Newspaper of Evening Star, January 27, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 27, 1855 Page 2
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... I, ? . - ?[ ? WA9Hl*MiT"N r\ 1 Y : SATURDAY AitIKl^OiiN.? ? ?.Jinurj 27. A fTAE PAPER! The Wmtly Sta* to day, keep* upit? rep utation ar tht Star paper of Washington The ?mount and ratability of Its "Washington News.'' vii never before equalled by any newspaper ItIs a 'complete weekly history of everything worth prfnting, both local and governmental, that is done at Washington, and when the sise or the paper i> taken into acnsidaratton with the quality snd quantity of Hi news, we make no hesitation in saying that the Weekly Star is the cheapest pap< r pub lished. To-day we print au excellent number. The price :s only $1,25 a year, in Advance ?PI*IT OP THE MJ3NmO PRESS. The Intclh'gmetr's editorial oolumns arj devoted to day to an elaborate letter on Con tinental affairs, from the able Paris corres pondent of that journal. The Untou argues with great earnestness to show that the horrors of the French revolution were preceded by just saoh an onslaught ot the Catholic eh arc h in Pranoe, as is now \i progress in this oountry. The same paper an nounces the safety of the steamships Fultor and Falcon Iy Joe Shillington has laid on our tabl< Blackwood's Eiinburg Mag,, sine for the pres ent month It is filled with its usual amoum of interesting articles and able criticisms. From Lundy. Georgetown, we have "Slavery Indispensable to the Civilization of America, in a pamphlet '<l some fifty pages, and a ne* play entitled "? Night in Doenot Ayres " A Littlb A*.kimosioi's ? in. vie* of the great revival iu religion now progressing a Harrieburg. Pa., the Philadelphia Argus it dulge* a hope tha; it may even extend to th< Pennsylvania Legislature, now in session a that place, in which hope he says he is greatlj enooura&ed. inasmuch as a revival has sprurj up in the Maryland Penitentiary. l'fc.R*?0*AL. .... Among the pasaergers by the Pacifi* . we observe tha name* of Gen. J A. .Thomas T'nited States Commissioner in London, auj A. L Rives, bearer of despatches ....John W. Cunningham, a Cin^icmt lawe", wa? sent to jail a day or since for ob taining money fraudulently from a client .... Mary Ann Cotello and Jo?crhine Whi < were walking the stress at Cincinnati in tin evening. when James Kelly a r<.wdy, assault ed them, ard Coetello killed him by stabbirj him iv the nruipit with a bowie knife Thi police court di;charg?d her. .... It is reported that Elder Pike, the li. 2i. candi <ate for Congrt*s in the eas'ern d:s tricf. h^s not Lad a legal residence in Nca Himpshire for a year. He is a native cf S.?!i bury. Ma* . where be owns a residence, scd with his family, has made it his home, and ta ken part in town and acho?.l district af airs ir that time. .... Ihe N Y. Courier and Enquirer, ft 1ue*day, drew the following amiable potra t of General Wilson who has been elet '.td by the Massa^h? set's Hcise of Representative to suc< eed Mr. Kvere't in thfl V S Senate 4 General Henry Wilson canno* rcceive thi eleouoa wi-.faou*. giv ng the A norioan Party' Hew trorn wh:oh it ?ill not easily recovet The mau i? unworthy ol ccufldji ce, and in *e!l:geat men all through the Union krew r lie i? as complete a .~pecii_ien as we bsvc ir tha country of the character-less, principle less, trading, time-serving politic an A soldiei ot fortune c< E?c.enots. an adventurtj with ,rt regnrd to consittency, self interest La. inspired him, rircnmstances have govenei bin., ii"J artifice ha? bsen main helper A Hup' porter of Clay in 1844, a supporter of Van Bu ret and Aiama in ls4s, aCouli ionist in 185<? a Rep jblioan till October, 1354 and afterwarii a Know Xo'hiLg. his only inquiry has beet for the -hottest cut to the office ?' ....Tho'oorreayondent of tha Pennsylvania:. fr"m this point says : " fhe paragraph whioh appears in tha He? York herald, of yes'erday morning, purpor ing to be anex;:act of a President Pierce tt Mr. Stule i* a deliberate forgery President Ti4re0 nrvr wio'n a private letter to Mr Soule sr* his life Ihe story ab< ut high word batween the Present and Secretary' Marcy in cons^querca of the former withholding fron the latter tha fact of Mr. Soule's resignation is simply absurd The blcchhead who forget tbe lie ihvuld have known that in all resign* lion* of this kind, tbey ara first formally tracs muted to the State Lep.w iiuenr. and *hat th fret Knowledge ot Mr S. a resignation whic! the President could have known, mail hav bear <*omitunic.ued to him bv his Secretary c bUte. .... Prmce Deinidoff, the riebest prince ii 1 urcpe. baa offered bis large fortune to the Em peror of KuMia to cariy on war. liis incomi is about $200,000 a year The Cs*r will n< doubt api raaiata this painotic sacsifiea. ... Fr<>m a private oorrespot d^nce date* Stockholm Sweden. Dec 15, we learn tha Mudaoe Jenny Lini Gild.chmidt waa in thu oity, attenuing to her property. She was un accompanied bv her husband, the laws c Sweden forbidding tbe presence cf a Jew. Tfc oorra-pK)cdent adds that Jenny had 90 change* in appearance, and grown so old in looka-tnn her oldest and most intimated friends did no xacogLiie her. .... I'r I'lumer has written a letter ro tht 5cw \o k Observer, in which he arguei thai th? repoits which state th itGen Wa.?hinjr*oi tvert a: the battle of Mor mouth, are not cor leet Tl.e tradi ion. where Gen. Washingtot w*s b?,s; in' *r.. u, that be nevor uttered ai oa?h or called i a the Deity irreverently. .... Hon X. ca haui, ot California, will df1 J" *r aadr?*? ?*> the M -sock institution! ol Miiy and, at Baltimore, on the Hat i*jt. .... Mr Barry, of the Boston Theatre, ii understood to have purchased Mr. Lpea Sar gent's new tragedy, founded on ? Uonna and Julia I>e*n is to make her appearance ii it neat March One account is that Mia Itaui is the purchaser. .... The hicbmond Penny Post endeavor to prove that Uen Wilson, of Massachusetts is tot an Abo.itunut. We guess the editoi ot that y.Hrn-1 hns not read the Abolitioc jnn*? >{ the North lately, wboae oonients g< to prove him an Abolitionist of the d^rk^i bus. It is ?'td thai tha Hon Payette McMul len is can,inly a candidate for reflection tc Congre.-? . .. i"ho H^hunnd Enquireranuou&ces au thwi5^*?ly that the lion Henry A Edmund !f,r 7t* Hepresentatives in Congress of Virginia, decline, to be a oandtdare for re election. GP Advices from N?a^a &. P , state that the I'm ted States stealer Pnlton, Coaimatd^r Mitchelk as/.vej there on the 4th inst , from Norfolk The Pnlton was on a eruisa in search of rhe mlsiing .-htp Albany, supposed to be lo t She pot in for coal, but not obtaining suy, went up the harbor en the 6th iaw through the eastern passage. This completely dLj. eradits the report of a disaster to this neamer fy The citisans o# Teroato b >ve ral?ed ilo 000 as a temporary loan to a laxgs maau faeturing firm in that city, reoaatly burned out to emble them to go forward. 0T The first c^rgo of Yucatan Iniaioa. capcarod under rania Anna's infamous ron ^} h ihe jgentjj of fa Cabti'tltii fa iff, ia>a btak iaA4?4 *( WASir^GTOW ITEWS AHD GOSSIP. The Star Spangled Banner!-On the day be fore xesterday, we raoalvaith rough the mall, from New York city, a manuscript copy of fee following paper. Undemanding that otfcer copies received throng^ the same channel, are in the hands of mot# or leM gentlemen in Washington, we have concluded to publish it, as. being disposed to keep in the front rank in the matter of famishing news concerning transactions in cur pablio offices, we ihonld regret exceedingly to find it in any other jour nal in advance of it* appearance in the Star: Li*yt. Hunter, with all hi* fine qualities, wLich make him so deservedly a j ciblio favor ite, seems to us, certainly in this case, to have overleaped, at a single bound, all the rule* which are supposed by the unofficial world to govern officers in the command of a stogie ship of a squidron; thus raising a grave question of disoipline, only to be settled by the fiat of the oommander in-chief of the Navy. The Presi dent of the United States, with whom rests the province of judging whether in the Lieuten ant's reums for the step he has taken, offi cially given, he had justifiable oause for hi* aot of bringing his ship home without orders, must settle the difficu.ty. By the laws of the service the punishment is death. The follow ing is the address: TO THH AMERICAN PUBLIC. Circumstances, in a high degree, invoicing the honor of our flag have ooonrred near the station to whioh 1 bave been attached No helping hand has been given to our unfortu nate oountr^mea. Exposed to ?he wrath of a tyrant, they have been driven from Paraguay, their property has been confiscated, and the flag, ao proud because it waves as a banner for the oppre?od of every land who chose to c>mc under iff folds, has been, by order? of a petty tyiant, hauled down and trampled un der foot. 1 cou'.d not help our countrymen, beoaus I wnot permitted to go there with my com mand. 1 was sent away when dijfintliies ha < 71 orrjirred, although the American Consul at Buenos Ajres expressed his wondsr at my absence from the difficulty, as though my inaction had been a Voluntary ose. Vessels of war arc abroad for the s'jlr pur V-' oi protecting the lives, property, and r;ghu cf our citizens. When T found that my r quests to go Paraguay were relufed by t it commander in chief of the Brazil squad roa. * lieu one inomh later he had direct and Authentic info:mation from Lieu1. Moore, of the Navy, of the actual condition of affairs in Paraguay, and the means to send me orders again at hand; wken I saw that the feu of re tp^n nihility made thecominauder in-chief yet Jooine sending me where ave-sel ol war was -o needed, I no longer he-i>a'e I. but brought '-fick my command to the United States, rather to ingloriously rot in the mud tbaciogloriously sail upon the ocean The Cixnniander-in ohiof supposes thai in 1tc:ining a positive responsibility, nona ox V<s; lar trom it, our country demands m-ce of us tfuzit rictton. irh$n forced.upo/' iis. ?? wis under the same supposition that Admiral Byug, of the British Navy, acted. Should , noi his fate be a warning to those who seek . commands, and jet wish to shirk responsi bility ? I It i- an easy matter to idly lie in harbor, | here and there, and at the end of three years i r 'urn with t..e praise ot arduous service; and it i* to such persons who demand that the promise shruld bo kept to the ear" that I write this s'atetnen*; but the promise with me shall not be "broken to tha hope," even though I were upon the instant dismissed from a i rwfe.-sion in which 1 ha e toiled for thirty ' years, always eacrificiag eveiy personal con I -1 deration for the honor, the dignitv. and the , gl'.ry of the service. The man who eould calmly refrain, in command of a vessel of war, where her ate tca.i perverted, i. c , ient where fLe was rot needtd. when great necessity ex btei for her elsewhere, w<>ui 1 bo happy in m-etirg such terms as wore proposed by a > Chinese cjuim.nder to an English ono in their j recent war: "Thar th'y b re no enmity to j each other, and that they might have an en gigement during a whole iay witL m icb rl .rv ! to both parties ard no loss of life, by dfc f penaitg with the use of shot and balls, and j using blank cartridges alone." I I feei that seading batteries abroad means I Something mo e than idle par*de; that it im plies 'hat they are to be sent to such points a* tH? :? ne*d o1 them, acd indeed that they : re even to be iistd, when the honor of the dcmands it?the commanding officrr to be held in the strictest terse, accountable for an unjust or useless employment of force Simply to shrink to avoid a respen ibility is contemptible in my eyes, and rather than submit to the degradation of being forcci it to this passive position, I would throw my commission to the dogs, and set it, in the wide world there was no honeit mode of gain ing a subsistence. a\cn to a mai who is want ing wholly in the ex^erianoe of hcinaa life VS haiever the navy haa of the affcctions of the American people, is due to those energctic and galNnt mer, who fought in the war of 1812; a low of the o!d heroes yet remain; long may they live enjoying the respect and atfeetirn* of their countrymen. They never faltered in their duty to thei flag; bat always reflected the great as: lustre upon it. In their stead now, wo have often in arrive service, a^ed imbecility, and it cannot be denied a??uetimes yonthful imbecility?men who have xrown up under the awful fear of responsi bility?the aged onec have taught the yiunger ones to doubt even the tru hs of that most famous book, the Arabian Nigb?a tales What have we to expect from the Navy when old fogyirm is acting from its supreme height upon young fogyiam? No doubt there are those who will attribute f. **P;.essicn of opinion to an interested motive; it doei arise from that, but not from a mo-ire ot eelf interest So near the head ,iet'a relireJ 1L,? could not materially affect my rank; as in one or two years I would be promoted lrom vacancies i? .iL f ct, mat?*-ially my confidence n the efficiency cf the service, and I might look then with my brother offlceis, to a possi with^V?? r * rJtf*cUb,e f?*ign power, without the fear of * probable disgrace, for disgraced we certainly would be. if our ad Tn*Vy ?, ?*,d ^ot be with that same j ?h dM,r?yB' onee, the effi ciency of, and pride in, a naval service. Commanding U. S. Brig Bainbridge Th. War * tS, PwUl -u ]ruis.ha, ?mjalar thit the onlj inJivliaala who juve earned the unenviable notoriety of be ing, du-mg the existence of the present Ad Uiifcisiratiou. mercenary and indiscriminate libellers of the <r?*ernment of the United State* are foreigners Beonett and li Sphynx," of the Herald the latter being at the same time MX," of the Baltimore Sun, and "Ob server." of the Philadelphia Udgtr, in which joerwal* he wears wholly a different fsoe Now we know of nothing more likely to make sensible and patriotic men of all parties advo cates of a change in cur naturalisation laws, than the mendacity and shamelessness with which this pair of Swiss worthies have set to work to cry down the integrity of our institu ti ns, by proving, ia their own oonduct, that <v?.ero men creep in among us from abroad who are utterly without the pride of eharao Ur that should make the foreign bora in America loyal Amerioans in seotiaeat, our governmental eystem embraeea not the slight ?ft check upon the evil etfeou of their efforts to demoralise our public affaire.. j ' le-election of Seralor Slidell,?A private diipatch from New Orleans, dated en tha 2Id last, say, Hon. John Blldall baa been ra ?-!ectcd to the U. S Senate by the fbllowiaf te: Slidell 74, John Moore 88. edatterirg ills will be gratifying news to Mr Sli dell s numerous tYK-uds in this ^ittV mo*a ea F? ?>!'> nii ttat hir fataf wm mU^ ua. Ii? iHcher Amsndment.-No:withstand iug the aetion oi the lWi?e in Committee of the Whole yeaterday, on the amendment of tared to the ipolintioa bill, wo have enfj m,w 10 believe that the juitioe and obvJeus propriety of that of Mr Letcher will secure Its adoption. prohablj to-day. It is as follows, vix: Provided, That no insaranoe offi;e or com pany of insurers, or assignees of insurer*, shall ?eceive any indemnity whatever under this ?ct; and no assignee of original claimants, other than in?Mrera. shali receive aoythine mere than they arfually paid for the claims thev hold ; and it shall be the duty of everv claimant to ley hie claim before the Secretary ot the Ireasury, showing its origin and the oharacter in which he elaims, with the amount, actually paid by him when he claims as as signee; and the truth of all statements so made shali be inquired into, under the direc tions of the Secretary of the Treasury, by the Solicitor of the irea?ury, and souae accounting officer, with power to send for arsons and wT P?rs, and to examine witne?*es on oath, and take their testimony in writing; nnd in all such eases the burden of proof shall lie upon the claimant, subject to be invalidated by counter testimony ; and no money shall be paid, in any oase, until the claim haa been so examined and reported to the Secretary of the iieasury, and approved by him. Most of the claims now being urged on Con gress under tho hill, are to pay ineurera, or their a-signeea. The insurers, in most cases, notoriously received a premium of forty or fifty per centum, the risk of capture by the French being, at the time the vessels left our shores, notoriously equal to the chance of making a safe voyage. ? The insurer? were practically gimblers?and winning ones, at that-in taking any risks under auch oircum stances Now. they come to the Government by themselves, or their assignees, and ask to be reimbursed for money paid to ship-owne:s under losses through aueh transactions, if H is right to pay assignees anything under these claims, which we do not believe, it surely is not right to enable them to make speculations out of their purchase of them, by allowing <hem any more whatever, than what thqy ao t ially p id for their interests in the claims i he manifest justice nod propriety of this amendment strikes all right-minded men whom wa have heard speak on the subject, with to greru force as to make us believe that the bill cannot pass unless it embraces this wholesome provision. ?? Senator AtcJuaon.?The ohansea for the re e ection of this gentleman are brightening. Nsws reached Washington to day that six of the Whigs of the Missouri Legislature had g)ne over to him in tije ia,t bcllot heard from Tho Currant Operauont of the Treasury i-fcpartmeBt. ?On yesterday, tie 2?rhofJan ihere were of Treaiu y Warrants entered on the bo;kj of tha Department? For paying Treasury deb a $0 V65 90 i-or the Customs ^8 470 10 F r covering into the Treav-ry from custom? on (w* r iTooveringiotoihe Treasury trom ^ miscellaneous source* 192 40 Covered into the Treasury from 4.783 82 ? or the War Impertinent 21 79y 42 For repaying in the War l>epart , , '3*01 | jyy 4 o ?Vrtno.Nevy Department 1,004 R5 ? For ^ e BterlorDepertirent.^., 35.13j 53 | ror repaying In :h? Interior De partment 3,306 67 I > the Senate yesterday, nf e* we went to P'?ws, the private armed brigOon Armstrong elmim was furtfcer dcba.ed a' length by Menrr Clayton. Brown. Sfuirt, Fef*enden. Bayard, Seward, Jones of T-nn.. Da-jrson Ca^s Butler, and Houston. It wthen ordered to be read ti?e third time?yea* 22, naya 17. Mr. .benjamin moved to reconsider that vote, anl pending the question on that motion the Senate adjourned over until Monday next \*1? th? bill for the relief of Saml. A^ Belden A Co was rejocted?yeas 82, nays The House then aont into the Cemmittee of tho Whole on the et-t* of the Union, Mr Sey mour in the chai., therein amendment" to the r ren^n spoliations bill were disoussei and voted on^ the speaker* being Messrs Perkins of New \ork. Bayly, Smith of Ya , and Phil lips, fjr the bill, and Mcstrs Orr. Le'cher, Craige, Jjnes oi Tenn . Sew.ird, and Wright ?f MiB. ,galn?t it. ere the committee rose and the House adjourned PiecfcdiaK* *1 To-|>u). In the Hone, Mr. Kerr submitted a reso lution requesting the President, if not incum patible. in his judgment, with the public in tereate, to eomm inicate to tbo House copies of all the eorrespoudecce which has passed b? i tuffn tbKU Government and Spain in relation I to the obs-rvauo > *?f ihe treaty of 1795, giving to American citirjni residing in Cuba the right to re?ort to the courts of the island for I tne collection of debts Mr. Bayly moved its reference to the Com I SfJVf , ;sn not ?tjreed to. rf thm S S m 10 ?ointo a Committee M0"!' "C "" Prl"?? thlwif4?0** went into a Commi tee of | the W hole on the state of the Union, Mr. St-y. I Hob bm tj|*l0,lair-wh?r?? ^e French spolia | Hon bill being taken up. it was debated in hve minute speeches by Meiers Bayly, Orr Birry, Rerr, and Phillips before we went to press, kAN AUJOl itvr.D MEETl.M: UK the I lie liT^Tat V1* "v 1 ' r^- 'in A??o< iarir)|| wdl B?E?INofL^vLT,.R'>00" THI3 A full and piiiieiuni ;ttr?.?dance i-,| ** >iie onMitution is?to K?- rinnllv di#fx?.v1 of' "^L Kec. Stc. I 5f~"i^nKHT PME.SHVTEJll AA CI1URPH,4V4 ?vlS^Mro?'?. ? R.:V. C. Sun<!? rland, th^ Pastor. r t0 prt* ,,, ,h!" ,,|,urch '^m. r "Ti , n f fcu,'J'-ct oi ihu ni oruiuc discourse? I Ctlnrar,"r ?f 'J1" Huguenots." ?0?T>nS],7^"IT,rE VlEMnt'R? OF THE ' hil uleipina Atwncinuoii" of Hie Sun .M. L ?urniP,l''>'UrC'r,'queb,e'1 to n? ?? at their llafi. Ifar m i at 7 ?'cland every Satur " frhtr nonc?'f,,r 01 in Mai^A pfrITU,fe,iM,l'ls V'"U Pui'adelphia jAlHx.tivirl i, Va.,?jan 27?eoHi 'i'HUtiTEES OF THE P"?bytenan Chorcb, ih^ir r.i 1 ?ok, Pa-tor,) betng pr<s.?ed to mict ! SPfjs ttie ewnieil of i!',rch d,,r,np ?be en?tnng wwk, (0f ^??ven,) Jifki'SZg'win be ?t C; nfs ea<rh. Reserved fcau ennued Whj hour,'of , iZmkT!l?2l?tni b?lWe"B vie. ,1 ... Tickets to br had at Uie soiiowinz Book Sior^ Tajde, * VWu^y Dqvi,'. a3 ?Wk Tay.' Jan 27-^!r _ Chairman of B??ard ??f'lVusie<*. TTOTTCfc _Tflw wil, be a meetim 1,1 BU,,^iMd "? tuembon I .1; "1""4' '^'VX. at <'? ?^. tou,i Cullcfv on , January 30th, ?|3W o'clock u hi for uamT'^M ""'u,r,n* 'W" ,hfi ?*^di? ncv of'eel Pi?S. y neXt' ",e 'a"d,"? of ,h0 Maryland Pi T.-?';i'ion of the Koei?*v< i jam ?b-A_ Jt CJ. Lor. H,ie. KS^mTai ^ H? THB \.\ Tid^t v ! n!v%y fifWn at ihi? C!tk?rH?. in ? t, *}UCl'Qi sOtphap Asylum, tvill be nreaeh fduker RLe?ya"Ji by,he Rcv 1 n >V<* 01 A??an MEETING OF THF, YOUNG CATI1 OLD'S* TRIEND SOCIETY ol O rje town will be held on Sunday Evening, 87th in>tant, immediately at.rr Vt?|*r*, in the School room. ?jan96--2t^ .SECOND LECTURE FOR THE BEN ? ?fit of the V oung Catholics' Friend Society of f.uor*ei<>WM, l?f Professor Aliurder DimiiB', of l.ouisiaaa,at Forrest Hall, Georgetown, "n Toe* d > Evening. January 30th, at 7j* o'clock. Sub ject: "The Art* of Btt'iury and Architecture in Athens." Tickets 25 cenis ; to lie had ai the principal book and diii( store*, and a the door of the hall on the evening of the lecture. ioji '26?TMkTu. lit Y5? THo Fuat A nnual Ball of (he >3 O?oig? UaatilgfiegClukwiiik givn at Forre,t Half. Gerrgitown. February 15*h, lb&5. The member* of ?hi Hub ptrfge themselves that ;io pain* wr eipente ittll be f|>afr<1 to make it one of the fir*t Balls rf the season. fox particulars sec fuiw ? advuU?eui?ut. jm 10?6? IONT A GOLD CROjJg, on Pa. avenue, betw j bill and 3d streeta. or on 3d or R sts. on Thur? day evening. T-ie Under will be ?aitaHy remrdrc bv leaving it at Congress Hall, newly opp. N'auoia Hotel. . : " jan 2? < It* ^icFjkwelry! JUST rneeived the latest styles of Diam nd, Pear Monaic. Lava, and Cameo Bracelet*, Brooch*-* and Earring*- in set". Dnmond. Ruby, EmtraM, Signet and purr Gol< Weihliag Ainc?. Gold and Pearl Necklaces, Lockets, Thimble* Pencil*, tec. Precious St'?ne> set in the most elegant manner nd Jewelry Work of whatever description e*ecute< in the highest style of the art. M. W. GALT fc BRO.. 344 Pa av., bet. 9 h and lOtli *?*. jan 97 ? 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Ladle* and Napkin Ki??ui Silver* hefciert, Pie. Cake, Fi h and l?|e I'jtai Knives. Sucar, Preserve, lelly, Olive and E?t SpiKMi*. A-p;irngu?. Salad, Sugar and Ice Tone*. Crum Scraper*. fcc. The liiiin we have of < very patierp. a'l of oi own manufacture and warranted pure silver. Ordefs raKen for every description of rn-li Silvet wart, ?uch as public testimonials, fcc., ami ?tricil executed after anv design, however elanorate. M. W. GALT k Bit.'I., No. .'JS84 Pennsylvania avenue, bjtween Ninth and Taith st*. tan 27- fit [Intel,L'nionltNew* ] OH1RTS MADE TO ORDER.-We ?re makiii ^ . the b?ft ami best fiuiiia Shirt.*- to iuc*j-ure, ai. warranting them in all cav - to fit . att STEVENS'S Sales room jan 97?3t Brown*' Wolel. CIGARS-CIGARS?CIGARS. 11 ave received ien ihousati'l more oi those choie Havana CIGARS, of ih-? Concha brand. A ilil erent article Irom those lecently rcceivdii nod oi lered for "ale hy other jinuses in t"?is city, G?-ntU men am requested to call <v><' exanvn* nif sio k. ROP.T. D. TWEEDY, Grofcer, eornpr Pa. avenue and l.'^h street. s?>uili siilc. jan 97?if SPECTACLES. CN OLD, Silver, fine Steel and Plated Si'Li'l'A T CLKS, EVE'iLASSE^.kc. of all focus" .wit p rifical, peitaeopic aad ptrabol i Ola*?e? \ !'?n; experitnee give: us peculiar advantages in - .eel inc g:a??es adapted to the eye* of weaier* M. W. GALT k BIO.. 5I?4 P~ avenue, bet. 5Kh and 10th street*. jali 97 ?tf [lnte",UnienkNe\v*.l GRAND BALL mH THt BHWEFIT OF TBS POOR or WASHinaroR. IN announcing thu Ball the Managers would rroi re-p' ctfully state that it will be conducted in i style uti'urpassed by any heretofore given, an 1 wil be worthy oi the good object for which it l* intended It is h"ped that his effort will receive the lib.-ra support ??< the whole community, and that ihev wil be ab.e to relieve tlic wants of tho?e t!iat arc nov sufTtring in our city The Ball will take place ;.t the Ase?mhly Ro^ms TIT.SDAY February 6th. Tickets ONE DOLLAR. Manaceri on yar> of the Maj Gen >V Jones, Lt t.'ol Reilly, Br Gen K C VN cightman, *!aj R Keyw rth, (Jol VV lLckev, ?urg Mor^ui, Capt L C Carruigioa. U >lr SlcCuilom, Capi I* if Key, C.ipt Jamison, Cipt J A Tan, Capt W La^selle. C'apt G A ^chwarsnaan, Lt I Tucker, ('apt J L Sunih, Lt F?'e.iiy, C ipt Brig.a, Lt J H Bird, Capt L Towers, Lt J H D?s Bill*, L apt O Byrne, Lt Be^eres Capt F Sheekell, Lt l* OtterbacK, Capt Jos Pe k, Lt J W Mailt n, Lt J Sntton, Lt J K -Hy, Lt E F Queen, Lt F Iteiliy, Lt C P Wroe, Lt E F Alien. Lt 8 Wales, LtG Nutty, Lt J J Multov, Lt Brown, Lt C W Flint. Hana^eri on part of th* CihTeti. Hon J T Tow?rs, R Doyls H Tsylor J w Mmirr, Wm D> ujLsrty J D tlo ?r Walter Udox O Knn!* ArUnbkM C?mrb*i W W H??iou C Duuntng'r.n J.? a l?nj? Pater Vvrrt Juo L Wirt TUo* Pur*->nt 811m H Uill H J Boclie R C Mi i??B W W C-.rcor*D H W Bat) J A LlMcn d P?rk?r J Ij Hau*li?w Jo* Gilo* J H Eitou <V>! J W Kurury Ao<lr?w H?n:vck W H Winter T Cat becry It S Pnlklolic>ra A Pr?'V>>et Jan U Berrelt A Plrkeoa J r Coy Is. t: Hill J H Klrkwo.-I R Wellach Juo CartwrlKbt A T K.l.'khutter Ch*e Ma n y W H Mope A J H WMle K BeUteru C Wli?elei H Lewie K Smltli T)r Maynai 1 OAJlllaid W X Dove T 9 Don^ghue, / J Jove*, Jnn Eoble P F MM<tlel. u P A Hue J P Pepper G F B?ll L Wueeler 5 C Barney Joe Suooer J C MeOuIre O N 0?4*ub, C H Calvert W J McCorn:: k U Uucrm, H A Wlllard K Slueri C ? Walla, h W P Bayly JMCIaika H hweeuey M Brown J C Fltipau uk B 8 Pen-Ueton Dr W R Marrnder Ur 9n' nt Pranrk Taylor B P Franklin J U Mi Blair, E<lw Owen V>?pa"ian Kill* W E 9r*l<Ua< ChM KUiniau K Co>i* Major B B French, Trca-urer. On the part of the Company. i'apt J Reese, Lt Baine, Lt Cone, O S t'ampbell, Lt Walker, Qr Mr GW Flood, W For>ytl?, Secretary. ilau and Oape to be left in the hat room. M.lita ry h.ila will only be allowed in the hall. jan 27?dtb WATCHES. IJX I'R \ heavy fine Gold Magic Hunting Watcher j Pocket ChMB uneteis, Ladies' plainT and enamelled do., studded with Diaipoud*. and Pearl*. Alao. Tiinckeepi rs of every( other description, all warranted, and offered at a? >ow rates kintilar articles can be purchase for in anv city in this country. M. W. GALT k BRO., Pa. avenue, betwe n 9tb and 10th (U. jan'JT?6. [Intel, UnionfcNews.] MEDICAL OFFICE. EBTABbl S HE t> in Id5 , by Dm. BROTHERS 6 GRAY, 1V9 .?outh B at., for the cure of vene real diseases in all its forma. It ia dep'orable to wit ness some of the | cases that are pre sented to Dra. B. fc G., where the diMtase lias been driven into the system bv quacks with Mercury, to break cuta^ain in the form ot spit.*, and ulcers 011 the body or in liie throat and nose. Wc propose extra ordinary eases in from three to Av? days, and Qld b tlf-lreaied, lingering caaea in two r-i tbiee weeks There e^n be sern at our oAce pre?< ripiion* Cron nearly every- physician in the DMr <u forpiivau diMaai-a* whieh have failed to eurt an t ai lasi ap plied awtis for relief. Htin-niter, | T9 ioutb IMN', iku LIST or l?ITT F RN Jtcrnoming in Ik* Pa?< Offer, Watkxngton, D L-, January 27, 1*55. [OrJuWt he adfrrti ? ?* m Uffvimm 8T4*," jfTrartii.f I? tkf foH?m>n *ee#w?n i>t Ike P?t-Offie Law?It frelrtg/k* ntwipcfxi kawin* tkr large^itirrm Imtio* *f anviM*l)i p*f*r puMitke*1 in H'atktmtom: BMC.'5. Jl?* *? further env te.i. Thai ih?> list of tetter* remaining Mcalled for in any po?i offer in any city, town, or village, where ne?r?p.-<p*-rs shall Se printed, ah all. hereafter, be published once only in th^ ?ewap*per which, being issued weekly, or ofiener, J*aU hart the InrgeH >-\rrulatinn within the range of the delivery of Mid office,to br decided by the pomnaster at sucfi office.J ?rperanosapply'aclbr lattars la th* rollovlag ttai, will *ay tkf; ara i??aanw?. LADIES' U8T. T*tr*u. Franc-la V Lawraaca, Fraacaa J MeOaaaaalt, Mrs aaaa Moora, Mr* Mary He band. Mih Anderaon, Mra Audrua, jut AJtr. vtaa Marr &&3TCU. i br?Dt, Mr* Ja* R B w?n, Mary Uzabeth Barn*. Mr* Marl* Ana Blair. Mr* Virginia ?ark. MraSnaanaat. Haruaa, Mr* Mary Kinu. Mlaa t F Seawall, Mr* Maria K Buleu. Mia* Martha T Rlackf^rit, Mra Hannah Bi >a?tj Jon Mr* ftnaan Rarrett, Mia* S*pt1?a Ban to*. Ml** BUa T Bctlar. Mi** Mary A Brirdle, Mia* Emily A la ll-i.nycaat'p, Mr* Ann* M 1' can. Mi** Catbartaa Buuar. Mr* Barah Biam. Mr* Naacy Conway, Martha fNrroll, Mlaa Mary CaMfcall. Ml** Mary Daahladay, Ml** CkarkMM l'?*l*. Mr* Mar* Aon Dof ana, M r* aai ah Doogao, Mr* Lerlnla n*diy, Mr* rm-uu Uarfa. Mia* W M Ui .kmku, Mi** Auaa Maty Hamilton. Mia* B?ai iatu Rata**, Mr* B T H*m?a $ Jones, Mary man Jeaea, Mr* L?ry Ann Jouaa, Mr* Juaephiue lackaoa. M,?* I*?bali* JxHuitnn, M*ry Jnhaana, Mr* Mai-y Johnaton. Mlaa Jennia H*l*.\ Mia* Bar nay llelly, Ml** Anoka E B Kelly Mr* Eliza H Lee. Ulasbetb I.owe, Mr* Bu**d L' jd, U .*> 1.0*7 L>oi?c, Mia* Johaaua Laafatrsat, Mr* ADua V Uaday, Mia* r?tharln* Larabj, Mr? P A Mehnuer, Via* Mary Blan Moalty. J aa*ak*a* Mlunaokar, Mra Cfcr MlrhaU. Mra Mary Aaa Maaon Hoaan K'.lan Matthews, Mr* Panay Mcnehan. Ml** Aaa C Marolra, Mr* C C I Ma rati. Isabella Marphy, Mia* Babeora MMrhall, Mr* Baker** Nora*. Mr* Geo 8 Normals. Mlaa Eli*a O'Baraa. Mia* mian O'Dmooll. Mia* M?rpar*tt Plant, Mr* Uilu M Pa?l. Mr* Barak M Parker Mlaa gricGi* Pickar*ll, Mr* Aran! a La Pnralay, Mia* Mary Peabe*4y, Mies Jane K Pusspbray. Mia* KHra Bile?, Mra RoMoaoit, M m Sn>?DHa BalcllS, Mary Rohluana. KUtatx'h Ro*-liujc* Mr* Dan Sakl'h, Mr* Uiiiataa* M Bmllh, MiM Mary *ton?. Mr* Eliza Nbb*' ?. Uacta W BlMahMi, Mr* Jahaaaaii Mi?*k*v, Mta* Margara* Thosaa. Mr* Ann Tb?rot?n, Mr* Wall. Mr* Rnilly Waat. Mr* 9 W.ltaon, Marj E Winduni, Mia* Tir.iaa ft'?irtn, Mr* K A Willlaata. Mr* E WiUUma. Mr* Jam** Wander, Mr* William*. Mia* Mattl a Wlieon. Mm Water*. Mra Marcelia York, Jalia AbtK-it, Wm Adama, A Aliau, Di S Arnfi ron*, S S Auderana, Ma R ? ml-a, Rev J H ! Aehlaon, J <? *P).!*?'?? Joku Alieu, 'vail ? Alleu, J F At wood, J Allen, J*rue* ABdrewa Benjamin. Win M Ilnilab I, The* riA Tii?* n*. i,sn l?*ck. ? Panr'ie' a butt. t*?earia?aii bo> i*. ley A Oo Burcheit, rji R?nmaii, Patrick B?*a*n. M r Browu, Xnl Bi linga. M B aau. Michael Boyce, M?J Biyct, Jihj W s itlfwd, Ja? 1 Bernard, Maj J O Bryan. J R Bam*-*, Jane* Hutlar. J D Kaji.v. w H <? BUn, M Ball, Geo A Beuaoo, tteu K W Bar net, Lt E A Burr, F. B Boawett, C ?RVTLBMIK'S LIST. ?Jrajaon. Dr O tiidlej, Dan 1*1 <?.r?lij*r, David Ctrabaai, Daol Uaddla, C W Hnlaian, T. T Silt. Wm Hraaetb* h, K* Btnef, W r Hail. We?ley Httn. Wm Bough. Win Bewi?t, Wm He**. W o Hi| kIri -, Wm Natar. B Naiaou. Ha?h M m Koya?. Oea B Olmi'aad, Wm 0*Salllv*t^ T W O'Batt, Jno M O'Cuanar. Jr< M U'ballleao. H o O 'Mai*. r r r rylaa. T>i*? Powell, J*?ii' * Proat, Wai Portar, Ji?o C Portnr. J W P*r*on, J P Rnmr'irey", Judge Parker. H J * W H Marker, Walkar Hugtis*, Tbua Hai ?t;,Tll S?Triie| Hi;n?j>hraT. M S HopltHi*. K F fi*mp*9u. Ro1" Hauiiltoo. M r Rlr^jx, Mr Harden, J D 1 Harrla, Jama* Hojrt, J M Hol'-wwB, M Ja* H*n|ey, Jame* Har.iUion, Gen Ja* Ma<2??ay, Jno T Hirkman, /no Ha*?!*r, Ma) J J I Hippie, John Hay*. H Ha'l, H? alaoa He-^elba.'li, Hugo Harru, Heory Harrouglia,C*U*I > Haatmstuo, k M Barley, A G Ka*a, A H Caloa*. Jno C CofT?, TTin* Oarliale, W J Curen, W W Oi in bark, W pi Culaiuiu, Wm Hark. Win Carney, Tii?a Ci e!j;ljt<>n, Tho* B C uttan len, T R H awklna, C A Hamlin, Chat Hamilton C O Hall, Barrel Uotiinciatrr. A M cim, H A Path. G W Pack. ?*" W Putcbati. K H rierca, I L Polygiara? Bea1 Prtnra, B F Plamar, liuoM I Roman, W H Kadit, W A Ret no I da, W W Ridar. Tli?? li Kuaa? or?i, XM t Ranuabanter R Roaaell. ?..ler' k Ream, R I. Ri. har.lact , N Robinson, L C Rlddla, Jli" A Ripley, (J.IJW Ra*d Jamea Regan, fbigli Raltaalli, G Rbodva, CaptG??,ji Kamaae, P B Heed, t D Koliartao#, E A KoMnaoq. E C Rei,oJirr. C R Rar. Rei^j Kaiudla. A Ru*t, AGS Huftiiuaon A Muu- f >m^igia?. M?J J J roe r J- hnaon. W * J?kaou, W u Jolinaoii, Willi* Jesaap, W C Cocker> ille, Dr S J J<>li%*, W T Coon, Gan S P Choate. Ruiua Colfax, Mr Clivar, Mr Colbart, Ma'.iliaw f'otrel, Capt J Co ney, John C liar, Ja^ob C >lvin, taaiab I Co?'r. . Jot.n Caboard, Jolia ClilH*. U M Cl.ambarlaln, Rev K B C >ah, D 8 Cnllen, Dannl* Chatron. Cha* Olfa*. X Eddv Colllti*. M?nri>* !? mins. taraal 2 Dultn. W Y D .d ey, Wm Dent Wm Darnold. W H Doweil A l'uruei D-i^enport, 8 J C D' wu?, Solomon Davi?, Kaniuel Dandiidge, P P Davis, L P Donley, J?? Diaoey, J B Dnval. Gen Juo P Drei, Mr Daant*ou, H B Da via. Gen Geo R Doran, t C Dillon E'lmo id Davie, 0*pt C H 4 D<?la, D?^*1l C D*1e. Alfre I t lmon'l*, G?i H K??tman, k P Kraakitn, B P k i sucii, Jlr Fyfe. Lawrence Poagiie, J 2 Pergaaon. Jia Pa i a I y. J no W Krigerald, J Puller, Henry M trick, Aznr * Frliu*, Auauitna Gibart. Wm A Gra'n, lho* J 2 Gram. K H Garva*. Patar Qrlawold, O D Gibboii*, N B Urlfgaliy, Mctt Or a?M, Mr Gi'. b*, Luciu H Goepal, Lao Ga <ln?. Inly G*??away, Han*on Oalvan, H-nry Jan It Sbri-ete^ Wm ?tie war*, Wm Sij>e?, W B * Jt'oneati ia Sullivan, W H Sargent. T D Ja<-k?nn. W,ro|?r'd Baoer, I P Jon?a, Nlrtiolaa J' yre, Ja* C Johnaon. Geo W Ja. l>oa, F M li!rer?oll, Mia* tieraun, Alfrwi Kauffman. Geo Kefiar. Rev Sara I Keith. Rubt Kiiik, Pr-e*ton 2 Kid well, I Kramer. G?*? W Koiner. A kemon, P s I.abor, Wm Lognr, Wm I.atiiam. Tii ? J I ookar. n>oa H Lev Pd M'*i Tlieo LiT!r.get< n, Jno S l-a-^ey, Jerome l*?M?rl, Maj R Lee. Geo Lockwoo-l, Ge.. W Lel^rm inch, K l.ntla, KJon-o Liuthiriim. CI.** G I.n< a. Capt Larco i be, B F Marahall, Wm Miibam, H:n Mi'le. R T Me. rl-t, P G SUiwr*. 5 Se*ril..n, K.i* SeUon, Dr K W 2 stamton. E J Sailtli; D I. Smith, Patrick Steel, D *t. J*Rlf, Spri?i. Jam- * Handereon, Jo* s i*w, Co! Jno Slater. Ja- uli Bm'lk, laa'.ab f Sallivan, Jame. Beyniouf, R L 3u" wd?-a.O reeACo SrhGaidar, U G Mra n, Cai l Spa ka, H HU?h ?*, R F Smiiii, Mai A J 2 Taylor, Wm Taylor. W W Thorn**, Dr W m Turpin, K?-r Mr Tnall, Mr Trnmbull, Lyiuan Taylor, J*iu?* Taylor, Joel Tbom*. Jobti Tim*, J*m*> 3 Thomaa, Jcliu ? 1 owoley Jame* Undearer, Matliew Tliomaa, P K Marrilt, M L Meach, L W 2 Manuin;, L A Manef_r. J T M?;ra?, H S Maun, Horac* Moffatt, Ge Moren, Dr E H Manfan, DOB Mollaa, Arthur MrC' j. B M M Kenna. Fell* Mi-Langhllti, G W MrKati'iy, John llrl^rjd, Rer Jno X W'ilk ri*. Gov M 1 Unahan. J X Ward, Dr L A McD*nlel, J R Wella, L B D.iuald. Mar*') S Wheat, Maa*r* J J A lalrott, R B V.-gel, Ja- oh Valk. Wm Wade, W G Wright, W P Wester. ? m C W Walker, W H W*!*U, Tho* Wix-d, Ma Sam I WfUonghb.', b A Winter, T D Wood, P A Waleh, > E Whita. M M MOUl, McCardy, Wm M Grhth. Jbo Noma. W G Newton, W H Norrls, Tho* Nawtco. Dt Tiic* Karri*. 9 C Naeh, k Norwo d, Joa Ball, Jama* Nail*, Jno T Nalla, J B JAMM Bro Winter, J D Whit**lde, Jno C Warren, Ja* Webatar. H Wi*e, Beorv a Wenrall, Heurv I Whltehuret, H W Wharton, Capt H W W"alk?r, Gao H Wiiiiamaon, Geo M Walpf, F A Whaat, Albert G BRBBET. P M IMPORTANT TO LADIES. MRS* UlUCK^KV, o: Nm York wi!i itmaiu a few days at Miss Morle-. 'a, 309 Pa aveuue. north Fi le, near 10th street, lor the mrp-i < of tr-aclung Mr. T. TaylcrV great iniproven.eni lor cutting anJ la :iet>' drt>ses. Larliee are resps cttiilly inTiie-1 to give liar a call and if dt-pi'svd taltr take a lining with you and h?v? the matU'r demon-tra'ted your own ratibiai-tion. MKrv RR.M'KVEY, %n -27 -lt\? 4Qt Hraaadwny. \. V. PB0Pr>8AL6 FOR FU&lVISHIFrO PAPEB FOE IX ? PUBLIC PBUfTIHO OrilCE trrPERAXTEttDENT Tt'lLtt Paim IS?. Wa?hinfrton, January 95 I85.V IN pursuance of the provisions of the act tnntM. "An act to provide for executing the pu Ik printing,'' fcc approve August '26, 1859, sealed ini'po.?? n Hill be received at thia office, in the c?p ilul, until W'ediiea<t?y, the 28Jj Jay di March nest, at 12 o'clock in., for iurni^mg the following quan tiueo and ilescn^tions of writing paper, to wit: 8 5tW r> nm? wei*hing38 pounds p*r ream,and mca suring 19 by Oft inches 3.100 reams, weighing *2t> pounda per ream, and mta curing 1H by 05 mchea 100 reams, w? idling 5M pmndsptr ream, ami me a miring 18 by 22 inclit ? 340 r? ains, weighing 22 pounds per ream, and Biea surtng 18 by 18 incbe ? 4<>0 renii*. weighing lt pounds per ream, and mca Miriiig 12 by 18 in-hea All theue papers to he made of the be?t materials and QnuV f in the best manner and tree from ?dui teration A contract will be entered mto lor *>up plying th- qoAntitics *tated. at ruch times as 'he public acrrice may require but the privilege is it eirvcd o.' ordering a prtaier quantity of either kin I, should a gieat? r qaaniitv be required, at suck lioie* and in iti- b qaaniitiea as may be dt-emed nece?saf>'. 3 tni^li s ?M each kind of paper must accompany each hij, and al! proposals and saiapiea niuit be j l/anBUiitUd to this office, free of postage or ot ter ei penae Each proposal must be cigned hv tlie tt.dividoal <>i fi iu making it, and must specify the price pei I round, and the consequent price p?-r red in (and but oi.e price) of each description of piper. All the pa^er mu.?t be delmre.l at such place or plAcea as may be designated in V\"afhin ton city; in ^ood or... r, frre of all and ev??ry extra charge or ex penre, and subject to ike inspection, count, weight :t : I niea?urement of the Bupciuitandeiit. and be in all respects satifflictory. Hlank form* for propoxate will be fnrntshed at tbi. ? I' cr tv p rsons applying for ihem ; and none will lie fnk"n Into ron^dernti'm unle*.-. xubetantiaHy agretsing ih*fr?*ith. Bo"da With approved set uriues will hr required; ?'id the supplying of an infarior article, or a lailuie m ripply the quantity r?qius?Ml at any tini will be ?t?nMdered a xiohttioti ot the contfBci. Bach bidder is re quired to Hirniata wult his pro^o a-l* saiiaiactory evidence of his ability to execute it. and any propt*al unaccompanied wxh such evi dence will he rejected. Proposals will be a^dre sed to the ' Superintend eni uf tie Pu??tlr Prtnting, Capitol of tne l7n,t#Hl Jttttf, M aahmgton, and endorsed (vfropoM)a for Supplying Paper. ' *l i . AO BtAMAN, lis ^ttb'lc 'rtll^n*' LmcuM IRON HALL -? a 11 wm . m THE " SEER " HAS COME. Prof. Robert Heller, The Great Prince of Wianrd-, nbo ha* had the Imaor of ippririrt kHort a'l tBr Cnonn'B Hum of Cttofr. and where SOIREES MAGIQUES puir'RiiHl kv the Elite Pa?bi?n, for Jtn iwomvc IB N'ew York dtjr. wil ?????? i wrm 01 CxhikiiKNt* <i IKON HAI.L, WhMh| t?ui city, commenting on 9ATVRDAT, JM. IT(k. Iiitru-'urn.f nit bm origin*! laat- in WP<*??*MAMCY HP.MmWOLO^Y, Wiiracurr, < hiniiiit. P**cnaTrc?. Hvnmo?T*Ttc?f Hi?uruc?, Ei tcTiut itf, niAKi.4?ir. he , Ac.. 4r l.i whicb hit h?. bom umv rnally piwmcri (be ar-alent 11vine rosjr It O R E'ib? r in Earope w America. Tba MMMlHa| BICOI D neiT, <% "ntj by Pr>* H.. aloi?? aum|? hint m lb# true and only ft mine Pi orrnw of th? CABALISTIC ABT. Rconmbrr, icowiut change of perform IMC. rate r? or anaiaaioB: To Hall . . Dr* CiH? J?)| ?* ^ Orchestra nmm - *? " Heat* nr be ancBted l?v 10 a. m to 4 p. m., at I he oiler, witkcut rjtru cAargr. Polite and atieative n*li?r? wB be ia i?Wiicf. janK?4t , . SOIREES MAGIQUKS. MKMOIK UP THFGBEAT^ libltlAR, ^ M ACALLI8TBR THE lyoyUER Of THE JSGt Tin# eitinord nary Proton** of (be Cafcdfaattc An, i?en|apd by MR MU.n\K IMYMOXH. (l.? turer, HuMioriat. and auiiior ot ? H>ur? in Ireland atdotbei Landr.'*) to appear in all Im? Merrntnanti Wonder.. at 0|>l? FELLOW*' HALL, for mt uOincm on kUIUAT KVER. I 'O, Januan Wh, 1^5 and following evening-*. X Mr. Maionr Raymond harinc. aome time ?imf, witneaeed on tbe Continent of Eunpe, tw riuac* drnary and wonderful perfarsianc'?* of thin highly rilled Profcs-or of the Magic Art roreatly enfared hn valnahlc Harrier" through the chief crtiew of Can, ror several pertwrnrioccn: ?nd ft rreat wa? tu? attraction. b?' c minim?mI t? crowd the bounce Many * irk* in nucceMBon. rcaiinug to himself a ? l??r pr?>rtt of more than ? A larfe ??im M iweurod him to via t Washington for a f? w 'VvaingB, and tr<?w Uie high and deserved (?tputauou pluvii prv? ede* Lit*, tb? Hall will, no douUi, L>? fi.U hart pl<im? ituiji;; bin stay. ThinGical and Fo tut,ate Magician ?i' l??rn in the land of Rob* rt Run,-., hut in ?*arU youth viawed Iht; Coiii Hi* pi <d Europe. wb rc fMNur yearn pam h h;is |i* fined th* art of Con juration and Mighty M?, and ha- ar?|uiied not only va?t wealth, hut the hi*i.*rsr pr<4 M-Miual renown in tux ani* ic leata ot' N'i crouiancr. DIAD'ME M\OAI.I.Ii<TER in an Italian hy hirth. educated in Pann. in which ciiy the Vonn: Mafinau ?e? ?*w ibe Lady, and won tier heart and hand. She ?? highly It m *r poarwwl of vaned talmia and aecouifili-haieni ;uid han b?-coine an able and dcxteroiu a^i-iam to ^ h-r hu*bani in hi? h? witching and l?ewild>-rirs f?at? of N'ecro enncy. Ihv mtf bofh eull >oung. Re rently Hi Spa n, the |ierfortnaur? ??f the Wiaard and hi? lady were the leading las lion of a whole -onnor. Madaine Macatlinter i? ? daughter of one 0<" Vapoleon'n mo#t r?'ebrated officera, di tmguialied hi n?H-y of the E nfieiort bit'ha ller Majenty, the Quaen. had a nplendid Pavilion erected 6>r them in her Palace at Madrid, where iheir nigtilty featn were honored b> the <nii'e?i and plaudit of the entire Royal Hou?ebold. ?? well a? bv < row>U of ihe Spnniah Nobility and Gentry. Sev eml Sp|.mlid l ianond* were areneitled to t*e Wir a-d by Her Maje-'tvon t)ie#e ooca-ionn. Ital>, France, (rermanv. Rwrtugal. Cuba. Unit 4 !*t?te?, Ac., have been vvoied hy rt?* ar met, the differ ent lancuaee* of which countries th^? afK-ak fluent ty. and have nnieormlly won cold?B opinion- a? well as goiden tavorn in > ach. . Th>' Magician in accompimed hv J. M. WF.VT f?\, F^?j.. hi* Secretary, and attended b> ServwNa ind ntlineroun \nnintnntn. Prices oi AdDiinnion^?Reneired neau .Vli mm*.? Hi if price to reatrv?d ?eat- only for children uoder I twelve yearn. G?n?ial ailmmMon Tor all age* 48 craM. i)oor? open at 7'^ rofrac* at 6 o'? lock. Tu-ket? r?n be had at the dour oo Hit evening. jaa. ^i-aT' - | national" THEATRE. ~ J Re-open ng of tlut Elegant Eatabluhniemt * \ THE ROUSSET 8I8TIR8 4P Are happy to inform the f t i??? of Wtt?hington that they have taken the National Theatre far a short ae^son. and will re-open ou SATl'ROAt EVRNlBiO, Jan') ST, (hi whi -h occasion will be performed the tirand Bat let of GISELLE: OB. THB DAVCIVO WILLIES In wliicli M'llen ?'n olme. Tteeieenee. A4elaid?, Kmut, Mr (. hy. M Sro| b losy, and a lar?e <%?. iw d- Pallet ? II anpear * To t.uHcltiae Miiii the i 'ouiic Panr^unmu ot ROBERT MACAIRE. jan '25?rh DK\WINO.BOOM E5TKRTAI5M&BT! OSS LAN'S BARDS, l'nde? tbe dtrcct'on ot 0SSIAN E. DODGE. Late Elttor and Proprietor of ?? IkodgrV Literary Museum." Will give on- nf th?tr Fa?luonahle Hriiwirif-Koom r In WASHI90T0.V, on ?OWDdY IVEX IRO, Ian 29, at CAEUSIfi SALOOB The company t* composed ot' the following ? mi neat talent: J. G.CLARK. Teuo., B. B. BAILEY. Alto, E. KELLEY, Baritone GEO. Mt ?RG Ha-?c. t)H?IAN L. L?Ol>GE. Mu?ical Dm ctor and IVline at<r. Fornnnc a company which, fcr power vauvty, pn ritv of tone, and 'mudcal etttl. atand unri in \ i.erica it not in the World. fnr.U of Afcaii iaa TWENTY-FIVE t 'EM'S. Iluora opi-n a 6ft o'clock? t'oncert to couiwenc at 7j|. H- L. GOODALL. .Vgrn< jan J THE GREAT MARBLE STATUE THE DYING GUDIATOIla On exhibition mt MOKKISOWS HVh.O 1PKJ, 4i ftreet, neur Fa, avftr, Dail) froai ? a m. to 10 p. ui. adiittahcb as cbchth JOHN S. HOLLINGSUEAH, Agrtit jan 10?tf t THE FOKVAL OPININC or tbi ik okd iiHiirrioi or thi METROPOLITAN BECHAMirS 1KI1 AiriLL TAKE PLAt,fc AT THE SMF! M*ON \f IAN INSTITLTIOX. Wa-liington. I?. C-. on tin. Mil of Ftbruary. I8&.<. Tbm Institute wa? round* <i ??i 'ht Jl?t ot Auf??t, 18&2, lor the promotion twl? ocouri?|pmcnt of Man u acturea, OiiBiBiWr, uuJ ibe Mecbauu and l aeluf Ar'a. ? . ' The conuibuuona to the Kxhibi'ion a?e alr> a^ numcroun, and ?v?uy indication i- afforded of a lu| and aio?t interent.iig dinplay. Tin amusement* _ arc inadt- upon a f and scale. Hie main hall and I other apartnienm ot the SuiiUi 'm Inniituuon >ai I afiart f'?r the purpose arc adnnratdy adapted tlier.* , ' for, and are supplied with everything conducive in the nafety, co venieace a id comfort of contributor* and vMiu-rs, while tbe appr aches from all p*xia ol the city have been gieatly improved. Pev-onn twenty-one year* of age, and friendly to ita object*, may be admitted to meuilierntiip of thw Institute ; H between the age? of tburuen and tan ty-one th-y may be admitted m jun?or members Thefbnncr ape refjuired to pay an initiati n fee ot %l, and &> per year thereafter ; and ?he latter an in itiation lee of * 1 and *1 per venr ther< after. For the benefit* of the School of IK men. Riember? aiid junior member? are charred $ 1 eitra per aeaaor. of four mot thn. All member* are entitled to the rri\il?ge* of ihr Pxhihition Mem hern' ticket' cnHi ada it a inemlxx and onelndr, or a mem tier and two children, or the wife of a m ember and two ehi dien ; and jamor ?n> mherr' tWA?-v each arinot a Jwitor meni?>er and one lady. < Nher pen*his aie renuti'd to pay tickets as foilowa: Single aduiim>h>b. .... Season ticket (convertible into membership)., fo 00 Gertl'mtr ?a aeaee* oekat. aiagto. . ???a* Ladv'a neaaon uekef t.i 1 00 Tbe office of Ctt Supernitendeat m the Exbibttn at the northern nmIb out ranee ta Mie "mnfraa " in* itntion ia open daily from ? a. m anui 5 p. . v l.err all boainega connected wub tbta entarpt>? will rr. elw prompi atteismn Wgima nainanc eaitVB* ?h"Uld aiec u addra??d an the ur.d.imgi..d. ^ ^ TKOHA0 C. Co vNOLLT/^ ibA #-?v* . U

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