Newspaper of Evening Star, January 27, 1855, Page 10

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 27, 1855 Page 10
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610? From. Crzm Anchor, by raff ?, OnahviUa. S^ia, Pliny- Pfrdttnt Oroii, Cfiict's dy;lai, *nr' to *,f ' n.. uvt'la, fro miles an* lack, <-no - a wee* Laave Croea iaaor S.Uur J?y at 4 a tr> Arrive at He-rJtbrvill* r Alt day b; I" a a, LeaveMarrituvtlle Tburv?i UiJO Ar<iv? at Cro*- An:hor next atj by 8 p m Pivytsa ate md ** WoodraA* art u.rit d In jm of improving ?0B5 6101 F"r m Oadar Ornf\ ta 1 rown'g I ales and bwk twice a week " L?v? Cedar Cr>?k Tutidaj and prkay at 5 P*? - - . . - ? Arrive a'. Br- fn'i nn? days b/Tpa Li ave Brow u's Tuesday >"d F.Uay a; 2 p m Arrive at C<?d*r Crack ua? 4ayt by 4 pa 6102 Prom 11 >pc Station, by Walton, Gljmphville, ana Al.j iat-n, to Q? she* BUI, 24 miies and L hack, twice a weak Leave Hope ftHtion Tu> sd?" and Piidsvs at 6 ! tt f _ A ri VP at Q?*?a H M Mme days by 4 p m l**v? Goehen HU1 Wedne<?day* an# Saturdays at 64 a m - Arrive at Ho^eStation as trie <^yal>y 1pm ClOd Prom A aton, by Tbi mpeon* ??d 1< <ng Knn to Monties) rt?, lStniles aad Nek, twice a week Lea v.* Alau n i u*sday and F .dar at 1 pm Arrive at JMt ?Tirehi> r m? day by 4 p ui Leave Montfcellr y ana Priday at9 Arrive at Alston aim" dajs by tS m ' 6101 From Aj*ton, Ijy Asbftru'a Ferry, Uuioaville, Pair Porart, W ft a Sp ina, and ?l-nn's rtja, to Spartanburg C H, 73 mile# (Tod ck, thr e tinifs a w?? k Leave Ala ten Mniay, Wedn-slaj ai>d Friday a: 10 a m r> An iv at :*partai.barr C B next day* by 10 a m Leave Spa.tanburg C II Monday, W. ineeday an ' Fr d?y a; 2pm Ar.ivt at Alston unt day* by 2 ? in Prcposa * frr three a Idiu.nal weakly t ripe WJ 1 be oc-ulttr-d. 61(5 Frem S-^rtanburg U H, by Daa^tcus and l.-lanu Foid to ftuileriordtcD, 37 mile' ana back. Ur e times a week Leave Spartanburg C H T nee-! ay, Thursday and S uruay at U a m A riv * at Kutnerfo.dton MBd daya by 9 p m L v< butbrrii'td on Monday. Wtdoeedav an Fiblay a 3 ? m at Spaitanborg C M otai daya by 1 p m ?106 Krvn Lire ft to ? Sp ring# by G raspy Pond. High J*no?l , N U, Sock ore*-, Sutler rod Htoatv.iie to Kuiii<.rtcHlioa, 30 milea and bulk, <Ni?ce a ?e??* le,v; Uwe^tene Spriaga Monday at 7 a m Active at Uuiherfordtoa ^%aaeaay b> 7 p m " L*ave Kuther orduni Tue day at 7 ? ui Arrive at Hprii<t? same day by 7 p m 61UT 1 r<>m l> I'n. v?ll? ky !H?ar?r*.l>, Buu h> A ore aoU tioger* ? B:i.g- to WixdruM'*, J? mile." ?ud ba>*.%, once a week Le?v_- Uaioi vul? riataiday at & a m Ainve at 'A -o?liud ?> .<-ame cay tjtpm L are WoodralT< Frida,. at 12 in Arrive at Uatonv lie mme d?y by it p m fropoeais to embrac* Midri le and Cr.wpvllle are tnvit- d. See vt*<o 6108 Ub obtiI e by Pei Kidge J na ville. Pacoit-t, limb i hiupa ai>u f?nlii s va.eto Lime btjne 8pnng*, o'J cutee eau bacX, twice a *??k L.aie UnKnviiie iue-day aad M<iiunl?y ?* 8 a m Arrive at L:ia > Si-ne ??il*gp f>aane daya by C p m Leave* Lim? Stone Hp-.Jnv Monday and F.iday at 8a m A > rivu at li nk>nvi le a? ini day - by 3 x> m 61. y Fr m Uaiocville by ?>rad >y'a ^kl I'la e, Jubu MrKi>aick'a. Snail ^n.a:, tic?d>ya>i!ie ani 0 k ??e^ve u> VVi ktn?vi;j?, 26 mil* t> End -aok ons- * wees L?v Uav nvillc Tneeday at 7 a ni Air.Vf at W'lun viilj nuie day fcy 3 p m Wt<> W kiu.-viiie>| noiv at 0 a'a Arrive at Uale nva.e iniiae day by t> y m 6110 Frtm Jonnvil e by McBiidtville, Cadar Sprin^a a d Ce^ar Scrib^ A-yltm to Spa. W''urt C H, 19 mile ? aid bicj, olcc a week Le.?ve .'oneavilie Monday at 12 m ? rriwe at S; ?vrtanbu:g C U ^ame day by tj p m Leave ^t^rtanbari; C H Mondey a* 5 a m Arrive a. 3cat>vii.e -ame day cj 11 ? m 6111 Fr> ?i Iiewte iy Cll by Hetn Ld a. Witt D>.u Uachen Hi. 1 cni Cold W. il to UnLu Vu!f, o.llee itiu brck. twi.e a Week Leave NewUtxry C 11 Xuecdaj and ba'urday at 6am Arrve at L'u.'cmiT" d?ya by 4 p m Leave Unicnvil e Manday .-.ra Friday at 12 m Arriv? a. New^arry C H aanu days by It p m 6112 Frcm >\wb*rry C H by Eonlwa ?v 1 e, b*Lk w.i^Lttf Fer.y, I'utj's X Uoadt, uakibnd, M.n.t Witling, Smith aeu Saluda to L.U'e, 38 m<ljt aud ba k o: ce a we k L?.av? >e? ixrry C H Friday at 7 a m Arriv, at L t' a same J?y ly 7 p m Leave Lett's Sa>uroa, at 7 a m a. .Nub'riy C U fame d?y by 7 jm 6113 From ?.ewt?rr>' 0 H by *age Vi.le, Bnaaa^, Margin's Dtpot and Clintoa lo Lauieoa C H 31 mun ana baoa, sut tinioj a w?ek L?ave Newberry C H daily, a^/t Sundav, at ?Kp? A.rve at Laur:n? C II same d?y by p m Le * Ljwrtna C H ua iy, txcept Sunday, at 6 a m A rive at Xe=?beny C H a m? day ly 10 a m 6114 r.oa N?b rry C H by 'ndiaa cr<ek, Hey nota aiui Hanta.gton to Crota Anchor, 36 m lea aw be k once a week L^ave hewter.y C H Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at C*ca? Anchor ease da a by 4pu Leave Cnss au'.koi F iday at 6 a m Ar>iv? at iiwltir)' C H earns dayr by 4pm 6116 From Nr*L.jry C H by SL^tp Spring, Uirfgiu Parry, Colcmaa'a >< bcaiLj, Eig C.eek, R ch ar atonvjls and Fioit 11.11, tb l>i?efleld C H milea and baok, no- a acak Leavj Naw:ariy C U fhurrday at o * m Arrive at ttage&ell C H -am. day-* by t p m Leava LdgeLeld C U Friaay ai a a m Amveat^ewbtr.y C H aame day - by 8pm 6116 Ficm >ewLer y C H by Mjudi b .hei t. G ymp-Lviiie, 16 mii?a ?i.d back, cnce a week Lrave .vwcanj C H Ua^ue-uay a' 7 a m Aruve at Glm^^ a^rnw oay by 12 m Laave Glympbv,li? W??inNai?> ax 1 p m a. Kewbe?iy C H >ai^ ?.ay by 7 > m 6117 Frtia L uren? C H bv Mr>ontGaL*gb-r, Lr-w ertoa, Liae crwek, umbLag SCSala, Blufl Kaonn atd Simpfoa'r Mil:a to L annfi C H, equal to 28 miiaa and bact, one? a week L-av ? L tare, a C H Pri<Jav at 12 m At nv< at Laarena C H a It -*ay t-v 12 m 6118 Frtm Lauren C H by Momoe F unuin Inn anJ P.ainato H, ;6 m.lee ard back. tw*e a w??k Lave Laurence C Hy Y\V<ne*day and Saturdai itlao a% ?*?ewavtl)e C H *aae 4aya by 6 p m Laav? Greenville C H Tneaday ?n<i 1'riJay at) % B Arrive at Laareas C H rame days by 0pm 6119 Krtm Lan?ena C H by TVlenvi le, Urcae An rh<?r. Mae* Jack Va'i?y. anj Smith* Store to Glenn Springs, i9 inH?-a and back, thre. ?iK*? a week. Le?v* Laarens C H Taecday, Thursday and Satomay at 11 a m A?rleeat Gl-an Spring ra days by 8 p m Leave ?lenn Springs Mend ay, Wedaeaday, and Friday at 11 a m Arrive at Lsaren* C H same dava by 8 p m Proposals for ??m?i weekly, and al*> fcr weekly are >? vfted. (5120 Fro-n Poantaia InB. by Crimtie c'rc?k Li k >llle, Cedar Falls, Dank.ln Wen. and' Fair view, to fountain Inn, eqaal to 22 miles atd bark tw*rr a week. Leav* PonnUia Ina Toeeday and Saturday at 6 am Arrive at Fountain Inn next days by 9am 6111 Fiom Marth'e Pepot, by Marengo, Mliton, S^.^ng Or* ve, t;roas Hlil, .MonntvUla. and North Creek^to Martin's D? pot, equal to 19i milea and beck, oec? ? week. Leave Martin's Depot Saturday at 7 a m Arriw at Martin> Depot fame da t by 7 p a. 6122 From Cambridge, by Kiae4y Six, ?wancy Perry, VVat-rloo, aad Meant Pleaaanr, to 1 au en- C H, 28 milee aad back, twic* a week Leave Cambridge Tnreu'aj aai Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at Laureare C H ram# days by 6 p a Le%ve Lauren* C H Monday end Friday at 7 Ar. :ve at Cambrdge raae day* b 6pm 6128 Proa Millw?y,by Hanisbwrgand hit- Ball tc !few .Market, V ailta and back, three times a w? ek Leave Vill-way Monday, Wedcerday and Friday at ft a a Ar<ivf at Mew Mvket same day* by 10 a a L-ava>ew Market Monday, ?Vedn< sday, aad Friday at If p m t?j, Arrive at Mill way ?ame daye by 64 p a 4U4 ?7'n4*,? Mil', Sau^cver, and Leave Mlllway Tn sJay Had F. iday at 6 a a Ariiv- at Calh?ua a Mill* ??a* dava bv 19 m L?ave Calhour.'s Mills Tae day at d FrWny at 1 Arrive at M Ilway same daj? by 8 p M 6124 Frca Abbe* He C fl. by Warrentoe, Mon ??rey. Lowedervflie, Cbarrkee Heights, Ham per's Ferry, and Kockenvi ia, Ga, to ktber> ton, $1 m .'ea and back, twice a week. Leave Abbeville C H Tneada, and Friday ai 4 a a Arrive at flbartoa saa; days by 10 p pi t#av* Klb-1 on Wednesday aad SaturJny at 4 Arrive at Abbeville C H ?aa*- days by 10 p na. 61^6 From At^ev^,- C H, by Temple of Health. I Diiaond HUl, Mountain View, aad Wilson'- I L?*Te AhtorPl* C *f MflVdft*- at ? ft m 4<tJt at WMBUiWe a* me day bv I j> m I*?W Mdff l*Wh Mo- flay ?r 1 * to a ' Arti* ?t Abbe?ITW C If ?av by 8 p ?< 4 ?S1*T FmJ A*Vv?!* C IT tt> fmWirnK ? mils* and bnr*. om*a *de* Leave Abb-filta OH Sitfrdfty ? ff ? tt AirivtfttSihUTffleWm-dfW^Tpra | ? Ledi* SmfthvWe Ha.urday at 2 p m Arrive at Abbeville C ?!s?ro* dayby P? <138 F cm AnderpnCH, Iqr XfSSr Fm Mile, ftnd Beoeon1* *? <,*> PWsk?a < H, 9* ral?e* ?rH back. three tin^f* wee* Leave AoJfntn C H Monday, Wednesday, and Tti^ay at 4| p in ArrtTe at Pickens C H snme days by 11 p m L*?v rtMenC II Ttweday,^humlay,and Sat urday at B ft m Arrive at Anderson C H same d?y? by 4 p m. . tfl fj P.-cm Andean C H, tor Vy?ni??w Htrreville, BriMnAK Mrir?tsvfl]?, and Obft?vil!ft, ta Buckersville. 35 mi!? ani bark, earn a WMk. I^ara And-raos V H Frk'ayp at T ft 'to 4 Arriv* at Fuetftnvilla came daya by7 p m Leftre VnrkeTnrtlle Baturdftj a aft 7 a m Ar- ire at Andiron C H ? i?e <fc?? by 7 p m. 613) Prom A'nderan C H by Rabun's Uav, to K^oxrflle, T*mi, 19f? mils* aid back, ouna w?;k.' "?* ? ? L av> Anderson C ff Mondays at 7 ft m Arrive MJ^oxtflle n *t FrMny by 7 p to LeftV' Knoxville Mondays nil ?tn Arrive at A'ld-rs b'N next day t-y 7 pm. G131 Pram And-raoo C H. by Towavilla, Oakway, Bftch'W'a Ret tat. ftrd Shell* ville, to Wal ton's Ford 4'J miles ami hark, o?ice a week. Leave Ande ana C H ThnrSdav* at (ft m Arrive a' Walt-w's Fnrd same* d^y by 7 p m Le >ve Wai'ou's Fold Fridays ftt 5 t m A'rive at Andersen C H >am( day by 7 p m. ? | 6131 From Due West Corner *o Donald vill- f tc or mU?M and taek, three timer a week Leave Doe Weet C rner Mondftv, Wednesday and Paturlay at 8 a m A'riv* at DouftVUvPle sarre daya b? 9am liar? D?>n?ld*ville Monday, Wednesday and SatorJav ftt 10 a m > Arrive at toe West Corner same daya by 11 a m 6133 Pram Aisdereon 0 H, by Benacn, biddWi creek, Andetfonv'dle. H?nley's Store, 9*, and FordV Stnr* t > C?mcEville, 40 milaa and ha k,?nee a Wrek. I^aave Andetacn C H Wednesday ftt9 a m Arri'e at Carpe?vklle same day by 10 p m Le^ve Came? vIMe Thnr*d*y at Tarn Arrive at Aud?*r on C II saow day by 8 p m t)134 From Anderson C H. by Looaaft Hill, Helton, Calhoun, ftn4 Cuttag- H I', *?? Lina t reck, US milee and h vk, one* a weak. L ave Anderroti 0 H Wednesday at 2 p a A rriv' ftt Line c eek next day by 12 m L-*?ve Lire rr+ k IhvrHday at tp m Arrive at AcJer on C II n?-xt day by 8 ft to "'lit From AnderfOn C h. by Deep creek, btreU's, Charuhuae^, and Milvers, to Aaderecn C H, ?qual to 19^ mllerf and ba^k. nnee a wotk. Le-ve Aedarson O 11 Frid<y at 9 ? m Amv^ ?t Ande'son G H next day by 9 a to 01.6 Prcm Hocky Kidae, by Crsytonvill ,to Helton, 1 i mil*" and hack, onoe a ire^k. Leavrt tiocky Mdgc Thorday at 7 a in Arrive at B lton same day by 11 a m Leuve PeltAn Thursday at 3 p m Aniv ai Rocky R>dg?8ame day by 7 p m 6137 From D"!Je, by Oentevllb* Q'jwnabrro, and Caih un, ^tantonvil'e,, Ool Sen Grove, Mcrlinfr Qrove, and Huhway, V- Or*enviHc C H, 43 mrleD and back, once fc week. L^ave '>>naldeville Prilay at ft a m Arrive at Oieenvill* C H same day by 8 p m 1-eave Grvenvilte C H Saturday at 6 a m Arrrv? at Donaldmril e tams day by 8 p m 613S From Wi l sto-ton,by Newell, Gol ten ipriug*, ? Doothel, Brash/ creek, Fqnality, 81 biawn. Pi roe lown. and Si'vor Glade, t? WiUism* t n,?q<ial :o 90 m'lee and bvk. ?ncc a week. L? hv - ^ililemston SatnMay at <4 a m Arrive at William-t- naem* d?y by 7| p m ?I3i? Fkd Lima, by Ninrtb Saluda and 'iitaxcy, to rumpkin'.on 1<4 mi'ea and back, oaca ft week. Leave Lica Saturday at 0 a m Arrive at Pumpk<nt^n same day by 12 m Ieav? Pnmkmton 8atn>day at 1 p m Arrive at Lima name d-v by 7 p m ? 140 Fr m GraenvH* 0 H, by Trav*ll?r'a Beat, liani, Meritsvnie. GrMtn Kivrr, Pint Pock, N. C . Hixlereonvi to Mod Crork, and f-huford viUe, to A^hrvilK ?"i mil's and back, six tim** a week to Ilsnderronvii.e, atK' once a wetk residue. Leave (ireenvi le C II Monday, Wednesday and Friday *t 4 a m Arrive at Anu*vi]!e same daya by 9 p m Iesve Afhtville Tueadsy, Thuraday and Satar da y at 4 a m Arnve at Greer villa C H Shine d*y? by 9 p m 0141 Fr m Greenville C H, ly Plea.?nt Groia. Wal lacV> Fa-to*y, Verne nsville, Crawford-villa, ard Port Prino?, to Sy. irt*nbjrg C H, 37 miles and back, twi-e a ?erk La >v? Greenvile C H Wednesday ard Satorday atfift m Arrive at SpartanhurgC H same daya by 1 p m leave Spartanborg 0 H Tuamlay and Friday at ? am atreenvi legam?* daya by 5pxn Pi^poetls for a third weekly trip, wul. expe dited schedule, are tovited. *514' Fr m Greenville C II, by Sendy Flat ftnd pr.m roy, to II ghKad flrovw, 21 miles and bac?, o?o? a w?e fe, Lenve villa C H Saturday a 1 p m Arr v at Mi hlard Gr .ve aeme day by T p m L*av~ Hiftiland Grove Satnaday ac 6 a m Arrive at Graeavilie C H mm--day by 11 a m 61VJ Prom Gro?nviileO H. by Buena Vi*ta, Pliny, and Caskvjle, to Wocdrutr*', and back, by Fntre*, C!*ar Spring, and OrldaT, to Green vrlie C H, equal to 27^ miles and r ack, onoea Leave Greenville Friday at 6 a m Arr veat Wocdrui'a asme day by 12 m Leave Wood ulfs Friday atlpn A r veat?- re- nvill ? aam'? day by 9 p m 6144 From P?ndleton, by Town\1ll?, Fairpl?y, Ga., Parker's Store, ee l Aqullla, to Caine.ttilla, 37 mi.e* and beck, twice a week Lanve P?ndl-ton Friday at 7 a m Arrive atCarnesville, Ga same day by 0 p m Le v- Cametvi le Saturday at 8am ?rriva at pondleton sane day by 5 p m 6U6 From M^ M?son?s by Ife'hel, New C-nfrc ard Beihany to Autuob, .".J miles and *??' k, orce a week Lekve Mrs Mason's Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Antioeb ?am- day by 8 p iu L*aviAnti'ch ? hnrsdsy a* 8 am Arrive at M1 Mastn's day by 6 p m ?V.46 Fr<'?0 "ieaow" ville by Powler'e cr-ek, Deecs vi"i?, mmrkint^wn. 'fw.lve Mi e, Glaaay M xmtain Woif ere^k and Brtmrk Islaed to f>to*cn?v 1U , <qual to 19 milaa and back, once a weeft Leave vfck?n> ville S \tardsys at 6 a m A'tive at Pck- nrvit e same day bv 6 pm 6147 Prom Hck?rs C H by Crow t>*k. Pftstaloe, Ande*son's Mills, Twlv* Mile and Nixea to Met at it' 11, e^nal to lb uilef and bork, once a week L??ve Kickcn C H Saturday ftt 7a m Arriv* at tickets C Hfam'-dayby7 pm 6188 Prom Pickens C H bv Waiballa, Colonel's Pork, Horse Hnoe. Waiton's Poid. Ga., Clartfc vtlie, Nac ochee. Mount Yonab and HtMa t mtrtit to Dshlouaga, 8) mil-s and b^ck, twioea week Leave PK ken - C H Haturdfty ftnd We :n**day ftt 7 a m Arrive a' Pahlonega next daya bv 7 p m L-av-lablotega Mouday and Ihurtday at 8 ' * m Arrive at Pick*na C H n> ?td?ys by 8 p ra 6M9 From lickenaCHby tTf>nee S^ii n, Whet atona, Piae Mounta a. BlaettKock M uut?nn, Caahier'a Vsl ey and back by Ch? n. kee t Pi? k tun C H, sqnftl to384 mtiasa d btck, on-e a '? weak Leave Pickens C U Suti rdav at / a in Arriv-at Picksn? C U next day by 9 pm 6laO Pmm Pieke s C U Vy Claytoa'a Mills, 8a(u b.-ity, EtfUteen Mile. Plckeaevilte, Wolf creek ?nd camp around to rtckens C C, equal to 'A mil's sail back, < nee i weak Leave Pickens C H S?tord?v at 6 a m A-nva at Pickena C H mm d?y by 9 p m 6151 Fr m PickensC II by Bounty L?n^, Warsaw Ciarrnoiit, Ba-helor's Hetreat, Snow cr^ek! and MarUa'x crenk to Pwkvns C H, eqnal to 24 mties and back, nee a meek I/Saa* Ptakana C H Sa'urday at 6 ? m Arrive at Pkkena C H aait day b> 7 f m 6L8i Prom Pendleton ly WavJde, Welbn la, Ton ne! Hid end Wne'atone to C ayton, 0ft., 48 miles and back, nose a week Leave Pand e on iharaday at 7 a m Arrive ftt CUyton nest day by i2 m Leave C layton Fr day at 1 p m A trine at Pendleton next day by 6 ; m. ft ImL.qf potlmatUrt in South CUroUma atUhortMed to tmUfM to Uu tufficuitcy qf guarantors., see "tn struc#"*r?r" annexed. Wi:?iiB?*eti * C, by Kta?s vllie, i. C., 10 Aacaeta, ColamMa, *> Oreeavflie c. H ... Ct'lnashla to Cfeeftette GKORGIA. Biddri art requested Is omshsk t*rtfkBy tke m ?W Bavannak -by ??yton Egydt, Haleyftu Of?ooa?, Jonebsse', MiTlii% Cuabinc ville, f-irdaville, Midrille, Qcloomb, SpicerTs lu-nout, Da * labor uu^h, TsnnUe, Oconee, leuaett, Taombeboro , McBonnld, Gordon, .??? ? I < tl4 GriawokHilli te Macopr 189 mlleaand Vatk I(Im i^T &?? fwtuali MIt ?i l?ia nd 7 p m Arrivw at mm? day bp 7 p a and beat t day by 6'^ a m Leave Macon daily at 7>4 a in and 7^pA * Jtrrtrrm Savnunib fame dav by C4 p m and next*yb*Tkam ;? 6*?? F<emMaeonby wolaparcfcer, Feraytb, Barto* ?' 'will's Milner,Gr?n, BeneOeek,Jonerbort?? I Boaah aad Reaiy aod Kaat Ho tat to Atlanta, '10? mile* and bar*, daily r* - L*awa Maecn dally ad !>? Arrive at Atlanta next aajr by t a m l*ave Atlanta daily at? p m Artfrw at MAfedn mt day 1 y 9 a at' ?03 fnm Mmw by lteyaoUttfllov PtewersvWV, f Fort Valley, Reynolia, Butl* 6en?va, Fine Hill, Cpatoire and Steam Faofloij to Otlrm. ? but, 9# miles and beet, daily ? / I*a*e daily at a m Arrive at Colnmbae same sav Vj 9 p m 7*aw Otrtnmbua daily at lffc| a ? ,n Atrlr* at Mtcon same day by ft p m r f' 6301 Prom Pott Valley, by Mar shall vtlla, Wlnchea ter, Montei-rma. and Opt'thorp*, to An?ri> cue, 42 miles and bark. d?Hy. Leave Port VsHey daiiy at a m Axrive at Amei i n" mbi day by Hl^a m ' *.?? le-av* America* daily at |> as Arrive at Fort Will y uim day ky 3pm G305 Frnm Americas, bw tttarkvHe. Palmyra, Al bany, Gum rand, Benron, Thoma-Ville, Dan 1 a at villa, and Centrev?lta. Plorku, to Tel lahaa es 140 m'laa and bank, ALx times a we*k to Albany, and ihrr? fmaa a week tke 1 residue. <? Leave Amerieve daily, except f nr^ay at lk+ am 1 ?? />? Arrive at Albany nae days by ? p m I fV" Albany d?.Hy, ex?ep* Monday, at ?i a m Anlwe at: Amcrlros Fann dwys by 12 m Leava Albany Monday, Wednwday and Friday atlO pm Arrive at Tallahassee next dapa by 11 p m Leave 1 allahasare Tuesday, Thursday and Sa turd ay at 4 a m Ar lv* at Aloaoy naxt d*>s by 1| a m j Bids fr r three additioral ? ertly trips on the part between Albany and Tallahassee are in vited .1 n* ? ;. 030? Prom Albany, by Newton, to B'icbridge, ftd mll> a and back, three times a week. Laave Albany Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 1 atiop m Arrive at Btlnbridge n?xt d? r* by 11 a m Lenv-- BatnHridge Moi day, \V?dnefday and Fii day ?tt| p ra Arriv,; at Albany next d?ye by 14 a m liida to extend, by Quincy, Fla , to Tallahassee, art invi'ed. f-307 From Savnonah, by Dnrien, Brunswick. fit Marj V, Mavport Milla, Fla, Yellow Blaff. JackPcnvillv, Mandarin, Ma*n< Ha Mil g Mtd <*l?b?irg. and Pieelata, to Mlatka, 319 miles ar.d lm<-k, twioe a weak. Leave Savannah Tuesday and Saturday at 10 a m Arrive at Jack*nnvi.l? rext daya bjr 7 p m Leave Jack*onvd e W.danaJay an: 8unJay at 8pm Art ve at Fila.ka next (lava by 6 a#ii L?;i e PHatta Monday aad Thnrxlay at 8 a m Arr at Ja k*oiivillo Phm- daya by 12 nig>it Leave Jacksonville lueeday and Friday at 3 a m Arr.v* at favant ab next dayp by a p m 6!tS Frtm savaurab, by b'cebtTo' and Pcuth New port, to Dtrttm, flu miles and back, twice a week. , Leave favannah M >rday and Thursday at 7 a m Arrive at Darkn same dayeby 8pm le*av? l>aiien luasday and Friday at 7 a m Arrive atfavaenab earn* daya by S p m 630y Frem favaoaab to New f?.rk, N. Y, 600 miles an 1 back, onoe a week, in sUamera. biddi t" will pmpcee a schedule of departures and a rivals. 6?in From Havaanah t6Pbitai-lplia,ra,,90^ mik? and t ack, once a wet k in ?Urem?rg Bidder* will propose a schedule. 0311 Frcai Oayton to epriu^fl li,e miles and bnck twio*a wet k Leave Qeyton Tuesday ai d Fr'day it 11 am Arrive at Springfield sam? cav by 1 p m Leave J?prltigfleld Tuwd.y and Friday at 2 pm r Arr:ve at Oaytov rame day by 4 p m >?312 Fr m Daleyondsie, by Mil] hay *nd fitates b^ro', to heidbvill?, 61 m l-a and b?*k,oocea wet-k. I^ave Hi- leyindale Frl-tay at 3 p m Arrive at Relds?ilie ntftt dtyby T p m Tieave Keid'villeThufttf ar 6am Arrive at HaleyoLdsla nex days fcy 12 q 03'3 From Haley Jiuo'a.e, by Ml 'dl^r u. d, Bla' k creek. Back creek, ?vlvan'a, Jaeksonboro', Mill Haven, jjij'i M'Uf, and Alexander to Wavneaboro^ W &M. and ba k, t?ice a W 06 |L Leave QaloyonJale Monday and Thurfday at 2pm ? Arrive at Waynesboro' text <Jays by 2 p m Leave Waytetboro' Tuesday and Kriday by 24 p m Arrive at Halcyondsle next day by 3 p m 63H From Millln, by Laa ion, Wayiwhoro', Green CXt, ai.d ^'cBtan'^ Letct, to Auaru^ta fc4 miles and back, da Jy Leave Milliu daily at i p m Arrive at Auxurti pam,? day by 5 p m tieave Aagr>gf\ tiaily at 6 r> m Arrive at MilUn laiuj c??y by 10 ;j m 031a Pre m Midville. by Con! cJ vr, to "waiasbcro' 20 m Ws and back, ?<nce a w<ek. Leave MidviUe ^ati.rdajr at 2 p m Arrive at Fwnirfhtiri/ Ktmi: day by 7 p iu. Lfave Swaiaxbt ro' ^atrrvay ai 7 a m Arrive at Midv U- game daya by 12 m, ftSl-b From fpirr's Turnout to Battle Ground, 12 mile* and back. or."e a we*k Leave Fpler'a Turnout 61 turday at?i p in Arnve at Batti^ Ground <an?e day by tj p ux Leave Battl?* Grot nd Saturday at 8 a m Ar.ive at fipier?? Turnout Fame days by 11 % m CJ17 From * pier's i'urnont t" Louisville, 10 miles ani ba:k.thr?e fines a week Leare 8pier*?Turnout 1 ueadiy, 1 har day and fiataiiav at 4 p ra Arr vs at 1 ouisvMIe ram* day by 7 p m Leave Lonisrille Tui d*v, "ihur day and Sat urday at 7 a at Arrive ?r HpWs Turuout Famediiy by 11 am T318 From D^visboro* t> Fann's Urid.;^, 5 miles and bark, tw^ea*??ek Leave Davifboro' Wednesday and Satnrday at 4 pm ' Arri'e at Penn's BrHre -aaif day by (p m Leave Fenn^ Bridge Wed- fsd y aLd Saturday at 1J^ p m - Arrive at Psvifbcr''rame . av by 3 p m ?>119 From Tennill* to Sarderavilie, 3 miles and back, si t'tries a w^ek L?ave Tenultle daily, ix jept fiuniay, at 4 H p m * Arrive at Sander*ri le rsmedays byfUpm Leave Sandersville daily, ereept Sunday, at? a m '?r ArriTeatTennllle pa^eda;* by 10 a m C3*0 From Tent.ills, bv TiwinVCror Heads acd Buck Bye to Dublin. 11 miles and back, twioe a wffk. Leave T?nnlll? Wp4 e dav acd Saturday a? 10J4 am at Dub In sstne day by "5^ p a Le?ve Lubliu Thu;fd?y aad ?un?4ay at 9 a m Arrive at TculIII) taioo day by 6 p a 6321 From Toomba>crough, by Milton, Stephens rille and Cool Springs, to Lauren* Hill, 30 mllrsaud back, oucea week J^tve Tocb-b bo:o igli tl edn 'sdsy at 10 s m Arrive at Laurr:.s 11 11 i,u? dar by 8 p m Leave Laun ns II .1 TLaraday at 7 a m Arrive at To*?xnbiil>'rough rame day by 8 p 111 From M lled<e#iJ? , by Trm^o ard Wh't JUfc's, to 6cf0jn,17 mil-sacd back, (fa'Iy Uive^ilUd^evilla ?JaWy at 4 p m Arrive at Gi/rdon aan.e d?v bi H p m L?*ve Gcrd n daily ai 9 <? ox A rriVe at Alilled^e' ill.; tame day by 10k a ta. 03ie Vr m JCiUedgvriUe, by Bla.;k Hpr'ng. Bulab T ?U f?t ?u' *ud *???????, to Coub a Mellb,46 us 1 e- auJ bi?k, daiiv Lsave MUl?Jgevi^e daily ?t ifl u t w '??Arrive ?t Loubfa Hells same d?ya by i>W p m Le^vo UoMble Wei e dally at 4 a m , ?? MrUed^evi.lesame day*, bv 3pm ?324 Hon MilledreviJie, by Blounihville, Tran Ui"?boro', MontieeUo, Pm o Altoy AA ?if* starrawii;# f> Covington, 06 mile, and tech, twice a week a* c#Tll'*r,,Mll*y Ml Friday at ft Arrtve aAOovlngtou next days by 12 m LeaveCovmtiton Wednenlay and Sa nrfcy at M*tday- by 8 pm ^*Z!2! *^TT U'by W,U1"' ?4C1 nton, wtek mi "a 40,1 **ck' tbr?,' U"a* a "x*-' ? Arrive at Macon use ?ey, by 8 p m a^tft SIT* 4twn!j,,Jr' VVedaeidar, aod Friday ?31o From Milled^e?i le, by Dennis, to Intonton, 23 m'lw and liack, d ily Leave M?>M(ievilledaiU at 1?4 am Anrive at *.a-watun same dayrby 4pm Leave Katcnton daily at 1 am ^ rtwe at ^iliedge%lile game d ys by ism 0897 Frtm MtytieiA, by Rock Mil I a, Shoals of Ofe ??? Fenn'a Bridge, U miles and fa?k. or.eenweek Leave May?' id Fridapnt ? a in Arrive at Venn's Bridge aa we day by 8 p m '."?T* ***? Oatvdiy at 6 a in . Arrive at Mayfleld same day hy 3 0 m 6328 Prom AlayCehi to Pownitem 7 miiefl aad twioeaweek ' Lsave May field Monday and Thursday at 9| 61 L -? -J- . L ll.i.Ll. _j- i u Atftveat I*wvltn?aam*dayabyman Ia*t* P**?ltrn Monday aad 1 ba**ay at 7 an 4 Arr'v* at Mt yfl.Id Smi *av? by fan *** *>7 <*?opew, to itntdevilla, back, otr? t tyk I Moodxj it 7 ID Arm* at R*id?vllle rex'd,j by 10 a n L?ave JU*d vi'de Tueaday at Ha a Aiftw attn>?iiibon' ant lapkrlaw MM Freia J?eVk Bridge, hi Bulfcek ?ovrfij, by Ditlrt Mill*i and Pti?t PdUfe, lo fetafer ' o 'd|h atid back, onae a waflk Pl?dera will atata tha dlatance, aad aropne* a J3SI From flepdarawilK by Warthena Stora, to Lops'! Bridge, IB a ilea at d back, oaaa a we*k ?* Uave SandvrtvilV M3ly A#in^ Arrive at Long'* Br'd&e ??tna day by 11 a ai LramUart Bridga FrMayat 18 bi ?AV. iv<eait8a?d*rsvJBa a*no day by 6 p in 5882 fionUffcrtatolioat Won. f ard bark ?? Ibna Had a **?k Lir^rfiftiTwadVT, Tkanday ltd Satarday . at 10 * m Arrinit Mw^t ttoa mb< days by 19 m Wv? Mount Kton Tuesday, TMtaday and (at unlay at 7 fe a ? ?Arrive a* f par?a a?a? days by t a tn 6813 Fr m BvibrGround to Moufft Vernon, and *?"? h^k,?ro??lwrt? ? * -** n ,d?>rb will give die ance and jfMf eee schedule ' Of 0?par draft and arrfvaift 6 34 Frrm M out Vernon, by ftevttng. to Beida ^ q ville, 37 and ba^k, aaoa a week l^te Mount Ver?H>n Paiurday at 8 a m Arrirv at Reidsville rame day by 8 p n Leave Refdsv lie Punday it (Ian Arrtveat Mount Verdorf earn day by 8 p m 6335 From Mou t Vernon, tj Lfttf* rork to Sugar Cre*k, 34 trifle* and back, one* a week La*t? Mount Ypvnon Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Sugar Creek nine day by 8 p a I/tavwflugar Cr?ak Monday a* ( p m Arrive at Mount Vernon nfit day by 1 p m from gu*ar Off ak, by GabbsvHl.*, to Jaak on ville, 19 allba and tack, onee a week _ L sti! 8 ugar Cre? k Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Jacksonville same day by 19 ai L-ave JackscnvfTle Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Brgar Craek same day by 7 p m 6337 From Maroo, by Jefferecnville, Marion, and Taiggrville, to Tarv.rav.lla, 88 nila and bica, twice a week L<ave Mac n Wednesday and Saturday et 7 utn i ? Arrive at Ta' T?a*ma fame days ly 7 P n L?ave Tarvarfvllle Tuesday and Friday at 8 a a Atriv* at M&otn name day by 6 p to 6S3e From Barnasvllle, by The bock, Thnma' ten. Docb'e Bridge?. Pleasant Hill, Talbf tton ard B< x fpring, to Uiatiia. 81 milra and b*ck. Ihrea unci a week Leave Barue<-r lie Monday. Wedne day and Fri day a' 7 a m Arrive al Upatoie next daya by 12 m L ave Upitoie Tueiday, L'inra lay ard Fttux ?'ay at 1 p m Arrive at Larne?vLl? next ^ayaby 8J p m ft39 FromUdffln, by Brin. War.erv11i?, Jones1!: Mill*, GreenviC* asd Moantvi.le, to L Oracle, 59 &ii'aa ani back, thr?e tim?a a week La*ve Griffin Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at La Gouge aeat daj s by 8 s m I>;ave La Grange Monday, We'aeadey ard Frl d*y at 8 an Arr ve at Grifbo next iaya > y 12n 6310 From OnlflB. by Zebolon and Flat ?bo*U, f ?r? t tiville, 34 miUa aod btck, three tim?o a week Leave Jr.tln Tuealay, Thur?iay and Saturday at 8 an Arrive at Greenville aauae daya by 6 p m Le?ve ZeDuJoo Mvbday, W-doe4ua/ a d Fri day at 6 a m Arri>e at Gr.ffln VTe daya by 8 pm 6H1 Fr n Gr An, Wy Liberty Ua , to Unionviile. lo mi'< s and 1 ack, a week Leave Griffin Wedneeday aad Saturday all p m Airiv. at Unk nville aane dava by fi p m Leave Unionviile Wedneeday and Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at Gr'An rase daya by IS a 8943 Fr- m Grittn, by York, Whit?IFat<r aod Glenn Grove to Wiilow Bell, 28 allea and back, once a week L -a ve Griffin Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Willow Deli nuae day by 12 m Leave Willow Bell Saturday a' 1 p m Arrive at Ghflln aatue day by 7 p m 8?48 Proaa Juna^bor) to Fayeitaville, 10 miles an t tack, tbree timet a week Leave Joneabero Tneeday, Tbnraday and Pat nrday at 2 p m Arrive at Fayettaville same dare by ft p m Uave Fayettevilie Tuaaday, Tbaraday ant Sat urday at 6 p m ATtve at Jonaaboro name daya by 8 a m 8344 From Tow alii ga, by Ind an ^pri?g, to Seven Ifllar.da. 14 mil*e and bark once a week Leave Towalliga Tueaday at 8 am Arrive at t^eveu l^Unda name day by 12 m Jieav e Seren lalaoda Ta^rday at 1 p m Arrive at Towalii^a *?me day by 8 p m 6745 From Fr>rt Valley, by Knoiville, Franci*vil and Davisfon, to Tal otton, 48 mi)-a aud ba k, three ti:u?? a week, with ride aupplv of r Sandy Point onre a week L?av? Fort Valley Monday, Wednesday and Fri day at 9 a m Arrive at TalbotNm aext daya by 12 m Uave Tal ottoo Monday. Wedneeday and Fri day at 9 ?? m :u-i Aniva Frrt Valley next daya by 12 n 8340 From Fort VaUey, by Perry and HayneevilK to Hawkinev'Ue, o4 miiaa aad kark, f|* t^mea a ve k to Ferry, and three tinea a week the re idre. L-av* Fart Valley Monday, Wedaeaday aod Fri day at 9aa Arrive at Hawkia?vlUe fame days by ft pn L?ave HawkinavilldTueeday,Thursday ard S t n day at ity a n Arrive at F >r? Va'ley ear-e daya 2j pm L-ave Fort Valley Taeeday, Thurad :y, and S^t urday at 3| p m Arrive at Perry eame dayp by 8| p m L ave P.rry Morday Wednerday ud Friday at Sam *rt ve at F rt Valley aame daya by 8 a n. 6347 Fr m Wineheater, by Minerva, to llor ?4?-ad, 17 milee a d l ark, one* a week. Leave Wltch^at-r Wedneatiay at 1 p m Arrive at H^iweheal san? day a t> p ut Leave lioraebead We-Jaea^ay at 7 a m Arrive at Wirchertar aatre dav I. 12 r?. 6818 Fr-m Ferry to H?aderson, 10 tailed aud bark, once a week. L-ave 1'erry Ihnrrday it 1 p m r Arrive an Hendtn??n aainrday by 4 p in Leave Hetdsxron Thpr< fay at 9a m A rive at Ferry ran* day by 19 n 8349 from Eawkinivtlfh, by Miliwcod, Vienna. Gun crrek. Blada. Warwick, ard Holl daya viLe, to Albany, 7ft miles atd back, cnce a wet k. L ave Uawklasvil'e Monday at 4 a m Arrive at Albany next day by tt p m L?ave Albany Saturday at 8 a n Arrive at Hawkinaville next day by 8 p n oiSO Frrm Hawkinaville, by Lawaoo, and vioeyard, to Irwinaville, 43 mil s and back, oc'ca a weak. Leave Ilawkintville Saturday at 1 p m Arrive ai Irwintviila nut day by 8 p m L*ave Irw;nsvil e FHd*y at 8 a m A-rive at H?*k uvijlo in x'day by 12 m . 6131 From I'awkirsvllid to Gum Swamp, 11 mi e8 ana bock Oijre a week. Leave 11 rwkiutville Thur/d*y at 2 p m Art It# at Gum cwamp pame oay h) 6 p m Leave uum ivam Yh"r*iayat 8am Aniie at 3awkipfville'#aThe *p\ by 11 a ut 6362 From HawHneTille,0 by land, Temptr a-ct', McUae's Store, Jark^on^ille, Clay file, Lumbrr ityuBoxvilie, Perry'a Mill*, Matlork, B-aidotreek, ant Jonee^t creek, to Barlen, 167 milafl and back, twice a weak. Leave Hawkinaville Sunday and Ihuraday at 2 pa Ar iva at Darien next Wednaaday and Sunday by 7 p n Le .ve Darieo Mon ay ?t>4 Tbur-day at 6a m Ani* t U Hawkinaville naxt Thursday and Sun day by 12n ?363 Fn tu Coprlasd* by to Uou?a cr> ek 13 nilta atd back, onoa a wtak. Uave Ocprknd M odiy at 8 a n Axr ve ai Houae creek aame day by IS m L ave Soon rr-.ek Monday at 1 p m Arrive at Copeland s me day by ft p m 1864 From Jackacaviikuby ForcnU, to Ocmulgee ville, 21 miles and baei, oaoa a week. L ave Jackaoavlllfl l atarday at 6 a n Arriva at Ocmulgeavilis ?ame day by 12 a Leave UcmulgetviUa Qatoidaj at 1 p m Arrive at Jaeiewille ana day 7 n m 1866 From Bruaawick, by Bethel "Wayneavil^ and Laogbwry, to Jaffata?to ,47 milee andbark, twice a week Leara Bruaawick Sunday and Wedneeday at 9 Aniva at J?feraon/oo a?xt daya by 19 a a Lea a Je&raoatoa Monday and Ihuraday at 18 m Arr;va,at Brunaw ck naxt daya bf 12 m 355 From IVaffawvUi* to Maraabrro', 60 nilee and baok. aaaa a weak. L?ava WayaaaviUa Monday atd a n Arriva at Wares hero' naxt day by 19 m Leave Waraburo' Topeday at 1 p m Arrive at Wayaeavilia sextday t>y O p m Propoaala to en brace Strickland's are Invited i also for aaai-waekly aarvlae. S57 From Darien, by Pendarvia'a St^re aad teak laad'a. to Wareabero*, 7* aiba and back, ocee ft e UanaBarten Mate at #a n k Arrive at Wareabcro n?i day by 8 p m leave Wareeboro' Wedneed-y at 6 a m Arrive at Darimneat day hg 8 p m y 1 ? . ?> ???? -J-T- - ? -k eiU it Ptaiiriii'i Itvt wUl bt W* Proa Pe <3arrVs?tere tj Lad t'?Blnff and JifM^ruK to HJbwtU:*, 4 bum aad hack, ul ? oaaa a v^ae*. n {I?i? Peadai"""' fi'crr Tuarday at T a at r. i Arrive art Uela*eri4a a?a?e day by 7 p m I ,.{ p f tnwBiOM'lh W?|W'A? e? 7 * m Arrive at PandarrVs Ktore hm day bj 7 s a WVrrm Waeb?rv', hgr WalthoarriUe. to Ulaes l-aere RJceb ro* Monday an' Tharedav at 4 p n Arrive wt fliarerille aamsdajaby 0p m in Uivt Hla'srlile acd Iharsdav at 7 a ra " A" rire at Btaabora' mow 4mjt by If a ?aa? * rca Pt. Karr'a. by A aodstoek Mill*, Florida. **d Qeat ? village, Giv, to Tracer's Hill, ? ?> 4 i a lies and back, twioe m weak Laavr St. Mary'f Mrnday and Thursday, at 4 aru Antra a* Trader's Hilt saae day by 6 p m Leave Trader's Hi! Tuesday aad Friday at 4 n ra Ait wit*t Mary's aaina daya by 5 pat mi tnm Wtatbtt,.', by Bettie ?Mk, to Ofcatrs "Village 43mileeaod baek.oa'ea week LaaVa Wereeboro' Tharsday at 6 ua Antr* at Omt re Village same day ?y 7 p ? Leare Oeerfra Tillage Friday at 6 a ai Anffe'at W areebere' *aa? day by 7 p ai 6964 Frrfai Wpr ?bar>' to Magnolia, 40 ntli and Wek, trfl-ta wa?k L?*ve War'abor^ Sunday at 6 a at Arrfre at Magnolia a- ma day by 7 p a " Lear* Mtguora Mrnd-?y at 6 a a Arrire at Wartahnro' ??me day hy 7 p a Bid" fbr semi-weekly dNrvtaa arxlor'ted 1 <ttS3 froa W. resboro'.by St Ijla, Bolae-rille, Pi nay Head. Staff rd'sFsriy and Waterae'on to K Uwll's, 73 a lea aad back, rneij t(?k Leare Wart aboro' Mcnlay a* J a a Arrire atR?iJ*YlIJa next day bj 7 p a Ltri Hsi&rille Wednesday I'.'iam Arrire at Waieiboro next day by 7 p m 6Jt>4 Frr.m Ware shore', by Ocean Wt?? to F*irn a 50 mile* and back, one a waak Leave Wareaboro' Monday at 7 a a Arihf at Fa,-OBla next day by 14 a Leave F? roala Tuesday at 8 p a Arrive at Wsrwhorc' neat dar by ? p a 0966 From H< lmf?vUle to Hall 37 aul** aad bark onoe lawk Leave HoimtsriPe Mraday a< 0 a a Attire at Bar- saae dar byOpa Leare Wall Tuesday ai 6 a a Arrive at I'o'niesri k> aaaa day by 6 p a ?U66 Fr m %ajrn-iia, by tarter^ Brltgf an1) Ala piha, (o frouprUIe 51 a Lea and bark, (?<> a waek Lea ? Masnolia Thursday tf 7am Arrive at Tr uprfl ? neat day by 13 a I.- vaTroapnl'*-Friday at *r m Arr>e?t Ma*n >l'* day by Spa Kid* f^r aaai-waekly fttnrte* ar8 lant^l j <357 From Mafoolla o Blrnot'a Ferry, Fla, I mile i ard baek, "are a weak La to MagnoH* Sunday at 4 p m ? Arr'veat ? Ion :tW?frr next day by 4 pa Leare Blou' tV B^ry flarfu at 7 a a Arrire at M*jtnc'fa neit day 1 y 7 a a MP6 Fr^ra Majbo !a by C^ff^e C B, to s??l'i Ptnr. ?nd bar> , cnc*? n wa? k Md >r. will Bute dirtaa^e rni ptvpoaa afebed ule 6'fiO Fr m A'agiba, ty Troabl??'oae, to Ja*per, Fla 45 mt.'ea i od back, "cce a I<eare A]?;>ahe Saturday tttaa ArrheatJ???r^r same darby 8 p a T?t'f J< p^r Frld- y at 6 a a ! Axr'.re at A apeba a bp <*ay by 8 p m 6370 frosi TrouprilV ty Fi* oi* and CharrT l ake fia, t> Jdaiisou. 35 ailea and bark, rn<ea w^ek L#^e T^oupri'e Tuesiay at 7 a a Arrire at Med'am aame day by 7 p a I are Madi-ou Monday ?1 7 a a Axrira at Tac*upTi:]? amt day by 7 p a <371 FrmnTroapTil!*, ^y <'lyattavii:e, to Be<l?*i'le, Hi, 03 mi ?a ?ad back, oare a we-k L-ave Traapril'a Tneeday at 6 a a Arrive at Ed>nlle >am?daj by 1 p ra Lear^ Belleville Tu^gjay at 2 p m Atrlra at Troupville same day by 7 p m 61/i Fr"a Trouprille by Grifflu'- M Is Flat Pr*?\. and Kdanfield, lo Irainaville 77 teila^ and' back, on e a *?*k Leava Trvuprllle Tueaday at 5 a m ArrJra at Irwinavida next day by 6 p m La re lrwiu?vl J? Band ay a* 5 a a Arrive at roupville Mxtday by6 p m 6373 troa Morr?n, by UaMra and Ara, to CrW, 40 ailec and back, ooe? a we3k Leare Morveo Taeniay at 7 a a Arrira at Or*' aaraeda? by 7 p a Leave <??; Weiu^day at" 7a a Arrire at Mcrrea eatne dar by 7 p a 6d<4 From Xbomaarille by Boptnn, Ortvvveraville. and Station, tr. Nontieello. Fin, S5 ailaa ana tack, onre avraek Leare T1 o 'a*nil? Vbnr<day at 6 a ra Arrira at Fi nt *?llo aam?* day by 5pm L*ave Monti e-lo M ?*dBe d*y at 0 a a Arrira at Tbenaa* j|ie rarae day by 5 p a 6^75 .-PO? Thnxuvavt^ by oiavcnr, tv Moat'c?>lk), Fla SO mll?'and back thr?e t'a?* a wok Le?ra Tbomaar'He Sucdtr W?lne d?v ?nl Friday at S|^ am Arrive at darn by 1? pa L?ar? Mont < alio Mondav, fftrtneidav aid Frf. ?day, ar8pa Arrira at TV^tnasrille muie day by 7 p m 6376 /rom Thc-nasrllle, by (>k*pilr^ ?n,j Morven to Troopr 1>. 44 mdee and ba<*, twke a wftk, Leara Tbomaarlll ? Monday anl Tburaday, at ? a ra at Tronp^Tille rame d.iy? by 7 p m Leave Treupri'la Tneaday ?-d Frldav at 6 a m Arrire at Tbc m?eri]lj eam? davs by 7 p m f.377 Ftym Thonaeri 11a, by Bi?tw.<od, to Mko u kie, F a., 18 mile- aod ba k, onre a week. Lea re Ihtaaavills Wednfaday at 8 a m Arrive ai Miroeuki* iun? day by 1 p m Lear ? Jdlc^ukie Wrdnaeday at 2 p m Arrive at Th<.mu*vni- aam? day tv 7 p a 6X7B From Ogl tkorpe, by Hamburg* l ond Town, Buaoa Vista, Rfch^d, Luapkla, BUde:? Cr. ?k, and Geornet^n to Itotaula, Ala., 9i , Jp"3* k, threu timto a wr. k ta Lurnn kin, and unce a week the r?-idae. L**ave O^letb i^e Mttiday, Wednesday and F 1 d^> at llam Arrire at L -mpkin next day* by 4 a m Leare Lumfkia lueed.y, Thu adav.and Satur dtyat4pui Arrive at 0?l?thorpa L?xt daya br 10 a a Lara Lua^k>n FrMay at 4^ a a Arrive at tiula ila fame day by ? p m Leava Jkntaui* iriday at 1 p m Arrive at Lmupkin aaar <j*y by 0 p a Separate ku* tor ibeparlj to aad b?yoad Lump kin ar* itrit-d. W7& 9ioin o^irtUtorpe, by QraagarrUl?, Poied?xter J.agoUtU., Ba aa VteU, Gleii"lta and tiallcca, IJ Gel on boa, 70 aiieaaad baok ?aoe a week. Leave Oglethorpe Monday at 0 a a An he at Columbua next day by 6 p m Leare Qalunbo* Weda?8d.y at 7 a ta Arrire at Ogletbvrpe next day by 6 p m Fro an Onlrtliocpe, by BytoaTille, to Vienu*. It ailei and tack, twice a week. Leave Ogkthcipa Monday aad 1 hurt day at 1U a a Arrire at Vienna nme daya by 7 p m Leare Vienna Tneeday aad Fridar at 7 a m Arrire at Ogl'thirpa a*me daya by 4 p m WS1 Frra Lanier t~ Oglatborpe, 7 m La and la-k three time* a week ' Leire La >ier Xueeday, Thursday, and Saturdav ate am Arr r^at O. ietb'V, a t ame daya by 10 a m Leara Oglethorpe *n-eday, Ihart-dny, and Sa turiayatllaa at Lauter ame daya br 1 p d 6o8i Frra Pond Ttvm. by Qneb<ek, to iioBv Oaiv*. IS a 1m aa 1 baok, once a week ^ Leava Pond Tawa Batarday at 8 a in Ar.ira at Bel y Grore aana dar ly 11 a a Le tre H Hy Grore Saturday at 11^ a a Arrive at road Towa tame dar by 8 p m ?383 Froa A by mmTifle ana Drama to ? Vienna, 32 mil-a and back ooee a week Le >re Amerieus Thursday at 0 a a Arrire at Vienna an day by 6 p m Leere Vienna fr day at 6 a a a* Atnerfoufl name day by 5 p m 6384 Fro in Am ticu-, by Maim of Luia, Mclefah and Plaarille, toUlenalta, 42 milaa and bark orce a week. | Leare Aaericua Thursday a* 6 a m Arrire at Gleaalta same day by 7 p m ? Leare Gleoalta Wednesday a: 6 a a Arrire at Amur cue aat day "by 7 p a 6*85 From Americas by Prorideote and Chenuba. to Uttthberf, 40 tulles and bask, twioa a week L-aro Amerixrus Wtdaeeday aad Fatarda/ at I A ill Art're at Cnthbert same daya by 7 p a Leare Cuthbert Tue day and Friday at 6 a a Arrire at Aacrie. a game days by 7 p ra Prcpoeali for a ihxe; timet-a wrek arrke will be considered 6386 Frcm-McIutoah,by Bottsford. Plevaot Level, and Flat Fond to giarkTilla, 31 alia and ba:k. oace a werk. I.ta'e M^Intoah Friday bt 7 a a Arrire at Stark#ills same dsy by 6 p in Leave Starkrllle Saturday at 7 a a Arrir j at Melnt'ah day by 6 p a 6357 Proa Albaay, hy GUI ton's. Coooord, Paahitta. and fnl] Creak, ta Port Gainee, 60 miles aad , j back, onoe a w. ek v Leare Albany Friday at 8 a a ? ;j Arrire at 9* n Gaines next day by 7 p a T/eaxa Fort Gainsv Wcdnaaday at 6 a a Am re at Albany lcx . 4a r hy & p m oDoa a week Leare Albany VrMay at ? a a maammm /rii'eat Ir?inrviUe Wadcaeday by tpa L**t* lrwlto??W? aft: day t . a Arnvt a' Albany Mit(U; b)|y? , (?&* Frvdn Albany, bjr ^ bi^iawtuO*. rrv*?, < ? t Rcrbwaj. Cuibhr t. 4C*i hlibK a <4?"~rf* to*?.C- mi], once aire k. j?'*Te iibu/ Tue?d%y I>(|B ir4v ?- OMif^an Mvi^i by ? p a La*** Uaatastowa Tbur duall mm Arm* at AW* j rat 4a j by 6 p a 6300 frem tfimu by Mi&lo*, OvbJork^eY m4 fr Taltoaiae to CkafUao, 49 ale* and ba?k., n !*??? Giokvs^t i ? Ani a *11 fcapta* aut 4n.4; JJ m l aav* Gkantta Tae*dey at1 p m - Arrtv* ?t Ota tow a i?t44j by 7 p a $9*1 f res AiguU by B*ra 4 a, laa I>aet, U? bar 'y, T?< UablaWoUa, frawbirda ? wi ta, Union Polrt, UrwaaW, ljckb?*d, Malta**, foetal ON?, 0**taftoa, Oxford, Conyer**, Ljtkonla Mob* MoaaUia aa4 D*. rata* to AtiatU, W4| alia* aad bark, tatr* /4 caiky, *?tb a fcraatk ??! frta Oaaak to WtwUm, ati*a a ad back, da ly Lt*? A?taeia **.?y at 4a a a*4 It alfbt Ardvvat At aata aaa^n ty 6 p a, a*4 B'xt d?ya by 104 a 01 Iaave A'ta*a daily ??. H a a, Bat 64 p a* ?TmvJvm 1 to >*v-nabar l.aad at 6 a a aid { p m r^eidue of y?ar Arrive at Aanaata aaa* daya by 7 p a, ard day* by 6* a B, In m Jaa* 1 to Novraa bar 1, na4 bylpa sad 11 pa rectda* of year ?t ,.? ? Wt? Palate daily at p a Arrive at Wa~r*tt>a (an* ??? br 9*. r ? l<*av* Warranto* daily art Ipa Arrive il Oaaaak *ame day byHpa 6IW W orn Atlaita br R-d ' ab. Fntrbarn. Palarrt to, Nwaraaa, OraatrtUt, Hojrao.rUU, La flMB^a lad L'h Caaa to Wat Faiat, 91 ?11 a aad bark. dul'y Leavei Ut'adally at ilaa Arriv* at Waat Nlct laaia daya by 4 p a l'?Tt Wfft Potnt d-lly at )aa,fma J?w? 1 to Hot.mbar 1, ad at f a a iwetdae cf yaar AniT? at A'la-?a by 9 a a. froa Jaa< 1 to Nov in be r 1. and at It a r*?tdaa rf v?ar R?as From Atlanta by Fwltea. Behoaavill*, Nwl rvw, Mare'.'a Morr.a, Acwertb, A>latoo*a, CnrtarerOe. CuitI le. K la#>*<a, Adairavlll*, Galhcna, K*aara, Tlltoa, D toa, Tunr#| Bin* Ktafrgr>ld, fp%likft mw4 Cbifkn?ofn, T*nn,*<> Chit'nano-a, ldt aR<? aal back, dally l/?ara A lanta dai^ at & a a -w r Arrr? at t hattx?o^o > aar day* br , p a L*arafH ?'t*avg? d?Hj at II a a Arrrra at Atlanta ram* day* by ? p m ^191 from Adkii ta to Rtrbm<>Dd VaTtorr, IP nfl-a a. d bark t?lce a wrok I^wt# Aac-nta H>draaday aad fc?t?rd?y ?* & P" Atr ti at Rlrbmotid Partory mac d?r-< by P ? L?i?r? Rlrfcmond Ffe'ory Wrdttaaday ani fat urday a* 7 a m irrirr at Aajruta *aa? d*ya by 10 a a >195 Prtm *ofca<a by Nobraaka. Elot'a, Bcbat k'a Doob> B atrbr*. fdor->lat<a,6o?bra P*U'-a bnrf. Antt r*j th'a'a, Oonk'a Law Bl b*r/m Azaan<*ri'le, Ka?,l* flwr?. B>w*ra ril> an?l faitri'-^rto Carra^rtlla, lib all** aud b*etf orr * ? w?~k lieare Aojru-vi Iburrt y at? a re Arrirr a^ Car. rvr n>>0'zt B^'ardar by 7 f a L?ara Garnetr-i'e Vet .lay a* 6 a a Arrir* ?t An;.'?ta n?tt Wedoradaj br 7 p a ?5396 fnB L'm nrlj by lUnab'Iraa, R^-dr Ora*k, Pp fad Oak and BjItbb Ore** to Ffik'i Brilft', 3S mil? *rd ba te. a w- ek l>oaTa L-abtrdy rr^daj at6a a ArrtT? a*. fronV Bridga mm? day by I p a I cth FftU'i 'irtlgc !>atarday at 6 a ai Arrirr at Lou-ba: J? came dar b; I r di 6L7 Frca Ttonsppo^ by Wnghubrir)', VIi Oak, AprHug at 4 WinC- d ;? Ray.-r iJa. 'At a'Ww ani berk, three tlaw a work, aopplyiog Wri^htrtwro'oaly on tb? (<4d( trips, to t V> h t-.- Oak, Af I'ling aad Wii.flelJ ca t >?* tbe retain t lpa l^ave llios p#on Taraday, Tb a radar aod Aat orday at 4a a at Fay?Tllle ram* days by 10 a m I^-are Rayarilla Taraday Tl ari*d-y and Fatur day a a Ar:ive at 3 bomparn fibi? )*aya by p m < 3S8 f'nm I>v ubla W e l* by f^haroa tr H a -hin^f n, 18>4 m lea aad b rk, fix tim<" a w??k Leave D ub'e WaJkaCait?, free, t Paad?y at \ P m Arritt at W*?hl"gtra?air? daya b- 1\ p in I^ara Wa^logton jallj, txcept tui d%iy, at 7 a m Arrive ?tD")ttble We ]* $?mt day* b\ fan ? JW from Utioa roint by Wondri11\ Bair latova ard Ma?ay U- A ben*, aJW aad bark, aix tiaeca week L^ara Unian Pcin'. dally, Fuadav, at 114 a m Arora at Atbac* 'imc by S4 p a L-aT? Atbeaa daily, ex rpt 7 a a Arm.- at Caion Point turn* daya by llaa v'ivt) Frtm Uni?o Poin', by rub'le F^uarf, *0 fbil cmatb, lb milf# abd bark, oner a w?ek Tobn Po'-nt Prid.y at 6 a a Arrira at Philcm?tb raaa day by 10 a a L??Te I'hikaatb PrUay at 12 m Arrive at Uaion Point fane 4*y by 4pm r'40l From Grrenabora' to Gladea X Had*, IS m>a at.d f a'k, ocor a week L*?ve tboro' Friday at 7 p a at ClaJea X bcada fame day by ( p m La; iV* Qtidra X Roada ftiday at . a m Arr re at tireenab&ro' remeday bj 11 a a ? 1 ?i?Ui kt< m Gr ooaboro' to Wbiie P]?ina, J8 arki a>l backftliree t jum a weak Lsava Uroanrbcro' Xueaday, Thi:r day. a d (?at driay at 12m Arrive at Wulte Plair a auaa 4a|a by 8 p a Laiva Wbito Plain* Tuanday, Tbiir day ard Saturday al 8 a in Ar.iv- at Gr-eoab ro' a?n?a daya bv 11 a m , <jAW Proa Green#boro, by Peaflai 1, toaoall Bbrala 10 mile- and back, alx Umaa n wrek, ard twit-* a week taa r<a d j? L?ave Greenab>rr' 4*i y, axra,t Hunday, rt 8 V m Arr vt at P-dWJ i?m* daya by 5 p a L^ava PeafteiJ daiy.azrayt Sund y. at 84 a m Arrive at Orieabaru' aam> daya by <4 a a Penfield Tu-xU; ai d T%n?dav at ft a a Arnvo at boaii bbnaJa aaaaday by tin Lrav*?aaU fiboal- Taanuay aad Tbasaday at 10 ? to Arrive at IV-lald paae daya b> 1 w m 4464 Proa klaUa^a to Katiauia, Ui alia* aad back ris liar* a week l/oave Ma4i?oa dally, exceptBaaetnt. at da a Irrive* la aat n aam- daya by 1 p m Leave Eetoatoa daliy, except tuDd.v, at 2 p a Arrive at Madiaon ?ame daya by 7 p a Prapora'a t? rmlraoa Uaara*vUia are lnvi*ad 6405 Fmn Maditcn, by Laaraaavil'e ard bady Dalr, to Monucaiio, 82 auea aad bark, tboe Umaa a week, ?oppbla* Hearnatil'e obIt oooe * wr?k e cb way Leave Mani on MondayWedaeed.y.aed Friday at 7 a m Arrive at McntieeU^ ium da) a by ?" p a Leave .Montin llo Tut*u?), Iburnlav, and fat al day at b a a Arrive at Madaoa aaae daya by 4pm Propnaala to emit He .raaviUa are lovttad i f 4t'b Proa Madiaor, by t>alaa and farmm*rua, to WatkiiifVilie, 2i ailaa aad bark, twioe a Leave Mad *00 Tseaday aad Paturday at 12 u< Arrive at Watbiaavilie Mae daya by A a a Leave W? kiaaviik Tuaaday aa4 fiaiuriay at ft ? a > Arnveat Madiaon tame 4aya by 10 a 111 0U)7 Ppm Ka'naton, by S'anf^ifv Ua, C cj.'?B'e MUia, aod Bloun avtlla, ta Otatoa, ;0 ail*| an4 back, twioe a week Laa-ta Batoatoa Monday aad Tbam'ay at 8a a Ar.iv* at Cliatoa a?ay; daya by 7 p a Leave CliatoB Tceaday and Friday al 8 a m Arrlre at Pau>atoB ?aa? daya by *7 p a 6R>* Prrtn Bat a ton to MoaOaaato, 18 ailea and bark, tbr^eOaaaa weak Laave Batoaon Mond-y, Wadaatday, nad Fri-* day alpm Arrive at Mooboe'lo aa- 4ayn by 7 p a La va MoatWUo iaeeday, VBurmlay, ard Bab rr lay, at 6 a in Arrlva at Batoatoa anae 4*?a by 12m e40i Fr a Mo- tk-el'o by J14ewv?'J?, Orruoopta, Oard'vlTl\ aad Poverty Urii, to Macon, id mil<t?Ba4 ba-k. oaoe a w.ek. Laave Monti a la Thur day atl^aa Arrive at Maaoa a?me dar by S p a Leave Mac n W ired-y at ej a m Arrlva a Mon<i**4lo on d y by 8 p m 64.0 Proa facial Clrda, by Br<rk rtor? ard Rew bcra. to BN-raear, lb BaUa acd bark, ?Ice a week. fieave Postal Cirri a Monday acid Ifearalay, at 6 aa Arrlva at Eb*aa?rram* d?ya by 11 a a Leave Kbew^iar Monday ard Pburadav at 1 p a at Serial t lrcle eaaedava by b p m 6411 Frrm Social Orate by .Urate*, Go- d Hop*, Hi*h bb**le, and VaMMlila, to Atbraa^ *7 mil*" aad bacM > torn* Mcnroa, aad thpan tHaa a areek toe la'due leave floc'al UWe 4ai y, axapc Ancday, at I a m Arrtve at M^aroa nma daya bj 8 a a ?.e*ve M?bm daUv, e?x*? Sandav. at 10 a a Arrive at Bnetal ^lr la a*tea daya by 1 p a t?av? Mob me Monday, Wadaewday, aad Pr'day at ? a a Amva at Athaaa aaaa daya by 6 p 111 Lea** AtH?ua raaaday,Tkwrea%>, aad Sa'aaday at6a a ? -e '} Arrive at M<araa aaaaa day* by 8 p a 64W Pr at Oavlngt a, by Newboo Fne*ory. Wortb 1 Till*, Jaekaoa. lad aa Fariaya, Coak, aad '48ew?arka 4* faaajdb dt mlLw aad Laob, twice a we?k [Pbr (unhmutim ?a/ewr4A pap* of Mar.J

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