Newspaper of Evening Star, January 27, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 27, 1855 Page 7
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Leave Maanlngton Saturday at 7 a m Arrive U Lumfwrvjrt Mm# day by It m Leave Lumbarport f aturday at 1 p m Arriw at Mannlngion gaxu* day hjflpn. 6071 From Maunlngton, by BeaJty's Mill*, Pin# Grw* and Pi>?* r'a /all% to Knt Martin atll*. .?-9 miles and bao!.. oace a v?k. Laav- M Tuesday at 7 a m Arrive at Martiaavllle ubi day by 7 p m Leave .S?* MerOmv lie Wednesday at 4 a m Arrive at MaouUagton aam< day by 6 p m i*Top:s*W f.?r frvqutat tripe arc invited. { 6072 Fr m B**tty's 51111% dr^-a tba south tcik tf Fisbini cr?ek, tod down Indian creek, t* Rip ley'*, S3 ?lilee and ba. a, OLoe a we?k. Leave B-etty's Mills Ttw*day at 9 a m Arrive it Ripley's smjxi- day by 9 p m Lw>e R p'.-j'i Wedne<day at 0 a m Arrive at Diatty's Mil's hubs day by 4 p u, or la time to nonaeot with uill from Now Mar tie ft llle. W73 From Hasten'* Ftrry to Bontwvllfe, 6 mda* and back, twW M wsek, and frcm BocthsviUe to Marietta, 4 miWs and bark, ouoe a week. Leave ben ton's Ferry Tu? day and Friday at 12 m A: rive at Bothsvllle same davs by Jpm L?ave Pojthsvills Tuesday and Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Fentoe's Ferry "ssiue days by 11am Supply rariatta every F:io*y between 3 and 6 p m. 6074 From Flgi creek, by Sl'np.ry F.rd. to Wood la ila, 29 tailca and bark, once a ierk. Leave lish crwk Tu- a-Jay at 8 a m Arrive at Woodl?i<4scame <>'ay ty6pm L-av*- Wo dlands Welufsday at 0 a m Arrive at Fish > r?*k same day by 4 p m. b\j~3 From New Martinsville, by Fi>n L'*ht, Peek Saddle, Carney's,-Go: by 'a id. Lis and ForkJ of V eh cre> k, tc f um cm k, ? m.les and back, one>- a w^k. Bidders will fee <?!/'arios an I s Prrm Movd osn. by Granville, Cassviila, Peutrees, ttlacksville, Miracle Rain, and Wa4?a town, to Burton, 33 in.lea and back, oooe a wc-k. J>?va Mcrgant^wn Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Kurtoa a?me Jay by 7 j> m t*avf Burton Tuesday at 8 a m Arrive at Morgantoeu sama day by T p m l*ropu*r.L fo- a sec nu weekly tr;p an invited. fc.?:r Fr ra M? rgsntown. by tiranvilia, Fort Martin, Mill v Tree, Cans M-caei'a, and Heisteraburg, to l; ownsviile, Fa., 32 ml.esaid back, cnce a weik L*ave r-antown Friday at S a m Iniwat Lrown?ville same day tv6pn L*?veBr:>vBsviileSaturday at 8 am *rrivs at Mor^antown earn* day by 6 p m 1078 From Mu Idy crcek, (Preetou coanty,) by F:*eusburg, Cranesville, Old L ng Run, ai/l Accident, to A J J won, MJ ,? milts and bark, once a wet k. Bidders will state d^a^ce and schedule partures and arrivals. 6079 lrom Fl^r^toe, F? , by Ccmmettsbnri and Falrrirw, to WoiUviLe, 0,16 miles and baek, twice a week. Flor^iiea Tuesday and F:ll?y at 0 a m Atrlee at W e!L*viile g?ne day by ?2 m i,?aT.? W-llsrillo Tue* lay aul Friday at 1 p m ?t F.f?r??oca fame d -js. bv 7 p m :'45<? Frcm(Srii-berry ummit, t-y (iu?.man's Store, Brandonvill% and Ilarn?daLurg, to Farmings t a, Pa,? mil. s vad b?cii, oto* r. week. hijders will clve dia:ante tad tchedu^e of de par oraa and ftmsals Proivjsula for ceml-weeXly s^rrlos are invited 6031 From Clarksburg,by L^mberport, to Shinny, ton, 1*2 miles a d back, cao>- a week. Irfiave Clr.: Wfburij baturdav it 12 m Arrive at S^inn'ton same d?v bv 3 p m LatTo &i innaton 9atcidtyat8a m Arnre at Llar^ burg same day by 11 a m oW Fr.iUi Cla-a*b?rg by Quiet Dell, Komine'a ^Lls, Peel Tree, aca Carper's Store, to Buch an.n, 18 milea and back, twice a weak Leave Clarkaburg Wedneaday and fatnrday at 2am Afritt at Bucfcaran ?Q9 days by 12 m * Lea*a Buchanan luesdty au'd>r'ld?y it 9 am trrb* at C arlubnrg f&iao davs by 6 p m * Fr-.m Clerk#bnr*. by rtrass L?nd, Orerfltld, Melon an lHiUlin^a, to Baro?yUle. 33 mile* anl back, orce a week. Lsava Clarksburg Friday at 7 a m Airlre at Bu ruevi.'e s?m? day by 7 p m t.'STe BnrtifiUs Sa.u;day at 7 a m Arrive as C arksbure P?me day bv 7 p m 5uM From Clarktborg, ly creek and Janelew, t*> Uejtou, 27 m ' j ^1 bsok, six times a we*a aod t-ui>p'y Wtet Jllford by aide mill twke a week. Leave Clax^burg daily, czcept Sunday, at 1 pa Am*" at Wefton same Jays by 8p m L*ave N^'e-tou d*ily, exempt Sunday at T am Arrive atClarkthora; by 12 m ?0*5 F"i m Palatine, by Maredi h's Tavern, to Mor gun ? Ki 'ge, 9 mil** and b ck, once a w?*k. Laave, Pa ata* Satnr>lsy at 1pm Arrive at Morgan's Rki^e same day by 6 p m Livd Morgan s Kid?e Saturday aid am Arrive at Palatine by 12 m 10*9 From Pruatytown.'by Simpson's cre^k, Pleaa aat creek, fhilU|,p:?, Calhoun, Barker's ge^ tl-m-nt, and LaaOavlli*, to loverly, 44 miles aid berk, tbr-? times a week. Laave 1 rumytown Tuesday, ahuwday, and Sa turday at 6 3 m Arrive ?t Beverly mma days by 9 p m LaAVe B?ver'v sundry, Wed^^ed>y, and Fri day at 6 a m Atriva at Leadaviile ssrp.- days by FJ^a m Leave Lea Isvrile Monday, V.wlnesday, acd Fri d ?y at 8% a m Arrive at Piuntytown Moodev, Wednesday,and Frld. v by ft p as I 6CS7 Fn>m Wkerl ug, by Dallas Waet Firl?v. Pa., Harrey'?, Wayn-aburg, Khby, Mouat Morr a Va.aud tirendvill^to Albrgaatcwu, 67 tai'es and back, once a wevk Leave Wheeling Friday at 6 a m Arrive at MorganU.w? aext Cav bv 6 p ia LeaveMorgantown W'edretd ,y at Ca ra Arriv* at Wbaellog next day by o j> in 60"*8 Frvua Wbe. liug, by lwl-Ai-, ohn?, MounJrviile, Va., L'!iFs Bu tom. Ohio, Capfoo, Powbatan Pilnt, Wocdlandt, Va , lish.Obio. Proc tor Va , BaresvilLl,N..w Marrins? ill;, Va., Sar ds, Olio, Wi;ten'a,bi>teriviile Va.,C c'iran'a 1 Aalii.g, Ohio, New Me'am ras^ Orand View, Cte ead, Grapi Island, Va.. St. Marv'a, New prrt,Ocij, Will'TW Island, Va , Brll c'r ek, Ma riet-a, Ohio, Duncan. Va , llarman, Chio *td Brlaao Rua, Vs^to 1'arkersburg, 96 miles and back, hrtM tim-s a week Iaive Wheeling Tue?d<y, llursday, and Satur day at 10am Arrive at Feiker-bprgr.extdeysby6am Leave : arkeraburg ile: j<\y, Wolii"?d?v and Fri day at 7a m Arrive at Wh?t!icg nexf day^ at 5 a m. 608s# Fr m H besliag, by West "i. ber y, to Eetaacy, 17 miles ai-d back. thr?etiiuiMa Week. I?ave Wbewling lu-eday, Tl.ur day, and Satur day at 1 p ui A rrive at L'e fc an y; am s c'ay? Ly 6 p m laave liet> any Tuesday, TLur.d-y.aai Saturday at* a m a* >Vbe*ilB{*anit dayf b v 12 m. ?<?j Fro31 Whc lin?, by Wheeling Vall-y, Fair Hill, Ho. k Va Uv ai d Ryar ou'f, .S:a;ioj, to Brown's F rk,36miiea a: d r>ack, ont? a week leave Whau ing W'due-day attiam Arrive at Brown's F rksameday by 9 pm Leave Brown'- Fi rk 1 burs-ay at 6am arrive at Wfccelins! eauied;y by 9pm 5*1 Firm Obarlea CityC.'Uf,peiK>u'aBtore. B d'ers tc ttate (1l>tiu e and schedule of depar 1 turee and arrival). &CV2 Fr ui Park?r?bar<, by Ttc"l?vi]la, Murra>>vlll?, K .v n wocd. l 'e.aatit \ 1 tw, and Klba,to Jacdt a >u C. U ,47 u lie- and back, tw're a waek. Let-re 1 arkaraburg Wednesday ard Saturday %t 7am Arrive at J?ck*?n C. IT. next dtysby 12 m Leave Jackaon C. LI Iburday acd bunday rt 1 p an Arrive at Parkersburg next ays by 8 p m. ">033 lion Parkerebarg, by Fountain Spring, to W irt 0 H, 22 miles acd ba^k, oi<e? a week. Leave Park-raburg Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Wirt C B^ramo day by 7pm L*a?e Wirt C II 8a'urd-.y a' ft u ra Arrive at Pa'kT bur ? stme 'lay by 12 m. S094 From Freepo t. by M^Kiaaej's, to Ritchie C H, 17 milae an. rack, once a wtex. L??are Fierport Thursday at 7 a ta Arri\ ? at Ritchie C 11 ?ame day by 12 m Leave Ritchie C H TLuraiav at 1 p m Arrive at Freepoit farce day by 7 p ta. 6096 Fr^m Wirt C II, by L : i Blng spring. Kg Ben i, Pine creek, acd De Kalb, to Qlennvllle, 52 miles and back, once a we?k. Leave Wirt u H Mou'>y at 6 a jn Arrive at Glenvi'le same day by 6 p m Leave Oienville Tneeday Sam* Arrive at Wirt C II same day by 6 p m. From Freeport, by Newark, Wirt C H, Ready Hippie, and Sandy, to Jarkaon C H, 47 mile* and bv\, once a week. Leave Frinport W?dn"*Jay at 1pm Arrive at .'aekion C U next ^ay by 7 p m Leave Ja>a-on 0 11 Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Freeport next day by 12 m. 6397 From Point Pleasant, by Pleasant Flat, Weat Co'.uiu>ia, and Salisbury, to Pomeroy, 0,15 u 11 s a ltd uark, thre? umea a week. l*av* l'eint PWaaawt Tue^sy, Thursday, and ffatarday at 1 pa Arrive at Pjmer^y same d*ys by 6 p m I. -a\e P^m'roy Taeaday. IhurKjay, and Satur day at 7 a m Arrive at Poiut Pleasaat same days by 12 m. ?r9* Print Pcme^ov, O, '-y Xinofsvllle, Graham's ^tatien^fud l.eUtt Falls, to Apple Grove, 19 milea ani back, twlc? a week. L av? Poaeroy Tu-eiay aud Friday t'Tin A?rive at Aople Grove same dayaby 1pm Leave Apfrla Grcvs Tueaday and Frvfay at 1 p in JTrive at Pomeroy seme days by 6 p m. ?0V> From Jaekroo c U, hy Aagerona and Moore's 0, to Apple Grova, 17 railaa aod back, twW a week. Leave Jackson 0 H Tusaday and Fiiday it 0 aa Arrive at Apple Qrore Mm* dtji by 12 ? Leave Apple Grore Tuesday and Friday at 1 P m Arrive at Jackson 0 H MB*day by 6 p a. 1100 from Jack ton C U, by Deer tick, Buffalo, Big I.fvwl, *Qi I'p'and, to Mad Bridge, 61 ~IT" and Uck, onoe a weak. Leave Jack eon 0 H Wednesday at 0 a m Arrive at Mud Bridge next day by 6p m Leave Mud Bridge Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Jycluon C U next day by 8p a. 0111 from Jarason C H., by Reedyville, New Call fcrnia, and Henries' Fork, to AiDoldsbaari;,41 miles and baok, once a week. Leave Jackson 0 H Saturday at 6 a a Arrive at Arnoldsbarg same day by 6 p a L*ave Arnol ist urg Sunday at 6 a m Arrive at Jackson 0 H aame day by 0 p 510J from Zackville, by Wirt 0 H, Forksi of Beady creek, and Boggsvllle, to New California, 24 mile* and back, once a week. Leave Zackville Friday at 7 a m Arrive at Tanner's X Roads aame day by A p m Leave Tanner'* X Hoada 1 hursday at 7 a m Arrive at Zackvilk same day by 6 p m. 6103 From Wirt 0 H, by Lee'a Mill*, Reedy Hippie, and Thrae Frrks of Feedy, to Reedyville, 24 c^iea and baek, onee a week. Leav- Wi-tOH lueeday at T a m Arrive ai Reedy v!lie same day by 2 p m leave Reedyville Tuesday at 3 p m Arrive at Wirt C II aext day by 1* m. S1C4 1 rein Arnoldsbarg to the Three Forks of 8a-<iy. 20 milee an 1 tack, ouee a week. Leave .irnoldsburg 8atnrdsy at 7 a m Arrive at Three Forks of Sandy same 3 p m Lei re Thr ?e Forks of Fsndy Sunday at 7 a m Arrive at Arnol'isburg same day by 8 pm 5108 From Burtf n, bv Knob Fork, Wil ow, an 1 Ran dolph, to New Martinsville 80 miles and back, once a week. Leave Bur on Tuesday at 8 a m Amve at N?? Martinsville same day br 6 pfi Leave New MartinsviDc Wednesday at 7 a a Arrive at Burtcn fame day by 6 p ni. il06 Fr m New ?altm,by New M:lcon, Rng)V Grove, acd Oxford, to Ritchie 0 11., U mi lei aad ba k, once a week. Leave Ntw Palrm Tusfdav at 8 a m a'. Ritchie 0. H , fame day by 6 p m Leave Bitcbie C. H. Wednesday at 0 a m Arrive at New Paitm fame day by 8 p m U07 From Lomb?rp rt, by Wallace, Mcllroy, acd Shirley, to Ripley's, 37 mi es aod back, once a week. Leave Luiuberport Mcrdav at 6 a m Arrive at RipWy ssm? day'by 8 p m Leave Bipley Tue-day attain Arrive at Lumbarport fame day ty 7 p a U08 From tlsier-ville, by Middlebcurne, Kip'ey.and North Bend Mill, to West Union, 27 miles and back, twiee a week Leave Sisteraville Monday and Thursday at 8 ? a Arrive at West Union tame days by 6 p m Leave Weet Union Monday aad Thursday at 6 a m Arr ve at Sisteraville same days by 4 p m UOO From Mlddlebourne, by Wick, llebrcn, and H'ghlaad, to Schumla,27 milee and back,onee a wet k. Leave MiJdlebcurne Monday at 12 m Arrive at 8chum'a same day by 8 p m Leave Sohnmla Tuefday at 7 a m Arrive at Middiebocrnc fame day by & p m >110 From Staunton, by Chor^hyllle, Jennlng's Osp, L>*baiion. White Suiphur Spring*, Head Waters, McDowell, Monterey.Havener'sStrre, Travs'ltr'* Rep>s?, Huttoarviile, Beverly. Roaring Cr ek, Jliddle Fork, Over Hill, Bu??h anan, and uurecta'a 8t're to Weston, 15) miles and back, tbr<o times a week. Leave Staunton Monday, Wednesday, and Fri day at 4 p m Arrive at Weston next Wednesday, Frkliy, aad Mosday by 3j> m Leave Weston Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday at 8 a a Arrive at Staunton next Thur? av, Saturday, and Tueaiay by 5 a in >111 Frcm forkersville, by Davisville, Freap'rt, Webb's Mills, Cox's Mills, He kert's Mills Leading Civek, ard Claya' Point, to Weston, 64 miles MjJ back, thrte time a week Leave Park*rofcorg Monday, Wednesday. and Friday at 3am Arrive at W*ston, next day* by 7 a m Ltave Weston Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4 p m Arrive at Parkersborg next day* by 12 night H12 From Franklin, by Crab Bottom, Monrsrey. Wilsonviile. and Clack's Miils, to Bath 0. H . 03 miles and back ones a week L?eve Franklin Friday at 4 a m Arrive at Mont.rey t>ame day by 2 p m L-ave Alcoterey ba urdav a: 8 a m Amve at Balh C. H. same day by 0 p m Leeve Bath O. H Monday a(8an Arrive at Montrr?y same aay by 6 p in Laave Montf n?y Thursday at 8 a in Arrive at Frabklin same day by 6 p m 1113'From M^*t?rey'by Meadow DaU*, Mill Gap, Spruce aun, and Sun Rise, to Mountaia Qrove, 32 miles and back, once a week L?ave Monter-7 Tuesday at 8 a m Arrive at M untain Grove aame day by 5 p m Leave Mountain Grove W*dattsd*y atS a m Arrive at Mrnterty fame day by 5 p m 5114 Frrin Franklin ly Dee Hi 1, MsDowall, CBovsr Creek, trd Wihumeville, to Qreaa Valley, It uiilee ani b\tk once a week Leave Franklin Wednesday at 12 m Arrive at Urecu Vaiiey next d<y by 13 m i>eave lireen Vc,lJ*y lueeday at 7 a m Arrive at FraLklm next day by 11am &U6 Frtm Franklin, by Oak *At acd Mt Clinton, to Harrisonburg, 43 nkles at d baek, onoe a Week L?av? Franklin Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Hai risoiiburg oext day by 8 p a Uetve liarriaoiibnr/ tunlay at 4a m Arrive at Franklin Deitday by 8 a m Fropotals for service between Harrisonburg and Mt. t Untjn alone will beoons^detf d. >116 FromTrav let's hepos#, by tireeu Bank, Dun more, aLdTLOrny Creek, to Huntaravdle, 31 miles and back, once a wtek Ls*ve Tea veler'a Repose Mcndny at 7 a a Arrive at Hun tors* ille seme day byipu Leate HuniurbVille Sunday at 7 a in Arrive at lravelei'i ke,o^e sama dsy by 5 pm Propoe^li fot an additional weekly trip are in Vittid. 5117 From Uunterville, by Mariin'# Botttrn, I dray, S ony Cre?k, Old Field, Fcrk of Mlk, Big Spring, Minno Fiat, Valley Head, and Salina, to Huttonf vtlle, miles and beck, oaoe a weak Leave lluntersville Wednesday at 1pm Arrive at butt.nsville next day by 8 p m Leave Hultonsvilia Friday at 7 a m Arrive at liutter*viile neit day by 4 p m H18 kroiu Mill Gap, by Wrde's Store, Frost, and Bunsst, to iiuntersviJe, 22 miles aad back, onieaaeeit L?avs Milt Oap Friday at 8 a m Arrive at if un eravills fame day by 4 p m Leave Huntersv.lleThursday at 8 a m Arrive at Mill Oap fame day by 4 p m 5119 Fiom Clover Hill to Railroad (at Appomattox Depot,) 2>( mile* and L*ck, three times a wetk Ltave Clever liiil Tuesday, Thuriday and Sat urday at 10 a ni Arrive at H? li, vad fame days by 11 am I'-aiirojid Tue^Uay, Thursday and Satur day at. 12 k Arrive at CI Vcr Hill same days by 1 p a Piop-^^al- toi three addiuonal trips will be con sidered. il20 Fr^m Buchanan, by French Creek, acd Franeh ion, t) Be-nett's Mills, 20 miles and baek, oace a week Ljave Buahanan Tu?tday at 7a a at Benceti's Mills same dsy by 13 a l?eve Bennett's Mills Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at Buchman same day by 7 p a Proposals for a second wtekly trip will be oonaid ered. 1.131 Firm B icham n. by llarktr's Creek, N.w 8a !sm, Weet Mllford Turnpike, Jane lew, Kinoh slcecre?k to its head, and down the Qreen brier, to V/est Union, 60 allee and back, onos a we--k l^ave Buchanan Wsdnssday at 7 a m Arrive at West Union next day by 6 pa L?aye Wee. Uninn Friday at7 a m Arrive at next day by 0 pa &122 Irom Jinelvw to W- H Browning's in Cpikur county, ? mil'r, and back, onoe a week Bidders t? and fobtdute of depar tures and arr vols. bU3 From W>?ion, by Bush's Mills, CoUins's Set tl?mcnt, DxnneU's Mills, Bulltowa, Salt Lick Bnd^-, Flatwoods, Braxton C. H , Birch River and Nicholas C fl, to Ganiey o.;d^e, ly8 mii?3 an*! tack occ* a wMk Lea re W?aion Monday at 8am Arrive at Gaulty Bridge neit Wednesday by 6 p m l?iva Gao'ev Bridge Thursday at I a a Arrive at W c<ton next Saturday by 6 p m Froposela lor a it cond weekly trip are Invited. 6184 Fr m Weaton,by Jink'scr^k, Cold Water and Kew Milton, to Wust Utl. n, 31 ailss and btik.onee a week Leave Weitm Wedneiday at7 am Arrive at West Union by 6p in Lsave We.t Union Tuesday at 7 a m A rrive at Weston sam* day by ft p m iltft From Wtwton, by UtUe Bkia Creek, Big Skin Cre*k, Benne't's Ml Is, acd Ireland, to Fork Liok. QS uiiles and back, oaoe a week Leave Weston Wednesday at 8 a a Arrive at Fork LiA naxt day by 6 pm Leave F jrk Lick Friday at 8 a m A rrive at Weston next day by 6 p m. il26 From Westou to Philippa, 30 miles and beak, osee a week. Leave Westen Wedosiday at 8 a m Arrive at Phillppa same day by 4 p m Leave Phili#pa Thursday at 8 a m Arrive at Weeton "eme day by4p m 6U7 Fiom f sailing fY~*~ It -? btck, twice a week. Leave Leading Creek Tuesday and Saturday at 6 ? m Antra at Glenavflle name days br 9 a m Leave Glennville Tuesday and Saturday at 11 am ? Arrive at Leading Creek same day* by 2 p ?>. MM.Frrm Glennville, by T wusend Mills, to St out's Mill*, 27 mi lee and tack, an re a weak. Lmt? Glennville Tuesday at 2am Arrive at Stout's Mills ume day by 8 p m L?>Ti8tDtt!'i Mill* Wrdatfliy a' 8am Arrive at Glennville same day by 5 p m. 6129 From Glennville, by Ilcrn Crw k, Cox's Milk, Bon# Creek, Oxford, Lawsnn's Store, and White Oak, to Ritchie C. II., 49 milejand back, once a week. Leave G leanriile 8a' urday at 9 a m Arrive at B itct is C.H.. game day by 7p m Leave Hl'chi? 0 n. Fridav at JO a m Arrive at Gleanviile same day ly 8 p m. 5130 Fwm W?8t Unkn, by Rtaah's and Letart'a Falls. to Moore's Mil a, 16 milts and back, onoe a week. I*ave Wnt Union Wednesday at 7am Ar.iveat Mocre s Mills same day ty 11 a m I tave Mcore's Mills Wednesday at 1 p ui Anireat Wti* Union by 6 p m. 5131 Frcni Ww?t Un'oa, by Stine Spring Mi ls, Ox frrd, I avia'a Millj, and Culp's Bt< re, to Webb's Mllla, 88 mil's and baek, enre a week. Leave West Unlcn Tuesday at 7 p ui Arrive at Webb's 'ami day ry T B ? * leave Webb's Mil's Jtondiy ai7 a ui Arrive at West I'Lioo f tine urj by 7 p m 5139 From Braitcn C. II , by Kircht n and Newton, to C endenin, Tfl miles and btck, onc<? a wefk. Irfave Braxton C. H. Wednesday at ti a m Arriva at Clerdenin next day by 6pm I?ave Clerdmin Friday at 6am Arrive at Braxtan C. !!? next day by flp m. >133 From Brax'on 0. H., by >?< llv Liver, MF'dle Dort, Fork Lick. Sand Run, Strcud's Glades Uurei Creak, FredonU Mills. and Wolf f re k, to Braxton C. H, equal to 42 miles and back, orce a week Lesv't Braxton C. IL Monday at 6 a ju Return ta Praxtcn C II. Wednesday by 12 m. >134 From We.i Colombia, by Upper r& tj, CVdar Flata, and L< ta;t, to Jtckscn!C. H.t 29 miles and bac\. Leave Jackson 0. IL, Thursday at 1% a in Arrive at West Columbia same day by 6pm Leave West Columbia Thunday by 6pm Arrive at Jackson 0. H. next day by 4pm ?135 From Powhatan C.H., ta Bmithville, 7 miles atd back, twice a week. Lea^e Powhatan 0. U. Wednesday and Friday at 4 p m Arrive at Bmithville same days by t\C p m Leave Bmithville Wrdne;day and Friday at 10# am Arrive at Fowhatan C. H. same day* by 1)? p m US6 From Buckingham, by Mount Tinoo and Glen mora, to Howardsvillt, 17 mites and back, twioe a weak. L*ave Buckingham C. H. Thursday and Batur day at 9 a in ArriTe it Hcwirdsvi'le seme days by 2 p m Leave Hovaidtville Ihursuay and Saturday at 2 p in Aniv* at Iu'kii.gham C. n. samedHjsby 8 p m. 137 Frrm New Canton, by Go'd Mine, Gravel Hill, and Buckingham Mine, to Buckiuzbem C. 11. 27 miies and back, three times * we. k. Leave New Canton Tuesday, Tburcdav, and Batunlay, -iter arrival from Kicbmoad, say ?t 11 a m Arriva at Buckingham C II. e&mc days by 6 p m Ltave Buckingham C II. Monday, Wedneidny, atd Friday at 11 a m Arriva at New Canton sama days by C p m Proposals for semi-weekly se^lce are iuvltcd ?138 Frcrn New Carton, by Btaunteu's Preeibct, Virgin In Mills, sud Diana Mills. to Cham bers's Mills, 18 miUs and bark, twice a week. Leave New Canton TLurtday and Saturday at 11# a m Arrive at Chembers's Ml'ls rune days by 4 p m Leave Chambers'* Mills Thursday aud Satuiday at 6 a m Arrive e t Ntw Canton same d?ys by 11 a m ?139 From Pidlar's Mills, by Pryor's Vale, to Buf falo ferine?, 13 mi!** and back, twioe & we< k L ?Te P.'dlai'n Mills lueed?y and Fiiday at 8 am Arrive at Buffale Spricgj same days by 12m L?t? Buffalo Spring" Tuesday and Friday at 1 p m ArriTe nt Pedlar's Mills feme days by 6 p in 1140 Frr m Tye Kiver Warehouse, by New Glasgow, Sandises, Buffalo gpiings, Cronoco, and Bu ena Vi.-U Furuac?, to Lexington, tOmiK-s and baek, once a week. leave Tye River W arehouse Friday at 10J^ am Arrive a'. L>xington next day bv 2 p m L?ave Lexington Thursday at 8 am Arrive at Tye River Warehouse next day by 10 a m 141 From IIovardcTille, by Turnpike road, Mar* tin's Mills, Shtrnando, and steward's Draff, to Middlebrook, 60 miles and back, ones a week. Lt ave Ucwarysv:lle Wcdceiday at 'am Arriva at Middlebrook next day by 12 m Leave MiddlebrS'vk Thursday at 1 p in Arriva at lfowardsville next day by C p m H42 From Columbia, by ^V'ilmlogion, Pblmvra, Union Mill*, ?nd Boyd's Twvern to it^s* wi'k Dep?t, 3-^4 milea aud back, three timae a wfcfck Lestve Columbia 7 ue. day, Thcrsiay, and Batur day at. }?}? a m, ( >r on arrival from lHih mord) A rive at K*swi< k Tepot by 6^ p m L?ave Kfiiw.rk. Depot Monday, Wedneidav, ard Friday at 7 a m Airlva at Columbia same days by 6pm 1145 Froia ilurrili's Shop by Faber'u Miilu, to Coves villa, 11 miles ard back, twi:e a wetk Ltave Muri ill's Bhop Thcrslay and Saturday at 12 m Arrive at Covesville pame days by 3 p m Leave Covesville Thuicday and ba.uiday at 8 ' am Arrive at .Murrlll's Shop tame Jay: by 11 a a >144 From Lovingcten. by UoselaLd, to Pieiiuont, 13 miles and bark, three times a v.-eek L?ave Lovingston Tuesiay ,, ?nd Sat urday at 1 % p in Arrive at Fi<*dmont same day* by 4# p m Leave Pi-dmout, Tuesday, ihursjuy and Sat. ; urd&y at 7 a m Arrive at lx>vii\tfptrn fame ^ays by 13 m 1146 From Rc su'f M 1W, to Temperance, 0 miles and btck, three times n we*k. Leave Rom's Mills Tu*iday, Thursdiv, and | 8a?urdav at 10 a m Arrive at ("empt-raoce same d*ys by 12 m Leava Temperarce Tuesday,, and Sat urday at 7 a m Arriva at kese's Mill', same days by 9 a m &140 From Balcony Falle, by Natural Bridge, Dag gar's Springe, Clifton For re, Alum ltock. aad Covington, to Cai;aghan's, f ?> milaa and ba>k, tw'oa a wevk Lsave lia'ooLy Falls, Monday and Friday at 6 a in Amvo at Cal'agktn's net t day^i Fy 9pm Leave Callogia ;'c Monday aid Friiay at 6 a In Arrive at Bslcony Fills ii?-x^ dsvs by 2 p m >147 From Ca iagfca:?'? to r.weet Bprln^s, 19 miles aud bark, once a w?*-k Leave Tuesday at 1 p m at Bwuet Epris^ 3 saoie day by 7pm Leave Sweet Springs 'l'u^d ;y at 6 a m Arrive at CaliaghauV hxiusday by 12 m il48 From New Cafltla by Ctp MilK to Union, 33 mile-i and ba.k, cn -e a w?ek Leave New Caafe Wadresday at 11 a m, or ai ter arrival frem Fin^astle Arrive at Union Fame day by 9 p m Leave Unicn Tu .&day at 7 a m Arrive at N*w Caitie s me day by 6 p m Proprsa:a to end at U .p Jlills are inted. (Bee 6214) &149 From New Castle io TaVtrn House of James Bcott, 7 miles aud otic':, once a week. Leave New Castle Monday at 1 p m Arrive at ?eott's asm* day by 3 p m Leave Soott's Monday at 10 a m Arrivo at New Oastle same day by 12 m. H60 From New London, by Otter Bridge, Body Camp, Wade's, D#vlars Mills, Fanuy Grove, and White Berk, to Bergar's Store, 40 ?tdes and back, onr > a wrek. Leave New London Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive at Berger*s Store lame day by 0 p m Leave BergerV Store Thursday at C a m Arrive at hew London rjame day by 6 p m. . J161 Frrm Kmaua to Puyttn's fctcre, in Franklin couu*y, ? miles and back, once a w.-ek. Bidders will giw distance and sehulule of de partures aud arrivals. H62 From Yellow Bran.h, by Gaston ani Arnold ton, to Lcesville, *0 miles and baek, twios a week. Leave Ytllow Branch Tuesday tni Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Leesvllle sane days by 6 p m Leave Lwaviile Tuesday aud Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Yellow Branch Fame days by 12 m. 5163 From Charlotte C M J by Rough oretk, Red Ilouee, Failing Bridge, and Mt. Zion, to Campbell C 11, 40 milaa and baek, once a week. l>ave Charlotte C H Friday at 5 a m Arrive at Campbell O H same day by ? p m Leave Campbell C H Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Charlotte C H same day by 7 p m. 6164 From Campbell C H, br Pigeon Ron, Marys ville, Green ULll, Brookneal, Republican Grove, and Meadville, to Halifax C H, 60 miles and back, twioe a we?k. Leave Campbell O B Monday, Wednesdav, and Friday at 6am trrive at Halifax C H next days by 12 in tave Halifax C H Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat urday at 1 p m Arrive at Campbell C H next days by 7 f m. WW From Halllbx C H, by Meadville, loeurtLeTol, Peytonsburg, Aspen Grove. and Spring Gar **?> *? PtW*ylvania 0 H, 17 milea ud bark, once a wttk Le?ve Halifax 0 H Friday at 0 a ra Arrive at Pittsylvania C H by I p m Leave Pitteyivania 0 H Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Halilkx 0 B mbi day by T x> m 6160 Fi*jd HaHfex 0 H to Railri ed, (at Borton De pot) 6 ailaa and back, 6 timeaa weet I*st? Halifax C H daily, except Sunday, at 8 a Arrive at Railroad earn# day by 10 a m IHTI Railroad dally, exoept Sunday, at 1 a a Anireat Halifax C H tame d>y by n m 1150 From Pirt.yly.nU 0. H., b/ bVJ?J2 Ttor. ?Penhook, &nd Union Hall, to Forty M uut, 45 mill* aitd back, ono-5 a Leate Pittsylvania 0 H. Friday at 12 B at Roekv Mount next day by 6 pm Lb?ve Roeky MountTburedayat 0am Arrive at i iitsylvanla 0. a. next day by 11 a tn 5160 Frcm Pittsylvania 0. II, by Ca land's landy R;v*r and Leathenrood Store, to Martinayille, 40 mile* and back, onoe a week Leavo Pittsylvania ?. II. Satcrday at 8 a m Arrive at >'?-rtlnev|lle : ?t day by 12 m Leave Mai Hrsvil.e Sundav at 1 p m Arrive at Pittsy. van'* 0. H. next day by 6 p m 5157 Fr. in S'uth Boston Depot, by R.yRrsvill*, Bl"i ui?bu g, Mt. Carmel, Cunningham's Store, and Milton, to Yanceyvtlie, M. 0., 40 milt* aid bark, three time* a week Leavs South Boston Depot Monday, Wedneedty and Friday at 1 p m Airive at Yarceyville am* days by 10 p m Leave Yareeyv tile Tow day, Thar sdey and Sat . uruay at 1 a m Arrive at South Poetcn Tpf ot same days by 10 a m Prepoeals for three tddidotal tripe to Mi'.ton arv invit?d. 5118 From B'aek Walnut, by Bjeo, Mavo, Ilarmo ny, Wcedfdrie. k. c.f end Williamsvllle. to ltoxbero', BT14 m lfa snU hark, on<e a wiek Leave Black Waliut Mordjy at C a in Arrive at Rosbor.V fima dav by 10 p m Ltave Roxbore' Tues .ht at 8 a in Arrive at Black YVaicut same day by 8 p m 5161 Frcm I>auville, by Pl?.s nt Gap, Whi m?:L SwacstEvllle, Calhids, Dkkineon's, tii.df Hill and .Svnt ig, to Bccky Mcunt, 55^ m.'Ls and b?u k, once a v?< k L?a*e Taavllle Mo&df.y a' Ca m Arrive at Reeky Mruiii nex: dav bv 70 a m Leave Bockv Mount Tu:sday rt II a ra Arrive at L an vilhs next eiay'by 5pm I'ropouh for a ?ej. d weakly trip will be oon eider* <L 5162 Frcm Danville, by B??heIor'a llaH, Cafe* dee. ard Riebburg, to Martinsville, 46 milts and back, twice a week. Leave LanvlBe Wcdnciday ?cd Saturday at 4 a m Anivefat M&r'intville Feme daya by 6pm Leave Martin-,t iile Tuerdty ana Friday at 4 a ni Ai rive at Danville fame da^s by C p m. 516S l r. in Mar'insvllle by Treyioisville, Horre'ure, P?nn's fetore, Navoni-?qc, and Reek Spring, to Patrick C. II., S? nil,, ard back, twic* a week. Lefty* Ma:tiua?i le Sunday a? d I'icr?iay tt 6 a m Arrive atPatri-k C. il. fame day<. by 6pm L-ave Patrick C. U. Wednesdayand Saturday at 6 am Arrive Mariirevl'le fame d-iyi, ly 6 p m. 5164 Frtm Bockv Mcuot. 1./ Ee'.rea*, big River. Lon^ Bmo.'li, a: <1 Cauaduy'c Gap, to i'loyd C. H.j SiD.il0? ;ilU back, ouoe a i^k. l?ave tockj k'ounJ W edmsday at 6 a in Aixire at FlojdC. H. same day by 6 a m Lfave Floyd 0 H. lutxday a: 5 am An lie at Becky Mount same day by 5 pm. 51C5 Fr?m Rocky Mount, by Stcny Tolat, 8>docrt ville, Oak Lev^l, Fr liaman's, and Hamaville, to Fatr ck C. II., 55 m<les an<l back, cnee a week. LeaTe tiocky Mount Wednesday at 1 p m Arrive at Pa hick 0. H. next day by 6 n m Ltave Patrick C. U. Tuesday at 5 a m Arrive at Rocky Mornt next day by 19 m.' #166 Fr .m I'ocky Mount, by Eoabr ck, Oocper'e, Cross Poa:s, Chambli*-burg,Immaw, Uoreb, acd Bunk?-r'?? Hill, to L'berty, 57 inJei and liatk, once a wixk. Leat*o Rocky M unt Wei- *-odav at % p m Arrive at L.bei I# neat day by 12 m Leave L'.b rtv Tuceday at 0 a m Arrive .it ltrcky .M uut m-xt da; by 12 m. 5107 From Fa lick C, H., by Meadcw Dam, Laurel Forks, and Glide:boro', tj IilUavill?, 34 mile? and bark, orce a week. I>e-ive Pa.n?.k C. H. Fi day at 6 n m Arrive at llill?v?ll-> ram * day by 6 p m L?a s a HilleviUe Thur dav at 6 a in Arrive at Patrick C. H. f;ime day by 6 p m. 5168 From I atiiek C. H., by Rock Cattle, to Floyd C. H , ru> mila> and back, c-ne? a weck I**ava I'atrlrk C. H. Friday at 4 p m Arrive a* Flvjd C. H. n-*t day by 1 p m Ljave Floyd C. li. Satcrday at 2 p m Arrive at ratri-.k C. U. n*xt day by 11 a m. 5169 From Patrick C. If^ by Sandy Plains and Mount Araret, to Mount Airy, 94 miles and bark, onco a week Leave Petri k C U Monday at 0 a m Arrive at M.ijrt Airy Mm - day by 4 p m Leav Mount Alrylueaday at 6 a m Arr!ve at Patiick C. H. f.iw* day h" 4 pm. 5170 From Martinsville, by H-e-i,- Gnve, Snow Cre k, D'ckrneon, Union HaO, GilFa C?ek. K.auy'a, Fjoi-y Grcv?, and I avib'a M 11a. to Liberty, 6J m;le.? and b*ck, once a week. Leave Martinsville Wedn?>. day al 6 a m Arrive at Liberty next day by 4 p m L*ave Liberty Mocd >y at 9 a m Arrive at Martin villa next dav bv 6 pm. 5171 " " ' " * L-ure Ma: tinrviild >undav a'tiam Arrive at fiock f'as'le nrit day be> 12 m L^ave Rock Castle Mn d y at 1 p in Arrive at Martioaviile next day by 7 p m. 517i From Rock Ca-tle, bv K.-nd^ck tpur, to Mea dows cf Dan, 15 mile: ac4v&ok, once a week. Loave Rook Ga>tl* MfinJ&y aTl p m Arrive at Mttidowp of Dan i ame day by 6pm Leave Meadows cf Pan Mondey at 6 a ra Arrive at Rock Casttv fame day by 12 in. 5173 Pt-kaway Plains, by Rocky ioint, Sinks Grove, Well (.'reek, Johnson's Cro?3 Reads,, and Patrick's Peak, to F^ypt, 16 miles and b. ck, ore; a w?*k. L s'? Pickaway l'la'ne Tueeday at 1 p m Arive at Egypt same day by h p m L?ave Egypt Tuesday at 7 a m Arrive at tltkaway Plair.p fume day by 1U m. 6174 From Reel's Mill 11?> >VVOoa M. ri ijinondJ, in Vpab ur c unty, ? mile? and back, once a w ek Biddwre wiii -Ive dlr?ance, tnd rch-dule of de parturea eud arrivals. 5175 From Princeton, by 8p?n!."hburx and Flat Top, to Shady Spiia^o, 32 miles and b ck, occe a we'-k. Leave Princeton Thu*sJay at 11 a m Arrive at &hady SpriE^n rame day by 9 p m l<fi"? Shtdy hprings W?-ui3*??day at 10 am Ariive at Princeton same day by 8 p iu 517u Frcia Princeton to (jin^-n,:, 60 mllee andbtck, cnee e. weeif. Leavo Princeton Friday at 7 a m Arrive at Gin eng next dty by 7 p in Lave G^narng UeJn^-dMy a. 7 a rn Arrive at Prjnctton next <Jay by 7 p m 6177 From Princ?.t'>p, by Bethel, R:?xy Gap, and Uickaville, to \Vy t\eu?le, 60 miles and back, onoe a week. Leave Priuootou Monday at 7 a m Arrive at WytbeviHe next day by 12 m L-avo Wythnylllc Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at Pi lncetoi next day by 5 p m Prop^e^le f r a second weekly trip are Invited 51 79 ii?a Pacts Fcrrv, by Pipe Stems and Burnt ixlountaln, to Princeton, UU miles and back, ones a we.k. Leave Packs Ferry Thursday at 7 a m Ariive at Princeton sanie day by 6pm Lefve Princeton 1'riday at 7 a m Arrive at Packs Parry ume day by 5 p m 6179 From Poplar UiU, by White Gate, Mechanics bur?, and Crab Orchard, to Sharon, 30 mile* and b*.k, onee a week. Leave Poplar Hill Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Sharon same day by 9pm Leave Shar n Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Pop'ar Hill ??m? day by 5 p m Proposa's for a accond weekly ;rip to Mechan lcsbura ard b^ck are invited. 5180 Ficm Mecb\ Himbcrlln and Rocky Gup, to C ear Fork., thence by Valley and Cove Cre-k, to iirr^'e Store, H7 miles and baek CRM a week. Lea.e Mechanic*burg Friday at 12 m Arrive at Perfy's St- re n?xt day by 12 m Leave P?rry's Store Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Mechanicabnrg next day by 1 p m 6181 Shaion, by 01)mpla, Chatham Hill, Broadvilie, and faltvllto, to Abingdon, 49 mile? and back, enoa a week. Leave Sharen Sunday at 1 p m Arrive at Abingdon nex t day by 7pm Leave Abingdon Saturday at 9 a a Arrive at 6haron next day by 11 a a 5182 From Peteretown, by Gap Mill, to Saaet Springs, 40 miles ant back, onoe a week. Leave Peters town Wednesday at 7 a m Arrive at 8weet Spring* next day by 12 m Leave Sweet Springs Thursday at 1 p m Arrive atPeUrs'own next day by 6 p m Proposal* to end at Gap Milli are Invited. (See 5214 ) 5118 Fr< m Peterstown, by tshanklin's Ferry and Mi-poer halt Works, to Prinoetan, ?9 all#* and bick, onoa a week. Leave Peterrtown Wednesday at 8 a a * Arrive at Princ ton same day by 0 p in Leave Princeton Tuesday at 8 a m Arrive at Peteratown ume day by 6 p m. 1184 From Hopkins's Store to Salt Sulphur Seringa, 30 miles and back, onee a weak. Lsave Hopkins's btore lueeday at 0 a m i>rlT? it gait Puipbur Pprings seme^day at"T irt?"aS?s scsirv^tf ?' * SI 86 From FloyJCH, \5^ BMge. G^y (w; ibIdu U1< eille 36 miles .^k, oJ?\TJk. Leave Fiord C B IvaOf at Ttn Arrive at Hilhville tame day bt ? a m Lmti HillrrlUe Monday itfin Arrive at Floyd 0 H nm? day by 6 a a. ISO From Floyd C II by We* Fork ?? Rnffalo Mountain, Laural Firks, irtr^"to Mount Airy, V 0, 46 miles ud backbones a week. Leave Floyd 0 H tunday at 8 a iu Ariive at Mount Airy next day by 10 a m Lmti M otuit Airy Monday at 12 eb Arrive at Floyd C H next day by 4 p m 1187 From Allegan's Springs, "by Mofau'i) to Simpson's, in Floyd oouity, 16 ales and baca, one* a week. Lave Allegan's Sprlrgs Saturday at 7 a a Arrive at Simpwr's Mine day by IS a Leave Siaprou's Saturday al l p a at Allegan's Springs sea* day by ? p m. 6158 From Abingdon, by CltAr Brarch, Three Springe. Mill Fohit, Arcadia, Block Hooe, FrtHlv He. Ftfck Creek, PattcnviUe, Stkleys ZU!l' P^wt11' Mountain, Jonr*vflfe, fWrh Spring, Bo.-* Mill, and Walnut H1U, to ' om b rland Oop, Twin, 120 miles end bark, frwfee ft W Leave AMnjtJon M^rdsy rrd Thursday at * am Aniv, at CrmV.Ued Oep We'nefcdey and Sat nrday by 7 p ? Leave Cumb.iUnd Gap M. n?ay atd Thuredsy at ft a m * Arrive at iblcgdcn Weicefday and 8e4uida? bv 7 p a. ' Pr p axis tcr 'ri-weekly s-rviee are Invifd; the bidder to proprfm ?-xpod ted echedul . J1S9 From Abkrtdon, by Kaven*n??t, O.I*\. Mill? Kln '?rh> k, an<l Uocky Point, t ? L*:lll?ii>! 47 itiM ar.d onco a week. I/itve A hie prion Fain,day at 6am Arriv? si fet 1 vil e wrc day by 8 p m Lfave e Friday it6in Arrive at A bin. den ma? day by S p n. >190 *roiii Ab!n?lon, by tlear Br*n<-b, ?hf? Spring! M 11 Point, Arcadia, and B'eck Jl'uae to KfetillTllle. 4' riles fnd baek, m, ? i week. Leave AMnardrn Tuesday at 6 a a Arrive at I t'illv'llesime Jav by Op a Laave Mitillvi-N Wednesday at 6 a a Arrive at AbiL(d?n raae day by Op m >191 Frcm Abin?dcn, by Hoiston and Hanacuril'e, to Lebanon *21 mils# and ba< k, twice a week Leave Abugdcn Tueday anj ffaturtfay at 5 a m Arrive at Lebanon Fame days by If m Lxave Lebaucn 1 uon rvy a: 1 pm Arrive at Abingdon fame day by I p m Proposal* fcr trl weakly service will be era* sidered. ,?2 iron Abirglcn, by Poor Hll, Tenaa, Fooetra Valley, and Horkhkl?,to E'iMb-th'.on.Tsnn , 37 miles and back, cnce a wr?k. L>ave Ablution Thursday at 6 a a at klteatx tht/n raiee day bv 0 t> m Lrave BUsibethtui Priday at 0 a ta Arrive at Abintdtn dav tr 6pm ?103 fc'rom Airing Jon, 1 v NortL Fcr k, H.iyter'a ti*u, Ilt. t n ltiver, Saltvlll'*, iircadloid,Tumbling Crerk, end Ihonip od'( Va ley, t?? laaev* 11 C. II., 47 cil?s and back cnec a wc?k. L?ave Abiufdon Tneecav at 8 a in / rriTe at Taaewelll C. li, c^xi day I v 11 a a L*ave Tesc well O. II. W^dneaJav at lis m Arr ve at Abingdon rext dar by 7 p a lei 1 roa 'J axewe I C. U.. by li ad of Clinch, Abb'f Valley, an.t Tug River, io QitijiQj, 69 Bliea and back orce a wtek. LMve las. wtll C. H. Thundar at 6 a m Atrive ?.t Ginseng neai day by 7 p ai L ave Oinsyig iUturdey hi 7 a m Arrive ut Tea*well C. H. next dav by 0 p a 106 From Cvdartllle to kacry, 3 mile? aitd baak daily ex?ept Sunday. ^ L ava CtsJ.-u-Title da^ly, except Suudav, at 11 a a Arrive at Fmcry fame ('ays by It m Let ve Kmory tiaily, exo pt Sunday, at 10 a a Arrive at C-darvilie game d?\d ?,y U a a 100 Froa Lebanon to EanJ Ij.k, ? mi re ?nd back, c hoc a w -ek Biddira wUl d^tanc* and arheduU of da pttrturM aiid arrivals. 107 Froa Lebanon, by Nash'a Ford, Kew Garden, UiobLnd'a, Oe-i&r Bluff, and Bapti* VaHey, to Taiewell a II, 49 mile* and back. 'Mt a a week. Leave Let^noii Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at lazewtll C 11, n?sc day by 6 p a L.ave Th*. w?.'l C. U. 'ibureday at 7 a a Arrive ut L 4aiton .tar day by IS a 1x8 I'rca Cbat'.am Hjli to Marion, IS ailea md bark, cnce a we-k Lenve Chatham Hul Ti.uraday at 1 p ru Arrive at .Miui->u saoie day by 4 p ui L ave Man-, n Thursday ?t 9 a a Arrive at tJliatbam Hill fame day by 12 a 19V From Hnnsotville, ly Willow Fpring, and Wokinwnvilie. to Bickley?a Miiij., 18 ailes an t l;v k, : nc? a wt*k Leave iian?OLVtlle aaturday at 9 a m Arrive at Bickley'a Mille ?ax? day at 2Jtf p a liCav.< Bick'sy*! Mills ik.turday atSpa i Arrive at lianacnville Bane day by {pm 2f 0 BickleyV MJIb, by Guest'? Str.iion, The I'-uiid, nr.d Tbrre Forke, tj Tark-y Cove, 00 mUee and berk, tnc<> a week. L'ave Bt kley f Mliia Friday ?t 8 a a Arriv.- at Tui key Ck>ve n.-?xi Jay by 6 p a L-i?.7? Tuikev Cove W^ina'daT at 8 a a Arrive at Pdckley'e Mil e next'day by Op a -*0l Froa Eet-ilvill?, by Qoillin.vile, and Micho laeville, Gia*-y Cra.k, U ail.a and baek, ono? a week. 1/eave KetillviJIe ^ednee.'ar at 0 a a An??e at Grassy Crerk aauie day by 12 a Leave Gi?*>y Creek W< em^dav ai'l p m Arrive ketiUvllle fam^ day lby ? p a 202 From Kniilville, u< Klngapcrt, ? Biles and Luck tbree times a w? k. Leave katiilville Monday, Wedueeday, and Fri day at * Jt a m Arrive at Ktn^pnn name daya by 11 a a Leave King-port Monday, Wednesday aai Fri day at 12 a Arrive at Ealil villa game days by 2\L p m 203 Fiom Tuikev Cove, by tke L'.iibt Mone Gap, to the Big UUdea, In l; tounty, '27 aties and ta k orce a w. ?k. L*ave *i urkey Monday at 7 a n Arr^e at Bi^ Gladfcft j-:m? Uay by 6 p a L ave Bi^ Giades Tuaeclay at 7 a m Arrive at Toikey Co?c tamc day by 5 p m 204 Fiom Jcuieville to Ta?ew?li, lenn , 33 mile- ' Mad beck onre a week Lrave Jone?rrllle Wtniu^day at 7 a a Arrive at Tcaeweli i axe day by 7 p a Leave iaa^wa>l TLu>eday ai 7 a a Arrive at Jonefvlllfl f^aae ('ay by 7 p ra ?X5 From L vts'e Mill?, by Hhlte Ton, to Hilton N. C , 20 m?Ua and back onoe a week. Leave Lc v<-'a Mille Friday at 8 a a Arri\? al Illltc-n ram<> da> by 6 p m l^oave Hilton Tliundav at 8 a a A rriv?? at Love's M ;lla V?y 6 p m 206 From Grayson C. II. io he ill Camp, N. C.# 22 mi tea d b^k, once a week. Ijeuvtt Grayson C. U. Ihu-tdiy at I am A rrtve a" tcull Cam^ raae aay by 6 p a Lrave fcu'l Camp F.May at 8aiy Arrive at GrayaonC U. same day by6p m. 207 From Grayron C H., by Peadi Boltfin, Indo pecdero, bridle Ci??k, Month of Wilson, Chaariut Hill, and Ka han't Creek, to Jefler run, 47 uiiif e and back, onre a w?ek. Leave GrsvK u C H. TturaJay at 0 a m Arrive at Jefferson next <i iy by 1*2 m Leave Jefferson Tue&day at V/ m Ai rive at Grayson C. U-beicdty by 0 pm. 208 Frcm Grayson C. II, by hpi-fng Valley, l*k Croek, Blue i^pr'ng. a-.<l Hye Valley, to Marlon 44>^ miles ar.d back, 0??< a ? eek. LeavuGraysonC. IIThorsday at 6 a m Arrive at Marlon tame day by 7 p m Leave Marlon Friday at 6 a a Arri re at G ray so n 0. H s *oe day by 7 p m. 209 From Rye Valley, by Two Mile Branch, Bia clalr** Bottom, Love's Mills, Liberty Hall, Jones Mills, LauseL and Ciark'e Mills, to Abingdon, 40 miles and baek, once a week. Leave Bye Valley Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Abiugd'41 Fame day by 7 p m Leave Abiogd >n Frklay a 4a ta Arrive *it Rje Valley same day by 8 p a. 210 Frcm Rye Valley, by Big Merdow, to Moulh of ot Will on, ;t2 m:le< aud back, oncc a w>ek. IiOive liyn Val oy Friday at 12 m Arrive at i'outjicf Wiieon ?aiue day by 6pa li* av* Mc uth of Vt ilson raturjay at 6 a a Anive at Uye Valley same day by 11 a in. 211 Froa Hilleville, by Pipj 's G >p. ta Grayson 0. H., i0 miles and back.cnco a week. Leave lliilsvl le Saturday art C a a Arrive at Grayson's C. H. raae day by 19 m Leave Grays n C. H. Saturday at 1 p a Arrive at Hiliaville same day by 8 p m 812 Frnm Red Bluff, by Buffa o Ford and Speed we'L, ta riua Spxi-Z, 90 mil<M and bark, cnae a weak. LsaTe Bed Bluff Wednesday at 12 m Ar. ive at Blve Spring Tbur day at 0 am Leave Bice Spring TnurMay a> 0am Arrive at ^ed Bluff saae day by 1 p a. 213 From Casevitie, up Saudey and Tug Fork Riv ers, by Wililaui Bad cliff's, Vinton's Store, Mouth of Pond, Dennis's, heed's, and Bartley Hom'r, to Rcark's Gap, ? miles and baek, onoe a week. Bidders will state distance and ?ehoduk. 214 FiOm Union, by Gap MM?, to Sweet Springs, 90 a Um and back, onre t weak. Leave Unk>n Wtdneiday at 6 a m Arrive at Swert Springe ram? day by 12 a Leave Sweet Spilngs Wednesday at 1 a Arrive at Union same day by 7 p m. ^ Proposals for aore ft, quant trip* are invited. Ali From Soaerton, by Holy Nwk, to Factory HI1L IS miles and baek, onoe a weak. Leave Soperton V afi Arrireat Factory EU1 earn*dayII am / 6 igrr"*>ry8,11 u m VntitHMitsa not day l?? lr r**f %f m*fy u Um $%,#, Braacfcaa OHr ?? -toO~-l??nU. MM ?5stoe?e "***> -.??: j-v h?..t -??????* ? F?rrf to I >??? It P?i4irtt ir| , -jkuTJi? ?>? to UkL ?1? Inlir <*?? Baltimore Md Ohj? *-"- - ? JMJ 4?9T, 4W\ to6A, W*\ to tOTft, a?d kuj?^ ' NORTH CA&OfJK A BUdtrs an r*puMeJ tr arc*,, tm^Um r%. ?f rrtroM/g, A, of a** u, AtQl From Weldon br Rili tt, Ei.fialA Ba^H^ro'. Reeky Voint, JuaerN D*px, Wtwi, Btvrt J?iVm> ?<ldfWr?\ Irw^rtle. Meant CI: re, Faifon* B.p t . B ar 8wam~, Wamw, fctikkland's P ]>at, Tcii^'i, w afii I?*!?1?, ^P?f? **'?*? CVe*?, and Birn* Depo, to w liming: uu, 1M unias and Inek. twi:?? MuJ. 9 I eave W.Mm '?Hjr at It m uid 9 p in ?*m" ?* Wnaungtoc <aiiy I j 7 >, p ni ???.? V*V* *,|-"1,c^to" ??? * in ud SV p m ffW F?J? W? t!t"i Wy P* ana ?*a w. " i*Ti ? ' 7 Q^atk'jr and Weetlanl, u> I w'S ,B" ?***' k*' k?<?Oe a aa?li L#ara Weldrn Tbumlav ?? 3 u p ?. Arrive a* I Itfe-on a*x? a,y brl am LaaveLi tMtnTbuirda a* fc'a m A1 riv# lit Hntdctt iMuf di\ K\ % ? M M03 Frcm Wrldon, by Jacke n, ft| h fcjua?* R * able, Hotel, and Wtedtrr, to pftSUW^?* n**. and baak, tbra. U^.' ? wel-k' *' ' * 3 Tm ***** W?*??d.y *nd Frid.y Arriv* at flymeutfc wdu da's br S ? m 17v* Wynwuth IWiay, lbursday, 'Ull g^ur day at 6 s t-s ?v? ? wtur Arrive at Weldao aame daya br 8 d m K>04 From Fn6e!d. b. *c?lLdK**7Ttim*r^ Hamilton, Wlil<am?t(?n. S\'S ^ bumlay, and f.tar Arrir* at WitlUma^wu aam? dara br i D ^ ?, ii'K" *"**? "J 'tonfc,. ?4 &*t Ar?i??at WliJUTutown mm? dan Lr 13 .? St pmeId fr;d*^. ?"?! Mcoiay >004 >V'?n by H,ah.TlL^ Brink^TLU. Rlnt^aod, Byean or* AiW% lo > nth-lf * l?iai to IT mile# ^1 Liok, t%K .. , w^^-w' Laar# Infield l uekoay and Friday at ? a ia Arrlra at Knflrld teme day at fl d m KXXJ Krtm Kccky Mount, by tajb^', Falkland, to ?r^nvd;a, ? ?ttiTS'tSj f i?f ^iddl? 10 rmrb0ro'' "* liuiti K >cky Mount daily, pt SonJay, at 3 A. rlra at Tarboro'?auie dajs by 7 n m tarb, roj daMy, ? xtcpt bUnufc;, at T a m Arrir* at Pock^ Meant ma* o?ya t.y 11 ? m ?Je aVsYm WoJn?^*y, ard F.i Arnw at Gr^-ornie aam? dayc by 4 p m Lo?t? Mr.rnvilU Tuwdty, Thursday, atd Sat ?rday at < a ui * Ar.lre at larkcnf day4 by S p tu ^.pwaU ArtakM ^rrU* Utw'em Taj bwr?/ and Gr<?nrt'h> are inv lei kX?T From Itocky Houat, by h^kri'M, IlUWla ,01nw_a? Bedford, h Lou lab c r^. M mi)?? 1 nd ba.k. ttir^e tvnet a w*rk to LoaUiut* and sis tli.i?* a w*?-k tl.e m'doc L^u /rrire at ??i 'bur/ uaw day* by 4 p m d-u.y, at i a m Arrivaat Frank do ton tart.? day* by g a ni U^ra FraakJiuron daLy. *, tunday, at 6 Airiv* at Lsufeburs *a?# day* by t r a 1^<5ay atk'a rn'* 4<<nd^> Hwl??adar. mJ Frl Arnr# at Rocky kioaot arme dava br 4 p in J]??. fcy M?ya*iila, XJari Momn,? Aw?* Ik.-. Factf lu?, a^d Moyd-a Ferry, to Waabini>t.u, ti rndel and baak., six timea a a??k. L*a*e Wilson daily, except Sundar, at S a ia Arnve at Wasuington aatu* day* bi S p ia L are \V aabingtcn daily, tx.c?pt bvuday, at 7 at WiLou earn* day* by OL; n ia. My Wi'Mua, by iUntunabur^, to Rrki^ . 17 mil<*< an-1 back, twi-a a w*^.c Leuvt n iMon Mcaday and Tbur>dar at 1 t ui Arnre at^f^lgtra hr dg? ruu# dart bv 7 p m "?'m " ^'^e TuaaL'ay and Friday, at Anrfve at W boa same days at i2 m Propria A>r an a-id -IcnaJ w^kly trip ai? in tiku. 010 Fr ni Ooldaboro', by Rvaa H.n, Mk-baocr a S;*lho?'',? u fry auiej and back, daily. Loare Ocidrboro' detly at d a in Arrlre at Raiaigb aame day by 6k a ia L'are Ral?4(h daily at I p m Ar iire at O*Idai^rv' ianie by ft>4 r m. ^ ? hX Morrisrllk'and irdbbuif, to Iulbboro', nad frtia fraUoury. br CLin. HX"ij - ?*> .S lx*r? Rabi^h daTy at oj, a m An"j?e at iy|yfcorv' f ama day br gU ? m Leave MH*f-r daily at 8 a m Arrieeat Cbar.otte eamo d*.? by !1U a m la^re Cht rlotis daily at 0 a m ^ Arrive a' Salisbury aame d?va br kk 1 m Laav* Hill boro' dally at b^' a m Arrire at i(<4e,gh cauiedaya by iu'^ a m >612 Hulcbrr-.', bj Uiyon 5nrin^iSla?ou RalL Graham, B- ob'< Sutic^i, al!?manre, Ororn bote,, Juaeatcwc, Pmnft-ld, lirummall'a, Tr ^ bMlngt .u, to Fali?buiy, mile.' ar.d back, daily, Lt>?re Hil afc-ro' dally after arriral cl maii from Ka^eifcb, aay at 9 a m Arrive at Gnwncboro' aams days by 8 p m Arrive at ftaJUbury next daya by 8 a na l?are Sahebary dally after arrival cf ?rU! fnm Cbar.wtte say at V a in Lt?tr? On enebs o* daily at 8 p io Arr?Ta^t HI 1-boro' n-xt dava br 8 a ni ?18 From Gold b<m/, by Moroley Hall and Rina ton, lo N?wlwrn, milee and back, six Uoiaa % week. Gcldsborj> dally, rasapt Sonday, at i Arrire^^ceabern fame daya by 10 p m Vr" ?x?-pt Sunday at 4 a m A rriTe ft Goldsboro aame daya by 10 p m - * ifil4 From Goldsboro', by tn<>a HUl, to Hwkertawn 29 milra and back, twice a w?*k. Leave GcldabW and Friday at 1 p m Arrive ai Honker <town aame daya by l?p m Leave Hookerftown Tuesday and Friday at 4 am Arrlrt at. Golisboro* same daya by 12 m .614 Iiom JCver-ttaville, bv Wldtflald'a Mill fflnP7 QTr^'^d *0 Strabane, miles and bafik, ocoe a weak. Leave Kverettarille Thursday at 11 a m Arrive at Ftrabane aame day by 7 t u I/eave dtrabane Friday at 0 a m Arrive at RverettsviUe next dsy at 2 p tu ProposaU for a aecoad weekly trip er? invitM ?1? From Strickland's J)ej.* by KaaarsrilU Brancb^s fitorc. Outlaw's Bridge, AlbertonV ^ HlU.ani Dnena Tl*ta,to Hen anal ville, 29 miles and baok, tbrae tia:?- a w?w k ^ ^Ckl^'- **?<* Monday, WaLTiday. and Fri<bty after arrival ofaar?, say at 11 aw Arrive at Renansrlile ram* dart bv 1 p m nf n^M# MrJv R*d ^ *l^eadav at ? p m, and Friday at 6 p m Arrtve at gtrlcklaad'n Depot MonJav and WVl neady byipm, and Friday by 7*p m Laarr' Kanau^ Ula faturJay at 9 a m, by ?ar?> ta, Braucbe a Btora, Outlaw's bridge, Albert ton's, Pink Hill, atd bu^a VlJu Arrlrt at Raoansrllia next day by 12 m Fro? ttriokUnd's D^pot, b, Taylor's Bridge. ?.*' *E,l1lUrTl90n t'raek, to Fay. ettavlll#, M miles and t*~k. Striakland Depot Frid*y at 8 p m Arrira at FayaftavtUa xwxt ?unday Wu. Leave 1> ayet>vill? Wwdueeday at f a o> Alilm. ^ St,<eklM,i'? Bapot next Friday br 618 From KananrvlUe, by IlalU-rila Haw Laava Kamanarilla gauirlay at 7 a m ZirnTu %t rrtntou next Iat kt iq m Laava Trenton Sunday at f r m A rriva at RaoanfViUa naxt day brim' *" ^t?4uv ^ tT^ssrs*.. t l^?k, onoe a weak. 7*7^ ?n^t FrkUyat 9am Arriv* at Angola aame day bj 1 p a Friday at 8 p m ^rt?a at Burgaw repot aame dar ty 7 a a ^ Prcpotals to axtaad by OatbarlK bake to Rkb. I*** ^ oof**"** W20 ttm tpUf OardM, Ij Leaf Otoak, Blarg

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