Newspaper of Evening Star, January 27, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 27, 1855 Page 5
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UNITE) STATES MAIL. Po?r Ottici DxrtkTm.T \ J??u?7 IS, 1855. J Proposal* r..r conveying th* mails of the unt-j ted 8 tat ? :'r a let of .'u y, 1865, to the 30th ; day of June 1*6^, Inclusive, la the 8 iM of VIRGI NIA. NORTH CAROLINA, SOUTH CAhOU^A, GEORGIA, and FLORIDA, will b? received at the Contract OSm of the Post (>f8*s L'e^arim-nt, in the ait j ? f Washington, uatii 3 p. m, of 10th April, llift, (to be decided by the 30th April, 2855) oa the f root** and in ibe tun* herein ?pe?ifled. VIR^IKIA. Buldtrt art rtqtutUJ U tmammf canj'u'ly tto in ttrucUons. J'TWU of jprvpvtal, mttcched to thu aJvertw*s*l 48ul from Washington, D. (X, by Alexandria, Ya , Gvnont Md- Game Point, 'or Aquia Creek,) Va- FreJrriiksb?*|,Gula*y?s, MiHord, Rntb ar Glen ' aaction. Tayloravide and Slash Cot tage, to Rl -Jiuond 130 miles, twice daily and baefc. Lmt? Washington daily at 7 a m and 8pm Arr.v* ?> Lkbraond bjSpm and 5am L?>< KuSimond daily at 7% a m and 8pm An ir? at Washington by 4 p m it?d 5.K a m 4*02 Kroui Richmond,Jby Prtctor'aCr ek, to Peters bur <, 24'4 mll-s and bank, twice dai'y. I.UT* Richmond daily at ?U a m and p m A rirear Pet-rsbnrg daily oy T a m and 4pm l?a-e Pe'ereburg daily at 6j?{ a m and 6pm Arrive at Rkhiaond by 7 a m and JUpa tO.*. From P fra -urz by dtoey Creek warehouse, Jarr*tt*a, llickafbrd, Peasant Wi'I, and Oa reyeburg. t<> W el don, 64 mike and back, tw rj daily. I eav* Peter*'-, urg dally atflfcanl 4% p m "la man 1 V / 4 Arrive at WeldoD by 11 a iFTnl 8pm L?ave Waldon da ly at 2 p m and lam Arrive at Pe'eistar* ly 4^ p m and ft a m 4804 from Waahingtn, D. 0, Poet Cfflc* and Bal tlmore and utio Railroad Button at Washing tor, t-? AVxamoria Va., Poet Offl-e and Or ange an 1 Alexandria Raircad Station at Al pxioJtU 7 mil-* a .d back, twice daily. Leave Waihingtcn uaj'y at 5^ a m and 19 m ? Arrive ?t AU-xaniria same days by W< a m and i\i ? uj Leave AW widria daily at 10}$ a m ai d3* ~ p m Arrive at W ?hingt*n sam>- Jay* b/U*?am and 4*>4 p ui 480* ?r im 1 ''.max Court Ifru-e, by Fa I* Church tal-y*a* Roiis, ant Brixton, to Wa3hibg. ton, 10 miles and bnck. c-nce a week. Let v? Fairfax Court lit um Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at Washington ?ar.i? day by ita leave Washington tratnrdav at 1 p m Xrrive at Fairfax C. li. a?me d*v by 6 p m ?sod F.t>m A'luia, by Gariuonaille and Staff,ri C H.. V> Kailro*d, (Brock's ^Utinn> ?H? niil?? and bi?three limea * wrek. Leave Aquu. . ?-w?ay, lhui>i*y, aud Saturday a' in a m irnva at Raiir&Ad dy g ly 11 a m i>e?ve Railroad Tu?4 lay, Tbur<-di?y ?nd Satur day at 1 p m Arrive at Aqu*? -ace day* by 3 p in 48c7 i'DO Fr'ier::??_u-r. b; th%,. pli^wllle, Wil Jem-**, a: d Viidi rsvin*. to ?.r*u *C H.. 2i tuilet nnd ha**, three lunes a ?oe i. Leave ir*mri;i >.jr$ Xue^iaT, Tbursd-y, snd Saturiar itlaa Arrive ?t Oxan*c C .'i r?iae by 3pm L-?Te Orange L. 3. Moa ay, A * it <*8day, and lfcur4??7 at 6 a m Arrif# a-: > reierwk^'iurjj - viae d--va by 3pm 4'uaFrm Cfie?eellfT?Tii;e, by ;id^ru??., Ger m*nns, ihtsph^rU's ('r^vj. and Btflvensinrx, to Culpepper C. U, 2i mile* *rj,i ba*k, thr?e 1 i jae-i a wetk k L'avtt Cbao^lior^vUie Tuf*day. Thur*ia? and ^ B'turday at 8 a m , (after arri -al of m?U from ~ )iwdetk kaonr^^ Arrive at Ci?lp?p;*rC. H. saaa days l.ySpm Le*ve Culpew:i C H M-<adxr, Wodnesiay anl Friday at 6 a m Arrive it Oh*no*U&f?Tllle name i*ts by J p m : or in t iua to cvaoft with the liail rrtm Or ange!'. if. *8 W Frrm Matspenv to Locust Crov* and Danki* vtll*. 7 m.lo* and bai-x. a week. L**ve MaUfony ru?? ay ?ud Saturdar at 12 m Arr ?? at D?nte ay lie me? days by 1 o m Leaec L*uirLrrill* Tue*.tav and Saturday at 1U 1 p m Arrive at Mat^pony hbh dayj by 2% p m an4f. >ui iia^pocy toL? Vj?t Grove and back I sy:n? d* s 4 anl * p m Propcf* t i :ri we-kly aarvk-c will be fcusid- ( eied. 4810 Fr/m Chano*ucr^vSii? to I'odJ'a, 6 ollca and ' beck. CI.C-- a ?e*k. L^ave C'aaaceiiordti:U Baiorday at 1 p m Arrive at Tcdfa s*m- ua> ly :) p m L*ave Tcdd's Batvri.y at 10 a u Arrive at Chau-vM )r.?*ill? *am4 o?y Uy 1J m 4811 Pr *a Cbaa&dllonviile toRiubar 9 miles au-i baox, once a w eek Le ve Chfcncilloravilla W?dtie?J;.v. at 7 a m /rrive at f.icharJcv.l.p day ?.y Diy L?*v* lUoharJUri.le \V?^in?^iay at 10 a m Arriv; at chtneeliiravil e r?mm day bv 12 m 4 SIX Ft m Fredet.?k?burg to Fa>'ni'uth, 1* . mike aal b^clr, daily L**ve kii -'erk. eiurg dal.'y at m p m Arn?e at Falmou'b ?am-' 'lav# ty 'V/i p ai Leave faimouic da. y ?t ^ a u Arriv* at Fr^derkiiburg aao.e J?y3 ly ?)Z a m 4>?la From lr Jenckaburg. by rp tt*ylvaui? c H Mount tw*at, L -wL- 8 biore, and llarr'"s' t? PrwlerkksLa.i, 4 j mik-" and lack, twice a aw l**7* FredaricisLurg Monday and Thuiaday at IB Ar.iv* at Fr*d?ricktha:i next day by 11 a hi L?ave Fr.d^ ricksha.: 'lu-?auj md Friday at It m Arrive ar Fredarkksbr.r^ ccxt days by 11 a m 4814 Fr^m k alm^uth to liuxtwr. d^ f ml es and lack, twice a weak l*eave Falm nth Tuesday atd Friday at 4U p m Arr!v? at If-rtwo<d ? caya by ft p m Leave aartwood TueaJay and Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Fahujuth t- .unr day* by 3 p m. 4815 fnia Fr?u?iicluburg, by Monteithville, to CU;toa, i3 n-ikj ana back, twic* a i??t L'av* Fr?d> rkke) org Tu^eday and Friday at 2 b a ; .aner arrival of a: uthern mail.) Arrive -t C ift^a >ame day* bj 5 p m Leave Clifton Taee!*y and Friday at 7 a m Ain?a at ired-ri. kt-cur^ same da>a by 11 a tu 4?l0 >ivb Fr. d>*rkkeburg, t?y Rappahannock Acad . erny. l'.jct Ruyal, Loretto, Occupacia, Lloyd'a, I 53fan l Mount Lanuini, io lappanan- i ni-ck. t and back, 3 t m^e a w?el. L-a?e i irderickeburg MouOay, Wednesday, and ' ?.id?> at d a 12 Arriv* at TappaLannock tame days \)j G p m Leave Tappabanot k lueaJay, 1'hur'slay ted Saturd y at 3 a m Arrive at Fr-dTi K^bnrg game days by 6pm j 4?17 Fr. ui Fr<d rickst>ur<, by pert Royal, Fcrtji Couwa-, Led!.", Tappahaanock, Vrtaana, Merry Ptint, end I un eague Laniin^to Bal timore, Maryland, ? miles aud back, otc? a v ?k k Leave Frvde^ickslurg Wednc*Iay at 7 a in Arnv* at Baltimore same day by 10 p m L'av* Bait m Ts Hatunay alittpm Anive at Frederirkeb irg M ndav by 6 p m 4sli Froui Guitey'a by Mippc'a, U Tborusbarg, lj niiics ?ud back, twice a weex. Leave Gwicey'^ Ta siay and Friday at 2 p ni Arrive a; Thor^auurg same da^a by 5 p m L ave Inorurburg Tutaiay uud irid?y at 10 a u> Airve at Gui?*> e &*me days by 1 p m 481W From B-wling Creen to Miltord Lkpit, 2^ uile* and back, twice daiiy except Sunday Leave 1 Green (Jau.y, exc*p: tuadav, at 1 8^ and 11H a m Arrive at Mllfuid l>p:>t uiat Jnv. by ' a iu and 2pm L**ve Milf^rd D?pvt daiiy, ?4cpv bundav, a i' a iu and 1>j p m * t Arrive *t Bovilsg Or. en taut <j?\a |.y lo^ a in aad lj p ui. 4H*? Fr m bow mg Green, by Traj:, Pirt Iloyal, ? Port Conway, and Shii li, Vj Kiiig George C H., 1* mi'.e* anl l??k. *it t>me a w*va. Leave Bowling G:eeii daiiy, except. Sunlayfat 4J p m, or up:? ariival of noribecn mai. from >i'fcrd As rive at iuo/ C. II., s.uie ?'ays by 11 = \ PA Leave King George C. II. daiiy, except Mon day, at 2 a in Arrive at Bowtin^ Green aame day* bv a m. 4821 from Klt^ G?" r<? C 11-, by fcJge 11.11. Md? rille, Oak Grove, iernrawocxl, Montrcsc, No m'ujr Grove, aod Lyell a rtore, to Warsaw, 47 i aiilae and back, twicw ? week. Leave Rio* Uecrge C. II, Tut.olay and Friday at 6 a m Ai rive at \Va-*a? aems lays by 6pm a Laars Vkaraaw Wedne^^ay and Saturday at 6 a b Arrive at hiog Grorgs C. II., name day* ly Gi /?in. t>m War>aw, av Oidbfin X R< ad?, Union i Vtl'age, Kinsale, LuttabuiH^mthiWle, and j V S*eonikr> Church, to Kliuaraock, .V> mile*. a"?d b--i_ twlc* a w*?k. Leav* Haia-w WrJn?el?y an<l batardsy at 4| a m Arrive at Kilmarno'L 'am* da s bv 9 p ra Leave Kiimarncek 1 U'> Jar and FriJay at 4 a m Arrive at Warraw aame d?;a by 6 p m 4MJ Fros Warsaw, Barrettivitle, Ftrn'uam, Li walton, L?neaater C II . to Rilmarnock, 41 ?allea and back twio* a w-?a r*ave Waraaw WeJneaiay anil Saturday at 6 , ? m Arrive at Kilmarnock aaine da/e by 6 p m l-aave Kilmarnock tueeday and Fillay at 6 a m Arrive at W*x>aw muie lay by 6 p m Proposals to extaui W: :* Stoue are invited ' 4824 From Kilmarnock t. U Rite Mtone, ft nllesand back, once a week Leave K<lmarn *K TLur?iay at 7^ a m Supplement to En WASHINGTON, JANUARY ening 27, 1855. Arrive it Whit* Stone earns day by 9 a m Leave Whit* Stone Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Kilmarnock same day by a m Proposals for an additional weekly trip are in vited. 1825 From King George 0. H. to Ham pet* ad, 7 miles an I bank, twiee a week Leave Kinjr Gaorge 0. H. Wednesday end Sat urday ai 9 a m Arrive at HampateadJeanse days by 10)f a m Leave Ilampetead Wednesday and Saturday at 7am. Arrire at King George C H. same day* by 8# a m I8M From Oak Grove to Port Conway, IS ??t and back once a weak. Leave 0?k Grove Wednesday and Saturday at ? am Arrive at Port Conway a*m? days by 12 m Leave Port Oonway ^Vednet day and Saturday at 1 p m Ariive at Oak Grove came days by 5 p m IS27 From Mont roes, by Kiev's Store, to llsgue, 12 miles and baek, twice a week. Leave Montrrsa Tuesday and Friday (after ar rival at Ring George C. 11.) say at 2 p m Arrive at Hague same days by 6 p m l^eavc Hague Tu-aday and Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Montrose same days by 11 a m 828 From Bowling Green, by Sparta and Central Point, to Newtown,miles and back,twlc? a week l*a<e Bowling Green Wednesday and Satur day at 5 a m Arrive at Newtown ram* days by 12 m Leavs Newtown Wednesday snd Saturday by 2 p m Arrive at Bowling Green s me days by fr |> m S2) From bowling Green, by Turner's ?tor', and Whi eChimmys, to Mangekick, 24mile* and >', tw.ce a w? ek Ltave bow ing Green Wedneeday andSaturday at 4 a m Ar live at Mangohiek same da>s by 1- in Leave Mai goLai Wednssday and SiturJay at lpm Arrive at Bowi ng Ore-, n . aso days ty 9pm 830 Fio-a Alexandria, by Av-^.iuit, Ocoojuou, and Neabsco Mills, to Dm r.rles, 2W miles and b&ek, tbree times a wet It Le*?? Alexandria Tut? Jay, Thursday, aad Sat urday at 10\4 a m Arrive at Dumfries same da*a by 7 p m Leave Dumtries Monday, Wednesday, and Fri day at 7 a m Arrivj at Alexandria same days by 3 p m S31 From Alexanlii*, by Fairfax station, gang ster's Station, Biirke'i station, Tudor Hall, Biutce'f Stati n, Catlett, Walnut Branch Depo , Bealettn, Millvlew, Brandy Station, Colpeptr 0- 11., Mitchell's Station, Rapid Ann t tattoo, aDd Orange C H , totGordofsville 88 miles a ad back, Catly, in iailrcad cira, with b;*ucb to VVarrent^n, 9 miles and back, daily L'ava Alexandria daily at 1x/% a m Arrive at Gordonsvi.le <anie day by 10.45 a m Leave Gordonivil e dally at 11.46 u ui Arrive at Alexandr a fame Jay by 3 40 p m Leave A.eiaodna daily by 7^, a m Arrive at Warrent^n fame day by W 4o a m Leave Wurrentjn daily at 14 p ut Arrive at A'esandr.a tame d?> by 3.40 p III Leav<> Warrea^B tor Gordocbville daily at a m i832 1 r ra Ale iiQ'liia, by Friendship, Fa'lsChorch, lYach Gro^e, au<i Republican Mills, to tracer ville, and fr?m Wa-hii^glon, D C., by Gwjige Cow.., 1 rtngJoy, Prjfpw.t liill, bpringvale, Drau?i.ivi<l? , Breul Run, Pt-liaont 1 wabur.-i, ll.iuii.too, Purcelvillit, Suickorsvil.'e, Caat.e man's ferry, and Peiryville to Winchester, (3 lUtiM aild back, thl*e tiuies a We^k, 1.inking clo?? oonnecilous at JDcuiestille. Leave Aleiandi .i.Tu-'-Jm, Thursday, and Sat urday at 1 a in Ai rite at llnuMi.'villr s-ttne days by 6am 1-enve l>rnu.*ville Monlay, Waioi-stlsy, and Fri day at C f< 111 Arrive at Aie.vaiidi a *.i:u- days by 11 p 111 Live Wa-'biu^tou I've day, Tbur.da*, aud fe?'.Di?l.iy u. 3 a 111 R. .tch LmiKWViUe ?auie >la\s by 6 a tu Airire at Winchester :auie days tv 9 ji in Iv&ve Wiu-Let ei M-?uda?, Tt*dit?uU?y aud til day at 2 a ui ftfteh Dintw-svillx same days by 6 p ui Ai rive at * ,ishJugt"ii Mine days I y tf p m ls3*i From Aleianuria to The~log.e*l Seminary, 8 miles and bick, daily, except Sunday Leave Alexkndria dai y. except Sunday, at P m Arrive at Tuej'.og cal Seuinsry eam- days at alj p m Leave Tce^'o<;i*il seminary diuly, except S?n day,at3^pia A;<ive .it Ai:xsnltia same days by 4% p m 834 From Alexandria, by Mount l'ierca, An*ndale, Fah fax C. II ,Cvi*ntllly, ileaaant Va'Jc , Ar OL-ia Aldie, Midd.ebur^, and Uppervllle, to Paris, S3 mil..- and back, tbr?i times a weeX Leave Alexsndila Tue6dsy, Thursday, and Sat urday at 9 a m Ariii? at Pari* nme days b; i pm Leave I'arin Monday, Wein*sday, aadFtiday at Sam at Alexandria same days by 4 p m Prip~?al? to end at Midlleburg are invl ad. 1935 Fr m s'angs'.on's btati u to Ceatrevllle, b miles and tick, tb-ae ti~ en a week Leave gangster's station Tuesday, TLuislny, and Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Centreville same d?y* by p m Leave Centreville Tussday, Thursday, and Sat urday Jat 6am Arrive 6t Sang t'r*4 8taUon .ame days by 9J-, a m W30 Fiom Manartrac Pti'loo, by GalnaeviHe, Ha ? market, Thoroughfare, The f'lains, Salem, Fauquier, Rectortown Btation, Piedmont Sta tion, anl Front Roysl, ts Str-abur^, 61 mile^aLd back, daily except Suiiday Leave Man as-as 3u.tlcn dslly, except Sunday, at a ui Arrive at 8trarbur^same days by II 20 a m Leave .Jtrisbu'<s da'.ly, except Sunday, at 11*4 'am Arrive at Mana^?as Station same lays by 9 p ai 1537 F-om Ur'stoe St.-.vcn to B:t>ntvlTle, 3 miles snd bark, dally, exrept Sunday L-ave Hri?toe Sution daily, except Sunday, at a m Arrive a* krentvi le xme <!ajs by 9>^ a m LeaTC Brentville daily, exoept Sunday, at 7 a m Arrive a' Brietoe Station same days by 8 a m to e From Rientsvi'.le, by Independent Hill, to BelieMr Mills, 13 u.i!?e and ba:k, twice a week Leave BrenUville WeJnes?ay and Saturday at 1pm Arrive a' Bell?f*ir Mills Kama days by 4 p m Leave ''ellercir Mills Wednesday and Saturday at 8 a m Arriv at BrentsviPe same days by 12 m. <S3U Faom CatUtt, by Weavenvilia, Bnstersburg, tu* Klk R-n, to Somerrllle, 13 miles and ba*k. three times a wr?k Leave C?it'ett Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 a m Ar?'v<? ?t ?f?m-?e?il!e ?ame dats by I p m LmT* PHMITill * Tue&.'ay, Thursday, and Sat m<i?y aw . *t |>m Ar. ?- : v t ? t b?me days by ft p m. 4i4? i rem r'vXVtlle by Millvlew, Wheatley, Pine V; >?, Nhw WiKbtoo, and Millview, to Fox vule, ?4a?.l to \ miles aud back, twice a weak leave Foxvllla Tuesday and Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Millview same days by 9^ am (in time f.T ears trr m Alexandria.) Le&ve MillvUw Tuaaday and Saturday at 10 a m, ? r ?? r errrrai of cart from Alexandria Arriva at Faxvilie same d*yn by ft p m. 4%41 From Brandy Station to KellysTllle, 8 miles and bach, twice a week L*ava Brandy Station Wednesday and Satur day at i ,S p m ArtiVe at Ke'lyevi le came dayk by p m Leave Keilysviile Wedne:day and Caturday at 11 am Arrive at Knn.'y Station tame days by 1 p m. 484t From Oulpepper C. II . by K;dor\do,Caet.eton, Laurel ili Is, Bock Mills, Warhiogton Flint Hill, and Bla k Bo k to Front Keyil, 45 miles and baoa. i*i-? s. w:ah Teava Culpepper C H. Wedncdsy aud Satur day at 2 s m Arrive at Front Rjyal next da;s by 2 p in lxave F.ont Royal Tuerdsy and Fttday at 12 m Ar.i'e at Cu'.pepper C. H next days by 13 m 4843 From Culpepper 0. H., by Grifflnsburg, Bos too, SUte Mliia, Woc.lvllie, 8perry ville, Uaus burg, Luray, and Ma sanutten, to Naw Mar ker, 56 miles, three times a week and back, making connexl>ns at Sparryvil'a, with ths Warrmtou route. Leave Oulpepp r C- H Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 1 p m Arrive at New Market next days by 12 m Leave New Markft Monday, Wednesday an<J Fiiday, at 1 p m ? Atrlve at Culpepper C, il , next day by 12 m 4844 From Culpepper 0. H , by KlxayTtl.e, to Cal Bhsde, 11 m'lfi gad back, thrto llm--a a weak. L*fT? Culpepper C. U. Tuetday, Thursday tad Saturday, at lj^pm Arrive ?t 0?k Shade asms days by 4% p in Leave Oak Shade Tuesday, Thursday and Sa turday, at C>]4 a m ** Culpepper C. H, same days by 0J( am 4S46 From Culpepper C. If. by Waylaadsburg, to L oos 13 mi ?mand tuck, twiri a week. Leav* Culpepper C. U. Monday and Friday, at 114 P m Arrive atLacnsatre day* by i p m Leave Leon Mond y ard Fi Iday at 8 a m Arnre at Culpepper C. H. r?me da;a by 11 am 4846 From Mitchell's 8ta<!?n, to kaccon Ford, 7 miles an 1 back, time times a week. Leave Mitchell's fctati n Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 1 p c, dn arrival of oars from South Arrive at Raccoon Ford same days by 3pm Leave Raccoon Ford Tuesday, Thursday and Sa turday at 8 a m Arrive at Mitchell's Station same days by 10 a m, in time to *cnu?et with cars from Kodh 4847 From Oianga C H, by Malison's MiVs, to Locust Dale, 8 milts and bade, three times a week. Leave Locust Dala Tuesday, Thursday f nl tz ! turday at 7# a m Arrive at Orange C H same davs by 10 ; ax Leave Orange 0 H. Tueeday, Thursday, and Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Locust Dale same days by 3V? p m 4848 Fr ra Piedmont Station, by Paris and *5ill wood, to Winchester, 24 miles and taok, thre titpwt a wees. Leave Piedmont StaHon Tuerday, Thurrda*, and Saturday at 11 a m, or upon arrival of cars rem Alexandria Arrive at Wincha?ter sarre days by t> p m Leave Win better 5i? nJay, Wtdntwday, ard Friday at 6am Arrive at Piedmont Station sem* davs by 1 p m, or ia M?ne to c nnect with rats to Alex andria Proposals to embraie Upperville ar? invited. 4849 Fjom Piedmont Station, by Mor*l?nd, to Toad's Manor, 9 m'ies and back, twice a week Leavfl Piedmont Slatton Tuesday and Satmd^y aclpm Ar.ive at Leei's Manor seme davs by 4 p m Leave Leed s Manor Tuesday and ea urday at 8am Arrive at Piedmcut Stttion Fame days by 11 a in. 4860 From the Pla'ns to Miduleburg, 9 miles and back, six times a we.-k. leave the Plrins daLy, except Sunday, at 0 am Arrive at Middleburg same days by H am Leave Mkklleburg deily,ixcept Sunday, atllV? a m Arrive at the Plains same days by 1J? p m 4861 From Winchester by Ninutah,' to Front Royal, 81 mllea and lack, three times a week Leave Winchester Tuesday, Thursduy, tnlSa t urday at 7 a ra Arrive at Front Royal same days by T2 m * Leive Front R->jal Monday, Wednesday, ?nl Fr day at 12 m, on arrival of cars from Alex andria Winchester samp day?; by 5 p m 4852 Warren'or, by New liaitimora a:?d Bucklnn J, to 0??;nerV!lle, 12 cii'.es a ad back, ' thr?# t-mes ? week. ? Leave Warrer.ton Tuerday, Thur^dyy and 9a- * turday at 7 rt m |j Arrive at (Join* vi;Ie iame day* by 10J^ a m Leave Giineivil'e Tuesday, Ihursday. and S*- ' turday at 11^ am Airir* at V\iurento.i ftmedaya by 4p m 4*68 Frcm YVa-renton, by Wa'erloo, Am>ss?i:ie.'I (Jjid-hV >4 i cad-* and Wa hington. to .--per- j ryville, 31 miles, thrfie iim-s a ?eekandba?k, ' making ocmn- xions S; ?ry villa withtli* ; Culpe^er rout*. Lrare Warr?r.lon Tue'day, Thursday, and Sa turday at 11 am Arrive at Sparryville fame days by 7 p m L?a??Sperryri Jo Tr,* day. Tou.eday, ?ad fco* turday at 2 p m Arii^e at Warrenton sain?j days by 10 a m. 48i4 Fr< m Airhuiond, by hiackee'h. Mid.olhiatj, liallfboro*, The Lnioii, Apjr.iiiat'.fx Pepot, Wlntorfcam. Ain*lia C. II, Jetersville, Jen ?lr.g'a I'rdlraiy, Hurkt<vi"i?, Oroen Pav, MowieVOrdinary, K?-yesvlUe, L)r?kcV itrancb, Mcaslns Ford, Koanaka fetat'on, and Clover Tepot, t) Soi th lio^ton rep. t, 110 miles, six time* a week and Lark. Leave Rirhm cd Caily, Func'nr. at 6 a m Arrive ?t Burkesvill>- earn- days bv h &i Arrive at Sooth Co t a L\ |>ot same da \ a b, lJj f a m Le#v* South Bc^t^n P.-po* da ly, exc>-j' 8unday .11 12 M Arrive at Burk^vilU- r-uiv? j?,? bv R.40 p m Arrir. .it Kicbincid raiiit- days by a ni rrop fals lor Oatjy ^ i vi-e ?ie juvit, a, with a ! view to com<-\ is -i :L? gi-rmt lua i tj Burkes- A ?'lie. { 4S&5 Frem Pet?r borg, by Hut herb nd, Fcid's L'.:p^t, | Wilson'/- Dejot, W<-Ilvill?, B!a-k.? aui WLitea, Motto we. y (j. B , Bnrk<-*viile, i ice's Pep i, j Faimvillie, Pioep???t Psmplin'e l)>-|>ot kver- j fCiven, Appjiuatu-x Pepn Concord, and Fre ! docia Mi lis, to Lynchbui^, 123 allies six tiuiea n week and back. < Leave Peter<-burg d* Jy, etCept Sunday, at a ni Arrive at Rnrkewlle fan., days bv a i)>BH Arrive at Lvfichburg fani" days by p ni Leave I/ynchhurg daily, oac-pt Sunday, at 1 p m Arrive at Burke?vill* samedays by o 4o p ui Asrive at Pe'e-^burg r.iinu dayj by 6]^ p m Pr j>oealsfcr dally servicu are lnvlt .1. with a ?uw to conveying so ?nuch otthe aicat Ni rtb cm and Soutiitru nia-.l as maybe sent via Lynchburg. Knoxville, and l)alt ,n. 4S5ti From Lynchburg, by For -st Depot, Pierc; ville, Lowry, L lierty, Oak Mul?;a, Li?bon, ltuf"rdi>, Make's, Stooer'H Store, big Liok.Silem, Cen tra' Dep<St, Newbern, and Muck's Meadows, to W?theville, lct> miles and bac>, six times Le?*e i>/ncLLarg daily, cxrept Sucd. y, at 1 p m Arrive ut Wytheville same d?y6 by 7^ p ux Let7- Wytheville daily, except Sunday, at C a m Arrive at Lynchburg rama dty by ^ pm. proposals f r daily service are invited, with a view to conveying so much of tbe proa . Northern und Snutcern mail a? uiay be scut by Lyncbb rg. Kb x?ill?, an'. Daltou. 4867 FTom Wythe*i:le, by Rural VeUeat, Marion, Seven Mile Ford, Town 11< use, <ilade Spring, Cedarvil'e, Abicgdor, f-u ith's Creek, Tia ber i 0rove, and Lriatol, Te., to bl^untsville, 7S^ miles aad ' aek, daily, except Sunday. Leave Wythevi le daily, ex -ept Sunday, at 10 p m Arrive at Abitgdon next days by 10 a m An fat Elountevll e by 6 p m Leave Blountati ie daily, exotpt Sunday, at d a m Arrive at Abingdon *&me days by 9 p m And at Wytheville next days at 4 a m. Proposals for ^ai'y sat viae and expedited scod ule are ia sited, and a to for extending the ioute to Knox ville, or s-> as to oonnect with the Ra*Jroad, by lauvcyancM sufflcieat for the great Northern aud routharn mall, or ao much of it as may Le seat by this instead of the pr*-ae?t rout-j. 4858 From Wilar.n's Depot to Dai ville, 6 miles and j baok threa Umee a week. Leave Wilson's Depot Thursday and Saturday, at8Xsm Arrive at Darville tar e d?ys by 10^ a m Leave Darville Thursday aud Batar0ay, at 11% a m Arrive at Wilson's Dapot nxc days by VXp a. 4860 From Bl.eke A Mhites, by Jonesb'tro', Kejna dy, Edm' uJs, Lc?h Lcven, Bticklunu, !fcn IntaiVdntion, ColumMm Qrove, and Whit tle's Mdl *, to South II111, 47 mi'ts and back, twice a week. Leave Buck. & Whi's- Tuesday and Fillaj at OH a m, or after arrival of cars f cm Petera lurg Arrive at South Hill same days by Op m I<ea^e South Hi 1 Wc-uneeday and Saturday at 4am Arrive at Blacks k Whites same days by 4 p m 4860 From Blacks i Whites, by Black Faee.and Mo Far:nca's, to Lunenburg C. H , ?0 miles and au i b*ck, twice a week. Letve Blacks A While* Tuesday and Friday at a m or aftei arrival of ears from Peters burg Arrive at Lunenburg 0 II same dayi by 4 p u> Le*ve|Luuenlurg C II Wedntcday and Satur day at 9 a m Arrive at Blacks A Whites same days by " p m. Proposals to end at McFariand's are invited. 4861 Fum Lunenburg 0 II , by WalteVoro', Bar rj't BriJga, and Prapersville, to Christian villa, 30 mi?at and bvk, twi ce a week. I>are LuQenburg C. II. Waluasday and Sa'.ur day at 7 a ni Arrive at Uh.iaUacaville a<ue days 0> 6 p m L*are C hrhtinosvilla Tuesday and Friday at a m Arrive at Lunenburg C. II. same days by 6 p m 4802 From Farm villa, by Raines Tavern, Lang born' Tav*jn, Cumberland C. H., Cak Foreet and Cnruisvitle; to Pemberton, 86 miles and back, three trm?a a week. iwr* Fariuville Sunday, Wedne?4ay, and Fil day, a* 6 a iu Arrive at PemberUm same days by ft p m Ujv? I'einb-rton Tuesday, Thursday, and ?atur <5ay, on at rival of mail front Richmond, aay at flam Arrive at Faritivillefaint <*aya by 3 p m. 4>M33 From Jvuivilb. by CnrdsvUe, atd Owio's Mil), to Buckingham 0.11., 25 mile* and bark, twics a week Leave Faruivill# Tuesday and Friday at 1 p iu Arrive at Buckingham C- H *aine days by 6 p m Leave Bu klngfcaui C II. Monday and Thunday at 0 a m Arrive at Farmville Fame day* by 11 a m. Pro|?>.ali for t-l-weekly <arvice a>? Invlt d. 4881 From Farmville, by Prinze Fdwsrd 0 H., to Hampden Fkltey Collage, 9 in lea and ba k, fix t in - * a week. Leave Farmville daily, <xcept runday, at 11% a oi Arriie at Uampd n 8idnColl ge tame days by l^pni I*are Hampden Sidney Coll ge dkily, except Sunday, ?t Bam at Farmvill<t same days by 11 a m. 4865 From Bamplin's D*pot, by Hat Cr#ek and Mor ris's Cau:oh. to BuA>ku?al, oO m he and ba k, ?>nce a *w k, Leave Pampl n'; Depot Wtdu-cdayat 7am Arr ve at 8<tin?day by o p m L are Brooku*?l ' at 7 a lit Arrive at Pamplin's D. p { day by * p m. Prupoeuls fm- twice a week sprviao croinrit <1 480t) From Pamplin's Dept, by Walker". Church, to .New Ftore, 14 mil a an 1 ?>?r k twise a week. I.'ave rauiplin'a D. )>? >t Tu? day ami Frid:<? ?t 12 m An tra at New Etorj sani? driyj by 4 p ni New Store 'lu?-td.y and 1 riday at " a m Arrive at Painplin'r f am 1 da}* by 11 a ui. 48&T Frcm R? d Ilocse. I v Wcodlawu, ConeGrd, asd Uinxiddie's Tan Yard, to Cakvile, CO miles and back, once a week. Lrave Had Hon re Tuesday at 8 a m Ai rive at Oakville bhk day by 6 p m L;<tvs Oekville Wednesday it 8 in ArTi/e at Red House Fame day by 6 p a 4865 Frota Lynchburg, by CampSell 0 H, Yellow Bran^l, Cattle Cra:/, Ward's Bldge, Hill ?1 rove, Chalk i,evel, iv bertaon'* Store, and rtttsylvan-a C H , t? 1'aav i!e, 77 miles and bac^, three times a week. Leave Lynchburg 1 uerday, Thursday and gun day at 3 a m Arrive at Dsnvllle aame day? by 12 night L?ave Danvl le Morln;, V. edneiday, and Fri ! day at 3U n m Arrive at Lynchburg peine davs l y 1-2 ni^ht. 4800 Prom Lynchbmg. by tinn, to l'eiltr'n Wills, 17 miles ar. l b ck, twice a week. I**" Lynchburg Moniay and Thursday at 2 p in Arri'.e at'* Mills fame ???ya by 7 p in Leave Pedlar's Mill? Monqay at.d Friday at 6 a a ui Airiveat Lyncl-burg ppuiodavs by 12 ni. 4870 Font Fore t Depot to Ivy < ie?k Mills, 6 miles and ba k, o ce a week. > U-aye Fore t Pepot eaturday at 3 p ni Arrive at Ivy iie?*^ Mill? tame daf by 5 p ut Leave l?y Om-k Milia at 12 m Arriie at Fore t Peja^t *am>* day by 1^ p in. 4871 J-riHii liuf 'id a I?epot to rntt'ingburg, 16 uiil^s a ad t*?ck, tbtee t nies a *e.-k. L ar.? Buio-d's l'? p?>t Tu??oay, Thursday, and .Jaturlay'at 4 ]> m * t rive at Pattntuburg fm?? ?'?tys b- 8 p in i^ave i attoji?bi<i< Xu ? day, Thursday, and SatcrJay at 5 a in Arrive at Bu:<jnl'? fau:e days by 9 a nt. 40"? Fix?ui St?>ni r's . t- re, by Ckucrdalts. Amstortam, FiutafiU, t rn'x'* Lr>-ck, Middle M<>anlain, fountain Iloufe itt?l Sl<rlBg and <j?eot Sprlr.^, t" Whlt? Sulphur ^ring's 65 mile* and lack, thive i imt a *?-ek. Lwae? liiu' t i'.-w f mmr; mntir. a?t Sa'urlay at 4 p in, '>i after art ival irom Lvnch burg Ainve at Wliito Sulphur Springs neit davs by 1> p iu White Sulphur Springs Monday, Wednes day, and Fncaj at 8 a in Lc^?e F.n a<tlo Tu^-^ay, Tburadar, and Satur day at 7 a in Aiiiix at 8toj?-r s St"r? Kext days l,y 10 a m rropiwali for a ?ix-times a-week eerrice to Fln c.tetle ar?- Invitei 4873 From Liborty, by l/ r..- Pine, Lavis's Store, atd C^varleiu'-nr, to Bit Jflaid, i?8 utiles and back, ? ?r.ce a ?in. l.i-ave Liberty fa'nrday at S a in Arrive at Bik Iclsnd iaui.> day \ v 4 p m L.-i>e Bim; It-*laud Fr ti.ty at la a m Arrive at Llbt-rry cpui- t'ay by ?> p ni 1: ]??alsft;r a w>nd vc'klv tr.p ait? iuvited ; flla.i f r embracinx Jeter's ^ Beads. 4^74 Knrin Lllierty, by Booker's aill. tb<vnut Fork, l?avi?'s >i lis, Hen'e St(*w, Hale's Ford. Taylors Store, and Villa, Kocky Mount, 30 nt 1ms and lack, onre a Wc?.k. Leave Liberty Friday at 7 a ni Arrive at &ock> Mount rame day bv 6 p ui l>ea%e Bo ky Meunt Saturday at 7 a m Anive at Libeity fame dav by 5 p m. 4876 Fr in Big Mck, by B.-ote's Milia, end?oiiina- . ville, to Booky Jdcutt, M miles and baik, ! tbieetinie a we k. * La.iv*P*g L'rk Tu.sIrv, TliursJay, aod Fatur. day, after arrival of tats Jivm Lynchburx. aav ?t 4 p m '.rrlve at Boeky Moout tani? days by \V/. p ni L?ave Ko;ky Mount Monday Wednesday, ar d Friday at 2 a in Arrive at Big LSk sani? days by 10 a in. 43T0 Frot.i halein, by Cave Spring, Bent Mountain, Copper Hill, hiinneon'a, and L'tU* River, to ' Flovd C 11, 40 ni>lei and bark, vori' a week. Leave t^alem Katurday at C a tu Arrive at Floyd C U eeme day by 7 p m U-avu Fhyd C H Friday at 6 a m Arr.v* at St lent -anie day by 7 p in. 4HT7 From Salem, i y Cata*i>?, to New Castle, 2314 I niile? and b.-ck, oo(u a we? k. l?<ive Salem Saturday at 4 a iu Arrive at New Carlo same day by 1pm L y ve New CaVle Fridky at 12 iu Arrive at Salem sante day by 8 p m. 4878 Fiwm ShsasTille, up t:e"tonth Fcrk of Ito aaoke Bivrr. via Allegheny Fprlng?, to Simp aou'a, 10 nul?i md b?-k, nn?e a week. Leave Sfcawavllle WelceM?y at 6 a m Arrive at Siuipfson'a same day by Ham Leave S'mpeouV Wodto day'kt ii p m Arrive at 8i:aa?vilk nunc day by 8 pm. i 4870 F.cii Chri?tir nsi.nrg, by Yellow Sulphur Sniing) and Black^burg, to Newport, lfi miles, three times a wetk :o Blaekeburg, and twiae a w?tk residue Leave Chrisllai sbuig Tuesday, Tnur;da>, a d Saturday ?t 6 p m Arrive at Blackjbnrg aume days by 8 p m Ltave Blacks bug luetday, Thurrday, and 3at uiday at 3 p m Ar. ve at Ck > Is Kn-~bur.r Fame days by 6pm Le- ve HjackaLirg Sunoay and We/ncd^y at '?am A i rive at Newport same days by 8 a m Leave Newport Sunday and Wednesday at 81^ am Arrivo at Llsckbijiiig um? days by 10a not Proposals I r six-times a week service to Blacks burg are invl'eJ. 4880 From Central D?pot to P?pper*s Ferry, 2 m'Us and back, once a week Leave Central l>:pot Tuesday at 6Uj p m Artive at Pepper's Ferry same day by 7 p m Leave Pepper's Ferry Tuesday at 4 p m Arrive at Central Depot same dsy by 5 p m 4881 From Chriitianslurg, by Laurel Creek, to Floyd C. II, 20 and back, throe Urncs a wek l^sv* Chrlstisnsbnrg Tuesday, Thunday, and Satur'sy it Up m Arriv* at Flo J d C. II. sutne days by fl p re Lmtd F.oj^ C. H Tnesday, Thunday, and Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at CbriBtiansburg -<ame days by 12 m 4*82 Ircm Chris'iansburg, by Chilaies"'s Store. Hiiowvlile, and Beed lalmd, to Jackaono Ferry, 38^ miles and baak, oaee a week Leave CbrisUnn burgThuisdav at8 a m Arrive at Jackson's Ferry rame day by 0 p m rLeave Jackson's Ferrv Friday at 8 a m Arrive nt Chti tianrburg une day by 7 p m 488S From Newborn, by Poplar Hill, Pearisburjt. Peter*town, Red 8ulphur Spr ugs, IndLin Creek, {n't Sulphur Springs, Onion, Pkka way Plains, and Second Creek, to Lenlaburg, ?0 ml'eg ard lack 9 Leave Newbrrn Tu^bday, Thurfdav, and Satur day at 9 a m Arrive at Lewisl urg next d.ivs by 4 p m Leave Lewisbjrg Monday, Wed no dav, and Fri day at 4 a m Arrive at NewLern next davs by 2 p m Propoia s for thiee additional trips 1st June to lat October, ea*,h year, will be considered 4884 Frcm Newbern, by Graham's Iron Works, ta Wjthevllle, 80 ralies and back, once a week Leave Newbern Fatuiday at 7 a m Airive at Wythevllle faiueday by ft pm Leave Wythevlllv Friday at T a m V ^?wk*r,? MMS /ir bv 5 p m ^klo!l^TlV*;by Dry Run. aud ' Cm**? to Independence, 14 uii'e* and W k, t?noe a iwk ' i?ri: ?au *?ytT.? fl! i i it,"1,'Dt*'uw <mv ^8pm Leave I ndepeudenw Vridav at T a n. * ytkeviUe muih ?ja> by 8 p in ? OD" an"l ?leo ?or t?o aidit oaal .QQ, 'rip? W>111# considered 1!^S1^>t';e,r,1J,'? b> Burke's Garden, and Perry ntore, to c U aud U*k *7 ui fe: and U k.twta* ? week Leave Wytheville Tuo*day and faturdav at t> & Hi J v Arrive at Ta-eWcll C, H. same day by 6 ? ni ^ ^ Wednesday aui Sunday at Arrive at Wythe rilk'Sam* day bv 6 pm '-'-.',"^',f'T*-"? "" tWI ?rooi WjrtbVlV,, bj E?1 Huff wS a?two -nlpbur >pr.?gs to Giay,ou c U., 85 mik* and back, twice a ?eek n L.are Wyttier:lkj Wedue day ai?4 fa*aiday at ? A 111 at Gray, on 0. M. raiue days ty 6 p m LwneOrajHiaO. U Tuesday aud Ariday at C .A""'To *( Wytiit-riUe :aaiK davs by 5 r, ut 48&S 1 ri?ui UaliaLoto, I y Fatlett ? 0 avert toJer*r emu, 30 miles and l-ack, mice a wt*>k Leave llai labor i luc day and at i p in Arrive at JeHertou iaui? days bv ? p nj l^VeJeiW.oii T*es<Jay an I at 0 a la Arr.veat iiallsboiv tanie vay.. by i 2 ui 4*8* Kom Hallabcro and l'owuetiui ro balbinile, i "m1"?,1?4 b,ck> tkn* mk. Leave iiailsbvo Monday, tVsiiBneuay, and Fri aay nvim Airi e at . tailsvill > aauitj day.4 by ?} n m L*ave 1*1 e*r ? Tu ^iny, lhurday, and Salui '*?) ? b 4 ?i J ?! at Ualifcboro (ame days b>iiB Ap^ttex ^ot, by rkia yu.rter, to Win erpcck, U miles and tack, Urn* nm-? a W0<}fc. Leave Appomattox D0yot Tuesday, Thursiav and SaturJay at 10 a m 7 Arrive at Winter;** k rain* da\ 1 by J r u n^LjitOa m TuttiUy> '^"uday.and bat ^rr'^e ^ Apjiojiaitox Depot fiuut days by tf IbJl from Appciaattox Defut, by Elk Ui I, L dor? teorteu, 1'ainfdTiile, Ilodolphil ard tfear Or?>r?', to Dea oni^Tille, ?-? m>le? atd ba- k. twic? a week. ' We AjpMoailcx D?foiTu?Jay acd frJd.y ai v a di * Atrlve at iVatruBTill* -.aius dnj* by 4 r? a ,-v'* netille vVedQt-^d*y anu Saturday at 1 a d ' la" *' Apf cinattvx litpot same J*ye by 1 V?92 Krm iB.lia H I] , by D^nlarMfc, nod >'iQ. j n? > a >1.1,a, u. Maiin??n?) ltf milta and ba. k, 1 tinea ? w?< k I>.t? Amelia C. 11. Wedu^dar aBd ralordaT at ?>;<, a m ? Airi?e a; M.itinatoro f>aine daye \f2pci Mam?b*re Wfdnc*iaj and eat r<i*j at 2 | ArriT? at Ant li t 0. li. Mine day* by 7 n m ikux Vif^u t0,,'x^n, tj - "!iJtiiie .,re mvit?d. 1 1^3 *rom BurkwTli'e t?j J,u a not,, ; ux\m at d bar*, twir- a w#?*k. ^a iu ilttrk,w':l* latrday and 1 riday a?, 11 ArriT? at JpfrM'it ?tox?* ?am? <Xiya by it i< in L* a e dtcr? aud fnuat at fc <1 ui I Ar rue T ui k?,rille ?aun days bv 10 a ui Prop -aiafr.r a tldid a^Rly tnp ?U1 be ux.rid- ' lyj4 kioui Moore'- -tditaiy, ly D 11b e Dinl%??aud 1 Pl?*'a?.t '.mie ti talev.burg. U m lw lUi,j | bnrk, taice a wetk l?a?? 31'<o*e"s Ordinary Titeadaj and K.Iday at i .-w-- ' a; Il)tW51?JT^>?ni ? tar* br 6 p ui Leat? ba!e;?burg Moutfay aul Tnunlay at 6 a in 1 at Ordiuary enins day* br 1 1. m. ' 4SJ6 fi,;ui McT..', Ordinary, r,y Brydte". hu>ra. tau ??nl II ill *1 iin ..l l.k I 1 ' - 7"/? 'v ??:-?'c ? ovum, uii rel lliil, 1 li*. +?feiah. Lua^nburg C. U and ? hvbotb, to Yat?jT'Ile( 33 milt* aud La k, twit .1 wvk laMTe ?dwrt-'a Oidliiary Xuonlay and i'rida ? at 11 a ui Aritte ?* Vatp v?li?- Miue day? ty 7 p m l>ave iatewiilla n eJu?a Java and isa'urdavaal to a m lw0,A'T,Te V'-rc'i CrJinary mum daya bj ^ p ni. tpiui Keyp nlk*, by l.ainty Liut Cioi M , and Kfwnok- Brides Uarlingtvn Ueliht* zl m 1?; aud Ui k, twic*- a tmi. liH.iT^ K^>e<ville To-day ji.d y, ;jaT at j At riTe at farbiigbtn H^ghta . auw darg Lv 7 n i? Umt.' I aritn^.u UH^uT? Tof-sd.iy aud fr?<laT at 1 C a ni J Ahitp at h>Te?vfn? fain* dav? hr 12 m. iniB Drake's branch tn Chaiktt#C U , o mile' i til tiint'i a r.^k anl hark. ' i L^ve Drake ? Uranch d-llr, P4Cept gaudar, at I ll.lo.iin 1 ArnTe at Chark.Me C. U ?au*e days ? t i p iu Le.?Te Charlotte C. II da ly, exeipt tunaaj, at h 45 a ui "1 fct?ed*ys by 10.15 a ni. ! 4^ Proui Dial's Brauco, bv Duprae'a Old Mure Cliriktiaiiniilii-, and Randolph Mactni ColW* to Roy<tton,#0 mik<8 au l back, tbi ee ttui.e a ! WCt'E Lwre Drake's Bi anch Tuesjay, Thutixlay, aud , raturday at 12 in Arri?f at it*>vdtou davj by 7pm L.-ave b?.vdt?4i Tuesday, Thurslay, aui Fatur- 1 day at 4 a m I aboA?? f 0nn-h fc.uw daj* fcy 11 a m 4990 kixtoi t'Verhys bv A*pcu*ail and Cab ( r.vk to fcrookut*], m mile, a.jd u k twk ^ Week. Lfare Orerbys Toe .lay aud Friday at 12 ni Arrive at Brooknenl mdih ?l*yj b> 8 p ui l*?are Bnxikneal WidcoedaT and Saturday at 4 ' am J ; Arrive at Over) yj fanif davs by 11U a m 4900 Fruin Kuanonk upot, ly Wyllie burg, Ued Oak GroTe and OakUy, U) ClarktTiiie. ^AiniWfi til e a w?#?k and taok. Learo Roanoke a epot Tuod.ty and Friday at 12 m J Arrive at Ciark^v lie Mine davs by 7 p in lUikrvill- ^eduv day "and iaturdai at 5 am Airh c at Roanoke Billed ? aui^ days by 11 a ui 4W1 Fr?iii Clover Drpot, by Mount laurel >.nd nbiteivillt:, to J rorid>-n.e, ltj miles and 'jack twice a week lar-ive Clover deix-t Tue tiav aud Friday, at 1 p ui Arrive at Prov dence iauie davs bv 6 p ui l? ave Providence rue-day and Friday at T a m Arrite at Clover Depot sanie davs by 12 m 49o2 From Boiton Dep<jt (or end of i>aili .ad,) by Cbuixh Hill, Brooklyn, and La r?-i, to r*iivill~ 4<J mil.'j end ba k, bjX Uuiei a week, (..f by dii-ect ront.i from raihuid to Dan' villa ) Leake Bo ton Dep.t (or Pa li-nadi dillv eXc. p' Sunday, at 1 p iu A1 rive ar Danville rsnu? dav by 8 p m Lfaie Danville dOly, except Sunday, at ti a iu Arrive at Bo?tou iMpot (or Kailrcai) same da^ I by 10 a m 4908 From Ri bmood ly Hanover C. H , Juneti'i, ! Verdon, Beaver Dam Depot, t econd Turn Out i Fixderick's Halt, XoKr^ville, I.ouba C H*' 1 revill.ou s Dt[? it, G^vdousvill*, Bentiv t?2lio' G.bhsm. Kvawkk Dew.uSbadville.Chark.tvee' viU?, Cuiver.dty <4 Virfini.i, W.?^?v:lle Dep^t Meachuin's BIv.t, ami Oi^-nwood, to fttauu' ton, 158/4 mil's snd back daily. l-etve f iebufu.l d*'ly at 6J4 ? ui Arr'.ve a? S;a?nu n sime d?ys bv 3 p ni ,l.?aye Staunton duly at to am at Kirhmoivl s?jn? d*ys hv 'j}4 p ni Propo aU for tvioe daily Per/We r.e wern Rich tnond and 0t idon*v;lif> are Invite.t 4904 from Jlaun'on, bv Wtst Vi-.w, huff.l) Gap, DeerSeld, Own ValUv, ?ath Alum. Bath C. 11., imFpriugs, Lilbr's Mill. Moi ris's M'll, I Callaghan s, aud White guijtbur tprtu<s,tol Ivwisburg. 101 mi led and back, six times a } we? k, from 1st June tr Irt 0.-t<d*r, and tbree ' tlm-s a werk re.'Mue FirU Junt to l?f 0>. !V?#r. Leave &taunh4i daily, exe*]>t Sandsy, at 4jt p m Arrive at L^isburg n< days by fi p i* Laave Lewi<:turs da ly, exctp. 8anda^( at 9 p ni Arrive at Staunton next days by 12 n!&bt f'irtt Cc ->btr to lit Junt. Leave Staunton Tuetday, Tha.fdav, and Satui day at 4J^p m Arrive a l.-wisb. rg Dext dsy^ t y 6 p m Ljwl*bur^ XLesd?y, Thuitd-y, and bun <lsv at 9 a ni Arrive at Stauutoa usxt days by 10 p m 4903JFtvm Livkbrr/, by Buujei's Mill, Ct ntonvilie, Meadow Bluff, Ilocust Line, PltjMat Bill, Mountain Cove, Hauky Bridge, Pslnt Creek] Shrewsbury, and Rwnawba ?? line, to Kanaw- ' baC. 11., it4 ni 1m aad back, tbrev t wee a i wt?k Imti U*M?r| 8?x.d?y. K< til A Mr a it K a?a?ha 0 H ??*< day?*y ? l/?t? R?ii?h* C U Meti'i*. Wt<H>4'T( ?<! Frwfcj itipn ? Arrltt at l^wtur; out tUn ??jr t f W tM from luiiki C H . br Tyl r IMwW*, Mr. nth at Poet, WtlMt 6riv?, WlaS^kd. R?tf falo. Fraxkr BfHtom. I* ?n, and Otlofue V> Pciut V-W**".t.K> ua'W and Uck, Urx. niMi A WMk. o.r...4 igrasftasaarawi-. day at 2 a a frt JaA-AiT,,# #t "????*? o. II. (MM 4av. ut.. V-S J'lL' c L11 bT <*??*? 3SU2?t FaUin. Hnttkv BrWlc*. Mvd d_k., ?M C.MJ C. u, *ad back. tbnw tJm~> ? wwfc, ' U?.KaMwh? c. U. Son ??, Tn<*dar Fri lay at 4 a m r* Arrive at Qayaiiik.tte aauie Sa\? br 4 p tt> LfluvaOvyn^fvlt. M nday, ?,* fin t?rJay at 3 n m - Armeat Karawl a 0. H r?n?? <<a*abr 2 p a V^J-VT Tora eti, b\ Spring !**?!, to rartiow-B, 13 a l? and hark, tvtre a week. I*av? Snttml Tui a out TveaJay a 3d frMt? at T a in Arrive at rarl*w'? <ame dura br ?0 a m Farlaw'a Tnaftlay a^i Pr4ay at UUi m * p m" ** 'ePO*^ Tora out aaui* da.rr bv 1MB brom rwuV, Fall, by Barr'a, t? Uw*. i I ..12.!!!, U'k *?W?aWeek. kjjjjj Fradariek'a Ball 1o.?fer and frMay at 8 Airtra af VrieV Fbrr aatu# Jut# br 11 a m A**-'i",gUri yv,r'1'r m' 4 Frid?> ?* 1* m ? ' a rpj#rifk 9 Hall ?ami* a? ?? > T *> From FrvWkk'a Hell, bv Wilb'a.ObccltooriU,. FlfL'T'^Tr' V?*M> WvWu.Tilkp ard a w?* r*",b*rto"'* ???? -no ??ack, twit* Lware Frw'erkk'a Hall Tu*iar FrVa* ,* - antral of Car, frvr, Mefan, n^ay at Yp m AriTTe nt Pnuihert >n Oi'tt d?y- br lit m !*??? IVmbertoa WelnenJhy an i fVwdar ,4 I iniiV4*? "J Frr4^ k'" U?U ? -xt Jar, be It) a a* toll Frr.u l/ ui*^ 0. 11. bv M*n?6<! 1. AoOn^ Tr^vaMt, g Oraip. ?pr Bf. 7hrra niU, f 1J.FT lk>, and Mallory'a K?.( I, t-? L->aia*C It ejcal I t JS uiilet *-?d ba k fwioe ? w...k. * U-*Tr c. II Ty. ^.r ,?,j r, -rr.f.l of c*i? fr.w J-kbu, ?d. faj ail p m Lf<Ulfc, C U n-*t ? ?r. b> 4 P u, bv '-r,^ aad Daweoortli^, t-? 8tat?rd^T<lb. a-d la??k Si?^!5?S!ti.,'1ey Poi,,, kWiri! birk ih^, "-jaal ?o 27% ui:]<* aad oatr, *!irvt t iu^4 a Lear* ?o.len*rUl^ Mondsr, WHneacir ,*<i iuocVol] 1 P m' (OC C" %" n^ of - A.tire at ?tarai lerJUe ^?>4 br H ., m IiWSr?to Th"-d ,r ).A'nT** ?< GrrJpnarli> dara br ? p m 133o >ithu K.n?t., c II. t, t-pp,,. fr?l|, oT C^l .""if ? '".I1* v..J: M W> Dillea .iud back, once a *r?-k Kaoairha 0. U ,t fl , a at H avne C. 11 u?-ai da? f H n m l^ra Warrv C H. Fiida? at 6 a in "Lfck,,-wha ?? H ?-?? dav bv 8 p ?. Fmm Pstnani C. II by n?rn?V?,ig, a?4 M>cjuri'ji?? Unrre, u> liamJin..^ niiW -,i,j ba k <?nc?a week. ' U.ire I'utnamC. II. Wedn?l.r ai T ? m Arri?M at Haiulin anuie da? br ?6 p ? - I--.XT* Hamlin Th at V a n. ?KJ7i^t' "l I'u'u*? C. ?. *.we dav br 7 p m. , 9i? t n m Oav*iui'.rt?, br .? r?uth Btlj (uv U' CatMtabw^Ke, IV mJU? awl Ixi k, taic- a wt-k. I?**afluy*ndott? Tu^in and Fiida* *t s n n, Arnra at Oht??it*t.uri{ ?wtn?. dava broi.u L^ar. Tu^da> ai*t 1^.,- a- y , u Ai rift at Vu\Mm*<*u- f mu" ti?\i by 1 t? m ?88 Fi.?? UuvaaMte, bv Aaae tla aa? WarnaC. H-. to I>.Q ?a, 4- rail** and h? k la-are Uara??i.Ht, fe<^tay at 5 a m Arr re at IaaUm eain? d^y by 7 p ta !'??<" 1>'U m Tnefd.iy at 5 am Arri ? at <;?>aud >tw -*w Say hr 7 p m S? f rtai CbaiHimu.ille, by Fall. Mills n-Cabri C H.. 51 4ut i*4;k, <>nco a k. I^a??- Ch> pai.itiville Tir..-'t.iv at 7 a tu Amraat Cabdl <: U. n.*t dar by Sin, !>>a-aCabelJ C. II ILritd.iy a< 7 a ui Arrive at Chapxaarill.. nnt dar bv 6 r. tu PMpn*1^ k> -lub.a ?- A ablaut ar<- l'arltUl l^a?* t<abfll t:. H Fitter at 4 p ^ Airir^ at Asblaod mbj d?r b\ & i, ta l>*a,e Aabland Fr dav at r.y p Arrive at Cabell C. H tame ? ar b? 6 i. m f'"? 1V"U*ni'^11r' br ?? M Hfl1 buck, <?DOt* a Ir re BalUrdarJIU, Thur.^y at 7 a m At'M ?t Rln'ong mi* day by 6 p a I?wre Oiu hi| ?r dar at 7 a m Arri*e at Fall*tl?ririj w,n^ d*r br e p n. I34i Fi''m Mod Bri<lj{? to Count? c. H , Qa|. M li^.'r,?,n'1 Wk' '"?ar*1 M"d Bridr" Tfcuioijiv ?t 12 m Amre at B<.m iouuty C li'. u?*i <,v fcv ? a m I^are B"0d County C H , Tuwua v at 7 > m Arrire at Mud Biidite iwsf dar bv U m S?U Fr-tn j/^nC. H br KickC^kt?taaK?>C<au.1 p?tl Hirer Mat?bea |u F?l?igh, 63 uuW au 1 l??( ?.. on-?? a w?ek. l/*t? Wan C. H Sunday at 7 ? a Arrive at f-lHeh uexi d?r by 7 p i? Unv* K*j -i^h lu?>*JaT *t 7 n"m Ariire at l>-g?n C. (1 i^-t c?? by 7 p b. IMA Pr-ui Rakijfb, by B i C<<1? ?ud C?*>n,ii klilla to l"e\ tr*na, m tuilae aitl U-k, nnot a ir^k 1-e^re Hal* jfh FrM-?- at 7 a m Arrire at Peytona u^xt dar br 6 p m li^ro l'.ania W*dtw?day at 7 a in Arri?? a' Kalxigb neat dar br 8 p m Mo From Tc-^npp.u'a * K.ui? t, Imblera MilU U, Foeth Anna, 10 ^ .n J t W ft* K. u-are Tb-iiipvn a x Ii.*ds H'r ju^dar aul ft?t urday at H n B Arri.e at Poutb Anna *ama dava bv 11 s m L*?va South Anna Ueunaadar aaa Saturday at 12 1Q Arnra at Tbooipanu'a x B.jaia by 8pm LifW From RkLmout. ?y City IVut, gwiucverd, aui Willi.tmtburg Laniinj{ to borMk. U* m\W *a I brt' k, daily, exopt Sunday. U*avt Ri-hUioni da:ly, t-xoept buuday, ai &| a m mi ?ui!im'r and 7| a ax iu winW Arrive at XorMk muso da^ a by **4 p m in ?am ui'jft Mil * p ui "a wint if L. ire Norfolk ifc^ly, ? xcvpt Sunday, at li a m In tummer, and 74 & ui in winUti Ar.iv? at Richmond #?n*? day?bv 61 pm in sum mer, and 7 p m In winter PropnaaU lor trt-w. ekly ?erTke an. inrit. ?; al??, 1?* delivering Bails at 5oap.,rt Nt-w. nad r?ie lotka *947 F.oaa Richm uid ly New K,a?t C. H , Bar sui?. fllle, an I Burnt Ortinat-v, to WIHixBibur* nil lea ad l.?ck, twkx- a w??k. l^-ava Rirlim<'i. I Tu?*l*\ and Fr'dav at la d Artire at ' illi?m*hi<r? aane dava bv 9 p b Uare WllUainei iirg Weduradav aui B^tar'a? at 6 a m Arrire at Kichmond >hb? daya by 8 p b Pri<pjMli fo; e- t^udlug to Hauiptou will bt c<wi" aidared. 4d4*? Fnxii Richmond, by VWtham Lock*, Lover Will , Lock Uui- .-xt, 1 emb.-r.ou, Oai terrvliie, CVluuibi.i, Olfuairon, New Cam. n, S?v?a I^Nuda, Scott-Tills Wam-a, UawaVia*Jla, Wai'?iat ter, UarJukk-ri a,T>?* Rire. Waiw bouae Alkn'a U?*k U^lfa UHir. ?,lu?a. Fredouia Millt I.y ocbbu.v, llotaoab , Oo?k l?i< lalatd, BjUo^i.v Fall., and Rocky Poiut Mllla, to I'attenatui^, 1HU uiiit* and la?-k, three time a *trk I'lWrils Tart-m, Bearer I>Wti, Oa cbl.ted 0 11. Jt-deraouvi'ln, Carters ri'le l ew Cant-u, Fork, t'moa, Maiadaa nr. Hardwiek>riile, Tye R^. j Wiueh .uie. Ik ui Lreek, aud S(ou? W.vll Miin. to be auppilel tbnw tnirs a we- k by .id* ma'la. l^ave Ricbm ud alono'.\v, Weln War, and F?> d.y at 6 p m Ai rive at Lyaoh>>ars W? ln^iar, rrldar, aad Subday at d a m l^are Lyuohbur^ Mondav, Uad??>rfa?, aad Iiaday at 7 a m Arrive at Patlo-aburc fauudaia br 7 p m J l^re Pattonoburg Mou?av, H\-dae?day, aud Friday at 6 a m Arr've at Lrochburg hbuh* dara b\ f< p ui Leare Ly. ebbuif Monday, W. inAaCaw, aad Fri day a. 8 p m at Uiehmond Welewday, Frdar. and fuaday at I a M. ' ??-parate pi'jwv,.I, fc-r rerrka between Lynch* bar* a- d i'at'ontbur^ will te eonatterod 41>4? >i"in llkLmoud. by Fria SLadei, Ccal H>1' Re kr lie, Jthnou** Fpriug, I't-rkinari'l?' Hum Spiinic, M tchtil a Ku<r t bbaunon'a Hit' bell's X Itnada. atd i'tftd-xator'a gto:r to 1 iwrlllKioa Depot, 71 nulej aud >?a?k, cnc*i a IT* V.PO;B.dr>,V,J* Pu,rt!' t?W a wark the re "tdue ot tte route. L ?tra Richmond Friday at 6 a m A at lrerilli..n'e next dav br 4 p in ' ' Wulneidav at 12 a >,ia ??y by 10 p a. r .*ai^i .'tkTC*1 "?eki->' triP fr*? Poiadnx ttf a More to TratilLoa'a tepjt aad hack, be -t *f#8 10 am aad 4 p a Saturday 4VW From Rlclmoad, by ChiekAhomeaer, Mr?tp. liar, Negru Fiot, KLaa, Alto, Loc'uat Oa?k, ?'a-.kaoa, and Loag Creek, to Frederick's Ha:., ?0}^ mllt-s and back, twice a weak. lwt? lUchund l'w?*day aud Friday at a a B Arrire at Fr?dt>r?ck'a Hal! next daya by 11 a iu U^Te Frelerick'f Hall Wedcwaday aud 8at?r> day a* 12 m Arrive at Riobm >ad neat dayv by 8 p b. 4M1 IroB Rlehu.nd, by Ok Ohurot, A)l?u's,

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