an daUr waaftrw hC-Xlo.a tow* Bhmheth, J?Rorn* taaoy. l oad d? Dae ?? Pwraihfhaiw A. M?Qrehaa Hail . W.iwaa b? tb-I.owr aww*. Hiaer k*e* A3 iwawto. Mary, da. p, 7 I?Huad Kr, aad two :d?f .ohy f.rnweo, to ?lilldrea It?r*>wnrr Pnm A . to > >?? HhWard M, M- Dr'aai y J. ua and iu? lb irr era Or.?table w ife It-ltr.wn -nmoel. M? ?T? Ifrofry M. tin. MU water. wanker K--R Oto B B?rry fd? Dt wa r D Milwaakfi* t?? diafrp Aifaetni ( >.-? v?uar, 14. IP?RarT (Oard I'n oa 'db?I* mewvaa Margar. t, ?..ard| And w fr ?1?lh.?tl*. Wir, C., Mil |?- Hern* fbtr-ty toK-r'1 waukee IT?Mut rr Rate mx? 'vlaay IMWoama. IP?Dur ? Michael (ai?ftofyer M IP? Birn# We land to-liwj.f Hetew IP?ibiriel Mlcbaet. to?|b-?ort Me .Oty Itoad. k 1? Th' mae M?tbiertok M. ???frt fhliip. M'lwa-' P7?flayer MmbaH. pa?!"raat*p WiUiam. S*?lh??oherg Peed, dtp f n.ri'imrmaa . Rand_ IP?Ootoora ? Jl? f rwtoe Than H T3?PvtotuW Hit. T. M. Thtw. r-Fciher Vianeat J7- frrmtotohamOoetm!. m. 7?-Uiglehaet Mr .Mrowmr. ?P-fcwtwllra. Tf'?tearto Chap, Mil waa. ap-Rwiewr Mr* Aaa. 7(1?Naalag. Chthwtpp^a. W. ?!,?-? har Tkaa , 77-raaning Fftoabetb. do. wifr and child rt-Fahe*. On* IA?Aud. ? Hd pi?ea TP, *0?no?*r ?V4?Oeriwwaa Job*. Ml gw. waakee RI?fTtmonld IP?Cteipoo* haw, IP iliaauwair. maufceo ? RT Ki-l ltpnid Mr mid SP?f ? ipvnr* John tody. M? Rlarh Hugh IP- trmi* Mro Helm IT?Oohtof Ptortok, Mil waukee RA?rnageetod Aara. '> .%a?ftwitoy lamrw. Mil- to?Fahev Mr* Mary. wauteo IT?FTtapatrtrt tot , Sowr. Ffrw(Wnmea>Rwd R A, aha, W?. -f- *aaoa Marfaret -itoatum P. krr W-.HMI Mr tl-T-Ww Mr* PI?Aoff Homer fat, 40?Owl l> a J H Toledo ?P?1 ?> rtdtfll Moergo pg-i.uvvey JMtea to?ffrwiehib Wm K. 0.1?frarth W aa-'Wrt r ?1ir.h#4h r? J arth Mto W., Ptoie, _ 1 pi m J. ho I mm HI too la ire tor, N T r'lf PP?dmrth Amaodp. Pgr#, IT-CbrhWt A U flok ?0 ?'?> Aiw* IM-McIsugUln Vhxr'^m wi?i '>.'0<'KWi Mi ihMi, mi- rniltX??*rlmU' *"***:. ? _ WO-Newoo^ Mr.. 96?Gootgaa Mr* M , Mil B, 5?*? -wankee. 191?Newcowb MlknL Ma 99?<UII P. r., Aurora, 111. waukee UUI"' lUO? H?U Mr*. P V . do. 192?Neville Tom un?., lbl-Hannah K,Milwaukee. koe. ' MUw*u Wb (to. 198? 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MUn mikes. 147?lavaren* Otto, Mil- 832? Ryan Jaha wankee. 233?Raater John. 146?Ieydsn Amelia. 234?Rapp Mr. 149?lynch I'eirr, Mllwan 234?Kofere Edward. kee 23b?Kiuy Peter, MUwaa 160? Lowther Ed. ktn. 116?lamaden Col , tami- 237?Rloh Mich*-1. ly and servant 236?Rioe Aatoale. 156?McGrntb Ntchofaw, Mil 289?R <oney Mr. waokea. 246,441?Steadier Mia* I ma 167?Morrison Jobn H. Hn and aleee 10*. 109, 180? Moaohaa Mr. 842. 248,244? Sdeenaa, Tbn 'laughter and ana, ma*, wife an* tm Milwaukee. children. 181? Me brm* frank. 846?Smith J?e .Milwauhnu. 162? MrGarry Hugh. ? 247?Skowioh ?. 108? Murphy Michael, Mil 2*6?tohmidt. waukee 24t?? Soecknr Henry. 164?M'laaden John 260?Smith W G. 106?Matthew* Mlea-l 4',1?bennirobea H., MB lfo? Maitir Joseph waukee. 167? MHJraw Richard 362-Street , Jr. H6?Murphy Ml**. 258?Scollan Jama* 1(9?Murphy Wm 864?Stent M. i;j? Mct aige, James 2-06?Schroder John. 171? 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We complete the Hat of lost from tbo Chicago AweewB or the llth last , MU:? 381?Cakiown man toned two ml* north of Ukt TMe Bocae A Mr. Brown took aormty Sea cento out of hie pocket. Ban on dark wool* pacta and linen aack eant. white ehlrt Bi lgbt ire Ibet nine Laches, strong ami m acular; Ibee rmnatb, chia | reoiiaeat, oomplet* fktr, teeth irguiar Hands aot like a working man. "Y. W. R'| en m*idc right forearm la ladta lak, enoloasd In h rroall i ??? k Ugrmm. 1T4? Woman nakaown; sappoard to be about twmty. lai.dy hair, light hair I eyre, teeth regular, brows or rem ?tleh alpiera Orteo butbmid la front with snail buttons. 260?Wamaa, uaknown. Muscular, naked, belle red m ba a Swede, with three gold rings, ooe ptala with "L V lp M. W , brc 9Ut, 186*7 in I-He, rZ' two *ilrrr rlogn, hair llghi, eyaa hazel. 881?Women, uskrown shout twaaty yearn of mm. J?*. ^*lf' ^*fk bamil oysa. baa a narrow retret ribbon bout bar neck, fastened with a gold mud; high Obagrmi 2ns1'SiX"* 382? t'sknown ftmaie lafhut, six months of ago on* shoo, aukle altyyir, buttoned with braes bnll UltlUaiMN. rhptaia 1 tM, otaaaItrnip sale; Boa. Irm Ai)re. Boa O. B Moilrooa, Boa. Preetoa Kii|, New York; Boa. J. A. Rtrbardn* sad 1MB Ilk, Taxae, ex Gareraar hnlor, }cimmi? Iiiload: fBptaia Motgo, U. 9. A., Ba H. A. Mm c*o, Now York, mb aiopptag at Mm Mot Haaaa. Jadga Dmiglae, Hoa. H. Y. Jokaaoa, Jodf* Bojree, ?t Mloataeippl: K B Ooartarr, of Baltloaoro Mr Aaae, of Mobtk. toooel M I. Urhfa, ?' BBHlaoro. Mayor Ofeaaa aad lady. af Florida: R C. O'Drloaott aad raatir, at (.eorgt. Dr. J. J Cktehoha oad Mnatb OaraMaa, (loa T 1. Joaea, of Keatoofer. A. L PMk, of Nov Or k aaa, ate ?U>ppleg at the fifth Area00 BMoi. Dr H N I now*, Buffalo, J. Edgar TVmjaoo, Freak t* at Iri.rrj iraaia Ontral Railroad J no Garrett. ProM d.ol K.nsniore and Ohio Railroad A J. Eeroaodex, F <ana V I Wtiaro. faq CbllltcoUie, Ohio G B. i feq , New York, are ?toi>ylaf at I be Ht. Nlohulao tier K O Morvaa. Alhaay; Major T. A. HarrM, Mia ?o-irl, Prof C. kali, Ptttobnrg. '*? I . ft Bradford, Aoalk l aroiLna (. J lk? Mulooaa. Ml(?leatpp! Major B. f. I m ley, N< ? Urlroao, are at the Metropolitan Bated, ft B MmBmNj ?. ft JUmf; ft II _B?ewart^ Y t rgta te, Mr a?Hl Mra ( I Mum, Mr* ... T Mr, Uaorlllr, Ky Mr aad Mr* Nmaa, 0. J ana, A C Andtraoa, Nam drk-aaa. Mr aad Mro BalMM, K* u AM Jaart, Rogtaad, an- mmo| tfeo arrlral* al Um Un-iofcrt n Ir. h. oaale* Faekrrarrle aad trllb. Ha* no a. Rd rMM oad Wlk'. UMoe, tag., Jutloa May. Maa Praaciar V. ft tini ??? Orrjria. J. H Adamm and faiuiy, Hneih (brw l aa. aao Mepbra t. Bird, Baltimore. are otoaalM at tMa ( larBadr a lloed Y k aie|,P B Mtroag, Ckaa R Rtromg. BA < ?eerart Maaoe. M f> Ofidiri Chlnagii.C. D. Battel). Indlaaa , C & Htrntg. riaaarata, N. r*r*Ul, P BtoadtaeUi, - rtaBMi t* P. ,'i wetl u d faJBtly, P*>. gh* repair C. N Mm, I hiladf i-hia. Mr aad Mr* 0. Robertas. UarlwMo. PC Bw CI Pbrd. Hartftwd.raaa . Ja* Clark ml fowfly, Oiaegn rcuntj, aad Major Br La, fUraaa. are tlryA fat the PrnreU Rouaa ft H .tier, U. ? ft ft. ft C aad R. I Bard aad rtrnm, <4 Iooihn )e. Kr , ate -tapping at l.* A*tor Place Boiol <okeei J ChatAetd, Coaa , D D HawUi. M. 0., Maw (Wtoaa*. Cohort J W Webb aad lady, drathiagtaa. B. la arga. Paria. ft B Drigaaaad (aaiily. Maw fork, 0 Miuo, flarUWrd. W B. fketfa, Ooaa ; J Y. KoaaOO, U^Mrflir, Kf W. H Walker, are otoiwiac U Um Idt farfr Hntal. Ha* Pr. Vfrm n?aim. awm.uf *t (MaaMUaA% ? I Ma Raaaikal MBMp eaadtdata B? MB l"r*wt<i' r I. ar* cooolae aed ikkT r* ?!? ??* mya'tad ? mmf paper* (MMaM !L B Ikbrnadar ael Ookoard Aoorieo, fj. ? a ? . - - ?? WiMiiBm l*wllr* laMII(*aro. A PAAT IM1N MAM IN TMVILA 'oka Hi Brook, a fmf mam afcaat alaotara yoara aM, 1 aa a BMt la ibo otare <o tkaara M, .? a R*r dr* cnada Uapwma, ol Ik. M Ikaalaay, am lakes lata r Atrdy ec WrAaooda* nlgat ky aAwar BdMoa. nl tko rut* prialan, aa (kar?a of otoallag a twin ak Mi aad krraka abawto frtaa Me riftiyoom. Ba prtooair, M trpm, bad Ina napcdAed Br amiiarMtl.ttii any of Ik* akaMM proprrty coald ba waned in kto jaearn *MM. Nnnn alter kruob iafl I to Mora oa Um nrrikM la qoratlre ka arww#ded la a dnabu? oaiono ui urakft T?ar (Metre oweet, aad aAar ktfcja? a driak a a arlrMl bux, reappoarrd la ika atoaeo *'tt a buadie ia 'jb- ba^L Ike okkwr.wba ni drraard lo plala cbitkee, AiUooa* bl? ?? Ika Mara oBir af "ocare A Ca., la Ohm* obrrri, aad Otere -*w b ra . ksr *aa S tbo iiaik pbdra l'pn% belrr lakoe .ato (V Alody ?v For k bw drrwi bo carried # WkUk be kad pledged at rooare a Be real Br oka< ' deraudb h'l mmm, aad n Par, be raid, !br lb* pwy*?r nf aa arcreCag lk*J?kt* Al ter loa- <ag tbe rto.f *t auk>. ba wagM <?? l*i^*T W N>i ia aur aya t n.mtf brwogkt forth I on'torlMta kaetag _ . )'?<?? woaao al r?ry rirta* la 9mm mae^tm wkraa he la- aked Ibe guaOer Bart *f am .? rw*" rMaa r roart aaen-.oi ?* pit praoi *"* i beea y?l amenatoad, bet It a a wad tlidft tka pooMw aorrat ?I cd ika eatm okaaia. tlrt aan t .;:rw t IvaokwrtW d thai i>. i rrvr a ? iftJBM-MP*' tMV

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